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Sid Roth welcomes Rick Joyner

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Sid:  Rick, I understand why before we started this series this week the people in my office that move in deep discernment said, “What are these angels doing in the office?”  Obviously, after what we’ve been talking about, you can understand why they have been accompanying us and I’ve been featuring all this week, a dream that Rick Joyner just had.  Rick says that this is the most serious and the most alarming dream he has ever had.  The most specific, the most graphic, the most real and we’re having that full dream and the interpretation and then this orthodox Jewish rabbi that came to the Lord just shortly after he had a dream, it was different and yet it was the same.  It was like confirmation to Rick.  By the way, how did this orthodox Jewish come to know the Lord?

Rick:  Well, he’s known the Lord for a long time, he was, I don’t talk too much about him because you know, I don’t want to blow his cover for him.  But, he’s been a strong believer.  He was a believer in Jesus as the Messiah when he was ordained an orthodox rabbi.  He was ordained by one of the top rabbi’s in the world in Jerusalem.  But there’s quite a move of God going on among the Jewish people.  Thank the Lord and the Palestinians and the Muslims.   

Sid:  So many dreams and visions.  It’s almost like the prophecy in Joel that prophecies in the last days there will be dreams and visions.  That’s really coming to pass now. 

Rick:  That’s what, you know that’s one of the great signs of the last days is when He pours out His Spirit there is prophetic revelation, dreams visions and prophecy.

Sid:  Speaking of prophetic revelation, I love what God is showing you from Matthew 17 about the transfiguration.  Would you teach on that a little bit?

Rick:  Well, you know He showed me this is, you know He took James and John and Peter up on the mountain and He was transfigured before them from being just a man; or I say just a man, they knew he was the Messiah but he was a man.  They saw His glory and I believe that’s what the Lord want to do with us today is.  Where he’s not just Jesus of Nazareth anymore.  Where we really see Him as the King who’s on the throne above all rule and authority and power and…

Sid:  Now if you don’t have a vision of Him and are not walking in this I don’t see how you can survive with just what we talked about this week Rick.

Rick:  Yea yea, I mean He and when we see that, we have total peace, you know.  Even like my Rabbi friend had when his vision, when he was about to devoured by this bear in the vision.  All of the sudden he felt this incredible peace since he knows that Jesus was standing right next to him.  And we have, the Lord is with us.  Why should we fear anything on earth?  And we won’t if we’re looking to Him.  You know when Peter looked to Him he could walk on the waves; he could walk on the stormy waters.  But we take our eyes off and look at the storm, you sink.  So we need to know what’s going on, that’s why we have the Biblical Prophecies of what’s unfolding , what’s happening, that’s why He’s given dreams and visions today.  But, we don’t focus on those we keep our attention on the Lord.  And you know the end result of that transfiguration; you know after the cloud overshadowed them and the Father spoke “This is My Beloved Son, listen to Him.”  That’s the main thing we need to do, listen to Jesus and then it said lifting up their eyes, they saw no one except Jesus himself alone.  And I think that’s when we really lift up our eyes the way that we should, the eyes of our heart.  We’re not going to see anybody but Jesus; you know he is the summation of all things.  And He’s in total control.  You know Heaven is not up there wringing their hands over all this stuff happening here on the earth.  The Lord sitting in the Heaven and laughing it says.  And if we behold Him we can go through the most intense times the earth has ever known and enjoy it.  We can count it all joy when you encounter various trials.  And it doesn’t mean that we are going to laugh at peoples’ suffering or things like that.  But, this is our time, we’ve been chosen to live in these times and we’re here for a reason and we’ve got one who’s in us who is much greater than anyone in the world.

Sid:  Now, you literally say the most significant person; there’s someone listening to us right now and would say, “That’s me I volunteer, I’m the most insignificant person.”  But when they get this revelation, capture it.  They can literally spark revival.

Rick:  Absolutely, when we see the Lion of Judah we become lions.  There’s a courage and a boldness of the righteous in any situation.  And that courage and boldness it’s not because of who we are but because of who He is.  The strongest are going to whither if they don’t have Jesus.  The weak can become strong if they see Jesus and they abide in him.  And these are the greatest, I think when the greatest heroes of the faith always arise are in the most difficult times.  So let’s seizes these opportunities, let’s don’t waste these trials, let’s seize them.  And we win, we know we win.  Even if we die today, I mean if they come and they take everything we have, so what we got far…our treasures in Heaven.  It’s not here.  You know, if they take our life, so what we’ve got eternal life.  We just enter into glory.

Sid:  So what would you say to the person that has been listening to us all this week and is extremely fearful?

Rick:  Get your Bible out and look to Jesus.  Read about Jesus, seek to know Jesus, you know to see Him where he is; true faith is simply seeing Jesus, who He is and where He sits.  You know it talks about it, Peter said; humble yourself under the mighty hand of God casting all of your anxiety upon Him.  You know, fear or anxiety is pride?  It is the ultimate pride where were saying this problem is too big for God; I’ve got to deal with myself.  And that’s why we humble ourselves by casting our anxiety upon Him.

