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ROBBY:  Yes. Father I thank You for Your glorious presence Lord and just as Moses said in Exodus 33: “Show me Your glorious presence.” Let Your glorious presence be known. I want toknow it. I don’t care about the land. I don’t care about the “bling” of God, the fancy things that we would pursue in the natural. But Lord, Your presence surpasses all that. So Lord I just thank You for that. And Lord we just say just let that presence be revealed. And I release the manifest presence of God right now! That tingling, that heat of the Spirit. Many of you are just feeling that tingling or heat in your hands or across the back of your neck. Some of you are feeling it even go down your legs and others of you your hearts are racing or your legs are starting to shake or your hands are starting to shake. That is the manifest presence of God. And Lord, we say more! More! Let it increase, Holy Spirit. As a prophet prayed double portion, we just say double portion right now! Turn it up, Holy Spirit. Turn it up! Increase just that manifest presence and that reality of God’s presence. I thank You for it, Father, and for that breakthrough of experiencing You. Even some that don’t know the Lord. Right now there’s some of you listening you don’t know Jesus but you’re feeling Him now. Right now! This is not psychosomatic. This is not hypnotism. This is not— This is Jesus right now manifesting on your physical body. Right now receive Him. Open up to the King of heaven. He is Lord of heaven and earth. Be filled with that right now. Be filled with that. And we thank You for that reality, Father. And we thank You that we can live in that. In Jesus’ name!

SID:  Okay, Robby. In about one minute I’d like you to explain to me what you mean by we are to follow the SLIGHTEST prompting by the Holy Spirit.       

ROBBY:  You know so many times we just think that the thoughts are our thoughts or feelings are our feelings and so much more it’s the Spirit of God. And whenever it’s in line with scripture, whenever it’s a prompting or a sense or oh I see that person that needs healing and I’ve got compassion, I need to, you know somebody needs to pray, that’s, that’s the open door that God has given for us to do that, to respond to that. He created these minds to receive messages from Him and this body to receive messages. And so move on those just out of your compassion. Simply that you feel the compassion for that person is the nudge of God to go because Jesus was moved with compassion and healed them all!

SID:  Then there are many people that are believers right now that have to get this mentoring because you don’t want all the years that Robby wasted to have to learn this information when you can get it right in front of you right now. I can’t wait for you to get these 4 CD’s and the Book “Do What Jesus Did” for an investment of 39 dollars. And I’m going to tell you something else! Ears are being opened right now. Spirit of deafness you come out in Jesus’ name!  

ROBBY:  Right!

 SID: Do you hear another word? We only have about 20 seconds, Robby.

ROBBY: Five bone spurs in someone’s neck disappeared as soon as you said that about neck and then also somebody with a serious problem with their pancreas and the, and the  sugar levels fluctuating terribly, it’s aligning right now in Jesus’ name. And the sciatica nerve right there.

SID:   You are healed in Jesus name!

ROBBY:  Yeah! Amen!

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June 17th, 2021 at 6:00 am