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SID: Kathie, you were doing some special recording for us a few weeks ago and God spoke to you. What did he show you?


KATHIE: The Glory is for everybody. It’s not just going to be for a few people on a platform, but the whole body, everybody is going to be operating in the Glory realm, in the supernatural and with the angels.


SID: What I’m hearing you say, people that are just spectators will start praying for friends and miracles of the magnitude you see on television will be happening to your next door neighbor.




SID: So let me tell you about my friend Kathie. She doesn’t look it, but she ran off away from a nice Jewish guy in England, David, wanted to marry her. She runs off to Australia, gets involved with the Mafia. I mean, if she does it, she does it all the way. Gets involved with the Mafia and then has a radical encounter with God, and now she’s going to get killed because she’s going to leave the Mafia. But somehow she gets out, she marries David and she bumps into, I think this is fabulous, a real move of God’s Spirit. What happened?


KATHIE: Well we were in our very theological church. When I came back that’s where we were and we were theologized up to here. Suddenly, someone showed up that was filled with the Holy Spirit, and suddenly we ran smack into the Glory of God. We knew nothing. When we started to have meetings we didn’t know how to have a meeting. Everybody got filled with the Holy Spirit. People were coming from miles, from all over. We didn’t know what to do with them. Somebody said we should pray for them. We said, well what should we pray? And he said pray for them to prophesy. And we said, what’s tha? So anyway, we came into a tremendous move of the Glory of God. Why it was so awesome, I believe it’s because God used everybody.


SID: And you said that it took a while sitting in the Glory, but you lost your religious mindset. Explain that.


KATHIE: Yes. Well God, see, we were full of theology and God washed our minds probably for three years. We probably laughed for three years, actually, and he just washed our minds.


SID: Now by the way, natural medicine tells you that if you have cancer, if you see comedy shows and laugh it releases something in your body that heals. But they could have just looked at God’s Word, which says, “A merry heart is good medicine.”


KATHIE: Yes. But I think also the laughter is not just is good for you, the laughter actually is a warfare weapon because God looks at his enemies and what happens when the laughter comes is your spirit begins to pick up on a victory that’s happening in the Spirit realm, and then the laughter comes and brings it. Sometimes the angels play with you. You know, they push you around a little bit to make you lighten up. They want you to lighten up because heavy is not, the Holy Spirit is not heavy. If you want to live and be in the Spirit realm, you want to lose the heaviness because if it’s heavy it means it’s you. It actually says, “My yoke is easy, my burden is light and delightful.” It actually says “light and delightful” if you read it in the Greek. So his yoke is easy, his burden is light and delightful because he puts his desires in your heart. The religious spirit always makes you try and do something God has already done. He tries to make you own something Jesus already paid for. He already paid for everything, but the religious spirit always tries to make you qualify. But he’s already done it. He already paid everything. There’s nothing you can ask for that he hasn’t already paid for. What we have to do is receive it, embrace it and believe it. That’s it.


SID: You know what, as you’re speaking right now, Kathie, God is telling me that there are people that have pain in their fingers, and if you will move your fingers you’ll see that that pain is all gone. And Julie Meyer has been ushering people into the Glory of God for decades. Wait until you hear what God showed her about this particular program. She also has the best revelation I have ever heard for walking in God’s Glory. And I’m going to tell you, that one, she has a number, but that one is going to change your life. Be right back.

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Our Guests Herzog, Meyer and Walters

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I have three of what I consider the forerunners of the Glory of God that for years have been operating in the Glory. And I have asked them to team up together, and I believe there will be a synergy of release of miracles like we have never seen before in this show, now! Now my first guest David Herzog carries the ability to release the Glory of God and for miracles to take place. And as a matter of fact, I guess I’d have to say some of the wildest miracles that I’ve ever seen with my own eyes have taken place in the Glory that you release. But for starters, David, how would you, what is the Glory?


DAVID: The Glory is like if you went to Heaven, what would you be sensing, feeling, seeing? It’s the total manifest presence of God, Heaven on Earth. It’s the highest you can get in God.


SID: Tell us a few of things that you have seen take place in the Glory.


DAVID: It’s like if you went to Heaven right now, and even if you had a cancer you immediately would be healed because of the Glory.


SID: Of course.


DAVID: So when that Glory comes here we see amazing things. Even in Heaven, I believe if you’re bald, you’d probably have hair when you’re back up in Heaven.


SID: I’m going.


DAVID: We’ve seen bald heads growing hair because God is a creator. We’ve seen tattoos disappear off people. Recently in Jerusalem we had people growing taller.


SID: I can attest. I was at one of David’s meetings. There was a woman with grey hair, beautiful grey hair, seated right in front of me, and while I’m watching, it turns brown. I’m serious.


SID: A number of years ago you were what most young believers would be ecstatic over. He’s in France, he’s having revival meetings, he’s having signs and miracles happen, but there was kind of a discontent. What was going on inside of you?


DAVID: Well I had a six-month revival breakout in Paris, France, in 1998, but I felt like it was good. It was mostly anointing, and God was healing and delivering. But I felt there was another dimension of God’s Glory that I just didn’t have. I was preaching. I’d feel okay after. I just, that feeling like there’s got to be more. I’d read the Bible of Peter’s shadow healing the sick, the Glory cloud that Moses saw. So I feel like I’m not seeing that. I’m seeing some things, and I realize I was seeing a little bit of Acts, Chapter 2, but you know, they went out and healed the sick, but Acts 4, a whole different thing. And suddenly, I just started seeking his face. I quit meetings, I quit speaking, I pulled out of the revival. I was so hungry, which sounds crazy, and I knew there was more. And after a few months of seeking God, something new came and a whole new revival in my own life happened of the Glory and that just changed our whole ministry.


SID: You went to a meeting of a friend of mine who’s now in Heaven. Her name was Ruth Heflin. What happened at that meeting?


DAVID: Ruth Heflin was an amazing woman of God. I had heard about her, I had read her books. In fact, reading her books convinced me to pull out of the revival to see God. And after it was over, the six months, she invites me to come to her camp. So I was just through, to attend, so I went to attend. I was excited to go. I needed something new. And I get there, and she says, “You’re speaking tonight.” And I said, “No I’m not. I don’t want to hear myself speak. I want something fresh.” “I’m a prophetess,” she said. “You’re speaking tonight.” I go, “No I’m not.” She goes, “Yes you are.” And she had that laugh, ha, ha, that laugh she had. And so I thought, all right, that’s not what I came for. So I got up, okay, I’m going to preach, and she sits there like she always did, and she knew, and she saw the angels, and the Glory hit me. I sang my sermon. I don’t do that. I went, [singing] Arise and shine for the light. [speaking] I thought, what is going on here? I was looking at myself going, what are you doing? I was completely wasted. For two hours I sang the whole Isaiah 60-61, signs and wonders started falling, gold teeth, gold dust, miracles. There were tumors disappearing, there were healings, deliverances, and I had gold all over me. And I said, what is going on? But it wasn’t about the signs. I got back to my room and I felt like I had died and gone to Heaven. The Glory was so thick. And I thought maybe tomorrow it will lift. It never lifted. Three days, a week, a month, it was like I got saved again. It was like, wow, every day, it was just like, oh you’re here. It had nothing to do with ministry anymore. I was in a whole new experience with God I didn’t even know existed. I thought I knew the Anointing, you read, you preach, you pray, you read your Bible, you do your thing. It was a whole different thing. It was a new lifestyle with God. I didn’t care anymore about if I preached or I ministered or I didn’t, if I was known or unknown. I didn’t care about anything. I just wanted to keep that presence close to me.


SID: If someone isn’t and they’re being honest, they say I love God, but I’m not desperate, what do we do?


DAVID: What you do is you say, God, help me in my not being desperate, kind of like Thomas said, “You know, I have unbelief.” Okay, help me in my unbelief. So if you’re being honest, God, I want to be more hungry. And there’s times in my life where I wasn’t as hungry as I should be and I’d see others, and I’d say, “God, make me desperate like that person.” And I would get hungry again. So ask and ye shall receive.