Sid:  Now one of the things you teach and you just pack all this experience in the DVD and the CDs that we’re offering.  Is the importance at this moment in History to have believers part of small groups and developing relationships.  Why is this so important?

Rick:  Well, you know it is interesting, if anybody’s read Glad Wells tipping points or some of these other research books on the movements that changed the course of history or change civilizations.  They came up with a mathematical formula for radical profound change in a civilization and they said the number of people required to bring about such a profound change was 1% of the square root of the population.  Which means 100 people should be able to radically profoundly change a city of a million.  And of course Jesus did better than that, he said give me twelve good people; watch what I do with them.  You know so; the greatest most powerful strategy for impacting the world is finding twelve good people.  He proved it and now you know I think that we think we have got to have these massive movements.  The Lord’s about heart.  Sometimes, he told me you got too many people.  He kept cutting them down like he did Gideon to a few.

Sid:  So you mean, so he gets all the credit?

Rick:  Yea, we think that we have to have so much money, so much stuff, and everything to do it and He doesn’t get the glory when we have the money.  How much glory would He have gotten if He had had five truck loads of bread and fish to feed the 5,000 with and only needed a little more?  The greater we want to see miracles we just don’t want to be put in a place where we got to have one.  So He got glory

Sid:  I want the Emmaus, I want the truth.  What, you having had these dreams from God, you having known the intelligence information you shared on the air and a lot you can’t share on the air.  Are you excited about the times we are living in or are you real nervous?

Rick:  I’m not claiming to be perfect in faith; I wouldn’t claim to be perfect in anything.  I have to admit, that dream I had shook me up; it really shook me up.  But it wasn’t but a few minutes then I said the Lord gave us the answer.  Okay, were going to go through the biggest jeopardy, maybe the biggest crisis in our history really quick, really soon but we can do this because God would not have shown me the answer if we couldn’t do it.  And it’s not dependant on us.  It is dependent on God.  So there are times when I start looking at the waves and start sinking.  I confess that but every time you look back to Jesus, you can get back up and keep on walking.  And that’s the whole answer and we’ve got to grow in faith.   As long as we keep our eyes on Jesus we can walk above any storm.  We can sit with Him in the Heavens on His throne, far above everything that’s going on the earth and we have access to unlimited resources in Heaven.  That’s what He demonstrated over and over when He walked the earth.  He wasn’t showing us how He lived; He’s showing us how we’re supposed to live.  Look to Jesus and we’re going to do the works that He did and even greater works as we draw closer to Him.  I mean I can look at the Health Care Bill and say this is going to kill our Health Care in America.  Well, we got a better health care system then the government could ever give us anyway.  His name is Jesus.

Sid:  Our time has slipping away, I want you to get this CD called “Preparation for Transfiguration.”   It will literally help you and America prevail in the times we are coming into and the revelation that Rick had.  He has a special DVD called “Will America Survive 2011” his revelation and the rabbi that believes in Jesus revelation and also the amazing statistics from Retired Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin, about Marxism and Socialism and where America is right now. 

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Sid Roth welcomes Peter Horrobin

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Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to pray the most powerful prayer on earth.  My guest, Peter Horrobin has a book called “Forgiveness, God’s Master Key.”  In which he teaches you how to pray the most powerful prayer on earth.  What is that prayer, Peter?

Peter:  Well let’s understand what a master key is first.  A master key is a key that can enter any room in a house, you may have ten rooms and they each have a different key, but the master key goes into every single lock and it turns it every single time.  And in our lives are a bit like a house, there are different rooms that we’ve lived in different stages and when we’ve had bad experiences it is as if we close the door and we just put it away and we move on and have another experience, something else happens something good, something bad.  And the things that we don’t like the bad things, it is as if we put them behind closed doors, but you know when we put things behind those closed doors they are like poison that is operating on the inside and they eat away at us.  And the master key that God has for each one of us to use is to deal with the underlining issues of forgiveness which usually lie behind the things that lie behind those doors.  So when somebody has really hurt you and you close the door the master key enables us to open that door and Jesus takes us by the hand into that room and see the mess and He gives us the courage to turn that key in our hearts and begin to forgive.  And when we begin to forgive it is a life transforming experience.  I’ll never forget the man who had so many terrible things done to him that he was so angry he was full of bitterness, full of resentment and he didn’t want to forgive anybody; but when he got to the point of realizing that if he didn’t forgive he was going to be like this the rest of his life.  He suddenly saw the logic and the common sense of what Jesus said in the Lord’s Prayer; forgive others as you want to be forgiven.  And he started to forgive and the blessing began to flow.  You know, an hour later he came to me and said, Peter please help me, I want to find anybody else that I need to forgive, I’m really enjoying this so much, I’m getting so much freedom.  Help me to find anybody else I need to forgive.

Sid:  Peter, teach us a little bit about the most powerful prayer on earth.

