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Our Guest Kevin Zadai

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SID: Kevin, what can we do to fulfill our destiny?

KEVIN: You do what I do every morning.You wake up, you say yes, and when you go to sleep at night,you say yes.And you agree with God and you just don’t look at yourcircumstances.Satan tries to build things in people’s minds and in their lifeto show them that they’re limited and Jesus has alreadyannounced that he’s defeated the enemies.He’s made a show of them openly.He’s actually come to destroy the works of the Devil and so Iengage God from the other realm.He gave me the Holy spirit.The Holy Spirit’s from heaven.And he’s inside of us and he doesn’t know failure.The Holy spirit is a conquerer.He’s an enforcer of the blessing and we need to walk in the favorand the blessing of God.That’s what I do everyday.What I just said, I rehearse that all the time.Praise God.

SID: Would you speak out of your spirit right now?Whatever God has.

KEVIN: You just have to understand something.That the end of this age where everything is coming to a placewhere God has to move again on the earth.That’s right now.You have to understand something.In Heaven, there were individuals that you would saywere heroes of the faith, but all those profits,all the apostles, everyone that’s ever lived in the cloudof witnesses, they are cheering you on.They are waiting for you because you were chosen at the end ofthis age to wrap it up.And I’m telling you, it’s time to go into an overthrow mode towhere we have the authority and we start to walk as sons of God.Right now in the name of Jesus, there’s lots of you.You can see that the enemy has tried to pin you in,but it’s time to get on fire from the altar.Right now, fire in the name of Jesus.You are set free.I break witchcraft over your life.Now the spirit of the Lord says, “You are ready for promotion.Now you’re ready to listen to what I have to say.Now I’m going to cause you to walk as the prophets of old.You’re going to have fire in your mouth.”The Lord is saying this because there are many people will becalled to prophesy.Prophesy to your world.The Lord says, “Shift your world because I’m in it.”Says the Lord, “I’m in your mouth.I’m in your spirit.Fire coming out of your mouth in the name of Jesus.”That’s what the spirit of Lord is saying right now.  

SID: What is going on in the atmosphere right now?

KEVIN: There is a whirlwind of fire because it’stime, Sid.It’s no longer a spectatorship.The Lord said that Israel was in a spectator mode.He says they saw God’s act, but it says that Mosesknew God’s ways.I encountered God’s ways and I know what he likesand he likes fire.Everything is on fire in heaven.He likes fire.He likes to grill things.He’s always cooking.He likes sacrifice.He likes to smell burning flesh.So as soon as my flesh starts frying,he gets really happy because he knows that I’m going to startwalking in it.Do you understand that this world doesn’t know what aChristian is yet?They’re about to because we’re going to be….  

SID: Are you talking to everyone that is listeningright now?

KEVIN: Every single person.I saw in heaven that no one is left out.God has already provided this because theyhad a meeting before..

SID: But there is a free will andthey can leave themselves out.

KEVIN: That’s why I was sent back.I was inserted back in this generation from their future tospeak to them from the fire to get them encouraged into walkingout their books completely.Because there are so many in heaven right now that arecheering us on.They have done their job now they’re waitingfor us to finish ours.They are cheering us on from fire.There’s this fire in the alter room right now.I can see it because there’s sapphire floors and there wasfire everywhere.And I got a dose of that.And when I came back Jesus said, “Don’t hold back.Give it to everyone.Tell everyone that the limits are off,that they can see their books fulfilled.”Praise God.Hallelujah.  

SID: I’m hearing you say that everyone watching us in thestudio audience is pre programmed for victory.

KEVIN: Yeah.

SID: Pre programmed to be the head and not the tail. Pre programmed to have a life of joy and peace.All you need to do has been done for you.You need to receive Jesus.You need to tell him you’re sorry for all the bad things you’ve done.Believe his blood has covered them and remove them,and then ask him to live inside of you and be your Lord.You’re a winner.

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