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Our Guest ISki Abla

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SID: Weren’t you concerned about committing suicide that you’d have problems with Allah?


ISIK: Yes, but I thought Allah wasn’t pleased with me and he hated me, so there was no way for me to win his approval. I was a failure in my eyes.


SID: So the morning before you went to work where you had planned to commit suicide, what was going on inside of your head?


ISIK: Well I woke up and I saw my daughter, she was two and half years old, and I heard a voice in my head, anybody can be a better mother. And that same voice was telling me life is not worth living, and I usually do this when enemy is speaking, because we need to recognize the enemy’s voice as separate. And that morning, I was just hearing from the enemy and believing in that lie, and I started, I took her to day care and started planning my suicide.


SID: Okay. So you get to work. What happened?


ISIK: Well I went to the restroom to cry because my sorrow was so great, and I started having closure with God. And I didn’t know at that time which God I was talking to because I was going to Bible study at that time, at workplace.


SID: Where they were Christians, and had a Bible study.


ISIK: Yes. So I was just going there to please my boss thinking that I will secure my job.


SID: Except, you told me you heard about a woman that you related to and that the approach Jesus took was so different than the approach Allah took. Tell me about that.


ISIK: So that was my first Bible study, from John, Chapter 8, the adulteress woman, when they threw her at the feet of Jesus, “What are we going to do with her? According to Moses’ law we need to stone her.” He didn’t condemn her, but he gave her another chance. But according to Sharia law, she had to be stoned to death, and that pierced my heart with Lord Christ there. It was my first Bible study. But coming back to the day of planning my suicide, I was told I could never become a Christian. They were infidels and they were destined for hell. And I wasn’t a good Muslim at that time. I was thinking Allah disowned me, so it would be better for me to just kill myself, and without even thinking the consequences, I just wanted to end my pain. And then I went to work, and I went to the restroom having this closure with God. And I started asking, why do you hate me so much, why have you abandoned me or forsaken me? What have I done so bad? I cleaned my face, went to my seat. My boss called me to his office and he says, “I am going to tell you something I have never done before in my life.” And he said, “I feel in my spirit Jesus knows what you’re about to do and I have to tell you, he’s telling me to tell you, you are not forsaken or abandoned. He has been with you since you were born. When you were molested he was by your side. When you were kicked like a dog on the floor he was by your side. When [they put a] knife on your throat he was by your side. He was interceding for you that one day you will turn to him. And now I want to ask you, would you like to receive him as your Lord and Savior?”


SID: Well now, you have the conflict of you’re in trouble with Allah, but this is really going to get you in trouble with Allah. What did you do?


ISIK: At that point I was not thinking anything because God was in that room. At first time in my life I experienced the presence of God and he was real. I didn’t understand the Trinity. I had no doctrine, nothing, but I knew Jesus Christ was real and he was hugging me.


SID: Do you know something, her situation was impossible.


ISIK: That’s right.


SID: And guess what happens? Out of the blue a man calls you on the phone and what does he say?


ISIK: Well that was after my salvation. I was broke and going through all these trials, and this man calls, and he says, “My name is so and so.” And I could feel authority in his voice, first time in my life, feeling authority. He said, “Sister Isik, we have been praying for you. We have been praying for your salvation. Praise the Lord. And I want you, for the weekend, to come to my house, my wife and I.” He said, “If you come we are going to bless you, but we are going to give you a Bible study about the Holy Spirit.”


SID: So you said sure.


ISIK: I needed hope. I needed something in my life and I was not going to a spirit-filled church that would believe in so many miracles or anything. But there was this hunger in me and I wanted to believe in what he was saying. I said, “I have no gas in my car. I cannot make five-hour drive to your place.” And then he says, “I know you don’t have that kind of faith, but I’m going to pray over your car right now and you are going to make it to my home.”


SID: And?


ISIK: And then he continued. He said, “If you get stuck in the middle of the road I promise you I will come pick you up, but I serve a God, I know that you are not going to get stuck.” And I said, “I’m going in my car right now.” I put my daughter, she was almost four years old at that time, I went inside my car and I said, in my heart, “I will drive until this car stops.” And I started driving and I made it five hours to his house.


SID: On empty?


ISIK: Empty, completely utterly empty.


SID: You get into his house. What does he say to you?


ISIK: Well at that time, one of my foot was in the church, the other one was in the world, so I didn’t have good Bible training, and I had sin in my life. So as soon as he saw me he fell to the ground and he started praying in tongues, and I never heard tongues in my life before. And those, everything he said came to me without an accent, perfect Turkish, in my mother tongue. And he was confessing my sins to God. He was naming my sins one by one. I was in shock. I was here looking at this. I saw a miracle, [a] man speaking perfect Turkish. And then he got up, and he says, he looked at me in the eye, very sharp, very strong, and he says, “Sister, I don’t know what I said, but you know what I said. You take God seriously.”


SID: All right. Now, let me tell you. She takes God so serious that the fire of God hits her. When we come back it not only hit her, she wants to pray for that same fire to come on you. Are you ready?

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Our Guest Rich Vera

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AUDIENCE:  I receive that!


