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TIM: What they permit will be permitted. We can speak into the region. It’s how apostles and prophets change or shift regions. But angels come to back those decrees of the apostles and prophets or pastors or New Testament church, however you want to put it. They’re there to back it. And the Holy Spirit’s bringing more of them for the greatest days in church history. He’s actually doing – He’s doing 3 different things. First of all He’s converging all the streams of the ages.


TIM: All the past dreams of our kingdom, our church from the birth of it in Acts 2 on. There’s been various streams. He’s taking the best of all of those streams and He’s converging them into our times in the Third Great Awakening! Think about that! All those streams, the best of all of them happening at the same time!


TIM: That’s never happened before. You always have an emphasis of a certain stream –

JAMIE: Right.

TIM: In a certain awakening.

JAMIE: Yeah!

TIM: Now we’re getting them all at the same time! Secondly all the anointings or outpourings of the past and there have been many. Holy Spirit said to me you’re moving from Acts 2 – or just Acts 2 to Acts 7. And Acts 7 is when Jesus stood up. He became the standing King. And the picture of that is Psalms 133. When the High Priest sat down oil was poured down over his head and it went to all of his garment. Well on the Day of Pentecost is when Jesus sat down becoming our High Priest and He sat down on the throne of heaven. Father God takes the horn of holy anointing oil which could have been as much as half a gallon of oil – we don’t know how big the horn was – but He poured it over Christ’s head. It ran down off of His head just like it’s pictured in Psalms 133, down off of His beard and dripped onto His body. Well His body in Acts 2 is sitting in the Upper Room. He’s in heaven. The anointing’s poured on Him but it begins to drip upon His body so for the first time ever the same oil on the Head is now on the Body.


TIM: Why? So that the Body can do the same works as the Head! We represent Him! Well through the – the picture is when the High Priest is seated the anointing poured out on his head flows into his lap.

JAMIE: Phew!

TIM: I mean if I pour a gallon of oil on your head it’s going to run – a lot of it run right into your lap. And when you stand up it runs down on your legs or feet and that’s what happened to the High Priest. When he stood that’s why his sandals would squish for the first day. Oil would be all over it.


TIM: Representing a new anointing to move, to minister! And so now we’re moving into that anointing. Well so some of the outpouring of Pentecost in Acts chapter 2 some of it ran down and touched the Body seated in the Upper Room but a lot of it settled into the King’s lap waiting for the day when He makes His stand! That will be when the Church is glorious! It’s our time! But not just that anointing, Jamie. All the other outpourings – and there have been great ones – some of the Azusa Street outpouring ran down and accumulated in His lap. Yes they got some of it but some of it is in pristine freshness in the King’s lap! 

JAMIE: Phew!

TIM: What about the Moravian revival? What about the healing revivals? All those outpourings. And when He stands they’re all splashed down at the same time. So you’re also getting not just a converging of the ages and the streams, you’re now getting a convergence of all the outpouring anointings. A portion of those outpourings are also being poured out in our time at the same time!

JAMIE: Phew!

TIM: So when you think about what one outpouring how it affected the world what’s going to happen when they all happen at once?


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