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Our Guest Eddie James

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Sid:  My guest James he knows what I’m talking about. Eddie you know in scripture it talks about that “I’d rather that you be hot or cold but if you’re lukewarm I’ll vomit you out of my mouth.” I don’t understand how someone that knows Jesus can be lukewarm I mean; I don’t see anyone wanting to be lukewarm when we’re at the most exciting time in the history of planet earth.  Let’s take you back Eddie is an individual that his CD’s have been number 3 in the national charts of the gospel music.  And people are getting free from homosexuality, from all sorts of addictions, drugs, pornography, physical healing, emotional healing, but I want them to get to know you a little bit.  You got saved at 8, you had a call to the nations with audible voice of God.  You told your mom and a prophet had told her that. Was this before you were born the prophet gave that or when you were little?

Eddie:  Yeah.

Sid: It was before you were born, you know that reminds me of the scripture, “Before you were conceived in your mother’s womb God knew you and God called you.”

Eddie:  Yes Sir.

Sid: Then you were telling me some of the amazing things you saw; your mother’s prayer life; you saw all sorts from physical miracles, did you really see gas go from empty to tank?

Eddie: Yeah, my mother needed to go to the grocery store and do some errands to pay bills and a Buick red Regal, I’ll never forget and my mother she was one of those radical.  She would lay hands and pray for anything she would pray for the washing machine and it worked, for the dryer to turn on and she called it her fixit man.  And so…  

Sid: You know what it sounds like?  It sounds like to me that short of Jesus you’re mother’s your hero.

Eddie:   Yeah, yeah very much so. (laughing)

Sid: I could tell (laughing).  Let me ask you something because I’m curious about you went to high school and you started a worship team, that’s not a normal MO for someone going into high school.  Why did you do that?

Eddie:  Well, I got filled with the Holy Spirit just before I went to high school at my church. One of the things that obviously comes from in Act’s 1:8 that you’ll be a witness. And there was a strong message about being a witness on high school campus and especially mine that I was going to in Arizona because the drug crisis was getting so bad the gangs back then the Crips and the Bloods from LA was really infiltrating Phoenix, Arizona and so I went with that in mind. And the Lord showed me there was several students that all went to church together in high school and so I said, “Let’s sing, let’s get together and do some singing before school.”  And it just became such a very popular powerful tool to share the gospel that it just grew from there; the next year it came from a group to a choir.  And before I graduated from high school I had some 80 – 90 kids in my high school choir. Then it turned into a community effort going everywhere.  Instead of taking our school choir for instance, they would take our gospel choir, our high school gospel choir all over Arizona to different schools to do different things, and it was powerful.  And so kids wanted to be a part and so I turned it into a Phoenix community movement therefore.

Sid: Now did many come to the Lord as a result of this Eddie?

Eddie: Oh my God we had outbreaks of revival in our high school campus; we had times when we would go into our classrooms and God would come into our…okay we would rehearse every day that we did do the ministry in front of the school or the cafeteria. We would have rehearsals so our rehearsals was on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  We had rehearsals… One of the teachers, who was a Spirit filled teacher, was our host teacher. Holy Ghost would come into our classrooms, and we’d be out on the floor in our English school classroom speaking in tongues at our school.  We had, oh My God, we had kids get saved, I’ve seen people get delivered from demons, people get set free from addictions on our high school campus.

Sid: You know one of the things, and time is slipping away unfortunately, one of the things that intrigues me so much is that your music comes from Heaven.  And tell me very briefly about a song called “I Need You.”  This is astounds me this song.

