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Our Guest Robert Inguanzo

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Robert Inguanzo (1282) 2002

Sid: My guest by way of telephone is Robert Inguanzo I’m speaking to him at his home in Lincoln Park, New Jersey. He got hit with AIDS he had such an amazing miracle that happened because he was in a prayer meeting and God gave him a vision. In this vision he saw the condition of the church and what did the Lord show you?

Robert: Well he showed me it’s like I could see inside of the people; it’s like I could see what they were feeling and I could see that they were not really Christians like God wanted Christians to be. I remember the Holy Spirit would speak to me as I was looking at all of this and He told me “Robert I want the Christians to go into the depth of Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ isn’t like just a story that you read it’s something… Jesus Christ is the person, He’s a real person He’s a loving God He wants us to be intimate with Him. He wants us to be able to talk to Him, He wants to prepare us to hear His voice, He wants intimacy with His church and that’s what the church isn’t going through right now. The church needs a renewal, it needs a restoration.” As I was seeing all of this I remember I’m crying and crying and crying and I kept feeling that pain in my chest and it was the same pain that Jesus was feeling. And Sid it was really such a strong pain and I remember after that I had such a desire to reach out to the Christians and say “Listen Jesus is real and there’s much more.” I remember that the Holy Ghost said “Robert there’s so much more that God has to offer there’s so much more that He has for His church.” And I remember that He said “Christians their goal was always to be baptized with the Holy Spirit and speak and tongues and all of this.” And He said that “A lot of times that people would stop there and he would show me that being baptized with Holy Spirit was only the beginning that was like the open door to the supernatural to a new level, to a new dimension.

Sid: What is the next step you would advise people to take that are born again and baptized in the Holy Spirit and speaking in unknown tongues what is the next step?

Robert: Well what we need as Christians is to have a hunger ask God for a hunger for Him.

Sid: So that’s the next step.

Robert: Yes.

Sid: Pray God give me a hunger for you beyond what I have? Now what about your AIDS? You didn’t just have HIV you had full blown AIDS not only was it full blown AIDS you had a type of AIDS that’s called multi-generation AIDS. Which means that if they gave you medicine it would mutate to the point that where (One month) even if the medicine helped it wouldn’t help there was absolutely no hope for you; what about the AIDS? What is your condition today and where did you come from?

Robert: Well Sid my condition is that my immune system was 99% gone and thank God that after 4½ years it’s gone up up and up and it’s like I always say “God heals in so many different says.”

Sid: Okay there’s something called the T-Cell count which gives us an indication of your immune system. How low did your T-Cell get?

Robert: My T-Cell T4 is the same thing; my immune system went down to 2 just 2 T-4; 2-T-Cells.

Sid: That sounds like someone that’s almost dead; well you were told that you only had 4 months to live.

Robert: I not only have 4 months to live but it was nothing they could do at all; I remember I would get all of these headaches and I would get all of these diseases and I would go to the hospital and they would send you home because they said “Robert you’re on every kind of medication and there’s nothing else that we can do for you.” And Sid that would be like so depressing when you hear something like that and you have a family.

Sid: Okay what is your T-Count today? It was 2 what is it today?

Robert: It’s over 800.

Sid: Now this was a gradual healing how long did it take?

Robert: It took like I said like 4½ years to get up to 800.

Sid: And what about the AIDS virus itself, I mean the T-count has to do with the immune system what about the AIDS virus what did the tests show?

Robert: The tests show that there is no AIDS virus in my blood at all and that’s one of the greatest miracles I have paper work proving what I’m saying that it’s true. A lot of people might not understand exactly what it is but I don’t base myself only on the paperwork of the doctors even when my immune system was low I remember I would be reading scriptures like Isaiah 53 that would say “By His stripes I was healed.” And that’s the paperwork I really based my life on is the scriptures, is the word of God. I would take God’s for His word more than what the doctors were telling me because the doctors were only telling me bad news but then I would read the Bible and I would see something completely different. And all I had to do was just believe, just believe that the word of God is actually the word of God; it’s inspired by God. Yes it was written by man but it’s inspired by the Holy Spirit.

Sid: Give me a scripture that you might have meditated on and tell me what you did and tell me what the scripture said, pick one.

Robert: Okay well my favorite scriptures were Isaiah 53 “By His stripes were healed” and the lady with issue of blood.

Sid: Tell me about the lady with the issue of blood.

