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Our Guest Dr. Francis Sizer

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SID: Well, Dr. Sizer, you were a Catholic priest for about a year, and all of a sudden you got desperate for something more.

FRANCIS: That night when I was in desperation, and hungry for more, He came into my room, and the presence of God entered enter my body, into my spirit, and flooded my soul. And I wept, and I wept, and I wept. I cried out loud that, “He has come. You’ve been here all this time, and I never knew it. I never really knew it like I know it now.” And I was saved.

SID: And then a few weeks later, he is a little nervous about something going on in the basement of his church, a little group of Catholic charismatics were meeting. So he decided he would investigate. A few weeks later, they’re all praying for him for the baptism in the Holy Spirit. What happened?

FRANCIS: Well, I did go to that meeting that night. They had asked me to give a little teaching. They said, “Let the Spirit lead you, Father.” I didn’t understand what they meant by let the Spirit lead you, but anyway, I did my best.

I recall saying, “Well, I’ll talk on creation because that sounds like a good topic.” They had me sit down. They didn’t know what I was going to talk about, but they had me sit down in a circle, and put all my books, my concordance, all the notes put aside, and they said, “Let’s pray.”

FRANCIS: The leader said, “I feel good tonight. Let’s sing about the birds of the sky and the fishes of the sea. Let’s sing about creation.” Let’s sing about creation. Amen. Amen.

FRANCIS: Somebody read from the book of Genesis on creation. I said, “That’s interesting.” And the earth was without form –

FRANCIS: Then somebody read Psalm 104, the creation Psalm, and I really said, “This is very interesting.” He established the earth upon its foundations, so that it will not totter forever and ever. Somebody must be here. Finally, a man opened up his Bible and he read from the passage from Galatians 1:15, which was my text for the night. I jumped up out of my seat. I said, “He is here! He is here! God is real!”

SID: So they laid hands on you to be immersed in the Holy Spirit. Tell me what happened.

FRANCIS: The greatest night of my life, Sid, greatest night of my life. Three people said a very short prayer, began to pray in tongues, and with that, I began to shake. My body shook and shook and shook and shook with power, and volts of electricity coursed through my body more and more and more. I couldn’t stop it. I got so scared, I yelled out, “Stop it! Stop it!” But it wouldn’t stop. It went on for a whole hour.

They got scared. They left me. They left me. There I was. I bounced onto the floor, and I went into convulsions, up and down, up and down, shaking with power. With that power came this liquid love of fire, went through my body, and through my body, volts of love, volts of power. And God had baptized me with the fire, the real baptism of fire.

That night, the Lord took me up to heaven, and when I went up to heaven, I was out of my body into another realm, into another place. And I heard for the first time, all my senses were amplified, and made greater and greater, and the music I heard with the choirs of angels was something I wanted to stay with. I wanted to stay there. But I heard the voice, “There’s work to be done.” And I was back in my body. Back in that church that night. When I laid in the bed the fire of God was on my hands, and I couldn’t wait to wake up the next day, and try it out on somebody.

SID: Now this is so amazing to me. In the Catholic Church, they confess to priests their sins. The children, when they would go, he was the most popular priest. Do you know why? They wanted to go to the priest that knew their sins before you told them. The children would actually fall over in the Spirit. Is that true?

FRANCIS: The children, Mother Superior brought the classroom over, and so I was praying with the first one, and in those days instead of going behind a screen, they would sit in a chair. I reached out my hand for the first one, and boom! Down she goes. I said, “What was that?” I picked her up. I put her over in the corner. I opened the door. I said, “Sister, send the next one in.” This went on for six times. Boom! You have to understand, I didn’t know what slaying in the spirit was, but I knew my hands were lethal.

SID: You know, I want to know the first miracle that occurred with those lethal hands.

FRANCIS: Yeah, I used to go to the hospital. I went into a woman who was left for death. She was 85 pounds, her name was Annie. She had fourth degree cancer, or fourth level stage cancer. She was on morphine, and I walked into that room, Sid, and it reeked of cancer. The spirit of cancer, I don’t know if the audience has ever smelled what it smells like. It was terrible. And she was dying. The spirit of death was there.

So I cursed the spirit of death in the name of Jesus. I cast out the spirit of death in the name of Jesus. I took Anne by the hand, and the power of God went out of my right hand into her body. Her eyes popped open like with life again, and I said, “Get up in the name of Jesus. Take a walk with the man of God.”

SID: And that’s how it started. Now, you think of something when children fall over from the power of God coming on them. Guess what happens when there is a seeing-eye dog. Same thing with the dog. We’ll be right back.

