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Our Guest James Nienhuis

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Sid:  You need not be ashamed with the atheistic education system that we have that with a country that won’t allow us to even post the Ten Commandments in government buildings and in schools.  And I am so concerned about the onslaught of within our education system and within our media to undermine the authenticity of the scriptures. That’s why I’ve asked my friend James Nienhuis to talk about his book “Old Earth Why Not?”  Because there are things that I personally took by faith, but I didn’t have the scientific evidence. This book would prepare anyone; as a matter of fact what about teachers, Christian teachers when these questions come up you would love to see his answers for the argument that the earth was started with a big bang, which caused the universe to be established billions of years ago. But Jim on yesterday’s show we were talking about the flood, and now let’s talk about the ark.  How in the world could we have so many animals and species and I mean the ark wasn’t big enough to have all of these animals, how would you explain that.

James:  Okay, before I broach that magnan… quote “magnanimous problem” let me cover one quick “magnanimous problem” also.  Noah’s flood did not cover the Himalaya Mountains rose at the close of the flood year.  Okay, that having been said, Noah’s Ark landed on the mountains of Ararat which are pillar basalts.  A lot much of it is pillar basalts and that’s a black lava rock that rises up through water; how do you like that Sid.

Sid:   They don’t teach that in high school and college I can tell you that. (laughing) I mean You would drive an atheistic professor nuts you know that Jim that’s why I want everyone to read your book.  So tell me about all those animals that fit in that little boat.

James:  Yes, and that the little boat 450’ long by 80’ wide by about 50 about the size of an ocean liner landed in the mountains of Ararat it doesn’t necessary say on Mt Ararat proper, it says in the mountains of Ararat.  So that’s a vast area of the eastern Turkey.  But that vessel had room to hold the 20,000 kinds of animals the Bible speaks, two of this kind, two of that kind, seven of a clean kind going on Noah’s Ark Biblical kinds.  Now the question is what is a kind in the Bible?  Well in modern scientific parlance it’s a syngameon, s-y-n-g-a-m-e-o-n, syngameon; that’s the biblical kind.  For instance a cat syngameon in the sense that, did you know this Sid lions and tigers and leopards can all inner breed to produce offspring.  Did you know that?

Sid:  No. (Laughing)

James:  Because they’re capable of that biologically that proves that they came from a common ancestor, it’s genetic variation within a syngameon or a biblical kind. Thereby only about 20,000 kinds of animals need have been on Noah’s Ark which would have only taken up half the volume of that Ark, about the size of an ocean liner.

Sid:    Now let me ask you a question, have you been coaching Bill O’Reilly or has he been coaching you on these words?  I’m just teaching, don’t…(laughing).

James:  Sid this is big I actually maybe I’m maybe I’m the first young earth creationist to discover this term in the high hierarchy of the esoteric of Darwinian biology, but it pulls the lid off the whole concept.  They have this term syngameon which explains why creatures from different “species” can inner bread and produce offspring. You know what that does to the viability of the term species according to Darwin Sid?  Species is thereby a meaningless term because different “species” can inner breed to produce offspring like the lion, the tiger, the leopard which proves they all came from a common ancestor.

Sid:  This is so fascinating and you know something I was reading in your book that I was also aware of changing the subject just a little bit.  But the Chinese language very few people are familiar that in the little letters of the Chinese language we literally have many of the stories found in Genesis.  Now if China is as old as they say it is how come those accounts were in its formation of its language?

James:  Oh absolutely,  we’ll Ham a son of Noah was undoubtedly a great navigator and he settled and his progeny settled much of the world, you know Shem settles mostly in western Asia and eastern Europe and Japheth settled mostly in Europe proper western Europe.  And Ham was a great navigator and he sailed to many locations and settled there including China. Cam, Cambodia; Cam or Kem as the Egyptians call him Kem or Cam Gulf of Cambay India; Cambodia southeast Asia; that’s Ham he was a great navigator also who was known as Chronos the time man because he could measure and map the earth by measuring the wobble of the  earth’s axis which is a whole another story.  But anyway the progeny of Ham settled in China obviously with knowledge of the ancient, not ancient at that time the stories about Noah’s Ark symbol for boat in the ancient Chinese pictographs is a concave form with eight dots in it.  How many people were on Noah’s ark?  Eight people, the ancient symbol for righteousness or righteous in the ancient Chinese pictographs is the symbol for I and that is me or you Sid under the pictograph for lamb; under the lamb, am righteous.