Robert: The lady with the issue, I compare myself so much to her Sid here was a lady she had gone to so many different doctors there was so much for so many years for 12 years. I can imagine this lady was in the same condition that I was in a way because she had a lot of money. Obviously if you go to a doctor 12 years for different doctors you know that she must have had a lot of money. After the 12 years she had spent everything that she had which was exactly what happened to me I had gone to so many different doctors there was nothing else I could do. But this lady with the issue of blood after she had spent everything, after she had done everything she could somebody told her about Jesus because the Bible says that she heard about Jesus so she heard about Jesus. So obviously she was told about Jesus. When she heard about Jesus it happened just like me when I heard that Jesus really, really did heal it was like a spark inside of me. And this lady with the issue of blood when she heard about Jesus she had to go and see Jesus and touch Jesus but she had a great problem that she wasn’t allowed by the law of Moses to be in crowds because of her condition she would be stoned to death if they would find her. But she didn’t care she was desperate and that’s exactly how I was I was desperate. And this lady she pushed herself through the crowd and just touched the hem of Jesus of Jesus’ garment. And if you read the scriptures carefully you will see that she kept repeating to herself, that’s how the original text explains it the original text explains it as she’s pushing through. The crowd she kept saying “If I only touch the hem of His garment. And when she touched the hem of His garment it was a touch of faith, it was a touch of faith so much so that Jesus Himself felt an anointing come out of Him. If you keep reading you’ll see how He turned around and was looking for her and again if you look into the original you’ll see when He was looking for her she was actually hiding behind the people so that Jesus wouldn’t know who she was or what happened she was hiding it wasn’t just that He didn’t see her he didn’t see her because she was hiding that’s how the original explains it. And that’s exactly what happened to me I reached out when there was no other hope and when I got to touch the hem of Jesus’ garment that ‘s when I received the healing. Even though everything else all the other diseases disappeared instantly the AIDS, it took a long time it took almost 4½ years to where it is now.

Sid: Now today you have so much faith your family has so much faith having seen all of these miracles that occurred in your life you’re praying for people that are being healed. I want you to tell me about 1 person describe 1 person that had incurable cancer that was healed that you prayed for.

Robert: Well there is so many but I know that there’s this one there’s this one lady she was already completely bald and I mean it was so sad looking at her and I just first of all I gave her my testimony how it was because I know that everything has to do with believing and having faith in God’s word. So I would tell her how it happened with me and how… what the doctors had said and everything and I would just pray for her and you know little by little she started getting stronger and stronger. There’s another case of another person that was going to die with pancreatic cancer and that person got stronger and stronger and stronger.

Sid: Was she cured?

Robert: Yes, yes, yes okay that’s what I want to hear….


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Our Guest Elisabeth Syre

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Elisabeth Syre (1284) - 2002

Sid: My guest is red hot for the Messiah, her name is Elisabeth Syre she’s from South Africa. I’ve caught up with her where she’s speaking in Leesburg, Virginia. She moves in extraordinary prophecy and words of knowledge. The thing that intrigues me so much about you Elisabeth is that you were raised in Holland during the holocaust. Your father was one of these people that loved the Jewish people and wanted to help them, but that was pretty life threatening to the rest of your family. What happened to your family?

Elisabeth: My family at that time lived in Holland and my family was not aware of my father’s underground movement for the Jewish people. He was busy in getting 23 little children saved in the city of Hengelo, Holland. He was doing that because he was working in the town hall and he had all the names on file. He let many names disappear from the files so that they couldn’t find any Jewish names the moment the Germans occupied the town hall. Then he found the homes of these children and actually made sure that they were not being stolen by the Germans so to say, but they were in state homes. He brought them one by one into Christian homes.

Sid: Now was your father’s life ever threatened? Was he ever captured by the Nazis?

Elisabeth: Yes he was captured by the Nazis. In his office he was the personal manager in his office with his assistant as they took over all the offices and all the government buildings. They took him and brought him into the death train. Every Friday the death train was leaving the station…

Sid: Now why was it called the death train?

Elisabeth: Because people never came back.

Sid: Hmm.

Elisabeth: They never came back. They were put onto the train and people that had dark hair and that had dark eyes… they took people from the street and said you “You look Jewish you have to go into the train.” So it was on the Friday we were not allowed to walk outside because especially on Friday they were picking up people at random and brought them into that train.

Sid: Now where was the train heading?

Elisabeth: The train was heading I believe to Dachau in Germany.

Sid: That was one of the worst of Hitler’s concentration camps.

Elisabeth: Yes.

Sid: So… Your father had a one way ticket to death. They arrested him and put him on the train?

Elisabeth: They put him on the train, the train was packed with people…

Sid: But he wasn’t Jewish, why did they do that?

Elisabeth: He had a Jewish name and my mother had a Jewish name. They did it because he had an influential position and all people in this position in Holland they took them first, and they took the Jewish people as well. They were just trying to overtake every situation in Holland.

Sid: So what happened to your dad?

