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DONNA: It was his LIFESTYLE! When he was sick in his body, he never said, I’m sick. He never talked about pain; but he always talked about Jesus has always been my Great Physician.

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: and He’s going to continue to be my Great Physician.

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: So I believe that’s another discipline.


DONNA: that we LEARN, by giving our LIPS over to God.


DONNA: and begin to confess that Jesus is Lord of every situation; He’s bringing me out. I’m the head and not the tail; I’m above, and not beneath.

LARRY: But it’s funny because people will sometimes hear us talk that way, and they’ll and they’ll say something like, Well you’re denying reality!, or You’re denying the situation or circumstance. It’s like no; nobody is denying anything; we’re MAGNIFYING the One Who is ABOVE the circumstance.

DONNA: Well and.

LARRY:  I mean that’s exactly it.

DONNA: and there is! There are two places that we can live. The Bible says that we can live in the flesh.


DONNA: and we can live in the spiritual realm.


DONNA: But, The flesh wars against.

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: the spirit. So we have to make a choice everyday: Am I going to allow the Holy Spirit to guide what comes out of my mouth? 

LARRY: Yeah.

DONNA: Or am I going to be drawn to the flesh.


DONNA: which will keep me in that level that level of pain, depression, circumstance? But whereas the Spirit wants to lift us above that and see with different eyes.

LARRY: Yeah; yeah. Well I mean those are just fantastic points that Donna has just shared. Just to r-review, number one: Cultivate a lifestyle in the Word of God, because that makes you aware: Every promise of the Word of God reminds you of the One His name is Holy Spirit Who lives inside of you. I believe the Word of God wants to make you more aware of the God Who lives inside of you, and Who wants to USE you for mighty acts. Number two, be moved with compassion. I believe the Spirit of God specifically, today in this program, through DONNA, was talking about if you want to see miracles, you want to see captives free, bodies healed, situations reversed and turned around, I believe it all begins with compassion. God wants to actually move YOU into impossible situations, where people are dealing with impossible situations.

DONNA: Amen.

LARRY: and circumstances. God wants to actually put you right in the middle of that situation and with a heart of compassion and you become the solution to that problem; the Spirit living inside of you becomes the solution. And then number three, Donna, I mean it’s so important to have that confession of praise, because at the end of the day, we’re magnifying the Lord. Doesn’t mean we pretend-away a problems; it just means that there is a KING over every storm and situation, and His name is JESUS.


LARRY: And AS you do those things, just like she was sharing, you cultivate an ATMOSPHERE of the anointing of God, in your life. And as we go into the next segment, we’re going to actually talk about spiritual authority: How to use your authority, even when you don’t feel anything! When you don’t feel [CHUCKLING] SPIRITUAL, when you don’t FEEL the anointing, when you don’t feel the glory, how you can walk into a situation, and use the AUTHORITY of God on the BASIS of the Word of God. MUSIC

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