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Our Guest Jennifer Toledo

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SID: Amazing. This is Sid Roth with Jennifer Toledo. This is an amazing story. You go to Africa because you have a heart for children, and you have eight suitcases jam packed with clothing for children. Tell me what happened.


JENNIFER: We took eight suitcases into Rwanda and we thought, let’s just pick, we didn’t have that much. I mean, how much can you take in eight suitcases. We thought, let’s pick the worst scenarios, and we got about a hundred children in Rwanda. And we thought, if we could at least give them something. And we lay all the clothes out, and we brought in these orphans that were just in these horrible conditions. Each child left with huge bag loads full of clothing, and shoes, and school supplies. And we were like, that’s amazing! It lasted for all these kids, you know.


SID: Sure.


JENNIFER: So we were shocked that eight suitcases would, you know, one hundred children a huge back. But the crazy thing is we still had a ton of stuff left over, and we were like–


SID: How could you?


JENNIFER: I know. How is that possible? So we brought in more kids. And we just started finding all the street kids, the kids that we knew, and stuff, and we just kept bag loads we were giving away. Well we still had a ridiculous amount of stuff. And we were like, I can’t believe this. So we ended up taking it in to Kenya. That’s where we were going next. And we went into the slums in Kenya and we gathered as many children as we could that were in need, and each child, same thing, got these huge bags. And it was like amazing. Designer label clothing. And we were like, I never saw this when I had packed it. And it was just these incredible clothes, like these kids had walked right out of a magazine. It was so extravagant. And they had all this stuff. And yet, they still, we couldn’t get rid of it. I mean, there were literally times where literally I looked in a bag. I knew there were no shoes left. And a child would say, “I’m size five and I really want a shoe.” And I’d just say, “Let’s pray.” We’d pray, dig our hands in, size five shoes. And were like, I can’t believe this! It was so cool. Well that was just the beginning. We literally could not get rid of this. It just kept on multiplying, these eight suitcases.


SID: If you’d only know you would have brought one suitcase. No, I’m teasing.


JENNIFER: I know. We wouldn’t have to carry all eight. Seriously. So we went out throughout Kenya and we started distributing this stuff, and we thought, this is ridiculous. We were getting ready to leave and we thought, we’ve got to get rid of this stuff. We started taking garbage bags full of this clothing. Every single orphanage in the whole county we were in got garbage bags full of clothing, and we could not get rid of it. We started taking it to the hospitals. We started going to the churches. Just people, come get clothes for your kids. It never ended. I’m telling you, it went on and on, and on.


SID: You think that’s amazing. Guess what happens when she gets home with those suitcases.


JENNIFER: It’s true. We fully, like dumped them out, and we realize, oh we’ve got to go home. You know, it was the day we were leaving. When I got home, I started going through my bag. There was clothes that had appeared in my bag, children’s clothes all in my suitcase. I’m thinking, it came home with us. It just, we couldn’t rid of it. It was amazing. And it just showed me, God loves the orphan. God loves the needy, the broken, and He’s such an extravagant father. And it was so fun to watch Him do that.


SID: Well speaking of children, tell me in Ecuador about the woman that went to fifteen years not being able to be pregnant.


JENNIFER: This is such a sweet story. There is this woman in a church that we work with who had been unable to get pregnant and was very grieved, obviously. And we ministered to her, and she was healed. And we got the report a couple of weeks later that she was pregnant. We were so excited. And just over a year later, we went back to Ecuador to visit, and she had had a baby. And the baby was just a newborn, like three months old or so. And we get a phone call from them, and they said, “Something tragic has happened.” The baby got this lung infection, is in the hospital, the baby is now in a coma. There’s been severe brain damage and they don’t expect the baby to live. And we were like, absolutely not. This is your blessing from God and God is gonna heal your baby. And so we began to say–


SID: I like your ferocious faith.




SID: You really believe God.