Elisabeth: After he was in train he spoke to his assistant and said “Well I don’t know what you’re going to do but I’m going to leave this train. I hear the soldiers are fastening the windows and we are in one of the last carriers. So when they are fastening the windows this is the time to jump on the other side out of the window. I’ll help you. We’ll try to escape just come with me I’ll help you too.” The assistant stayed in the train and he died and he never came back, but my father jumped out of the train and did hide himself…

Sid: Now I would think that would be pretty life threatening to jump out of a moving train?

Elisabeth: It wasn’t moving it was stationary…

Sid: Oh!

Elisabeth: …for a couple of hours till they had enough people to take Dachau.

Sid: How come no one saw him when he jumped out?

Elisabeth: Because he was sitting in the corner and his carrier was in the back… was one of the last carriers and it was very dark. It came became more gradually darker and darker and there was no light in the station. So in that particular carrier he just jumped out and out of the window and stayed under the wheels of the train. Just before 12:00 you know the heels of the soldiers clicked past the window again but they didn’t see him under the train. The train drove off and my father was still on the rails.

Sid: There had to be a destiny for his life and for your life for that matter. So your father escaped and then what happened?

Elisabeth: When he escaped he actually in the middle of the night you are not allowed to walk on the street before 7:00 in the morning. He actually walked through all the little backyards of these little towns, town of Hengelo. Then he crossed the street to the house where we lived in the city. Then he actually climbed onto the balcony. We had a double-story house and the light in the room of my mother was still on. She was praying with the Bible open and had cried herself to sleep because dad hadn’t come home. The window… the curtain was slightly opened, he knocked on the window and said “Quickly open the door.” At that point my mother opened the door and he said to her “I’ve just been… I’m here but we have to leave they will look for me everywhere; we have to go into hiding.” Then we all packed our clothes and dad said “Well let’s take all our belongings and everything that’s important. Just go immediately. I’ll walk in front of you.” So my brother and my sister at the time because I was a baby in the prim, my mother pushed a prim with all the belongings, I was buried under the belongings. My father walked a 100 meters ahead of us and at every corner he waited if we would see him then he would turn left, right, left, right through the little town of Hengelo till we came onto the main artery road to another city and he walked and walked and walked. Then he found this little farm, we call it a small holding in English, it’s a small farm. He knew the owner of this farmer, he was a Baptist believer. He said “Brother will you take us in our lives are in danger.” This man was open arms received us and put us up for a couple of years in his little farm. We had hardly anything to eat because everything was so… at least on the farm there was something growing there. We had something but I remember as a baby they couldn’t feed me but we were living… I was living under the ground for a couple of months, maybe for a year I don’t know how long.

Sid: So Elisabeth how did you eventually get out of this predicament?

Elisabeth: In 1945 I was a toddler at that time. The American soldiers came to Holland to rescue Holland from Germany. My father was overwhelmed with joy because he had made it through the war and we went back to our old house in the city. Soldiers came to our house, the believing soldiers and we celebrated many many evenings in song and in singing hymns together. All of my family were very very musical so there was always food for everyone. For the first time in my life after all these years of depreciation we actually got real butter and I remember the taste of real butter. Then they put me onto a table and it had long flats, little flats on the side. They were teaching me the song “You are My Sunshine My Only Sunshine,” I still remember it.

Sid: Okay well let’s jump forward now. You’re in England, you’re being educated there…

Elisabeth: Yes.

Sid: …but you weren’t really a believer in Jesus. I mean coming from such a Godly heritage, how come you weren’t?

Elisabeth: Well I was a nominal believer. I was a duty believer, I believed when that when you go to church that everything is okay. I went regularly to church with my father and with my family, but I didn’t really here the gospel in the type of congregation that I went. When I came to England I realized that “Wow! Is it really true that Jesus is the Messiah, or Yeshua is the Messiah?” I asked Him and so I got involved with a whole group of students, they had quiet times. They talked to Him as if He really was in the room and I was very impressed by that. Then the one day I said “Lord if you’re really alive show me.” When I went home to my little apartment on Bakers Street that I was sharing with some students. You know in the door I the saw the whole like a flash of lightning, I saw the whole outline of Yeshua He was standing in that door with His hands outstretched and I saw the nail prints in His hands. I was just so touched it was as if the Lord said “You see I’m really alive. You see I’m really alive.” By that point I said “Lord I now know that you are Yeshua that you are the Lord of lords and the King of kings, and I trust you.” Then I became freer and freer and I started to talk to the Lord. In the quiet time I started to grow, read books, go to the Bible studies and I started to grow and grow, and I even went to Bible school. So I grew all the time in the Spirit, but I then I realized that you can’t just be a nice Christian out of duty you have to give your heart to the Lord. When Corrie Ten Boom came back into our life after she came back from the concentration camp, do you know she told me all about the Holy Spirit. She said it is the second battery in your life. The first battery is salvation, the second battery is empowering with the Holy Spirit.

Sid: Alright I want to find out about what happened when she laid hands on you and prayed, but we’re out of time today.