Eddie:  Okay I was in Gaston, Alabama and preparing to do a service that night. As I was there, I was in a pastor’s home preparing, and I literally went into a vision.  I don’t have many of these but this one was so real I really I left earth and went into Heaven in an open vision and I heard this song “I Need You.” And what stood out to me about the entire experience was when I heard “Da da da dah…” I instantly knew that this was the sound of children that either died in the womb due to abortion or miscarriage or things of that nature.  And when I came out of this open vision I went straight to the church and taught it to my worship team, and when I taught it to them it was the first song we did.  My worship team got wrecked just at the rehearsal, when we sang this song that night it was the only song we sang the entire night. I mean God came, people came to the altar we never made and altar call, we never called people to repentance, we never called people to get delivered but people were throwing their cigarettes on the altar, people were throwing their drugs on the altar, people were repenting and getting right with God.  And everywhere we went for at least the next month to six weeks that song would take over the entire room.

Sid:  Okay this is “I Need You” by Eddie James really from Heaven; when you hear “Da da da” the sounds the unborn children.

Excerpt:  “I Need You”


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Our Guest Rick Joyner

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Rick Joyner

Sid:  I have on the telephone a friend of mine most of you are familiar with him his name is Rick Joyner. Rick is known really for his 3 most famous books are called “The Final Quest” which is shortly to be a motion picture. I believe in Heaven’s history the thing He’ll be known for is the revival that’s going to be sparked from his latest book “The Power to Change the World.”  Now on yesterday’s broadcast Rick we were talking about the two greatest revivals in all of history the Welsh Revival and Azusa Street.  And there are many things that people think of when they hear revival, but the thing that I see emphasized in these men and women of God is a word that is not a normal Sunday morning message, humility and a word called obedience.  How did this play out in these two great revivals?

Rick:  Well, I think they were essential foundations in those who I think probably sparked the greatest revivals in church history and that is Evan Roberts and William Seymour; but both of them were incredibly humble, of not only of humble backgrounds, but and very poor people but they were you know by the world’s standards but they were humble before the Lord.  They wanted God more than anything this world…almost more than their next breath they wanted God and you know God gives His grace to the humble. You know if we really grasp that; you know one moment, one tiny touch of God’s grace is worth more than all the labor we could do in a life time.

Sid: You know this isn’t false humility on my part but the older I get the greater I get, the more I realize I’ve got nothing to do with anything as long as I just stay out of the way.

Rick:  Well, that’s I believe true maturity, spiritual maturity and it’s rare, it is truly rare.

Sid: It’s well if you knew about all my pimples you’d understand why I know it’s all God.  But any way bigger and better things, How does someone get this humility? We’re not taught it, we’re taught the opposite of it be it within Christianity or the secular arena.

Rick:  Scriptures are full of exhortations for us to humble ourselves. I believe there are things we can do to humble ourselves and ways that we do that.  But I think also if we really behold the Lord, when the king came in even the twenty-four elders cast their crowns at His feet.  You know who could presume glory or possession in His presence and I believe if we would really behold the Lamb, Behold the Lord whatever crowns we think we have, or even that He’s given us we would gladly cast at this feet.  It’s by beholding who He is that I think we’re truly humbled.

Sid: You know the pendulum always seems to swing in Christianity. The pendulum has always swayed to God is my magic lamp, like Aladdin and the magic lamp, and if I rub the lamp the genie will do anything I want; he’s my buddy, he’s my good friend.  Whatever happened to something called the fear of God, the reverence of God.  The Holiness of God, the respect of God.

Rick:  Well, you know in a lot of Christian circles it is you know sadly lacking enough think that you don’t find much of God there either.  (Laughing) You know you can have all kinds of great preaching you can have you know all kinds of great things happening.  You know the Lord will bless almost anything done in His Name but He won’t inhabit it and the church is supposed to be His temple  that He inhabits and you know He blessed Ishmael made him a great nations.  He’ll bless works of the flesh even, but we’ve got to learn to distinguish between the things that God is just blessing and what is He inhabiting.  And that’s what Moses prayed for he said “Lord if Your presence doesn’t go with us don’t send us up from this place because how can we be distinguished from all the other nations on the face of the earth except by Your presence being with us? And Christianity is not just a better way to live; it is a better way to live and it’s not just another philosophy, it is a relationship with God almighty.  I believe if we would just start trying to build our churches with a goal of attracting the Holy Spirit instead of just trying to attract people we would have more people than we would know what to do with.

