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KATIE: Yeah. See, it’s like we’re building a divine protection, a divine canopy of protection against the enemy.

SID: ….the grace can’t come in if you don’t repent.

KATIE: That’s right. You have to do grace and repentance. There’s a scripture in Matthew 5:4 that talks about when. We will receive and be refreshed by God’s grace when we mourn over our sins and repent. Our repentance releases grace.

So when we repent of our sins, it dismisses our law-breaking. When we release grace, it causes this Holy Spirit bubble to come around us that the enemy cannot penetrate. So he cannot continue to keep on accusing us of our law-breaking in order to put the spirit of death to work in our bodies.

SID: Now did the spirit of death just leave? What happened to all these conditions that were going on in your life?

KATIE: As I kept on with just getting in the presence of Jesus, just worshiping him, his authority over death began to be released. Any time I messed up, I went right away to repent so that my lawlessness would be dismissed. As I did that and kept on decreeing grace scriptures, it’s like I built a thicker and thicker bubble of divine protection around me.

Then one by one, step by step, death started to withdraw his actions, his operation in my body, on my ministry, on my marriage, on every part of my life. Pretty soon, everything was being systematically restored. I was starting to get younger, starting to feel better. My marriage got better and better. Our finances—

SID: What do you mean by younger?

KATIE: Younger. I see people today … In fact, I just went in and saw my facialist for the first time in years. I don’t get professional things done to me anymore, because I’m waiting for that supernatural … I’m relying on the supernatural, and that’s what’s happening.

I walked in to see her the other day, because I thought, well, maybe I’ll get a little facial before I go to Sid’s. She looked at me. She goes, “I can’t believe it.” I said, “What?” She goes, “You look so much younger than you did even 10 years ago when I first met you.” I said, “It’s the Lord. It’s the Lord.”

SID: You know, one of the things that … You’re hearing this, and you’re questioning it. I was amazed at the scriptures you found to support what you’re saying. Tell us a couple.

KATIE: Well, here’s the thing. Jesus, he defeated death. Grace defeats death—and repentance. There’s a story in Job 33. You and I talked about it. You said you love this scripture of this guy. He’s so sick. It says he’s in continual pain on his bed. His bones are sticking out. His flesh is clinging to his body.

The Bible tells us why this was happening to him. In that Job 33 scriptures, it says that he was under the assault of the quote inflictors of death, the destroyers. So it was death that was doing that to him, the spirit of death. Okay?

So what does God do about it? Next verses, it says, “Then God is gracious to him.” Gracious. That’s the power of grace. “For he has said, ‘Deliver this man from the pit. I have given him an atonement, a price of redemption and a sacrifice.'” That’s Jesus. “‘Because of that, then his flesh shall become fresher than a child’s and he shall return to the days of his youth.'”

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