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Our Guest Dr. RT Kendall

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Dr. RT Kendall


Sid: My guest by way of telephone I’m speaking to him at his home in Key Largo, Florida is RT Kendall. RT is the former Senior Minister of West Chapel in London, England. He is a PhD graduate of Oxford University. And He has a new book that’s shaking a lot of people up and I believe that if there’s every been a time to get this area right in your life is just before what I believe is the greatest outpouring of God’s Spirit in the history of planet earth, don’t miss out on your destiny. The name of the book “Total Forgiveness” subtitle “When Everything in You Wants to Hold a Grudge Point a Finger and Remember the Pain God Wants You to Lay it All Aside.” RT on yesterday’s broadcast we were talking about what is total forgiveness, would you pick up there where we left off?

RT: Well it doesn’t mean closing our eyes to those that will continue to harm others Sid. Total forgive is when you pray for them and you want them to be blessed but the proof that you have total forgiven begins with a refusal to tell what they did. Take for example Joseph here was a man who was betrayed by his brothers, sold to Ishmaelites and then that was really Plan B they were going to kill him. Well it wasn’t a very nice thing that they did and Joseph had to forgive them. Now when those brothers sold Joseph to the Ismaelites they never thought they’d see him again. Little did they know that 22 years later when they go to Egypt they have to face the Prime Minister of Egypt that is none other than their brother Joseph they don’t know it at first but later they find out that it’s a new Joseph. Joseph had longed for the day that he could look at those brothers and say “Gotcha!” But now he has them before him and instead of saying “Gotcha” he’s a new man, he’s a changed man. And the first thing he does Sid is to say “Everybody out of the room.” Now why did he have everybody leave the room? It’s because he’s going to persuade his brothers to get their father Jacob to come and live in Egypt in the land of Goshen. The reason he had everybody leave the room except his brothers is so that nobody in Egypt would ever know what they did to him. Joseph wants his brothers to come and live in Egypt and he wanted the Egyptians to admire his brothers. Joseph knew that he himself was a hero he wanted his brothers to be heroes and so he makes sure that nobody in Egypt would ever find out because he knows that if they find out in Egypt what they did you know they’re going to hate those brothers and Joseph doesn’t want his brothers to be hated.

Sid: If Joseph hadn’t at some point along the way forgiven his brothers do you think he would have rose to the royalty he did?

RT: Very good point Sid. Don’t believe he would have it’s my view that God just waited till Joseph totally forgave before he could be trusted with such a lofty position.

Sid: And Mishpochah did you get that point. Maybe you you’ve been saying “God I feel like I’ve been on a treadmill how come you’re not moving me up? How come you’re not promoting me, how come the gifts are not flowing the way you promised me that they’re going to flow and maybe…

RT: You are exactly right.

Sid: And maybe God’s waiting on you.

RT: Do you remember the dreams Joseph had about his brothers? Yeah he wasn’t very wise to tell those dreams he said “You know I had this dream “Moon, eleven stars were bowing down to me.” Now there wasn’t anything wrong with Joseph’s gift because it was functioning he had a definite prophetic gift when it came to dreams. But there was a lot wrong with Joseph and Joseph always knew that one day those brothers were going to come to him. But what he didn’t know is that God wasn’t going to let it happen until Joseph was right in his heart towards them. And I think there are a lot of people Sid that have been given call it prophetic words, words of knowledge, promise maybe the Lord Himself has promised someone one day I’m going to use you.” And they keep asking Him “How long, how long, how long?

Sid: And God’s saying the same thing “How long, how long, how long are you going to wait to walk in un-forgiveness? (Laughing.)

RT: That’s exactly the point, that’s exactly the point. So Joseph could not be trusted with such authority and power if he were still bitter. And so when God doesn’t exalt us as soon as we would like it’s at least that God’s doing us a favor because we couldn’t be trusted with that kind of power.

Sid: You know many times I’ve said…I’ve even said this publically when I first started in ministry had I had the platform I have right now I believe that I would have fallen big time.

RT: Hm hm exactly.

Sid: So God’s got a lot of wisdom there (Laughing.)

RT: Well He was doing Joseph an enormous favor and He’s done me a favor by well my predecessor at Westminster Chapel was a man by the name of Dr. Martin Lloyd Jones. And he used to say to me “The worst thing that can happen to a man is to succeed before he’s ready.” And so that the principals here once Joseph had totally forgiven those brothers “God says Joseph I think now you’re ready,” and that’s and you’re exactly right Sid and that’s what God was doing here.

Sid: Well you’re just exploding so many thoughts but let’s go back to what is total forgiveness.

RT: What do you think I should say what it isn’t?

Sid: Please.

RT: Okay.

Sid: That’s one way to understand.

