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SID: And now, after this impartation of oil, everything dramatically changed. Tell me about an area you went to in Albuquerque, New Mexico called The War Zone.

KEITH: That’s right. Yes. They invited me to come into this little church, had a real small congregation, in what they called The War Zone. In fact, a pastor actually carried a gun with him because he had had several people killed in his parking lot. So, I went there and started preaching and ministering, and the Lord… I literally healed this man. It was amazing because the man had been in this head-on collision, literally crushed one whole side of his face. And he literally hit the floor, let out a sound, and when he jumped up, his face had been completely rearranged and he was completely 100% healed.

SID: Now, for some reason, a lot of New Agers are in that area of the country, and they came to your meetings. What effect did it have on them?

KEITH: It did, because they heard of the signs and wonders. It was a draw. And so, when they heard about the different people that are being healed and so forth, one of the main teachers came, and when I prayed for her, she hit the floor and was completely set free. Stood her up, led her to Jesus, and she got wonderfully born again.

SID: Did that have an impact in other New Agers?

KEITH: It did. Every night it was amazing, because immediately we were growing and growing and growing. And I was thinking where did these people come from? Well, she had went back and she started inviting all her classes every night to come. In fact, even after the revival stopped for five years, she taught Bible there in the New Age community leading people to Jesus. I still, to this day, 30 years later, pinch myself because of the goodness of God. It’s like the best of the best in what He did in my life. Even receiving the anointing, I realized that it wasn’t who I was, but it’s who He is. And as the Bible says, He’s no respecter to other people, He can do the same thing for anyone.

SID: Well, Keith received a revelation from God through three supernatural encounters, but it wasn’t just for him. You see, God commissioned him to release it to you next.

We now return to It’s Supernatural SID: So Keith is operating in what I consider a major miracle. Strong anointing. And one day God speaks to you. Was it audible, or in your spirit? What did He say?

KEITH: Well, it’s interesting because the Lord has started creating a deep hunger within me. Before, when I wanted the anointing, when I saw on TV, that was out of desperation. I wanted to see people change and transform, as what the scripture said, just like anybody that’s watching right now. He’s no respecter to a person. Maybe your heart’s filled with wanting to see signs, wonders, and miracles. You can receive that anointing right now. You can just ask, just like I did right there in my front room, for that in that anointing, and he’ll do it.

SID: Lead a prayer right now.

KEITH: Okay. Yeah. I just want… I felt that. Father, I just pray for that person right now. Father, I thank You that there’s no distance between me, You, and them right now. And I thank You for that fresh oil. I thank you for that anointing from the head to toes, toes to head, that anointing to bring honor and glory to Jesus. That He’s the same today, He’ll be the same tomorrow, and He’ll be the same the next day. And He’s still doing miracles, He’s still setting people free, He’s still healing, and I thank you right now for that kind of anointing to be poured out for that one watching right now. Praise br the Lord. Just receive that in faith, in Jesus’ name. Amen. Amen.

SID: Now, you provoke me to jealousy, Keith because he hasn’t had one angelic visitation, he hasn’t had two angelic visitations, but he’s had three major angelic visitations. Tell me about the first one.

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