Peter:  Okay, the most powerful prayer on earth that is the focus of the book, Jesus prayed on the cross when He said, “Father forgive them, they don’t know what they’re doing.”  And so often, people actually don’t know what they are doing, they don’t know the consequences of what they are doing when they do bad things and we are in the place of suffering because of what they have done.  But if we don’t forgive, we are putting ourselves in the place of not being able to receive the healing love of God into our situation. So when I’m teaching people about the most powerful prayer on earth and ministering to people on our courses in our healing retreats having gotten to the place of understanding what Jesus said when He said that if you don’t forgive then you are not going to be able to receive forgiveness for yourself.  And looking at the example of Jesus from the cross, I say make a choice and as people listening to this program today, I’m asking each one of you that is listening to make a choice and say, I am going to choice to do what Jesus asked me to do.  And you know Jesus also said, if you love me you’ll obey me.  And if you really love Jesus, then we will want to do what he asked us to do because he wouldn’t ask us to do anything that is wrong or bad.  So make a choice and then when you’ve made the choice and say yes I will begin to forgive.  The next step is to make a list, make a list of those people in your life who you need to forgive.  Now, you almost certainly need to forgive Mom and Dad because that’s all of us; none of us have had perfect parents.  And forgive those people who have done things to us and ask the Holy Spirit to show us if there is anything people have hurt us that we’ve never forgiven so that we can just clean the slate.  And when we’ve made the list, we can then start to forgive them.  And I ask people to pray a prayer something like this, “Lord, I forgive John for whatever it might be that he has done and I release him, and this is the important thing; I release him into the freedom of my forgiveness.  And by doing that, it is as result of our prayer that God cuts the chords that have held us in bondage.

Sid:  That is what I was going to ask you, what is happening in the invisible world when someone prays a prayer like that?

Peter:  Well, I believe that what is happening is that satan is losing, his grip upon our souls.  He is losing the hold that he has over us through that person.  And while we are in unforgiveness is as if that person has a direct access into our hearts.  And this is how sometimes people describe it, I can never stop seeing this man’s face or this woman and what she’s done to me I can never, it is always coming up in my mind.  I have a dream at night and there it is.  And when that cord as it were is cut through our forgiveness, and we release people into freedom of our forgiveness the enemy loses his access to us and its cut the chain and sets us free.

Sid:  Peter, I feel like if you can briefly describe what happened when you went into Hungry just as the walls of communism came down, you took a risk just like you’re asking people to do in forgiveness because they so trust God, tell me briefly what you did and what happened.

Peter:  Yeah, this was just after the Russians had left Hungry and there were many people there from many different communist nations and they have all suffered greatly under terrible persecution.  And I got to the point in that teaching to say yes, I’m going to make a choice to forgive and I lead them in a prayer in which they were surprised by initially of forgiving all they’re communist oppressors for all the suffering that they and…

Sid:  You could have gotten into a lot of trouble at that stage, it was a little early.

Peter:  I was trying to listen to the Lord and I really sensed this was what He would taught me to do and you know, almost every single person it was the communist party conference hall that we were standing in.  Almost every single person in that communist party conference hall stood to forgive their oppressors and as they forgave and spoke out there forgiveness the Spirit of God came down upon the place and it was holy chaos for quite a while because people were being set free spiritually, there was a huge amount of deliverance that took place.  But one of the physical manifestations was very simple but very profound, many of these people had been under such oppression that they were physically stumping, they were physically bent over and not able to stand up straight, because of the spiritual oppression had crushed their physical bodies.  And when they got set free they began to stand up straight and you know three quarters of the people in their testimonies at the end of that conference gave testimonies that the fact that their backs had been healed. Oh quite astonishing, that  there was a huge number of people left that conference were able to walk tall with a strong back and restored because they had forgiven their oppressors and they had been delivered from their infirmity.

Sid:  I don’t know if you can do this so quickly because it is so important; tell me about Jim whose father told him to jump into his arms.

Peter:  Oh, Jim was a six year old boy at the time and when I met him he was fifty-one and he was a chronic asthmatic.  And he was high upon a trailer full of bales of hay and he climb up one by one as the trailer got loaded.  Drove back to the farm house on the back of the trailer, right on the top of the bales of hay, gets into the farm yard and Dad says to Jim, “Come on jump into my arms.” And Jim jumps off the top of the bales of hay and his father with his arms wide open, but then just steps to one side and allows Jim to hit the concrete.  Terrible shock for a six year old boy, his chest was crushed, in agony of pain and his father turns to him and said that’s your first lesson in life about never trusting your relatives.  Jim learned at six year old he couldn’t trust his father, his chest was crushed and at the age fifty-one he was a chronic asthmatic because of what had happened then.  He didn’t know that the linking was back to that age of six trauma but, the Holy Spirit brought it to the light and as he forgave his father huge things began to happen.  Not only did the joy of forgiveness had come into his heart and he was able to laugh and smile but he was delivered of a infirmity that was on his chest which had come in through that trauma and a spirit left him he began to breathe deeply and I’ll never forget him.  I can see him now, I can breathe, I can breathe, I can breathe he was saying.  He has never suffered again from asthma, he has never had medication; that was ten years ago and I saw his wife very recently, completely restored, he forgave his father. And he made the choice to forgive, he made his list and he started to forgive and he asked God to set him free. Amazing isn’t it what God can do.