Sid:  Whoever wrote the Chinese alphabet knew or who ever created it knew all the accounts of Genesis even in a prophetic sense from what you’re telling me.

James:  Oh, absolutely you know and that a Messiah would come who would bruise the evil one.  You know that’s replete in ancient literature as well Osiris and Horus for instance of the ancient Egyptians, which is actually an analogy for the rotation of the planets.  The sun setting and rising everyday that’s a Sirus and Horas but that is what they were referring to a Savior who would; who all the ancients cultures were aware of this prophecy first thing in the Bible or in the early portions of Genesis.  See it’s all mankind and all the ancient tribes have a global flood legend as well; now why a global flood legend?  Why not a global fire legend or why not a global you know hurricane legend?  Why did they all have a global flood legend?  It’s more than coincidence.

Sid:  How old is the earth?

James:  Oh, roughly 6,000 years old.

Sid:  How can you say that with all this scientific evidence showing that things are much older?

James:   Well, when you understand that the Dane methods are flawed and based upon ennoble predisposition; such as what the original chemistry of the rock was.  They don’t know what the original chemistry of the rock was; which is a presupposition of the Dane method, but they don’t know that.

Sid:  So is it the blind leading the blind?

James:  Absolutely, they say the composition of the rock when the rock was formed is what they want it to be.  Now if you want to call that science go ahead and call that science.  Now couple that with the sedimentary stadia for the sedimentary layers; vast sedimentary layers with billions of creatures in tombed therein from a flood forming the fossils which we see today 99% of which are marine creatures up on the continents explain that one.  So you couple that the geology speaks of catastrophe with the fact that the Dane methods are seriously flawed and based upon ennoble precepts and presuppositions.

Sid:  But wait a second when I went to Kenya I saw the Leakey Museum and this Leakey Museum they have monkey’s going back millions of years.

James:   Really.

Sid:  Well, that’s what the museum curator told me.

James:  But there’s no evidence of it except the radioisotope days which are flawed and based upon ennoble precipitations, for instance sometimes rock dates come in with positive values like I said before.  Now what kind of science is that?

Sid:  Well, why doesn’t the scientists realize what your book shows in such simple form?

James:   Well, if they acknowledge that the geologic column is obviously caused by a catastrophe which caused all the disposition of all those eroded sediments stacked like pancakes on the continent .  If they admit that that obviously is the case, then they are doomed to say “Well, the Bible is right all along.”  And then we’d have some serious altar calls at Yale and Harvard and Princeton and the whole bit and I think that they probably don’t want to see that Sid.  The way they’re faking it now anyway.

Sid:  And the thing I see you actually have an ulterior motive and your ulterior motive in this book is after, you explain and you just knock the socks off of these scientists that are trying to disprove the accounts in the book of Genesis.  After you explain it you’ve got a very very interesting chapter in here and the title is “Jesus was just a Wise and Good man.”  And these are myths that you’re disclaiming, but you take someone through to salvation, is that really the intent of the book.

James:  Absolutely, you know God provided me sufficient faith to become born again to burn through all the Darwinian junk that I had learned and still become born again.  But imagine how easy it would be for a guy who says “My goodness Genesis really does look like an accurate history book?”  Then how much easier would it be to act on the faith that God gives everyone?