RICH: And I want to encourage you to begin taking authority.  You see God can do little things unless He’s being spoken and released. Amos says God will do nothing unless He shows it to his servants the prophets. Well we all run to a prophet but you know that all of us are prophetic people? So God don’t need prophet that comes from California to tell you you’re going to be blessed. You have the Holy Ghost. You’re a prophetic people. You can stand on your house and say there will be no rebellion on this house. There’ll be no sickness on this house. There’ll be no divorce in this marriage and God will do it according to your word. Oh! I believe that. So when we talk about the miracles of God, God breaks it in those four dimensions. Now this is what I really feel of the Lord today, if you allow me I want to lay hands on many of you because there’s going to be a release of something from the Spirit of the Lord that’s going to put you in a different atmosphere of God. Some of you are going to begin to hear God and to flow in the things of the Spirit like you have not done it before. I think God has been wanting to do this with you for a while and I feel there’ll be a release today in the name of Jesus. How many of you will say I receive that? In fact raise your hands to the Lord right now. And if you don’t mind for sixty seconds would you pray in the Holy Ghost? Just lift up your voices. Could I have anybody? Roy, please my brother. Thank you so much. Just pray in the Holy Ghost right now. Because I’m telling you even right now there’s a healing wave that’s beginning to come in the building right now. There are people with arthritis that will be healed. There are people with problems in the knee that are going to be healed. There’s even a person here with cancer cells in your body that God is going to burn out of your body today in the mighty name of Jesus! Somebody’s lungs are going to be healed today. You will not be on that respirator. You will not be connected to a tube. There’s four people here that have been depressed for a while. It’s been like this dark cloud that’s not even allow you to sleep. The Lord says today freedom is coming to your mind. Freedom is coming to your life. I declare in the name of the Lord Jesus that the power of the Holy Ghost will…just keep on praying in the Holy Ghost. Something is happening in the atmosphere right now. I declare the healing and deliverance power of God from the top of your head all the way down to the soles of your feet in the name of Jesus. I curse infirmity and I curse every disease. And I command every devil to come out of your life and of your body now in the name of Jesus. Somebody’s who’s taking medications of pills God’s going to break you free from that today. There are people that cannot sleep in the night. God is going to deliver you in the name of Jesus. I feel the power of the Holy Ghost. C’mon raise your hands and press in, press in right now. Hallelujah! God bless you dear sister. You’re a minister? God bless you. God bless you. Dear sister you’re another person that the Lord has already put a message on you to write. And sister, a lot of things to deal with inside healing of people, especially the women that have gone through things and abused and are hurt. God’s going to use you to bring deliverance to them, dear sister. And I see some money that was withheld, there’s something in some legal stuff that the Lord’s going to release to you. There’s going to unexpected money coming your way. How many of you raise your hands and say unexpected money’s coming my way? Receive that in the name of Jesus. I release it upon you and a fresh anointing of the Spirit. I’ll be back. Yes. Raise your hands to the Lord. In the name of Jesus. Sister, the attack that the enemy has been bringing against you, sister that place where you fell like you hit a wall, God is about to tear the wall down and you are about to worship at His feet for hours and hours and hours just like you prayed to the Lord. I hear you praying to the Lord, Lord I just want to worship and hours and hours at your feet and the Lord says even that prayer that you pray as you were driving your vehicle, dear sister, God is going to answer for you and you’re going to experience a visitation of the Holy Spirit. Anybody else? Real quick. Should we end right now? Two more people we’re going to end and then we’ll go. I’ll pray for you. Sir, raise your hands to the Lord. Are you a minister? Chaplain? Sir, you come from a conservative Christian background? And the Lord did some things that caused you some trouble? Yeah. And sir, God is going to, you know God has filled you with the Spirit, sir. But God is bringing you to a place that many of those conservative people you’re going to bring to them the Spirit of God, sir. Get ready, sir. Some of these Baptists and Methodists you’re going to go right in there, my brother, where you came from and deliver them by the power of God. Raise your hands to the Lord, dear sister. Oh, I declare the power of the Holy Spirit to be upon you. Are you a minister dear sister? Dear sister, I see the Lord removing some people that have in a way betrayed you, sister. And God is saying He’s removing some of these close people that came to speak into your ear, even against some people in your own family, sister. And some of them… be careful with the people that are close to your money because these people are the ones that have interior motives my sister, and those that say that they have professional experience, you need Holy Ghost experience. And God says there’s a release of the anointing today in the name of Jesus!

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Our Guest Rodney Howard-Browne

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RODNEY:  Let’s pray right now. Father, every person watching wherever they might be for the same anointing that’s falling here right now let it fall upon them from the top of their head to the soles of their feet. Let there come a greater hunger for the Word of God, a greater hunger for the things of the Spirit. And Lord that You would teach them Your ways. That You would show them how to yield to You. How to flow with You. That You want to use us on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday. That Sunday at church it’d just be a celebration of all the good things that You’ve done throughout the week. Lord we know that there will be opposition. We know that there will be battles but there cannot be great victories without great battles and so You train our hands for war and You send us into places where it’s dark so that the light can shine. Thank You that You are raising up an army of men and women that will not compromise in this day and this hour. Thank You, Lord, that the fire is being ignited right now in the hearts of men and women. …for a mobilization of Your church in this final hour to bring in the greatest harvest of souls right before the return of the King of kings and the Lord of lords! We thank You for it. We thank You! We blow a trumpet in Zion even now we sound the alarm on Thy holy mountain. Father, we just thank You for it. And once again we bless this ministry. Thank you, Brother Sid and the whole team here. And Lord, give them the very desires of their heart and that which you’re putting on the inside of them now that which is being born of the Spirit of God that will pave the way into the days to come, putting away the old and putting on the new. We thank You for it, in Jesus name. Amen!


