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Our Guest Kevin Zadai

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KEVIN: I certainly will! Father, in the name of Jesus, I just thank You, so much, for all Your people. Father, You never intended for one seed to ever not sprout and produce a crop; You never intended for one person to be without in this life. And so Father, in the name of Jesus, I just break the power of any curse on a person’s life, right now. The viewers, Father, I just thank You for breaking that curse. I see people being set free right now. I speak to every voice that is not of God. I break the power of any kind of voice that’s not of God. Anything that is speaking louder than God’s Word and God’s voice in your life, I come against it in the name of Jesus, and I break the power of that. I speak to trauma, and I command trauma to leave in the name of Jesus. I tell you by the Spirit of God, be healed, in Jesus’ name. There’s healings happening right now. There’s people that have been victims; it’s not your fault. The Lord said, “It is not your fault. That was not you; that was a misfortune. You have to forgive, and let it go. Trauma, go in Jesus’ name.” The Lord says, “I am going to heal you. I am sending My Word, and I am healing you”, in Jesus’ name.

SID: There is something that intrigues me no end: The fire of God. I read in the Bible you will be “baptized in the Holy Spirit and fire.” Do you understand that fire?

KEVIN: Yes sir, I do; I did not at first. I used to hear, every now and then; do you know how you hear something, every now and then?

SID: Hmm.

KEVIN: It seems to be disappearing, some of these words that the old timers used to say all the time, and that was one of them “the fire of God”. And

SID: Hmm.

KEVIN: I noticed it; it hadn’t been mentioned.

SID: Though there’s another word that’s not mentioned a lot, and that’s “the blood”!

KEVIN: “The blood of Jesus.”

SID: Another word that’s not mentioned a lot, that’s the “tongues”!


SID: I wonder who’s trying to block [chuckling] these things!

KEVIN: Yes! And there’s about eight words that I have that the Lord refers to as “the power words”. And it’s so funny; it’s just that the only words that, that demons don’t want you to speak are these power words. And I just think

SID: [chuckles]

KEVIN: it’s kind of interesting that they’re disappearing out of our vernacular right now.

SID: But they’re even disappearing out of the church!

KEVIN: Yeah, and I apologize for that, because I know how powerful those words are. “the fear of the Lord” is another one. “the cross”;, just that word, demons cringe. these are all things that defeated them, and so, these are power words. And “holy fire” is one of those. I saw where John the Baptist actually talked about “the fire”. Now I thought being, being studied, I thought that Jesus had talked about “the fire”, but it was actually John the Baptist

SID: Hmm.

KEVIN: that talked about “the fire”; that Jesus would come and baptize in “the Holy Spirit and [with] fire.” And I checked it out, and it’s two different things, you know. So I –

SID: Right.

KEVIN: I thought, “Okay Lord, well I don’t know this fire”; and at the same time, I had this interesting experience with my Angel that was on fire. And of course it says that these are ” ministering spirits”, they are “flames of fire.” they’re fiery, and, I said, “Well, I am a minister; I should be “a flame of fire” too!

SID: So we can be fiery.

KEVIN: Yes. And what I found was is that we are not ignitable; our wood’s wet.

SID: So how do I get how do how do I get [chuckling] my wood dry? [laughs]

KEVIN: Well, I found that they you need an outside influence. What people are doing now is they’re trying to imitate something that should be given from the other realm. There’s things that originate in Heaven that are not from this realm. Isaiah was fine until one day, he “saw the Lord high and lifted up”; in Isaiah 6 he writes about this. Now Jesus explained it this way with me about the fire. This January, this last January, I had a visitation, and I actually got to see this. “Isaiah was fine”, the Lord said, “and he ‘saw Me high and lifted up and His train filled the temple’; and Isaiah was wonderful about all that. But, then something happened that changed him completely, and he was undone. The Angel went and took a coal from the altar there in front, and put it on his lips. And all of a sudden, now Isaiah is not fine anymore. Not only that”, He said, ‘Not only am I unclean in my lips, but I am among a people of unclean lips.'”

SID: this is [chuckling] is one of the greatest Prophets of Israel at the time; he said he was unclean when everything’s relative when a coal from the altar touched him, which had to be pure holiness., we’re very clean compared to other people we know, but that’s not what Isaiah’s talking about.

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January 17th, 2020 at 3:54 am

Our Guest William McDowell

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SID: It all happened, this amazing miracle, with a phone call from Jason.

WILLIAM: Yeah. On July 4th I got a call from my friend Jason. He’s really close and a friend, I call him a brother. But he said, “I need you to pray for my wife. I’m taking her to the hospital. She really is experiencing quite a bit of discomfort.” They have 10 children. And so I asked… Yeah, they’re blessed.

SID: And how many children do you have?

WILLIAM: I have five children.

SID: Are you going through 10? No, I’m just…

WILLIAM: We’re going to grow the church one way or another now.

He made this statement, he asked her, “What’s your pain level?” And she said, “It’s at a 10.” He said, “Any woman who has given birth to that many children and tell you she’s at a 10 level get her to the hospital.” And so they go to the hospital and they believe that at the time that she had spinal meningitis and so they wanted to transfer her to another hospital to better take care of her and the baby that was inside of her. But as they were transferring her, getting ready to put her in an ambulance, one of the nurses came to Jason and said, “Hey, can I walk you to your car? I need to share something with you,” risking their job, really. But they said, “I know that they think that your wife, they told you they think it’s spinal meningitis, but what they’re actually looking for is an amoeba.” An amoeba is a microorganism that enters the body and eats the brain.

SID: Eats the brain?

