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LARRY: Welcome to Something More! This is Larry Sparks and today we’re going to talk about something very interesting. In fact the show is called “Something More.” I believe God wants you to experience more! There is a realm behind the veil. Behind what you can see with your natural eyes there’s a whole world that’s taking place! There’s an invisible realm of the spirit and I believe our guest today is going to share some insight and revelation that’s going to open your eyes to see into that invisible realm because let me tell you every believer I believe God’s given access to every single Christian into that realm! So Jamie, nice to see you! Nice to have you here!

JAMIE: Larry, thank you.

LARRY: I want to talk to you about the “see-er” anointing today.

JAMIE: Yeah.

LARRY: It’s one of those things when we start talking about a “see-er,” people are like okay, I don’t know if I know what that is. Or if people are knowledgeable in scripture they’ll say well maybe is that an Old Testament type of thing. So if I were to ask you, Jamie, what is a “see-er,” what would a modern “see-er” look like, what would you say?

JAMIE: Yeah, that’s a great question. You know First Samuel 9:9 we know that you know before anyone went to a prophet, they formerly were in Israel and were going to the “see-er’s” house.

LARRY: Yeah, yeah.

JAMIE: As First Samuel 9:9 says that he who is now called a prophet was once called a “see-er”


JAMIE: And that kinds of scares people. So does that mean I’m a prophet if I’m a “see-er”?

LARRY: Yeah. Yeah.

JAMIE: And I would just simplify it and make it super simple.

LARRY: Yeah.

JAMIE: Charles Spurgeon, one of the most greatest Baptist preachers, he said this very interesting thing about “see-ers.” He says before anyone can be a prophet or a spokesperson for God, they must first be a “see-er.


JAMIE: And he related “see-er,” that whole realm, this understanding, to intimacy.


JAMIE: And it’s really gazing into who God is, what He’s about, what He has.

LARRY: Yeah.

JAMIE: And then operating out of that. Seeing beyond the veil and gazing into the glory and the beauty of God and then living out of that place, that splendor of His majesty and then our ministry or our purpose flows from seeing and then we walk in the prophetic from there.

LARRY: Yeah. Well I think that’s so powerful because I think sometimes and you know some people get a little aggravated with the kind of the faith movement sometimes where it’s like well I’m declaring this and I’m confessing this, that’s actually a valid principle.

JAMIE: Very.

LARRY: Declaration, confession. But I feel like the “see-er” anointing goes hand-in-hand with that because it’s almost like I want to see into the invisible realm of the spirit. I want to see into God. I want to see into His world what He’s doing so I can actually align my prayers and my declarations with what God is already doing!

JAMIE: Yeah. It’s important that, I like that

LARRY: because I think it’s important for us to recognize that God wants to give us eyes to see. He doesn’t want to just give us a know-how in our spirit or even a deeper understanding.

LARRY: Yeah.

JAMIE: That’s important.

LARRY: Yeah, that’s good.

JAMIE: But it comes out of seeing. I’m a visual person. I’ve taken some recent tests over the last week or so and just really interesting tests, personality tests, and they tell me that first and foremost my primary way of learning is visual.

LARRY: Yeah, yeah.

JAMIE: My last way of learning is through my ears.


JAMIE: But so many people out there they’re having a hard time capturing the message because they’re not using their eyes where you know we find in the scripture he says you know I will watch to see what He will say to me. I will watch to see what He will say to me. You know so how do we watch to see what He’s saying? And that’s where I feel we need to understand the concept that God wants to use our eyes to see in the realm of the spirit and then from there to seize what it is that He’s trying to display to us!

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