SID:  Amen!

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Our Guest Rodney Howard-Browne

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AUDIENCE   That’s right!  (CLAPPING)


RODNEY:  You know what I mean? She touched him. And so you know I’m just going down “in the name, in the name” you know. What did you feel? Nothing. People were flying through the air. People were getting hit. I felt not one thing. I just wanted to sleep. Sleep. Sleep. So I come by this lady in a wheelchair. Now I did not know she was a pastor’s wife. Didn’t know anything about it. I found this out later. And so she’s in a wheelchair I just go in the name of Jesus, carry on and get going. Well she was mad cause I didn’t pray longer over her. I don’t know what she wanted me to do. Father, as we are now gathered in this place. Lord we lift up this dear lady and God, Thou knowest her predicament this day, that Lord that Thou would come…   People love that. You know if you can do it they love that. But this wasn’t about that. When you’ve got thousands of people you’re praying for how long can you actually pray? You know what I mean. It’s like seriously!




RODNEY:  And so she was upset because I didn’t pray longer over her and she started to cuss. She was a preacher’s wife.




RODNEY:  Yeah, she was cussing! Now, the pastor was very embarrassed. He took her and wheeled her out of the building to get her out away because she was making a noise. He didn’t pray for me and whatever the words that she used and got her out to the car. And of course they don’t have heating and air cooling like we do it’s a temperate climate but it was very hot that day. And so the cars don’t have air conditioning. The air conditioning is roll the window down. You know that’s your air conditioning. And so he puts her into the passenger seat and he folds up the wheelchair, puts it in the back. Now she’s paralyzed, she’s paralyzed from the neck down. I mean she’s in a wheelchair and this is her… she came for prayer but now she’s mad. She’s furious. I mean he didn’t pray over me. Meanwhile I just said in the name of Jesus and went on. So he gets her in the car. She’s still furious. I’m furious. I mean going on about it and it was so hot so she took her hand and she started winding the window down. Now what? Now remember she paralyzed.




RODNEY:  As they’re pulling out she’s started winding the window down. Now was she instantly healed? No. But about 18 months and everything came back to normal and God’s using this woman today. I heard a couple of years ago that she was travelling, the Lord was using… I’ve never seen her since. Maybe she’s embarrassed that she was the cussing preacher’s wife.



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Our Guest Chris Dupre

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CHRIS:   I said where’d you hear that? She goes the Lord just told me as soon as you walked in the room. Said he’s supposed to write a book, he’s got a lot of books in him but he’s not written it yet and I’m supposed to tell you to write the book. I went oh God, I don’t want to write the book. All my friends have books. There’s enough books out there. And then the Lord just said what happens when you share your story? People cry. What happens when they get cry? They go back and get healing. What happens when they get healing? They reconcile with their parents. I got 2 emails today in the last 24 hours. Thank you for writing what you wrote because it, I went back and now my dad, we had a horrible relationship but I’m now reconciled and I actually work for him full time. That’s what God wants. He’s the God of reconciliation. So I’m sitting in my living room in Franklin Tennessee watching football because it’s on a Sunday afternoon because that’s what men do on Sunday afternoons. We watch football. And the screens there and suddenly a screen comes down in my living room. And it… I can see through that to my TV and I’m freaking out and I yell for my wife, Laura! She’s not there and my other daughter is in a room somewhere and I’m just watching this screen come down and I’m going what is this? And then suddenly this image on the screen begins to play out. It wasn’t black and white, but it was, it was an old, old color like from the 70’s when you see things, remember, it’s kind of not as crisp and this thing began to play out on the screen in between me and the football game. And it’s me in my apartment with two guys that I was living with back in the early 70’s, a guy named Jim, a guy named Dick. And we’re sitting there and in our apartment we had a love seat, a terrible chair, a terrible love seat and a Lazy Boy chair. Now if you sat in the Lazy Boy chair you were in charge of getting the phone. We didn’t have phones like we have now. This was a phone, remember those 20 foot cords that you could into the bathroom and talk at the same time? You just had to be careful when you flushed. (laughs) So it’s one of those phones that’s on the wall. Each of us is over 6 feet, we were 6g1, 6g1 and 6g2 so the phone’s up high on the wall. And I’m watching this image going I remember this! And Dick is back in the chair and he’s got his hands behind his head. He’s now had his hands behind his head for about an hour and a half. All right? Just think of what happens to your arms after an hour and a half in one position with a little bit of pressure right there. So suddenly the phone rings. And I’m watching this. I remember it from 40 years ago. The phone rings and we look over and Dick’s asleep. And so it’s our job now to wake him up cause he’s in charge of the phone. You got it? We’re not going to get the phone. We have to sit in the bad chairs it’s bad enough with that. So we just started yelling Dick, Dick, get up, get up, the phone. So finally he gets up. When He gets up his arms go… they drop by his side and he goes oh no, the phone. And he walks over and his arms are like this and he tries to get the phone. He can’t get the phone and we were watching him and he’s flailing his arms and I’m laughing so hard I got down on the ground and began to punch the rug because his arms are flailing and it’s like a bad movie and he can’t, he can’t get it. So finally he takes his shoulder and he goes like this and we watch the phone go up in the air and it comes crashing down on the floor. And then he tries to pick it up and he can’t get the phone. And that makes us laugh even louder. And then we hear this tiny little voice in the phone, Hello, Hello. And we’re going, and we started laughing louder and she goes I hear you laughing.

