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JOHNNY: And part of what He wants to do, in order just to prove this to you who are watching right now, He’s going to release signs and wonders on your physical body, and there’s going to be seven specific ones, and we’re going to do this real quickly. And so remember this, don’t forget the signs, as we go into it. Because sometimes when you feel the signs, it can be disconcerting, but we’re just going to go through them right now. I’m going to blow the shofar at the end. It’s going to activate the signs.

SID: Do many people receive in their physical body when you pray or blow the shofar?

JOHNNY: Always, a high percentage.

SID: Well, I’m going to do this one.

JOHNNY: And there is, for whatever reason, some feel it later in the day or in the night they wake up. And so for instance, one of the signs I’m going to give you, if you have a call, a call to creativity, mountain of arts and entertainment, creative call, when I blow the shofar, your left arm is going to go numb. I don’t mean pretend numb. I mean numb. Or the other sign, it’ll begin to involuntarily, not you doing it, involuntarily start shaking. It’ll be something where you know. See, this is about God telling you. This is better than a prophetic word. So that’s sign number one, arts and entertainment, left-hand arm.

JOHNNY: Right arm, mountain of economy. If you feel a hand on your head, and I’m telling you a hand on your head, this has happened to thousands, a hand on your head means you have a call to the mountain of government. And it doesn’t mean you’re called to be the president of whatever. God will make it clear if you’re called to be the candidate or the intercessor or the friend or the financer for something there. But it means you have an important assignment on the mountain of government, a hand on the head.

JOHNNY: If you feel your eyelids flutter … You can’t even make that stuff up. It has to be real. Your eyelids start fluttering means mountain of education. You have an assignment, mountain of education. A sign of a tear will be that the Lord has put one of his tears … You’ll probably feel something in your heart first. He is calling you to the mountain of family, and He’s given you the next measure, the next level of compassion, and the tear he puts in your heart will come out of your eye. You won’t even think about it. It’s happening right now to some of you.

JOHNNY: If your feet begin to go numb or go hot, or it starts coming up your legs, the main thing is you know it’s supernatural. That’ll be a call to the mountain of media, to be a kingdom communicator, to carry the spirit of good news. And then finally, if he wants to confirm, hey, doing the ministry thing you’re doing, pastor, mountain of religion type stuff you’re doing, the sign will be joy.

JOHNNY: So out there, if we could see everybody, there’s going to be people weeping and there’s going to be people laughing, and there are going to be these signs and this is going to be activated now. If you just hold your hands out and say, “Lord, I receive whatever sign and wonder you want to release.”

JOHNNY: This is him speaking to you.

JOHNNY: Thank you, Lord.

JOHNNY: Thank you, Lord. Just receive it for a moment. Whoa, it’s hard to stop that. Just receive it for a moment. Thank you, Lord, for releasing these signs in Jesus.

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