WILLIAM: Eats the brain. It is a very serious sickness. It’s a very rare sickness. In fact, the news just reported just recently there’s only been a 145 cases of this particular amoeba in the history of the United States with only four people who have lived. And so they took her to the other hospital. By the time they get there and they have her in the neuro critical unit, he calls me again and he says, “We need to pray that it’s not this.” And of course around midnight I get another call that that she does have an amoeba. They begin to ask, how did she get it? And she had gone to a lake swimming. And so they said, “Was anyone with you?” And she said, “Well, six of my children.” So they said, “Well, how are the children? Call home.”

All six of the children were exhibiting the same symptoms and so they rushed all of them to the hospital. And so now what they are saying that they’re expecting… The life expectancy, obviously 97% of people who have ever gotten it passed away and they pass away anywhere between 24 hours to five days. And so they were expecting that all of them were going to pass away, they’re now saying. CDC is involved. They’re talking about the news outlets are going to be coming down to interview Jason, talk about how this man lost his whole family to an amoeba. What they wanted to do was they wanted to… They told her that we need to deliver the baby that’s in you, do an emergency c-section because the baby won’t survive the amoeba nor would the baby survived the medicine that we need to give you tomorrow, which they were going to give her a powerful antibiotic that they are hoping would work, they said it had a 3% chance of working.

What they wanted to do with her and all six of the kids was drill a hole in their head, put them in a medically induced coma, try to lower their body temperature in hopes that they could fight off this amoeba. But in between the time that we received that news and the time that they had scheduled to do that, our church went into a significant time of prayer. And I took the night watch, I stayed up all night. There was no way that I could let that pass. And I remember I sang to the Lord. Now Jason is also a great man of faith and so he was praying as well for his own wife. And I remember saying to the Lord, we have seen so many miracles at that point and I said, “God, if you’ve given me the gift of healing at all, please use it now.” Because it was one of those moments where I… what the enemy wanted to do is roll seven caskets in our church and say, “After all of these miracles, look what I did.” But the Lord intervened and 24 hours later without any medicine being administered, all seven of them were healed.

SID: I know you said how few get healed, but within 24 hours? What did the doctor say about that?

WILLIAM: This is very, very important because I just saw this on a major news outlet just recently where they talked about the four, only four known people have been healed of this. In the history of the United States, there are more people healed of this in our church, in one family than in the combined history of the United States of America.

The doctors, the nurses are absolutely amazed anytime the children go back now. The whole hospital knew about it because this was about to be a national news story so they all look at that family and say, “I remember that. I remember you.” And here’s the amazing thing, there was a lot of specialists, a lot of nurses, a lot of doctors, how they were told that that they were clear of the amoeba is Jessica woke up, Jessica is the mom, the wife who had it, she woke up and sitting on her bed was a nurse that had not been a part of the process at all, a doctor that had not been a part of the process at all. She opened up her eyes and the nurse looked at her and said, “Did you hear the news?” And she said, “What news?” He said, “No amoeba.” And then from that point forward they never saw that person again.

SID: I’m so glad that he’s normal. I wish the whole world was normal. You want to see an example of what’s happening now?

WILLIAM: For the last two years I’ve seen so many significant miracles that I can’t even count them anymore. It’s somewhere between 300 and 400 significant miracles that I’ve see happen with these two eyes. There’s a lady in this room, her name was Miss Pam. Where are you? Now, when you see her walking up here, that might not mean anything to you until I tell you that she used to be paralyzed. We are talking about the evidence of the greatness of God. She had a stroke that paralyzed her but today… somebody give… I came to announce to the world, this right here, he’s still moving.(singing)

WILLIAM: He’s still proving. (singing)

WILLIAM: He’s still moving. (singing)

WILLIAM: He’s still proving. (singing)

WILLIAM: Father right now in this atmosphere we speak to every sickness and disease and we command by the name of Jesus be healed, be healed. Whether you’re in this room, whether you’re watching, whether you’re listening, we send the healing power of God now. Nothing’s too hard for the Lord, everything’s easy for him. And so in the name of Jesus, sickness be healed. In the name of Jesus, sickness be healed, pain be gone, be healed, lupus be healed, cancer be healed, tumors be healed, paralysis be reversed. In the name of Jesus we say rise up, take up your bed and walk, move your legs, walk woman of God, walk man of God. In Jesus name, be healed. In the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus we send the healing of the Lord. Every thyroid condition, be healed. Every eye condition, be healed. Deafness in the ear, be healed. In the name of Jesus, stomach pain be healed, foot pain be healed, osteoarthritis be healed, rheumatoid arthritis be healed. In Jesus name, whatever the sickness is we say be healed in the name of Jesus.

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Our Guest Rich Vera

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RICH: You know real quickly I want to take you through the miracles of Jesus. I just feel to talk a little bit about miracles if it’s okay with you. You know there’s four categories of the miracles of Jesus. Okay? One of them it’s miracles cures, which we know a lot in America that entitles the body, the physical body. Number Two: it’s exorcisms or deliverance. We saw deliverance today in one of the rooms back here. Number Three: it deals with resurrection from the dead. And Number Four: it deals with power over nature. Now this is something that many people have not tapped into yet. We all have great faith for cures. We all have seen devils come out. But the Lord is showing me that He’s bringing us into a season where we going to expect that, we’re going to begin to see the resurrection power of God begin to move through your life for resurrection. We’re going to talk about people being raised from the dead when he was playing someplace in Europe.  But Number Two, there’s going to be a revelation that we have power over nature just like Jesus has. And this is something that overseas it happens but in America! You know that in the city of Orlando there was a spot where I used to drive all the time going to church with my wife that just about every weekend there will be a motorcycle accident or a car accident because of a bad intersection. It was a Latino town so Latinos drive like crazy so you know everybody trying to beat each other. And there was three people that died the week that we rent our church building and we had to drive there. And the Holy Spirit says why don’t you stop on that spot and you declare that as long as you live in the city of Orlando not one body will be hurt or die on this intersection. And I stood there and I stood on that spot that had the marks of the motorcycle wheels and the darkness of the dried up blood and I said from this time on there will be no death or accident on this corner as the word of the Lord is being released. I bless this spot and I declare no more accidents. You know it’s been a year and a half not one accident took place on that spot!


