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Our Guest Kynan Bridges

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Sid: Well my guest Kynan Bridges is red hot for the Messiah; I mean he literally woke up one night and sees Jesus right at the foot of his bed. But before we get to that Kynan let’s kind of whet their appetite just a little bit. I want you to tell me the story of the woman who was in a car accident and she had most of the bones in her legs and knees and thighs were crushed. Tell me about her.

Kynan:  Yeah, this was a very remarkable story; this woman had been a very very devastating car accident, almost lost her life. Her daughter almost died in the car accident which is a whole other story. And they told her that she would never walk again and if she by chance was able to walk she would never be able to wear heals, do anything, play any sports, do any physical activity at all. Well anyway, this woman got a hold of our teaching and she began to understand more about the promises in God’s word for healing and the provision for divine healing through the cross of the Messiah.   And she began to give this until she started coming to our meetings and while she was coming to our meetings, one night we had a prayer meeting and literally we’re praying and we were getting ready to release the power of our God. And as we were doing that the fire of God literally came down on this lady and she just hit the floor. Boom! And when she hit the floor she began to wail and to scream for about 30 minutes straight. Well after this we kind of you know we helped her up and went on about our business. Well about 2 days later while I was at an event I noticed someone came in the door that was wearing full workout gear. And she walks up to me with sweat falling down her head and with her workout gear on and I said “Hey, how you doing?” And she says “Do you know where I just came from?” I said “No mam.” And she said “I just ran 9 miles.”   And I said “Say that again” She said “I just ran 9 miles.” And I’m looking at her and she says “You don’t understand, I ran 9 miles.” The girls that ran with her literally pulled over to the side of the road and had to vomit. And this lady is running full force with not a single ounce of pain in her body. Since then she skates regularly, she wears high heels. What happened to her Sid when the fire of God was coming down on her the Holy Spirit was literally transfusing the metal in her leg to bone. And she was supernaturally healed.

Sid: You know that that’s happening more and more to people to people metal from implants turning to bone. But now I’ve got to take you back, on yesterday’s broadcast we talked about Jesus questioned the condition of your heart. I mean that has got to be kind of devastating. What did He mean exactly?

Kynan: Well when we think about the condition of our heart you know often times we think about our sins that we commit or I call them the big sins you know adultery, fornication, murder, those kind of things. And I was not participating in any of those but I believe that I believe that it goes deeper than that. Sid I believe that when we talk about the condition of our heart we’re talking about the state of our soul in reference to the way we see God, our desire for Him, our longing for Him. And what has happened in the Body of Christ is the hearts of many have waxed cold. We have somehow through our mind through the circumstances of our lives we’ve become distracted. We’ve become preoccupied and really we don’t know it but really it’s a form of idolatry because what has happened is people have placed their trust and faith in another source. And so the Lord was dealing with me, He was dealing with me about the fact that if you’re not seeing My power it’s not my fault. That’s basically what God was saying to me. “You need to search your heart and make sure that there’s nothing blocking the flow of My power or My presence or My love in your heart.” Because our heart is a repository, it’s like a bank. And that what the word heart means kardia in the Greek. It’s talking about the repository of your thoughts, your emotions, your mindset. That’s why Jesus says “If a man looks at a woman to lust after her he’s committed adultery with her in his heart.” Because once the heart begins to desire something else as far as God’s concerned that is already done. And so when we look at the heart the Bible talks about how “The hearts of the fathers will be turned back to the children, to the sons.” And I believe that that’s what the Lord was doing and that’s what He was dealing with. Dealing with how we see Him, how much we love Him, is He first in our lives? Is He our hearts desire, do we long for Him more than we long for anything else.

Sid:  Alright, what if someone says to those questions you just shot out “No, no, no but I want it to change.” What is your advice?

Kynan: Again, like we said previously the first thing is to be honest with ourselves. I mentioned earlier about Peter and the people that heard the message of the gospel for the first time in Acts chapter 2 and they said “What must we do to be saved?” You know often times when we think of salvation Sid we think of people that are not in relationship with God coming into relationship with God and that is a part of salvation. That is an introductory part of salvation. But the salvation experience is continuous, we are daily experiencing salvation, we are daily experiencing salvation, we are daily experiencing deliverance. And that happens as we repent, as we turn from our way as we turn from what we believe and we turn to what God says as the truth. The more we do that the more our heart is open to him. The more that we will begin to desire Him. You know let me share this real quick because the Lord just dropped this in my spirit. The most homeopathic doctors suggest that the average American has never experienced hunger. Because hunger is not something in the western world that were really familiar with and here’s why. Most people believe that when their stomach growls when they get hungry that means it’s time to eat. So they say “Hey, my stomachs growling that means my body’s telling me it’s time to eat.” You know what’s actually happening Sid when your stomach growls?