JENNIFER: You know, it’s true. Why doubt Him? He’s real and His promises are true. And so we just take Him at his word, and we just get to watch Him do amazing things. And so we begin to go to the hospital, and our team and minister. And the first time we went, we went into the waiting room. You know, the baby was in critical care, so you really couldn’t go to the baby. But we were in the waiting room, and there was two families in there, the family we had come to minister to, and then also an unsaved family we had never met before. And as we walk into the hospital, we hear the father of this family telling how he’s going to murder the doctor. They’re enraged. They’re angry. Their nine-month-old baby boy has the exact same condition as this little girl we’re gonna pray for, and in a coma, brain damage, same thing. And we said, “You know, can we just minister to this family first?” And they’re like, of course. And so we begin to just pray for this little boy of this family. And as we’re praying, just our team just begins to just weave in our session and just cry out to God for this child’s life. About fifteen minutes into it, the doctor comes out and says, “Something crazy just happened. The little boy just came out of the coma. That’s not possible.” And we’re like, oh my goodness! Well of course, the family is just ecstatic. And they’re like, “This is your God. Who is your God?” And we said, “It’s Jesus, you know, and Jesus can heal.” And so the whole family, seven of them, prayed to receive Christ. They received Christ as their savior. We’re standing there praying. And all of a sudden, the Holy Spirit comes on them and they begin to shake and begin to just have open visions. Our team was like, “This is crazy! We weren’t even asking for this!” And they begin to hear God’s voice. They see angels. It was an incredible encounter. But the father of the family had a vision where he saw that God was going to give both babies a brand new brain. And so they began to say, “We’re gonna believe God for this.”


SID: Did the doctors believe that they had–


JENNIFER: Oh yeah. The damage, one baby had come out of a coma, but still had severe brain damage. And so, that night, the family went to sleep in the hospital, and woke up, because the father heard a voice, and the voice said, “Get up. Go home. Bathe, eat, rest, whatever, and bring your family back tomorrow. You’re gonna get good news.” So he just did what he was told. Went home, came back the next day, go in to see the baby. There’s a red mark on the baby’s head. And they’re like, what happened? And the nurses are all kind of nervous, ‘cause he had been, you know, very angry before. And they said, “We don’t know. That line appeared in the night on his head.” He said, “I want all the testings for my son right now.” And they retested everything, and they said, “This isn’t possible. He has completely normal brain function. It’s like he has a brand new brain.”


SID: Do you believe he had supernatural surgery?


JENNIFER: I do. I mean, how bizarre that there was even a mark on his head, you know. And here’s the greatest thing. I love how God does this–


SID: Yeah, but what about that other baby?


JENNIFER: Exactly. He’s so fun. And that other baby hadn’t been healed yet. But we just believing. And I went in and got to pray for that baby. When I went in there, it was incredible. It was like I could hear angels singing around her. And I just began to just pray over her and sing over her. And we got the report the next day. She also came out of the coma, and the parents were like, “If God did it for that other baby, He’s going to do it for our baby.” And they said, “We want to see complete brain restoration.” I mean, that doesn’t happen outside of a miracle. And retested her brain. Completely brand new, perfectly fine, both babies released from the hospital, completely normal, completely healed.


SID: You know Jennifer, I have to tell you. I listened personally to your CD, “The Missing Key to Your Breakthrough,” and you have a gift to have someone hold on because the breakthrough is about ready to happen. And Jennifer identifies the missing key, but there’s actually a presence of God on your teaching that you will be able to hold on. If some of you are discouraged, it’s going to make a total difference in your life. But I have to tell you, do you remember that in Kenya, Jennifer broke the covenant that was made with Satan with a higher covenant with God through Jesus? Well everyone that is born has born into a covenant with Satan because of the Original Sin of Adam and Eve. But the good news is there’s a higher covenant. There is a higher covenant that the one than was has made with the devil. And you can be set free totally from that covenant with the devil, and you can have a new father. Jennifer has a father that she can trust. His name is God. And He’s not a man that He should lie. And He says, “I love you and I sent Jesus to die in your place to make a new covenant so that you could enter into abundance and life, and peace, and joy, and purpose, and destiny, and a future, and hope. I mean, it gets so good. I can go and on, and on. But I tell you, if you tell Jesus you’re sorry for your sins and believe the blood of Jesus washes away your sins, make Jesus your Lord. Just say it now. Now. Right now.

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Sid Roth welcomes Jennifer Toledo

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Jennifer Toledo. And so Jennifer, you’re in the middle of nowhere in Africa, you’re dying, and you’re breaking a covenant that’s been thousands of years with Satan, that has stopped people from coming to know God in that particular region. You’re dying, but you proceed. They break the covenant by forming a stronger covenant, the covenant with God through Jesus. And what changes occurred after that covenant was broken in that region?

