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Our Guest Art Thomas

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ART:  Yeah. So separate yourself from that thinking. Set aside the thorn in the flesh thing. That’s not for you. If you’ve had all kinds of crazy revelations of heaven that are too wonderful to share then sure you’re allowed to have one if you want to. It’s okay?




ART:  But until you’ve had that I’m not letting you claim it. All right? So that’s the deal. Now another one. Jacob’s limp. What about Jacob? He limped for the rest of his life and it was a blessing. Did you know that’s nowhere in the Bible? Did you know that? I searched backwards and forwards could not find anything that said Jacob limped for the rest of his life. What I did find the reason we believe it is because Jacob wrestles with that angel. Right? And some believe that is was actually a pre-incarnate Jesus that he wrestled with and he wrestles with Him until I want that blessing. Right? And then the blessing was a dislocated hip or something like that, we think. But whatever happened it says that as the sun rose over Peniel, Jacob stumbled. He limped or halted says the King James. The Greek word there literally means “stumbled” in fact everywhere else that it’s used in the Old Testament to describe an action it’s translated “stumbled” but to describe a person it’s translated “lame.” Okay? And then the other verse we have is that at the end of his life at 140 years old it says he leaned on his staff and blessed his sons. And people say well he leaned on his staff. That meant he must have limped his whole life. Moses had a staff. We don’t think he limped. Elijah had a staff. We don’t think he limped. It was a sign of authority. And if you’re 140 years old I expect you to be leaning on a staff. Right?




ART:  There’s no scripture verse that says he limped for the rest of his life. You see every one of these questions we have can be brought to the scripture. You can study it out and you’ll find out none of them are true. All these arguments we’ve had you can wipe them away. Paul leaving Timothy, or leaving Trophimus sick in Miletus. Well guess what? Paul had a mission. I’ve got friends who I’ve prayed for hundreds of times. They’re still not healed and I have a mission and I’ve going to leave them where they are and go minister at a church somewhere and it’s heart breaking but it has to happen. It doesn’t mean God doesn’t want to heal them. Just cause someone’s not healed doesn’t mean God doesn’t want it. In fact Second Peter 3: 9, I believe it is, says that God wills that none should perish and that all would come to repentance. But we know from scripture that some people perish in hell and don’t repent. So God’s will is not always done. God’s will is that none should perish yet some people perish. Jesus taught us to pray “Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth just like it is in heaven.” Why would we have to pray that His will would be done if it’s always done? Romans 12:2: “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you’ll be able to test and approve what God’s will is. His good, pleasing and perfect will.” Why would you need to test and approve what His will is if everything that happens is His will? You just kind of take it for granted. But if you’ve going to say umm, is that His will? Yup. Yup. Yup. He does want to heal people. Is that is His will? Like you’re walking across some rope bridge in a movie that always falls. Right? We know how this goes. But you’re testing and approving every board. See? Jesus wants you to know His will. That’s why you have to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. That’s why we’re doing this teaching. So that the Holy Spirit can get into your brain and take out those arguments and you can just rise up with faith and say no, no, no. Jesus wants this! The reason I’m so convinced that He wants it is that He paid the price for it. You don’t pay for something you don’t want. If you were to go to Walmart and buy the biggest big screen TV they have and they deliver it to your house cause it’s too big to fit in your car and you open up that box and it’s empty? You’re going back to Walmart. You know like give me my money or give me my TV! Right? There’s no way you’re settling for that. If you paid for it you want it!


AUDIENCE:  That’s right!


ART:  Did Jesus pay a high price for healing?


AUDIENCE:  Yes, He did!


ART:  He wants it. And He paid a much higher price than a measly few thousand dollars for a stinking TV. You know? Our Jesus is amazing. He wants it. In fact First John 2:2 tells us that He paid not only for our sins as believers but also for the sins of the whole world. That doesn’t mean every single person on the planet is saved but it means every person’s paid for. You pay for what you want. You see? God wills that none should perish. You pay for what you want. He paid for all. Do you see how that works? You can go to even someone who doesn’t believe in Jesus and minister healing to them. He wants it. He wants it. He wants it. Now I want to just look at a few more things. He’s the Lord our Healer. That’s proof that it’s His nature to heal. I mean He’s called “Jehovah Shalom.” The Lord our Peace. Does His peace have limits? You know? Is He ever not peaceful? “Jehovah Tsidkenu,” He is Righteous. Is He ever not righteous? No. So “Jehovah Rapha,” the Lord our healer. Is there ever a time when He is not offering healing? It’s His nature. It’s who He is. You can’t separate Him from His nature. Now, since this is part of His nature it is something that naturally flows from Him. Healing’s been purchased for everyone once and for all. Therefore it should come as no surprise that absolutely anyone can be healed by the Lord our Healer. It’s His nature and we’ve been given access to His nature through knowing Jesus Christ. So Second Peter 1:4 says that “Through God’s glory and goodness He has given us His very great and precious promises so that through them YOU may participate in the divine nature and escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.” In other words not only is healing part of God’s nature, but through knowing Christ His healing power naturally becomes part of your own nature. Because you’ve been given to participate in the divine nature!

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Our Guest Brian Simmons

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AUDIENCE:  Yes. Yeah.


BRIAN:  And those of you watching today as we finish we just want you to be hungry. And I’m sharing some of the stories of my life to help you understand that you likewise are as cherished by God as any other human being. You’re loved. You’re His favorite one. Song of Songs, 6, verse 9, read it in the [            ] translation. You are His favorite one. See, I’m His favorite one. But you can say it too. Go ahead and say it. Let’s have heaven practice.


AUDIENCE:  I’m His favorite one.


BRIAN:  Oh, say it again. That’s better than Mufasa.


AUDIENCE:  I’m His favorite one!


BRIAN:  I’m His favorite one. No, I’m His favorite one.


AUDIENCE:  I’m His favorite one!


BRIAN:     You see God doesn’t play favorites. We’re all His favorite. And just like John identified his life he says I’m the one that Jesus loved. I’m the disciple that Jesus loved.                         He didn’t say I’m the one He loved more than you. He just identified himself as being loved by God. Every person in this room and everyone watching can say I’m the one that Jesus loves. And John chose to identify himself in that way and so you can you. So expect tonight heavenly dreams. Take your dreams more seriously. Write them out. My wife has written out literally thousands and thousands of dreams and we take them seriously. We pray over every one of them. And I’m not here to teach on dreams but just to say      that the New Testament began with 5 dreams. If you look at the first two chapters of Matthew carefully, count them yourself, there were 5 prophetic dreams. The New Testament began with the spirit of revelation. And the Last Days Church is going to have the fullness of the lampstand. The 7 torches burning, the 7 branches of the lampstand are going to be shining on us. Now the lampstand has 7 branches, three on each side. Okay? And on each branch was engraved fruit. Three stages: bud û blossom û fruit. The 6 lateral branches of the lampstand, bud û blossom û fruit, it had that sequence 3 times. Each branch had 3 stages of fruit times 3. 3 times 3 equals 9 fruit of the Spirit. 9 fruit on every branch. Every branch is a fruit bearing shaft. Now the central shaft was taller and it had the bud û blossom ûfruit sequence 4 times. 4 times 3 equals 12.