Sid: What?

Kynan: You’re actually detoxifying, your body’s detoxifying itself real hunger begins in the throat. And here’s my point, I want to make this clear point. The Bible says “Blessed are those that hunger and thirst for righteousness for they shall be filled.” Now why do I say that? Most people in the Body of Christ have been so full of toxins, religious toxins, mental toxins, physical toxins that they have never experienced the wonderful, the miraculous hunger for God. And whatever you hunger after is what you’re going to be filled with. So when you hunger for His presence, when you hunger for His power you’re going to be filled with His presence, you’re going to be filled with His power. And so I believe that’s when the Holy Spirit is really saying in this hour.

Sid: I see that very clearly. I want to take you now to the moment where Jesus, and this happened fairly recently, Jesus was at the foot of your bed calling your name.

Kynan: So, I’m sleeping one night and again like I mentioned I’d been asking God “You know, I want to know You, I want to encounter You.” And I have to be honest, I get jealous of people where they have all of these experiences where they see Jesus and they’re taken to heaven and I said God “What about me?” (Laughing) you know, so I’m sleeping in my bed one night and I look up and I hear a sound that’s awaken me, almost like someone’s calling my name. And I look and standing at the foot of my bed is a man dressed in all white. It’s almost like surreal and this is a very real experience and I know by the Spirit that this is the Lord Jesus Himself. And He begins to call out to me He says “Kynan, Kynan.” I say “Yes Lord” but by the time that I was in the middle of deep sleep so I was a little bit sleepy and it’s like “Here I am and you’re not even ready to hear Me when I’m calling you or when I’m trying to visit you.” And Sid, He did the most amazing thing he reached into his chest and he pulled out his heart, and this was not a… the best way I can describe it. This was not like a horror movie experience, this was something spiritual. He reaches into His chest and He pulls out His heart and He extends it to me. And it begins to beat and as He pulled out His heart and extends it towards me. I begin to feel what He feels, I begin to have the desires that He has. It’s almost like I was feeling and reading His heart and it was beating. And I knew by the Holy Ghost what He was trying to say to me and He says “This is My heart for the nations.” I realized Sid that His heart was broken, and the reason why His heart was broken was because of millions of believers and even unbelievers are being tormented by the devil. They’re being afflicted in their bodies and guess what Sid they’re blaming Jesus for it.

Sid: The only one that has paid the price to heal them. The devil has them coming and going.

Kynan: Yes, and He is broken because He says “Don’t you know the sacrifice, Kynan don’t they know the sacrifice that I made for them, Don’t they know the price that I paid for their healing and restoration, don’t they know what I had to go through so that they could be made whole?”

Sid: Kynan, our time is up right I hate to break you right here but I have to.

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Our Guest Shane Warren

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SID: Hello. Welcome. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. Wait until you hear this. My guest gets caught up into the heavenlies and eavesdrops on conversations between Jesus and Father God, and then he, it’s like an actor on the stage, he just acts out what they’ve been saying. Isn’t that what the Messiah taught? I only do what I see my Heavenly Father doing. My guest comes from a non-religious home, good parents, but a non-religious home, and at age 12, he had a defining moment. What happened?

SHANE: Well at age 12, I went to visit my grandfather and again, didn’t know anything about Jesus, didn’t know who he was, and had a visitation from the Lord where He appeared to me. And I sought for years to describe that experience. The only thing I could find is in Isaiah 6, where it says, “I was undone,” I literally felt undone. I had not committed any great sin, but I just knew that I had need of Him, and the feeling was overwhelming. He walked up to me, put his hand on my head, it literally burned like fire, and he said, “I’ve called you to the nations.” And I just began to weep uncontrollably.

SID: When he put his hand on your head, people use adjectives. Flippantly, you said it felt like a fire. Did it really?

SHANE: It literally felt like fire, like my head was on fire. In fact, I closed my eyes and started weeping, and when I looked back up, he was gone, but I could still feel his hand on my head.

