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SID:  Robby, do not say that when I take a gulp of water. There could be a disaster on this set! But I’m going— go ahead.

ROBBY:  (laughing) And so I had no, I had no idea, you know I had no idea what had just happened. It just kind of was there and came. And so then she— I said so you know I said I mean I’ve heard of people getting healed and I know of people you know and I said sort of theologically I believe it but I just never see it. I don’t know anything about this. And she stopped and she goes you said God is going to give my dad a brand new heart? And I just kind of chuckled and I said “yes but you need to understand something.” And she goes “thank you!” and she hung up the phone. And man when I heard that “click” (snaps finger) of that phone it was like my heart dropped to my toes. And I thought I bet this is some TV expose show—


ROBBY:  —exposing pastors who make you know declarations of healing but actually kill people with their prayers and I just fell right into the trap. And I mean my heart started racing and I was like man, and I literally was like I’ve got to get my resume together because I’m going to get fired. We’re going to get sued. I’m going to lose my position. I mean everything. My mind started racing in panic. Now I know that to be the, the enemy. That, that feeling and that caution and all that. And you know, Sid, there’s some people that won’t pray because they feel that and they think it’s their feelings or they’ll even think that’s God stopping them from doing something foolish. And yet—

SID:  Well we really do have an enemy. But bottom line because we’re running out of time.  

ROBBY:  Sure.

SID:  Tell me what happened with her dad.       

ROBBY:  She comes back the next week, she calls me. Well she calls me later that day and she called and through her tears, I mean I could barely understand her, as a matter of fact the first time I hung up on her and she called back because I couldn’t understand her. And then, and then she said my dad has a brand new heart. She goes they opened him up. He did not have any— He had a valve from a pig to replace a damaged valve and it was completely gone. It had disappeared. Everything was human. There was not even scar tissue from previous surgeries.

SID:  Now wait. I’ve heard of metal being replaced with bone but this really trumps that! A pig— a pig’s—  

ROBBY:  This was a valve. Yeah.

SID:  A pig’s valve being replaced with a real valve? (laughing)  

ROBBY:  With a human—  

SID:  A human valve!

ROBBY:  And the doctor looked and said your dad still told the wife your husband has the heart of a thirty-year-old man. And she said you didn’t know this but he had had a half a lung removed. She goes I didn’t even bring up his lungs because the lungs weren’t the issue. But she said when they, you know cause they have to separate the ribs you know and do all that but she said when they did they checked and they saw a whole rib and they sent him, as a matter of fact they sent him for an x-ray to verify that he had a whole lung in place of the half lung.

SID:  Robby, this is a creative miracle!

ROBBY:  Yeah, yeah, it was.

 SID: You have just become normal! Normal as defined by the Bible!

ROBBY: That’s right!

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