Sid: Listen in your book you literally show document that Evan Roberts who was one of the leaders in the Welsh revival violated every principal of church growth.  In addition to not having a good education or being eloquent.

Rick:  Well, you know I think that we could have accused John the Baptist with doing the same thing. You know he started his church in the lowest place on the earth the Dead Sea; he didn’t dress for power, I mean he was probably repulsive to watch him eat. I mean he was doing everything wrong but he was so anointed it says “All Judea came after him.”  He didn’t have to go to Jerusalem everybody knew if he wanted to be heard or you want to have religious voice you go to Jerusalem.  He was so anointed Jerusalem came to him.  And that’s what we need is the anointing…

Sid: Now did he have Madison Avenue drawing his crowds?

Rick:  I don’t think he would have had a clue; I think if he had known about such things he would have been repulsed by them.  He wasn’t out to promote, he was so anointed he had all the business he could handle. But his goal was to prepare the way for the Lord.  His goal wasn’t to build his own ministry it was to point to Jesus and prepare the way for Him.

Sid: Rick I’m reminded of a generation of Jewish people that could not even enter the promise land, Israel. It was only the young that could go in and Joshua and Caleb.  Is our current generation going to be willing to throw out the model that has evolved for God’s model?

Rick:    Well, that is the big question you know. I know I have friends that take both sides of that and I personally believe there are going to be many Joshua’s and Caleb’s from the present generation that are even going to help lead the coming generation into the promise land.  And you know and we are in the age of grace you know and the Lord can transform, renew anybody and…

Sid: I’m reminded of John Kilpatrick at the Great Pensacola Brownsville Revival. My spin is the reason that it really even got started was because he was flat on his back knocked out by the Spirit for several weeks and when he came to his senses the revival had started.

Rick:  Yeah, yeah he had to kind of run to catch up didn’t he?

Sid: Maybe that’s well I know that’s the only way God could have gone into a good charismatic church and started revival.  So maybe He’s just going to do that all over the world, let it happen quickly Rick.

Rick:  Yeah, I mean to me one of the most sad scriptures is where Jesus is standing at the door knocking to come into His own church you know.  And one thing is that He would do that, God Almighty would do that.  But you know it wasn’t those that heard the knock who opened to them it was “If anyone hears My voice and opens I will come in.”  And to know the voice of the Lord, His sheep know His voice, they listen to Him, they follow the shepherd.  And it’s a very personal, you know the sheep become very personal with their Shepherd, very close very dependent.  And yet you know so often we drift off into religious performance and projects and everything else and…

Sid: Why do we do all of these projects?

Rick:  Well, you know I think many of them are in the purpose of the Lord and many of them but even so Adam learned to walk with God in the garden and he learned to that was his job, he was put in the garden to cultivate it.  We need to walk with God in our job, walk with God in our ministry; I know you know the studies that show that the average pastor in America spends less than 5 minutes a day in prayer.

Sid: I can understand it; they’re too busy doing religious things.

Rick:  Right we forget to walk with Him daily, in our ministry and we lose that, we lose it but one touch of His presence…

Sid: I mean Evan Roberts walked out for a week because God told him too and he’s the leader of one of the greatest revivals the world has ever seen.  Could you picture a pastor being in that position and say “But God what will happen to my church?”

Rick:  Yeah, I mean Evan Roberts was far more fearful of losing the presence of the Lord than he was the people.

Sid: Now, I’ve been to your church up in Wilkesboro, North Carolina. You do something outrageous you close the church for a month and tell your people to go to other churches.  I’ve never heard of that before.

Rick:  Well, you know one reason we do that we know we’re just a tiny part of the body of Christ and we want our folks to have a vision for the whole body.

Sid: Now aren’t you afraid your people will like these new churches and just say goodbye Rick?

Rick:   Well, we hope some of them do actually.

Sid: You want a membership drive you want to drive out the wrong members, okay.

Rick:  Not really.