SID: And you know what, you had the impartation, you have the prayer. Would you look in the camera and lead people in that prayer. I’m going to say it right along with you right now.


DAVID: I’ll do it right now. So if you’re watching right now and you’re desperate, you’re like, that’s me, I want more of God. I want the Glory or I want to be desperate, I don’t know how to be, just pray right now. You can close your eyes, lift your hands. And I just pray right now for those watching all over the world that are desperate for God, whether you’re a believer or unbeliever, a Christian, Jewish, Muslim, atheist, European, African, doesn’t matter what you are, what you believe, I pray the desperateness for God and for his Glory to come on you right now in Jesus’ name. I pray the presence, the Kabod, the Glory, the weightiness of God will come upon you in Yeshua’s name and the hunger would come. You would be so desperate and hungry for God, and that will start to attract the Glory of God in your life right now in Jesus’ name.


SID: Okay. Kathie Walters recently saw a vision that is for everyone. That means you.

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Our Guest John Bevere

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JOHN:  Yes, he led Egypt out of the audience, that’s what we’re doing right now! (laughter) I got a, when Moses led Israel out of Egypt where was their destination. Everybody say it really loud.


AUDIENCE:                 The Promised Land!


JOHN:  The Promised Land. No. What did Moses say to Pharaoh, what did Moses say to Pharaoh over and over again. “Thus saith the Lord: Let my people go that they might worship me in the desert.” Why do you want to bring them out of Egypt into the Promised Land without first bringing them to the “Promiser? Okay, if you bring the children of Israel out of Egypt into the Promised Land without first bringing them to the Promiser, you’re going to, you’re going to get a bunch of people that are going to make the Promised Land into a place of idolatry.


AUDIENCE:                 Wow, that’s good.


JOHN:  Okay? This is what we did in the 80’s and the 90’s in the church. We preached more of what Jesus would do for us rather than who He is. So we spawned disciples that started seeking God for what He can do for me not who He is, right, and that’s like a woman who marrying a man because he’s got a lot of money. She marries him out of love but for the wrong reasons. You see I find something so amazing. I look at Israel. Israel is abused by Egypt. Correct? They live in the slums, they eat the worst, wear the worst, they’re working all their lives to build somebody else’s inheritance. Their children are put to death by the Egyptians. They come out of Egypt and they’re constantly saying: “Let’s go back to Egypt, it was better for us.” But then I look at Moses. Now think about Moses. He’s raised in the most beautiful home on the planet “cause his grandfather Pharaoh is the wealthiest man in the whole planet. So that means he’s got a Maserati, he’s probably got a Lamborghini, he’s probably got a Porsche, he’s probably got an Audi, the top of the line Audi, he’s probably got every Harley in the collections, he’s got every “I-” this and “ I-” that. He’s got assistants. He can have any woman he wants in the whole nation and can even ask for other nations because he’s a prince. But he comes out of Egypt and he never once says “I want to go back to Egypt, it’s better for me back in Egypt.” And what’s the difference? He had one encounter with God face-to-face at that bush. Israel had a chance when he came down on the mountain. You see you have to remember, the burning bush was at Mount Sinai. So what Moses wants to do is he wants to bring these people straight to the One that he met at the bush. Because getting in to the presence of God, that took away his appetite from the world forever! He never, ever said “I want to go back to Egypt.” Now remember Egypt is a “type” [symbol] of the world. His appetite for the world was gone, because he had one encounter with God. You see we’re always trying to get people to pray a formula “sinner’s prayer” at churches. And don’t get me wrong. I don’t want to make a movement of people saying “well, you know that’s not what we’re going to do.” But what one thing I’m saying is that we should add on to that is why don’t we give the Holy Spirit time to minister in the presence of God to them so that now all of a sudden they’ve tasted the heavenly gift? Okay? Moses tasted, he saw, he tasted at the burning bush. He said I’ve gotta bring these people out there. So he brings them out to that mountain. God says, all right, Moses, you tell them the whole reason I brought you out of Egypt was to bring you to myself. Go look it up in Exodus 19, it’s amazing. The whole reason I brought them out of Egypt was to bring them to myself. It’s in there. Read it. It’s amazing. So He says I’m so excited I’m going to come down there and introduce myself to ‘em on the third day. So get ‘em ready the next two days and the third day I’m going to come down, which is prophetic, and I’m not going to go into that. So Moses gets them all ready, they wash their clothes, God comes down on the mountain and what do they do? They all run away, and they say Moses, we can’t handle God. You talk to God, tell us whatever he says, we’re going to hear and do it. And that’s amazing to me, right? And so Moses is heart-broken. And so his response to the people is Exodus 20:20, where He says, “Do not fear,” now look at me, do not fear because God’s come to test you. What’s the test? To see if His fear is in you so that you may not sin. Wait a minute. Do not fear, because God’s come to test you to see if His fear is in you so that you may not sin. He’s not contradicting himself, he’s differentiating between being scared of God and the fear of the Lord. As I said earlier, the person who fears God, well the person who’s scared of God, I should say it this way, has something to hide. That’s why Adam hides from the presence of the Lord. Okay? But the person who fears God has nothing to hide. Okay? They’re scared to be away from God. So the first definition of the fear of the Lord is to be terrified of being away from Him. You know I’ll never forget, back in the 1990’s, it was 1994, Jim Bakker had read a book that I had written called “Victory in the Wilderness,” it was the first book I had ever written. He read it in prison. He had been in prison for 4 years. When he read it he contacted his assistant from prison and he said    could you please find this author and ask him to come visit me in prison. So I remember I agree to do it. And I walked into the prison and he comes out in his prison garb and grabs me and he holds me and he hugs me and he won’t let me go. Finally he grabs my shoulders and he said “Did you write it or a ghost writer?” I said, “No sir, I wrote it. I’ve gone through a wilderness but not near what you’ve gone through.” He said “We have so much to talk about. Sit down.” And I remember he looked at me and he said this prison was not God’s judgment on my life, it was his mercy on my life. He said because John, honestly, if I would have kept living the way I was living I would have ended up in hell forever. When he said that to me I thought, okay, you have my attention, complete, total attention. So after about 20 minutes I felt very, very comfortable with him and I thought I’m going to ask him some questions. My first question was “Jim, when did you fall out of love with Jesus?” At what point did you stop loving Jesus? Because You have to understand as a little boy I grew up in Whitehall Michigan which was 15 minutes away from where he pastored in Muskegon Michigan. So I said, “When did you stop loving Jesus, how’d it happen?”  And he looked at me and he said “I didn’t.” What? What do you mean you didn’t fall out of love with Jesus? I said, Jim, you committed adultery with Jessica Hahn, you did all this mail fraud, all this stuff you’re in jail for. What do you mean you didn’t fall out of love with Jesus? And I’m perplexed and he sees I’m perplexed. And he looked right at me and he said, “I didn’t fear God.” And he said, “There’s millions of Americans just like me. They love Jesus, but they don’t fear God.” You see, you have to understand the New Testament teaches that He is Abba, Daddy. But the same New Testament says He’s the consuming fire. Okay? So you have to understand something. If you don’t have the love of God and you don’t have the fear of God you’re going to end up in a rut. How many of you know that Jesus said the road to life is a narrow road? Right? How many of you know that every road’s got two ditches on both sides? Right? So the first ditch is called “legalism.” Now the church in the 1960’s was in a legalistic ditch. Now I wasn’t a Christian back in the 60’s, I didn’t saved until “79. But let me tell you something, I saw the remnants of this legalistic move. Because women would wear their hair up in a bun remember, they didn’t cut their hair and wore it up in a big bun, and they didn’t wear any make-up, and they had dresses down to their ankles. You know you can have a dress down to your ankles, you can have your hair up in a bun, you can have no make-up but still have a seducing spirit up to your eyeballs. Okay? That’s not holiness. Okay? So it was all about an outward form to try to hide a deficiency that was in our hearts and we were in legalism. Right? So what happened in the 60’s? God brings a revelation to the church. You know what the revelation was, he used one man to do it. God is a good God, and something good can happen to you. The man was Oral Roberts, right? And then the Charismatic move began. Right? And we found out our Daddy loved us. What did the love of God do? It delivered us from the ditch of legalism. But you know what we did? We said I went so far from that ditch I’ll never fall in again and we went to the other side of the road and fell into that other ditch. And the other ditch is called lawlessness or lasciviousness, which is an excessive, fleshly, worldly, disobedient lifestyle. And God’s given us a force that keeps us, keeps us out of that ditch. It’s called the fear of the Lord. So you see it takes the love of God and the fear of God to keep us healthy. Okay? It’s like two sides of a coin, you got heads and tails, if you don’t have tails you don’t have a coin, you need ‘em both. And so when we understand that God is Abba, Daddy, but He’s also the King, He’s also the consuming fire we understand that yes, we can jump in His lap, there are times for that but then there’s other times, let me tell you, I didn’t feel it was the time to jump in His lap when He came into Brazil like He did. You understand what I’m talking about.   When I was in Malaysia and those girls, those women were getting baptized in fire. That’s just not a time you’re jumping in his lap. And so there is a right way to understand that God is so much greater and more complex than our simple little, well He’s Daddy and here’s grace and it doesn’t matter how you live you’re going to get to heaven. That is a complete lack of the fear of the Lord. And you see if you’ve got the fear of the Lord, Paul says, it will perfect holiness. We work out our salvation, in the New Testament it says, with fear and trembling. If you look at the church in the earlyÖ in the Book of Acts, you know what? They were all drunk on the Day of Pentecost. I mean they were experiencing Daddy’s love, so they got a little too familiar, they got a little bit loose, and so now this couple who’s in good standing, they’re members of the Church of Jerusalem bring up an offering and it’s a big offering, it’s a big chunk of the land they just sold, and they lay it at Peter’s feet, and the next thing you know they’re dead. And if you read in Acts, chapter 5, verse 11, it says “So great fear came upon the church.” Not upon the city. Yes, it said somewhere else great fear came upon all those who heard these things. Great fear came upon the CHURCH! So what is the fear of the Lord? So first of all it is to be terrified to be away from Him. The person who fears God doesn’t say how close can I get to the line of sin and not fall in. The person who fears God says I want to be so far away, so close to Dad, so close to my Daddy, that I’m so close to Him I can’t even see that line of sin. Okay? That’s the attitude they have. You understand what I’m saying, they’re not saying how close can I get and not, and not fall in. What is it to fear God? It is to venerate Him. That’s a big word which means to honor, to respect, to esteem, to value, to reverence, to stand in awe of Him more than anything or anyone else. We firmly embrace God’s heart so we love what He loves, we hate what He hates, what is important to Him becomes important to us, what is not so important to Him is not so important to us. Remember Jesus said there are weightier matters. Are you with me? What is the evidence that somebody truly has the fear of God in their life? Okay? Now remember, the Holy Spirit, one of His manifestations is the fear of the Lord. Remember He’s the Spirit of wisdom, the Spirit of counsel, the Spirit of might, the Spirit of understanding, the Spirit of knowledge, and the Spirit of the dear of the Lord and Jesus delighted in the fear of the Lord. What is the evidence that somebody truly has the fear of the Lord in their life? Okay? Well, number one, they reverence His presence. I talked about that in Brazil. But the second thing that you see in their life is they tremble at His Word. Do you know how the Bible talks about trembling at His word? What does it means to tremble at His word. Number one it means that you’ll obey Him instantly. Okay? Huh? I, I still see some looks and I want to make sure you’re really clear, [and] you who are watching this video. When I say what is the evidence of the fear of the Lord, let’s put it to you like this way: let’s say I’ve got an outlet and I want to know is there, is that outlet is it live or is it dead? Well if I put a brand new blow dryer in and it’s a working blow dryer in that outlet and I turn the switch on and hot air starts blowing, that’s evidence that that is a good outlet. Correct?