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Life After Death

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Sid:  You know I was raised in a Jewish background. As a young boy I remember my folks were out late at night and the though popped in my mind “What happens when you die,” and since although Judaism believes in life after death we don’t discuss it, it’s l’Chayim, it’s a language of the living.  And so therefore as a child since it was never discussed with me when the question popped in my mind “What happens when you die.” I gave the answer the answer was you cease to exist and it was such a scary thought that I blocked it from my mind, whatever was me I did not want it to cease to exist until many years later.  You know I went to almost thirty years of life in “Christian America.” Broker of Merrell Lynch, many Christian clients, graduated from a Christian University and not one Christian cared enough about me to an answer my question, “What happens after you die?”  Well, just before I almost lost my life one bold Christian was ready to do it, I’m speaking to you today.  Imagine how many people you know that don’t know God that are crossing your path. I remember as I said “I was a stock broker in Merrill Lynch,” and I became very public as a Jewish believer in Jesus and there was a front page article in a major newspaper in Washington, DC and one of my clients called me up and said, ‘Sid we’re so glad to hear that you’re now a believer in Jesus.”  And I’m thinking to myself, I almost died and you are my client all these years and you never told me about Jesus.  Well I have interviewed so many people over the years now that have literally had out of body experiences encounters with God; encounters with Heaven; encounters with eternity; encounters with Hell. The best ones that I have over the years I have put together in 10 testimonies of 9 different people in two CD’s.  We call it “Life After Death” and I want you to hear excerpts of them and then I want you to get the full stories, listen to them yourselves, there can’t be anything more fascinating than listening to what will happen with you in eternity, assuming Jesus is your Messiah and Lord. Then start giving them to friends.

Sid:  My next guest had one of the most vivid experienced in Heaven, he died from an auto accident and while he was in Heaven I mean he just documented so many things, but the thing that gets me so excited is that Jesus said, “I’m sending you back to be a herald of my soon return.”  And I don’t know about you but everything going on in this life, everything going on in this world I believe that we are so close to the return of Jesus that you got to get just one of the most vivid glimpses of Heaven from Richard Sigmund.

Tell me your experience with Jesus.

Richard Sigmund:  Oh, the most awesome experience, I saw Jesus.  I saw him at the throne, I saw Him in the throne.  Around the Being that I saw on a throne in Heaven the closer the get to this throne the more everything becomes absolutely transparent.  Those things closest to God are absolutely transparent with purity.  And I saw Jesus walk up to the throne and disappear into this enfolding beautiful fire that surrounded the being in the throne.  I was not allowed to see Him, I did see His foot, I did see His toe, it looked to be about the state of Kentucky.  He’s a big God, Jesus walked in and out of that Shekinah Glory. He came out on a platform and He said “I am coming back for My people.”  And it was awesome, it was awesome, I also saw Him many times in Heaven talking to people, hugging people, loving people, children would run to Him, He is the center of attention.  And when He is about to come to you people stand at attention, very reverently.

Sid:  What did He speak to you?

Richard Sigmund:  He took me to an area where He said, “I must take you to the rose garden,” and instantly we were there. He at first had me set and He stood and talked to me and said, “I must tell you that I am coming back for my people” and I remember saying, “But they know that.”  And He said,  “No, they know it but they don’t know it, they are asleep, they are at ease, they think it’s way off in the future but it’s not,” He said “I’m coming back like a thief in the night but I am coming. I am coming back at a time when revival will break on the shores of eternity, the greatest revivals the world have ever known, the greatest revival.”  He said, “I’m sending you back to herald My return. I am coming back for people that make themselves ready, that lay aside every sin that does so easily beset and get their eyes totally upon Me; I Am the Way, I Am the Truth and I am the light.”  And as He said that it was just like all Heaven joined in and said, “Amen, glory to God!”

Sid:  Now, by the way, have you gotten any insight on the rapture, have you ever seen it?

Richard Sigmund:  Yes Sir, in a vision actually I think it was more than one vision. I saw the rapture take place, what we call the rapture, the great catching away.  Suddenly, just suddenly in a twinkling, faster than you can think so I just tell, this is a twinkling of an eye is one eleven thousands of a second, it’s the time that takes the nerve impulses to go across your eye to your brain and register; faster than that.  The rapture takes place, instantly people were taken out of the sleep, out of their slumber, taken out of automobiles going down the street, taking out of airplanes, instantly it was done, it was over, and we were together there in a meeting in the clouds of the air, instantly people were stunned they didn’t know that they were doing.  Instantly they had to stop and think well, what’s going on and what is this and suddenly you knew we’re gone.