RT: It is not approval of what they did, you see God never approved of our sin He hates sin and so Jesus forgave the woman found in adultery but it didn’t approve of what she did He told her leave your life of sin. And so when we forgive it doesn’t mean we approve what they did nor does it mean that we excuse what they did. We got to forgive people but it doesn’t mean we excuse them, or it doesn’t mean we justify what they did. So nor does it mean that we pardon what they did. Back to the lady who was raped by a person from a Middle Eastern country. She didn’t pardon him but she certainly forgave him in her heart. And another very important point I think that we already touched on this I think it was maybe on the program yesterday forgiveness is not necessarily reconciliation there not always the same thing. You see reconciliation requires the participation of two people the person you forgive may not want to see you or talk to you or they may have passed away since the time of the offense. Not only that Sid you may not want to maintain a close relationship with the person you forgive. So the main thing is you’ve got to forgive them but it doesn’t mean necessarily reconciliation.

Sid: You know a lot of people beat themselves down because they think it means those other things.

RT: Yeah I know I call it pseudo-guilt, living in guilt but the main thing is that we forgive them. And I ought to add one other thing total forgiveness is not denying what they did sometimes people will live in denial and say “Well I can’t believe those people really did that to me.” It’s not blindness to what they did the truth is you’ve got to say “They did do that, what they did was not very nice.”

Sid: And it’s also not very justifying saying “Oh well they had a bad father that taught them to act that way it’s not excusing what they did.”

RT: And I’ll add something else “A lot of times people say to forgive is to forget.” That’s not true you see we say forgive and forget but the truth is we can’t forget we know what they did.” But what we do mean by that is that we don’t bring it up, we don’t keep pointing the finger, you can’t deny what they did. And so that’s the important thing you don’t live in denial and pretend, you’re forgiving when you know good and well what they did was not right, it was wicked, it was evil but you forgive them because God has forgiven us and we’re to pass that on.

Sid: And you say when you discuss this in your book “What Total Forgiveness is Not.” You talk about people it’s not pretending we’re not hurt, so what do we do with our hurts?

RT: Well God let David know how grieved he was over his sin of adultery and so God did not pretend not to be hurt. And David a man after God’s own heart was still the object of God’s being ruthlessly impartial with David. So Jesus was hurt when he was struck in the face by a priest official, he said “Why did you strike me?” So he didn’t pretend that he wasn’t hurt we are hurt but we don’t want to make the other person feel guilty and when we have totally forgiven we will set them free from any kind of guilt.

Sid: And you know what I do in my own life is I don’t look for that other person to heal my hurt I go to God and I say “Father I’m hurting.”

RT: Right.

Sid: I need Your love, You’re the only one that can give me the love any way.

RT: Hm.

Sid: Well what is total forgiveness now we know what it’s not.

RT: Okay it’s refusing to say what they did to make them look bad, another thing you won’t let the people be afraid of you. Joseph as soon as he revealed who he was those brothers were terrified and he looked at them probably in tears and he says “Come close to me, come close to me.” He didn’t want them to be afraid but you see if you have hurt me and I haven’t forgiven you I’m going to want you to be afraid of me. And had Joseph not forgiven those brothers the moment he saw how scared they were he could have said “Gotcha good I’m glad to see how you feel I’ve waited for this moment!” But instead he says “Come close to me he was just wanting to feel love from the, he wanted them to feel loved.”

Sid: Mishpochah time is slipping away and I want to leave you with one thought to ponder until we come back tomorrow. Unforgiveness keeps you from loving again, think about that.

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Days of Elijah Conference

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Sid: I wish you were at our Days of Elijah Celebration which we had in St. Simon’s Island, Georgia recently we’ve been playing excerpts from the celebration all this week. In a moment we’ll go right back to Dr. Michael Brown on his message. But let me read from one of our Mishpochah that wrote in he says “I believe that we were all anointed to participate in the last days harvest; Lord help us to take the message to those around us.” I pray that I’ll never forget what I experienced there in Georgia now I know what is possible for the church on earth. And when you sit on the anointing on this video there is going to be a change in your destiny. Let’s go to Dr. Michael Brown.

Dr. Michael Brown: Why is it that in one city that we are commanded to pray for in Psalm 122 and Isaiah 62? Why? I’m sure that Jesus wept over many cities but scripture only tells us that He wept over one Luke 19 He wept over Jerusalem? Why? Why does Zachariah 2 does God speak of Jerusalem as the Apple of His eye? Why that city? Why all nations coming up against it? Why so much controversy over it right now in our day? You want proof that the Bible is the word of God, the Bibles true? Just as where it says about Jerusalem and look at what’s happening in the world! How in the right did it get it right? See it all comes back to Jerusalem, there is one city to which Jesus said He would return.