RICH: Now Number Two: we have power, and God is going to begin to release this upon us, to speak to nature and to the elements and it’s not your screaming. It’s not your fire. It has to do with that revelation of that area of the miracle power of God that has been unknown to most believers. You can look up to a tornado and you can point your finger and say you’re not going to damage my city. You can look, I mean you can point to a map and say there will be no earthquakes on this place as long as I’M alive. Let me tell you something. God will begin to do it because God is releasing that revelation to His people. The miracles is beyond cure of the body. He deals with casting out devils. He deals with resurrection. And He deals with power over nature. Can somebody say “I receive that!”

AUDIENCE:  I receive that!

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Our Guest Elaine Hollmer

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SID: There is so much glory in this studio right now Elaine. But I got a question for you. How in the world did you get invited to a dry Baptist church?

ELAINE: There was a lady that had attended one of my meetings and she was hungry for her church to have this Holy Spirit and the glory. So it was ladies day, the ladies got to pick who would speak and they picked me. And they didn’t warn me what I was getting into.

So when I got there that day, it was so quiet and so dead, I was just talking very low and doing the best—but the Lord said, “Nine rows back, I have a lady who has a tumor in her colon and she’s dying. Go back there and tell her.” And I said inside, “Oh God, I can’t do that. I’m in the Baptist church. They don’t even like me. I’m not sure they like you, so what are we going to do here?” He said, obey me. And so I stepped down off this huge platform. I walked back there and I said, “Ma’am, would you stand up?” And she said, “Me?” I said, “Yes.” I said, “You have a tumor in your colon.” And I said, “You’re dying.” And she said, “I’ve had 27 operations and number 28 will be next week to remove this.” And I said, “You also, the Lord tells me you have leukemia.” She said, “Yes.”

She was convinced then. She said, “How do you know these things?” I said, “I hear the voice of God.” And I laid my hands on her.

“Heal her in Jesus’ name.”

I turned around to walk back up this long, long aisle. She felt something moving in her stomach. She ran to the bathroom and in about five minutes she come running back in and said, “It’s in toilet.”

SID: Did the church react like our studio audience?

ELAINE: No, they didn’t even clap. They didn’t do anything. They just looked at me like I was a cow at a new gate. And then, and I said, “What’s in the toilet?” She said, “The tumor, it’s in the toilet.” And a lot of the ladies on the back, she said, “Come and see,” and everybody goes running out of the church. And I said, “I don’t need to see. I believe, I believe.”

And so she was totally healed. Okay. So, they said don’t leave. Don’t, the preachers even said don’t leave. We stayed another night. Seven deaf people were healed the next night. The third night the glory of God came in so strong that there was a crippled walk out of a wheelchair that had been there for 12 years. They rented a larger room. That night there was over 1500 there. And I’m laying hands on people and I’m doing everything because they’re hungry now. They’ve seen the power of God. Once somebody really tastes the glory of God, you will never want to be empty again. When the glory of God comes in, that’s it. You want it. Hallelujah.

And so I was tired. I had ministered and ministered and I went over by the side of the room and I just stood there and God said, “Ask me for something. What do you want?” And I thought, I said, “I want more of the of the anointing.” He said, “You already have the anointing. Ask me for something you don’t have.” And I said, “I want the power.” He said, “You already have the power. You are baptized in the Holy Ghost and fire. You’ve got it.” So I said, “I want all these people to be baptized in the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit. I want all these Baptist folks, even the pulpit.” And you know what he did? He said, “Watch.” And a pillar of fire came down in that church. It was out of… it was a pillar of fire.

And he said, “Watch.” And it moved over the whole entire congregation. And as the pillar of fire moved, they just started falling out of their seats.

SID: This is a Baptist church?

ELAINE: Yes, they just start falling out of their seats. And as they fall, Sid, they’re going and they’re speaking in other tongues. He got all the way over to the edge of the pulpit and said, “Elaine, watch.” He went and when he did, all the preachers was baptized in the Holy Spirit.

SID: That’s normal. Let the whole world be normal.


SID: Normal as written in the Bible.


SID: Elaine, you hear from God so clearly. Give me one of the most important nuggets you can on how we all can hear from God like you.

ELAINE: Okay. I pray in the spirit in my hotel room. I live in hotel rooms because I’m on the road constantly and I pray in the spirit and after I pray in the spirit, I sit and listen. 50% of prayer is listening. I know the voice of God that strong, just like I know my husband or my children or anybody else, because I have sat in a room and listened. You learn the voice of God.

SID: I’ll tell you what, when we come back, I’m going to turn the Elaine loose to pray for miracles and release the glory that’s on her life anew. Be right back.

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Our Guest Ryan Bruss

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SID: My guest is Ryan Bruss, and it’s kind of a reversal for him because he’s one of our producers, and he’s usually analyzing what’s going on and giving direction rather than being in that chair. But he wrote a book that I am really, really excited about. Carrying the Presence, the presence of God. But you have an approach that is very, very different. But for starters, what do you mean by carrying the presence?

RYAN: Well, Jesus said “Pray this way. Thy kingdom come, thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” So whatever is going on in heaven, Jesus says bring it to earth. Bring it here. And because Jesus lives inside us, we carry the kingdom wherever we go, whether we’re at home, our job, work, right in this studio, we’re carriers of the presence. And right now, Sid, the Lord has been speaking to me all day, right now is a time for ordinary people with ordinary lives, doing extraordinary things for God. I mean, now is the time. Two-thirds of God’s name is go, so we might as well just do it. We might as well just go and preach the gospel, heal the sick, cleanse the leper, and cast out devils.