BRIAN:  Very smart! 12 is the apostolic, it’s the governmental number. 12 tribes of Israel. 12 Apostles. So it is Christ, the Chief Apostle. He’s the anointed one above all others. Right? Well, so this is a fruit bearing lampstand. It’s, it’s the Tree of Life. It’s the burning bush that Moses put into the Tabernacle. So it’s 6 branches with 9 fruit each. 6 times 9 equals… you didn’t know you were coming for a Math lesson… 6 times 9 equals




BRIAN:  54. The central shaft had 12 expressions of fruit. 12 plus 54 equals 66 books of the Bible. Thy Word is a lampstand unto my feet, a light onto my path. Would you stand and I want to pray the spirit if revelation of the Lord over you. Secrets of the Lord are being revealed. You got to get on His couch. It’s a good place to be, to be on the couch of the Lord. Whooaa (prays in tongues) Holy Spirit (prays in tongues) come upon us. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I release over you the spirit of revelation, discovery, the secrets of the Lord revealed as you sit on the couch of eternity with Him. Let the whispers of the night capture you. Let the glorious secrets of the God’s heart of love for you win you over. May you have your personal encounter. May you receive heavenly downloads. Impartation of the Holy Spirit. Fresh vision for your future. Hope that burns bright. And for anyone here in this room or watching this mentoring session, if you have a family member, I see right now there are families that are literally disintegrating and God is saying I want to put hope back into your heart. I want to release the burning bright hope of a new day. So I release to you hope. Everybody say “hope come back!”


AUDIENCE:  Hope come back!


BRIAN:  Hope burn bright!


AUDIENCE:  Hope bun bright!


BRIAN:  So Lord, may the God of glory, may the God of hope and the God of peace seal this prayer over each of us today in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.



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Our Guest Kevin Basconi

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KEVIN:  And God has angels like that he wants to release in your sphere of influence. I want to just, real quickly, we’re going to minister right here in just a second. But real quickly is there anyone here that you’re a pastor or a leader in the church? I want to ask you to stand up real quick please. If you’re a pastor or a leader. Thank You Father. I just want to pray for activation of your spiritual senses. Father, in Jesus’ name, I thank You Lord that right now you’re beginning to release angels of healing and miracles, and listen, if you guys want this if you’re sitting down you can have it too.  Angels of healing and miracles to be assigned to these pastors and these ministry leaders right now in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Father, I thank you that you’re going to give us wisdom and revelation that we can co-labor with your angels as we work together to re-create Christ in our sphere of influence. Thank You Lord. Now some of you are going to begin to feel a little bit of fire come upon you. Phew. Come upon your head and your shoulders and your hands. O Lord, bless what You’re doing. If you’re feeling a little fire right now I just need you to wave at me if that’s you. If you’re feeling some fire on your hands or your head just wave at me. Put it up high and wave it at me. Father I bless what You’re doing right now and I release those angels of impartation and fire (blows) right now in Jesus mighty name to touch and minister to these precious saints. Somebody give the Lord a hand clap of appreciation! Amen.




KEVIN:     You may be seated. Hallelujah. Who is the person in this area here that you’re struggling. You have an issue with your knee. It pops in and out and from time to time it causes you a lot of pain but actually you’re having a little pain with it today. I’m sensing it’s in this area here. Don’t be afraid if it’s not you. You know if it is you let me know. Right over in here. Am I missing that? So I’ll move over here then? Is anyone over here having an issue with your knee? It may be your right knee. I’m feeling it in my left knee. Is it you? It’s you? What’s going on?


WOMAN #2:  Ah, it hurts a lot.


KEVIN:  Is it hurt now?


WOMAN #2:  No.


KEVIN:  Hold my hand. Let’s pray for it. Stretch your hands this way. Now if you’re in the house today or you’re watching this later and you have an issue with your knee receive the miracle, receive the healing. Father in the name of Jesus I thank you for creative miracles happening in knees right now. Hallelujah. I see ACL’s, tendons, ligaments being re-created in the name of Jesus, in the name of Yeshua ha Mashiach. And Father, wherever my voice is being heard I ask you Father to begin to release angels of healing and miracles, supernatural miracles, Father, angels of creative miracles and supernatural provision. Thank you Father God. Do you feel something happening in that knee right there?


WOMAN #2:  It’s feels very peaceful right now.


KEVIN:  Okay. So Father, I thank you for touching this knee in the name of Jesus and…. Thank you Lord. There’s just a re-creative miracle happening in knees right now. And I’m going to ask one more time somebody over here have an issue with your knee? Is it you? Okay. Don’t be embarrassed. Here, hold my hand. Now I’m ministering through the laying on of hands right now. Hallelujah. Come Holy Spirit. Come Holy Spirit. Thank You, Lord. Now I just sense that’s there’s a creative miracle that’s starting to happen in that knee. In Jesus’ name. The tendons and ligaments are going to be re-created and they’re going to be stretched a little bit. They’ve atrophied a little bit and there’s been a tearing of the tendon from the bone and its being re-attached right now and actually re-created in the name of Jesus. Phew! There’s just a real strong heavy anointing and glory coming on you right now in Jesus’ mighty name. So Father we just thank You for what You’re doing. We thank You! Wow. That’s nice. You want to stand up for me for just a second if you don’t mind. Just stand up there. Now test your knee out, first of all. Thank you Lord. Is there any change yet?


WOMAN #3:  Yes.


KEVIN:  Yes? Can you say thank You a little bit? Okay. So Father we just thank you for touching this precious woman of God’s knee. Now here comes the glory of God is going to come down and just roll right off your shoulders, right down your back, phew, right down your spine, right through the hips, all the way down to the knees in Jesus’ mighty name. Even as you leave today and as you go home and lie down upon your bed this is going to be a progressive miracle. It’s going to continue in Jesus’ mighty name. I just declare to you sister that you are healed. Somebody give the Lord a handclap of appreciation!




KEVIN:  Phew! Man, there’s such a strong glory and presence of the Lord in here. How many of you feel that presence right now? Let’s do this. I want to ask you just to stand up today. If you need a healing or a miracle I want to ask you just to stand up. Hallelujah. If you’re standing up and you don’t need a healing or a miracle I want to receive an impartation right now. The Book of Second Kings Elijah prayed for his servant. He said Lord, I pray you open up his eyes that he might see. And the scripture says and the Lord opened his eyes and the young man saw angels. He saw chariots and horsemen on the mountain of God. He saw into the spiritual dimension and Father I thank You right now for opening up people’s eyes to see into the heavenly places in the name of Yeshua ha Mashiach. And Father we thank You for releasing Your angels of healing and miracles right now into this place to begin to touch and minister for those who are here. Hallelujah. Now I sense that there’s a re-creative miracle happening in organs right now, pancreases, livers, bladders, pituitary glands in Jesus’ name. Someone’s being healed with the prostate gland in Jesus’ name. But specifically someone’s liver is being healed right now. Father we just ask You to release the fire of God into these bodies right now in Jesus’ mighty name. Elbows are being healed right now. Necks are being healed right now. In the name of the Lord. In the name of the Lord. Thank You Father God. Someone’s being healed. You’ve suffered and you’ve battled with chronic migraines. You’ve were in a car accident. You were whiplashed. You were hit basically from behind and it wrenched your neck. And right now in the name of the Lord I just sense the fire and the glory of God coming upon spines to heal chronic back pain right now in Jesus’ mighty name. In Jesus’ mighty name. Spines are being straightened and years of back pain is being healed right now in the name of the Lord. In the name of the Lord. Someone’s being healed of barrenness right now in Jesus’ mighty name. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Someone’s being healed of barrenness. Let me just say it again. You’ve been struggling to conceive. You’re going to bring forth a beautiful healthy baby in the name of Yeshua. Hallelujah. Let’s give God a hand clap of praise.