There are promises in scripture that tell us that the Jewish people endure as long as the sun, moon and stars and if the devil can wipe out the Jews he makes God into a liar. But it goes beyond that you see Yeshua said in Matthew 23 “He will not come back to the earth, He will not come back to Jerusalem until His own people welcome Him. But if you know the Hebrew words “Until Jerusalem says ‘Baruch Haba b’Shem Adonai (Blessed is He who comes in the name of the Lord.)’” From Psalm 118 those are the words by which the Messianic King was welcomed. He said “You will not see me again until you see again until you welcome Me.” And Israel if Jerusalem will not see Him again until they welcome Him nobody will see Him. Because when He comes every eye will see Him. Do you understand that the return of Yeshua to set up His Kingdom on the earth and to put His feet down on the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem according to Zechariah 14. Do you know what’s dependent on His own people welcoming Him back? He hears the prayers of His Body all around the world from many nations saying “Even so come Lord Jesus” and He’s saying “I won’t come until My own people welcome Me back.” And when He comes back that’s the end that’s the casting of Satan into the bottomless pit; that’s the destruction of the wicked on the earth; that’s the setting up of the Kingdom of God on the earth; that’s the Resurrection of the righteous it’s over! And that’s why it’s so hotly opposed. That’s why the devil fights with all of his might it’s the ultimate battle the Battle over Jerusalem.

9/11 was a battle over Jerusalem do you understand that? All of the shaking in the media and anti-Israel bias around the world it’s a battle over Jerusalem because it’s a battle where Satan is holding on with his last minute stake. Because when Israel gets it right it’s over.

Now here’s the good news, anyone ready to hear some good news. Here’s the good news if it was written again in verse 11 in Romans 11 Paul said “I asked if they stumble beyond recovery? Not at all (those that were hung up in church buildings all around the world, not at all.) Yeah rather because of their transgressions the Gentiles to make Israel envious.”

You know I once heard a quote from a teacher that had a bit of a wrong emphasis on property and over emphasis and he said “Look we Gentile Christians have to make the Jews envious so we’re going to have to earn more money than them.” Forget it, forget it that’s not what God’s talking about. What a carnal approach, no he’s talking about when Israel sees what you have, what we have genuine presence of God, power of God mercy and forgiveness, clean conscience. When Israel see the redeemed people enjoying the covenant blessing of Messiah that belong to them they’ll become envious.

Now look at this but if they’re transgression means riches for the world and their loss means riches for the Gentiles how much greater riches will their fullness bring? I’m talking to Gentiles as much as I’m an Apostle to the Gentiles I make much of my ministry in the hope that I may somehow arouse my own people to envy and save some of them. For if their rejection is the reconciliation of the world what will their acceptance be but life from the dead!

Go to the end at verse 25 “Israel has experienced a hardening of the heart until the full number of the Gentiles has come in and so all Israel will be saved! And as it is written a deliver will come from Zion He will turn godliness away from Jacob and this is My covenant when I take away their sins.”

We have gotten so far from understanding how Jewish the gospel is and how of all peoples on the earth it was tailor-made for the Jew. We’ve gone so far from that that this week the Bishops of the Catholic Church working together with Rabbis came out with a formal statement now that it is wrong for the Catholic Church to seek to evangelize Jews they have their own covenant with God. Saying of all people the ones that the Messiah came for they’re the ones that don’t need Him.

But here’s the good news that when we read this I don’t think that we take hold of what’s written; you know what Paul’s saying? Verse 12 again “If their transgression means riches for the world then there loss means riches for the Gentiles how much greater riches will their fullness bring?” Paul’s saying “All of you are saved, all of you have your sins forgiven, every former immoral person drug addict, alcoholic, lost sinner, religious hypocrite, atheist, terrorist, communist, Hindu, Buddhist, criminal, prostitute all around the world. He’s saying all of you who have come to know the Messiah, all of you who have had your sins forgiven, all of you who have received new life, all of you that have been healed, all of you who have been delivered he said “This has happened because Israel got things wrong.” What happens when Israel gets things right?

Listen to what he’s saying verse 15 “If their rejection is the reconciliation of the world.” Listen there are over a billion people on the planet who know the Messiah who are worshipping the God of Israel today because Israel got things wrong. If their rejection is the reconciliation of the world what will they’re acceptance be but life from the dead.

I’d like to picture it like this it’s a simple little illustration but it works. Years, centuries in the future the streets of heaven it’s a big Texas Evangelist talking to a Jewish believer even though he’s in heaven he still has glasses just for the illustration. Texas evangelist still has a cowboy hat and boots and a little pride just for the illustration. He comes up to this Jewish guy and “what’s your name son “My name is Irving Goldstein sir.” You know who I am? No Sir I really don’t know. Brian Bosnec I preached face to face to over ½ million people I’ve seen 50,000 people saved, in fact over a 5 year period and I saw 5 people come out of their wheelchairs. What’s you done son? “Well I really haven’t done anything big or famous I was just involved in reaching the Jewish people with the gospel, I saw the Jewish people turn back to God call on the Messiah and He came back and all of the righteous people got out of their graves.” (Crowd Laughter!)