SID: Tell me a bit about the supernatural early on.

RYAN: Well, I was born again 40 years ago. I know I don’t look that old, Sid, but I was born again 40 years ago, and my dad died of cancer when I was 12. And right after he died, my mom looked at us three kids, looked up to heaven, said “You know what, I’m not going to do this by myself. You guys are going to get filled with the Holy Ghost.” And so that night we all got full of the Holy Ghost. He stays—

SID: All of you?

RYAN: All three of us, just like that.

SID: Did you speak in tongues?

RYAN: All speaking tongues. Yeah, we went … I’m telling you, I can remember like it was yesterday. We were laying on our bed, my brother in his and me in my bed. We were just speaking in tongues all night at just 12 years old, 10 years old. And so we didn’t have a lot of money growing up at all, because my father died. The cancer just ate through our finances, and we literally had to lay our hands on appliances and believe for them to work. We had to … True story, we had to pray over the food that it would multiply in our home. In fact, my mom said, I remember it, again, like it was yesterday. We sat on the front of our house, me, my brother and sister, and my mom, saying “You’re going to pray, we’re all going to pray in the Spirit until groceries pull up in our driveway.”.

So we sat there, she said “Close your eyes,” probably because she didn’t know what to expect. But we closed our eyes and I had one eye open as I was praying, [speaking tongues], you know, and sure enough, Sid, a car pulls up in our driveway and brought us a whole car load of groceries.

SID: I don’t know about you, Brian, but seeing that direct, amazing answer to prayer was more important than the groceries. I don’t know. You might have said the groceries.

RYAN: Well, the groceries, that filled our stomach, that was the good part. But I grew up in a house with the supernatural, because you know my mom personally, she’s a seer. And so we couldn’t get away with anything.

SID: What does seer mean?

RYAN: A seer is somebody that has her eyes opened to the spirit realm. But I grew up with my mom seeing angels with us. I could tell you hundreds of stories of the glory angels, because that’s just how we grew up.

SID: As a young man you were a dreamer, and God started speaking to you in dreams.

RYAN: I didn’t have anybody. Because I grew up without a father, didn’t have anybody to mentor me. So the Holy Spirit took over, and he would mentor me on what to do about this, what to do about that. And as a teenager, I had a dream where all these dirt clods were coming down a conveyor belt, and my job was to break them open and get to the center. And in the center I saw a diamond, and the Lord said “That’s part of your ministry, is to help people see their value and worth before me.”

SID: You say we have answers to everyone’s need inside of us. Does everyone have answers to everyone’s need, or just you?

RYAN: Well, I have some good answers. But if you are born again, you carry God with you. And the big revelation that the Lord is trying to speak to me about, Sid, is that you have to … Everybody, if you call yourself a Christian, you have to begin to understand that you carry the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit with you. So everywhere you go, things are going to start happening. God is going to move. Bring the kingdom into your finances and bring the kingdom into your spouse’s life. Bring the kingdom to your kids or any area of your life.

SID: Now, in 1996 you went to Pensacola, Florida. Tell me what that experience brought to you, besides a wife.

RYAN: It did bring me, that was good. And later on, kids. But the beautiful thing about the Brownsville Revival is, because I thought it was already, this is 1996 I went there, I thought I was already on fire for God until I went to a revival. And then you know where you’re at with God. And it totally changed my life. As you know, I ended up working for Steve Hill, but it totally changed my life. See, revival wrecks you. I’m a pastor of our church now. I get frustrated when I don’t see and feel what I felt in revival. We don’t go to the past, but if it’s not at least that, I need something else. I need the glory, I need more of God, because I know what is available.

SID: But you went out in the streets there with … But then you didn’t just go out in the streets witnessing, how many people did you have with you on the street?

RYAN: On the weekends we had sometimes 275 people that would hit the streets and evangelize. It was awesome. And one of the greatest testimonies that came out of that is, there was a man by the name of Chacho. He was going into a bar, and our group of students just said “Hey, can we talk to you?” Anybody can say that, “Hey, can we just talk to you for a minute?” He goes “Okay, I’ll talk to you.” Well, this was over 20 years ago, and to make a long story short, he gets down on his knees, prays a prayer of salvation. When he stood up, he was set free from every addiction in his life. I mean, he was so saved, as we said back in the revival. He was so saved that 20 years later now, I’m talking about right now, I speak at his pastors’ conferences and do missions trips, because he’s planted orphanages and churches all over Mexico. Just because we met him going out of a bar.

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Our Guest Curt Landry

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SID: You teach that the church’s biblical heritage was robbed. When was it robbed and what was it robbed of?

CURT: Well, during the Constantine period, you know, when the Romans couldn’t control the Jewish church, the true believers, and they had to change its identity by changing its culture and its calendar. If you remove people from your culture, then you’re going to lose your identity and you change their calendar and you’re going to lose your blessings. You know, we know as Jews that in Exodus, just putting your feet under the table of Psalm 23, “The Lord prepare a table for us in the midst of our enemies,” that’s the Passover table. There’s nine blessings of provision and vision, protection, multiplication, and prosperity for your family.

CURT: All that wisdom, knowledge, but most of all identity, and Sid, you know this. Identity is the key to the glory because identity has to do with personal intimacy that turns into a corporate intimacy and then turns into a congregational intimacy where people are being healed. That’s what happened in Togo. The alignment was there, Jew and Gentile, and the Lord literally prepared a table for us, let’s say, in that soccer field and there was multitudes of miracles. It happened many other places.