Sid: Now, the Bible tells us Richard no one knows the day or the hour but it says we’ll know the season.  Do you believe we’re in the season of His return?

Richard Sigmund:  I believe more than anything in this life that we are in the season of His return.

Sid:  I have on the telephone Reverend Ron Reagan, Pastor of the Church of God in Townsend, Tennessee and in 1972 he had an experience with the invisible world that He’ll never forget.

Reverend Reagen:  It was like I had the sensation of the ambulance exploding like it just exploded in flames. Just in moments I was moving through the air, through the smoke almost like a tunnel.

Sid:  And you like left your body would you say?

Reverend Reagen:  Well, evidently that’s what happened at the time I didn’t know what was happening, I had the sensation of moving through the air.

Sid:  Okay, what happened next.

Reverend Reagen:  The next moments when I came out of the smoke when I was looking down into what appeared to me an active volcano. A huge large place and where the burning lake down inside it and I could hear multitudes of voices screaming and see multitudes of people inside this.  And just almost immediately I was going down into this myself and people’s faces begin to appear to me, close up, like a lens on a camera and to my just horror I begin to recognize some of them.  And I could hear them screaming Ronnie, don’t come to this place, there’s no way out there’s no escape there’s no way out.  And these people that I recognized were people that I recognized that all died violent deaths. We had partied together, we had done crime together, we had drank together but all of these t hat I recognized had been shot to death, had died of overdoses or some form of tragedy. They screamed and looked at me and said, “There is no way out, there is no escape.”

Sid:  Were these people from what you could see in real pain?

Reverend Reagen:  These people were in the most horrible agonizing pain that you could imagine. It went deeper than physical fleshly pain, what I was feeling the worst pain was the horrible atmosphere of loneliness, and anxiety, and depression, and horrible feeling in the air or just no hope what so ever.

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Our Guest David Herzog

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Sid:  I have David Herzog on the telephone, and David is known as a Jewish believer that walks in the glory of God.  And I want to find out from him exactly what the glory of God is, how the glory of God operates and how he learned this.  I’m going to take you back to age thirteen David and you went to a youth camp, a Spirit filled youth camp.  And now were you prayed for to speak in supernatural languages or did it just happen?

David:  It just happened I was supposed to be prayed for I was waiting in a very long line of hundreds of people to make my way to the front where they pray for you. Before I got there it had already hit me, this warmth came on me, this love, I just felt peace, and I started crying a little bit and then all of a sudden I started speaking in tongues.  I had no idea how that was going to happen it just happened and then I saw that vision.  I was taken up to Heaven; I saw Jesus and the Father, and then a voice came and said, “You’re going to travel, you’re going to travel, you’re going to travel around the world.”  So at that I had a little bit inkling, I said “Okay, so I’m going to travel,” so that I know and went into my room and I couldn’t stop speaking in tongues all night just getting these visions.

Sid:  Just out of curiosity I assume you didn’t want to but did you actually try to stop?

David:  Not really it felt so good you know when you’re thirteen and your feeling great.

Sid:  But how’s a thirteen year old pray in tongues all night, that had to be highly unusual thing.

David:  It was but it was really, really powerful but that night a lot of people got the Holy Spirit it was just amazing.  I’d always wanted to receive it for three years since I was saved, didn’t know how or what, and finally went to a place where I could get it and it was just.  And my boldness changed, I used to be shy and suddenly this boldness came on me that I never had before with people, with everything; it affected everything.

Sid:  Now you literally were caught up into the throne room and it was a number of years ago, but what did you see, I’d be very curious to know?