I want you to take hold of this “Life from the dead.” This is the big one you want to ministry of raising the dead see Israel saved everybody that’s righteous get out of their graves. This is the big one! But look God is doing something, God is doing something. The church that I got saved in you know what I meant when always in Olney was a little Italian Pentecostal Church with 100 people when I got saved. Do you know what I was met with everywhere they love Israel, they loved the Jews it was just in them because they were saved.

Some years ago we were having a conference in Pensacola and some people were visiting our school of ministry here and they were getting a tour of the different offices and the different campuses and stuff and somehow they just came through my office. I had this office with this big library, I didn’t know that they were coming through my office and these tour groups. I was sitting there on my desk and doing my work and one woman came in crying, crying and crying. “You’re the first Jew I’ve ever met I’ve always loved Jewish people and you’re the first Jew I ever met.” And she’s about 30 – 40 years old. “I’ve always loved the Jewish people and you’re the first Jew. And I said “Where you from?” She said “Louisiana.” Well, that figures I can understand that (Laughter). And I said “You really want to be blessed go to the next office my Assistant Scott he’s a Jew too and I said “Then go down one more office and my wife Nancy she’s Jew too. “Oh” she walks into Scotts office crying and crying. “I’m a Louisiana redneck I can’t explain it but the day I got saved I had this great love for Jews.” I’ve seen it around the world.

Just as supernatural as 9/11 was. How could it happen and yet it happened. My wife lost her brother in it. Some of you may have lost loved ones it seems impossible it happened. As supernatural and diabolical as the world of anti-Semitism as the Holocaust was, as the crusades were, and all of these other things.   As impossible as it all seemed it happened. I tell you it will be more impossible more amazing and more incredible what God does. If that’s the power of evil, if that’s Satan’s best shot what’s God’s best shot look like. Israel shall be saved! Israel shall be saved, Israel shall be saved, Israel shall be saved!

Sid: The Jew needs a Christian, the Christian needs the Jew. Israel shall be saved in the greatest revival in history among Gentiles is about ready to happen.

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March 11th, 2016 at 8:17 am

Our Guests Rick and Lori Taylor

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Sid: I’ll tell you something if you’ve been listening all this week you are at the boiling point, and I mean in a good way. I have on the telephone Rick Taylor, I’m speaking to him at the healing room which is located in Santa Maria Valley, California where’s there’s literally been an outbreak of the miraculous almost everyone with cancer going there is being healed, every other disease that you can think of. The thing that is so exciting to me is that greater miracles are even happening. What is a greater miracle than someone with given 2 weeks to live from cancer and being instantly healed? I’ll tell you what’s greater than that, the forever miracle where you have intimacy with God in this life and that same intimacy just gets better and better when you slip out of your earth suit. Rick you’re having people from other religions come into the healing room. Why would people from other religions come there?

Rick: People are desperate when it comes to healing they’ll try anything. When they try the doctors, they try their god and they don’t get healed they hear the stories about the success that we are having they have to try it out. Twice now we’ve had Buddhists come in, there god could not heal them but they came to our God, and as they come into the room the team begins to pray for them in the name of Jesus. A power of God comes on these guys and the Lord heals them, and because of that they want to know who this Jesus is. So the team will just say “Well…” they’ll explain to them who Jesus is and they’ll ask them “Would you like to know this Jesus? Would you like to receive Him as your Lord and as your savior?” Both times they said “Yes” because of the miracle because of the healing they had to know this person Jesus who just healed them. Their god could not, but our God did and because of that they converted and they gave their life to Jesus. It’s such an amazing thing.

Sid: Tell me about the Jewish woman that came in.

Rick: We had a Jewish woman that came up, drove up from Santa Barbara which is about an hour drive. She came with 2 Christians, they were explaining to her “If you go I know the Lord will heal you.” Now on the way up this Jewish woman was telling her friends “You know I’m going to convert” and her friends, her Christian friends, said “You know what we don’t want to ask you to convert just go get some prayer.” The woman gets into the room and as the team is praying for her this amazing love as they’re praying the name of Jesus comes all over this woman. She could not deny the love and the presence of Jesus, and Jesus heals her. Then after they were finished praying she goes “You know what I’ve got to know this person Jesus. I need to receive Him as…”

Sid: Now what was wrong her physically?

Rick: You know what we have so many people get healed I can’t remember what her problem was. All I know is God completely healed her, I’d have to research that. But because of the miracle, and because of the love that she felt she had to know this person, she had to know Jesus her Messiah.