SID: Now, you had firsthand knowledge of what it’s like to have your identity stolen. Yours was stolen at birth. Tell me briefly what happened.

CURT: I was conceived out of wedlock, Jewish mother, Gentile father. Because of that, both families said no to the marriage. Then they set up for an abortion. Three days before the abortion was going to happen, my father, the Catholic, went to the Catholic priest on the Air Force base and said, “The Jewish woman could go into Los Angeles and have the child born in a hospital there, a Catholic hospital, and put into a Catholic orphanage.” That’s where I was there.

SID: Now, you pay attention to this, what he’s sharing, because this is also what happened to the church. But go ahead.

CURT: Yeah. Then I was six months in the orphanage. I was colicky, I was put in with the bad babies, and then, praise God, Ray and Rita Landry, Catholic man, Jewish woman again, the Lord’s making His point, comes back and they adopt me at six months. You know, I went from being labeled, basically, first labeled as bastard, next one is orphan, next one is adopted, and then the next one is no identity, Jew or Gentile. Then when I was born again at age 36, I spiritually got visited by the Lord when I was involved in a Messianic wedding, but three years after, it’s in my book, three years after I was saved, I miraculously was reconnected with my biological father that told me the story. I found out- Excuse me. I found out that-

SID: By the way, you had no desire to meet them. You loved the parents that adopted you.

CURT: Right, yeah.

SID: Why did you meet him?

CURT: The Lord had me stay home from work and you know me well, I work hard. I’m a type A. I stayed home and I prayed and I had a download from the Holy Spirit. I operate as a prophet and the Lord said, “I want you to find your biological father.” I listened to it and I ignored it. The next day, I was going to go to work and the Lord said, “Stay home that day.” I was on the floor in my office at home and He said, “I want you to find your biological father.” I said, “I don’t want to open that can of worms.” The Lord says, “When I open a can of worms, I take care of all the worms.” Five phone calls later, I miraculously found my father in Palm Beach, Florida, and he said, “I would love to meet you.” At that time, I was in the fruit business. Publix supermarket was one of my accounts. Of course, they have a distribution center in Miami.

CURT: I flew into Miami, drove to Palm Beach, and sat in a little café and I watched my, you know, 25-year-old self walking into that- Literally we looked just alike. He literally was walking in. We have a little different waddly walk. Here he comes walking in and it was just like [me]—it was so healing. That night, as the Lord said, that night I got to share with him my testimony and had the honor and privilege of leading my biological father to the Lord the first night.

SID: When you found out that you are Jewish, that’s good, but how did it change you, Curt? That’s what I want to know.

CURT: You know, it’s a spiritual thing. It has to do with honesty and integrity to the Lord that you’re being true to yourself. You know, people asked me to write books for years. I’d been in ministry a long time. But when Thomas Nelson came and said, “Listen, there’s so much confusion over in the evangelical community and in our community that we sell our books to over the Jewish roots. There’s so much.” They said, “Listen, we know your testimony. Would you share with us? Would you write a book and parallel your 63 years to the church? Because we feel like the Holy Spirit’s bringing the church back to its roots.”

SID: I’ll tell you what, Curt, it is so amazing when you really find out how the identity of the church was stolen, this Emperor Constantine, he literally made it illegal to observe anything Jewish. He denuded the church of its identity. Well, the church is ready to get its identity back. You know who the church is? It’s us. It’s you. It’s people.

CURT: That’s right.

SID: When we come back, I want to find out how to get our identity back.

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Our Guest Adrian Beale & Adam Thompson

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ADAM: I saw it, and this is not from God. It’s from the enemy, and I decree through the power of the blood of Jesus, that Jessica, you are healed. And it happened two,000 years ago where you were healed. Jesus took it on the cross and through the power of the blood and the resurrection, I decree divine order through the eye and through the head of Jessica. Lord, we just thank You that you’re revealing a revelation of how much You love Jessica. And we thank You for complete healing, and we thank You for destiny; of the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven around Jessica’s life. And we decree that through the power of the blood.

SID: I loved that! Now, that is not a parable or symbolism.


SID: That is straight.

ADAM: That is straightforward.

SID: Are visions sometimes in mysteries?

ADAM: Sometimes they can be, but as I said before, as you search it out and you grow, you know the word. You learn to discern what is a parable. The more abstract it is, the more it’s a parable. The more straightforward it is, the more you know of its literal, you see. So, it’s actually a literal vision that God is showing you about a situation of a person’s life. Like when I pray for people, I can get that on the spot. But when you actually receive visions, you go into like a trance state, and there’s nothing wrong with using the word “trance” because when Peter in acts chapter 10 when he was on the rooftop, he went into a trance, and he had that vision. It was quite abstract to him, so there was a parable behind that. And when the unclean animals came down, and he was talking about the gentiles, when the Lord said, “Kill them and eat.” And he said, “Surely not me” but he woke up out of it. And as you read it, it says, “He was wondering what the vision meant.” And so he needed the interpretation for it. But in time, he realized when the Lord sent Cornelius’s servants to come and collect peter to pray for the family. They received message impartation, and he was the first Italian to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and become “born again”. So he worked that afterward, “This is what the Lord is saying.” And he had this word through this vision.

SID: And you know when you talk about impartation for things such as hunger, hunger for understanding dreams and visions, I don’t know if you two gentlemen know this, but the more you talk, the hungrier I’m getting to understand my dreams.

ADRIAN: [laughs]

ADAM: [laughs] yeah.

SID: I mean, it’s wonderful!

ADAM: That’s good.

SID: You’re imparting by just talking to me.

ADAM: Yeah.

SID: Now, I would like the two of you to teach just for a couple of minutes what you’re going to impart. Would you do that?