AUDIENCE:                 Yes. That’s right.

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Our Guest John Bevere

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SID:                 It ‘s like going to a football game!


JOHN:  Yeah! So I’m sitting there going “this’ll calm down.” Well it doesn’t! They get through with the praise and worship and the leader comes up and starts reading out of the Bible. I’m still seeing people sitting there looking around, people looking down like this, people are whispering to one another, and you can actually hear “em mutter from the people whispering to one another. Now I’m angry, okay? I mean I am really angry. So they introduce me. First time I’ve ever spoken in Brazil, 1996, publically. I walk up, I walked up to the podium with my interpreter right beside me. And I just put my elbow on the podium and I just sat there and stared at “em and didn’t say a word. Now, now, now picture this, okay? Friday night, national conference, the guest speaker’s introduced and he’s just glaring at you for 45 seconds!


SID:                 Not too cool!


JOHN: That gets people’s attention, right! So when I knew every eye in the whole auditorium was on me, this is the first words in public I’ve ever said in Brazil, I said I have two questions. Question number one: you’re sitting across the table talking to somebody and the whole time you’re talking to them they got their hands in their pocket looking around like this, or they’re looking down like this, or they’re whispering to somebody sitting beside them, next to them at the table. I said, “Will you continue to talk to them?’


SID:                 No.


JOHN:  They said, “No,” right. I said, “What if every time I go,  you go over to somebody’s house and you knock on their door and they open up the door and they go, “Oh, it is you, again. Come in.” I said, “Will you continue to go to that house?” They went, “No.” So I said, “I’ve been in this auditorium for an hour and a half and I have, or an hour, and I have not felt one ounce of the presence of God.” And I said the reason is He’ll never come into an atmosphere where He’s not held in the utmost of respect. I said if Pele you’re, well first of all I said if your President, the President of Brazil would have walked onto this platform tonight he would have gotten ten times the respect you gave the Holy Spirit. You, you would have listened to every word he said, you would have given him your attention. I said if Pele would have walked on, Pele’s the greatest soccer player ever in Brazil, would have walked on this, out on this platform, you would have been on the edge of your seats!


SID:                 Of course.


JOHN:  Okay? I said you’ve given no respect to the Holy Spirit. So I speak to them for 75 minutes on the fear of the Lord. At the end of that, now this is amazing what I am about to tell you. I said every person in here, you say you’re born again but you lack the fear of God, stand up, and you’re willing to repent, stand up. 75 percent of the whole auditorium stands up. Now this is what’s amazing. The moment they stand up the presence of God comes in. First time in two hours. And people are weeping, right? So it lasts a few minutes and it lifts. And the Holy Spirit speaks to me and says lead them in a prayer of repentance. So I led them in a simple prayer of repentance. Forgive me for my lack of reverence, for Your presence, Your work. All of a sudden another wave of His presence comes in. It’s even stronger, lasts 3 or 4 minutes. It lifts. So now we’re all there and the Holy Spirit speaks to me and He says I’m coming one last time. Now what I’m about to tell you I got emails on this 8 years after it happened. Okay? The only way I know how to describe what happened is you’re at the end of a runway and a Boeing Jet’s taking off right in front of you. That kind of a sound of a violent wind came blowing in to that auditorium. When it did, the people started screaming. Now can you imagine thousands of Latinos screaming? You know how loud that would be. The wind was louder. So that same thing that happened in Malaysia happened to me there. I’m like, “Oh my God!” There are like goose bumps on my goose bumps. And I’m standing there frozen, and I’m like “Whooooa…..” because it’s awesome! …what’s going on, and terrifying. And I remember it lasted for about 90 seconds and it left in its wake people collapsed on the chairs, people weeping and I’m like, “God, what do I do? And the Lord’s like, “I’m through with you.” (laughing) So I turned and I looked at the leader and I said “It’s all yours.” So he comes up, they walk me out into the car. And the singer, the national singer and her husband get in the car. She screams, I mean literally, you know how passionate Brazilians are, “Did you hear the wind!?” And I said, now I didn’t want to say it, I said, “Maybe it was a jet airplane flying right over the building.”


