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Like for instance, I remember one of the first times I ever had an angelic visitation where I got activated to see in the spirit. It was because of another guy, a prophet was telling me about this angelic visitation that he had. And, and in this experience he had an angel come and he saw ‘them in a vision and he came with a blue ball and he put it in his belly and it was an activation of revelation and, and from that moment on he had all these dreams and these visions and at that point I had never had an encounter like that. And I remember I said God, I want that!

How many of you know there’s a good jealousy and there’s a bad jealousy. Right? How many of you know that when you hear testimonies about the supernatural and the power of God it should provoke you to want more of God. Not discourage you and go God, that’s not fair. You’ll do that with them but not with me. See God wants to do it with you. You just got to realize that if people are walking in more of God than you are they’re an example to you of how much of God you can have if you will mature in relationship like they have. And so I’m, I’m looking at this guy and said God, I’ve never had an encounter like this.

I really want one! And I remember the next day I said, God, I’m going to position myself. If you want encounters you’ve got to position yourself. How do you positon yourself? Make time to pray. Make time to wait on Jesus. Make time to press into Him and, and worship Him. You know most of the major encounters I’ve had have come not when I am seeking encounters but I’m just in the middle of worship. And then, they happen. And, so that was what was happening. I was worshipping God and all of a sudden I became aware that there was an angel in the room. But here’s the thing. I didn’t see it, I felt it. And all of a sudden I felt this fist go into my belly and it like doubled me over and I went phew like this and I felt a release of heat in my stomach.

And I remember thinking it’s, it’s funny how we are as humans, I remember thinking God, I want to see it, like as it’s happening! But I knew that I had the same encounter that my friend did. And you know what’s amazing though is from that moment on visionary experiences with God went to a whole other level. I mean they just heightened. They went to the next level. I began to have trances and visions and encounters and, and, and what was funny about it was afterwards when I prayed, I said God, what, what’s the deal? Like how come I didn’t see it? And this is what God said. He said You did see it. It’s the same.

So I want you to understand something. Our five senses are heightened. And you know what? Just cause you hear something doesn’t mean that it’s less level, a lower level than someone that sees it or just because you feel something doesn’t mean it’s less of an impartation than the one that saw it. My friend saw it, right, and the activation happened. I felt it. The activation happened but the fruit was the same. See, why am I sharing this? Because some of us need to hear this because we’re frustrated. And, and what happens is sometimes we don’t like our gift and we don’t like the way that we’re wired in the spirit and we’re too busy chasing after everybody’s, everybody else’s rather than being secure in who we are in God. Does that make sense?

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July 15th, 2020 at 5:21 am