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Our Guest Jeff Jansen

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest is in the middle of such a move of God’s spirit. He’s seeing signs, wonders, miracles, the dead being raised, everything you’ve always wanted, and he said anything he does you can do better. Furthermore, he says he has the written Word of God that this Glory of God is available to everyone. Jeff Jansen, you’ve seemed the most dogmatic that this year there will be an outpouring of God’s Spirit and no one is going to be left out. How can you be so sure?


JEFF: The Lord said, “Jeff, starting in 2017, ’18, ’19, ’20 and ’21, it’s Acts 2:17, 18, 19, 20 and 21, the Book of Acts 2:17 is where Peter said—


SID: That’s kind of neat, 2000, did you get 2000, between 2017 to 2021, and it’s Acts 2, Chapter 17 to 21. That’s pretty cool.


JEFF: That’s exactly what it is. The Lord said, this is what it is, it’s Peter basically saying, “In the latter days I will pour out my spirit upon your sons and your daughters and they shall prophesy. And again, I will pour out my spirit,” Verse 18, “upon your manservants and your maidservants and they shall prophesy. And I will signs in the heavens and on the earth.” It’s the Holy Spirit being poured out upon a people that move in signs, wonders and miracles. And it’s not just for the generals, it’s not just for the elites, it’s not just for those that have doctorates, it’s not just for those that have received impartation from spiritual fathers or had some kind of an angelic encounter. It’s for everybody. God is going to use a Glory generation that moves in signs and wonders, and miracles to bring in a billion souls to himself.


SID: Although it’s for everybody, as you point out, it’s available to everyone, everyone won’t participate. It takes hunger for God, hunger for the things of God, hunger to be with God. And I’m going to tell you something, Jeff, just hanging around you, you just radiate that hunger. When you, but you weren’t always that way. At age 19, you had a major encounter with God. What happened?


JEFF: When I was 19 years old, I was in the season of just praying. I was hungry for God, Sid, and hunger is key. I was hungering for God. I just wanted him more than anything. I’d spend hours in prayer, hours in worship, hours with the Holy Spirit. That was before there were schools of the supernatural or secret place schools. I didn’t know any of that stuff. I was just hungry for God. And I went to bed one night in February in Wisconsin. It was cold outside. I was praying inside. I went to bed and Jesus appeared in my room at 3:00 in the morning. He woke me up with waves of love and power. And as I was coming to, Sid, there was a light on the back of the wall in my bedroom. I thought I had left the light on. I thought the light, or the light was shining in from the window behind my bed, but there was no window there. It was the Lord. It was the Glory. It was a radiating Glory. And as I was looking at it feeling the love of God, it turned into a rainbow and the Lord wrote my name in the rainbow and he said, “I love you, Jeff.” And then he continued to show me.

SID: Did that mean a lot to you, I love you, Jeff?


JEFF: It means everything to me, Sid. It means everything to me. And the Lord loves everybody. He loves you. Some of you are even listening right now and you’re, you know, and you’re just feeling the power of the Holy Spirit.


SID: I feel it.


JEFF: I can feel it right now. He loves us and loved me, and he was telling me in the promise, the rainbow on my back wall, “I love you, Jeff.” And then he continued to show me what my ministry would be. He showed me stadiums and he showed me revival, and he showed me I saw a picture of me in that television as the Lord was telling me a vision about what my life would be like. I saw myself standing in a field in Africa and many people coming to Jesus Christ. I even watched myself raise a man from the dead in that vision. It was amazing.


SID: Has this all come to pass?


JEFF: It’s all come to pass now. I’m in it now. We’re doing it now.


SID: You know, when we come back I’m going to ask Jeff, now there’s many keys for operating God because God is so vast. But there is one key that, in my opinion, most believers miss big time. It’s the most important key, Jeff says. Be right back.

