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SID: In Jesus, and somehow if he hadn’t said it, He might not have seen what he saw.


SID: I don’t know, you tell me.

LADONNA: Let me tell you a wonderful illustration of that. He was in Lubumbashi, it was Zaire at the time, now it’s the Democratic Republic of the Congo. And a man was there, a large man. He came angry. He was a Muslim, he did not want this foreigner deceiving the people. So he came and brought a woman from a village who was blind. And his purpose was if that woman is not healed, he had a whip under his robe. He said, “I’m going to take this whip and I’m going to beat that man in front of all this crowd, and we’re going to run him out of town. [laughs] Well, of course, you know what happened. And the blind woman was healed. And this man, his name was Alexander. He was so shocked, he fell on the ground and repented. And he says, “Oh I’m sorry God, I know I was wrong. Forgive me. Please don’t strike me dead!” He accepted Christ, came and testified. Do you know that man became the planter of Churches all over Zaire, more than 6,000 Churches? [laughs] All over that nation. From that one fact that you can put God to the test because it’s His Word that He is always ready to perform.

SID: So, tell me LaDonna, do you do the same thing? Do you make is such a, do you have that Holy Boldness?

LADONNA: Absolutely!

SID: Chutzpah? [laughs]

LADONNA: Absolutely! And to me, it seems for any believer who would not just stand on the Word of God. If Jesus said it, He’s going to back it up. The only hindrance is our own doubt, our own lack of belief where our own intelligence, could I say? We’ve become so smart that we can’t just accept the Word of God for what it is. The Word of God is powerful, and God is behind it. You know that. I know that. But yes, I go to places in recent years I haven’t had to, but for most of the time, I just travel alone. I go to places that people should not go. It wouldn’t be safe at all for a woman to go, but do you know when God send me, he can keep me. He performs His word, and while there have been many threats, there has never been an incident; been delivered out of all of them.

SID: Now I asked you at the start of the show, tell me a notable Miracle that you saw with your parents. Tell me a notable Miracle that you saw from your ministry.

LADONNA: Oh, there are so, so many. One that I love to share is a story of a little boy. He was 6 years old and he came to our Crusade in Mizoram, this is a restricted area of India. And he was born with no knee in his right leg. It happened that in that particular Crusade, they were televising everything from beginning to end. It was going nationwide. And this little boy, he heard about the Miracles, and he told his father, if you will take me to that place, I’ll be healed.

SID: Now, that is faith, that is faith. That is ‘Child-Like’ faith as a matter of fact. [laughs]

LADONNA: Absolutely, that’s the ultimate. Well, the father didn’t want to come, because it was very, very crowded. Huge multitudes, all the streets were jammed with cars. It was almost impossible to get to the grounds. But the boy wouldn’t give up. “Get me there and I’ll be healed.” Well, finally the father said to him, “Are you sure?” And the little boy said, “Yes.” So he put him on his shoulders and walked all the way to the grounds. Now, I was told this later when they came to testify. As soon as the father’s foot touched the grounds, the little boy said, “Okay, put me down.” And the father put him down, he was completely healed. A kneecap had been creatively restored to that child and of course, they came to testified. And the people were amazed. But only God can do these things.

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