AUDIENCE:                 (LAUGHTER)


JOHN:  And she got angry at me. She said, (yelling) “What are you talking about? I saw fire all around the building.” And her husband’s a lot more analytical and quieter. He quieted her down, he said, “Sir, that wasn’t a jet airplane above the building. I said, “How do you know?” He said because there were union security men all around the outside the building. He said most of them aren’t even saved. He said when the wind started blowing they came running in to see what was going on and they started saying to our leaders “what’s going on?” He said I was at the sound board, because I had to check the levels for my wife. He said the decimal beaters were at zero the whole time the wind blew. It was 90 seconds the wind blew. He said “not one ounce of the sound came through our sound system.” I said, “My God, take me to my hotel room.’




JOHN:  No kidding, I didn’t even go out to eat that night. And I remember I just sat on my balcony and worshipped until 1:30 in the morning. And so you’ll never find the Lord in an atmosphere where He’s not held with the utmost respect.


SID:                 ÖI want to ask you to do something.


JOHN:  Yes, sir. Yes, sir.


SID:                 I would like you to speak just a little while on the fear of the Lord and then lead us in repentance. Would you do that, John? Thank you.


AUDIENCE:                 (CLAPPING)


JOHN:  Yes, sir. Yes, sir. Okay. So, what, what is the fear of the Lord? All right. Let me say this. And I’m, I’m going to say to you tonight, I’m going to repeat some things I just said on this program because I need to lay a foundation again. What is the fear of the Lord is NOT to be scared of God. And as I said, when Moses led Israel out of Egypt, and let me ask you as an audience, when Moses led Egypt out of the audience, or out of, excuse me.


AUDIENCE:                 (LAUGHTER)

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Our Guest John Bevere

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SID: I am going to take this wonderful opportunity to ask a couple of questions to John Bevere that I’ve really wanted to hear from him the answers. John, you said something when I interviewed you on television. You said there was a season in your life where you were praying in the Holy Spirit two hours every day. But then you made a switch and tell me what the switch was and the results that happened.


JOHN:  The switch was, I kept, if I’m, if I’m remembering, I’m going back to our radio interview. I was praying everyday “God use me.” Use me to win multitudes to Jesus, use me to cast out demons, use me to heal the sick people, use me to restore people’s lives, restore marriages. And I was praying this way for years. And one day the Holy Spirit spoke to me, and He said, “Your prayers are off.” And I said, “What!” He said, “Your prayer are off target.” And I said I’m asking you to use me win multitudes to Jesus, to heal people, to heal marriages, to heal bodies. How can they be off? And He said this to me, He said, “Judas cast our devils, Judas healed the sick, Judas preached repentance, Judas led people to me,” because when He sent the 12 out He sent the 12 out. He said, “Judas left everything he had to follow me.” He said, “Judas is in hell.”


SID:                 Uh!!


JOHN:  When He said that to me, I literally started trembling inside. I said, “Then what should I be praying?” And then He said to me, “What Paul prayed: that I might know Him.” And so those who know their God will be strong and do exploits. So He said, “You can use me.” He said, “I don’t use people. I transform them into the image of My son.”


AUDIENCE:                 Mmmm, huh!


JOHN: I mean can you just see me coming into my, or my wife coming in to me and saying, “John, use me to make babies for you! (pleading) I want to make babies, Ohhh, I want to make babies. Give me babies or I’m going to die!


SID:                 Ha!


AUDIENCE:                 (LAUGHTER)


JOHN: Okay, so what would I look at my wife and say? Oh my gosh, who did I marry! Okay? (Sid and audience laugh) But we’re intimate and out of our intimacy came four really great boys. And He said, “I want you intimate with me.” So my whole prayer started changing. “God, I want to know You intimately. I want to know You intimately. I want to know You like You know me.” Well you know what’s interesting? This was back in 1984-85. And in this time period when I started changing my prayer, I started getting free. I was bound to pornography and here I was in the ministry. And I asked Lester Sumrall to pray for me. I opened up to him, I said, “I’m bound, will you pray for me?” He prayed a very strong prayer and nothing happened. Nine months later I’m on a four day fast, and May the 6st, 1985 I get completely delivered from pornography. Okay? So I’m walking in my freedom a couple a years and I said to God, I said, “I don’t get it.” I mean I humbled myself. I asked one of the strongest men of God I know on the planet to get me delivered, and I don’t get delivered. And then nine months later I’m on this fast and I get delivered.     And the Lord showed me that what I was praying, I was praying that “God use me, God use me” and I was afraid that pornography was going to keep me to the preaching ministry I know I was called to. He said, “But then you changed your prayers and you said I want to know you, I want to know you intimately. And He said, “You had sorrow, but your sorrow was worldly when you opened up with Dr. Sumrall.”  He said, “Nine months later your sorrow was godly because your heart was breaking because you knew your sin was breaking My heart.” So if you look at the difference you can see it in two kings. Saul says, “I’ve sinned, I’ve sinned.” But he’s embarrassed, so he says “Now honor me by worshipping with me in front of my elders.” You’ve embarrassed me in front of my elders. David, when he gets nailed, falls on his face and said “I have sinned and against You only I have sinned.” He couldn’t care less what his elders thought. So that’s the difference between worldly sorrow and godly sorrow.          Godly sorrow the focus is on Him, worldly sorrow the focus is on what’s going to happen to me. And when we pray that we can know Him intimately, that we can please Him the best a man or woman can please Him, now it’s all about this relationship over everything else and that’s what pleases the heart of God. See Psalm 89, verse 7 says:  “God is to be greatly feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be held in reverence by all those who surround him.” So you’ll never find the presence God in an atmosphere where He’s not held in the utmost of respect. I remember when I learned this experientially. Back in 1996, I was asked to speak in Brazil, the nation of Brazil. There were thousands of people at this conference, it was a national conference. I’m the Friday night speaker. They drive me to the auditorium. There’s cars parked everywhere. And as I come into the auditorium I can hear the worship coming from the inside of the building. Because in their big auditoriums down there, if they have a ceiling on it, there’s like a six foot gap between the upper wall and the ceiling, and it’s for air ventilation but you can hear what’s going on inside. So they walk me in, they put me on the platform. There’s not a seat open anywhere. Thousands of Brazilians, right? So there’s no presence of God. There’s no presence of God in the whole auditorium. Now when I say this Sid, as we know there are 2 types of the presence of God. There is the “omnipresence” of God. That is where David said “where can I go from your presence? If I go to the highest mountain you’re there, if I make my bed in the lowest valley you’re there.” That’s the presence of God that says “I’ll never leave you nor forsake you.” That’s the omnipresence of God. The other presence of God the Bible speaks about is the “manifest presence” of God. “Manifest” is to bring from the unseen into the realm of the seen, the unheard into the realm of the heard, the unknown into the realm of the known. It’s when God reveals Himself to our senses. Okay? That is a very real experience in Christianity.   Jesus said, “I will manifest Myself to you,” right? So that presence was totally void in thatÖ and I’m sitting there going “this is a believer’s conference.” Place is packed, best worship leaders in the nation, why is there no presence!? So I asked the Lord, I said, “God, why is there no presence?” And all of a sudden God open up my eyes and I’m looking at the people. And they’re standing there with their hands in their pocket looking around like this, they got their arms crossed looking down like this, they’re whispering to one another, they’re fumbling through their purses, and they’re walking in and out of this auditorium getting concession stand stuff, okay?

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Our Guest Kevin Howard

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Sid: We want everyone everywhere to be so filled with the supernatural love of the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob that it will literally radiate out of every pore of your body and just reach out and touch that person that’s so broken and so hurting, and so thirsty for that love. I’ve got on the telephone Kevin Howard, Kevin is a Hebraic scholar and a Bible teacher. He’s written a book which I find fascinating. It’s called “The Feasts of the Lord” it’s hardback book with a 150 full color photographs and paintings and charts so you can visualize what each of these Biblical festivals are. As a matter of fact something else that I find very interesting, there are other festivals besides the 7 that are commanded in the scriptures and many of them Yeshua celebrated. But one in particular is a Jewish festival with a very sad day, it commemorates the destruction of the temple, but isn’t it amazing that on that precise date many events have happened in Jewish history. I have on the telephone Kevin Howard, I’m speaking to him at his home in Cincinnati. Kevin would you talk a bit about Tish b’Av?

