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Our Guest Lonnie Lane

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Lonnie Lane

Sid: I’ve been talking all this week to another Jewish believer in the Messiah Lonnie Lane who happens to be the International Prayer co-Coordinator for Messianic Vision. Of course I come from a traditional Jewish background, and the thing that is so wonderful is God interested and desirous for entire families to come to know Him. In my life, every member of my immediate Jewish family has come to know the Messiah, and in Lonnie Lanes life it is so wonderful. We’ve already found out that Lonnie came to know the Messiah, and Lonnie’s father came to know the Messiah; Lonnie’s brother came to know the Messiah, but what about your mother-in-law. Tell me about her.

Lonnie: Well I started doing Bible studies with my mother and my mother-in-law. I would tell them what the Old Testament had to say about who the Messiah would be, and here’s the fulfillment in the New Testament. We would go through this week after week, but somehow I could never get any closure for either one of them. Then one day my mother was just… it just all fell together for her. She had been afraid that her mother, who she assumed was in heaven was watching her and would be unhappy with her if she came to the Messiah. It was raining cats and dogs the night I got saved with thunder and lightning, and she was sure it was because her mother was angry, and I tried to tell her mother didn’t have that kind of authority or power.

Sid: (Laughing)

Lonnie: Finally it just all went together for her, and she accepted the Lord and got healed of migraine headaches. She’s the one… in fact that night we were supposed to have some Israeli’s for dinner, and I had made a very special dinner, and the Israeli’s cancelled.  I had left everything on the table because I said “Lord you didn’t have me make all this special kosher dinner just for nothing, you knew this would get cancelled. So I’m going to leave it there and see for what reason you had me make this celebration.” That was the day that my mother got saved where we went to an Aglow luncheon. So we had cause for celebration; so we called my mother-in-law, who’d been at the luncheon with us, she came too. When my mother had told she had accepted the Lord because she had left the luncheon early, she said “Oh I’m so jealous.” So I said to her “You can accept the Lord now too” and she said “Well it just doesn’t seem to be my time.” That’s what she kept saying. Finally that Yom Kippur that same year, the Lord told me to call my mother-in-law who was somewhat…

Sid: I love it when you say that Lonnie because I’m reminded of that young Jewish girl who went to her rabbi and said “How come God doesn’t talk to us anymore today?”

Lonnie: Oh He does, oh bless the Lord He does and I thank Him for ears to hear. He told me on this Yom Kippur, it’s a good thing I knew His voice because when you think God is saying to you on Yom Kippur “Call your mother-in-law and take her to the mall for lunch.” You know it’s got to be God because that’s not something you would expect not to do.

Sid: No.

Lonnie: To tell you to go eat first of all, or go to the mall on the holiest day of the year. I obeyed and took my mother-in-law to lunch at the mall, and it was during a conversation there when I said to her “Mom why do you keep saying it’s not my time? What do you think is your time?” She said “Well I’m waiting for my testimony” because I had given tapes and books, and watching things on television, she had been hearing so many just extraordinary testimonies that she was waiting for hers to happen. When I said to her “Well for a Jewish woman to come to see who the Messiah is, is just as extraordinary as any of these other things that you’ve heard.” I said “Do you know who He is?” She said “Oh yeah I know that He is the Messiah” I said “You know He died for your sins?” She said “Oh yes I know that.” So I said “Well you could accept Him right now.” “Oh I didn’t know that” she said, “I can do it now?” I said “Yes” and she took my hand and she said “Lord I’m sorry it took me so long, I didn’t understand would you please come into my heart and fill me with Your Spirit and forgive me for my sins.” She got gloriously saved right there in the mall.

Sid: This is on Yom Kippur?

Lonnie: In the mall on Yom Kippur.

Sid: You know Lonnie we really didn’t finish about your brother Michael. Michael on his birthday came to know the Messiah…

Lonnie: Yes he did.