Sid: We’re going to stop this right now because we’re out of time.


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Our Guest Dennis Clark

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Sid: My guest is Dennis Clark and we ran out of time on yesterday’s broadcast. Dennis was explaining that the peace that now radiates between himself and his wife has, as good as their marriage was before, it supernaturally kicked into a whole new gear. I’m concerned not just your marriage what about other people’s marriages. Tell me something.

Dennis: For a lack of a better term, when we had this experience we called it a one accord. We had people come up to us and say “You and Jennifer have a oneness anointing.” We didn’t know what to do with that, but suddenly we’re in a church and without asking for it to happen, like during a fellowship time, multitudes of married couples felt led to walk up to us and ask for a prayer. Then we learned God was doing something with this oneness anointing, this peace deepening relationship. When they came we prayed for them, but then we learned what we did was we taught them, for lack of a better term, melt together where they experienced each other Spirit to Spirit. You would be surprised how many husbands and wives love each other, but they don’t commune. Commune is to know one another by the Spirit. That knowledge is increasing and there is actually, providing their willing to forgive one another, an opportunity to melt into one another, and know one another by the Spirit better.

Sid: What kind of testimonies did you have at this meeting where this melting occurred?

Dennis: In the beginning they just felt like I don’t know why I’m coming to you; I’m coming. The best testimony was later when we said “You know what this works so well their just telling they wanted prayer and that they felt peace and they felt like they joined to one another.” We incorporated it in a marriage seminar later and actually did it to where we had people in the beginning, I think 1 out of 40, 20 couples. One out of 40 actually felt like they had a good Spirit to Spirit connection. We basically broke them into a place of learning Christ the forgiver on the inside breaking down any walls of hostility between the two, then had them come forward. Listen to this, it was 100% in that marriage seminar where they melted together without any walls of resistance, or hostility, or anything between the 2 of them. To me I said “I change from this day forward, all marriage seminars, no more communication, communication is going to be communion, communion, communion, communion.”

Sid: You use a term you say “There is power in peace. From the peace we get this power and it releases destiny, it releases purpose.” What do you mean by that?

Dennis: The peace is like the supernatural interaction that God works with us. I know through peace that there are divine appointments see I treat everybody that comes into my life as a divine appointment. Then I cooperate to be a divine connection and have peace with them regardless of our differences I maintain peace. If it’s two-way it’s a connection then the connection, and here is what I believe peace is doing. The Prince of Peace, His government is to establish an order and to establish. I see when His peace comes in a relationship that He is ordering us to live in an exact place with certain people, there’s a certain people, there’s a certain place, there’s a certain plan that He has for us. If we cooperate, that divine order we are ushering in our fullness of our divine purpose. Our purpose is always corporate. Destiny always includes other people, but without peace how will we know who those other people are, and how will we maximize our potential in reaching our destiny.

Sid: Briefly a couple of days ago we talked about the 5 “G’s” of peace. The first “G” was govern, tell us briefly the first 2, then let’s finish the other 3.

Dennis: The first one is govern, and govern means learning learning to walk in such a way that the peace of God rules in your heart. The Amplified Bible of that same scripture says “Let the peace of God umpire.” Umpire means let Him call the shots whether you’re safe, or whether you’re out, whether it’s a yes, or whether it’s a no. Let the peace of God guide you in your decision making in life. The third is the ability that it gathers, it draws. Peace is attractive. People, especially troubled people, chaotic people their looking for comfort.

Sid: Can troubled chaotic people actually feel your peace, nonbelievers can they feel the peace coming from you?

Dennis: Absolutely, but something better than that, we teach them how to get it for themselves. We teach them how to tap in…

Sid: Have you ever had someone that’s a non-Christian say “That peace I feel coming from you I want that,” and you lead them to the Lord.

Dennis: Yes, yes.

Sid: What a great way for evangelism.