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Our Guest David Yanez

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DAVID: Amen! Amen! Everybody that’s tuned in I want to let you know that you’ve tuned in to the right spot. Amen? How many of us have prayed and nothing’s happened? C’mon, who’s prayed out there? Who’s prayed out there and then nothing happened? And you’re like sitting there and you’re wondering and you say, hey, did I do something wrong? Who’s been in that? I’ve been in that! I’ve even recently saying Lord, well what about me? (laughs) Everybody ever do the “what about me” prayer? What about me? I mean I just I looked at things and say God, I’m an anointed man of God. C’mon, who’s anointed in here? Who’s anointed out there? You’re anointed. You believe in God. You know the scripture works! Well, why not? I tell you God has deposited something in my spirit and that something is “igniting faith!” Igniting faith! Some of us just need a little bit of help. C’mon a little bit of help. And it pops. C’mon. That why you can be at an event, and you ever been to an event where you see a lot of people there and well maybe the front part of the crowd got really blessed and they got all the miracles and maybe some people in the middle but definitely in the back maybe just one or two. And you’re wondering how did God miss them? Right? And have you ever been one that God missed, that you thought God missed? And you’re sitting there and you’re like how did this happen? I tell you what. God don’t miss anyone. Amen?




DAVID: He doesn’t miss anyone. He knows where you’re at. Even that little bit of faith just needs some help to get pulled up! C’mon. There was this Kenyan woman that I prayed for and when I was praying for her, I was coming up to pray for her and when I was about to lay my hands I pulled my hands back and I just pointed at her. You’re healed! And I kept going and prayed for everybody else. She’s walking home and she’s wondering why did the man of God, why did he say I was healed because I’m not even sick. I’m not even sick. And then the friend that brought her said well you know what? God was showing him something so maybe it was something that you needed and you didn’t know and she goes no way. I would know if I’m sick. In the morning she calls the same friend she was walking with and the friend picks up the phone and it was so early in the morning she goes why are you calling so early? I’m healed! I’m healed! I’m healed! I’m healed! I’m healed! And then all of a sudden she’s like well I thought you weren’t sick. She goes well let me tell you my story. Ever since she was a little girl she would wake up in like fetal position and then twenty minutes would go by and then her body would get loose and she was able to get out of bed. She thought this was normal. All her life she’s been like that. And then that morning after I prayed she just got right out of bed. She didn’t know she was sick. C’mon! She didn’t know she was sick!




DAVID:  In that same conference there was, the same conference there was another lady, another Kenyan woman, and she was coming to the soccer field. Let me tell you why she was coming to the soccer field. She lost her business. She had a big order come in and unlike America the Kenyans have to pay for their schooling up front, you know, so it was like 4500 bucks or whatever it is. They have to pay up front so she was catering and doing all this stuff to get the money to pay for her kid’s education and she had a huge order come in and when someone didn’t come pick it up it just destroyed her business. This woman grabbed a knife and she’s going to the soccer field to kill herself. She was going there to kill herself. And when she got to the soccer field to go kill herself because she wanted them to find her body, she did not want to be in the streets and she called her sister and said to feed her kids a sandwich tonight, that she was not coming home till late. And she went to the field and when she got to the field all she sees in the soccer goal was my big banner. I’m holding a crusade right where she wanted to go kill herself. Praise God! (laughs) Praise God!




DAVID: When I walk up there she comes in and I’m preaching and soon the Spirit’s just changed my sermon. He goes go to forgiveness and I start preaching on forgiveness and then she went and she made peace with people that had done things to her and everything. She decided not to kill herself at that moment. In fact she got delivered and by the end of the week she was saved and she came up to the stage to testify about it and when she is testifying about all the stuff she goes I don’t care about the money. We’ll make it cause I have faith in God. And I’m like looking at this and I wave at my security to bring my bag and I took out some of the shillings and I just put it on the stage at her feet. Well I didn’t know what I started. All of a sudden all the people, it was like “The Price is Right,” people start running down and they start blessing her. So we filled up a bucket, a five gallon yellow bucket and it was pushed down, pressed over and overflowing for her needs!



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Our Guests Hakeem & Naim Collins

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SID: Okay. So Naim, what’s the word “Naim” mean, by the way?


NAIM: My name Naim, it’s the ruler name in Arabic. It means peacemaker. It means one who is tranquil, one who is stable.


SID: Hakeem, is he a peacemaker and tranquil except when he fights with you?


HAKEEM: Yes, he is.


SID: Let me ask you this because so few understand this, and that is soul ties. Hakeem, what is a soul tie? Give me some examples.


HAKEEM: Well a soul tie is basically a mutual bonding or knitting, or tie of the soul. It has to be two parties that are coming together in agreement. And so a soul tie can also be something financial. You can have a financial soul tie. Soul ties are established verbally, contractually.


SID: So I think in terms when I hear that someone had an intimate relationship before they were married and they say, well I guess it’s over, but that can be affecting them even today.


HAKEEM: Exactly. You know, a sexual encounter can establish a soul tie. And so but biblically when we think about a covenant, a legal soul tie is established by a man and a woman in marriage. But there are those who have been in past relationships who may have moved on to a new relationship and they’re feeling the effects or the trauma from that past one, even though they have a new one. And so sometimes we have to break and sever those pasts or even present soul ties and soul agreements because they had impacted our lives now. There are those who are now in new relationships that are affected by hurt, abuse, verbal abuse, all those things that have happened because of what is established in the past.


SID: It just keeps rolling on and on.


HAKEEM: It’s a cycle.


SID: Unless you know how to break that cycle you’re in trouble. You know another thing the Bible talks specifically about how bad a sexual sin outside of marriage is. And do you know why it’s so bad? Because you become one with that partner and every demon they have has legal access to enter you. I mean, that’s why it’s not that God is trying to hurt you, he’s trying to help you by letting you know this.




SID: Now tell me about a blockage involving financial risk.


HAKEEM: Well that’s where I got a revelation from the Lord because I found in my own finances, I worked in banking for some time, for seven times. So me working in banking I felt like I had an anointing of Joseph.


SID: You didn’t go to prison.


NAIM: Right. I didn’t see the manifestation, so I’m like, well God, I just got a new job, I get paid well, but I was finding some patterns. There was these, I felt like there was holes in my pocket. It was like I was sowing, I was tithing, I was doing the best that I can. I was obeying the Word of God, but naturally and financially I was hitting a wall. And so the Lord gave me a vision. When I went into a season of fasting, the Lord literally gave me a vision, and in this vision I saw a web. This web had all the jobs, the names of the jobs, the previous jobs that I had, the names were on this web, every name. And so they were stuck. And so as I was praying and God showed me this web then I literally saw these papers that were coming down from Heaven and on them were contracts and they had “Debt” on them, and my signature was on these contracts that were coming down. They were invoices, debt. I had to break and sever those old contracts that I had with human resources, those jobs that went in bankruptcy, the jobs that merged. The jobs that had financial or legal issues were impacting my finances. Even though I was moved on to a new employment, but spiritually, it was impacting me. So I had to sever and cut those webs, those cords, those soul agreements because my signature was on those documents when that job went into bankruptcy. And so I was finding holes in my finances. Once I got that revelation, God began to now show me how to break it, sever the soul agreement. I repented. I stood in the gap and right after that I saw instantaneously miracles, financially. My credit score went up 160 points. I saw checks that were coming in the mail out of nowhere. There were even jobs that I applied for five and six years ago, they were calling me, emailing me. This was a time where I believe that God would give me the revelation to break the soul agreement so that I can prosper. And so even those that are watching right now, I just sense that you felt like you were in a financial dilemma. You felt like you’ve been stuck, you’ve been tithing, you’ve been giving.