ADAM: Well, I’m going to impart, I’m going to pray and when we pray this, Adrian is going to pray for revelation. I’m going to pray for hunger; for God to speak to you in your dreams. For hunger for you to have dreams from God and the Holy Spirit’s going to release encounters as well. You can have encounters in the night which is another thing as well, but dreams come first.

SID: Is an encounter like a visitation—

ADAM: A visitation.

SID: From an angel or Jesus?

ADAM: You know, I have many visitations of angels, and from the throne room of God, and you can have; encounters. But, I’m going to pray for this for you to be hungry for this. Because it’s very important to be hungry for the things of God and to seek out the Spirit of God. And when I pray for this, I believe you’re going to have an impartation or encounter. And I would like everybody that watching this to touch the television screen, your laptop—

SID: Or your radio—

ADAM: The radio, the I-Phone, or whatever it is. If you’re listening to the radio in the car, touch as you pull over. I want you to pull over now, don’t do it while you’re driving and touch the radio, and we’re going to pray. Heavenly Father, through the power of the Holy Spirit; I decree Holy Spirit, that you are going right through the radios, through the laptops, through the media, right now Lord. I just prophesy that there’s a massive, impartation right now of the hunger, the passion. And Lord Jesus, I thank you that you reveal yourself to these people that are touching the radio right now, that are touching the laptop, the I-Phone. I thank you Holy Spirit that you are having a massive, impartation, you’re giving a massive, impartation to these people Lord. And I thank you that their minds are opening up to receive. I prophesy to the pathways in the mind. I prophesy to the pathways to the mind coming into divine order, the revelation of Jesus Christ, the image of God. And I thank You Lord, that there’s the word that becomes; Lord the word is becoming flesh. It’s manifesting in their body, they’re becoming Christ-like through these dreams and visions. I thank You for healings, I thank You for miracles. Lord, I thank You for, Lord, reconciliation in families through these dream encounters. I prophesy this through the power of Jesus, Yeshua, in the name of Jesus, I prophesy this in Jesus name.

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November 17th, 2019 at 6:17 am

Our Guest Dr. Michael Brown

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SID: Hello, I’m here with my friend Dr. Michael Brown. We’ve been friends over 30 years. Mike, you’ve written over 35 books, but this is what you said to me on the phone. It’s this book is the most intense book you have ever written with the greatest urgency of any book you have ever written. And then I got a report, and this just didn’t even sound like you. While you were writing this book, the fire of God really literally came on you. Explain what you meant.

DR. BROWN: The intensity was in two ways. The content, as God began to open my eyes to what was happening in the spiritual realm. As I began to connect the dots in the society, and the unseen forces behind it. And then putting the material out, it was intense. It was really life and death issues. But then the way God moved on me, the publisher said, “Can we get the manuscript by a certain point in time?” I said, “Well, I’m going to do my best.” I got moved on. I got stirred. It was literally like I felt fire in my… I had to keep writing. I had to keep writing.

DR. BROWN: And I remember, one night, it was 2:30 in the morning. I though, “Okay, you’re done. Time to stop.” And the moment I laid down, it’s, “No!” I got hit with another subject, and I went back downstairs, and I went to writing again till 4:30 in the morning.

DR. BROWN: I was consumed. And it’s almost as if, “Aha, we’ve exposed Jezebel, we see what she’s doing. We see what these spiritual forces are doing and now we know how to deal with her.”

SID: Who is this Jezebel?

DR. BROWN: So we see Jezebel in the Old Testament and the New Testament. You could say she’s the most wicked woman in the Bible. She came from a pagan background, married a King of Israel. She was an idol worshiper. She was a seductress. She literally killed the prophets. She silenced and intimidated by fear. She emasculated men, and there was a spirit of witchcraft with her as well. And it helped plunge Israel into destruction. And then Jesus in the New Testament references this false prophet is called Jezebel, probably the name he’s giving her. Note it’s the same demonic forces, the same demonic powers, that operated through Jezebel in the Bible because she even intimidated Elijah the Prophet on one occasion. This spirit upon her, something more than her.

DR. BROWN: Jesus identifies it in the New Testament also as a false prophetess, also as someone who teaches sexual immorality and idolatry. So that’s the woman in the Bible.

SID: So the spirit on that woman is turned loose today. What’s kind of the parallels with today and Jezebel?

DR. BROWN: So let’s look at who she was. You could say that she was an arch radical feminist. We see this like never before. I mean radical feminists that want to abolish men from the planet. There’s not a lot of foresight in thinking like that, but that’s what they want to do. And then with idolatry, so she was an idolater, and we see the nation plunged into the worship of other gods and consumed with material earthly things. But we know in the ancient world that with idolatry there was baby killing.

DR. BROWN: We’re not just talking about a woman with a difficult situation who wrestles and decides to have an abortion. We’re talking about shout your abortion. We’re talking about governors defending infanticide. So you’ve got the spirit of idolatry. You’ve got the spirit of baby killing. You’ve got the spirit of radical feminism. She was a seductress. We’ve got kids as young as eight years old today getting exposed to pornography. You have that aspect.

DR. BROWN: Then you have witchcraft associated with her. And I’ve read articles and documented in the book that there are more witches today in America than Presbyterians. Then you’ve got the spirit of fear, the intimidation, and what does she do? She silences that prophetic voice. So we don’t have it. You can’t speak. Everyone’s afraid. “If I speak, I’m going to lose my job.” Pastors are afraid to speak, individuals.

SID: This has really struck home to you because this spirit of Jezebel came on my friend Mike. He didn’t even know, it was a sneak attack, and almost took your life. Briefly, tell me what happened.