SID: Now you said to me that many times since that time when you’re, you feel the fire on your head, as a matter of fact, you know what it sounds like? Shavuot, Pentecost, when flames of fire came on the heads of the people that were praying. Do you think that might have been the same fire?

SHANE: I think it exactly was the same fire, and here’s the reason why. A week later, I invited my parents, my grandparents, everybody to church, and went to the altar to receive something, I didn’t know what I was going for. And the preacher said, “What are you here for?” And I said, “I don’t know.” He said, “Have you received the Holy Spirit?” I said, no. He came down, put his hand on my head, exact same place, same fire hit me. I fell out. I never even heard of anything called the Holy Spirit. I began to speak in a heavenly language. And when I came to, I heard the loudest screaming you could ever hear, and my mother and daddy were at the altar. They were being delivered and set free. And God healed our family, touched my dad’s life, changed our whole world, turned it upside down, took us out of poverty and took us into wealth. I mean, God literally turned it, and it was the same fire. It’s the same fire that I feel right now setting here talking with you.

SID: Do you feel that fire in your head now, out of curiosity?

SHANE: I feel it right now. I felt it all day. I felt it for the last three days since I’ve known that I was coming to film this program.

SID: Well here’s what I believe. I believe that fire of God is on your head right now and I believe that if you will pray miracles will break out right now.

SHANE: You’re closer to a miracle than you think you are. And in the name of Jesus, I release the power of God into your situation. All you need is one touch from him and he’s closer to you than your own breath. And right now in the name of Jesus Christ I take authority over every illness, over every disease, over every bondage, no matter what’s going on in your life, I release the power of God into your life, into your situation. Rise up and be set free in the name of Jesus Christ.

SID: You’re a young man. Your father died. Your mother is terminal. You’re at the end of your rope and the only thing you know to do, even though things look bad in the natural, is to worship God. You go into your music room, you take your guitar, you’re worshiping God. What happened?

SHANE: The only way I know how to describe this moment is I was caught up into the realms. People ask me, was it Heaven, and I can’t say. All I can say is I was caught up into the heavenlies and God began to show me things in the scripture that I had studied for years as a pastor, as a leader of a church. Built great churches, but didn’t have a revelation of the supernatural realm. And God began to release that revelation to me. This lasted for over seven hours. Seven hours later when I came back to myself, I was still sitting in that same chair with the guitar. And I had just determined in that moment, Sid, that my mother was dying. We had just had a man who was blind that had been healed. We had a man with a short limb that had grown out. Over 20-something people had been healed of cancer in our service, in one service. A little girl with eyes that were crossed, we literally watched them, and this so hard not to weep, but we literally watched them uncross before our eyes. She took her thick coke bottle-like glasses off. She can still see to this day. She’s a teenager now in our church. Could see. And I prayed and prayed, and asked God to heal my mother, who was dying, and I couldn’t seem to get a miracle. And so I just made a statement: God, no matter what happens, I’m going to worship you because you’re God no matter what. But Satan, I want you to know something. That no matter what happens tonight, you will never take my song. You can’t take my praise and you can’t take my worship. And I just went crazy and started praising God.

SID: You didn’t go crazy. You became normal as defined by the Bible. And I believe there are people watching us right now and you’re going through situations like this, and you’re saying, God where are you? And I tell you the same thing that Shane told you. You are God and my peanut brain doesn’t have all the facts. But if I had all the facts, I would get down on my face, I would repent for doubting God and I would worship Him the way Shane did, and I would be normal. Normal as defined by the Bible. We’re going to come right back and find out some of these mysteries that God revealed during this seven-hour visitation. Don’t go away.

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Our Guest Pat Schatzline

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Sid: I’m so excited about the remnant package that we’re making available this week, brand new book by Pat Schatzline “I AM Remnant” the 3 powerful messages on CD. When he shares these miracles erupt and the “Manifesto of the Remnant” poster. You told me this was downloaded to you from heaven. Number 1 What is the purpose or these 34 proclamations?