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Our Guest David Turner

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SID: You know, David, looking back, you really were sabotaged. You really had no chance in life. I mean, your Russian Jewish father walks out when you’re, what, one year of age, and he was addicted to gambling. And then your mother remarries to a pastor and the pastor gets drunk on Saturday night and preaches on Sunday, and slaps you around. You should have been, you should have hated all religion. That’s what you were being set up for, I believe.


DAVID: Yes. Actually the enemy was on me before I knew there was an enemy, and from the beginning of my life it was up to destroy what now I know that God was going to do in my life. But the plans of God can never be defeated, so here I am today. And what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger. The very curses that the enemy thought he was putting on me, God used at, Romans 8:28, “For my blessing.” Because I hated phoniness and hypocrisy, and I couldn’t stand it. That became my greatest blessing coming into a miracle ministry where I won’t exaggerate and won’t have phoniness in my life.


SID: Okay. So 14 years after you get born from above you had a revelation from God and you start a Bible study in this mega-million-dollar business that you have. And your wife then says, “You should have him counsel you on some of that.” I mean, you went through a lot of stuff and you need a counselor, especially because of the interpersonal relationships that were so wounded throughout your life. And so you make a meeting appointment with this pastor that’s running the Bible study in your business, and what happened?


DAVID: Yes. And by the way, my wife said to me, she said, “Go see that pastor. He can break that off your life.” And I’m thinking, what it is an icicle or a barnacle, you’re going to break it off my life? What is that? And, but it took me about three months before I’d go see him.


SID: And by the way, how skeptical were you of miracles?


DAVID: Because of the phoniness and the things that I had seen and people that said things in the name of Jesus or God I didn’t hear anything anyone had to say because all I had known was phoniness, so I was very, very skeptical about other things that were not real. I basically, I was like Thomas. I had to see it and know it, otherwise I couldn’t believe it.


SID: Even though it was in the Bible, you still had to see it and know it.


DAVID: Absolutely. There was no way, because I believe Jesus was right, the people representing him I don’t think were so right.


SID: Okay. So what happened when you got together with this pastor?


DAVID: So I go to meet with this pastor. I’m thinking it’s another counseling session and I always have all the right things to say. If you’re happy with your life today you got to be happy that happened to you to make you this way. I knew all the right things and felt I was doing fine. But I told my wife, I said, “I think God wants to do something in my life and something is holding me back. I think it’s my past.” So what happens is I go see this pastor. I’m thinking it will be a counseling session. He doesn’t let me speak a word. He opens up the Bible. He shows me all the verses for two hours for the baptism of the Holy Spirit and tells me all these things.


Pastor: Suddenly a sound like that of a roaring, rushing wind…


DAVID: And afterwards he says, “What do you think?”


Pastor: What do you think?


DAVID: I’m worn out. I’m exhausted. I said, “I think you wore me out. I’m exhausted.” He goes,

“No, what do you think?”


DAVID: I said, “I always have two prayers. One is Jesus, I want to know you better, and the other is, I always said, Jesus I want all that you have for me. He goes, “That’s good enough for me. Stand up, hold up your hands and I’m going to pray for you.”


SID: Had you ever held up your hands like King David said, “I lift holy hands to…”?


DAVID: Never, never. I came from a very conservative background.


SID: Okay.


DAVID: So anyway, what happens is this pastor, I stand up, hold up my hands, he prays for me. At first, he starts praying things that he knew about my life no one could have ever told him or he didn’t know. I didn’t know at the time, but it’s called a word of knowledge. So then as he’s praying, this power of God goes right through me. I didn’t know what it was, but I’ll give you the example. When I lived in Buffalo, growing up it was cold. If you go into a restaurant and they opened the door in the winter, a draft would blow through you, your jacket and you would feel cold. Well this was the same thing. It was like a draft that blew through me, except it was on the inside of my body. So I feel this and I’m saying, what is that? As I’m thinking about this draft, all of a sudden this pastor says to me, “What do you know about healing?” I said, “I know it happens in the Bible.” He goes, “No, no, it happens today.” I literally said, “No disrespect, Pastor, I’ll believe it when I see it.” He goes, “You won’t see it, you’ll do it.” I said, “Why don’t I just see it first and then we’ll talk about doing.” That was the end. But I want to tell you, this is how skeptical, and he prayed for me. It was amazing. I went home that night, I thought, this pastor tricked me. He had me hold my hands up so long that my body went numb and that’s why I had that feeling.


SID: But you felt something.


DAVID: But I thought it was the devil telling me no way.


SID: You know that devil is diabolical.


DAVID: You know, he is and I didn’t know that at the time, which made it worse. So many people, I was like, when people talked about the devil, you know, I said if people would pull themselves up by their bootstraps and stop blaming the devil they’d be just fine. I didn’t believe that stuff. And the funny thing is I still tell people today, that’s still partially true. Sometimes people are so busy messing up their own lives it’s not the devil. But the truth is I fight the enemy all the time, and we’ll get to that, I’m sure.