David:  I saw, basically two seats where I was, I saw Jesus at the right hand and I saw the Father, I couldn’t make out clearly because it was so bright, the Father but I knew that was Jesus on the right side.  And basically Jesus was smiling at me and a voice just came and said, “You’re going to travel for My glory, you are going to travel.”  And I was just worshipping and “I love You God and I love You Jesus and I worship You and just tongues, tongues, tongues for hours.”

Sid:  Interesting, God knew what He was saying, you didn’t have a clue “You’re going to travel for His glory and you’re known as someone that when you speak the glory of God shows up.”  But you didn’t have a clue back then.  Tell me the first miracle that happened when you prayed for someone that you can remember.

David:  Yeah, I was in Sunday school and they asked me to teach this little curriculum in our Sunday school in our little town in Sedona. So I would go through little thing and read the scriptures they tell me to read for the kids and I got bored, actually got bored doing this every Sunday.  So I said “Kids don’t tell the Pastor but I’m going to try something different, I’m not going to follow the curriculum I’m just going to pray for anyone that’s sick.”  And a little girl said, “Oh, my Mom said I have scoliosis.”  And so I said, “Let me see, let’s pull out your leg and see how short it is,” because I had seen one time someone come and do this and her leg was so much shorter than the other.”  I said, “Okay, we’re going to pray guys are you ready?”  And I missed my first miracle because I closed my eyes and her leg began to grow so fast the kids were screaming, “Look at the leg, look at the leg!”  And her leg grew out and I missed seeing my first miracle with my own eyes.

Sid:  But what happened to her scoliosis?

David:  It was gone, I mean her leg grew out and she didn’t have a problem after that.

Sid:  What a way to start!  You know how I started?  I prayed for hundreds, if not thousands of people and no one got healed, I sure wish I had started the way you did!

David:  I guess I needed the encouragement for being so young you know.

Sid:  Well, let’s go back to basics; the glory shows up when you speak, explain what the glory is.

David:  The glory is the closes you can get to being like as if you went to Heaven while still being on the earth.  You’re in a meeting and you feel this incredible heavenly presence, joy, peace, love, you can feel the angels are there.  Your just like “Awe, this is heaven on earth” and in that realm that’s when things happen so easily.   I always say “On earth as it is in Heaven” if you were sick and you went to Heaven right now, how long would it take to be healed?  It would be instant because in Heaven there’s no sickness; so when heaven comes down on the earth in a meeting or just walking down the street and you pray for somebody the speed at which miracles happen in the glory realm is much faster than they would happen just in regular gifting realm.  You have your gift and anointing, you have faith but when you add glory to it glory is the accelerator.  Demons come out faster; body are healed faster, you sow and reap faster, everything’s faster when it’s done in the presence of God’s glory.

Sid:  Now is this just a pure gift from God or are there something’s that you’ve learned that people can do to walk in that same glory realm?

David:  Oh no, everyone can do this it’s God gave me a revelation of how it operates and when I’ve taught this to other people I’ve had little kids doing it.  One time I was in Ireland, miracles, signs and wonders were flowing and I taught these youth, youth and college age and everything I knew how to do it and when that thing was over it spread all over Ireland and started in healings and miracles and signs, wonders and everything you can think of started happening.

Sid:  When was the first time you’re aware of the fact that when you would speak this manifests tangible presence, thickness, weightiness of God’s presence would show up His glory?

David:   The first time that happened?  Wow, that’s a tough one to think, going back I know that it changed when my intimacy with God changed, it wasn’t just…

Sid:  Alright, well that’s important to know, tell me when that was and what you did to cause it to change or what occurred.

David:  I was living on the mission field in France for twelve years and we had seen you know, I had the gift of faith, I had the gift of healing.  I prayed one on one and I say right now this man will be healed if he doesn’t get healed then God is not God.  And God would heal, but I was getting burned out and I said, “Lord there’s got to me more.”

Sid:  Oh, I’m sorry you’re triggering another question, when you would make such a bold statement were there times when people were not healed?

David:  Amazingly enough I would only do it when I felt led to do it and when I did it it always worked, but I would never do it carelessly.