Sid: What about the fact that he spent all those years in Yoga type meditation, and taking various… well marijuana I know. From what I understand his mind was so destroyed from those years with the guru and everything that he couldn’t even an intelligent sentence.

Lonnie: Well the amazing thing is that when he got saved first he saw some demons that were in his house. He saw them in his dog and we told him “The name of Yeshua has authority over the demons.” When he saw them he told the demon to leave and he actually saw the demon leave, and at that point he also got delivered form the drugs, from marijuana. If tried to put one in his mouth he go too nauseous to be able to do that. At the same time he started reading things like Andrew Murray’s “The Power of the Blood.” He said he understood spiritual dynamics because he had been involved with the other team for several years. Now that he knew who Yeshua was he started praying for people. Somebody with cancer was healed, somebody in a neck brace got to take the brace off. He just got so completely transferred from the dominion of darkness…

Sid: What about his mind?

Lonnie: Well he wound up going to Bible school and getting straight A’s in all the Bible classes. He didn’t do so well in the English and the history, but in everything that had to do with the Bible he got straight A’s. He had not even been able to do well in high school because he had petit mal and the Lord healed that too. So he’s an extraordinary Bible teacher now, and if you ask him where any verse is anywhere in the Bible he knows where it is and where to go. He can just be such a spontaneous teacher of the word.

Sid: You know Lonnie you have a lot to be grateful for.

Lonnie: Oh I do, and I am.

Sid: I have a lot to be grateful for. As your sharing a little bit about Michael I’m thinking about myself. I’m thinking about where I would be today if it wasn’t, not for me, but for God having mercy on me it was that simple.

Lonnie: Amen.

Sid: If He had not had mercy on me, I could tell you I would be in one of three places; I would be in a mental institution, or I would be in prison, or I would dead without knowing the Messiah, meaning eternity separated from God in hell with knowledge of the suffering that is going on. Now none of those three were very good choices. For me I came from a traditional Jewish background; I had a college degree; I got married young, age twenty-nine I decided there had to be something more. In fact I wrote a song by that title in college called “There Must Be Something More.” Not one Christian shared Jesus with me, not one, my entire life up until that point. The only thing I knew about Jesus Lonnie is I read in a book of “Ripley’s Amazing Believe It or Not Facts” that Jesus is Jewish. I got so angry I went to my parents and my mother said “Yes I think Jesus is Jewish.” I mean doesn’t Jesus have a better witness than Mr. Ripley? Anyway, I left my wife, I’m not proud of it; I left my daughter and I went searching for happiness and got involved in the New Age. I’m amazed in the number of Jewish people that are involved in the New Age, and the number of people who call themselves Christians that are involved in the New Age. One Christian man, for the first time a Christian man started witnessing to me. He showed me Deuteronomy 18, and he showed me that every single thing that I, and all the other Jewish people, and I might add nuns and priests, and ministers, we’re all dabbling in was an abomination called spiritual adultery, and people were stoned to death in the days of Moses. Here it’s worse, you have an eternity separated from God. You can’t even turn on TV today without seeing something about the New Age or the occult. So I almost lost my life, I didn’t even want to live. I wanted to commit suicide, I mean life was just too hard. I had so much fear that there was just no purpose in living. Jesus walked into my bedroom; he restored my mind; he restored my family; he reunited me with my wife, and my daughter. Joy and I have celebrated 43 years of marriage now; my daughter now is married with grand-daughters to a Godly man they all know the Messiah. My whole family, my Jewish mother, my Jewish father came to know the Messiah. I mean God is such a good God, and this is God’s moment in history for Jewish people to come to know Him. This is His moment. Lonnie we would be remiss if we didn’t say God loves all people; He loves Jewish people; He loves Gentile people; He loves Muslims; He loves Hindus; He loves all people, but will you love Him? There’s no other name given unto men in heaven and earth in which we must be saved, but the name of Yeshua, the name of Jesus. If you repent of your sins tell God you’re sorry for the sins. What sins have you committed? Lying, stealing, adultery… you name it look at the 10 Commandments, you know them even if they’re not posted in schools. Repent tell God you’re sorry ask for His help to be free and believe Jesus died for your sins, then read your Bible live for Him.