SID: Okay. But what I’m interested in right now is something happened with all that garbage over all those years, all the hurts and wounding.


DAVID: Well let me tell you because this is key. So the first miracle was actually a healing of my past. I had so many stories. My daughter at six years old could tell you everything that happened to me. I would tell the story every night. My wife would tell you she was so sick. If we went to a restaurant, a waiter offered fish, I wouldn’t just say no, thank you, I’d say, “My grandmother shoved fish down my throat all my life and made me sit there while it was cold for ten hours. She died and I won’t forget it.” I had such an issue from my past. Here’s what happened. The minute he prayed, literally, half of the stories from my past I couldn’t even remember, they were erased. The other half, it was as if, I’ll give you the example. If you were in Vietnam watching your friends getting shot in the trenches versus if you were at a home, you didn’t know anyone over there and you were reading about it in the newspaper, you have all the facts, but there’s no emotion. From that day until now, my past has never come up again.


SID: But beyond that, he got a gift, a supernatural gift of healing. The whole thing that he thought was phony baloney, he now has. He gets healed two times himself and then he heals a prominent NFL football player. And I want you to share, and this is so important, the most important secret that you have learned to walk in everything the Bible says you can walk in, every promise is yours. Yours. We’ll be right back.

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Our Guests Dennis and Jennifer Clark

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JENNIFER:  God has been teaching us amazing secrets on how He created us and also how science and the supernatural collide.


DENNIS:  Actually that’s the two of us. She’s the science. I’m the supernatural.




DENNIS:  And we’re going to collide and then express that collision all over you.


AUDIENCE:  Glory to God. Thank You, Lord.


JENNIFER:  Let me start out by painting a picture for you. I want you to imagine being in the desert with the children of Israel. They have come out of Egypt to mighty deliverance and God parted a way through the Red Sea and then swamped their enemies with the waves and they drowned the Egyptian army in the waves. They come out on the other side. They experience the miracle of the healing of water at Marah. This is the first time God revealed Himself as the healer. And then God continues to unfold His plans. And Moses begins to cry out for the glory of God. And God comes. He sends the rays of His glory to Mount Sinai. But the children of Israel said you can go up Moses because we’re afraid. But Moses boldly went up and spent 40 days and nights being immersed in the glory of God. And when he came down out of that mountain the skin of his face had been so transformed that he glowed with such a light that the children of Israel were terrified. What is this that has happened to him? And so he put a veil over his face because they were afraid to come near him. Now let’s go to science. What physical mechanism did God put in Moses’ body that allowed him to be so transformed by the glory? It appears that according to recent scientific discoveries our cells are made for the glory of God. Amazing secrets. God formed you for health, spiritual, emotional and physical.




JENNIFER:  And then we have Psalm 103 our covenant of healing that says our healer heals all our diseases. Now I want to tell you another secret. The divine healer Himself lives in your heart. Jesus Himself said the kingdom of God is within you. That means the glories of the kingdom are within us. That means the glory is in us. The same glory that transformed the cells of Moses. Now let me tell you about your cells. On the surface of your cells is the cell membrane. That cell membrane is fascinating scientifically and spiritually. First of all that cell membrane has receptors that pick up all environmental signals that are impacting that cell whether its nutritional information, whether it’s emotional information, whether it’s information of about who you are, your identity and spiritual information. As born again children of God through your emotions and the Holy Spirit working within you, your life story is told on the surface of each one of your cells. Who you’ve become is reflected on your cells. The more you know God the more your new creation identity rises to the surface. That is written on your cells!

AUDIENCE:  Whoooa!


JENNIFER:  Eventually by the time you’re in heaven your cells are going to be so impacted by the new creation identity and the glory of God that you will live in a glorified body for all eternity! That’s what God created you for.


DENNIS:  We can start now, can we?


JENNIFER:  We can. On your cells too there are gates and channels that open according to the environmental information and then draw the information into the interior of the cell and that changes the cells and then when the cell divides that information is passed on to its offspring and that new cell offspring learns more about God and that’s transmitted to the next offspring. So you see we’re continually being changed. You cannot spend time in the presence of God without being changed emotionally, spiritually and spiritually!


AUDIENCE:  Glory to God! Yeah! (CLAPPING)


DENNIS:  Think about that for a while. You can soak in that.


AUDIENCE:  Yes. Yes.


JENNIFER:  We however can sabotage the process. Who thinks that maybe we humans can mess up things sometimes? Maybe interfere with God. Maybe not believe God. Maybe limit what God could do in our lives. You remember when Jesus went into some towns that the people said oh, that’s just Joseph’s son. And He could do no mighty miracles in those places. So we can limit God. Now I’m going to give you some secrets that we’ve learned. Do you know what writes the information of your life on your cells? Your emotions. Your emotions are not mental concepts. Your emotions are transmitted through your entire body through tiny molecules of emotion called, here’s a big word, neuropeptides. You can just call them molecules of emotion. When those impact our cells our cells read that signal and we experience it as an emotion. Now scientists know, it is well proven, that even in an unsaved person, that good emotions promote good health. Negative emotions promote sickness and disease. Now remember our life story is written in our cells. Our biography becomes our biology. So anything that we don’t deal with that comes from the enemy, and by the way where do you think negative emotions came from?


AUDIENCE:  The enemy.