Sid.  You’re listening to Peter Horrobin and Peter has a book called “Forgiveness God’s Master Key,” and there are rooms in your house that you need the master key to get into; rooms of trauma, rejection, betrayal, abuse, divorce, disloyalty and you are going to be free.


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Our Guest Peggy Joyce Ruth

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Sid:  When you hear the power of people mediating on Psalm 91, I mean you wouldn’t think that this one Psalm can protect every possible accident, sickness, tragedy of any kind that comes at you, but it does and I have the brand new book, literally just off the press by Peggy Joyce Ruth.  It is called “Psalm Ninety One,” it’s an updated book of the original teaching.  But Peggy Joyce Ruth went through hell on earth and survived.  She survived because God supernaturally taught her about Psalm Ninety-one and supernaturally taught her about mental warfare.  And what Peggy Joyce did anyone can do.  And you know Peggy Joyce Ruth I’m reminded of the time you cried out to God; you were in great fear and you said “God, is there is any way I can be protected from all those things that I saw coming on the earth?”  That was twenty-five thirty years ago.    How much more are people crying that out today, Peggy Joyce?

Peggy Joyce:  Yes, because I found a scripture there in 1 Peter, because I had always said, Lord why is it that no one heard about Psalm 91, a generation or two ago?  And the Lord gave that scripture in 1 Peter 1:3-5, that there are three things that we are to bless the Lord for. One is because we are born again, two is because he has caused us to obtain an inheritance and the third one is because He has caused us to be protected by the power of God through a faith of protection salvation that is ready to be revealed in the last days.

Sid: Well, I believe as people get a hold of this anointed teaching on Psalm 91… on mental warfare a supernatural shield will be put over them and their entire house.  Let’s wet their appetite a little, tell me about the woman whose apartment was broken into by a rapist.

Peggy Joyce:  Yes, Julie Paddy and she’s a real good friend of my daughters and she was living in Fort Worth in college and that morning, Sunday morning they were going to have a dinner and she was cooking her dish when a man knocked on the door.  Well, she thought it was one of her friends, when she opened it, he pushed his way in.  He immediately shoved her into the bedroom and at first they began then all of the sudden she remembered her covenant and she started saying her covenant out loud, saying God I thank you that You are the one that delivers me from the snare of the trapper, You’re the one that deliver’s me from all of the different things that are coming one the earth.  You’re the one that takes care of me and she was quoting that and he kind of lost his focus and she said that he kind of pulled back a minute and then in a moment he came at her again and this went on for forty-five minutes and she kept every time that he would come at her again, she would start quoting Psalm 91 and thanking God for the deliverance that He provided for her.  And one of those times she was able when he kind of lost his focus she was able to get out the door.  And they found out later that this man was convicted of this crime.  He had been convicted many times prior to this offense, he had been convicted also of robbery and assault and they said that he had never attempted a rape that he hadn’t been able to carry it out except this time.  And she said that she know why he couldn’t because I was relying on my covenant and I was quoting my Psalm 91 covenant and it says that I don’t have to be afraid of the terror it will not approach me for any purpose.

Sid:  Tell me about you niece Julie?

Peggy Joyce:  And my little niece Julie, when she was ten years old she was in a horrible accident, a horse riding accident, when she fell off the horse her head hit a rock and they rushed her to a hospital in another town.  They said that the skull looked like an egg shell it was cracked so many times.  They definitely told her mother and dad that she would not live through the night.  And they said that the mastoid bone there for her ear was completely crushed, the they said that they were sure that if she lived that she would not be able to see that she would be blind.  And my brother said, no I have a covenant, I have a Psalm 91 covenant and Julie will live and not die and so he started quoting Psalm 91.  And by this time a lot of our friends had come over to Abilene and he was so calm and he just kept saying no, we are going to quote Psalm 91 and she is going to be fine.  There were people in that hospital who had had similar head accidents that had been there for oh goodness, nine and ten months and they were just barely learning how to walk.  Some of them were still trying to learn how to crawl.  Seven days later Julie walked out of that hospital.  She did not have one single thing wrong with her.  Oh, they had said that she would definitely be mentally ill after; in other words it would have hurt her brain so badly.  Well, when she went out of that hospital she had her total eyesight; she still doesn’t wear glasses even.  She has her total eyesight; there was no brain damage; there was no loss of vision; they called her the little miracle girl.  It was absolutely just astonishing and she and her husband now live in San Antonio.  She is a dental hygienist and she has never had any brain damage, she has never had one bad thing from that accident.  But I am going to tell you what; her father quoted Psalm Ninety-one from the time that that accident happened until she walked out of that hospital seven days later.

Sid:  Tell me about the person in the last stages of Lupus.