Dennis: It’s tremendous. I’m not the greatest articulate person for evangelism, but I know one thing I’ve said is when they’re attracted to that peace I say “You know what, God works from the inside out, and you can have the same peace. You’re feeling it on the outside, but God can give it to you on the inside. And you receive Him and you have peace with God. Then you have the peace of God.”

Sid: Do you find when you go into a room of people that because of the peace of God radiating from you, you have favor with people?

Dennis: I’d say you not only have favor with people…

Sid: Are they drawn to you?

Dennis: Sure, sure. Their drawn… we’ve seen them come up crying in the middle of a mall, unsaved people and don’t even know why.

Sid: Alright, we were going through the 5 “G’s” of peace. We had govern, guide, gather, what is the fourth?

Dennis: The fourth one is to guard, to guard your heart and your mind. Peace guard’s your heart and mind. That wasn’t meant to be poetry that was meant to be an encounter. That was meant to be a supernatural experience. When peace guards your heart you can be in any type of hostile environment and still perceive the exterior atmosphere, but be abiding in peace within.

Sid: Give me an example.

Dennis: Okay, one time I was working at a halfway house of men that were getting out of prison. Inwardly I had peace, outwardly from the place of peace I discerned the atmosphere got suddenly charged, very evil, very chaotic. Nothing was being said, but it was usually the kind of feeling that I would feel and discern when someone was going to make a break for it, or do something. The atmosphere shifted, and I was standing by one of the doors that was the exit. One of the men who had failed to take his medication pulled a knife and started to move toward me to and threatened me to move out of the way, he was leaving. The supernatural peace of God made me feel safe and secure beyond my understanding, and I just knew that I knew that I knew it was impenetrable. He put the knife down.

Sid: You know I’m hearing this story and I know what God has shown me is going to happen in the future the chaos in the streets. Can you imagine walking in this kind of supernatural peace no matter what’s going on around? Do you really believe this should be the norm as opposed to a supernatural manifestation that just happens once in a while?

Dennis: Correct. What better place than a hostile environment, particularly a warzone. If we were going to give them anything of value, sometimes it’s not food, and sometimes it’s not supplies, as beneficial as all those things are. If we could truly give people in a troubled environment in a warzone perhaps, comfort that comes from that kind of peace your giving them everything.

Sid:  You know what I’m thinking, people are selling 90 days’ worth of dehydrated food, water supplies. If I had a choice of one thing it wouldn’t be water, and it wouldn’t be food, it would be the supernatural peace of God.

Dennis:  Absolutely, I’ve even seen it with physical healing that I saw people that were terminal. Even in their terminal illness the torment seemed to be the worst thing. That they were believers that the mental torment… I said “I want start with bringing peace to them first on the inside, then let Christ the healer rise up and manifest.”

Sid:  The big question is, once they get peace on the inside do they get healed?

Dennis:  Absolutely. I’ve seen more people…

Sid:  Do you have to pray for healing once they get their peace, or does it just happen?

Dennis:  That’s the ironic thing I’m wondering what God is trying to teach me. We pray for them to come into that supernatural exchange of peace and deal with toxic emotions, and healing has almost always been the byproduct. The supernatural healings we’ve seen we never directly asked for them, except perhaps on some occasions, but I can even remember an occasion where I directly went toward the physical healing.

Sid:  Tell me someone, let’s just pick one I have a list in front of me. Someone that had arthritis in their hands what happened to her.

Dennis:  Yes, that was a woman that was in the hospital very sick. She basically had arthritic pain, she was bitter, and was told that Christ would manifest as the forgiver if she would forgive, and allow Him to forgive through her. She listened and she did it, and as she did one emotional healing she forgave her mother and the arthritis right before your eyes straightened out and disappeared. She was forgiving her mother, we were not praying for arthritis, she was forgiving her mother and the supernatural took place. We’ve seen this on countless occasions.

Sid:  I mean almost every condition have you seen healed through walking in supernatural peace.

Dennis:  Colorblindness, tumors…

Sid:  Woops we’re out of time.

