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SID: Tell me about that recent vision you had of shaking?

TIM: I saw five government angels in the service, I was just getting ready to preach. Five government angels, purple sash. And I was in the Spirit, I began to see portions of the White House falling off the side, like you see in the footage of earthquakes. Then I saw the state house, and then I saw the DOJ and the Supreme Court, portions of the building falling. Then I saw portions of tech giants falling, portions of the media crumbling, portions of education. And I knew something’s happening, and then Holy Spirit spoke prophetically that the shakeup had to do with the natural realm and the natural nations. But remember that in Hebrews, “Although the kingdoms and every kingdom can be shaken, your kingdom cannot be shaken.” And then he said, “This shaking will shake open capped wells of evangelism. It will shake open a new revival. It will shake open signs, wonders, and miracles. It will shake open mighty deliverance and it will shake open a change even in the governmental structures of your world.” The shaking has begun.

SID: Wow. There are divine moments in time when prophecy manifests on earth, Tim says this is your moment. And Tim is going to pray for your destiny, your family, their salvations and healing, next.

SID: All right, Tim Sheets. You talk that there’s a moment when assignments and alignments converge, what do you mean by that?

TIM: Well, Isaiah 55:11 says that the words that God gives us have assignments in them. And we are in a supernatural time when prophetic dreams, prophetic visions, prophetic words are all coming to a supernatural moment. I had a vision about angels dropping plumb lines in this particular moment to connect.

SID: In the natural what is a plumb line?

TIM: Okay, a plumb line is what they used to hold up, now they have lasers, but they would hold up the old plumb line with a pointed bobber at the end.

SID: Builders do this.

TIM: Builders would do that to align the building exactly right. And these angels were holding up plumb lines over churches all over the world. And it was like they had to have everything exactly right because they were connecting to a supernatural moment of destiny. Now in this supernatural time, angels are dropping the plumb lines to connect apostelates or New Testament—

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