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Our Guest Curt Landry

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SID: You teach that the church’s biblical heritage was robbed. When was it robbed and what was it robbed of?

CURT: Well, during the Constantine period, you know, when the Romans couldn’t control the Jewish church, the true believers, and they had to change its identity by changing its culture and its calendar. If you remove people from your culture, then you’re going to lose your identity and you change their calendar and you’re going to lose your blessings. You know, we know as Jews that in Exodus, just putting your feet under the table of Psalm 23, “The Lord prepare a table for us in the midst of our enemies,” that’s the Passover table. There’s nine blessings of provision and vision, protection, multiplication, and prosperity for your family.

CURT: All that wisdom, knowledge, but most of all identity, and Sid, you know this. Identity is the key to the glory because identity has to do with personal intimacy that turns into a corporate intimacy and then turns into a congregational intimacy where people are being healed. That’s what happened in Togo. The alignment was there, Jew and Gentile, and the Lord literally prepared a table for us, let’s say, in that soccer field and there was multitudes of miracles. It happened many other places.

SID: Now, you had firsthand knowledge of what it’s like to have your identity stolen. Yours was stolen at birth. Tell me briefly what happened.

CURT: I was conceived out of wedlock, Jewish mother, Gentile father. Because of that, both families said no to the marriage. Then they set up for an abortion. Three days before the abortion was going to happen, my father, the Catholic, went to the Catholic priest on the Air Force base and said, “The Jewish woman could go into Los Angeles and have the child born in a hospital there, a Catholic hospital, and put into a Catholic orphanage.” That’s where I was there.

SID: Now, you pay attention to this, what he’s sharing, because this is also what happened to the church. But go ahead.

CURT: Yeah. Then I was six months in the orphanage. I was colicky, I was put in with the bad babies, and then, praise God, Ray and Rita Landry, Catholic man, Jewish woman again, the Lord’s making His point, comes back and they adopt me at six months. You know, I went from being labeled, basically, first labeled as bastard, next one is orphan, next one is adopted, and then the next one is no identity, Jew or Gentile. Then when I was born again at age 36, I spiritually got visited by the Lord when I was involved in a Messianic wedding, but three years after, it’s in my book, three years after I was saved, I miraculously was reconnected with my biological father that told me the story. I found out- Excuse me. I found out that-

SID: By the way, you had no desire to meet them. You loved the parents that adopted you.

CURT: Right, yeah.

SID: Why did you meet him?

CURT: The Lord had me stay home from work and you know me well, I work hard. I’m a type A. I stayed home and I prayed and I had a download from the Holy Spirit. I operate as a prophet and the Lord said, “I want you to find your biological father.” I listened to it and I ignored it. The next day, I was going to go to work and the Lord said, “Stay home that day.” I was on the floor in my office at home and He said, “I want you to find your biological father.” I said, “I don’t want to open that can of worms.” The Lord says, “When I open a can of worms, I take care of all the worms.” Five phone calls later, I miraculously found my father in Palm Beach, Florida, and he said, “I would love to meet you.” At that time, I was in the fruit business. Publix supermarket was one of my accounts. Of course, they have a distribution center in Miami.

CURT: I flew into Miami, drove to Palm Beach, and sat in a little café and I watched my, you know, 25-year-old self walking into that- Literally we looked just alike. He literally was walking in. We have a little different waddly walk. Here he comes walking in and it was just like [me]—it was so healing. That night, as the Lord said, that night I got to share with him my testimony and had the honor and privilege of leading my biological father to the Lord the first night.

SID: When you found out that you are Jewish, that’s good, but how did it change you, Curt? That’s what I want to know.

CURT: You know, it’s a spiritual thing. It has to do with honesty and integrity to the Lord that you’re being true to yourself. You know, people asked me to write books for years. I’d been in ministry a long time. But when Thomas Nelson came and said, “Listen, there’s so much confusion over in the evangelical community and in our community that we sell our books to over the Jewish roots. There’s so much.” They said, “Listen, we know your testimony. Would you share with us? Would you write a book and parallel your 63 years to the church? Because we feel like the Holy Spirit’s bringing the church back to its roots.”

SID: I’ll tell you what, Curt, it is so amazing when you really find out how the identity of the church was stolen, this Emperor Constantine, he literally made it illegal to observe anything Jewish. He denuded the church of its identity. Well, the church is ready to get its identity back. You know who the church is? It’s us. It’s you. It’s people.

CURT: That’s right.

SID: When we come back, I want to find out how to get our identity back.

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November 26th, 2019 at 4:15 am

Our Guest Adrian Beale & Adam Thompson

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ADAM: I saw it, and this is not from God. It’s from the enemy, and I decree through the power of the blood of Jesus, that Jessica, you are healed. And it happened two,000 years ago where you were healed. Jesus took it on the cross and through the power of the blood and the resurrection, I decree divine order through the eye and through the head of Jessica. Lord, we just thank You that you’re revealing a revelation of how much You love Jessica. And we thank You for complete healing, and we thank You for destiny; of the kingdom on earth as it is in heaven around Jessica’s life. And we decree that through the power of the blood.

