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SID: I have to tell you, I am so excited about this show. Yvon Attia, born in Egypt, raised in Australia, and you’ll hear when she speaks, an Egyptian Australian accent. At six, you experienced your first miracle.

YVON: Yes. So at the age of six, I fell from a three-story building, and—

SID: What did you fall on?

YVON: I fell on concrete slab.

SID: Three stories?

YVON: Three stories building. It was terrible. I was on my back, and I was in so much pain, but something amazing took place as I was falling. I was surrounded by angels. I remember what they looked like. They were my body shape, so they weren’t big angels. They were holding hands, they were in a circle, and there was glorious light coming out of them. And when I landed on my back with all the pain that I was in, I was telling everyone that I just saw angels. I mean, I was more fascinated with what I was seeing, more than the pain that was in my body.

YVON: But then I went to hospital, of course. And it became more real when I went to hospital, because I was diagnosed with, obviously, fracture in my spine. Doctor said to my parents that by tomorrow morning, she should be dead. Why? Because there is a big possibility of brain hemorrhage. And they even said x-rays are showing that the brain is swelling up. And then they said, “If she does survive that, then she will be quadriplegic, paralyzed from the neck down. She will never be able to walk because the spine is fractured.”

YVON: And at this time, there was dear believers. One of them is my grandfather, who was a minister. He did not receive that report. He did not receive it. And I remember him sitting next to my bed, and he was just crying out to God. And that’s a lot of the healing is just crying out to God, “God, would you do something? We will not accept that report.” And the presence of God was hovering in the room, hovering in the room.

YVON: The next morning, I was still alive. I mean, before, they we’re telling my parents, you need to start getting prepared for the funeral because it’s happening. But the next morning, “Oh, she’s still alive. What’s happening?” And so, that encouraged my parents, and it encouraged my grandfather, and they continued to pray, and the presence of God continued to hover around this bedroom. And I am totally, miraculously healed. There is nothing wrong with me. No one believes it.

SID: And at seven. Before your very eyes. Imagine this, a seven year old girl, she saw her uncle, who loved the Lord with all of his heart, become a martyr.

YVON: Yes. So I was seven, Sid, and in our street, we had a mosque. And that day, the imam of the mosque basically was preaching his Friday sermon, and he said that by the end of today, I want the blood of the Christians to reach knee-high. We didn’t think much of it, but they all came out of the mosque, unfortunately with swords, and knives and stick.

YVON: And towards the end of the day, we lost a lot of, obviously, the men in the village, including my uncle. He had come into our street to drop his wife, who was pregnant at the time, and I ran downstairs to give him a lemonade. And as I was giving, I literally turned around, he was on the floor, and he was slaughtered. He was gone. That left me horrified, broken, angry at God at the time. God, why did you…

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