JENNIFER:  Right. And the negative emotions give the enemy legal ground to bring diseases into our body. So the traumas of childhood if undealt with by forgiveness, our key for removing negative emotions, the disease, the negative emotions of childhood can become the diseases of adulthood. But we’re going to tell you how to sabotage what the enemy has been trying to do in your life. We are going to give you the keys today because Jesus has given us the way to, through forgiveness, wash out those negative emotions of even things we’ve forgotten about. But negative emotions, our emotions don’t die they just get buried alive and go under the surface so it doesn’t matter if we’ve forgotten them. It’s… so our heart and our emotions hidden in our cells are continually whispering their message to our entire body but Jesus wants to set you free. He wants to tell you how to remove those barriers to your health and He wants to take you from needing healings to walking in a place of divine health. It is the children’s bread. It is our covenant with God!



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Our Guest Art Thomas

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ART:  Yeah. So separate yourself from that thinking. Set aside the thorn in the flesh thing. That’s not for you. If you’ve had all kinds of crazy revelations of heaven that are too wonderful to share then sure you’re allowed to have one if you want to. It’s okay?




ART:  But until you’ve had that I’m not letting you claim it. All right? So that’s the deal. Now another one. Jacob’s limp. What about Jacob? He limped for the rest of his life and it was a blessing. Did you know that’s nowhere in the Bible? Did you know that? I searched backwards and forwards could not find anything that said Jacob limped for the rest of his life. What I did find the reason we believe it is because Jacob wrestles with that angel. Right? And some believe that is was actually a pre-incarnate Jesus that he wrestled with and he wrestles with Him until I want that blessing. Right? And then the blessing was a dislocated hip or something like that, we think. But whatever happened it says that as the sun rose over Peniel, Jacob stumbled. He limped or halted says the King James. The Greek word there literally means “stumbled” in fact everywhere else that it’s used in the Old Testament to describe an action it’s translated “stumbled” but to describe a person it’s translated “lame.” Okay? And then the other verse we have is that at the end of his life at 140 years old it says he leaned on his staff and blessed his sons. And people say well he leaned on his staff. That meant he must have limped his whole life. Moses had a staff. We don’t think he limped. Elijah had a staff. We don’t think he limped. It was a sign of authority. And if you’re 140 years old I expect you to be leaning on a staff. Right?




ART:  There’s no scripture verse that says he limped for the rest of his life. You see every one of these questions we have can be brought to the scripture. You can study it out and you’ll find out none of them are true. All these arguments we’ve had you can wipe them away. Paul leaving Timothy, or leaving Trophimus sick in Miletus. Well guess what? Paul had a mission. I’ve got friends who I’ve prayed for hundreds of times. They’re still not healed and I have a mission and I’ve going to leave them where they are and go minister at a church somewhere and it’s heart breaking but it has to happen. It doesn’t mean God doesn’t want to heal them. Just cause someone’s not healed doesn’t mean God doesn’t want it. In fact Second Peter 3: 9, I believe it is, says that God wills that none should perish and that all would come to repentance. But we know from scripture that some people perish in hell and don’t repent. So God’s will is not always done. God’s will is that none should perish yet some people perish. Jesus taught us to pray “Your kingdom come. Your will be done on earth just like it is in heaven.” Why would we have to pray that His will would be done if it’s always done? Romans 12:2: “Be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you’ll be able to test and approve what God’s will is. His good, pleasing and perfect will.” Why would you need to test and approve what His will is if everything that happens is His will? You just kind of take it for granted. But if you’ve going to say umm, is that His will? Yup. Yup. Yup. He does want to heal people. Is that is His will? Like you’re walking across some rope bridge in a movie that always falls. Right? We know how this goes. But you’re testing and approving every board. See? Jesus wants you to know His will. That’s why you have to be transformed by the renewing of your mind. That’s why we’re doing this teaching. So that the Holy Spirit can get into your brain and take out those arguments and you can just rise up with faith and say no, no, no. Jesus wants this! The reason I’m so convinced that He wants it is that He paid the price for it. You don’t pay for something you don’t want. If you were to go to Walmart and buy the biggest big screen TV they have and they deliver it to your house cause it’s too big to fit in your car and you open up that box and it’s empty? You’re going back to Walmart. You know like give me my money or give me my TV! Right? There’s no way you’re settling for that. If you paid for it you want it!


AUDIENCE:  That’s right!


ART:  Did Jesus pay a high price for healing?


AUDIENCE:  Yes, He did!


ART:  He wants it. And He paid a much higher price than a measly few thousand dollars for a stinking TV. You know? Our Jesus is amazing. He wants it. In fact First John 2:2 tells us that He paid not only for our sins as believers but also for the sins of the whole world. That doesn’t mean every single person on the planet is saved but it means every person’s paid for. You pay for what you want. You see? God wills that none should perish. You pay for what you want. He paid for all. Do you see how that works? You can go to even someone who doesn’t believe in Jesus and minister healing to them. He wants it. He wants it. He wants it. Now I want to just look at a few more things. He’s the Lord our Healer. That’s proof that it’s His nature to heal. I mean He’s called “Jehovah Shalom.” The Lord our Peace. Does His peace have limits? You know? Is He ever not peaceful? “Jehovah Tsidkenu,” He is Righteous. Is He ever not righteous? No. So “Jehovah Rapha,” the Lord our healer. Is there ever a time when He is not offering healing? It’s His nature. It’s who He is. You can’t separate Him from His nature. Now, since this is part of His nature it is something that naturally flows from Him. Healing’s been purchased for everyone once and for all. Therefore it should come as no surprise that absolutely anyone can be healed by the Lord our Healer. It’s His nature and we’ve been given access to His nature through knowing Jesus Christ. So Second Peter 1:4 says that “Through God’s glory and goodness He has given us His very great and precious promises so that through them YOU may participate in the divine nature and escape the corruption in the world caused by evil desires.” In other words not only is healing part of God’s nature, but through knowing Christ His healing power naturally becomes part of your own nature. Because you’ve been given to participate in the divine nature!

