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DAVID: Now, there was no time for this to have been photoshopped, I’d seen this young lady at a few meetings prior, and I knew that she loved the Lord and she was just as much in shock and awe as we were to see that picture like that.

SID: So this particular woman’s expectation was sky high. That’s the purpose of these signs and wonders. And so what happened the next day?

DAVID: Thing about encounters is that they always lead to more encounters and more of Jesus. I might know Him like this one day, but that spirals up or it expands so I can know Him even more that day. And after the meeting, the young lady’s heart began to burn. She was looking at the picture that night. So the next day she came to the meeting, not only ready to take pictures and create memory stones of the tent revival, she came expecting to see God do something else in the supernatural. And we weren’t too far in the meeting when I look over and I lock eyes with her and I see her coming my way and I started getting goosebumps. I knew that she had something because her heart was so full of expectation to see God move. And so before the meeting began, she had come around the tent and looked in different places and was just taking pictures.

DAVID: And in one of the pictures, the one that she showed me, the cosmos, the stars, the heavenly glory had replaced the tent canopy. Now, this was a large wedding tent and it went up to the center and to a point it dips down again, went up whoa, to the point and dips down again. And what you should have seen in the picture was a very faded white tent canopy because the lights were on underneath it with worship going, but that’s not what you saw. When you looked at the picture, you saw the cosmos shining out of the tent canopy. Now, normally that would have been up in the sky behind the tent, but what she captured was a prophetic glimpse of everything that was happening in the spirit. She was able to capture in the picture with the glory in the heavenlies shining right through on the photograph.

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