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Our Guest Steven Brooks

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Sid:  If you had some of the angelic encounters that my guest has had you’d be red hot for the Messiah, but the purpose of this show is so that you can understand the angels assigned to you and you can start cooperating with them.  Now my guest’s name is Steven Books, I’ speaking to him at his home in Moravian Falls, North Carolina; I’ve been there and the stories I’ve heard that that area was so saturated with angelic visitation.  But tell me Steven about the time that five angels of rival that came to you, we talked a bit about that, but they lectured you literally on living a holy life and some other arenas. Then tell me about your experience with the glory of God. Sid Roth supernatural languages

Steven:  Well, Sid for thirty minutes exactly of them talking with me and me being allowed to ask them certain questions I was sitting before them and they said to me, one angel said, “Steven” he said, “Would you like to experience what it’s like to be in a full blown Holy Spirit move of God?”  And I said, “Yes.”  And when I said “Yes,” each one of those angels, there were five of them that each reached forth with their right hand and they pointed with their pointing finger and held that finger out and they each touched me with just a tip of their finger.”  And when they each touched me at the same time with the tip of their finger I fell out on the floor for over two hours just shaking, my body was just shaking, it felt like electricity just went, if felt like I just stuck my finger in an electrical outlet, and I was just shaking under the power of God.  And I was even thinking, I was with my natural mind, “Lord, I hope this doesn’t wake up my wife and daughter in the room, because I was flopping all over the floor like a fish.”  And the Lord was just shaking out of me anything that wasn’t of Him and making more room for Him in my life.

Sid:  Well that kind of makes sense because you heard a lecturer from the angels on walking in holiness and then you got a little extra help.

Steven:  Right and that’s where the Quakers and the Shakers got their name from having experiences with God’s power.

Sid:  Now, was the power, how could you describe it, it doesn’t sound like it was soft, it sounds like it was almost violent.

Steven:  It is, it doesn’t hurt it feels good, but it causes a reaction. I wouldn’t say it’s a manifestation of the Spirit, I would say it’s a manifestation of my body manifesting to God’s power that flowed through those angels.  And I’m just having a reaction to that. Your flesh will react and mine was just I was just shaking all over the place, I shook for two hours uncontrollably and that’s a long time to shake but after it was all over I had no bruises.

Sid:  I wanted to ask you “Were you sore?”

Steven:  No not at all I felt wonderful, I felt totally energized, I felt like it was a brand new day, it felt awesome.

Sid:  Now, before we went on the air we were talking about the revival that’s coming to America, you were told about the rival.  Tell me some of the things you know about the healing revival that’s coming to America.

Steven:  Well, I know Sid that when it hits it’s full pivot, when it’s at full force it will be going 24 hours a day nonstop.  They’ll be people preaching under the anointing 3 days straight with no sleep, no food, no water.  They’ll be outpourings of God’s glory that will take place at certain hot spots around America.  And you know when I had that visitation from the Lord on that 40 day fast on that 10th day when He told me about this coming revival He said something to me very interesting, but He said this, He said, “Steven, He said when this revival hits full force He said this will be a very good time for Dominos Pizza.”  I said, “What!” I said, “Lord what does that mean?”  He said, “He said the revival will go around the clock, he said, “People won’t leave,” He said, “They won’t go home, He said they’ll just stay there.”  He said, “Where ever My Spirit moves in that type of power He said, “People will not leave they’ll stay there for sometimes for two weeks in a row.”  He said, “What they’ll do is they’ll sit under the anointing, they’ll sit there in these meetings and they’ll come out order a pizza eat it and go right back under that anointing.”  He said, “Steven, they won’t want to leave.” Sid Roth articles

Sid:  Now did He give you any indication as to whether this revival will last until He returns?

Steven:  I believe what is going to take place Sid is that this outpouring of God’s Spirit, it is preparation for the end time.  I think what we’re seeing is a harvesting of the harvesters, so this first wave, this first strong moving of God’s Spirit that we are going to see I don’t believe it’s the final thing.  I believe we need a lot more harvesters, I think that if the harvest came in right now I think every net would break, every ship would sink, I don’t think the church is ready for it, we need more people that know how to lead people into salvation, how to lead people to the Holy Spirit baptism, we need more people that are trained and qualified to do that, and how to instruct young believers in the Lord.  So I believe this first great moving of God’s Spirit that’s going to take place as a harvesting of the harvest.

Sid:  And any idea how long until this happens?

Steven:  I believe we’re just a couple of years out but here’s the thing, is that with my ministry I’m not waiting until everybody says “It’s happening.”  I’ve already jumped on it I’m already surfing this wave even before it breaks and that’s why we’re seeing some amazing miracles of healing that are taking place in our meetings.

Sid:  Tell me about that woman with scoliosis.