Sid:    But even if you heard did you have a degree of trepidation when you have a room full of people that could become a mob against you?

David:  Oh, big time I would say “Lord, every time I did it I’d say “Oh my gosh, I think I went out too far on a limb this time, Lord you got to bail me out of this one.”  But God would show up, but sometimes it would be really scary.

Sid:  Okay, alright you were telling me what was happening in France.

David:  Yes, and so I was just desperate, I said “God there’s got to be more, I mean we’re winning people, but not at the rate that we need; I need to see more of Your glory, more of Your power.”  And so basically I took off some time and I just began to fast and pray and I just stopped preaching for awhile, stopped ministering, and I said “Lord if you don’t touch me with something new I’ll come up there and get it, but I don’t want to minister anymore.”  So I just stopped ministering, I just stopped taking, I just locked myself in for a couple months.  Three weeks of those months I was fasting and praying, just seeking God and during that time worshipping and fasting and praying and something, something came on me.  And then sure enough after that time we had I think we took six weeks off and the Lord told me those six weeks that you took off to seek My face led to the six month revival that you had in Paris, France the longest running revival in fifty years.

Sid:  Now, now for those that aren’t familiar, Paris, France is not known for being a real open spiritual place, in fact it’s known as a graveyard.  What happened in Paris?

David:  In Paris, France I told the church to do like what I did, I said, “Okay I’ll come but I want you to do a fasting and prayer chain forty days.  Because when you fast something happens in the Heavenlies like Daniel you know, the angel came and ministered,” and so I had them do that.  I was praying preparing myself and then by the time we showed up the Heavens exploded so powerfully, people ran to the altars to be saved, healings and miracles, signs and wonders flow like honey and a girl was picked up off of the ground some will call it she levitated but we’ll use the Christian term she arose, arise and shine.  She was picked up off the ground in mid air about thirteen, I guess someone measured it, they said that it was about thirteen centimeters in the air, flipped over still in the air and came back down to the ground and she was interceding for souls, she was an intercessor kind of heavyweight girl too.  And the people around were freaked out when they saw it, but it was at that moment that the glory came and all of a sudden all these people that had suicidal spirits started screaming and getting delivered, and so it was amazing.  Girl’s being lifted up…

Sid:  You know what’s coming to me as you’re saying that David, that’s a foretaste of the Messiah says that when He returns He’ll return to same way He came.  How did that, the same way that He left, He left by going up in the air in a cloud and I believe we’re going to be seeing more and more people; even people flying in front of other people, not just dreams.

David:  I have dreams of that all the time, I can’t wait.

Sid:  Well, it’s going to happen, I believe that it’s going to happen that’s why you’re having those dreams.  But tell me the feedback of your revised book “Glory Invasion,” what do people comment, is there on particular chapter that people say “Boy that revolutionized my life!”

David:  Oh while, there’s different chapters that they love, they love the first few chapters because what happens is I use vocabulary to explain how God’s glory moves.

Sid:  I have to tell you when I read that it didn’t cause me to believe any more than I believe, but it did give me understanding of what I believe.

David:  Yeah, it gives you revelation for instance if you’re praying for let’s say a body part to be recreated and you don’t know how to pray, normally you just say “Oh, Lord please do this.”  But when you have the revelation you get in the glory and you realize in the book I explain that everything created has atoms and protons and neutrons inside that it’s sound waves that God put sound into everything; this is confirmed by science.  And those sound waves God put in Genesis He put sound and you command the body part modes come together, cancer die, I know you can hear me because you’re made of atoms and inside the atoms there’s sound and I know that you can hear me.  So you’re going straight to the chase, straight to the body part like Moses spoke to the rock or God told him to anyway.  Ezekiel spoke to the bones and they came together, Jesus spoke to wind and waves; but once you understand behind the scenes what’s going on it actually helps your faith to go wait a second I can speak to body parts and they can actually hear me.

Sid:  David, were out of time right now.