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Our Guests Gary Whetstone

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Sid: I have on the telephone the Pastor of Victory Christian Fellowship in New Castle, Delaware Dr. Gary Whetsone. We’re talking about his series all this week of what God has joined together.  But when I got Gary on the phone he said, “Sid about a year ago I was in Israel and I had a vision and I must tell people about this,” please Gary tell me what you saw.

Gary: When I was standing on the Mount of Olives looking over at the eastern Wall right where Jesus would come through the eastern gate as He returns. All of a sudden, actually I was on a video interview asking people to come to Israel with us on the next trip. The entire world just vanished and I saw it go before my eyes, it was an open vision where you are aware of your surroundings, but yet you’re seeing just a panoramic view of what God is revealing. I watched humanity from barbarous days from humanity from every type of culture end. Ethnic origin and agenda age passed into a time where God cried out to them “Here My voice.” Then they would move, some people would listen and they would stay in that voice of the presence in the voice of God. The majority of the people moved outside of that voice, and there was a multitude of other voices. Some voices were telling them what God was saying, others were telling them what God wasn’t saying, what man should do, and people would begin to do things and build things. Everything they did and built even in the name of God burnt up. As I watched this vision I began to, just in my spirit it was like a horror because I realized so few people stayed in the centrality of the voice of God. Then the most effective thing that I saw was myself.  I watched myself come into life, and then come into the voice of God when God spoke to me. Then I watched, people I knew explain what they thought God was telling and saying to do. Then I watched other people tell me how you do this, and how you do that, and how this should happen. I watched everything that I put my hand to begin to burn, and God spoke to me out of that vision, “If I continued listening to the voices of others that which I do would be burned up, the candle would be taken out of its place, and the lamp would be blown out.” Now Sid what that means is the church God has given, and we have several thousands of people; we’ve led over a million people to Jesus in our lifetime so far. We have the names and addresses of 190 thousand families of first time decisions. What took place in my spirit as I saw that, I realized the risk of lives, it’s not just mine, but those that we lead to Christ; those that we speak who Christ is to; those who we declare what the church is to, but the life of God and the candle of the church itself can be removed.  Just like in the book of the Revelation of Jesus, but as soon as I heard that I was instantly with Jesus, with the Father in communion. Right on this video I’m crying out to God that God would do a miracle for the church; that they would have access to the communion with the Father, and with the Son that I have.

Sid: Everyone is listening to prophets, “What is God saying for me?” But that’s not what the Bible says, the Bible says “My sheep hear My voice” everyone has got so many different teachings, everyone is trying to do things for God, but if I’m hearing you right what you’re saying is we have got so much false teaching out there; we’ve got so much false prophecy out there; we’ve got so much tradition out there that if there is ever been a time that we have to hear God for yourself it’s now.

Gary: It is now Sid. I tell you it shook me to the core of my being. Every day for 6 days a week I take a group of people on the internet and in their sanctuary across the country, and we are praying just for the voice of God to be heard in people’s lives for 2 hours a day because there’s nothing more significant than to hear the voice of God.

Sid: Now you have been praying this for almost a year, what is God saying to you right now?

Gary: Well what He spoke into me so clearly and distinctly is that people must take the time with God. That they just can’t continue on the path of religious activity and their current status of events and the way they do things. Right now they have to pause…

Sid: You know I have to interject something right now because this was my thought when you first told me about this a few minutes before we went on the air. That 2000 years ago a Jewish carpenter, the Son of God, Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah walked into the only correct religion of the day, traditional Judaism. He said “Your tradition makes void the word of God.” Now it’s 2000 years later and I believe He could walk into most religious ministries, most churches; I have an idea Gary He could say the same thing.

Gary: Well He did to me. Sid I’d been in early morning prayer for 30 years; I pray every day for an hour, and when I heard the Lord speak to me that I’ve listened to voices of other, and that I spend an hour a day in prayer it just awoken me to the place of even what I’ve prayed for. Has many times not been offered by God, it just shook me. That’s what I’ve been praying for now for a year. That the people, the body of Christ would just stop, pastors would stop, preachers would stop, and just say “What have You said to me God, and if You didn’t say it I’m not going to do it.”