Peggy Joyce:  Yes, that is my friend, Renee and they discovered the Lupus when it was in the last stages and this was in October and they told her that she would not live to see Christmas.  And they immediately started some kind of treatment and they said that all it would do is maybe prolong her life a little bit.  Well, she decided she didn’t want all of that medicine inside of her and so she quite taking the medicine.  She said no, I’m just believing God and she went through several months where even to go to the rest room she would get out of her bed and she would have to crawl to the rest room.  I mean she was in such bad shape.  I would call her and she was always up and she was constantly saying, I have Psalm 91 you do not have to worry I’m going to be okay.  But she sounded horrible, she looked horrible, she felt horrible.  And but she never quit confessing her Psalm 91.  Every time I got around her, every time I called her, she was telling me Psalm 91 tells me that I do not have to be afraid of the pestilence it will not put me under; no evil will befall me nor will plague or calamity come near my household.  And she was just constantly saying that.  Well, all of a sudden after about three months of just every day it just seemed like she was worse than she had been the day before.  One day she started getting a little bit better and then she started getting better and better and better until the doctors pronounced her totally healed.  She had told the Lord that I’m waiting until the doctors say I see no lupus in her body. And that was the exact words of the doctor.  He came in and he told her, we have examined you from top to bottom and we see no lupus in your body.  And she just started shouting because she knew that that was the exact thing that God had told her that was going to be said.  Well, that’s been about ten years ago and she’s gone with me to the Philippians to preach, she preaches all over the United States.  She is just a fireball.

Sid:  Very quickly tell me, tell me about your husband’s workers that were protected from seventy-two hundred volts of electricity.

Peggy Joyce:  Exactly, we were building a college house and we had no idea that whenever they had put the road in they had not buried the main electric line that runs to all of the homes in that side of town.  They had not buried it very deep, well it had rained the night before and so all the holes were filled with water, you know all the puddles around.  And these two men, Jack would confess Psalm 91 over his group before they started work each morning.  And these two men were suppose to dig a hole out in front of where they were building the house and they dug down and they ran the spike; they had a spike that they were putting into the ground.  It was a metal spike and they ran it in to this main power line.  The guy that was holding the spike in his hand did not even have gloves on, he was standing in water; the other guy was driving the stake in with a sledge hammer and when it hit fire blew out of the top of the fire pole, electric power pole.  All of the lights in that whole area of town, all of the electricity went off and it sounded like a bomb went off.  And here they were standing in water.  They had driven a metal stake into that line and neither one of them were harmed at all; I mean no one could believe it.  I mean, they came out from the electric company and they said there shouldn’t even be anything left but some charcoal that should be all that’s left.

Sid:  Now, you know if your husband had not been praying Psalm 91 over those workers, is there any way that they could have survived?

Peggy Joyce:  They told us that when they checked, they said that just a few months before they had had some workers, some electricians that were working on one of the power poles and they had not even touched the line but they had just been close to it and the electricity from that went on to those guys and just chard them, I mean it burned their pickup up.

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Sid Roth welcomes Kevin Basconi

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Sid:   My guest Kevin Basconi, I mean I just asked a little question and it becomes more and more fascinating.  On yesterday’s broadcast we ran out of time Kevin, I ask you about it you ever seen the dead raised and you said yes, but then you added more to that.

Kevin:  Yeah Sid, we did see a young girl approximately 20 months old raised from the dead in one of our soul winning outreaches in East Africa and she was just sovereignly raised from the dead.

Sid:  How long had she been dead?  Tell me the circumstances.

Kevin:  Will when we do these soul winning out reaches we send people with bull horns out into the bush and they tell people someone sick or God forbid that someone should die bring them to our meeting because the God we serve Jesus, can even raise the dead.  And this woman had heard these gentlemen on the bull horns as they drove by on the bicycle and her daughter had died of malaria on the way.  She decided to come to the meeting, her daughter was sick and her testimony was that on the way to the outreach the baby’s spirit came out her body, so she was dead.  So she was at the altar and at the moment she prayed to receive Jesus Christ, the mother,  as Savior she had a tumor the size of a mango disappear and the power of God came into that baby and it was raised up from the dead and came back to life.

Sid:  You know what I have noticed?  When people pay a price, the use they never disappointed.   I understand she walked quite a distance to that meeting just to get there.

Kevin:  She walked a day and a half Sid, from the bush, she did.

Sid:  And then you were telling me about this, was it a vision the dead being raised?

Kevin:  Yes, in one of the earlier broadcasts I talk about how I was with the Lord and I walked with him and for six hours in the Heavenly realms and one of the things that Jesus showed me was, the future where I was preaching in these gospel outreaches.  And I saw myself pointing with my right hand and saying the dead are raising over here the dead are raising over here and I saw about eight or ten people that were rising up and walking towards me.  Sort of like those old Frankenstein movies, they were walking very clumsily and the revelation was that they would begin to bring the dead to these outreaches in different nations and that they will just be sovereignly touched and raised and that way Jesus himself will get the glory.  But I begin to put feet to that vision and in this vision I had a white suit so when I preach now I preach with these white suits on so that I can fulfill the vision that I saw.  And we do have the folks bring the dead to some our meetings in East Africa; and I am believing to see multiple people raised from the dead.  And not just with us, this is something God wants to do throughout the whole earth.  Every tribe, every tongue, every nation He wants to demonstrate His love and His power.