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Our Guest Brian Simmons

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AUDIENCE:  Yes. Yeah.


BRIAN:  And those of you watching today as we finish we just want you to be hungry. And I’m sharing some of the stories of my life to help you understand that you likewise are as cherished by God as any other human being. You’re loved. You’re His favorite one. Song of Songs, 6, verse 9, read it in the [            ] translation. You are His favorite one. See, I’m His favorite one. But you can say it too. Go ahead and say it. Let’s have heaven practice.


AUDIENCE:  I’m His favorite one.


BRIAN:  Oh, say it again. That’s better than Mufasa.


AUDIENCE:  I’m His favorite one!


BRIAN:  I’m His favorite one. No, I’m His favorite one.


AUDIENCE:  I’m His favorite one!


BRIAN:     You see God doesn’t play favorites. We’re all His favorite. And just like John identified his life he says I’m the one that Jesus loved. I’m the disciple that Jesus loved.                         He didn’t say I’m the one He loved more than you. He just identified himself as being loved by God. Every person in this room and everyone watching can say I’m the one that Jesus loves. And John chose to identify himself in that way and so you can you. So expect tonight heavenly dreams. Take your dreams more seriously. Write them out. My wife has written out literally thousands and thousands of dreams and we take them seriously. We pray over every one of them. And I’m not here to teach on dreams but just to say      that the New Testament began with 5 dreams. If you look at the first two chapters of Matthew carefully, count them yourself, there were 5 prophetic dreams. The New Testament began with the spirit of revelation. And the Last Days Church is going to have the fullness of the lampstand. The 7 torches burning, the 7 branches of the lampstand are going to be shining on us. Now the lampstand has 7 branches, three on each side. Okay? And on each branch was engraved fruit. Three stages: bud û blossom û fruit. The 6 lateral branches of the lampstand, bud û blossom û fruit, it had that sequence 3 times. Each branch had 3 stages of fruit times 3. 3 times 3 equals 9 fruit of the Spirit. 9 fruit on every branch. Every branch is a fruit bearing shaft. Now the central shaft was taller and it had the bud û blossom ûfruit sequence 4 times. 4 times 3 equals 12.




BRIAN:  Very smart! 12 is the apostolic, it’s the governmental number. 12 tribes of Israel. 12 Apostles. So it is Christ, the Chief Apostle. He’s the anointed one above all others. Right? Well, so this is a fruit bearing lampstand. It’s, it’s the Tree of Life. It’s the burning bush that Moses put into the Tabernacle. So it’s 6 branches with 9 fruit each. 6 times 9 equals… you didn’t know you were coming for a Math lesson… 6 times 9 equals




BRIAN:  54. The central shaft had 12 expressions of fruit. 12 plus 54 equals 66 books of the Bible. Thy Word is a lampstand unto my feet, a light onto my path. Would you stand and I want to pray the spirit if revelation of the Lord over you. Secrets of the Lord are being revealed. You got to get on His couch. It’s a good place to be, to be on the couch of the Lord. Whooaa (prays in tongues) Holy Spirit (prays in tongues) come upon us. In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ I release over you the spirit of revelation, discovery, the secrets of the Lord revealed as you sit on the couch of eternity with Him. Let the whispers of the night capture you. Let the glorious secrets of the God’s heart of love for you win you over. May you have your personal encounter. May you receive heavenly downloads. Impartation of the Holy Spirit. Fresh vision for your future. Hope that burns bright. And for anyone here in this room or watching this mentoring session, if you have a family member, I see right now there are families that are literally disintegrating and God is saying I want to put hope back into your heart. I want to release the burning bright hope of a new day. So I release to you hope. Everybody say “hope come back!”


AUDIENCE:  Hope come back!


BRIAN:  Hope burn bright!


AUDIENCE:  Hope bun bright!


BRIAN:  So Lord, may the God of glory, may the God of hope and the God of peace seal this prayer over each of us today in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.



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Our Guest Kevin Basconi

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KEVIN:  And God has angels like that he wants to release in your sphere of influence. I want to just, real quickly, we’re going to minister right here in just a second. But real quickly is there anyone here that you’re a pastor or a leader in the church? I want to ask you to stand up real quick please. If you’re a pastor or a leader. Thank You Father. I just want to pray for activation of your spiritual senses. Father, in Jesus’ name, I thank You Lord that right now you’re beginning to release angels of healing and miracles, and listen, if you guys want this if you’re sitting down you can have it too.  Angels of healing and miracles to be assigned to these pastors and these ministry leaders right now in the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Father, I thank you that you’re going to give us wisdom and revelation that we can co-labor with your angels as we work together to re-create Christ in our sphere of influence. Thank You Lord. Now some of you are going to begin to feel a little bit of fire come upon you. Phew. Come upon your head and your shoulders and your hands. O Lord, bless what You’re doing. If you’re feeling a little fire right now I just need you to wave at me if that’s you. If you’re feeling some fire on your hands or your head just wave at me. Put it up high and wave it at me. Father I bless what You’re doing right now and I release those angels of impartation and fire (blows) right now in Jesus mighty name to touch and minister to these precious saints. Somebody give the Lord a hand clap of appreciation! Amen.