Sid: Rick I’m feeling the presence of God in a very strong way as you talk about His love. What you have is, it’s His compassion that is the key to releasing the miraculous. Would you tell a few people about how Jesus heals today and then pray for them very quickly?

Rick: I believe that Jesus so loves us that not only does He want to save us but He wants to heal us. I believe that the provision for healing came through the cross and the atonement, not only on the cross did we receive a divine Savior but a divine healer. It’s all about love, it’s all about love that God sent His best His Son Jesus Christ. In 1st John 3:8 it says “The reason the Son of God appeared was to destroy the works of the devil.” Sickness, disease, poverty, depression, all these things are the works of the devil. Jesus came through the power of love to set us free from all of those things. It’s all about love, He loves you so much. I just want to pray right now, Lord anyone hearing this right now that need’s Your love, the touch of Your awesome love that brings about healing. You know this is really not faith healing this is divine healing it’s all about the love of Jesus Christ. I just release His divine presence on every person that’s hearing the sound of my voice right now. Every cancer goes in Jesus name, every pain goes, every terminal disease goes in Jesus name. The Lord Jesus’ love is released over the airwaves and every person that is hearing this message I release His love it’s all about love.

Sid: Tell me about some people that are healed of arthritis especially… I mean arthritis is so painful the compassion of the Lord must really come out when you see someone with arthritis.

Rick: You know it really does. The Lord is so good and we’ve seen quite a few people healed of arthritis. You know a lot of times when the Lord’s love comes on people as we’re praying for them, He just gently begins to remind them of things that He’ll surface memories of people in the past that they may not have forgiven, or a certain bitterness that they are holding against a person. A lot of times when you hold those inside Sid it begins to work on our physical body and into our bones. The Lord is never upset at us, He’s never trying to discipline us it’s not His will that we have this. So as He gently through His love reminds us those things that we have not yet released we just give those to the Lord. We say “Lord I forgot about this please forgive me for holding this, this anger or this bitterness, or this unforgiveness that’s been so pinned up inside of me for all of these years. I give it to you now.” A lot of times right as they do that, and that’s the key unlocks their healing and the arthritis just goes away. It’s so amazing.

Sid: Well let’s pray right now. If there… Holy Spirit quicken to Your people, anyone, that they need to forgive and we know it’s not a feeling we know it’s an act of our love for You because You forgave us before we deserved it, and we’re to forgive other people before they deserve it. So Holy Spirit quicken to us people we need to forgive and as someone is quickened to you say “I choose to forgive…” and state their name. “I choose to forgive.” All of us have been hurt, not like Yeshua was hurt, all of us have been misunderstood, not like Jesus was misunderstood. Rick I believe if you’ll pray for people now they’ll be set free of arthritis and then go for the big “C” cancer, the little “c” cancer.

Rick: I just want to say this that first of all the name of Jesus is above every name. It’s above the name of cancer, it’s above the name of arthritis, see at the name every other name has to bow. So right now Jesus we just speak Your name over every disease, over cancer, and over arthritis I break your power I break your hold of every person that suffers arthritis right now. Be free in Jesus name Jesus set you free. I command every symptom to go, every stiffness to go, all pain to go and Lord just begin to lubricate joints right now. Joints are… just begin to move, begin to move what you could not move before. Begin to start doing things you could not do before. Bend over begin to move your arms and legs, right now the Lord is lubricating and loosening and setting you free right now in the name of Jesus. I break the power and the spirit of cancer, I command a spirit of cancer to leave every person that’s hearing my voice right now in the glorious name of Jesus Christ be set free. I command every rebellious cancer cell to die and every person that’s hearing me. I break the assignment that evil one had over you and I release God’s plan to give you life, abundant life I release life to you now. I speak healing to you right now. Receive it it’s so free, it’s so powerful just receive His love, receive His healing right now in Jesus name, amen.

Sid: There’s a flow, there’s a flow of God’s Spirit it’s like a river and it’s flowing right out of your radio, right out of your tape recorder, right into your inner most being. Where ever that river goes there is healing. I tell you there is a river that is being released in Yeshua’s name right now, and there is someone that has pain in their back. You back is being straightened out, I tell you the vertebrae are being replaced it’s so wonderful it’s going up to the neck and into the head, but especially in the back and the neck… I mean pains of any kind headaches, migraines… Rick I just believe that in your healing room they smell perfume. I believe there are people smelling… what is the perfume like in your healing room?

Rick: It smells like roses, and that’s the fragrance of the Lord His presence. I just release that, everywhere we go people smell that even when we go overseas people begin to smell the roses. I release the roses the presences and the fragrance of the Lord right now into every person’s room that is listening to us. In the cars the people that are listening to us right now, let the roses of the Lord just appear.

Sid: How would you like this anointing just to go on and on right in your home?

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