Sid:  Now one of the things I like is you study past moves of God’s Spirit.  Why do you do this?

Kevin:   I do that basically because the Lord instructed me to do so and God has shown me that we are the cusp of a great out pouring of His Spirit.  The like of which we have never seen and I was in prayer in 2007 and I had a visitation of the Holy Spirit and the Lord spoke to me in an audible voice and told me that history was about to repeat itself.  And that set me on a radical search of previous revivals throughout history.  And what the Lord showed me is that the church at this hour were really, Sid people are not prepared for what God is about to do.  And part of my message is really to help people to understand we need to prepare our hearts.

Sid:  But a lot of these pass moves were cut short because of pride and because of a lot of things like that and I image that’s one of things why He wanted you to study these past moves of the Spirit. 

Kevin:  I believe that that’s right Sid; I believe that many of the past moves were cut short as you said because of spiritual pride or idolatry even and when we begin to exalt the ministers and not the Messiah.

Sid:  You know I’m always reminded of Kathryn Kaulman; the first thing out of her mouth is “Don’t look at me I’m nothing.”  She took such pains to make sure that people realized it wasn’t her.

Kevin:  It’s so true and it’s an inherent part of our human nature, but you know what, Jesus is able to change us and Jesus is able to prepare His bride.  And I’ve got good news Sid.  Jesus said that He would prepare His bride for the great out pouring of the last days.  So it’s impossible for it not to happen.

Sid:  Now, God showed you a lot of your future when you were in Heaven.  Will you be alive when He returns?  Do you know that?

Kevin:  Sid, I don’t know that, it would be wonderful to be alive, but you know I just want to do everything I can for Him now.  He has done so much for me and I pray that He would come soon.  But I believe anyone that has eyes to see can see from world events that we are getting close to the return of the Messiah.

Sid:  Well, you had something to provoke me to such jealousy; you had a visitation by the Holy Spirit, where the Holy Spirit taught you one of His best books in the Bible, the book of Acts.

Kevin:  That was an amazing encounter.  When I was in Canada in 2001 the Lord, the Holy Spirit became so real to me.  It was like He was with me at all times, but God had spoken to me and said that He was going to take me to a place in the mountains and teach me from His Word and I went into a small cabin, God supernaturally arranged it for me to have a place for me to go.  And I went into a small cabin and the anointing of the Holy Spirit became so powerful.  All I could do was weep for the first few hours and later I came to understand that what I experienced was what the Bible refers to as koinonia or communion with the Holy Spirit true to His Word.  The Lord began to speak to me line upon line all the way through the book of Acts for about a day and a half two days and the Lord would speak to me.  And I believe He may have spoken to me in a audible voice, Sid I’m not sure and I understood things about the book of Acts that I would have otherwise not have known at that point in my walk with the God.  He supernaturally gave me revelation about the book of Acts.  As a matter of fact, were still living the book of Acts Sid.

Sid:  Of course we are.  Tell me about how God got you a wife.

Kevin:  Well.

Sid:  And a new home.

Kevin:  Well, you know my brother and I were fishing and it was obvious to people, and this was when I was just saved Sid and this grace and favor had come upon my life for answered prayer shortly after Jesus had assigned His angel of provision to me.  So my brother said, Kevin you should pray for a wife.  Every prayer you pray is being answered so I said; oh I’m not going to do that.  But later I was at home in my prayer closet and I thought, you know I’m going to pray for a wife.  So Sid, I prayed for a wife and I mean I wanted the best.  I wanted a beautiful wife and I like to fish, I wanted a wife and we had to have a house on a lake with bass in and all these wonderful characteristics of my wife.  Three years later I was in Kansas City in our new home and the Lord spoke to me and said, where are you.  I said, “I’m on the hot tub.”  He said, “Where is the hot tub?” “It is on the house.” He said “Where’s the house?”  “It’s on the lake.”  He said, “What’s in the lake?”  I said, “It’s full of bass.”  He said, “Who’s in the house?”  I said “My wife.”  I had revelation and the penny dropped so to speak and the Morning Star arised in my life, God answered my prayer three and a half years earlier and gave me the perfect wife.

Sid:  Now, when I think about that man that was a drug addict, an alcoholic for thirty years, that had nothing and who you are today.  I image that person, in your mind almost doesn’t even exist.