Steven:  Well, this was about a year and half ago when I was ministering in Lancaster, California, and there are angels of healing that are assigned to my ministry.  You know I want to explain that to the people because the Lord Jesus He is the Healer, He is the one that’s doing all of the healing, but He works through His willing vessels, and I’m just a vessel and I lay my hands on people and His anointing can flow through me.  And the angels they are in those meetings and they help strengthen me and they’ll put their hands on me to give me strength and just give me a little taste and strength of that glory realm just to help me keep going.  And so I was in that meeting going down the prayer line and I got to the last person in that line, it was a very long line, but Sid the last person in that prayer line for healing was a young girl, she was sixteen years old.  And she suffered with scoliosis of the spine. She had a noticeable curve in the upper part of her back that was there from that scoliosis; she had to wear a back brace 22 hours out of every 24 every single day of her life she had to wear that back brace. And she came into that line and she had her mom take the brace off before she go into the prayer line, but I prayed for her that healing anointing, that power of God went into her body.  She went back to her seat and she asked her mom and she said, “Mom can I please not put that back brace on, I believe the power of God has gone into my body.”  Well, the meeting’s ended and that was on a Sunday, Monday I flew back home to Moravian Falls and on Tuesday I got a call from the pastor at that church.  He said, “Steven, he said “On Monday morning he said that young woman woke up and her back was completely straight.”  And her mother and her looked at her back and noticed that her back had been completely healed and on that very day they had their doctors appointment.  They went into the doctor’s office and the first thing the doctor said he looked at her and said, “What in the world happened to you?”  He said, “We need to rerun all the tests.” They re-x-rayed her and ran all kinds of tests and the doctor said, “Your back is completely normal, what happened to you?”  And she said, “The Lord Jesus Christ healed my back,”

Sid:  You know on a previous show you talked about you were instructed the types of miracles that we would start seeing when this great healing revival hits, tell me those again.

Steven:  There’s going to be, and this might stretch people a little, bit but Sid we’re going to see people that have the worse burned cases severe burns, even third degree burns that are life threatening, they are going to be brought from the hospitals into these meetings where this glory is being poured out and they will be healed.

Sid:  Like someone with their faces all disfigured?

Steven:  Oh yes even like Naaman that had that severe leprosy and most likely even had body parts that had already fallen off and were missing, and it says “He obeyed God and his skin was like that of an infant.  And not only was and he was made whole so if there was anything that had, a nose or finger that had come off from that leprosy it wasn’t just new skin, but he was made whole, brand new.  And so people are going to get body parts back, new skin, this is known in the Bible as the gift of the working of miracles in 1st Corinthians chapter 12, but we are going to see this come to a prominence, a forefront in the church.  We’re going to see even children with Down Syndrome, people with autism completely healed in these meetings.

Sid:  Are there going to be special cities where this will be known for or will it be everywhere?

Steven:  It won’t be everywhere but it will still be wide spread. Somebody will say, well it’s over here, and somebody will say it’s in Kansas City, and somebody will say it’s Moravian Falls, and then somebody will say it’s in Dallas happening in Dallas, and then somebody will say it’s happening out in California.  So they’ll be outpourings all over the place and people will hear about it and they’ll come by the thousands literally just like they did when Jesus was ministering had crowds up to 20,000 and plus.

Sid:  Steven I have a copy of your new book “Working with Angels” and I have to ask you a question because this is the first time we’ve talked.  Tell me about the cover.

Steven:  The cover of this book is a cover where you see some angel wings and at the same time you see horses that are running. One of the things the Lord told Jeremiah when Jeremiah was having a tough time and felt like he was so far spiritually advanced against the rest of Israel which was in sin and lawlessness, and he said, “Lord this is just really difficult to deal with.”  And the Lord said, “If it’s been hard for you to run with the footman” he said “What are you going to do when you run with the horses?”  So the Lord was trying to pull him up to a higher level of spiritual development so that he could stop walking with the footman and start running with the horses, that’s what the Lord wants us to do is run with the horses, move into this faster realm of the Spirit.

Sid:  When you teach on this area or someone reads your book “Working with Angels” what feedback do you get?

Steven:  I get a lot of positive feedback and also the same time I get a lot of questions primarily people are wanting to know, and I talk about it in the book, but it just generates more interest; “Steven how can I work with them, what do I need to do?” You know I talk about that in the book I talk about how the angels they heed and harken to the voice of His word, now that’s Psalm 103 verse 20.  It’s very interesting because it doesn’t say that “The angels harken to His word.”  Now of course the angels do, they will always harken to God’s word, but it says, “They harken to the voice of His Word.”  In other words…

Sid:  So if we’re not speaking His word, they are not harkening a whole lot, is that what you’re saying?

Steven: That’s right and so many times people do not have the angels activated in their life and they are standing around waiting for them.

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October 16th, 2012 at 12:45 pm