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BECKY: Do you need new lungs in this place? Do you need new kidneys? Do you need a new heart? The people watching, do you need these things? Jesus is willing and able to give them to you. Amen? It wasn’t bad enough with all of that. We were then told about a week later, that he was brain dead. Now we received that one, coming down the mountain of Guatemala City to visit him. And from our car, and you know what? We could have given up. We felt like giving up, but we refused. And we held each other accountable, my husband and I. We refused to speak the negative. We couldn’t afford to speak death at all over Marcos. We had to just shut those natural eyes, and say, “In Jesus’ Name you will live, you will not die. You will fulfill your destiny in Jesus’ Name.” And from our car, after that phone call, we commanded in Jesus’ Name. We renounced the Spirit of death for one last time. Listen to that word. For one last time. We didn’t have to battle it again. For one last time. Maybe we should have done that before, but you know. We were just going, you know, we were learning. Right? And so, from our car, we said, “In Jesus’ Name.” And we renounced the Spirit of death for one last time. We released the Spirit of life, and we commanded a new brain to be recreated and to function perfectly normal. Who needs a new brain?

AUDIENCE: [laughs]

BECKY: No, I’m serious. Do you have a problem with your brain? Do you have a problem with your memory? Why would you settle for less? Because you’re getting old? Because you’re aging?  Why would we settle for that? Huh? Are you having a problem with epilepsy? Maybe someone here, maybe someone on the camera is. I see people with epilepsy healed. No more seizures. No more any of it. You don’t have to accept it, Satan’s wickedness. You got to shake it off, and say, “No More.” Amen?

AUDIENCE: [clapping]

BECKY: You got to take your authority. There is someone here that is dealing with – it’s on their left side. And it’s right here in their brain, in their head area. Oh, and it’s painful. It causes a lot of pain. There’s someone else, on this side, on the right side. And it’s above the ear, and it’s in this area. And there is something there that is causing great problems, and there is someone here that’s watching on the internet, or on the TV; that you are dealing with epilepsy. And God is delivering you from that right now as we speak. We renounce it. Jesus shed His blood 7 times, and by His stripes, you have been delivered from epilepsy, in Jesus’ name. No more seizures in this place, in Jesus’ mighty name. There is someone else that has a problem with T.M.J. and God is going to open up your mouth, so that He can realign it. Open your mouth, and let him realign it, and be healed. Amen! Right? It happens. Amen, it’s happening. Come on. Don’t be afraid of it. In Jesus’ name. Don’t accept it. Why would you accept that? There’s someone else that is having a problem in their right knee. And He’s saying, “Start bending your knee, and it can be free in Jesus’ name. Someone else here is dealing with arthritis. Just a real crippling type of arthritis that’s starting to overtake your body. Little by little, it’s like joint per joint. He says, “You forgive in Jesus’ Name. You release them from your bitterness. You release them from your vengeance. And you will be free.” So right now you just say, “In Jesus’ Name, I forgive; I forgive” and say the person’s name. “I forgive them, and I release them from my bitterness. And in doing so, I am free from arthritis in Jesus’s mighty name. In Jesus’s mighty name.”  Someone else is dealing with a lot of problems in their adnominal area. You feel like nauseous all the time. Something’s not right in there. It’s like, a lot of, excessive acid, and you feel like you have to, (I’m sorry), vomit. I mean often.

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