Pat: The remnant proclamations or manifesto are compasses or plumblines to guide the remnant to stand firm in the darkness of culture. And God gave me 34 and I just began to write them down on my phone. As He gave them to me I felt the presence of God and would break for a moment and began to weep, and I would pray in the Spirit. If was as if I was walking I felt as if there was angels standing over my shoulders. And I’ve seen angels obviously and encounters with angels, supernatural experiences with angels. In fact the minute I got done writing it I got back to my car and laying in the front seat was a white feather. I just started laughing, I said “God you’re so good.” And then I looked up and my wife and I believe strongly the rainbow has always been used to show us we’re on the right track. And I look up and I’m about to pull away and I took a picture over my phone and there was a rainbow, a rainbow streaking across the sky. And it was as if the Lord was saying in the Hebrew “Y-O-O” or well done is the word in the Hebrew. It was as if I could hear the Lord say “Okay, now you’re ready to write the book.” And I used those to write the vision right. And there’s people listening right now I want to go ahead and warn you while you’re on this call if you’re driving, at home, or wherever your listening you’re going to feel the glory of the Lord overwhelm you and you’re not going to understand it except to say that it’s His love. Because the Lord just put that in my spirit to tell you, His right there beside you you’re not alone.

Sid: Tell me a couple of the proclamations, and I might add you proclaim these on one of the 3 powerful messages we’re making available in additions to the poster. But tell me a few that were downloaded from heaven.

Pat: The remnant will consist of failures, fatherless, forgotten and freedom fighters. And their pedigree is out of a scared Savior. The remnant cannot be defined by man’s human concepts because the remnant finds their value in the eyes of their Savior. A remnant will not… the remnant has decided that at all costs I will not quit on the One that would not quit on them. And I could keep going until it begins to burn in my spirit. I may start preaching but the remnant doesn’t stop when they should have died because they know that Jesus did. And the remnant has chosen to let go of past hurts in order to experience the freedom that comes with forgiving and moving forward. The remnant has chosen to leave a life of compromise for the spirit of consecration being set apart. And here’s my favorite “The remnant understands the fruit of the Spirit is not a salad for a church Pot Luck, but rather the diet of a lifetime. And the remnant knows the gifts of the Spirit are not for the Evangelical, Charismatic and Pentecostal talent show but the weapons of a dying Leader who has chosen Spirit over flesh and freedom over slavery.” That’s just some of them right there that God gave me.

Sid: Tell me about the statement the Oscar goes to the remnant that says “Yes.”

Pat: “The Oscar Goes To” is a chapter that I’m going to get real with you. I’m so frustrated with celebrity Christianity. And so many times a lot of people don’t realize the only celebrities in the Bible were children. And so many times, and the Lord has really dealt with me about this because of traveling and speaking over the world. The only red carpet in the Bible was where the blood of the martyrs was spilled. And the only roped areas where they hung the martyrs those that stood for Christ. And Jesus would had had a handlers, the woman with the issue of blood wouldn’t have never gotten to it. So the chapter on the Oscar goes to the… it so burns in me…the about those who will stand and realize that we are not the celebrity Jesus is. You know He always tells me I’ll get ready to walk on stage and He’ll say “Pat you open the curtain for me and let My glory show, if they can see you they can’t see me.” And God says to me “Pat you’re at a place where I’m crushing you like an olive to get the anointing oil out of you and I’m expecting you to stand up and be pure; it’s not about who knows you, it’s about who knows Me.” And I think so many times Sid people are literally screaming “No, not Him give us Barabbas.” And what I mean by that is we’re screaming “Look at me, don’t look at Jesus” because if they look at Jesus they might realize that we don’t look like Him very much. And God has called the remnant to be the humble, the broken, the ones who will weep and cry out to Him. The ones that will simply grab someone by the hand an unknown person and say “Let me walk you back to the cross.” So that’s where that guy the Oscar goes to is I’ll be honest I felt the Lord tell me “No more celebrities, I’m looking for the broken the remnant.”

Sid: You know I had a dream very similar to that when I was a brand new believer and let me tell you about my dream Pat. I was in heaven and it was academy rewards, not a-ward, academy rewards night. And so they opened up the envelope and I thought in my heart in this dream “Boy my name’s going to come out.” And instead a little old crinkled woman got the award and I’m looking at her. And then God speaks to me and God says “That could have been you.” I’m going to tell you something that really put the fear of God in me.

Pat: (Laughing)

Sid: But that’s the same thing that you’re talking about. You talk about the world going after the superstars and giving the superstars the trophies but what is God looking for?