DR. BROWN: So there were three different times in my life that I realized I’m dealing with Jezebel. The first time was right after God gave me a prophetic message to America, for the church to wake up, a wake up call for the nation with a promise of revival. Next thing, all hell broke loose against me and against Nancy. She got… It started. She got hit, my wife Nancy, with everything she never got hit with before. Where is this coming from? I got hit. The enemies telling me, “You’re coming down.”

DR. BROWN: I felt no authority. I felt no ability to minister.

SID: If you knew this guy, the way I know this guy, when he says he didn’t even want to go out and minister, you know that’s something strong.

DR. BROWN: When I would feel a prophetic word, I was afraid. I had to pray for hours just even get my head above water.

SID: That’s so hard to believe.

DR. BROWN: Bombarded by lies. I felt paralyzed. I felt emasculated. Well, a few years after this, Nancy and I are in India. And we were going to one city. The brother we work with, a real apostolic man planted thousands of churches. He said, “We’re going to the city of Vijayawada. They worship a goddess there, and she is the principality of the entire state of Andhra, with 60 million people. They worship her. And we’re going to go confront her.

DR. BROWN: And God spoke to me. “Do what Elijah did on Mount Carmel, and call all the priests and the worshipers of Kanaka Durga, and say, “We’re going to find out tomorrow night who’s the real God. Yahweh or Kanaka Durga?”

DR. BROWN: Before we got there, Sid, all of a sudden, I got hit and I realized it’s Jezebel. It’s Jezebel.

DR. BROWN: I felt that same thing. No authority, a spirit of fear coming over me. I didn’t want to be prophetic and confront. So I said to Yesuh Padham, I said to him, “What does her statue look like?” And he said, “Brother, this beautiful, powerful goddess. And she’s holding in her hand the head of a giant that she killed.” It’s the king of demons and she crushes him. So she crushes the powerful man. And then he said it was a strange thing. Her worshipers, once a year, the men dress up as women and wear makeup. And right before we went to have this–

SID: You saw the same spirit there was on Jezebel in the Bible, in that country.

DR. BROWN: Alive and well and thriving. Right before we got there, I had to get up in the middle of the night to try to pack. We had to drive all day. It was this old room with an old bed, and the wood was rough. I walked by it in the middle of the night, and it literally sliced off a chunk of flesh on my heel. And I heard Genesis 3:15, “He’ll strike your heel, but you’ll crush his head.”

DR. BROWN: And we went there. We had a public confrontation. And not only did the power of God come down, a demonized man began to dance around and confess, “Kanaka Durga is not a god. Kanaka Durga is not a god.” And not long after that, they literally had an earthquake and it shook some of the foundations of the temple. There is one true God and Jezebel is defeated in Jesus’ name.

SID: And I’m going to tell you something. He went through that so you don’t have to go through that. You are going to find out the connection between President Trump and Jezebel, and how it will trigger World War III, next.

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Our Guest Tommy Combs

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Tommy: The blood covenant is for your children, your grandchildren and your great-grandchildren. It’s for all of us to use, every individual. The blood covenant is for us who accept Jesus as our Savior. We receive eternal life because the blood of Jesus. Sometimes a person is sick or in an accident. You may have been there, I’ve been there. We have to go be op-in an operation, go through an accident time, and we need sometimes in the emergency or in the hospital they have to give us a blood transfusion, a blood transfusion. They need our blood and we need the blood in order to live. So we give blood or take blood because it’s life. These people can receive life from another person’s blood by having that blood transfusion put into our bodies. They receive life, oh, I’ve got to say it again, they receive life from another person’s blood. Oh, will that preach or teach? They receive life from another person’s blood. Jesus Christ’s blood transfusion [laughs] He gives us blood. Receive the blood of Jesus; you don’t need another blood transfusion. The… One time apply the blood to your life, the blood will save, cleanse us, it’s the blood of Jesus. Jesus is on the cross, beaten, nailed to a tree, just for you, and just for me. A sacrifice, totally wounded for you and me. The blood flowed when they put the crown of thorns on His head, the blood flowed. Now listen, this wasn’t no little ole rose bush crown of thorns, these things were that long. They pushed them down, because the first place the devil wants to hit you is in your mind. He wants to get in your mind so when he gets in your mind, he put that blood so those, those thorns crushed into the mind ’cause the Devil wants to play with our mind. “You are no good; you’ll never be any good. You’ll never be saved; you’ve been too bad to be saved.” He comes to steal, kill and destroy. He will lie to you, he is a liar. If the devil tells you it’s raining, the sun is shining. I tell– if the sun is shining, he’ll tell you it’s raining; he is a liar! Any time that he comes, anytime the thought comes, “Just get away from me you liar! I know where you’re going you liar.” Just talk to him. Talk back to him. You ever figure out that these demons that we deal with have been around for centuries? It is not like they were born yesterday. They were, they have been around for centuries, so they knew your bloodline all the way back to your great-great-great-great-grandma. They’ve been around your family for hundreds of years. So they know how to come against us. And we have to know how to come against them. And there’s only one way to properly come against them. The blood. The blood. The devil hates it. The devil hates it when you start talking about the blood. The devil hates it when you walk through your house pleading the blood. The devil hates it when you put your hand on your children, grand children and plead the blood over them. The devil, the devil hates it when you put your checkbook down under your hand and you command money to come in that checkbook and you plead the blood of Jesus and your debts get paid and you didn’t know where they were going to get paid. Don’t tell me it can’t happen, ’cause I know it can happen.