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Our Guest Judy Franklin

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LARRY: (claps) Welcome back to Something More. I’ve Judy Franklin here. We’re talking about experiences in the Heavenly realm, deeper dimensions of encounter with the Presence of God. These things sound wonderful, but the reality is, people experience hindrances to experiencing God, in new and deeper ways. God is willing; let me just let you know right now, God is willing. God wants to encounter you; He wants to draw nearer to you, He wants to touch you; He wants to embrace you, more than you actually want to embrace Him. And you might think, “Oh, I really want to experience more of God”; God’s level of desire for you will always exceed your desire for Him. But the reality is, there are very simple things that can be extremely dangerous in our lives – if we hold on to them – and they’re lies; they’re lies that we believe from the enemy. And Judy, I mean, I – I – I want you to just give some teaching right now, about the lies that the enemy tries to use – he’s tried to use on you —


JUDY: Yes.


LARRY: to keep you out of the presence of God; to keep people out of this place of encounter with Him. So —


JUDY: Yes. Will I first picked up on it I think when I was at a conference at a retreat. And one lady came up to me after the teaching and said, “I can’t get up to Jesus”. And she says, “I can see Him far off, but I can’t get close to Him”.




JUDY: And I thought, “Well that’s strange”, so I started talking to her. And I said, “Do you feel like you’re worthy?”,  —




JUDY: and she just started crying and saying, “No, I’m not worthy to be.” And then it started me thinking that people are believing lies.

Of course Bill Johnson’s teaching on renewing your mind – I went through that; so I learned alot there. And it says in Romans

about “renewing … your mind….” Your spirit knows the truth, but your mind is really corrupt by the fall.


LARRY: Yeah.


JUDY: So what we have to do is tell our minds what to believe.




JUDY: So you’re going along, and you commit a sin; and you’re always remembering this. And yes, you ask for forgiveness, but “How stupid it was to do that; that’s probably the fifth time you’ve done it.” Well what I have people do at the beginning is forgive themselves!


LARRY: Yeah.


JUDY: Because they’re believing a lie, that that sin is there; —




JUDY: that they were stupid to do it. Well Jesus came to forgive us of all sins. He doesn’t just, “Oh, I forgive you”; He takes it away.


LARRY: Yeah.


JUDY: It’s “As far as the east is from the west….” It is no more; why are you thinking on that?




JUDY: You need to renew your mind. You need to stop believing lies. I thought I was stupid; I thought all sort of lies about myself; “God wouldn’t want me. I have no talents; I have no gifts”; well that’s a lie, too!




JUDY: I do have talents and gifts! He gave them to me! To say that we don’t belong with Him is a lie that we’re believing. I belong to Him – lock, stock and barrel – because of what Jesus did —


LARRY: Yeah.


JUDY: in my life. He forgave me —


LARRY: Um hm.


JUDY: of everything. I can boldly come before the throne, because I have no sin on me, —


LARRY: Yeah.


JUDY: because Jesus paid for that!


LARRY: Yep; yeah.


JUDY: Now do I do things wrong? Oh yes; I do.


LARRY: Yeah.


JUDY: But you wee, with forgiveness it’s gone.


LARRY: Yeah.


JUDY: So I think that’s very important, that people stop believing lies about themselves. I know that Bill Johnson

says that, “The only power that Satan has if we believe his lie”; otherwise, he doesn’t have the power. I’m sitting here

, and I’m in this studio, and I’m going to be on television, so you know I’m thinking about, —


LARRY: (chuckling) Yeah.


JUDY: “What do I look like?”


LARRY: (chuckling) Yeah!


JUDY: “What am I going to say?”, and “What if I say something bad?”, and “Hey, can I stop?”, and “Can I, you know, are you going to edit it and everything?”, —


LARRY: Sure.


JUDY: and I had to stop myself and go, “Wait a minute. God, You brought me here.”


LARRY: Yeah.


JUDY: “I know you give me things to say. And who cares what I look like; I don’t.” If – if you do, I’m sorry, —


LARRY: And it’s – it’s alright.


JUDY: but I’m not going to change.


LARRY: You look good now.


JUDY: (laughs)


LARRY: (laughs) Yeah; yeah.