Kevin:  No, I am a new creation, Sid.  That is so true.  You know, about the prayer for the wife.  When that happened for seven days in a row I would find myself in gospel meetings, you know worship services and there would be women there and the speaker would say seven days in a row, this happened.  Hold the hand of the person next to you and let’s pray and everyday for seven days as I would touch the hand it was invariably a woman and the Lord would ask me the same question.  Do you want this one to be your wife?  And after seven days I fell into my prayer closet and I began to repent and the Lord spoke to me and said Kevin.  If you want to walk in the places in the places I have ordained for you, you need to wait for me to bring your wife into your life.  He said, but if you want to have a wife and a beautiful home, I’ll give that to you.  You see, God is so merciful, so wonderful.  He gives us a choice.  We don’t half to give him our all but He loves us regardless of what we do.  But I purposed in my hear Lord, I want to see souls saved; so I’m waiting for you God.

Sid: Let me ask you a question.  I know that you were supernaturally set free from drugs but I know how the devil operates, when he hit you with a thought about a desire for drugs, what do you do?

Kevin:  Sid, it’s an amazing thing, we were just ministering in Cleveland, Ohio a couple weeks ago and I was driving through the city on the way to the meeting and this thought comes into my mind, you can buy some heroin here and you can dadada.  These series of thoughts began to roll into my mind, well Paul said, “We need to bring these thoughts captivity,” so I said, wait a minute this is the enemy and I rebuke this in the Name of Jesus. And what I do Sid, when these thoughts come into my mind is I begin to pray and ask God to deliver every single person in that region that is addicted to Heroin, cocaine.

Sid:  You are going to drive the devil nuts if you do that!

Kevin:  Well, when I do that He stops pestering me.

Sid:  I’m sure.  Okay, how would you like to walk with Kevin and do what he does?  He’ll be the first to tell you that he’s no one special, he just serves a special God and he wants to mentor you.  We have put together his two best teaching CDs, one is called “How to Work With Angel” and this is a result of a visitation that he had with the Lord where the Lord taught him how to work with angels and “God’s Instructions for the Miraculous,” where he’ll pray and impartation upon you.

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Sid Roth welcomes Michael Hinson

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Sid:  My guest Michael Hinson is one of ten people over the years I’ve put together the best teachers of moving in the Supernatural.  The book is called “Stories of Supernatural Healing.”  It’s designed to mentor you so that you can fulfill your destiny on planet earth.  Let’s go to that excerpt because Michael has a revelation of the heart that everyone should have. 

Michael Hinson Except:

Sid:  What is your definition of the heart and what do you mean by healed heart?

Michael:  Well, the heart in this case we’re talking about the three parts that make up the heart.  Some people refer to it as the soul.  That being your mind, your will, and your emotions.  That part of you goes to heaven.  It has a marriage with the spirit in a regenerated man and they really look like…They go to Heaven as one, but there are separate parts.  And it is realigning our thinking up with the Word of God.  It is conforming our will to the purposes of plans that God had for our life when He made us and put us in our Mom’s womb.  And then it’s understanding the positive effects of our emotions and not just trying to squelch them or make them line up.  We’ve been taught that we have to put our emotions under check and that means not to sin in them but their actually an asset to us when we understand the purpose God had for them in making us complete.

Sid:  You know when I originally met you and determined I wanted to interview you Michael, the thing that intrigued me about you was about you getting so many people physically healed.  But, then I found the secret if you will, when the heart is healed, of course the physical body will be healed. 

Michael:  It’s a byproduct of it and it happens all the time.  It isn’t we center or go after the physical healing; when we minister to the things of the heart people get physically healed. 

Sid:  I would like you to explain your Biblical understanding of sin and forgiveness.

Michael:  Oh, that’s easy.  Sin is just a symptom of the problem, it’s not the problem.  The problem is unfaithfulness to God or either you’re living your life in something that is contrary to the nature of how God intended you to live it.  And when you do that, you sin.  When you go to Him and repent of those sins, then God will separate those sins from you.  He will separate them in the Old Testament it says as far as the east is from the west so that they are no longer a part of you when you repent of those sins.  And in the New Testament it says that Jesus bore the sins of many.  The sins actually go to the cross of Jesus Christ so there no longer a part of who you are your totally separated so that when God see you He sees you free of those sins, of those things that were unfaithful towards Him or either out of character to what He made you for.

Sid:  How do we forgive someone?

Michael:  We do it the same way that God forgave us.  The Bible tells us that God will forgive us with the same measure that we forgive others.  Well, if there’s anyone in your heart, anyone in your life that you have unforgiveness towards; if there’s anyone in your past or your present they were to come sit down beside you right now and make you feel really uncomfortable my question is why?  If it is because of unforgiveness of a debt that they owe you or something they did to you that you are waiting for them to make it right.  Well, God forgave you all of your sins.  There isn’t any that you can’t bring to him that He won’t release you of, if you repent of those sins; and He tells us that with the measure we use that He will forgive us.  Well, were not given any leeway to have any unforgiveness in our heart.  As we said yesterday, unforgiveness is a poison you drink hoping the other person will get sick.  To get free we don’t forgive the sin.  We forgive the person.  The person has to deal with their own sin before the Father.  We forgive the person for what they did to us.  We release them of that debt.

