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JERAME:  You know people that don’t manifest? You know God told me this about them. He said, Jerame, there are so many people that are feelers. Right? You know they’re the ones that are just always getting touched by God. And then there’s the ones that don’t manifest at all. He said Jerame, you want to know why they don’t manifest? I said Why? He said Those are the ones called to be the watchmen on the walls. He said it wouldn’t make sense if the watchmen were rolling around on the ground, would it? How could you be watching if you’re – You know? See for some of you right now you’re getting set free as I even tell you that. Because you’re starting to realize, Oh, wait a minute, with that calling to be a watchman I now have an authority, not to judge manifestations but to actually pray. You know manifestations are interesting. People that laugh like crazy. You know, people will start laughing and they’ll fall on the ground. We’ve been in meetings where the joy of the Lord comes. The spiritual sense of touch opens and you can tell people will leave the meeting – I don’t know if that’s of God! Well how could it not be? When did the devil give people joy? You know?


JERAME:  And not only didn’t, when did the devil give people joy, but what’s the fruit of the encounter? I remember we were in England, right? And this lady falls off the front row, starts laughing and her hat falls off and she’s bald. And I thought Oh, wow. You know? And she’s laughing and laughing and she goes, grabs her hat, puts it back on and starts screaming. She jumps up and she’s screaming and dancing so I’m thinking this looks like a good time to see what’s going on. So I said What’s happening? And she said I came tonight and I had a cancerous tumor on the back of my head. She said it was massive and I can’t find it anymore. I started laughing and it disappeared!


JERAME:  See why am I mentioning that? Because if somebody starts to get touched by God instead of going I don’t know if that’s of God we just go No, God is opening up the sense of touch. More Lord. Bless them. Bless them, God. So if you’re at home praying and you feel the fire of God, maybe you need to go Okay, Lord, what do you want to burn out of my life? Or maybe you go God, is there someone you want to heal or deliver because Your fire delivers and heals. See, I’m telling you all these things – I’m kind of just flowing spontaneously. I’m, I’m going off the top of my head. Don’t have my notes. But what I’m saying is this: God wants us to grow in to a fuller state of maturity.

That’s why Hebrews 5:14 it says: But solid food belongs to those who are of a mature age who by reason of use have exercised their spiritual senses to discern good from evil. See God wants us to walk in discernment. And I believe that in the times and the days that we’re living in we must have discernment. And the reason why is cause not everything is of God that people are saying is of God. Doctrines and things that people are preaching. And you know I, I want you to understand something. One of the things that will earmark encounters with God will be the holiness and the purity of God. And you can see that, you know, when the elders are worshipping Jesus in heaven.

They’re throwing their crowns down at his feet and they’re going holy, holy, holy is the Lord God almighty, who was and who is and who is to come! And I’ll tell you I don’t think you have to force people into purity. It’s not don’t this and do that and putting legalistic things on people. Because I’ll tell you what. You put rules on people they’ll break ‘them! But if you teach people to fall in love with Jesus they’ll be transformed. And there’s a by-product of purity and holiness that comes when you see the Lord. I believe every believer needs to see the Lord because there’s a by-product that comes.

That’s the reason why the elders keep casting their crowns before the Lord and crying holy, holy, holy is it’s because every time they truly give Him the honor for who He is in their lives He reveals a new facet of who He is to them. See the motivation of their heart is I’m throwing my crown before you and I’m crying holy not cause it’s a religious thing but because when I honor You as my King and as my Lord and as my Savior, when I lift You up and I give you the position of who You are in my in my life You reveal to me a new facet of who You are. Ah, Jesus. You see that’s what God wants to do today. He wants to reveal a new facet of who He is in this place. Ha-ha. Thank you, Jesus.

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July 22nd, 2020 at 5:28 am