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Our Guests Don & Mary Jo Pennington

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Sid: What would make someone red hot for Messiah?  What about having a granddaughter that has the gift of discernment that at age 4 ½ is caught up into the heavenlies has an encounter with Jesus. Comes back and has the gift of discernment, can see angels, can see demons, knows things that only God could have told her.  I’d say that would make you red hot.  I have the grandparents of Victoria the little girl, and the grandparent’s names are Don and Mary Jo Pennington. I’m speaking to them at their home in Brandon, Florida.  On September 2nd 2003 there was a swimming party and you had your granddaughter Victoria there in your backyard.  And you live in Florida and you’re having fun and you decide to go on the slide tell me about that.

Mary Jo: Well, as it was unusual for me to want to go up the slide because I had been crippled but the lord had helped me, and I just wanted strong but my knees were well.  But I climbed up very slowly up the ladder to our high sliding board and was standing up on top of it trying to figure out how to sit down and my little granddaughter said Mary Jo can I come up there and sit down with you?  And I said “Sure.”  Well she scampered right straight up behind me and I didn’t know it but I was still struggling to get down, seated on top of the sliding board and suddenly my feet gave way and I fell from 18 or 20 inches up just flat “Bam!” right down on the sliding board.  My body hit my granddaughter and knocked her off backwards as she was hurled about six feet back just from the force of the blow from my body hitting her.  And I screamed oh God I’ve broken my baby and she should have been screaming but she didn’t say anything.

Sid: Now how high above the ground was this?

Mary Jo:  Her head was about 9 feet up.

Sid: So the fall was a 9 foot fall.

Mary Jo:  Yes, it was a 9 foot fall with the force of me you know knocking her as though she’d been hit with a great force.

Sid:  So she should have been dead; no wonder you cried that.

Mary Jo:  Yes.

Sid: You must have had as much horror and fear as a human could have.

Mary Jo:  My heart was actually broken, I was so devastated. I couldn’t stop saying and I couldn’t turn to see her because she was straight behind me.  And then suddenly I could see her over to the side she somehow had come over to my view and all I had to do is look to the side. And I couldn’t take my eyes off of her I thought if I took my eyes off of her she’d break into a million pieces.  But my husband saw what happened would you like for him to tell you what he saw?

Sid: Yes, if you would put Don on the phone right now.

Don: Hello.  

Sid: Hi Don you were watching this going on you had to be as horrified as your wife Ma Jo.

Don: I just gasped I was choking on whatever I was trying to say.   

Sid: And by profession tell me what you do, what your profession is.

Don: I’m an engineer.   

Sid: Okay so you’re a real logical minded type of individual, tell me what you saw with your eyes.

Don: I was in the pool; we had another little boy with us that we were taking care of that day was about 2 years old and I was trying to keep him from being afraid in the water.  And I was standing down in the pool close to where the sliding board is.  And I heard this noise from Mary Jo come out and says “Oh God I’ve broken my baby.”  And I looked up and I saw Victoria just flying backwards off the sliding board.  And she turned; she stretched out backward horizontal with her head going back away from the slide. And then I couldn’t believe what I was seeing it was like I was seeing in slow motion.  And she turned 180 degrees with her feet pointed in the other direction and her head towards the sliding board instead of away from it and she started floating towards the concrete and moved over about 4 feet and she landed about 6 feet away from the sliding board and 4 feet off the side from where she should have fallen if she went straight down which she should have done.

Sid: Now how do you account for her changing positions in the air?

Don:  Well, that’s what my engineering mind couldn’t grab a hold of.  I could see her you know going backwards and maybe moving a little bit but turning in the air I just couldn’t grasp that.  And also she moved off to the side instead of going straight back and straight down; she moved over about four 4 off to the side.