Pat: You know about a year ago I had a dream and I fell asleep in a hotel room in Arkansas and I was speaking the next morning. And suddenly in my dream Jesus… and I’m not even sure that it was a dream as much as a visitation. Jesus walked into my hotel room and all I could see was His foot. But as He got closer I’m in a hotel room in my sleep I began go scream “Please do not come any closer or I’ll die” the fear of God came into my hotel room. And I said “If you come any closer I’ll die Lord.” And the Lord, all I saw was one foot with a scar print and I’m literally screaming in my sleep in my hotel room. And the Lord said to me “Son if you give me everything you have I’ll give you everything I have, if you’ll tell this world if they give me everything they have I’ll give them everything I have.” And suddenly He was gone, I was so shaken to the core, I got up and I turned on worship and began to dance before the Lord at 1:00 in the morning in a hotel room in Arkansas. And I began to study John 7 where it say “Ask seek and knock.” Those are perpetual terms that means “Never stop asking, never stop seeking, never stop knocking” because He’s there and He’s calling out to you. And it wrecked me much like your dream because I realized had I really given God everything?   He said “I want everything about you Pat.”

Sid: But, but wait a second how do you do that you can’t do that by yourself, what do you suggest you’re doing it, and what do we do?”

Pat: Well, I’ll be honest if that moment, and it started with me when my sister suddenly died of a drug overdose 7 years ago when I suddenly realized okay for years I’ve done it on my own, for years I’ve tried to build ministry and all of that kind of stuff. And it’s at that place where the end of yourself is the beginning of God. It’s a place where you get down and you say “God without You I’ve got nothing.” It’s a place where you come to contentment with His presence. My wife speaks a great deal about revelation about drinking from the well and getting to that place where you say “God, I died to everything, it’s not legalism it’s relationship.” It’s making up your mind “I’m not going to be a part of this world because I am awkward, I am called to be different, I am called to be separate.” But it’s tough, and I’m going to say this everybody talks about changing wineskins and it’s a powerful statement. But a lot of people don’t realize that once the wineskin changes God has to ferment the wine. It means it’s a long season of breaking and crushing and crying out and saying “I’m desperate.” God loves you so much that He won’t let you avoid the encounter, He forces you into encounter.

Sid: You make another statement and that is it should take less than 10 seconds to get into God’s presence. That’s sounds wonderful, is that true for everyone?

Pat: I believe that it’s for every single person. It’s like I can be in a crowd of 5 or 5,000 and simply say “The Holy Spirit is standing in front of you and He’s breathing on your face like He did to the disciples in John 20.” And people will begin to weep and wail. I was in a church several weeks ago, 3 weeks ago in North Carolina and I was walking on stage a crowd of 1000’s and I’m going to walk on stage and God said “God open the door and invite My Spirit in.” And I said “Lord Your already here I feel You. He said “I know, but I want to give them a tangible moment.” Sid this honestly happened. I run over to the side door of the sanctuary and I said “Folks this is just for me I guess and I say “Holy Spirit would You come in.” And at that moment people began to wail and cry out and weep, multicultural church, began to run to the front crying out to God. Because I believe your lifestyle shouldn’t change when you get to heaven. The encounter, I will say this when I talk to young ministers, you’re 30 minutes away from any moral failure, the enemy will track you. Thirty minutes away from making a mistake but your only 10 seconds from the presence of God to save you.

Sid: Now you say the whole thing, the whole process can start with a simple prayer that we believe. Later this week would you lead us in that prayer?

Pat: I’d be honored to, yes Sir.

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Our Guest Steven Brooks

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest Steven Brooks operates in all nine gifts of the Spirit and he says every true believer in the Messiah can operate in these gifts. There’s no rejects. Every one of you can operate in these gifts. And he tells me that when he prays to activate the gifts that are within you, they’re going to be activated. You want that? Recently I had just a wonderful privilege of talking to an orthodox Jewish woman that came to know Messiah through a book that I had written and the only thing she knew, she didn’t know the Bible, she didn’t know anything except the book that I had written and our television show. And so I was trying to explain to her that some churches believe in miracles, some don’t believe in miracles, and you should have heard her reaction. Utter shock. They don’t believe in miracles? What’s wrong with them? Steven, you didn’t believe in miracles at one time. So, Steven Brooks, what turned it for you? In fact, you were taught not to believe in miracles.

STEVEN: Well all of my life growing up in church as a young child I was taught that the day of miracles had passed by. But I received a mighty baptism in the Holy Spirit when I was college. It changed my life and I found out that the power of God is still available to God’s people today.