JUDY: So I had refused to believe the lie!


LARRY: Yeah.


JUDY: If the Lord says, “Go up and pray for that person”, I go, “Oh; I don’t pray good; I don’t pray good, flowy prayers, and mine are just to-the-point, and -“, and I think, “No; that’s a lie —”




JUDY: “from the enemy!” He is “the father of lies”.


LARRY: Yes; yeah; yeah.


JUDY: That’s all he can do to us is tell us lies!


LARRY: Well that’s funny; I heard a friend of mine once say, “How do you know that the devil is lying?”, and then the question is, “Well how do you know?”; “If his lips are moving.”


JUDY: (laughs) There you go!


LARRY: Because – because isn’t that true? That’s all he does, and that’s how you recognize —


JUDY: Yeah!


LARRY: whether it’s God, or the devil; if you’re being lied to; yeah.


JUDY: And, you know, when I used – when my dad told me that I was too stupid to love, —




JUDY: I took on that “Stupid; I’m stupid”.


LARRY: Yeah.


JUDY: Well then I go to school, and I have learning disabilities; “Oh; it’s because I’m stupid”. And all these patterns in my life came up whenever I did anything wrong, “It’s because I’m stupid; because I’m stupid”, so I lived my en- – my life believing I was “stupid”. It stopped me from doing things, because people might find out I’m “stupid”; so I didn’t talk to people, I didn’t – wasn’t around people alot, because I didn’t want them to find out I was “stupid”.




JUDY: So that’s a lie I believed, all my life just about, —


LARRY: Yeah.


JUDY: until I had my encounter with God, —


LARRY: Yeah.


JUDY: and He exposed that lie. So what lies do people believe?


LARRY: Yeah.


JUDY: That they “Can’t be forgiven”; or they’re “Forgiven, or God is mad at ’em”; that’s – that’s one of the worst things that – to think, that God gets mad at us.




JUDY: It’s impossible for Him to be mad at us; and people go, “Well that’s not true; He got mad at me”; I said, “No. If you’re saying God gets mad at you, what you are saying is: Jesus’ sacrifice for your life wasn’t enough”; —




JUDY: “because it paid for everything!”




JUDY: Everything!


LARRY: Yeah; yeah.


JUDY: Well even now Judy, I – I just want us to kind of do some tag-team ministry. I’m going to – I’m going to speak to the folks out there, and then I’m going to have – I’ll just switch it over to you. But I feel like the Lord wants to just really help dismantle some of these lies right now.




JUDY: And I’m going to – I’m going to just pray a few things, and then I’m going to have you pray. But right now, Father, in Jesus’ name, for those who are listening, I just sense that there are some of you who, like what Judy was talking about, you feel unworthy to enter the presence of God. You’re believing this lie, uh, “I’m a Christian,” [music] “but I’ve messed up. I’ve – I’ve sinned, I’ve made mistakes, a-and for whatever reason, I have to clean-up before I get into the Presence of God”; Jesus’ blood cleaned you up. In the presence of God is the grace and mercy you actually need to have victory over whatever you’re struggling with. God wants to help you, but it’s in His Presence; don’t let the enemy keep you out of His Presence. So I just declare that over you right now. Receive that, in Jesus’ name. You’re “[T]he righteousness of God in [Christ Jesus]”.


JUDY: That’s good. You know, I want to tell you that I know there’s somebody out there – more than one person out there – that as soon as we say, “You can go to Heaven”, your thoughts are you’re “Not good enough”, you’re “not special”, you know, that’s – “That’s for them; not for me”. And that’s a lie in your life that you have to stop, because He does love you that much, and He does want you to – want to take you into His arms, and love on you! It isn’t just, “Go do my stuff and I’ll love you”; it’s “I love you!”; and out of that love, we will go do his stuff. We want to love him; that’s the first commandment. “[L]ove the Lord your God with [everything]”. That’s what we want to do; that’s what I strive for; everything else comes along and comes together. But I want to love God. And I love when Bob Jones said um, when he died – when he got hit by lightning and he died, —


LARRY: Yeah; yeah.