Sid: So you’re almost saying, not almost you are saying “I’m doing nothing unless God tells me.” Is that what I’m hearing you say?

Gary: I have shut down everything that I have not heard God say to do in the last year.  That is what we’ve done.

Sid: That’s pretty bold, but when you see most of the works that you’ll end up doing that man will say “Ah that’s so wonderful Pastor Gary,” and they’ll just burn up. It’s a game.

Gary: That is it, and you know what took place just in this last year God gave us a play. We have led 2,100 people in one month to a first time decision for Christ, with a play that God gave us in this last year.

Sid: This came out of your quiet time with God?

Gary: Just hearing God’s voice. That was one month we had 2,100 first time decisions for Christ in Delaware.

Sid: You know it reminds of, my office is in Brunswick, Georgia, and there was a prison nearby us in which Jim Baker was in. I used to go visit him and he said to me, you know I was talking to him about a big television ministry. He looked at me and almost laughed he said “Listen if someone has the gifting they can have a big television ministry without God.” That’s almost as sobering as what you just told me.

Gary: Yeah it’s true.

Sid: Okay this week the devil is doing everything he can to divide Christian marriages; to cause divorce; this week I want to do something that is completely Biblical. That is your teaching series “Where God Has Joined Together.” Why did you do this series?

Gary: Well Sid it was right at a time when God did speak to me to reconcile to my marriage and my wife, and showed me exactly how to do it. Out of that voice of God I taught God’s word clearly and exactly of what to do to see marriages reconciled, restored, and bring healthy marriages to better wholeness, and bring sick marriages to health. The word of God has gone forth, and several thousand series have been sold and people have been changed and lives. Marriages all across the nation the world had been healed, and it’s just wonderful.

Sid: Alright, but what about a marriage that’s not going be divorced because both parties are believers, but they are really on AM and FM living in separate worlds. Will this cause the marriage to be what God wants it to be?

Gary: Absolutely, it will bring them to the same plane of communication because it takes God to intervene in the affairs of man for change to happen. It doesn’t happen because I want it to, it happens because God said it will. When I can identify the word of God that said “Change is here and change is now” it comes into being, and that’s what this series brings to bear.

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Our Guest Paul Wilbur

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Sid: I’ve got Paul and Luanne Wilbur here and they’ve been telling me wherever they’re going that glory is showing up. We are featuring their brand new album “The Watchman.” Paul on the album there are a number of songs in Hebrew. Let’s face it most Gentile Christians do not know any Hebrew; why do you have so much Hebrew on “The Watchman”?

Paul: This whole week with you has been tremendous. I always get stirred in my Spirit when I’m around you; whether I’m reading your mail, or we’re speaking about the things of the Lord.

Sid: You’re not gonna read my mail right now are you?

Paul: You never know.

Sid: You never know. That was Bob Dylan’s line, but go ahead.

Paul: Hebrew carries with it a… it’s more than a tradition; it’s more than a legacy; it’s a language of the covenant…

Sid: Listen, the Jewish prophet Zephaniah says “There are only pure things in heaven,” and Hebrew is considered the only pure language because it’s the Biblical language, but go ahead.

Paul: Yes. Even in modern Hebrew when something new is discovered there’s a group of men who have search the scriptures to find something to describe it because it’s got to be in Hebrew. We do this because it’s more than calling our family back to their Jewish roots, there is something of a purity, there is something of a holiness, there is something of an awe that comes through in the Hebrew language. In Deuteronomy 6:4 the Lord spoke and He said “Here oh Israel the Lord our God the Lord is one. Shema Yisrael Adonai Elohaynu Adonai Echad. Love the Lord you God with all of your heart, with all of your soul, with all of your strength, with all of your might.” Yeshua said, and I add to this, “Love your neighbor as yourself.” Which was not a new commandment that had been spoken many times, but it was renewed in Him. He gave us, He breathed on us the ability to walk by the power of His Spirit to walk in this supernatural love. So yes, there is a purity, there is an ancientness, there is a covenant, there is a cutting where blood flows. I love about Hebrew I try to infuse all of my recordings with some of this to give more of an understanding, and a flavor and a taste to our friends that listen to the recordings.

