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SID: Wow. I was taught, never say never. But you say there is one thing we should never, never, never, never do. What is that?

BRENDA: Well, the one thing we should never do when we’re most tempted, especially to do it, because everybody deals with it, Sid, is we should never become the devils of prophet. Don’t speak for the enemy.

BRENDA: Anybody can speak what they see. We can speak what we see over our own health. We can speak what we see on the news. Now, that’ll preach right there because it’s easy to get caught up in what the networks are.

SID: Will you get your foot off of my foot, right now? I feel like you’re….

BRENDA: But we all do it. We all fall into it. Sometimes you want to throw that shoe at the TV and then get in those comments sections on social media and argue with the best of them. But we have to be careful. We’re not advertising for the enemy and setting things in motion that God does not endorse.

BRENDA: And if we do that, it sets us up for failure. And it’s so easy, especially in this communicative era that we live in, our society’s all about… Everybody’s got an opinion and they’re speaking it loudly. We all have a voice on something, but we have to be so careful. And I believe this is so careful right now, especially concerning our nation, that we have to carefully speak in alignment with what God is doing prophetically and not just speak after our own party, our own opinion, our own thought process, how we were raised.

BRENDA: We’ve got to get in alignment with God because if we don’t, we set ourselves up for failure, and that is where a lot of people… And they wonder why they don’t see a miracle. We can’t advertise for the devil with our mouth, but anybody can speak what they see. It takes an anointing to promote the good and follow God.

SID: You teach the devil cannot oppose our words.

BRENDA: Absolutely. No, he can’t. And here’s why. Because when we’ve learned about Newton’s Law when we were growing up as kids. This is eighth grade science, that when something is set in motion, you throw a baseball or a football, that thing will stay in motion until it is hit upon by an opposing force. No opposing force could ever stop what God says.

BRENDA: If we align with God, no opposing force can stop what we’ve said. It may look like it’s trying to oppose, but you stay… When you and I stay on that word that we’ve declared, that healing word, that financial blessing word, come on, that word over our household, over our prodigal children, we stay on that declaration. The devil can’t do anything to stop what’s already been in motion by the anointing.

SID: Okay, I’m going to draw out of your spirit now. I want you to decree whatever God is showing you right now in your spirit.

BRENDA: Well, here’s what I really feel, and I feel this by the manner that the presence of God is right here on this set, and I feel very strong by the spirit of the Lord, that right now what’s resonating in you is you are suffering in some condition physically. Right now, just receive this. I speak over your physical being and I say to the blood, I speak to the bones. I speak to your immune system of your body. I say to every organ, every fiber, every cell. I say it must line up and come into alignment with and function the way God created it.

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June 18th, 2020 at 4:58 am