SID: By the way, I just heard there are people watching that everything they invest in goes sour, everything.


NAIM: Everything.


SID: Pray for them, too.


NAIM: Even your investments, even if you got stocks and you got bonds, things that you have saved, and you got CDs or you have money market accounts, or you have even an inheritance, anyone who wants to rob you of the inheritance and the blessing that God desires for you to walk in. And I break right now every illegal soul tie, every illegal agreement that has been established, every old job that merged or went out of business, that went in bankruptcy that are impacting you, I break its agreement. I break its influence. I break its power. I decree and declare that that this will be the season when you find prophetic breakthrough, financial breakthrough. You’re going to begin to see supernatural wealth being released in your life. You’re going to begin to see things happen because of those old paths, relationships that has affected you. I break you from the past. I break you from the hurt. I break you from the trauma. I break you free. Today, this is your day of liberty. This is the day you’re being set free. This is the day you’re accelerating. This is the day I declare and decree that you should [move into] a season of breakthrough. Receive it today.


SID: Real quick before we go off the air, you told me something that God showed you about the blessings connected with Israel and the embassy. Explain.


HAKEEM: Yes. God gave me a vision in prayer concerning America and its relationship with Israel. And one of the things that God showed me that there was going to be, the embassy was going to definitely move back to Jerusalem, and I saw that transfer taking place. Once that begins to take place, we’re going to begin to see one of the greatest revivals and one of the greatest awakenings, not only for America, for the world. I believe that there is a tipping point and God is raising up millennials. He’s raising up young people. He’s raising up the young generation. There is a tidal wave of God’s Glory that’s about to be released right now. And even as I’m talking to Sid, but even those that are watching right now, you’re a millennial, you’re even the oldest season generation, get ready. There is a merging that’s coming together. There is an explosion, there is a tidal wave of God’s Glory that’s about to be released. I’m telling you, there is a prophetic breakthrough. The blessings of the Lord will make it rich and has no sorrow. I break every sorrow. I break every trauma. Get ready. This is your season where you’re about to experience the miracle Glory. Some of you have been waiting on God, but God says the wait and delay is over. I break every curse. I break every soul agreement. This is your time. Get ready for prophetic breakthrough.


NAIM: And I even will say that those that are watching, I say the son and daughter of the Lord said that this will be the season of prophetic breakthrough. The Lord says this will be the season that you’re not just going to be anointed, but the Lord said, “But my Glory is about to converge.” And you’re about to see the presence of God like you’ve never known. Get ready for there is a global awakening that’s going to start in your house and there’s going to be a supernatural current of God’s power, his thrust, his presence. You’re about to see the supernatural. Creative miracles are about to be your portion, creative miracles. You’re going to see limbs grown. You’re going to see eyes begin to grow. You’re going to see things change around about you. Get ready because God says this Glory is coming upon you, not for this age, but ages to come. Get ready and receive it now in Jesus’s mighty name.


SID: And I have got one word for you: Breakthrough!

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Our Guests Adam Thompson and Adrian Beale

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SID: Adrian, you touched on it a little bit in the first segment. Tell me about why we should pay attention to numbers and names, and things like that.


ADRIAN: Sid, I believe that encoded in those numbers is a key that God wants us to open. You know, it’s just like you said before, when a number repeats itself and you see it all over the place, particularly in those situations, because the Bible says “By the mouth of two or three witnesses let every word be established.”


SID: And you talked about even names that keep coming up. Explain that.


ADRIAN: Names are so important. They’re not just a label on a person. And normally they call the root of the name or the etymology of the name has some significance in a person’s life. And so often God will speak to you through street names, company names, trucking names, and so on. And so when those things occur, I like to dabble and go deeper to find out what the root of that name means so it can become more powerful in what God is saying to us.


SID: And Adam, I mean, since I’ve been a baby believer all these years, every time I look around I’ll see a license, and I’m not looking for it, it just happens, 777, sometimes four sevens, but usually three sevens. And even on my Israeli passport, I couldn’t believe it, I opened it up, it said “777”. I’m glad you did this book with symbols. If I had your book I’d just look it up, but I don’t have it yet. What would you say God is trying to tell me.


ADAM: It can mean, for you personally, it could mean that you’re coming into a greater level of heavenly counsel of wisdom, so, that’s what 777 can mean. But I do also believe, and recently I had a dream of the spirit of Elijah. I believe that God is calling you into that realm, Sid, where there is that spirit of Elijah. You’re going to be a part of that where it’s going to prepare the platform for the Second Coming.


SID: You know Adam, there are even small things that are signs from God. Tell me the story about the ladybug.


ADAM: There was this unusual sign of this ladybug walking up and down my left thigh. I’m driving along and I was pretty exhausted. In Australia there’s a saying, “Like a stung mullet.” So the Lord said to me, “What do you see?” And I’m looking at this ladybug, and ladybugs actually preserve fruit. They protect the fruit from aphids. And pretty much what this was, the Lord was sending me a sign that he is strengthening me with an angel. I had this revelation that God was sending me an angel. See, on the left thigh, it means, symbolically, it means physical strength. The right thigh means spiritual strength. I had to just pray in the Holy Ghost and call it in. See prayer is actually prophetic and I had to pull it in from the unseen world and agree, and he sent his angels, and strengthen me. All of a sudden, I felt completely charged. I felt like the Energizer bunny. I felt completely full of energy ready for the next meeting, because I had to go to the next meeting as soon as I came home.


SID: Now, were you asking for that or did it just happen?


ADAM: It just came from left field. It was like, it was an unusual incident. And that’s how we can discern these things. It’s something that you, it’s not something that’s common. It’s something that’s unusual that happens, and you go, I haven’t seen that for years, or it might be a rare occurring thing, and you go, that’s too much of a coincidence.


SID: Well speaking of things that are kind of out of the ordinary, even God will even use sounds on a cell phone. Adrian, explain.


ADRIAN: I was traveling to minister in two churches, one morning, very early start, 5:00 in the morning, traveling in the car. And I heard the sound that my phone, the alert that my phone makes when it gets a text. I looked into my phone and there was no text there, so I knew instinctively that perhaps God was going to speak to me. At that point in time, playing on the MP3 or the iPod in the car, playing in the car was the testimony of Smith Wigglesworth. And what it revealed was that Smith Wigglesworth had once backslidden and that he used to tease his wife Polly when she came home from her meetings, and that was something that I never heard before. It was a revelation to me. I Tweet, because I had a phone call earlier that week from the pastor of the second church I was speaking in, and she told me that her son-in-law hadn’t been to church for six months, and in some sense he was backslidden. And so I went, ah, I think God is asking me to make reference to this story of Smith Wigglesworth as I shared at the second church. And as I shared, I wove Smith Wigglesworth’s testimony to what I shared in the second church.


SID: That takes boldness to do that.


ADRIAN: Exactly right. Adam describes it like you’re walking the plank and suddenly you get to the end of the plank, and then suddenly Jesus comes and does what he does. And so as I shared, I closed the meeting with rounding out. I said, “Anybody that what I shared, if you got to come forward, I’d love to pray with you.” And there would have been at least a dozen people that came forward. I was expecting the pastor’s son-in-law to be the one who would respond. And so when the first person was a woman, quite a tall woman with long gray hair, I was shocked when she said, “I’m the one.” So I said to her, “You’re the one what?” She said, “I’m the one who wants to rededicate my life to the Lord. Let me tell you a story. I was a nun defrocked by my order and I want to rededicate my life to the Lord.” The next person I came to was a lady with all different colors in her hair: purple, green, yellow, red, and so on. She said, “I’ve just come out of a lesbian relationship. I want to dedicate my life to the Lord.” And as I went down the line through to the pastor’s son-in-law, each person was rededicating their lives to the Lord.