Sid: Okay, in effect she’s 9 feet above the ground; it’s cement I assume on the ground correct?

Don:  Correct.

Sid: Alright, so when someone falls with a force as your wife accidentally hit her backed into her and she falls 9 feet down she should have been history.

Don: That’s right.   

Sid: So you ran to her and what happened?

Don: Well I had to get this little boy I had with me in a safe place and I got to her as quickly…   

Sid: My goodness you are logical I don’t know whether I could have been that rational but go ahead.

Don: But of course I want very rational at that time at all but it was just a matter of seconds because I felt like to get out of the pool and get to her.  And she was trying to get up. and she said “I’m okay grandpa, I’m okay, I’m okay, I’m okay.  But I made her lay still until I check her all over and I started with her head and feeling for or looking for any damage and feeling for any damage and gently down her back and her arms and her legs and they all moved okay.  And I decided that there wasn’t any blood of anything broken or dangling I said “Okay you can get up now.”  And I did and she had two little marks on her, her right elbow had a little scrape on it that didn’t even bleed and a little bit of pink mark on her left hand, on the palm of her hand, you know where it made contact with the…   

Sid: When you realized that she was fine; what were your first thoughts? I mean you went from shock and fear and horror to almost I would think almost unbelief.

Don: Unbelief and then it finally dawned on us that you know we just witnessed a miracle that God had protected her and saved her from great harm.

Sid: Now again is there any way, short of a miracle, that she should have had nothing more than a scratch?

Don: Absolutely not in fact a friend of our family just a few months ago fell off an 8 foot step ladder when he was working on the gutters and it killed him.   

Sid: Hmm. I’ll tell you what if you would put your wife her name is Mary Jo and I guess the family calls her Ma Jo, put Ma Jo back on the telephone.

Don: Okay hold on please.   

Sid: Okay, Ma Jo your husband sees this miracle, the last thing that you’ve said I think you said “I broke my baby.”

Mary Jo:   Yes.

Sid: Now you realize she’s okay what’s going on with you?

Mary Jo:  Well I was still stuck at the top and I couldn’t get down any other way but to slide down into the water and I knew that if she didn’t get right back on it she would be afraid of it all her life so I asked Grandpa to hand her up to me.  And he did and I wrapped my arms around her and we slid down into the water together and then we came in to take shower and I was praising God so loud, so long and thanking Him for saving her life that she finally said “I’m okay Ma Jo alright” she heard enough.  It was enough of that because she was just fine. And then she just didn’t say anything to us, she played with the little boy that was there and the first time that we knew that there was anything different that happened beside this wonderful miracle, that spared her life, was when her Momma called on the way home and checked on her and she said “Momma I’m not broken, Ma Jo knocked me off the slide, but I’m not broken.” And she said, “I heard God yell, save the children catch Victoria and then 6 big, big, big angles caught me and zoom they took me right up to heaven.

Sid: And remember Mispochah she’s 4 ½ years old now and she’s…this was a few years ago she’s 7 today, but this is like a book of Acts type of an experience. Did she tell you much more that occurred?

Mary Jo: Well, her mother was just speechless and she took the phone she said, “Give the phone back to Ma Jo” and she said “Did you hear that?” I said “Yes, I heard it but she hadn’t said anything about it all day.” And we were just so stunned she couldn’t think of a thing to say and hung up, the mother did so I turned around to Victoria and start asking real smart questions “Like how big were the angels?” You know I was just too stunned to ask intelligent questions.  And she told us how big they were and that when they held her hand with their warm hands they were this wide like 10 – 12 inches wide that her hand glowed too.  It made her…when she held them, when they held her they made her shine like a light bulb the glory of them emanated out through her she could see her body in her hands shinning.   

Sid: Now you realize as your sharing right now there is such a presence of God on the words that you’re speaking that although I don’t have the gift of discernment to see I feel the presence of God over what you’re saying. I have a book in my hand it called “Six Big, Big, Big Angels” of which you wrote and these were based on tape recordings of all the visitations and experiences that your Granddaughter Victoria had in this experience and many other experiences.  Why did you write this book?