Kevin: Sure I’d be glad to Sid. Tish b’Av is a holiday I’m sure most believers have never even heard of unless they have a Jewish background, or live in a Jewish community. But Tish b’Av is a holiday that occurs in the late summer usually in the summer heat months, late July or in August. Tish b’Av actually as you mentioned is mentioned in the Bible in the book of Zechariah it’s called the “Fast of the 5th month.” It is a fast very somber holiday which commemorates or observes, bemoans the fact of the 1st and 2nd temples being destroyed. 586 BC the Babylonians came in and destroyed the great Solomonic 1st temple, and then in 70 AD the Romans destroyed the 2nd temple, the mighty magnificent beautiful temple that Herod had remodeled and was there in the time of Christ. The temples, both temples were destroyed on the same day so it was… it marks the ultimate tragedy of the nation of Israel, the temples being destroyed. But as you mentioned many other things, tragedies, have happened on that date throughout history. For example several years later in AD 135 Bar Kokhba who was trying to lead a rebellion to throw off Roman rule he was… his rebellion was crushed on that day and any hope of Jewish independence was snuffed out for another 1800 years. It was the last attempt to gain independence to rebuild the temple but it was not to be and snuffed out on the same day the temples were destroyed. As well as in 1290 AD one of the greatest tragedies of all times for the modern Jewish community was that’s when the Inquisition started. That marked the end of Jews… I’m sorry of Jews in England being kicked out as well as a few hundred years later in 1492 the Spanish Inquisition started and Jews were pushed out of Spain.  They either had to convert forcibly to Catholicism, or were pushed out of the country…

Sid: Isn’t it amazing all these tragic events in Jewish history occurred on the same date. By the way, isn’t it an interesting year in Spain 1492, does it remind you of a poem about Christopher Columbus sailing the ocean blue in 1492? Many people believe especially from his diaries are pretty much convinced that Christopher Columbus was Jewish and that’s why he left, that was the date the Jews had to leave Spain.

Kevin: That’s very interesting isn’t it? We remember the great events of 1492 but oft time we negate the tragedies of the great inquisition. That marked the end really of the golden age of the Jewish community in Spain, really the renaissance of that community was gone with the inquisition. But as you mentioned Tish b’Av was a day of great tragedy throughout history.

Sid: It’s a… understand the great day of persecution of Jewish merchants in Germany under Hitler, Kristallnacht.

Kevin: Right.

Sid: That was the same day too.

Kevin: That was in what 1938 a tremendously you know a day in infamy. We think of Japan but it was a great day of violence against Jewish people here just in our own country.

Sid: Well we were talking earlier this week about the 3 major festivals that are coming, actually the first one begins this Friday evening that’s why I’m featuring this book and interviewing you, and that is Rosh Hashanah. Would you tell me a bit about that as you do in your book from a Biblical and historical viewpoint, then how it’s done modern, and the prophetic significance?

Kevin: Sure Sid. The Feast of Trumpets is known today as Rosh Hashanah. So sometimes people are confused they hear Rosh Hashanah they don’t connect that it’s Biblically what was known as the Feast of Trumpets. But Rosh Hashanah is a Hebrew word for Head of the Year. Today that marks really the celebration of the Jewish New Year, the new civil year, but Biblically it was known as Trumpets. Actually in the Bible it was never called the Feast of Trumpets and it was never called Rosh Hashanah, but it was simply called… the 5th holiday was simply called A Memorial or a Day of Blowing as in blowing the trumpet. So popularly today we speak of it as the Feast of Trumpets or as Rosh Hashanah the beginning of the new civil year. I find the Feast of Trumpets very fascinating because it celebrates only one thing the blowing of the trumpets as far as Biblically.

Sid: It is kind of… the more modern approach when it was changed to the Head of the Year etcetera, but that Biblical thing is all God’s concerned about.

Kevin: Yes that’s correct. The list of, you know Biblical record for observances wasn’t lengthy and it wasn’t complicated, the day was simply to be celebrated blowing the trumpet and a day of no work, it was Sabbath of rest.

Sid: You know something I’m suggesting when I speak many times, and I really believe God would be pleased, that is for Christians to understand our Jewish roots, and understand the Biblical precedence for the festivals, understand the way they used to be observed, understand the way they are observed today, understand the prophetic significance, and then look at the scriptures for yourself and say “Holy Spirit how would You like this festival which is a shadow of a great event of what has happened or will happen in the future life of the Messiah. How would it be pleasing for us to worship You this year?” You see one of the things coming from a traditional Jewish background that I used to get bored with really is same old same old, have it the same way every year not one change. I mean God is bigger, God is fresher and there’s revelations the Spirit of God will give you on these festivals and they are meant for families. If we know one thing in our society both political parties are even talking about this is we need family values we need families to come together. I personally believe that’s why God designed these Biblical festivals for families.

Kevin :I agree with you Sid. God as we mentioned on an earlier broadcast God appointed them and they were to bring the nation together, they were to gather families together, and they were appointments with God Himself. So these are not just dry observances or…

Sid: But they’ve become that in traditional Judaism by doing the same ol’ same ol’ without the Ruach haKodesh, the Spirit of God, over almost over 2000 years but God wants to revitalize them. You know what I’m thinking of Romans 11:11 it says “Salvation has come to the Gentile to provoke the Jew to jealousy.” Now what’s going to provoke a Jew to Jealousy? Having a family Passover meal and inviting some of your Jewish friends, or having Easter bunnies and an Easter egg from pagan vestiges? I mean give me a break (laughing)!

Kevin: (Laughing)

Sid: So tell me a bit more about what’s coming up this Friday night, Rosh Hashanah.

Kevin: Well as far as a modern observance of Rosh Hashanah it’s a, it’s sort of a bitter-sweet, it’s a very somber time because it begins the high holy days. In the synagogue it’s a beginning of times of concentrating on repentance and past years sins, and just repenting and it’s very somber in that sense. Along with that a tradition has risen in the past 2000 years that in rabbinic tradition it’s taught that on Rosh Hashanah, on this Friday night, that God opens 3 books in heaven, 3 great books. One is a book for the righteous, one is book for the wicked, and one is the book of life for those in between.  According to rabbinic tradition during the high holy days that is from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur, or the Day of Atonement, those 10 days people’s welfare or their destiny for the year hangs in the balances. Those who are righteous God immediately writes them in the book of life for the righteous. Those who are wicked they are written in the book of the wicked and they will not continue to live for the next year. Those who are in the book of the in between have 10 days, according to Jewish tradition, from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur to repent. If they truly repent and turn to God on Yom Kippur God gives them graciously another year to live.

Sid: I remember from the traditional synagogue those were serious times those 10 days because it was a question of whether you were going to live or die and by repenting of our sins we would live.

Kevin: Yeah.

Sid: So these were very… that’s why they’re called the high holidays.

Kevin: Right. In fact it’s not a joyous time at all. There’s no weddings during that time, there’s no parties, there’s no joyous activities at all during those 10 days. It really harkens back to the days of the temple where, which we’ll talk about in a later broadcast how on Yom Kippur the high priest would go into the temple and they would have a covering, or sacrifices for the sins of the people, but it would be dealt with sins of the past year. So…

Sid: Well Kevin we’re out of time.

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Our Guest Ella Brunt

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Sid:  I have on the telephone Mrs. Ella Brunt and if anyone’s been red hot for the Messiah it’s got to be Ella. She was in just an amazing accident. She was out on a sailboat with her 2 children a little 8 year old and a 6 year old Cody. Cody gets knocked into the water, the sailboat turns over and they can’t find him he’s under the water 10 minutes go by they finally find him. He’s dead they apply CPR and the water gushes out of his and they take a helicopter in and they take him to the hospital. She goes… she drives to the hospital still in her bathing suit her husband wasn’t with them. He didn’t even know he goes home from work because she couldn’t reach him he was in between work and going home. He turns on the answering machine, which he never does, this is how he finds out what happened to his son. As he’s driving to the hospital God gives him a game plan exactly what to do. He didn’t know it at the time nor did Ella know at the time that the doctors wrote Cody off they thought there was no chance literally. They thought he had brain damage and so the game plan. Tell me what God told your husband you should do Ella.