SID: Aren’t you glad you took that risk?


ADRIAN: Oh I’m so glad I took that risk and incorporated what I felt what God was saying into my message. Incredible what God did that night.


SID: You know, when we come back, all of us have had bad dreams. Some of us think, well it was pizza. But some is from God. So what do you do with a bad, I mean a bad, I had one, a bad dream? We’ll be right back.

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Our Guest Shawn Bolz

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KYNAN: Welcome back. I’m so excited to be here with Shawn Bolz. We’re talking about the secrets of God for every single believer. And before the break, Shawn, we were talking about God divulging the secrets of his heart. But I want to ask you a question and you can be honest with me. We’re the only ones here, so you can tell me the truth. Does God always give you good words about people? Are they always sweet and mushy or are they kind of hard to release sometimes?


SHAWN: I think it’s both. I have a four and a two-year-old, so like sometimes, with my daughters, good love is also saying, no, you have to do this. There is course correction. There is building. And I remember my friend Ona [sp] and I went to Puerto Rico and we were ministering in a series of churches that were set up by a manager. And one of the churches we went into, I walked in there and I was so tired because there had been like 13 services in five days. And I was so tired, and I walked in the church, and I looked at the pastor, and I told my best friend Ona that pastor is having a [affair] right there. And we got to address this. I can’t preach this until we address it. We had to clear this out because we were given, I don’t know, what would you do? It’s not my normal to go see people’s sin, but I felt like God was showing me out of a place of grace and mercy for this whole church. He wanted to recover a church. And I feel like we throw around these charismatic buzz words, like I’m going to be a gatekeeper. Well when you’re a gatekeeper you’re closing the gates of Hell, not just opening the gates of Heaven.


KYNAN: Oh that’s so good. That’s good.


SHAWN: So asked the elders, I said, I went up to the woman who was hosting us, and I said, “Can you go find out, elders, and bring the pastor in, to return during worship time.” We got there a few minutes late. And so we all went back to the office and it was just the two elders and the two accountability people, and the pastor, and Ona and I. And I looked at him and I said, “Do you want to tell them you’re not a prophetic guy in your church. Do you want to tell them what I’m seeing, or do you want to tell them what I’m seeing about this woman?” And he said, he immediately goes, “I’m having an affair. I’m so sorry.” And begins to unfold the two-year history of this and they started to minister to that and deal with that as well, and try and create a plan. And I was like, okay, we’re going to leave now, because I didn’t know what to do. I’m like, “We’re going to leave now.” They said, “No, God loves our church. He loves everybody. Please stay and minister.” And it was so hard to take the stage then, but I could feel like a Father’s love, like the Father gave me the revelation because he loved the church.


KYNAN: Wow, that’s good.


SHAWN: So I immediately stepped into that place. Even this pastor had that [unintelligible]. I had stepped in that place of love and the church is doing really well now.


KYNAN: I love the restoration God speaks to us to restore and that’s so important. Tell me about the girl in the coffee shop.


SHAWN: That’s so cool. It was just a little bit ago. I was walking. I live in Studio City and so it’s where a lot of entertainment type people are. And I went to a coffee shop there and it’s totally full of people in that time of the morning. And she already ordered, so she’s way over there and I’m over here, and I go, “Hey you, you right there.” And she goes, “Me?” And she thought maybe I knew her or something. And the whole place turns into a reality TV show. Everyone is, what’s going on? And I said, “Hey, I just heard from God and he said get the script out of the trash can.” She goes, “What?” And I said, “Get the script out of the trash can. You heard me.” And she goes, “What are you saying?” And I said, “Get the screenplay out of the trash can now. God gave that to you. Don’t throw it away.” And she’s like, “No, this can’t be happening!” She’s screaming and freaking out, and the whole place is like starts clapping. It’s like, what’s happening. She goes, “This is my last copy. I’m leaving right now. I’ve deleted everything off my hard drive. I have one more screenplay I’m about to throw in the trash can right now. That’s my last copy.” And she goes, “This can’t be. I’m leaving because nothing is open for me here.” And I said, “Well God apparently loves your screenplay and he loves your writing gift, and you’re about to give up your destiny.” And she’s weeping.


KYNAN: Wow. Shawn, how can we begin to move in words of knowledge? You said it’s for everybody. I mean, you said that it’s not just for the superstars. It’s not just for the Shawn Bolz’s and all the famous ministers. But how can we, the average person, move in words of knowledge?


SHAWN: I think it’s a love based approach. So when you look at the people, first yourself, your immediate family, your friends that you love the most, you start to ask God, what are your thoughts about them, and then you start to pay attention to those downloads. A lot of people are waiting to hear, “This is the voice of God.” But the reality is that we share the same head space with God. It says in First Corinthians 2:16 that “We have the mind of Christ,” which means that when you’re reading the Bible for a life application, a scripture comes along and you’re like that’s me. Well you’re not that smart. That came from the Holy Spirit.


KYNAN: That’s right.


SHAWN: And so learning how to hear the downloads from God and then take steps on them, I tell people you’re a wimp if you give up after ten times. It’s going to take a thousand times before you have confidence because you have to learn the process. Just like no one wants to be around someone who’s learned how to play the piano the first 25 lessons or the first three years. It’s later on when they’ve developed something that it makes sense. So like learning how to take the steps of faith in the mall, at the coffee shop with your family, with your friends, it’s the same thing when you’re going up for healing. You’re praying for everyone who has a cold around you. You pray for everything. You [tip?] toe until their healing breaks. You don’t just go, I’m going to be in a meeting. It’s going to happen. You live a lifestyle where you’re including God in that way. So with words of knowledge you have to live a lifestyle to include God and say God, I want to hear your thoughts. I want to know what you’re thinking, show me.


KYNAN: I love that. Now, love compels you to give a word to a little boy playing soccer. Tell us about that.


SHAWN: This is wild. My friend and I were sitting there. He asked if I wanted to come to his kid’s soccer game, one of his ministry friends. We’re friends as well. And so we’re sitting watching his boy play, and there’s one kid who’s the underdog who no one was paying attention to. He just was very awkward, physically at that stage of growth like boys can be. And I had a heart pump probably because I was not coordinated [unintelligible] socially couldn’t play, connect to the kids on the team. And all of a sudden I just had this inspiration. I was like praying to God, God, this kid is awesome. Like the other kids are just treating him like he’s not. So Lord, what’s something about him that you would want to show me. And so and a few minutes later, I just had this one word and it was game of tag. And I called him, and I said, “Hey, what’s your Call of Duty score?” And he goes, “How do you know I play Call of Duty?” And I go, “What’s your score?” And he tells us and it’s one of the top in the nation. That’s a little boy. And I said, “What’s this?” And it was this game of tag along. And so all the other kids are, “You can play like that, wow!” And they all wanted to play games with him and learn from him. And my friend’s son, he actually ended up going out with him and they became best friends. Like months later, they were best friends. And it ended up that he was able to lead him to the Lord based on the fact that he told him the God experience behind that. At the moment, the kid didn’t know I had a God experience. It was months later that I could explain to him like, “Hey, my dad’s friend actually saw that from God and it actually brought value to you, and this is why.” And it changed his life.


KYNAN: Wow. Oh my God. Awesome. Listen, when we come back, you’re going to learn how God speaks in the most peculiar ways, and I believe eternity is about to invade time. Join us in just a little bit.