JENNIFER: Sid, it was absolutely incredible. We actually did this at the peak of the drought, in the middle of the summer. It’s like 110 to 120 degrees. It was so hot and just, you know, just the conditions in that land were so horrific. And we said, not only are the people gonna come into covenance, but we’re gonna call the land into covenance. And so to symbolize this, we took communion. We poured the communion on the land, and we said, okay, you know, we did everything God told us to do. It was very simple. And I said, “God, we really need two signs. Would you just let us know you’re pleased. Sign your name to this deal. Something. And would you give us a sign that you really brought down the demonic stronghold in this land.” And sure enough, we got our signs. It was like living through a Bible story. It was so incredible.

SID: Tell me. You had several signs. Tell me one of them.

JENNIFER: Yeah. One of them was it all of a sudden, in the middle of summer, the heavens literally open and it starts to pour down rain.

SID: Never happens.

JENNIFER: Oh my goodness. It hadn’t rained in so long. I mean, you don’t have to tell an African that rain means God is pleased. They knew that God was in this. And then it began to, this bolt of lightening struck this mountain goat mountain, and that was the high point of all the demonic power. It was where they did all these sacrifices. And God struck the mountain and you could feel something shift in the land. And then it was almost instantly, we began to see things change. We had some friends that were from the Turkana tribe. And they had a curse put on them that all their children would die at birth. And it just so happened she was three weeks overdue from delivering another baby. And they had lost several babies, and so they were just devastated. But as soon as we did everything God told us to do and the curse was broken, she went into labor. And everybody kind of stood by to see if, you know, this was gonna really bring a change. And sure enough, she delivered a perfectly healthy baby girl. And the father held the baby up in front of the tribe and said, “Her name is Peace. She’ll have no middle name, no last name. Her name is Peace, and she’ll be a prophetic sign to us on this day we came into peace with the living God.” And then from that moment, like we just saw a crazy transformation of the land. It began to rain record rainfalls. The violence level completely diminished. People started getting saved. It was like this open heaven.

SID: You know, I love what occurred. But what about you? You were dying in this remote village.

JENNIFER: Yeah, I wasn’t having a great time.

SID: A guy by the name of Randy transports you how many miles away to a hospital?

JENNIFER: It was about 16 hours away to a hospital.

SID: I mean, you were dying.

JENNIFER: Yes. I had been given about 24 hours to live. And this precious man found me, drove me 16 hours to a hospital. Got to the hospital. They said basically it was a miracle that I was alive. All my organs had shut down. I had severe dehydration, and was very sick. They said I needed an instant surgery and I was just like, no way. And I just started, something rose up inside of me and said, you know, I know that my God can heal me. I’ve seen God move. I’ve seen Him heal. He loves me.

SID: A pastor gave you an encouraging prophecy, too, that helped. Tell me about that.

JENNIFER: Yeah. That’s true. As I was lying in the hospital hooked up to all these machines, miserable in pain, it was so incredible. This man walks into my room, this Kenyan pastor. I’d never seen him before. He introduces himself and says, “You don’t know who I am, but the Lord woke my wife and I up last night and told us to pray for you, and told me to come give you a word.” And I’m going, “Thank you. I want it right now.” And he said, “You know, the word is very simple.” He said, “This.” And he just pointed to me in my condition and he said, “God wants me to remind you this right here, this is about spiritual promotion. This is about being in authority.” It was the exact words God had told me and I had written in my journal before I left.

SID: I love it when God does something like that!

JENNIFER: It was so funny. He knew I needed that because–

SID: I mean, here you are, okay, but you’re still, you’re encouraged, but dying in the hospital.

JENNIFER: So my heart was better. My body wasn’t better yet. But it did give me the faith just to go, you know what? I know God can do this. I’m gonna press in, and I know that in the middle of difficulties, choosing faith and choosing to believe His promises is that thing that pushes you through and gives you authority, and it’s the thing that breaks you in.

SID: Okay. Well this good friend of yours shows up in a dream. Tell me about it.