Got a friend of mine in a little church in Tennessee. Not a little church anymore, running 3,000. Man comes to his church, looks to be about 60, I called him a hippie looking man. That’s a word some of you don’t understand, but most of you do. He’s about 60 years old, got on a pair of shorts and flip-flops with a coat and tie up here, you know, worshiping God. Now that, little unusual for me, maybe not unusual in some of our churches, but unusual for me. So the… Most of the pastors I know on Monday, take a day of rest Monday. It’s kind of a day of rest. So he’s at home resting, and the phone rings and it’s one of his elders and deacons and he said, “You know the man that sat up front with his…” “Yeah, we know him.” He said, “He’s here and he wants to meet with you.” And he said, “Well you know, it’s Monday and I really don’t want to meet with anyone uh, still got my PJs on running around the house.” He said, “Well, he is adamant about meeting you for lunch.” So they talk awhile and he agrees, showers, shave, get ready, go eat and he meets the guy for lunch. They get to lunch and he said, “Pastor, I’m driving through, I stop at your church, I’m so impressed, God spoke to my heart…” He said, “I love it, I love your preaching, I love this church. I want to do something for you, and I’m from California, and I’m headed back home, but I want you to take this. I want you to take this and use it for the glory of God.” He slides a check across the table at P.J. Chang or whatever you call it I don’t know what it is. It’s P.F., it ain’t P.J. See that’s how much I know, P.F. Chang. He slides a check across the table, for 4 million dollars. Listen! There, there is some money in this world and God’s going to bring it to you and God’s going to bring it to me when you start pleading the blood of Jesus. When you start pleading the blood of Jesus over your finances, when you start doing right with your tithe and your offering, oh- and you start doing right with your tithe and offering, God will pour that blessing out that you don’t have room to receive it. Somebody give Him praise! Will somebody help me praise Him! Let me tell you what that man did not know. That man did not know this church owed 3.95 million dollars in debt. He didn’t know that, but he wrote the check for $4 million; paid the church off completely. My pastor buddy writes a check for $400,000, that’s the tithe, sends it to another buddy of mine in Mobile, Alabama, and pays that church off. That’s what you’re supposed to do. That’s why we’re supposed to… I’m talking about the blood. I’m talking about the blood. He didn’t know, the man from California didn’t know, this pastor had walked through his church pleading the blood of Jesus over a financial miracle that’s going to pay that church off. He didn’t know how much they’d fasted and prayed for a man to show up and pay the debt off for that church. He didn’t know that, but God knew it and God sent the man. I’m telling you, when you plead the blood over your family, when you plead the blood over your children and grandchildren, don’t forget to plead the blood over your checkbook, over your finances. Plead the blood; plead the blood. Somebody praise Him in the house.

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Our Guest Adam Thompson

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LARRY: Yeah. What I want to do is kind of wrap this section up, because again we do these shows, we just kind of go with the flow of the Holy Spirit. And I love this concept, Ephesians 2:6, I wrote it down here because we’re very, so many of us are very familiar with that statement, of being seated with Jesus, seated with Christ in the heavenly places. But as soon as you mentioned about worship, I just felt like the Holy Spirit wanted us to park on that because that is a way for so many believers, again not just our charismatic friends, but all these different churches and different denominations, I believe we’re moving to this point where God just wants His people to encounter Him. And I love what you were saying because He wants the people to stop begging and start decreeing. So what I’m going to do is I just sense a word of the Lord and I’m going to pass it to you to end this segment and I just want to speak out of what Holy Spirit is saying right now concerning worship. I actually believe, even right now if you’re watching this, I want to encourage you to press into the presence of God. I just want to encourage you to lift your eyes and go up to where God is. And you might ask, “How do I do that,” by faith, by faith. It’s not a matter of ascending a literal mountain, but like Adam was talking about, and Adam I’m going to have you speak to this as we finish, I want to encourage you just to go into His presence with no ulterior motive except to worship and adore Him. Father, I thank you. I come before you right now. I worship You for who You are and I thank You. As a result of that, Your presence would just come and fill this place, fill this room, fill this location where I am. I believe the Lord’s going to do that. Adam, what do you feel like the Holy Spirit is just saying in regard to that? And you can just talk to our friends who are watching.

ADAM: Well, I believe this is a generation we are coming in to, there’s a generation where God is seeking worshipers.


ADAM: He’s always you know, He always seeks worshipers, but this is a time where there’s a new breed rising. And I believe that the Elijah; when I say the Elijah is coming, I mean it’s a corporate group of people. And there are people that worship the Lord and become intimate with the Lord and then move in power out of that intimacy. And that’s how we access the kingdom, is through worship. And I do believe that there are a lot of people out there who know the Lord, they’re born again, but they’re really going through a time of getting beaten up by the enemy. The enemy’s actually attacking their families, attacking their loved ones. But when you actually encourage yourself, first you encourage yourself in the Lord…When David did, when King David, when his men were going to stone him and then he encouraged himself in the Lord and then it actually disarmed the demonic powers around him. And I believe that what we’re going to do is, that when we worship the Lord, encourage ourselves in the Lord, it disarms the demonic powers in the heavenlies around us and we go straight into that place where we’re seated in heavenly places. See I had a, I had an encounter, of Heaven going back about six years ago. And I was on the sea of glass and as I got closer to the throne room, there were all these empty seats, completely empty seats.


ADAM: And there was this voice that spoke to me and I thought, “What’s going on here? It must mean an event or there’s about to be an event, but there’s no one here.” And the Lord said, “No, these are the seats of the saints that have been robbed from the revelation of what it is to be seated in heavenly places.”

LARRY: Wow! Wow, my goodness!

ADAM: So there’s so many people that are robbed, from that revelation of what it is to be seated in heavenly places. So really we are, we are the true highlanders. We live in that realm, we operate out of that realm, as sons. LARRY: Well, and the cool thing is, stay right with us, we’re going to go into our next segment, we’re going to actually talk to you about how you can access this realm. [music] We’ve told you about what it is, we told you about worship being a key catalyst that will bring you into that place but hang on there, we’re going to tell you how to access this heavenly realm.

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