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Our Guest David Hernandez

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DAVID: So that when it comes you go, you go I had tried everything I knew to do with that and He said that’s right. That’s exactly where I want you because an impossible situation is the perfect setting for a miracle! If you’re in an impossible situation I’ve got good news. That’s the perfect setting for a miracle. You may be looking and saying God I don’t know how you’re going to do it. He will make a way! And I found out that He made a way because I began to weep. And I said Lord, all I want is You. All I want is Your presence. All I want is everything that You have to offer me. Lord, I just want to experience the riches of Jesus!




DAVID: And I’ll never forget the Holy Spirit began to speak to me in that moment. And He tells me turn off the light. I turned off the light. He said turn off the fan, it was buzzing. I turned off the fan. He said close the Bible. I said huh!




DAVID: Lord, are you sure?




DAVID: I closed the Bible. And He said turn off the music. I said surely You can’t move without the music, Lord.




DAVID: And I turned off the music. And the Lord said to just look at Him. See we try so hard, don’t we? The scripture says: Be still and know that I am God. We want to be still and know our troubles. Be still and know everything that’s going on. Be still and know that I am God. Stillness precedes revelation.


AUDIENCE: Yes. Oh. Wow.


DAVID: Before you can know you have to be still. And so I’m in that moment and I remember just, just waiting on Him. And all I did was imagine and meditate. You know the scripture says on His word I meditate day and night. Who’s the Word? It’s Jesus. When you’re thinking about Jesus you’re meditating on the Word. And so I’m meditating on Jesus just thinking about I mean whatever way He’s revealed Himself. If He’s revealed Himself as Healer think about what a wonderful Healer He is. If He’s revealed Himself as Savior praise Him for saving you. And so in that moment I’m just thinking about Jesus in all the wonderful ways He’s revealed Himself to me and the Holy Spirit took my revelation of Him and brought it to reality. And in that moment I felt like a gentle breeze, not physically, but I felt somewhat of what could have been described as, I don’t know how to say it other than I sensed it in the spirit and a gentle breeze moves through my room and I became real calm. I became real still. And I remember feeling like warmth on me, electricity moving through me and that transformed my life. I remember I sensed Him so real I was like frozen. And I thought if I open my eyes I’m going to see Him. I was afraid to move my hand because I thought if I moved my hand I might feel it brush up against His robe. And I just stood there still, quiet. That’s the key to spirit-led prayer. We’re going to go into the Four Keys, I mean the Four Realms and I’m going to go over those very quickly but that is the key. I wanted to spend     some time on this. That is the key to spirit-empowered prayer. It’s silence and stillness. Now silence is the easy part, relatively speaking, compared to stillness. Silence is the putting away of outer distraction. It’s turning your phone off. It’s letting people know you can’t disturb me for the next 20 minutes or the next hour or the next 2 hours. I’m going to seek the Lord. That takes discipline. That takes human effort. That’s our partnership with God. You have to block out the days. You know there’s times we go all day and the Holy Spirit’s drawing us. Come pray, come pray, come pray. We say later, Lord. Later, Lord. Later, Lord. And then we get into our prayer closet and we say okay, Lord I’m here and nothing happens and we wonder why. It’s because you missed the appointment.


AUDIENCE: That’s right.


DAVID: Now I’m not saying you cannot talk to God whenever you want. But there are certain appointments that He has for us when He, cause He initiates everything. He draws us in. We can’t draw ourselves in and we can’t say Lord draw me in. If you’re asking to be drawn it’s because He put that spiritual desire in your heart to be drawn. So if you’re asking for it, when you sense your desire to move in you’re actually sensing His desire to draw you in because you’re becoming one. And so silence is the putting away outer distractions. Silence is that disciplined aspect of prayer. But stillness is the quieting of the soul. Stillness is when you go to pray and all that’s assaulting your mind begins to attack you. What do you do when you go to pray and there’s the inner chaos. Isn’t it funny that you don’t notice that until you pray? All day you’re fine and then the moment you begin to pray things start running through your mind? Can I tell you something? It’s not that that chaos shows up when you start praying. It’s that you’re quiet enough to recognize it.


AUDIENCE: Oh, wow.


DAVID: A good measure of what goes in inside of you is how you feel when you’re in silence. Cause when you get into silence you get to judge what’s been in your heart all that time. Anyway so I’m going to quickly now go over these keys. Number One: Requesting. Philippians chapter 4, verse 6 through 7 says: Don’t worry about anything. Instead pray about everything. Tell God what you need and thank Him for all He has done. Then you will experience God’s peace which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. Now this aspect of prayer is what gets a bad rap because you often hear it said, you often hear it said oh, well I want to ask God for something but I’m afraid because I don’t want to be hypocritical. I don’t want to be materialistic. I know God wants to bless me. I know God wants to give me something. But, but I’m too afraid to ask. Can I tell you something? That’s a poverty mentality! Church, that’s a poverty mentality and it needs to be broken! God wants to bless you! Now in our thinking it’s well what about those people in starving third world countries? Well that’s why God wants to bless you.




DAVID: So you can do something about it. You see God does it to bless you. God doesn’t need to curse someone else. He’s eternally supplied! And so He wants you to request and I’m going to show you why. Remember we talked about this problem with inner chaos. Did you know that the prayer request is actually God’s way of removing that inner chaos from you? Look at this. Philippians 4, verse 6 and 7. Beginning in verse 6 it says: Don’t worry about anything. Instead pray about everything. Okay? Tell God what you need and thank Him for all He has done. So some people say if you’re asking God for something you can’t possibly be thankful. This contradicts that because it’s telling you to while you’re asking God for what you need you’re thanking Him for what He has done. You can be requesting and grateful at the same time! Then verse 7 says, and we all quote this one. Peace that passeth all understanding. Right? But it says: Then you will experience God’s peace which exceeds anything we can understand. His peace will guard your hearts and minds as you live in Christ Jesus. When Then. When?




DAVID: Church, when?




DAVID: When is then? It’s talking about when you give Him your purposes. Come to God. Ask Him for what you want. Then the peace of God will fill your heart! When you enter into the realm of prayer requests what you’re doing is you’re collecting all of your needs, all of those things that trouble you and you’re handing them over to God. That inner chaos in you you’re taking it and leaving it in God’s hands. So the prayer request is one of the keys to stillness of the soul! When we give God the things that trouble us within us, when we give Him those things that are on our mind it frees us to be able to enter the deeper realms of prayer. Here’s the problem and this is why the prayer request is looked at negatively. Because when people pray and they unburden themselves of their earthly desires and their earthly concerns they give it to God, they feel the peace flood them then what do they do? They say thank You, God and they go on their way. God didn’t give you the peace so that you can walk away. He gave you the peace to move closer! So the prayer request is Number One. Number Two is reverencing. John chapter 4, verse 23 says: But the time is coming, indeed it’s here now, when true worshippers will worship the Father in spirit and in truth. The Father is looking for those who will worship Him that way. I was at a church and I don’t mean, if you’re religious I’m sorry, you’re going to get offended, but I was at a church that had one of those angry drill sergeant worship leaders.




DAVID: The ones who scolds you if you’re not doing exactly what they need you to do during different parts. Oh, don’t you love the Lord? Oh come on. You can lift your hand or you can yell, and they say the same things, you can yell for a baseball game, you can yell for a football game but you can’t yell for Jesus! All right they say those things. And so she’s yelling at people. I’m going oh my goodness! She’s like really angry at this church. I, it’s like, this is like, this is righteous indignation or she’s got to repent, one of the two, and she’s yelling at them and I remember just the atmosphere was very, it wasn’t God. It was the flesh. It was very uncomfortable. And she says come on, you’ve got to get used to this because this is how it’s going to be in heaven. I said I sure hope not!