JENNIFER: Yes. I fall asleep, and while I’m asleep, I have the most incredible encounter. I don’t know how to explain it, other than it was like the most beautiful, kindest light, and I knew it was Jesus, walked into my hospital room. And he took the back of his hand and he said, “Be still.” And he just cut me right down the middle with his hand and pulled my skin open. And I was kind of, honestly, it was so real. It was like watching surgery on TV. It was like, this is gross, you know. But it was so incredible. And one by one he just began to massage my organs and he cleaned me out, and did all this stuff, and then he took my skin and closed it back up. In his hand he had my exact skin color. It was like clay or mud, and he put it on top of me, and I was thinking, “My gosh, I’m not gonna have a scar!” And I was awakened in that moment. And honestly, when I woke up, I was still in total pain.

SID: Oh no!

JENNIFER: I know. I didn’t feel any different. And I was like, no! And I just had to make a choice. And I said, I know God’s character. God is not the kind of God that would tease me. I have nothing to lose at this point. So I have to believe I’m healed. So I just was like, I’m healed! I’m healed! And my doctor was in the room and thought I was totally crazy. And he was like, “You’re not healed. You’re actually dying.” You know, but what happened is when I said, “I’m healed,” it was like supernatural strength came into my body, and it was when I made that agreement with who He is. And I couldn’t stop. I was just like, “I’m healed! I’m healed!” I just kept screaming because it was like every time I said I was feeling better. I mean, it had been ten days of extremely ill, unable to eat.

SID: So when you walked out of that hospital, what does the staff and doctor say or think?

JENNIFER: Oh I mean, so many of the doctors and the nurses were just in tears. They were so moved. Many of them received Jesus as their savior, because it was, how could you not believe that Jesus could heal. They saw. They saw I was dying. They saw. They retested everything. All my levels were completely normal. Were organs were functioning just fine. It was medically undefined. And so all the credit went to God. It was incredible, and I was completely healed.

SID: You think that’s incredible, wait ‘til you find out how Jennifer brings a few suitcases of clothing to Africa and the clothing keeps multiplying. She gives away the clothes and more clothes are in the suitcase. I mean, that sounds like what I read about in the Bible. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back after this word.

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Sid Roth welcomes Jennifer Toledo

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On It’s Supernatural: See how rain supernaturally falls in the middle of a severe draught and how signs from Heaven transform a nation.

Can ancient secrets of the supernatural be rediscovered? Do angels exist? Is there life after death? Are healing miracles real? Can you get supernatural help from another dimension? Has the future been written in advance? Sid Roth has spent 30 years researching the strange world of the supernatural. Join Sid on this edition of It’s Supernatural.

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, Jennifer Toledo, had an experience. Jennifer, this is so phenomenal. You were in Africa in a remote village, and you were about ready to die. And you had a mysterious guest come in and perform surgery from the invisible world. But at two years of age, you had an encounter with the Messiah of Israel. Tell me about that.

JENNIFER: Yeah. I was just a young child. I was scared, you know, and would cry at night. And one night I had an experience where I just saw Jesus come into my room, and he just sat on my bed, and he just said, “You don’t need to cry.” And he just said, “I’ll take care of you.” And he just sat there, and it just brought absolute peace to me. My parents were shocked because I was screaming and then I just suddenly stopped. They came running out and I said, “Did you guys see Jesus?” And they were like, what in the world is she talking about.

SID: You know, if I had had such an encounter as you described, my mind would go back to it often over the years. Does yours?

JENNIFER: Yeah. I think more than mind, it’s my heart. Just that place of peace of I remember just that peace of me sitting there next to him and what I felt of just absolutely confidence, and I went to sleep. And I can just calmly go there and just remember him sitting next to my bed whenever I’m stressing out or whatever, and knowing that he’s just looking after me.

SID: And your mom got a divorce when you were young. And you watched God perform miracles. For instance, tell me about the red car.

JENNIFER: Oh my goodness. My mom taught us from a young age that God was our father, and just to really treat him like our father and go to Him with our needs, and just very practically, He’s not just theory, but He’s a real dad. And, you know, one time we didn’t have a car and my mom use to make us stand with her at the window, and she would look out into the driveway and she’d say, “Do you see my red car sitting there?” And we’d like make fun her and were like, “What are you talking about, Mom? There’s no red car.” And she’d just say, “Oh just have faith. I just know that God is gonna provide us a car.” And she goes, “I told God, you know, my first choice is a red car.” And I’m like, “Okay, Mom.” And sure enough, a short time later, there was a knock on our door. We went and opened our door and it was a relative we hadn’t seen in a long time and they said, “You know, this is gonna sound crazy, but we’ve done never done anything like this, but we just feel like we’re to give you our car.” And I told my mom this. And my mom was like, “Oh my goodness!” And we ran to the window and we looked, and parked in our driveway is this red car that they had given my mom.