SID: Now I would like to take some of the gifts of the Spirit and have you explain what they are, maybe give an example. Let’s take my favorite, the gift of healings.

STEVEN: Yes. That’s a wonderful gift. And as the old saying goes, “The gift of healing has always been the dinner bell for the lost.” In other words, back in the old days, a ranch hand would ring the dinner bell and then all the workers knew that means take a break, time to go to lunch. And so healing is still that dinner bell for the lost. And when those healing gifts are in manifestation, people will come to receive the healing power of God, and if we can have them come and receive that healing power, often times the lost also want to receive the healer as well. So they get the whole package: physical healing for the body, which is a restoration back to healing condition. The body may be diseased or injured or a condition of the body that previously held it back, coming back into a normal healed state. And the gifts of healings are very, very powerful. We must have them operating in the church today.

SID: I want them operating in the schools, in your business, when you’re shopping, when you’re going to the doctor’s. I think that this, I like what you said. It’s God’s dinner bell. It gets your attention, especially if you’re hungry. And people are hungry. You’re hungry. So Steven, there was a moment when you were touched with the supernatural gift of healing. Tell me about that.

STEVEN: Well before this gift was given to me, I would always pray for sick people, but I would pray with a prayer of faith. There was no tangible anointing or there was no manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit. But I would still see people healed just by praying in faith. They would connect their faith with mine and then that healing would come forth. But the gifts of healings are very powerful. It’s when the Holy Spirit works through you with a tremendous anointing. And that gift came upon me one day when I was in the Dallas, Texas area, and this gift came on me. It fell on me like I had put a garment over my shoulders. I said, “Lord, what is this?” He said, “From this day forward you will operate in the gifts of healings.” And a tremendous healing happened on that very same day as tangible proof that God had given me something that I had never walked in before.

SID: Tell me about the first time, the first one that happened that same day.

STEVEN: Well I was in Texas that day. I was staying at my brother’s house and my daughter came running into the house weeping and crying, screaming actually. And she said, “Daddy, they’re all over my legs.” I looked at her legs, there was nothing there, but she had brushed off the fire ants and she was still feeling their presence, but they stung her all over her legs. She had 28 welts that just broke out on her legs. I counted them and these red huge welts began to break out all over her legs. I laid my hands on her legs. I said, “In the name of Jesus, leave!” And every welt instantly disappeared, all the pain gone. She got up and went back outside and started playing.

SID: Did it shock you?

STEVEN: It did shock me. I had never had this happen before, ever. And before that, I would minister in the gift of prophecy and would minister in other gifts, but I never had the healing gift. So this was brand new. So I thought, I’m going to try it out. I’m going to go to the next meeting and I’m going to start praying for the sick. And the next meeting I went to I was going down the line praying for people, laying hands on them, and a young woman in the line, she was 16 years old, she had wore a back brace every day of her life. Matter of fact, she was required by the doctors to wear the back brace 22 hours out of every 24. And she had severe scoliosis of the spine, and I prayed for her, and I knew the Lord had touched her. I knew God got her. She went back to her seat, but when she walked back to her seat, she looked totally normal. And I left the next day to go to another meeting, but the pastor called me two days later. He said, “Steven, when she woke up the next morning, she got out of bed and her back was completely healed.” And on that same day, she had an appointment with the doctor. She went to the doctor. To the doctor’s great shock, he verified the healing. He said, “What happened to your back?” She said, “The Lord Jesus has healed my back.” And it was a dramatic healing. It was a miracle healing.

SID: You know Steven, he went with his wife Kelly to Israel with us as a guest teacher and a major miracle happened to one of our tourists. She had for, what was it, for 20 years multiple sclerosis?

STEVEN: She had severe pain with multiple sclerosis, and Sid has always enjoyed to see people get healed because often times they’re in tormenting pain. And to see the relief of that pain leave and to see the joy on a person’s face is priceless. And I remember we were there and I had ministered that night. There were some people that came forward for prayer. I had laid hands on her and God instantly healed her. All the pain left her body and it was an instantaneous miracle that happened right on the spot. That’s been four years.

SID: I was just going to ask how long has it been and he just answered. Four years after 20 years of that type of pain. I’m going to tell you something. That is normal according to the Bible that I read and it’s time that we started being normal. When we come back, I’m going to ask Steven to totally demystify the gifts of the Spirit.

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