Ella:  Okay he said that we would only speak faith filled words and we would only speak the desired end result that Cody would walk out that hospital 100% restored and that we would guard Cody from anybody that would come around that could not do that. We would guard the situation. In fact we really just wanted to create an atmosphere around Cody that would be conducive for a miracle.

Sid:  You also said your husband instructed everyone to say only what they desired not what they were seeing with their eyes.

Ella:  Right he said that he would walk out a 100% and that was the desired end result. The only thing we would speak about the situation and even though medical reports were coming that his lungs were hemorrhaging, that they couldn’t stop it, he had irreversible brain damage, he had no pain reflex at all, no deep pain reflex. Everything was negative coming from the medical standpoint but we didn’t allow that to be the final word that the word of God was what we were standing on that if Jesus performed miracles in the Bible that we could also have it and we were claiming our miracle.

Sid:  Now at the same time did Cody ever regain consciousness while this was going on?

Ella:  No in fact they had the… the only way they knew how to treat the hemorrhaging of the lungs they first of all wanted to try this before they tried the experimental drugs. That was to have the incubator, the breathing machine, up so high that the pressure would actually try to close those capillaries and things that were hemorrhaging. It was a day or before we started seeing the lung situation come around. We would speak to those lungs and literally just say that those lungs would have to stop bleeding that they would become normal and function properly. So every medical report that came to us we would speak it into a positive that his brain would be normal and there would be no damage and that he would walk and he would run. All these sort of things we would speak to our mountain…

Sid:  When you looked at your son Cody describe what you saw with your eyes the equipment around him.

Ella:  Okay he was only 6 years old and he had pretty blond hair and he was just on these white sheets in this hospital room. He was in PICU ward, actually his bed was kind of out in the open and there were other kind of compartments in there and later on I asked why he was out here kind of open and not in one of those little more private areas. The nurse “Well we really didn’t think he would make it and that whenever he’s open like that we can pull in more equipment and be able to work on him.” I thought “My goodness he’s got so many machines on him now” but I found that out just a couple of days later after he was admitted in. So he’s got all the IV’s and all the… they immediately started antibiotics to combat the infection, the pneumonia that they knew would set in after a couple of days, and it did. Then on the right side of his bed was the ventilator which actually breathed for him. There was no movement he had catheters in his veins and arteries and his legs which that was a procedure that they did in the ICU room and it took about 2 hours. It was really a surgical procedure that night, the first night. So we had… it’s set up to where a nurse friend of mine would call the nurse’s station every morning before the new morning shift would come on and find out the medical status of Cody. Then she would call me in and put it in layman’s language and I’d write it down and we would contact the church and let them know what to pray for that day. Yes these are the medical situations that he’s facing and to pray specifically for that those were prayer targets that we targeted in prayer even though they were on his body at the time those were symptoms and that they had to reverse and leave. His body… we could see probably within a week and half that things were starting to turn around. Really during the day…

Sid:  Now was he in a coma?

Ella:  Right. He wasn’t talking, he wasn’t moving and at one point they actually had to give him paralyzing medication so he wouldn’t move in case he did wake up or whatever because the ventilator pressure were so high if he did move that he could even blow out a lung.

Sid:  Now what’s going on with your faith and your husband’s faith as time is going by?

Ella:  We, thank God, we were allowed to stay by his bed all hours of the morning and night. So we pretty much did that. We had a cassette running with teaching tapes or music or whatever all the time just creating an atmosphere there. Ted and I would only help build up each other. If we saw the one kind of getting down or discouraged we would just speak scriptures, find scriptures, we would whenever the nurses take a changeover we go to the hospital chapel. I’d get on the piano and play choruses and sing. I imagine that looked kind of funny in their video cameras, but anyway we went there and built ourselves up during that break of time that we had that nobody was permitted in there. We had to keep ourselves built up too by just getting into the word of God and finding scriptures to stand on…

Sid:  Now after about a week something strange happened to his legs tell me about that.

Ella:  I was in there one morning and they were cleaning him up and changing the bedding and everything and I noticed that his toes were starting… his ankles were starting to turn in, and his little hands his fingers were starting to curl. I asked the nurse “What is the meaning of this?” and she just kind of looked at me and real softly said “This is effects of the brain damage he has.” So at that…

Sid:  Now that’s not a good sign.

Ella:  No, no in fact this was just artillery for them because they have to really prove that he’s brain dead and then do several CAT scans, that’s not it it’s uh CT scans of his brain to prove that he is brain dead. Then the organ transplant team comes in and talks to us and gets our permission to donate his organs.

Sid:  What were you doing with his legs as they were turning in?

Ella:  I would get lotion on him and just rub his legs and rub his arms. He was a great little t-ball player at the time he’d just got through with his baseball season. I would rub his legs and just speak to his arms and legs and say that they were going to run and they would play baseball again, and just speak positive words over him.

Sid:  Now you put a picture over his bed, what was that picture?

Ella:  That picture was a picture of his 6 year old birthday and he’s just there full of life and it was just the epitome of what Cody was, we would use that as a focal point. We would point to it to any of nurses, doctors, or visitors that came in, we would point to that picture and say “Cody will walk out of this hospital just like that a 100% normal.”

Sid:  Now there’s an interesting story about a pair of socks.

Ella:  A particular young lady she’s a nurse and with each one of my children she came up and actually put the first pair of socks on my children right after they were born. So she had been coming up to the hospital and this on a Wednesday and so Saturday night she asked me “Ella you know in the Bible they have handkerchiefs that Paul prayed over and things like that.  Would it be okay if I got a pair of socks and allowed a pastor to wear those while he was preaching in tomorrow mornings message, tomorrow mornings service and bring those up afterwards and let’s put them on Cody?” I said well sure because the anointing prayer clothes and that sort of thing, so socks would be the same thing.”

Sid:  Ella hold that thought we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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Our Guest Dodie Osteen

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural even here on location in Houston, Texas. I have a woman that has been known as Pastor John Osteen’s wife. I have a woman who has been known as Pastor Joel Osteen’s mother, but I found out she operates in a supernatural gift that I want. I have with me Dodie Osteen. Most of you don’t know her, but I tell you this, she’s known in Heaven and you’re about ready to get to know her. It’s not an accident that you and your husband John started a tiny, tiny little church called Lakewood Church, in 1959. What was that building like?

DODIE: Oh it was terrible. It was an old feed store. It had holes in the floor.

SID: You have to help me. I’m not a country boy. What is a feed store?

DODIE: I wasn’t either. They sold feed.

SID: For animals.

DODIE: For animals, yes. And boards, the planks on the floor had big gaps in them so that anything could fall through, the hay, whatever they had in there. And it was not pretty. We didn’t even have a restroom inside. We didn’t have a water faucet, but our people got in there and cleaned up that thing, Sid, and made it into a church. And we didn’t mind what it looked like. We just did the best we could with it. Ninety people, had 90 seats in there.

SID: Now today Lakewood Church has how many people?

DODIE: Well they say 35 or 40,000 come on the weekends, but it seats 60,300.

SID: Your children say that you will pray about anything. You’ll pray about machinery, and they told me to ask you a question about the mole you prayed for.

DODIE: We didn’t know anything about heat. John was just beginning to learn that Jesus was the same yesterday, today and forever, and I thought I’ll just try it. Here I was a little girl. I didn’t know what I was doing either. We had two children and I said, “Paul, let me pray for them.” And I just prayed for those warts to leave and just in a few days they left. And he came running in from the back and he said, “Mama, mama, look, they’re gone.” I was surprised myself.

SID: You know, Joel Osteen is who is he is today because of his mother and father. Speaking of Joel, you had a dream that saved his life.