SID: How excited were you?

JENNIFER: We were so excited. We were like, “Oh my gosh! God’s so good! He provides!”

SID: I mean, but God provided food and all sorts of things. And then there was a day in which you journaled almost a warning from God. Tell me about that, in your diary.

JENNIFER: Yeah. You know, just one of my times of just praying, I began to just feel Him in my heart, and He just said, you know, “I’m inviting you on this crazy mission, this crazy adventure with me. It’s gonna be very costly. It’s gonna be very lonely. It’s gonna be very hard. It’s gonna cost you everything. But if you will say yes to my highest for you,” you know, putting down what’s comfortable to really pursuing what’s in His heart, “if you’ll do that, this is about spiritual promotion. This is about gaining authority. It’s gonna be worth it.”

SID: Okay. So you get on a plane, go to Africa. How much money did you have? Who went with you? What kind of preparation did you have?

JENNIFER: Negative, negative, and negative. I had no money.

SID: How does a young woman like that go to Africa alone without money?

JENNIFER: You know, it’s absolutely–

SID: Give me a break! What did you mother say?

JENNIFER: My mother was freaking out hands down. But I knew God had said to do this. I knew this was the invitation. And I went by myself. I was 21 years old. I had no money. I had very few connections, and ended up in Northern Kenya, very remote desert, all by myself, and the surroundings there were horrific. I mean, it was drought, war, famine, you know, violence, death. It was crazy, Sid. It was absolutely crazy. But I knew it was God.

SID: And you found out that it was such a spiritual desert. It was because the Turkana tribe had made a covenant with Satan thousands of years ago.

JENNIFER: Right. You know, when I thought it really couldn’t get worse, I realized that the entire tribe was in blood covenance with Satan, and I just cried and was like, what am I doing here? I’m this nobody. You know, why in the world? What can I do? I’m totally inadequate. And God spoke to me and He said, “You know what? You are completely adequate. Don’t forget that’s your greatest strength.” And then He asked me an interesting question. He said, “Do you believe that I’m the God that uses Davids to bring down Goliaths?” And that was, you know, in other words, “Do you believe that I can use simple people to do great things? It’s about me. It’s not about you.” And I’m like, “Okay God, I know that you love these people and I know you want to bring restoration to this land.” So we began to just pray and ask God for strategy for that land.

SID: All right. So God gives you a supernatural strategy, but with the strategy comes a warning.


SID: What was the warning?

JENNIFER: Well God had given us a strategy to see breakthrough come.

SID: Basically, in a nutshell, what was the strategy?

JENNIFER: The strategy was to gather all the leaders together of the tribe and have them corporately repent and break the covenant with the enemy. But what He said was the only way out of this blood covenance is that the tribe has to enter in a stronger blood covenant. And the only stronger blood covenant is covenance with Jesus.

SID: And what was the warning that you got?

JENNIFER: So the warning I got was God said, “This is awesome. I want you to do this. But knowing if you do, the enemy has asked to take your life. Satan is very angry. He doesn’t want these people out of bondage and wants to take your life.” And I didn’t know what that meant, other than I knew it was serious. I really prayed about it, and I said, “Okay, God, Satan can’t steal my life. I will lay my life down for this tribe if this is what you’ve sent me to do. But my life is in your hands. I trust you.” And–

SID: But 24 hours later, she finds herself dying in a remote village with no medical help, nothing, alone in the middle of Africa. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back after this word.

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Sid Roth here with Bill Weise

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Sid Roth here with Bill Weise

SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Bill Weise and I don’t know about you but I’m literally on the edge of my seat because I have heard a lot of stories of people who have had visitations to heaven, but you don’t hear too many people that have had visitations to hell. My guest, Bill Weise, was, had his memory removed that he was a Christian and was dropped, as he put it, into a prison cell in hell for the precise purpose of what he is telling us right now. What happened next, Bill?

BILL: Well I was thinking about my wife a lot and then I just wanted to talk to a person, just anybody, but you’re denied that, you never get to be with people, you never get to talk to anyone; you are just around these demonic creatures that can torment you and torture you, so you are denied that access, I noticed the smells are just terrible, foul orders

SID: So it’s sulfur smell?