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Our Guest Ron Phillips

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AUDIENCE: I release authority.


RON: To Pastor Ron.


AUDIENCE: To Pastor Ron.


RON: To deal with this spirit.


AUDIENCE: To deal with this spirit.


RON: I say to the spirit of heaviness on all these who are standing you’re a liar, a murderer and a thief! You have no standing in their life and you can’t stay. I expose you to the light and the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ! I cancel your right! You have no standing! They have confessed that stronghold that allowed you there and at my word and by their breath you will leave now! I want you to say this after me three times. Be gone!


AUDIENCE: Be gone!


RON: Be gone!


AUDIENCE: Be gone!


RON: Be gone!


AUDIENCE: Be gone!


RON: In the name of Jesus!


AUDIENCE: In the name of Jesus!


RON: Now take a deep breath. Take another one. [laughs] Take another breath. Take another breath. Now He said He’d, look at me now, He said He’d give you a garment of praise.




RON: How many of you – you know I got dressed I’m not a morning person, I didn’t feel like getting dressed when I got dressed.




RON: That’s why I didn’t say get happy – He said put on, you have to get dressed whether you want to or not.


AUDIENCE: Amen. That’s right.


RON: So right now you got to decide. I think I’m just going to praise God right now.




RON: So go ahead and give Him a hand clap, give Him a shout!




RON: Come up. I want you to come up here. You. Come right up here. Everybody else sit down but her. Come up here, darling. Where’s my oil? This is Ken Wilkerson. As long as you don’t approach me suddenly you’ll be all right.




RON: This is Noble, the angel. This is my armor-bearer from Chattanooga. You know we weren’t finished, didn’t you? There’s so much hurt in you. Is there anything physically wrong with you?


WOMAN #1:No.


RON: I didn’t think so. The Lord’s going to restore your beauty. The beauty of the Lord will be upon you. This old stress is about to kill you.


WOMAN #1:Uh-huh.


RON: Somebody hurt you.


WOMAN #1:Uh-huh.


RON: And the enemy told you you weren’t anything and you may have even done a few things wrong but you know God doesn’t even remember those.


WOMAN #1:Uh-huh.


RON: So who’s reminding you? The one who wants to kill you.


WOMAN #1:Uh-huh.

RON: And that’s because you have an assignment from God and you’re going to forget this junk today. So bow your head say Lord.


WOMAN #1:Lord.


RON: I thank You.


WOMAN #1:I thank You.


RON: That I’m forgiven.


WOMAN #1:That I’m forgiven.


RON: That I’m free.


WOMAN #1:That I’m free.


RON: Everything I’ve ever done.


WOMAN #1:Everything I’ve ever done.


RON: Or that’s been done to me.


WOMAN #1:Or that’s been done to me.


RON: Is gone!


WOMAN #1:Is gone!


RON: In the name of Jesus!


WOMAN #1:In the name of Jesus!


RON: All right. Look at me. On the authority of the Word of God, Apostolic authority, I announce to you your sins are forgiven you and God will never remind you of them again. Now you say I forgive.


WOMAN #1:I forgive.


RON: Those that have hurt me.


WOMAN #1:Those that have hurt me.


RONNow I’m going to anoint you with the oil of gladness and healing according to James 5. Is this okay?


WOMAN #1:Yes.


RON: Father, the anointing of joy. Lord, let her brow that has been furrowed by worry and fear leave! I say ah, get off her chest right now you lying devil. I say to the enemy now, um-huh, I come against a spirit of inferiority, to the lying voice that’s told her she’s nothing and nobody, that’s told her she’ll never catch up with where she’s supposed to be. You’re a liar. I restore her heritage right now and bring healing! I command the spirit of witchcraft to turn her loose right now in the name of Jesus! The tightness, the fear, I come against a spirit of fear. You leave! You obey me. Leave. Leave. Leave. I command insomnia, she hasn’t been able to sleep. I command insomnia to leave right now in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! And I declare Lord that you will make her to lie down in green pastures and lead her beside still waters. Lord, I command every relationship that she’s in that’s been destroying her even if she thinks it’s a friend that’s drug her down, that the enemy has used will be broken and you’ll bring the right friendships into her life. In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Do you receive that?


WOMAN #1:I do.


RON: Do you feel it?


WOMAN #1:I do.


RON: Put both hands up. Say Father.


WOMAN #1:Father.


RON: Dress me up.


WOMAN #1:Dress me up.


RON: In the garment of praise.


WOMAN #1:In the garment of praise.


RON: I will be happy again! [laughing]


WOMAN #1:I will be happy again.


RON: I want some joy in my life.


WOMAN #1:I want some joy in my life.


RON: And I want some rest.


WOMAN #1:I want rest.


RON: Now I want you to look at me. Turn around. Don’t do anything. Just look. I want you to look at her face. Look. See the wrinkles gone?




RON: Go look in a mirror. The Lord’s touched you!


AUDIENCE: ! [CLAPPING] Glory to God!


RON: You see her face shining?




RON: I want to speak to cancer. I want to speak to lumps. There’s someone here that’s either got breast cancer, had it, and there’s fear about it on your life and God wants to break you loose from that. If you’re in here stand up right now or if you’re watching by television you’ll need to email us but this is for you, for the partners out there as well. Is there anyone here right now that’s concerned about a breast cancer diagnosis? Anybody? Then there’s someone out there watching us on television and among the partners it is. I want to announce to you that when you go to the bathroom if you’ll check, those lumps are gone!




RON: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Someone just said in their spirit to me well it’s not breast cancer, but – but. So whatever that is there’s something else in your life that you’re worried about in the area of the cancerous type stuff. Who are you? Come up here right now. C’mon. It’s leaving in the name of Jesus! If you’re watching, I want all the partners there are more of you than there are in here. There are dozens of you that are going to be healed right now of uterine, breast, leukemia, blood disorders in the name of Jesus Christ! When Billye Brim was here the Lord said he was going to take care of blood disorders. The issues of blood in the name of Jesus!


WOMAN #2:My sister has battled 10 years of cancer. She has no flesh left on her rear. She only has pus and skin and, and she has, the cancer is gone but she looks a hundred years old and I –


RON: You’re about, you’re going to fix her. See you know what the last chapter of Mark says? [laughs] I’m fixing to anoint you!


WOMAN #2:Hoo! Hoo! Hoo!


RON: Cause I can’t get to her but you can! Huh?


WOMAN #2:Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!


RON: The Bible doesn’t say the preachers will lay hands on us. It think it said – [laughs]


WOMAN #2:Yes!


RON: [laughs] It said these signs shall follow them that have faith! That believe! The Lord will restore her!

WOMAN #2:Thank You, Jesus!


RON: In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I anoint you!


WOMAN #2:Thank You Father! Thank You Jesus!


RON: Give me your hand. And not only that there’s a gift of healing in you! You want to do this?


WOMAN #2:Oh Amen!


RON: Just do it by faith in JesusÆ name!


WOMAN #2: By faith I take it! Amen!




RON: Are you ready to be healed?


WOMAN #3:I am healed.


RON: Praise God!


WOMAN #3:I’m already healed! Hallelujah!


RON: Well we are reinforcing that today and declaring to every spirit of infirmity you cannot come back in the name of Jesus!


WOMAN #3: It’s a lump, it’s a lump on my back.