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Sid Roth

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SID: Now, you just witnessed healing glory. I want to now show you the most important glory of all the glories, and that is salvation …

SID: … glory. As you watch this historic video, and it is historic, I want you to have what … You know, I’ve studied. In the Greek New Testament, it says a little different than the English. Jesus said, “This is eternal life, that you might have experiential knowledge of me.” You see, experiential knowledge means what I just said, your own experience, not someone else’s experience. Not what you’ve been taught since you were that little, your own experience.

SID: There’s nothing more important than that. There’s nothing …

SID: … that anyone can take away from you, once you have your experience with God.

SID: A man and a woman with an experience, the devil cannot undermine.

SID: I suggest you take advantage of this evangelism glory, and when I say the prayer for these Jewish people to know the Messiah, I suggest you say that prayer, studio audience and at home, right along with me. Let’s roll it.

SID: I’m going to pray a supernatural prayer, for those that want this heart transplant, have their sins forgiven, and know God. All of those that want this supernatural prayer, stand up right now, and I’ll pray it. Right now. If your life is so great, stay seated. But if you want to know love, if you want to know purpose, if you want to know destiny, now is the said time! Right now is the time for your visitation! I want you to repeat this prayer out loud as Israel prays it, and mean it to the best of your ability. God asks nothing more. Dear God, I’ve made many mistakes, for which I’m so sorry. I believe that the blood of Messiah washes away my sins, and because of the blood of Messiah, you remember my sins no more, and I am clean. Now that I am clean, Yeshua come inside of me. Take over my life. I make you Lord of my life. Amen. (End of Video)

SID: Now, remember I told you my trip to Israel started with this young, Jewish Israeli? Would you believe my return ended with a Israeli Muslim? Now, his brother had been driving us around in a taxi, and he had a very unusual cell ring. The Quran was being chanted every time he had a phone call on his telephone, and he was very religious. His brother was driving us to the airport to leave Israel, and his brother is just as religious. I said things to him I had never thought about.

SID: You see, in the glory … Remember Jesus says in the New Testament that you will be … when you’re brought before judges, you will be told what to say …

SID: … when it happens. You’re not going to be told beforehand. That’s what happens in the glory. I knew exactly what to say to him, and when I said that to him, I was shocked, because he was … He told me he was a taxi driver for some of the greatest Christians. I would never mention their names, and he’s always their driver. But let’s face it, how many share the gospel with muslims?

SID: How many share the gospel with Jews? I’m telling you, the two cousins are open to the gospel.

SID: Arabs and Jews.

SID: He could not wait to talk to our mutual friend, that knows the Lord, that is a Messianic Jewish pastor in Israel. He couldn’t wait, he sees him all the time, he works for him, he’s good friends, to tell him he wanted to know more about Jesus. He prayed a prayer with me, and this was the prayer he prayed, “Jesus, if you’re who Sid says he is, show it to me in a way I’ll understand.” When a Muslim or a Jew prays a sincere prayer like that, they will know the truth.

SID: The truth will set them free.

SID: I started with a Jew, ended with a Muslim. You know what? That’s a perfect one new man, Jew and Gentile Christian, one in Messiah.

SID: We are going to see a billion souls …

SID: … come to the Lord.

SID: Lord, show us your glory!


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Our Guest Becky Dvorak

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SID: Okay. So you go to a doctor and he tells you something you didn’t want to hear. It’s literally a death sentence. Becky Dvorak, what advice to you give this person?

BECKY: Well, I say that you don’t give the enemy the last word in your life. You need to take authority over the negative report. That doesn’t mean you have to be rude to a doctor because, let’s face it, you’ve gone to him or her for their advice. If they tell you that there’s no hope, you’re going to die, whatever, you have the right on this earth, and I believe you have the responsibility in the supernatural realm, to use your authority in Jesus and say, “No, I am not going to die, in Jesus’ name.”

SID: All right. Give me a real life example … the boy that had two weeks to live. He had two conditions. He had AIDS and he had tuberculosis.

BECKY: Yes. We received a boy. He must have been about 10 or 11 years old, at the time, in the children’s home in Guatemala.

SID: They run a children’s home in Guatemala. Go ahead.

BECKY: Yes. So this boy came to us. The HIV count, in his blood, was two and half times more than the level that they consider AIDS, the last stage. That is tremendous.

SID: He’s about ready to die.

BECKY: He is, and one of the opportunistic diseases that attacks someone in that situation is tuberculosis. This was tuberculosis of the lungs, ’cause he was coughing up blood and all of that, which is very contagious. So we received him, and I remember that evening because it came late in the afternoon. That evening, I remember I was holding–

SID: Excuse me. Did you have the option not to receive him?