Sid: You know in your latest CD you have a beautiful rendition of the “Shema.” Tell me about that tell me the shema.

Paul: Here oh Israel the Lord our God the Lord is one, or the Lord alone. A friend and I wrote that… I’m really delighted Sid that in this recording more than any others I had in the writing of many of these songs. Steve Mirkel a friend of mine from Integrity Music, who also happens to be one of the producers. He and I have written this song Shema Yisrael. I wanted to give more of a…  One of the great challenges that we have is to pass on what we’ve been given to the next generation; the Joshua generation if you will; the Solomon generation those who are coming to take up the kingdom of God; as you and I enter our middle years right now is where I think we’re at…

Sid: Listen, Moshe, Moses lived a 120 if he hadn’t messed up he would have lived longer. We’re not gonna mess up Paul…

Paul: Absolutely we are not messing up, we are watching what we have a covenant together. There is a… I set this because I wanted this next generation; I kind of test these things with my sons who are now 24 and 21. When something’s coming I say “What do you think of this do you like this?” and I’m watching them all the time. If they give me the okay then I feel like I’m on the right path. This is not, you know, the sweet cantorial kind of thing. It’s got a little bit of a drive to it, and a little bit of an edge, but it’s calling it is calling to the house of God to heard the word of the Lord and to obey.

Sid: Get ready to hear the word of the Lord. This is the “Shema” which means “hear” or “listen”.  It’s from the latest album of Paul Wilbur on Integrity it’s called “The Watchman.” Let’s hear that.

Excerpt Shema – Paul Wilbur

Sid: That’s from Paul Wilbur’s latest CD “The Watchman” which I’m so excited about it. It is the highest anointing of anything he has ever done with Integrity Music. Paul, I kid with Paul about this, but when I do the blessing on the Shabbat broadcast which this is the Shabbat, the Friday broadcast I do it in English, then I play Paul Wilbur chanting it in Hebrew. Every says “Sid you have such a wonderful voice.” Just out of curiosity anyone ever tell you your voice sounds, Paul, just like mine?

Paul: You know quite frequently people stop me on the streets Sid and say “Wow you sound like Sid Roth.”

Sid: Anyway I have to confess because liars don’t go to heaven, it’s Paul Wilbur. Would you chant I mean just right now what does the Aaronic blessing benediction mean to you Paul?

Paul: If I can give to you in a nutshell, I found a real joy in teaching this over the last couple of months. People hear this all the time and in churches they would call it he benediction because it’s a good way to go out. The word of the Lord has so much in it Sid, it says… well to set it up the Lord spoke to Moses and to Aaron and He said “When you bless My people” if you are a believer in Yeshua these words that I’m about to declare are for you. The Lord said “When you speak these words” He said “I will bless My people, I will place My name upon them.” Get ready to receive the name of the Lord, get ready to receive the blessing of the Lord which adds no sorrow to it. The words that the Lord spoke are these, He said “The Lord bless you and keep you.” The word “bless” is the word “baruch” and it means imbued by God with power for success, prosperity, long life, and fruitful living. I declare over you the Lord you, the Lord baruch you; give you power for success for breakthrough anointing this year, and the Lord keep you. That word “keep” is the word “shomer” which is watchman. The Lord be the watchman over your life; the Lord will warn you of danger to come; the Lord will declare His coming in your life. The Lord lift up His countenance upon you give you His favor and His peace. [Singing] Y’varechecha Adonai vah’yish-merecha; Ya’er Adonai panav elecha veehunecha; Yisah Adonai Yisah Adonai panav elecha v’yasem l’cha shalom.

Sid: There’s such a shalom settling over this studio right now.

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