Sid:  What about t he woman that’s listening to us right now and she has tried and tried and tried to communicate with her husband but he can’t hear her and as far as she’s concerned she’s committed to the marriage but it is totally hopeless, it’ll never change.  What would you say to her?

Michael:  That it won’t change unless the circumstances change and there’s a lot of circumstances that can change but let me recommend one and that is changing your heart.  When you take on a different heart and you’ll see things with different eyes when you take on a different heart.  And you know when you see things with different eyes, everything you see will be different and your world can literally change.

Sid:  And not only that as you point out with some of this marvelous teaching once you change everyone around you changes.

Michael:  That is one…that is just a nature of the principals of God.  Once you start applying and showing and becoming the characteristic and the nature of God, God works in your life in ways that are miraculous.

Sid:  Tell me about a situation with a marriage that perhaps was hopeless and by applying the principals in your book, things changed.

Michael:  We get a lot of people wherever we travel that are telling us about their marriage problems, generally people who’ve lost intimacy in their relationship.  They’re committed to live with each other but they’ve lost the intimacy that was once the cornerstone of their marriage.  They’re going through the motions sometimes in survival mode.  Many of them agreeing not to talk about particular subjects, one or the other simply because it brings out the bad feelings or arguments or is hurtful so they just avoid them all together.  They’re avoiding part of their life.  One of the things that we can do is lead people back into that place of intimacy.  Most people are searching for it everywhere they can.  They look in books, they go to novel, they to the physiatrists, they go to counselors; they go everywhere trying to regain intimacy.  But that’s not how you got intimacy to start with. The reason you got intimacy to start with was by simply by turning your heart one hundred percent over to your spouse.  You gave them all of your heart.  That’s how intimacy came to begin with.  Over a period of time your heat started to callous towards your spouse.  Probably not because of one specific incident they did.  Probably over a period of time, because of expectations you had that they didn’t meet or things that you expected or that they normally did that they didn’t do.  Things that caused small pains or those words that were said that were either said in anger or frustration or were just said without thinking that caused pain and caused some of the separation between people.  And then they tried to communicate and I know that even my wife and I have to sit down face to face because I’ll be saying one thing and she’ll be hearing another and she’ll be saying one thing and I’ll be hearing another and we have to get on the same wave length; when you can get to a place of intimacy then your whole life changes.

Sid:  Tell me one person.

Michael:  A couple that I prayed for not long ago, a woman was having a hard time.  She wanted intimacy in her life but it was missing.  She loved her husband, she doesn’t remember exactly when the intimacy went but she knew over a period of time that it left her, so we lead her in a simple prayer.  I said what did your husband have to do to win your heart back; to gain all of your heart back.  And she started giving me a list of things that she would like to see her husband do to essentially win her heart back when he did once before.  And then when I was through, I said well now if he did everything on your list would you instantly give him your heart back or would you like to wait a little period of time to prove that what he is doing for you is going to stick?  And of course she said well, I would like to give it a little bit of time.  And so my next question was simple.  When you first met your husband and gave him your heart, did you have a list for things that he needed to do and did you wait a certain period of time or did you just give him your heart?  And of course she just gave him her heart.  When we callous our heart toward someone were in covenant with we act contrary to the nature of God; and when we act contrary to the nature of God we can’t expect, we can’t expect the things of God to move in our life.  It just won’t work.  What we simply did was lead her in a prayer where she ended up releasing the debt for her husband and gave 100% of her heart back.  Her countenance changed so dramatically; she was a different person; she said she felt the joy for her husband she hadn’t felt in years.  We heard reports back from her of when she got home of how much her husband had changed.  And since that time he’s a completely different person.

Sid:  That was Michael Hinson and he is one of ten people in my brand new book, Stories of Supernatural Healing.”  I just wanted to introduce a few of them to you.  There’s so many others, for instance.  Anna Mendez Farrell, she literally moves in such a degree of the supernatural that she was a translator for Morris Cerrillo when he was in Latin America and she didn’t speak any English and God gave her the language of English.  Then Dr. Paul Hegstrom, this man has studied the brain and has found that many people have short circuited their brain because of traumas in childhood and when they get rid of that they open up to the Spirit of God.  I really want to mentor you in all of these areas and the only way that you’re going to mentored is for you to do what the first followers of Jesus did.  They walked along with Jesus and what they saw Him do they started to do.  And when you take a look at some of the people in this book, like Pastor Don Dickerman.  Don Dickerman has prayed for over 25,000 people that have had deliverance.  Craig Hill, Craig understands the Jewish roots of our faith and he shows us how to walk in a culture of blessing in our family which results in physical and emotional and relationship healings.  Another person in this book is Pastor Ron Philips.  Ron Philips literally was on a snowy road and his car was ready to go off of a cliff and he was certain death.  Angels literally, literally held him up till he could get out of that car.  And he has walked with angels ever since and he teaches you how to activate angels in your life.  We’ve also added a CD of the highest impact teaching of each one of the people in the book on a CD that the anointing is literally going to jump off of you and you’re going to be able to do those works you’ve been dreaming of. 

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