Mary Jo:  Well, we had to write it the Lord spoke to us and told us to write it, write down everything. One minister that we tried to share a little bit said “Write down every word she says.” And as we gathered all this material and I transcribed it from the tapes God spoke to me and I had to get it into book form because there’s so many people that need to know what she saw once she got to Heaven.

Sid: You know I’m going to read a comment on the book by Wayne Anderson; he’s from the International Apostolic Ministries and he said quote “The first time that I told Victoria’s story several people reportedly began to have open visions of Heaven and some of those visions went on for days.”  Are you getting supernatural reports like this from the book from other people?

Mary Jo:  Well the book is brand new it hasn’t been out long, but two different people have called that they see a supernatural purple glow between the pages as they turn the pages and they feel the presence of the Holy Spirit as they read it.

Sid: Well, I can tell you that as I read the book and as I talk to you there is an awesome presence of God.  There’s some, listen would you like to see Heaven from a child’s perspective?

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Our Guest Steve Hill

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Sid: I’m going to tell you something my guest is so red hot for the Messiah that even if you don’t read his books and get his tapes it’s going to pour out of the tapes and out of the radio right now.  Now Steve on yesterday’s broadcast we found out that a man I’m very familiar with Carlos Anacondia from Argentina I mean this guy has had such miracles and such deliverance and so many people saved and you walked up and you gave him a hand signal hit me on the forehead and he hit you and a ton of God’s power was deposited in you.  And you haven’t been the same since, but just out of curiosity, you went out for just a meeting and at the Brownsville church in Pensacola, Florida, and that turned into a meeting in which over 4 million people attended because there were such power radiating all over that congregation.  People were saved in amazing numbers, you were telling me that even the school system was affected, tell me about that.

Steve: Oh, they would call us because kids were falling out under the power in the hallways and one principal had several kids laid out in his office, and they had the paramedics there trying to resuscitate them with oxygen. You know the bottom line is God was moving Sid.  And I’m going to fast forward just a little bit because it just a revival it’s a move of God it has nothing to do with a building okay, you go back to Azusa right now and it’s a parking lot.  Okay it had nothing to do with the building it had to do with the Spirit of God; and so the revival moved, God touched and it went on for years and years and years.  Later I moved on, my wife and I moved on, we worked – we had previously after we worked in Argentina for 7 years, let me back up a second.  We worked for there for 7 years and we went to Russia, planted a church, we had planted 12 churches in Argentina, build an orphanage and I’m not bragging this is just what young people do when they’re on fire.  And then I read in a magazine about a move of God in England. I read in Time magazine so I went over there and Sandy Miller prayed for me in the Anglican church and I always if there’s a move of God Sid I’ve always gone on after it okay.  If you told me that there was a 12 year old girl in a certain town that God is using mightily under signs and wonders, I would go, I would go, if it was legitimate I would go to receive a touch from God period.  And so people would say, “Well, if God going to move He’ll come to our church and move,” whatever, whatever.  Why don’t you do both, why don’t you just pray that He’ll come to your church and why don’t you go after him also.

Sid: Well, you know that is a hunger, help me out I have this hunger but I don’t know how to answer this “How can someone listening to us right now have that kind of hunger for God?”

Steve: Well, it’s not that difficult, what we try to do is manufacture some type of relationship with Jesus.  We either know Him or you don’t. The way you know Him is you ask Him to forgive you of your sins and to come into your live and right now any one that doesn’t know Jesus, any one that doesn’t know Yeshua, you don’t know the Lord you can pray right now.  And say “Jesus, forgive me I have sinned, wash me, come into my life, be my Lord, my Savior, my very best friend.”  It’s not the length of your prayer my friend it is the quality of your prayer.  So I have a relationship with Jesus and He knows it, He can down load into my spirit anything because I love Him.  And if you love Him Sid the Bible says you’ll do what He asks you to do.  And you look at America, the reason we’re so messed up in the United States of America and the western church is because we say we love Him but we don’t follow Him.  And so that’s probably another whole other broadcast.

