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SID: I have led many people to know the Messiah. Many, many, many, but I never heard someone coming to know the Messiah the way you did, Venner. Tell me about it.

VENNER: I was in a home and we were getting ready for an event that night and the phone rang.

SID: How old were you?

VENNER: I was 17 and phone duty wasn’t my job, but no one answered the phone so–

SID: Were there are many people in the house?

VENNER: Yes, there were about 10, 15 people in the house and no one answered the phone. It was as though they didn’t hear the phone. And I walked over and I picked up the phone and the gentleman on the other end asked for someone. And I said, “He does not live here,” and I hung the phone up and walked away from the phone. Within a minute that phone rang the second time. No one moved. It’s as though they did not hear the phone ringing. So I walked back to the phone the second time. Immediately when I heard his voice, I said, “I told you, he doesn’t live here,” and I hung the phone up. Well, what I didn’t know is he had a resolve in his heart that whoever answered that phone, he was going to share the love of Jesus with them. And would God have it that that phone rang the third time, no one moved and I walked back to the phone–

SID: Were you getting angry about this person calling back?

VENNER: Yes, I was. I was. I was. I picked up the phone and he started talking. I said, “Look, I told you.” And he said, “Wait, wait.” And he started talking to me about the love of God. He shared the message of the gospel with me and it felt like I had been in a dark room and all of a sudden my world was flooded with light. I prayed and received Christ that moment, right then.

SID: And guess what? That guy on the phone, she wound up marrying him. You told me you had a close relative that was quite a prophet, and all of a sudden you started knowing things, but you were going to a church that didn’t know a whole lot about the supernatural yet, so you had no grid on the this and that’s pretty tough. I guess that’s one reason that God raised you up as a teacher like you are, to help people not to have to not know what’s going on.

VENNER: I do, I agree with that. I had a great, great, great uncle that was a prophetic voice in his time and he was a slave. But they would come and ask him, “What did you hear today? What did you dream today?” And he didn’t have prophetic language. He would just tell them what he dreamed and he would just tell them what he sensed. And what we began to notice is that after I became a believer, I started noticing that because I had a cycle of prayer. I’d pray two days, I’d fast two days, and I’d eat, and then I’d fast two days and I’d eat.

Well, what I discovered is that sometimes when people would walk up to me, I knew what they were going to say before they said it. I didn’t have a language grid so I didn’t know how I knew that so I kind of started, kept that quiet. But as I began to emerge and God began to restore prophetic language back to the body of Christ, I then had language that was a descriptor of what it was I was experiencing. And then I could just continue to hear the voice of God and declare what I heard him say in the spirit. Just like I know that there is someone in our audience today that you are listening and there are some of you in our physical audience here, you came and you’re listening not just because the program is called It’s Supernatural, you have been believing God for a supernatural miracle.

What I felt like, I sense is that you have a diagnosis of cancer in your body and you have done everything that you felt like you could do and you said, “I am going to go to this show. I am going to watch this show because I need a supernatural miracle in my body.” I speak over you right now and I declare healing over you. I command the process of death in your life to stop now. I decree that you’re in the midst of a supernatural turnaround and I decree that even when you go to the doctor the next time, there will be a different report that will come from the doctor and you will find that your… I hear this scripture, “Rise and shine for your light has come.” Your health is turning in this moment and I decree that even the voice of the enemy that would say that you were not healed, that she was just talking, I say tonight, heaven is going to open over the place where you are sleeping and you’re going to have a dream about heaven and that’s how you’re going to know. It’s going to be your confirmation that you’ve been healed, you’ve been delivered. I command you to rise right now, take up your sick bed and walk. Jesus the Messiah has heard your cry and he has healed your body.

SID: Venner, I just could feel… I didn’t see it. I’m not a seer yet. I always put the yet up there by the way. I’m not a seer yet. If I could have seen, I saw it going out of you into that person. You have such an amazing gift of prophecy. Tell me about the prophecy in Jamaica.

VENNER: I was in Jamaica in 2018. I had been going for a couple of years. It was supernatural even the way that I got there. But this particular year it was 2018 and I had gone to minister. I was part of a conference there and I was just… It was my turn to speak. And when I stood up on the platform I didn’t turn to the scripture, the prophetic anointing just began to rise up in me and I–

SID: Like we just saw.

VENNER: Like you just saw and I began to prophesy. And I said, “There’s coming the discovery of oil on this island.” And I said, “Within the next three to four months you’re going to discover oil.” And then I began to say that there would be hidden treasures that would be revealed in the land. And I said, “And then God wants you to know you’re going to have to watch and guard for the spirit of piracy.” I spoke that at the end of January. One month later, at the end of February, I received an email of an article of a story that had been printed in the newspaper and they were talking about the discovery of oil on the island

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