JUDY: and he went to Heaven. And there was the Lord, and He was saying, “Did you learn to love?”




JUDY: He didn’t say, “How many sins do you have?”; all those are gone! He said, “Did you learn to love?”; and when they’d say, “Yes”, He’d say, “Enter in.”


LARRY: Yeah.


JUDY: Well I want to learn to love.


LARRY: Yeah.


JUDY: It’s not just a feeling; it’s learning —


LARRY: Yeah.


JUDY: to be patient, and kind, and not taking into account a wrong done. Love is the most important thing, and that’s what I get – from Heaven.


LARRY: Yeah; yeah. God’s calling you into His Presence. He made it legal; it is available. Remember, you are “[T]he righteousness of God in [Christ Jesus].” You’re worthy because of Jesus’ blood; stand on that. And every lie of the enemy – just go to the Word – say – you have it; you actually have a sure-fire response to every lie and fiery dart the enemy throws at your mind, and you can say “No. Because of what Jesus has done, He’s given me all access into the Presence of God, ad those Heavenly encounters are [music ends] available for me today.”

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Our Guest Art Thomas

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SID: You know, I was fascinated, and you know the one thing you said that really hit me like a two-by-four, is I would put my hand on someone and pray for them, and kind of get the Holy Spirit to go through my hand into them. But you said something different.


ART: Yes. I was always raised with this idea. I don’t think anyone ever taught it to me. But I thought that healing was something you learned yourself into, that you had to like learn techniques and figure out how to push power out your arm, and all that. I discovered it is none of that. It’s just my job is to do my part and only my part to completely trust Jesus to do the rest. I don’t have to think the right thought, feel the right feelings, say the right words, quote the right scriptures, claim the right promises, any of that. It’s just take Jesus at his word. He said, “Lay your hands on the sick and they’ll recover.”


SID: Tell me about your two-year-old son. Again, there’s hope for me and you. Even a two-year-old can do it.


ART: My wife was playing in the living room with our two boys and my four-year-old was right between her knees on the floor, and she had her elbows on her knees, leaning forward, and that four-year-old Joey popped up and hit her right in the nose. And I’m sitting in the dining room and I heard this loud pop. She reaches up and she’s got blood coming down her hands, and J.J., the two-year-old, he hops up, runs over before I could get there and says, “Mommy, you okay?” Touches her nose with his hand and said, “Nose be healed Jesus’ name.” The bleeding stops. The pain stops. She goes and looks in the mirror. There’s no sign of a broken nose. All she had to do was clean the blood off her hands and she was totally fine. Still to this day, no sign of a broken nose.


SID: What a wonderful way to be raised. But something really beyond a broken nose happened. Your wife goes into labor, 24 weeks, and you know that’s not a cool thing to happen. What occurred?


ART: Yes. That’s when she was in labor with Jeremiah, J.J., the youngest. I was at the store and she had had pre-term labor with our first, and so we were kind of expecting to be careful. But she knew what labor felt like. And I’m at the grocery store, and she called me and said, “I’m in labor.” And I said, “Are you serious? It hasn’t been long.” She said, “Yeah, I know and the contractions are five minutes apart.” I left my shopping cart there in the aisle, took off running for the car, drove as fast as I could to get home. Don’t tell the police. But as I’m driving I’m crying, sobbing in prayer. And I just said to the Lord out loud, I said, “God, I can’t do this. I’m not strong enough for this.” And he spoke back to my spirit right in that moment, and he said, “This is what I meant when I said, ‘My power is made perfect in your weakness.'” This peace hit me. I realized I never was strong enough. It was never about that. I drive home the rest of the way in peace still knowing it’s a serious issue, and I hurried into the house. My wife is standing there in the kitchen with her hands backwards on the counter having another contraction. And I knelt down on the floor, laid my hands on her stomach and said, “In Jesus’ name, contractions stop now.” That one stopped instantly. We grabbed the overnight bag, jumped in the car, drove a half-hour to the hospital. She had two or three more contractions on the way further and further apart. By the time we arrived the contractions were done. They ran a bunch of tests. They said, “We can’t find anything wrong with you. We don’t know what happened.”