BILL: Sulfur smell, burning flesh, just the most putrid, rotten smells you could imagine, but you didn’t want to breath, you couldn’t really breath anyway, there is not enough air to breathe, every breath was such an effort, I just have to describe it, I breathed like this, like… like every breath you could barely get, and I thought I’m going to die any second from not enough air, but you have to go on living without enough air also.

Sid Roth: Okay, it’s so hot, what about thirst, did you have that sensation, were you thirsty?

BILL: Terrible thirst, absolute so dry, my mouth was like I hadn’t drank in weeks a drop of water, and that’s how it is for eternity, there is no water in hell, Zechariah 9:11, and Luke, the rich man talked about how he wanted just one drop of water and how precious it would have been, and that’s what it was like, just a drop, so precious, and that’s how water is to my wife and I now, I love water, but…

SID: What happened next?

BILL: I was viewing the desolate wasteland of hell and something began lifting me up and I didn’t know what it was, but that was the Lord’s presence lifting me up at that point so I could see a little bit more of hell, and I could see that raging pit of fire with all the people screaming in it, and individual pits of fire with people in their own individual pit burning, and the demons all around, clawing at me, most of the ones around me were chained to the walls, I can’t explain but they were chained to the walls, I was glad they couldn’t get to me, but as I began, I looked at them and I thought they were so powerful as the one that picked me up and threw me into the wall I was like the weight of a water glass to it, they have tremendous strength, and I thought who could fight off these creatures, no one, and you are just hopelessly lost there for eternity, and as I began going up into the darkness, it’s already dark there, but there is just a little bit of light by the flames, and it barely travels, but as I went up into this tunnel, I was being raised up, it got darker and darker until it was absolutely pitch black, and I was in complete terror at that moment, and right then when I was just desperately crying out the Lord showed up, just in a bright light all of a sudden, and I …

SID: What was the sensation in your body when you saw him?

BILL: Well, to go from one second earlier to being lost for eternity, to the next second knowing, he placed it back in my mind that I was a Christian, so I instantly knew who it was, that it was Jesus, I said, “Jesus,” and he said, “I am.” And I just fell at his feet like a dead man, I just collapsed at his feet, and I just wanted to worship him forever and ever, I wanted to thank him over and over and over again for rescuing me, he is the only way out of this place, is knowing Jesus, I was so grateful. You know when you are in his presence you don’t really want to ask questions you just want to worship him, but yet thoughts came to my mind of questions, and I thought, “Lord, why did you send me to this place.” And he answered my thought and he said, “Because many people do not believe in hell,” he said, “even some of my own people do not believe that hell exists.” That surprised me but there has been many people that have called in to us, even on radio shows, Christians that have said they don’t believe in hell. But man will go there.

Sid Roth: Now outside of your experience you realize that if he hadn’t gone there to be able to report back to us and he had gone there because he was a non-believer, he could have never gotten back, has that thought ever crossed your mind, what it would have been like to be there for all of eternity?

BILL: I just can’t even really imagine, when I was there I did imagine it, and it was horrible to live with that thought to never get out, you know, there is nobody on earth that has ever experienced utter hopelessness, you could always die to get out of it.

SID: All right, what else did he tell you when he came to rescue you?

BILL: He said he wanted me to go tell people that he loves everyone, he doesn’t want anybody to go to hell, and he allowed me to feel a piece of his heart at that moment, I say people dropping one after another down that shaft that I had come up, and I felt so bad for the people, but he allowed me to feel a little bit of his heart, what he feels for the people, and he wept over people going into hell, he doesn’t want one person to go there, it hurt him so much, the amount he allowed me to feel, I couldn’t stand it, I had to ask him to stop, I can’t stand feeling what you feel, just a little piece of what he allowed me to feel.

SID: So you felt being separated from God, you didn’t like that one bit, and then you felt his hurt over humans that choose to go to hell rather than surrendering to God.

BILL: Exactly, just like he wept over Jerusalem when he came into the city, he is weeping over the people, it hurts him more than you can imagine for people to go there, but he is a just God.

SID: Did he indicate when he is going to return?

BILL: He just told me, he said tell them I’m coming back very, very soon, and he repeated himself and said, “I’m coming back very, very soon.”

SID: Did you hear that, he said, do you think Bill had this experience just for the heck of it, it was for you. But wait till you find out what I’m going to find out from his wife, Annette, who witnessed when he came back

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