Sid: Tell me I want you to pick one out of the 1000’s if not 10’s of 1000’s of miracles that you saw in Pensacola, I want you to pick one and tell me about it.

Steve: Well, you’re being difficult now because I don’t talk about miracles unless they’re validated. So we spend time validating and one particular miracle which astounded me and you know people were always coming up Sid with x-rays before and after and all of this.  And you know I’d say “Glory to God.”  And if it were Spanish I’d say “Gloria a Dios que Él ha hecho algo maravilloso” glory to God He’s done something marvelous. There is one girl who came Sid and she was consumed with cancer, 15 years old wearing a baseball cap, skinny as a rail probably weighed I don’t know 80 pounds and she was dying and she was sent to us by a particular organization that let people that are dying, kids that are dying have their last request.  And she decided rather than go to Disney World or somewhere like that she decided to come to the Brownsville revival.  And remember we had been on CNN, Good Morning America, and Newsweek and it goes on and on. So people were being hit by this revival from all angles.  It wasn’t just a like a Christian sponsored thing, God was moving. So she told her parents she wanted to come down here, the organization OK’d it, they came down and this is one of the only times I ever made a show as far as bringing someone forward.  But God really spoke to me and said “We need to pray for her publicly.”  We did, prayed for her publicly Sid and two weeks later I received a letter, and this was back before emails, I received a letter from her father saying that they had had the MRI’s, the PET scans and the investigative work done on her and that she was cancer free. Well, fast-forward years okay that was back in 1998. Okay here we are years later, okay several years later way after the miracle we contacted her and my secretary had her number contacted her and she had moved out west she was totally clean of cancer, she had graduated from a university and she gave God all the glory for touching her.  So miracles like that we should not be surprised and right now if there’s somebody that you’re going “My God why won’t that happen to me?”  It can happen to you my friend, in the Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth I’m believing God for a healing touch in your body, I’m believing God to raise you up.  Cancer I rebuke you in Jesus Name, satin you have no authority over this man over this woman, over this child in Jesus Name we bind you in Jesus Name. We speak healing in Jesus Name.

Sid: Steve I believe people all over the world are being healed at this moment, but I have to take you to a point May 2011.  You’ve seen people healed all over the world, you’re on your deathbed in 2001 they discovered melanoma it had metastasized, and there was really no hope but you went to everyone you knew.  You were as hungry to be healed, obviously you’re a young man you’re at really everything that you’ve been trained for is for this moment.  And you know that it’s not God’s will you’re going to die but you get worse and worse and worse. On Mary 2011 you’re on your death bed; what happened?

Steve:  Well, for those of you that are experiencing the tormenting effects of cancer or if you know somebody.  I’ve never met a family that doesn’t know about cancer, somebody a friend, a neighbor. What happened to me was I had many many, many chemo therapies and I’m not going to go through them Sid in this broadcast but some of them lasted 9 months.  One particular chemo therapy they would tie men with straps to the bed because the influx of the poison, which that’s poison, chemo is poison would cause them to violently shake and then throw the bed over.  And anyway I went through 9 months of that and then 8 months of another one and 7 months of another one and finally my body gave up.  I was at the point where it was over and the authorities came into my room and they looked at me and I couldn’t walk, and I couldn’t talk I could barely talk and I didn’t know my wife’s name.  I called her George, and I’d look straight at her and called her George, I had lost everything.  And I knew that it was over for me and the doctors told my wife that “I’ve got a few days and to go ahead and make preparations.”  And so she bought two burial plots one for her and one for me and she planned my funeral in the room I’m sitting in right now.  She planned my funeral and wept, (crying) because the man she had been married to for 3 decades was dying. And now the authorities who know all about the physical body was saying “It’s over, there’s nothing more that can be done.”  And I turned to her and I said “Jerry, I’m going to die so take me off everything, just take me off everything and I know that it’s going to be violent but take me off every drug.”  Because everything shut down Sid, my liver, my kidneys, everything stopped. I’m not going to get graphic with the audience but it was horrible, it was horrible.  She slowly and she slowly weaned me off the medication and we’re talking about a period of many, many, many, horrific months but God slowly worked a miracle and staff would come in and they’ve help me walk a few feet; I couldn’t walk 50 feet.   And slowly but surely God began to restore me and I can’t put a finger on when it happened, all I know is that God touched me.  Now am I still dealing with cancer?  “Yeah, I still have some affects, and I don’t know what’s going on but let me tell you “I live a full life, I work from 14 to 18 hours a day, I preach, I laid hands the other day on at least 800 people…