DODIE: I did. I’m so glad I had that dream. A few times I had dream when Paul, the older boy who is a doctor, was in Africa, that he was in trouble, and he was. He had malaria, even though he taken malaria injections or tablets, whatever it was. And I dreamed that he was on my shoulder like a little baby, and he was a student in ORU. He was in medical school. And it was on the very same day that he had that. And he said, “Mother, I thought I was dying, but I recovered.” And it was on the same day I had that dream. But Joel, I had the dream about, I dreamed sometime about snakes and all the demonic, and a snake was in the kitchen in the house. And out of all the children that I had, I called Joel. I said, “Joel, come help me get this snake.” I didn’t tell anybody about it because I didn’t want to frighten anybody. But I prayed that whatever harm was coming to my son, “Devil I rebuke you, I command you to take your hands off of Joel.” Just a little while later, a week or two later he was going home from the church and he hydroplaned. It had been raining in Houston, and just hydroplaned, and this truck did the same thing, great big truck, and he came within three feet of hitting that truck and stopped. And the truck driver got out and said, “Son, you sure are one lucky little boy.” And I thought he was lucky, brother. He was blessed with the Lord.

SID: Now when you were young, you were hit with a lot of adversity. At two, you had polio.

DODIE: Yes I did.

SID: And as a result there was a difference in one foot and the other. And but it didn’t stop you, did it?

DODIE: No, I just kept on going. I had been conscious all these years about not wearing pretty shoes, but you know what, thank God I can walk. I had five children without difficulty, done everything that I’ve done and God has just helped me. And the story about Dr. Osborn, he was so kind, did so much for Jesus. But he was walking with John and I was walking at the head of him and he said, “Look at Miss Dodie, she walks like a princess.” I never forgot that because I could see myself in the mirrors as I passed the windows of store buildings and all where I lived, and I was conscious of it. And I wore a brace when I was young up to the fourth grade. And when he said that, it just grieved me. And just thought, look at me, I walk like a princess. So I just walk like a princess because of the words of one man.

SID: And do you know what, that one man didn’t realize the power of that statement that he made.

DODIE: Words can make people or break people. See what an encouraging word can do for people when they’re so down? People tell me sometimes when I think I look so tacky, “Miss Dodie, you look so pretty.” That lifts me up. Let’s make our words sweet. John used to say that all the time and I remind the children of this, make your words sweet because you don’t know many that you’ll have to eat.

SID: Well when you were 48, this is so hard to say, at 48, she goes in the hospital and she gets a death sentence. She’s going to be dead in a couple of weeks. How did she handle that? You’ll find out when we come back.

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Our Guest Margy Palm

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Sid: I have on the telephone Margy Palm. What you are about ready to hear almost sounds like a movie almost sounds like something that doesn’t happen in real life almost sounds like something in the Book of Acts.  But it did happen and Margy I’m going to take you back to December 11, 1981.  And that morning you were praying a great deal in the Spirit were you praying it more than normal or was that what you usually prayed Margy?

Margy: Oh I prayed a lot more than normal.  That morning I distinctly remembered waking up and saying “Lord I’ll do anything you want me to do for You today.  And then right after I prayed that prayer I was getting ready to go down town for to do a volunteer for job downtown and I had this tremendous burden come in on me and into me. And I had had this happen before where I knew that it was a burden from the Holy Spirit to pray but I felt this tremendous heaviness inside. And all I wanted to do was pray and I had 2 small children, I had a lady that was watching them that day and but it was time for me to go down to this volunteer job. So I went downstairs and got in my car and threw my Bible in the car and all of these evangelistic tapes I was listening to and this little notebook scripture that I was compiling. And I just could not quit praying in the Spirit I could not quit it was an overwhelming heavy feeling. And I had remembered in years past I had learned from a man named Kenneth Hagen that I mean not from personally from me talking to him but from one of his tapes where he was talking about intercession that when you have a burden like to pray keep praying until you get victory.  Until and he said “What I mean by that is when you feel like it should lifted off of you and you feel like praising just you know just keep yielding to it.”  So I had learned that and I had done that you know before at different times so I was aware that it was a burden from the Holy Spirit so I just yielded myself to it and I prayed.  And I prayed all the way down to this volunteer job and even while I was in the place where I was helping out the girl in charge there said “Is there something wrong with you?” Because I kept going back and forth into the ladies room praying.  Nobody really knew what I was doing I was just king of doing it secretly but this went on for 5 hours and they let me go from the volunteer job. They said “You know why don’t you just go home you seem like you’re a little disturbed about something.” So I went out and left the volunteer job got in my car and when I got in my car the burden totally lifted off of me and I felt like praising the Lord.  Which was exactly what I did I started singing praises in my car and I knew whatever it was I had prayed it through.  Well unbeknownst to me I had not read the paper that morning the headlines of the paper declared that there was this man loose in San Antonio.  He had at 2AM the previous morning he had killed a girl at a bar in San Antonio he tried to steal her car and she went out to her car and he shot her in the face.  It was awful and then it also stated that there was a girl that he had raped and brutally murdered in Corpus Christy the week before.  And he had another girl tied up in a motel room in an area it’s a real kind of seedy street but in back of it it’s a very beautiful area of San Antonio. And they suspected the police suspected that they knew where he was they thought he was in this motel which he was in this very seedy street in San Antonio. And they had raided this motel room and he jumped out of the window and got on a bus and it was he was circling San Antonio on this bus and ended up in a Kmart in San Antonio.  Nobody knew he was at the Kmart but the article just stopped with the fact that they had raided the motel room and he jumped out and they couldn’t find him and they were circling the city looking for him.  And I didn’t know a thing about any of this stuff.

Sid: Oh there were a few more details that I read in your report and that was he was on the FBI’s list of one of the most one out of the 10 Most Wanted Men in America.

Margy: Right.

Sid: He had brutally raped and murdered over 30 women.

Margy: Right.

Sid: And even one just a few hours just before you and another thing you did not know is that all of the women looked the same had a particular type of look.

Margy: Right.

Sid: Which you just happened to have.  Okay so you’re driving your car and then what happened?

Margy: So I’m now after praying the 5 hours and the heaviness has lifted off I’m singing to the Lord on the way home.  And on the way home I kept thinking about that I wanted to go to this Kmart which is nothing…this store is not at all by my house in fact there was a Kmart very close to my house but for some reason I wanted to go to this one that was kind of centrally located in San Antonio. So I drove over there and I wanted to go to a Radio Shack over there so I went to that and then I looked over at the Kmart and decided I needed a few more things there. And um unbeknownst to me this man was sitting right in front of the Kmart watching me and he’d been there he told me that he’d been there the 3 hours just sitting there didn’t know what he was going to do. So I walked in got what I needed walked out and you know I never noticed that anybody was following me or anything like that I got to my car and the next thing I realized there was something in my back I could feel something in my back. And I turned around and here was this man standing there with this 38-caliber revolver sticking in my…you know he had been sticking this gun in my back and I was totally shocked when I saw this.

Sid: This just doesn’t happen in real life Margy.

Margy: It’s like a movie it was like a bad dream.

Sid: Just as a little bit of background tell me you’re married you had your children.

Margy: Yes 2 small kids at the time you know that their…

Sid: And obviously you’re a pretty strong Christian but again you were directed by God to go to that Kmart that’s what you’re telling me.

Margy: Yeah.

Sid: You had prayed in a victory that’s what you’re telling me when you started singing after all of that intercessory prayer. And all of a sudden there’s a gun in your back what was your first thought?

Margy: Well my first thought was “You’re going to die.” You know you’re…some people might not know this but the Bible says you’re a body, a soul and a spirit.  And you’re soul you’re soulish realm is your mind. And the thought came into my mind is “You’re going to die today.” Because I could feel the terror around this man was tremendous and of course this gun was not a normal hand gun it was about 3 times the size of a normal hand gun it was huge.  And when I turned around he jabbed it into my ribcage and he told me that he said “I’m the guy that killed a girl last night at Maggie’s and he said “I cut out a man’s heart in prison and I will kill you if you don’t do exactly what I tell you to do.” And I you know my mind just I mean like I said at first I thought “I’m going to die” but what was amazing was that right after that the words that came out of my mouth were “Do you know Jesus Christ?”