SID: I loved that! Now, that is not a parable or symbolism.


SID: That is straight.

ADAM: That is straightforward.

SID: Are visions sometimes in mysteries?

ADAM: Sometimes they can be, but as I said before, as you search it out and you grow, you know the word. You learn to discern what is a parable. The more abstract it is, the more it’s a parable. The more straightforward it is, the more you know of its literal, you see. So, it’s actually a literal vision that God is showing you about a situation of a person’s life. Like when I pray for people, I can get that on the spot. But when you actually receive visions, you go into like a trance state, and there’s nothing wrong with using the word “trance” because when Peter in acts chapter 10 when he was on the rooftop, he went into a trance, and he had that vision. It was quite abstract to him, so there was a parable behind that. And when the unclean animals came down, and he was talking about the gentiles, when the Lord said, “Kill them and eat.” And he said, “Surely not me” but he woke up out of it. And as you read it, it says, “He was wondering what the vision meant.” And so he needed the interpretation for it. But in time, he realized when the Lord sent Cornelius’s servants to come and collect peter to pray for the family. They received message impartation, and he was the first Italian to receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit and become “born again”. So he worked that afterward, “This is what the Lord is saying.” And he had this word through this vision.

SID: And you know when you talk about impartation for things such as hunger, hunger for understanding dreams and visions, I don’t know if you two gentlemen know this, but the more you talk, the hungrier I’m getting to understand my dreams.

ADRIAN: [laughs]

ADAM: [laughs] yeah.

SID: I mean, it’s wonderful!

ADAM: That’s good.

SID: You’re imparting by just talking to me.

ADAM: Yeah.

SID: Now, I would like the two of you to teach just for a couple of minutes what you’re going to impart. Would you do that?

ADAM: Well, I’m going to impart, I’m going to pray and when we pray this, Adrian is going to pray for revelation. I’m going to pray for hunger; for God to speak to you in your dreams. For hunger for you to have dreams from God and the Holy Spirit’s going to release encounters as well. You can have encounters in the night which is another thing as well, but dreams come first.

SID: Is an encounter like a visitation—

ADAM: A visitation.

SID: From an angel or Jesus?

ADAM: You know, I have many visitations of angels, and from the throne room of God, and you can have; encounters. But, I’m going to pray for this for you to be hungry for this. Because it’s very important to be hungry for the things of God and to seek out the Spirit of God. And when I pray for this, I believe you’re going to have an impartation or encounter. And I would like everybody that watching this to touch the television screen, your laptop—

SID: Or your radio—

ADAM: The radio, the I-Phone, or whatever it is. If you’re listening to the radio in the car, touch as you pull over. I want you to pull over now, don’t do it while you’re driving and touch the radio, and we’re going to pray. Heavenly Father, through the power of the Holy Spirit; I decree Holy Spirit, that you are going right through the radios, through the laptops, through the media, right now Lord. I just prophesy that there’s a massive, impartation right now of the hunger, the passion. And Lord Jesus, I thank you that you reveal yourself to these people that are touching the radio right now, that are touching the laptop, the I-Phone. I thank you Holy Spirit that you are having a massive, impartation, you’re giving a massive, impartation to these people Lord. And I thank you that their minds are opening up to receive. I prophesy to the pathways in the mind. I prophesy to the pathways to the mind coming into divine order, the revelation of Jesus Christ, the image of God. And I thank You Lord, that there’s the word that becomes; Lord the word is becoming flesh. It’s manifesting in their body, they’re becoming Christ-like through these dreams and visions. I thank You for healings, I thank You for miracles. Lord, I thank You for, Lord, reconciliation in families through these dream encounters. I prophesy this through the power of Jesus, Yeshua, in the name of Jesus, I prophesy this in Jesus name.

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November 17th, 2019 at 6:17 am

Our Guest Dr. Michael Brown

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SID: Hello, I’m here with my friend Dr. Michael Brown. We’ve been friends over 30 years. Mike, you’ve written over 35 books, but this is what you said to me on the phone. It’s this book is the most intense book you have ever written with the greatest urgency of any book you have ever written. And then I got a report, and this just didn’t even sound like you. While you were writing this book, the fire of God really literally came on you. Explain what you meant.

DR. BROWN: The intensity was in two ways. The content, as God began to open my eyes to what was happening in the spiritual realm. As I began to connect the dots in the society, and the unseen forces behind it. And then putting the material out, it was intense. It was really life and death issues. But then the way God moved on me, the publisher said, “Can we get the manuscript by a certain point in time?” I said, “Well, I’m going to do my best.” I got moved on. I got stirred. It was literally like I felt fire in my… I had to keep writing. I had to keep writing.

DR. BROWN: And I remember, one night, it was 2:30 in the morning. I though, “Okay, you’re done. Time to stop.” And the moment I laid down, it’s, “No!” I got hit with another subject, and I went back downstairs, and I went to writing again till 4:30 in the morning.

DR. BROWN: I was consumed. And it’s almost as if, “Aha, we’ve exposed Jezebel, we see what she’s doing. We see what these spiritual forces are doing and now we know how to deal with her.”

SID: Who is this Jezebel?