Sid: I don’t know if I could do that Steve. (Laughing) Steve our time is up.

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Our Guests Sean and Ayelet Steckbeck

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Sid:  I am so tired of the Messiah, the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob being represented by people think that their relationship with God is based on 1 or 2 or 3 hours on a Saturday, 1 or 2 or 3 hours on a Sunday.  They don’t understand He’s either Lord of all, or He’s not Lord at all. You have been conned thinking that the purpose in life is to segment have your life and have a nice balanced life. You are out of balance, you are abnormal unless Jesus is Lord of everything. Unless you have intimacy with God don’t settle for counterfeit religion, settle for intimacy with the living God. Recognize that there is a call of God on your life and He has a purpose and a destiny that no one will do better than you. He has not rejected you no matter how many bad things you’ve done called sin. If you repent, turn from your sins, He is just and faithful to forgive you of all unrighteousness. Now I have on the telephone Ayelet and Sean Steckbeck from Jerusalem, Israel. They’re in the United States, and if you understand what happened to Ayelet, if you understand a visitation that she had, that is the type of thing that is going on with Jewish people worldwide right now. God has created you, in other words, many of you are crying out to God saying “God what is my destiny? God what is my purpose?” Well if you won’t do what is in writing in the New Covenant, why should you hear a prophetic word? This is what the New Covenant says, it says in Romans 11:11 “Salvation has come to the Gentile to provoke the Jew to jealousy.” Now on yesterday’s broadcast we found out, and I’ll recap for you. Ayelet was raised on an atheistic kibbutz, that’s a communal situation in Israel, but she always knew there was a God. She always talked to God, she always prayed to God, then her brother died in the war. When she went into the army she had all these emotions. She became suicidal, literally she had a God visitation, and she saw what were to happen if she killed herself. So she said “I’ve got to find out more about this God.” So she went to the only option she thought was available at the time, and that was Orthodox Judaism. She literally joined a school of higher education called a Yeshiva for women, for Orthodox women. It was at that Yeshiva she heard there was Messiah, so she started praying every day for the Messiah to live inside of her. Low and behold she had another God visitation, she still didn’t know who Jesus was, and she started going to a meeting of believers. She had a tape of a prophecy she brought to the Yeshiva, but it had the name of Jesus. She tried to erase it, but just would not erase. Then 2 of her friends who were believers started talking to her, and one of her friends gave her a New Testament. Ayelet what did you do with this New Testament?

Ayelet:  I decided to take and read it, and I took it to the dorms, I hid it. When everybody left I started reading. I was just really amazed to see who Yeshua really was. I fell in love with Him. The most amazing for me was that I had so many questions that I stopped asking the rabbis because they didn’t really know what to do with my questions, and Yeshua had an answer for every question that I had.

Sid:  Now was He answering you in your spirit, or just by reading?

Ayelet:  In the Bible, in the New Testament. What He taught and is teaching in the New Testament on the sermon on the mountain, or different other teachings or parables that He taught, were just answers for a lot of questions that I had.

Sid:  Just before Yom Kippur in Israel, your friend said something that was startling to you that Jesus was your Yom Kippur. What did that mean to you.