KEVIN:     You may be seated. Hallelujah. Who is the person in this area here that you’re struggling. You have an issue with your knee. It pops in and out and from time to time it causes you a lot of pain but actually you’re having a little pain with it today. I’m sensing it’s in this area here. Don’t be afraid if it’s not you. You know if it is you let me know. Right over in here. Am I missing that? So I’ll move over here then? Is anyone over here having an issue with your knee? It may be your right knee. I’m feeling it in my left knee. Is it you? It’s you? What’s going on?


WOMAN #2:  Ah, it hurts a lot.


KEVIN:  Is it hurt now?


WOMAN #2:  No.


KEVIN:  Hold my hand. Let’s pray for it. Stretch your hands this way. Now if you’re in the house today or you’re watching this later and you have an issue with your knee receive the miracle, receive the healing. Father in the name of Jesus I thank you for creative miracles happening in knees right now. Hallelujah. I see ACL’s, tendons, ligaments being re-created in the name of Jesus, in the name of Yeshua ha Mashiach. And Father, wherever my voice is being heard I ask you Father to begin to release angels of healing and miracles, supernatural miracles, Father, angels of creative miracles and supernatural provision. Thank you Father God. Do you feel something happening in that knee right there?


WOMAN #2:  It’s feels very peaceful right now.


KEVIN:  Okay. So Father, I thank you for touching this knee in the name of Jesus and…. Thank you Lord. There’s just a re-creative miracle happening in knees right now. And I’m going to ask one more time somebody over here have an issue with your knee? Is it you? Okay. Don’t be embarrassed. Here, hold my hand. Now I’m ministering through the laying on of hands right now. Hallelujah. Come Holy Spirit. Come Holy Spirit. Thank You, Lord. Now I just sense that’s there’s a creative miracle that’s starting to happen in that knee. In Jesus’ name. The tendons and ligaments are going to be re-created and they’re going to be stretched a little bit. They’ve atrophied a little bit and there’s been a tearing of the tendon from the bone and its being re-attached right now and actually re-created in the name of Jesus. Phew! There’s just a real strong heavy anointing and glory coming on you right now in Jesus’ mighty name. So Father we just thank You for what You’re doing. We thank You! Wow. That’s nice. You want to stand up for me for just a second if you don’t mind. Just stand up there. Now test your knee out, first of all. Thank you Lord. Is there any change yet?


WOMAN #3:  Yes.


KEVIN:  Yes? Can you say thank You a little bit? Okay. So Father we just thank you for touching this precious woman of God’s knee. Now here comes the glory of God is going to come down and just roll right off your shoulders, right down your back, phew, right down your spine, right through the hips, all the way down to the knees in Jesus’ mighty name. Even as you leave today and as you go home and lie down upon your bed this is going to be a progressive miracle. It’s going to continue in Jesus’ mighty name. I just declare to you sister that you are healed. Somebody give the Lord a handclap of appreciation!




KEVIN:  Phew! Man, there’s such a strong glory and presence of the Lord in here. How many of you feel that presence right now? Let’s do this. I want to ask you just to stand up today. If you need a healing or a miracle I want to ask you just to stand up. Hallelujah. If you’re standing up and you don’t need a healing or a miracle I want to receive an impartation right now. The Book of Second Kings Elijah prayed for his servant. He said Lord, I pray you open up his eyes that he might see. And the scripture says and the Lord opened his eyes and the young man saw angels. He saw chariots and horsemen on the mountain of God. He saw into the spiritual dimension and Father I thank You right now for opening up people’s eyes to see into the heavenly places in the name of Yeshua ha Mashiach. And Father we thank You for releasing Your angels of healing and miracles right now into this place to begin to touch and minister for those who are here. Hallelujah. Now I sense that there’s a re-creative miracle happening in organs right now, pancreases, livers, bladders, pituitary glands in Jesus’ name. Someone’s being healed with the prostate gland in Jesus’ name. But specifically someone’s liver is being healed right now. Father we just ask You to release the fire of God into these bodies right now in Jesus’ mighty name. Elbows are being healed right now. Necks are being healed right now. In the name of the Lord. In the name of the Lord. Thank You Father God. Someone’s being healed. You’ve suffered and you’ve battled with chronic migraines. You’ve were in a car accident. You were whiplashed. You were hit basically from behind and it wrenched your neck. And right now in the name of the Lord I just sense the fire and the glory of God coming upon spines to heal chronic back pain right now in Jesus’ mighty name. In Jesus’ mighty name. Spines are being straightened and years of back pain is being healed right now in the name of the Lord. In the name of the Lord. Someone’s being healed of barrenness right now in Jesus’ mighty name. Hallelujah. Hallelujah. Someone’s being healed of barrenness. Let me just say it again. You’ve been struggling to conceive. You’re going to bring forth a beautiful healthy baby in the name of Yeshua. Hallelujah. Let’s give God a hand clap of praise.

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