DR. BROWN: So we see Jezebel in the Old Testament and the New Testament. You could say she’s the most wicked woman in the Bible. She came from a pagan background, married a King of Israel. She was an idol worshiper. She was a seductress. She literally killed the prophets. She silenced and intimidated by fear. She emasculated men, and there was a spirit of witchcraft with her as well. And it helped plunge Israel into destruction. And then Jesus in the New Testament references this false prophet is called Jezebel, probably the name he’s giving her. Note it’s the same demonic forces, the same demonic powers, that operated through Jezebel in the Bible because she even intimidated Elijah the Prophet on one occasion. This spirit upon her, something more than her.

DR. BROWN: Jesus identifies it in the New Testament also as a false prophetess, also as someone who teaches sexual immorality and idolatry. So that’s the woman in the Bible.

SID: So the spirit on that woman is turned loose today. What’s kind of the parallels with today and Jezebel?

DR. BROWN: So let’s look at who she was. You could say that she was an arch radical feminist. We see this like never before. I mean radical feminists that want to abolish men from the planet. There’s not a lot of foresight in thinking like that, but that’s what they want to do. And then with idolatry, so she was an idolater, and we see the nation plunged into the worship of other gods and consumed with material earthly things. But we know in the ancient world that with idolatry there was baby killing.

DR. BROWN: We’re not just talking about a woman with a difficult situation who wrestles and decides to have an abortion. We’re talking about shout your abortion. We’re talking about governors defending infanticide. So you’ve got the spirit of idolatry. You’ve got the spirit of baby killing. You’ve got the spirit of radical feminism. She was a seductress. We’ve got kids as young as eight years old today getting exposed to pornography. You have that aspect.

DR. BROWN: Then you have witchcraft associated with her. And I’ve read articles and documented in the book that there are more witches today in America than Presbyterians. Then you’ve got the spirit of fear, the intimidation, and what does she do? She silences that prophetic voice. So we don’t have it. You can’t speak. Everyone’s afraid. “If I speak, I’m going to lose my job.” Pastors are afraid to speak, individuals.

SID: This has really struck home to you because this spirit of Jezebel came on my friend Mike. He didn’t even know, it was a sneak attack, and almost took your life. Briefly, tell me what happened.

DR. BROWN: So there were three different times in my life that I realized I’m dealing with Jezebel. The first time was right after God gave me a prophetic message to America, for the church to wake up, a wake up call for the nation with a promise of revival. Next thing, all hell broke loose against me and against Nancy. She got… It started. She got hit, my wife Nancy, with everything she never got hit with before. Where is this coming from? I got hit. The enemies telling me, “You’re coming down.”

DR. BROWN: I felt no authority. I felt no ability to minister.

SID: If you knew this guy, the way I know this guy, when he says he didn’t even want to go out and minister, you know that’s something strong.

DR. BROWN: When I would feel a prophetic word, I was afraid. I had to pray for hours just even get my head above water.

SID: That’s so hard to believe.

DR. BROWN: Bombarded by lies. I felt paralyzed. I felt emasculated. Well, a few years after this, Nancy and I are in India. And we were going to one city. The brother we work with, a real apostolic man planted thousands of churches. He said, “We’re going to the city of Vijayawada. They worship a goddess there, and she is the principality of the entire state of Andhra, with 60 million people. They worship her. And we’re going to go confront her.

DR. BROWN: And God spoke to me. “Do what Elijah did on Mount Carmel, and call all the priests and the worshipers of Kanaka Durga, and say, “We’re going to find out tomorrow night who’s the real God. Yahweh or Kanaka Durga?”

DR. BROWN: Before we got there, Sid, all of a sudden, I got hit and I realized it’s Jezebel. It’s Jezebel.

DR. BROWN: I felt that same thing. No authority, a spirit of fear coming over me. I didn’t want to be prophetic and confront. So I said to Yesuh Padham, I said to him, “What does her statue look like?” And he said, “Brother, this beautiful, powerful goddess. And she’s holding in her hand the head of a giant that she killed.” It’s the king of demons and she crushes him. So she crushes the powerful man. And then he said it was a strange thing. Her worshipers, once a year, the men dress up as women and wear makeup. And right before we went to have this–

SID: You saw the same spirit there was on Jezebel in the Bible, in that country.

DR. BROWN: Alive and well and thriving. Right before we got there, I had to get up in the middle of the night to try to pack. We had to drive all day. It was this old room with an old bed, and the wood was rough. I walked by it in the middle of the night, and it literally sliced off a chunk of flesh on my heel. And I heard Genesis 3:15, “He’ll strike your heel, but you’ll crush his head.”

DR. BROWN: And we went there. We had a public confrontation. And not only did the power of God come down, a demonized man began to dance around and confess, “Kanaka Durga is not a god. Kanaka Durga is not a god.” And not long after that, they literally had an earthquake and it shook some of the foundations of the temple. There is one true God and Jezebel is defeated in Jesus’ name.

SID: And I’m going to tell you something. He went through that so you don’t have to go through that. You are going to find out the connection between President Trump and Jezebel, and how it will trigger World War III, next.

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November 7th, 2019 at 4:08 am