RON: Is it –


WOMAN #3:I want it gone. I’ve prayed for it. And I believe it’s –


RON: Father, in Jesus name we command that lump LEAVE!




RON: In the name of –


WOMAN #3:Right now!


RON: Jesus Christ of Nazareth!


WOMAN #3:Oh hallelujah!


RON: I mix my faith with hers.


WOMAN #3:Oh hallelujah!


RON: Yeah! Devil I tell you too. You’ll not reappear with that lump anywhere else.


WOMAN #3:Oh hallelujah!


RON: Or on anybody else in this room! I declare lumps and bumps to leave right now in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Hallelujah!


WOMAN #3:Glory! Thank You! Hallelujah!!




RON [to Woman #4]:You’re a good woman. You’re an intercessor. And you need to stay. [laughs] So I declare that from the top of your head to the sole of your feet every cell that could destroy you is gone! Woo! In the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth! Hallelujah!

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Our Guest Shawn Bolz

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SHAWN: Doesn?t that sound ridiculous? Give yourself the grace to grow and track when it?s right! Journal. Like get a little journal and track when it?s right and track when it doesn?t hit. Track what you?re feeling. Track when it was correct, what you were feeling inside, what you were thinking. Maybe the times that you?re getting it the most right like I had one guy tell me I was in the most unbelief before all the times I was getting it the most right. So now whenever I?m in extreme unbelief over what I?m getting inside I know it?s God!




SHAWN: I mean how weird is that? Our processes are all different so I want to encourage you figure out your process. Nobody can make your process happen and nobody can want prophecy or desire it for you. You have to want it yourself. You have to actually manifest out of your own faith this journey with God but it?s do-able and you can do it! I promise you that if you try and do this it will blow you away. Now the last thing I?ll say is I just got a text while we were sitting here, I just got a Facebook text and one of the girls who?s involved with the West Virginia revival, have you heard about this? In the last 8 week over 4000 people have gotten saved! And she just wrote me. I didn?t know I had any connection to it at all. She just wrote me and said we?ve been going through your book ?Translating God? for the last two weeks. We?re doing a ten week study on it and almost all the leaders involved with the revival are going through it and we?re taking greater and greater risks. And one of the brand new girls, converts in Applebee?s gave a word to someone that contained so much detail that it provoked us to all to be hungry because we?re doing this study together and we?re like if she can do it as a brand new believer we?re all doing it. So we?re all getting high-level words of knowledge. Just so you know it?s the next wave of what?s going on here in West Virginia.




SHAWN: So here?s my challenge to you. If I can do it, if our used-to-be-orphans in Africa can do it, if our girls who used to be street walkers can do it, if the West Virginia kids who are just getting saved out of High Schools can do it you?d better believe you can do this! But it?s going to take a process and it?s going to take some hard work and faith and belief and not getting discouraged and not having significance issues and not getting into performance and just going God, You are God I?m not and I don?t have to look like You! I don?t have to be awesome. Thank You Jesus! I?m not awesome. You?re awesome and when you come and choose to be awesome in me oh it?s so awesome! And when I?m just me it?s not so awesome. So teach me how to walk with You in Jesus? name. Amen. Okay. Let me pray for you. Holy Spirit, I pray over this group. I see you over here too. I pray over this group and I pray over those watching right now. I pray over you. I pray that God would give you a word of knowledge ministry, a prophetic ministry that if you would be diligent to pursue this God is going to give you details of people?s hearts that are undeniable, a black and white moment with Jesus where they go oh my gosh, oh my gosh You?re real! Oh my gosh You saw me in those times! Oh my gosh You knew me when it was hardest! Oh my gosh You were there from the beginning! Lord I pray that we would have those ?aha? moments. That we would birth better ?aha moments? than Oprah can. God that you would give us an ability to prophesy and to touch people?s lives! And I pray over each one of you watching and each one of you who is here that you would have an impartation of a manifestation of prophetic anointing that would stimulate and advance and accelerate this process in your life! I believe this is a ?now time? for this. I believe I?m walking in something that?s transferrable. I feel a blanket going across this auditorium. I?m feeling it going all the way through the airways right now, all the way through the internet. I pray that there would be a release right now of glory! In Jesus? name! Now I?m going to give you some words here and I think most of the words here will be local. I did write them down when I was in the green room. I have a friend named, it?s actually a whole family. The Hendrickson family. But I felt like maybe there was someone with the last name of Hendrickson. Is that, you?re a Hendrickson? Henderson? Okay. Is your name John? This is you then. Okay, this is good. I saw then the Hendrickson?s but you?re Henderson, John. That?s all I got. I?m nervous now. Umm.




SHAWN: I did write down that do you have just one daughter


JOHN: Yes.


SHAWN: And do you have two sons?


JOHN: Three.


SHAWN: Three sons. And are two of them married or all three of them married?


JOHN: Two are married.


SHAWN: Two are married so you have two daughter-in laws cause I was seeing three girls.

JOHN: Yes.


SHAWN: That?s how I was seeing it. And I felt like God was just saying that from the time they were little you?ve prayed for them for this incredible purpose. And there?s John Jr. There?s a John Jr., right? And I feel like John Jr.?s going to be your signpost in this next season. He?s a great young man but he?s about to come into like significance of purpose and identity like he never has. And I?m telling you his life like he?s going to come into, I feel like part of it is linked to career and desire inside of him. And I feel like God is saying I?m moving on behalf of your children. All of your prayers have been heard from heaven. He loves your prayer life so much and I felt like I wrote down this phrase which may mean something. He said the church is rising around you. You have a message for the church.




SHAWN: What does that mean to you?


JOHN: Our new church is called ?the Rising.?


SHAWN: Oh come on!




SHAWN: That?s awesome! Well He told me that you have a message to help the church ascend. That?s amazing!




SHAWN: That?s amazing. Lord God! I?m telling you He?s going to answer your prayers and even as you?ve done such a good job of loving His kids so much, not just your own kids, but so many people?s kids. He?s going to do such a great job of fathering your children in this season. Each one of them is going through like greater purpose, like questioning. And some of them have a little bit of purpose discouragement. Don?t let this, tell them not to be super discouraged. God is going to intervene in their lives if they just call out to God. Just ask Him what He wants for them in this season. In 2016 and 2017 these bigger question marks are going to be answered by His heart over your children and the in-law kids, like these two in-laws, the daughters.


JOHN: Yes.


SHAWN: And your daughter?s husband and maybe her little boy? Did she have a little boy?






SHAWN: And so God?s is there someone


JOHN: It?s my son-in-law and my grandson.


SHAWN: So your son-in-law and grandson are right here. So God is touching them with such a spirit of love and power. Your whole family unit?s going to be blessed! So bless you guys! Thanks for coming today.




SHAWN: Jesus is so good. Wow! I?m so glad. It?s happening, guys, it?s happening.




SHAWN: Okay. I?m taking a big risk here. And I saw a username as DBLASS07. Does that make sense to anybody? DBLASS07? And it might be a Diane. Does that make sense? There?s somebody who works here but she?s not here in the room now? Okay. She?s at her desk right now? Can you go ask her if that?s her username? Hey we can do it even though it?s on TV right now we can do this. This is great. So DBLASS07 just so she knows. I had one more username. I never get usernames but I asked God for new information I never get and He gave me Terry Bishop 911. Is that a username? Where is he? Terry Bishop you?re working on the show and we?re getting you. Is this, is this your, is this a username you use? Terry Bishop 911? Is that like your email or something? That?s your username for what? What is it your username for? He?s getting pulled off his project. The show may not work anymore but the live will work.




SHAWN: What is it?

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