SID: So, weren’t you a little concerned?


SID: Strong woman. All right. Go ahead.

BECKY: So, I remember holding him in my arms and I was praying in the Holy Spirit, [foreign language] I was praying in tongues, and I renounced that spirit of death in him and that HIV/AIDS and the tuberculosis and all of that that was happening in his body. I was telling this little boy who was afraid … He didn’t know where he was going. He was being told he was dying. Now, he’s with us, and he doesn’t know who we are. I’m telling him, “It’s okay. You’re going to be okay. Jesus loves you. You’re going to be okay. Don’t be afraid.”

BECKY: The next morning, we had to take him to the hospital, and I started to testify to the doctor and the nurses in the room because they wanted to know who was I and what was my relationship to this boy. So, I explained it, and I said, “I believe in healing, and I see miracles happen to people all over the world, and this little boy isn’t going to be any different, and I’m not afraid of this. He’s not going to die. He’s going to be healed,” and they were like, “Yeah? Really? Are you sure?” This doctor started … he, obviously, was not a believer, and he didn’t like the faith talk that I was speaking.

BECKY: So, I had to step out of the room while they put this tube down, and when the doctor came out, he had already started testing my faith. You know? He came out of the room and he held up this little bottle, this sample bottle, and he looked me and he said, “Tuberculosis. This is classic tuberculosis,” and the liquid that they pulled up out of his lungs … it was all peppered all this little black specks all over. I said, “In Jesus’ name, he doesn’t have it.” He got mad at me and he said, “Tuberculosis, classic.” I said, “In Jesus’ name, he doesn’t have it.” The doctor left the room, and he shouted out loud at me, “Tuberculosis,” and I said, “No. He doesn’t have it, in Jesus’ name.”

BECKY: A few days later, we received these test results back. This doctor didn’t call us. He had someone else call us, and there was no tuberculosis in his body, and they could not even find the HIV in his body either. It was that miraculous.

SID: What if you have a child that is labeled, “Autistic”? Becky says she had a child labeled, “Autistic,” but she refused to label him that. Tell me about it.

BECKY: Amen. You’re right. One of our adopted sons, Andres he came to us when he was six and a half weeks old. He had many, many problems and, as we were to find out, one of them was autism. He had the classic symptoms. He couldn’t look you in the eye. He spun around in circles. Everything in his life had to spin. It was classic where he would have the tantrums that would last four or five hours, and it would send me in tears. It was so difficult of a situation. My heart went out to him because I couldn’t settle him down in the natural.

BECKY: I remember Andres was, now, having another one of these tantrums that lasted for hours and hours. I just had to just keep going about my daily business the best I could, and I remember I was changing one of the babies, and I literally heard the Spirit of God say to me, “Take your authority over that autistic spirit now.” When I heard it, I stopped what I was doing, and I said, “That’s it?” So I turned to him and I pointed to where he was and I said, “In Jesus’ name, I renounce that autistic spirit in you now, and I command it to come out of you now, in Jesus’ name.” The tantrum stopped, Sid, and he never, ever had another autistic fit, ever again.

SID: What I think is so wonderful is that when you teach and people do what you tell them to do … for instance, tell me about the friend of a friend that had stage four cancer.

BECKY: Yes. This is amazing. Sometimes people think that only someone like myself and a healing ministry can do this. But, no, that’s not the truth. God wants all of His people to minister healing wherever we go. That’s part of the Great Commission. Right? “If you believe, you’ll lay hands on the sick and they will recover.” Well, anyway, I was mentoring a young lady, and she’s in Virginia. She’s been reading my books and listening to my tapes and she comes to the healing seminars and all of that. She emailed me and she said, “Becky, a friend of a friend just emailed me, and he just was told he has stage four cancer in the lungs and there’s no hope and he’s about to die. What do I do?”

BECKY: I wrote back to her, and I said, “This is what you do,” and this is what I tell people to do, “Number one, with the prophetic words of your mouth, you take and you renounce that spirit of death. You renounce that spirit behind that cancer and you curse those cancerous tumors in Jesus’ name. You command them to be gone from his body and you declare that he’s healed and made whole by the redemptive blood of Jesus.”

BECKY: So this young lady did this. Well that next week, the man went for another doctor appointment and all the cancer was gone.

SID: You know, Becky has so much supernatural to share that we’ve prepared a special extended segment that you can watch after this show. Just log onto Now, when we come back, Becky is going to share with us the greatest revelation that she has received about how you can have miracles. And, I’m going to tell you, most have never heard this before and I’m going to have her pray for you, if that’s okay. We’ll be right back

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