Ayelet:  [Laughing] That really confused me because as an Israeli Yom Kippur is such a big thing. How can someone be Yom Kippur, I really didn’t understand, but I wanted to know from God I didn’t want to miss it if it was something from God. So I was praying and I was asking God if I was supposed to do Yom Kippur. Every time I asked Him, and I probably asked like 53 times, every time I asked the Bible opened up to Isaiah 53. It was the first time I read that scripture, but I understand that it was about Yeshua. I didn’t understand all of it, but I understood if He was the atonement then I don’t need to fast to receive atonement.

Sid:  But even though you understood He was the atonement, you still felt Yeshua was hidden from you. What did you mean by that?

Ayelet:  I felt that He was hidden because in Israel we don’t hear about Him, and if we hear it’s usually negative. So I practically knew nothing about who He was, what He did. I wasn’t given the chance to check it for myself; if I believed in it, if I wanted it.

Sid:  But you began crying out to Him.

Ayelet:  Yes.

Sid:  Then you went through a mikvah, which Christians call a baptism. Why did you do that?

Ayelet:  Well it was Yom Kippur and the community I was with it was a tradition for the single girls to go to the mikvah on Yom Kippur day. So I went that day.

Sid:  When you went under the waters what came out of your mouth?

Ayelet:  It just came out “In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit.”

Sid:  Who told you to say that?

Ayelet:  One of my friends said, one of the believing friends, said to do that. I told her “No way!” [Laughing] But when I was under the water it just happened.

Sid:  Did anyone hear you?

Ayelet:  No. [Laughing]

Sid:  [Laughing] So then, you’re still are not 100% convinced, but you go to a prayer meeting and you had an unexpected visitor.

Ayelet:  Yes. I went again to Ruth Heflin’s prayer house and it was already on Yom Kippur, and in the prayer I just saw Yeshua. He just came and He stretched His arms and He said “Welcome.” No one led me in a sinners prayer, years later I heard someone do it so I just covered it just in case, but in that moment that’s how He received me, and that’s how I received Him into my heart as my Messiah.

Sid:  And then you came to the United States and you went to a revival that I went to many times in Brownsville. It was one of the biggest revival meetings in modern day history. Why did you go there?

Ayelet:  Well I got saved in 96, and through these few years I went to America for a few revival places that I knew. I was just very hungry for the Holy Spirit for God to move in my life. That year in 2000 I came to the Brownsville church in Pensacola that I heard a lot of, and I just wanted a touch from God.

Sid:  You went to their prayer meeting, and I led their prayer meeting once or twice. I loved what was going on there. They had all the different flags and you pray for the countries, and you saw the flag of Israel, but there was someone there that night, and I have him on the phone who later became your husband, that’s Sean. Is it true that you heard an audible voice that Sean would be your husband?

Ayelet:  Yeah I did, but not that night though.  That night I didn’t notice him, I was praying, they asked me to pray in Hebrew.

Sid:  Well Sean did you notice her?

Sean:  Oh yeah.

Sean and Ayelet: [Laughing]

Sid:  Well you had a call of God to go to Israel, you’re not a believer but you’ve been a believer a great deal of your life. So you did notice her. How did the two of you get together?

Sean:  Well when I saw her at the prayer that day, you know I wasn’t really interested dating you know. Ayelet my wife was my first kiss just to tell you I had been going after God my whole life. You know I wanted to be on the mission field my whole life. I was going to the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry, which it doesn’t exist anymore, but at that time it did. When I was… I was a server at a restaurant there and I was serving, and an older lady came up to me and, I didn’t know her at all. She came up to me and she says “I don’t know you, but I was on a 40 day fast, and the Lord told me to come… I was driving  past this restaurant and the Lord told me to stop my car, come into this restaurant and I would meet a young man in here called to Israel.” She said she argued with the Lord for a while because…

Sid:  I’ll tell you what, hold that thought we’ll pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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