Sid: Oi e vey Margy you have got chutzpa that’s a Hebrew word it means nerve we’re going to leave that right here and pick up on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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Our Guests Doug and Jean Jones

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Sid: My guests in the studio are Doug and Jean Jones teachers with Shiloh Place Ministries from Conway, South Carolina. You’re familiar with Shiloh Place because of Jack Frost and the wonderful teaching I’ve had him as a guest a couple of times on Messianic Vision. But we’re finding out that what we’re talking about here is bitterroots strongholds in your life that can affect your marriage, can affect your relationship with your children, affect your relationship with your church, can affect your relationship with your employer, in fact it can affect every relationship in your life.  And normally it’s “Oh if they would only change but guess what you can see the fruit there’s a root somewhere hidden in you that’s releasing that type of fruit.  Now we were talking on yesterday’s interview Doug about 8 common ways that stronghold are built within us. The first was the generational strongholds like your father had anger Doug and then you had this anger and then deep hurts or wounds we’ve received whether they’re a verbal or sexual abuse or… and we went over that. And perhaps Jean we’ll start with you, what is the 3rd way that that strongholds are built within us?

Jean: That’s probably a misinterpretation of love and how we perceive love or rejection.  And many times our parents love us but we still perceived that we’re not loved. And I know that there’s a book out about incubator babies that they feel rejected because they’re not held at birth. And our daughter was born 34 years ago and she was an incubator baby so we were not allowed to hold her accept when we went to the hospital to feed her at feeding times. And so she felt very rejected and would be very clingy but yet we loved her and from the time that she was home we always held her and took care of her.

Sid: What happens in later life in someone that either perceived not being loved, even though they were, or literally not being loved what kind of fruit results?

Jean: Sometimes they’re in and out of relationships and in and out of different kinds of sicknesses, have a hard time establishing relationships sometimes there are just different characteristics.

Sid: Let’s go to the next point.

Doug: The next point is having inner vows that we make about like I saw my father and I said “I would never be like that man.”  I made a vow inwardly that I would not be like him and I ended up being the same way in many respects. Inner vows that we take…

Sid: Those things are very powerful but you would not think that they are that powerful but they are.

Doug: You can have an inner vow that is so powerful that it can affect your very life being. And it can be so strong a death wish or a death vow that you have that you really don’t think that you ought to be here that you want to go on and be with the Lord and you consciously don’t even realize it but that vow is working on your physical body and begins to make parts of your physical body function that it starts to just shutting down.

Sid: Hmm.

Doug: And the death process starts.

Sid: What do you do about that?

Doug: You confess it as sin you may take ownership of the responsibility and don’t blame the person that you were judging and making a vow against I won’t do this because of this and because of that.  Take ownership and when you take ownership and confess your faults and then God can deal with you and correct whatever it is that’s happened in your life.

Sid: Now let’s see the next one we have touched upon and that’s words that people speak over us they’re literally according to the Bible called curses.

Doug: That’s right and as a little child in school I remember my teacher telling me in the hearing the kids in the break fussing at each other “Suzie said this or Billy said this” and the teacher said “Sticks and stones will break your bones but words will never hurt you.”  Now that’s just a lie out of the pit of hell.

Sid: We’ve all heard that.

Doug: Words spoken over someone will hurt them

Sid: How can you break the effect of those words?

Doug: Well if someone’s speaks something over you renounce it and say “I just I come against that.”

Sid: Or well even as a child if it was done the mother says “You’ll never amount to anything.”

Doug: Well as a child you’re at the mercy of your parents at that time but when you grow to the point of your own accountability for that. “Did I judge my mother for that, did I become angry when she said this, did I become just what she said?” It does it goes right back to your own responsibility to the words that were spoken over you. Did you judge them for it?

Sid: It’s so easy to blame someone else but if we don’t understand our sin in the involvement we’ll never be free we’ll be the prisoner.

Doug: Our sin connects us to the sin that goes against us.  Until we confess our sins we’re tied to that sin if someone else has sinned against us because of our sin of judgment. The next one goes through false teaching and false doctrines the young man that came to the seminar one time came and he just could not get set free from the inability that he had to function in church properly, he was a Christian but he just couldn’t trust Father God to make a decision for him he just he just always messed-up emotionally. And we found out that when he was a young man his father died when he was about 8 years old and he went to the funeral and one of the doctrines of what was plugged into this little boys head was a statement that the pastor made at the funeral. And the pastor made this in a way not trying to hurt the family but he looked at the little boy and said “You know “Father God needed your daddy more than you do and that’s why your father was taken on to heaven because God needed him more than you do.” Now that’s doctrinally wrong it destroyed this boy’s ability to trust God to do what’s right and what’s fair. And he could not for a long time until he understood this he judged this man he judged God as being unfair and untrustworthy.  “How could God need my daddy more than that little boy did?” And so he found out that doctrines are taught wrong. Number 7 is through ethnic and cultural backgrounds how you were raised was through American Indian through ancestral worship through the winds and the spirits and the sky and the trees and all of this. This came in through an ethnic and a cultural background.  And these people suffer because of that and then they realize them worshipping the wind and the spirits or what have you have affected their ability to hear from God.

Sid: And what about the 8th?

Doug: Negative thinking patterns and false belief structures. The negative thinking patterns are things that we learn at a very small age and we do that as a way of trying to protect ourselves.  And we get hurt we get wounded and we get hurt and we start thinking negatively about the person or the situation that hurt us and it builds this pattern of negative thinking. And then that becomes sin in our lives and then as long as that sin is un-dealt with then darkness comes into our life. And then we continue to let the darkness stay there it gives room to some type of demonic activity in our lives.

Sid: And so to reverse all of the things is the first thing is to look at where the problem came in and where not where someone sinned against us because in most instances they did.  But where did we sin against them by judging them instead of their action do I have that right?

Jean: That’s right and there are also positive good judgments like we judge where we’re going to go to church, what doctor and dentist we’re going to go to. But we’re talking about a judgment that we’ve made when we’ve been wounded or been hurt and that’s a bitterroot judgment.

Sid: Let’s look at the reverse let’s look at that there are actually laws to have healthy relationships.

Doug: That’s right there are 4 basic laws that scripture teaches us the first one is honoring your parents. Ephesians 6:1-3 it says in whatever way you honor your parent and in whatever way we dishonor them a curse comes. And in my own life I dishonored my parents in many ways. My father dishonored me in that area but he handled finances I thought he was stingy I thought he was just too tight with the money but he had 5 children to take care. As a little child I didn’t realize the responsibility he had and he gave us everything we needed but not everything I wanted.

Sid: So curses are triggered.

Doug: I lost 3 businesses, the last one everything we owned we lost because of my judging the way my father did finances was to a large extent the result of it. The second is the law of judging and it says “If we judge someone for a particular characteristic that same thing will come back on us.”  That’s in Luke 37 and 38 and the law of sowing and reaping in Galatians tells us if we sow we’re going to reap more than what we sow. It says don’t be mocked God is not mocked whatever a man sows he’s going to reap. But there’s a principal of sowing and reaping that we sow one seed we gain many many more.  I just the other night was looking at an ear of corn when we were eating. And on that one ear of corn there was 7 to 800 grains of corn. And one seed planted in the ground produced 3 ears with 7 to 800 grains on it. So that what was replaced from that one seed was 2400 times that was planted.

Sid: I don’t want that.

Doug: No.

Sid: What about that 4th law of becoming what we judge in others Roman’s 2:1.

Doug: I can go ahead and take care of that it says we become this way because I’ll never raise my children the way my father did. I made that mistake I will never raise my children the way my father did.  And I thought I wasn’t because I didn’t beat them but I beat them verbally so I became exactly the same thing that I judged my father.

Sid: And there are questions that we have to ask ourselves are we duplicating things in our lives that we resented in our parents or someone else.  Oh are we acting out an attitude, emotion or behavior that we said that we’d never do? Has the Holy Spirit working us in area of our life that we seem powerless to overcome? We just don’t have time to go on.

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