SID: Why is it harder for even, say, a healing evangelist when they get hit with an incurable disease in their own home? I mean, that should be the easiest place. Why is it harder?


ART: Really, honestly, the only blocks exist between our own ears. So we had these problems with how much we love our family member. And so we have these expectations like, uh-oh, I hope this works, because if it doesn’t I have to go to bed with this person tonight or I have to see them in the morning, you know. And we wonder, is it going to happen this time? We’ve been pursuing it for so long. Like Proverbs 13 says that, “Hope deferred makes the heart sick.” This thing you’ve been believing for and pushing for, for so long, gets put off and put off. Your heart can get sick and you start to expect, well it didn’t happen the last 37 times I laid hands on my spouse or my kid, or whatever. Maybe it will happen this time. Probably not. I’ll just expect it in the future. And it’s hard to talk about how to persevere without setting people up with an expectation that they’ll have to persevere. And so we end up trying. We see nothing. We don’t know what to do after that. It is possible to persevere, but it’s also possible to expect it right here, right now, and that’s what we have to expect every single time we minister to our family.


SID: Okay. I heard what you said. But I want you to talk to someone that for 20 years has been dealing with a chronic problem and I don’t know even know if they believe anymore.


ART: Right.


SID: Talk to them.


ART: First thing’s first, you’re doing everything right. You’re doing everything right. The only, this is the thing, people ask me, is it okay if I minister healing to myself? I say absolutely.


SID: [unintelligible].


ART: Yes. There’s nothing in Scripture that tell you that you can’t minister healing to yourself. Okay. However, there’s also not a prescription that says you have to. In other words, if you’re trying and you’re seeing results, don’t feel bad. It wasn’t, the weight of responsibility wasn’t on your shoulders to begin with. So the only prescription for a sick believer is found in James 5, which is to go to other mature believers and have them minister to you. So my job as a believer, my job as a sick person is really to contend as much as I can to do whatever it is I know I can do, but remember, I can’t earn a healing. There’s nothing I can do that’s going to accomplish more than what Jesus already did. He did all the work. It is finished. That’s the truth. So I have to bank on that. I have to hold onto that truth and just keep persevering. Jesus said everyone who seeks, finds. Everyone who knocks, the door is open. The only way that that doesn’t happen is if I stop knocking, I stop seeking, I stop asking, there has to be perseverance. Now beyond all that, I would encourage you, when you’re seeking healing, you’re seeking for Jesus to receive what he paid for. That means that seeking healing is an act of worship, whether you’re seeking your own healing or seeking someone else’s healing. And it’s a form of worship that only exists in this world. You’re not going to have that on the other side of eternity because you’re going to be well. Everybody is fine there. But right now you have a very valuable form of worship that is meaningful to the Lord. It’s dear to his heart. You know, Matthew 25, Jesus talks about this parable of separating sheep from goats, and he’s talking about the final judgment. And he says to the sheep, “I was sick and you cared for me,” or you looked after me. He didn’t say, “I was sick and you healed me.” See, when I stand before the Lord at the end of time I’m not going to have to answer for whether or not I ever worked a miracle. In fact, the people who pointed at their miracles for their justification, he says, “I never knew you.” What I will have to answer for is whether or not I loved. And so people who have someone who is in a chronic condition and they’re not healed yet, know that the greatest and most important thing to the Lord’s heart is the fact that you are loving and you’re caring, and you’re going out of your way to take care of that person.


SID: I want Art to pray when we come back. Number one, I believe God is going to operate through words of knowledge for your healing. I mean, he’s had many, many meetings where a hundred percent have been healed. But I also want him to pray that you have all these barriers come off and you start fresh for the greatest move of God’s spirit in history. God thinks enough about you. He had you born for this big wrap-up move of his Spirit. Be right back.

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