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Our Guest David Herzog

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Sid:  I have a good friend of mine that I’ve ministered with many times over the years his name is David Herzog; when I think of David Herzog I think Jewish, love for the Jew in Israel; the glory of God.  And you know David I’m having the thought I believe it’s in Romans 9 it says “We owe a debt of gratitude to the Jewish people,” and then it lists a number of reasons.  And one of the reasons it says “Of them is the glory,” have you ever pondered on that?

David:  Yeah, I believe the Jews have somehow in their DNA a realm of the glory of God that comes out; because in our DNA is the record of everything that our ancestors did good and bad, and they have a record in their history and bloodline of the glory.  Their bloodline has been impacted by the glory of God probably more than other race.

Sid:  But I still feel that there is kind of like a comingling of the glory on a Gentile Christian, and the glory on a Jewish believer in Jesus and then the two; and it’s like the two are incomplete until the two are comingled to make a full dwelling place of God by His Spirit, or as Jesus said “You’ll do the same works I have done; when  he talked to the Jewish believers, and He said, “Greater,” looking forward to the time there’d be this comingling of this spiritual DNA of the Jew and the Gentile.

David:  I totally agree with you in fact I notice Jewish people that minister that when they go to other countries or go to other races they see the most incredible, incredible things.  Lately He gave me a similar revelation of what you just said and okay a couple of years ago He told me that now I want you as a Jewish person go the Arabs; when those two mingle together it really will explode and the fruit will be awesome.  I started going to Muslim countries being Jewish, and I saw just different harvests, different levels of glory that I wouldn’t see anywhere else.

Sid:  Well, I happen to believe the greatest representation of the one new man on planet earth today is a Jew and a Muslim, one new creation, one new man; one new being in Jesus.

David:  Amen.

Sid:  Okay David, I want to take you back for those especially aren’t that familiar with you back around Bar mitzvah time age time age thirteen. You had an encounter in the spirit realm that changed your life forever.  Tell me about that.

David:  It was amazing I was at the Assemblies of God youth camp in Arizona, Prescott Arizona. They said, “If you want the Holy Spirit come on up.”  So there’s a big big line and you wait in line and you make the way towards the altar and they pray for you and things happen.  And as I was waiting to get to the front the guy in front of me already speaking in tongues and weren’t even half way up there and he starts crying and weeping.  And I didn’t know what it was so I said, I’m only thirteen and my friend is crying and he’s a guy right, and I said “Are you okay, does it hurt? What does it feel like?  Is it painful?  I had no idea.  He said, “No, no it’s wonderful.”  And I said “Well, why are you crying?” I couldn’t understand so I just lifted my hands just waiting for it and soon enough the power of God hit me; it was like a warmth that went all over my body and I started speaking in tongues before they even prayed for me.  And then instantly I was taken up to Heaven and I was taken to the throne.

Sid:  Now before that point, I’m just curious; before that point had you ever had something where God literally came upon you in a tangible fashion like that?

David:  No, because I got saved at ten years old and I kept questioning my salvation I said “There’s got to be more than this, this is good but how come I don’t have power?”  And of course I was living in a town where there was a lot of New Age people that claim to levitate and do all these things.  So I was telling my mother, “Mom, there’s got to be more, how come they have that and we have no power?”  I would ask my Sunday School teacher, I would get in trouble.

Sid:    You know that’s an honest fair question and I think more Christians have to ask that question, “Why do so many New Agers move in power and so many Christians are fighting the devil with both arms tied behind their back because they’re more interested in tradition then the word of God.”

David:  Exactly and I got my Sunday school teacher upset with me because he said that I was bothering the class by asking those kind of questions.  It wasn’t a Spirit Filled church at the time and they called my mom and told me that your son is asking questions that are bothersome; just tell him he’s saved and that’s it.  So we changed churches and eventually went to that youth camp and it changed my life.

Sid:  Alright, what happened, I’m really curious because I see how you are today; I see what you’re doing today, but that is the beginning and I want to trace how you got to be walking in what I consider some of the most outrageous miracles on the planet.  I mean I got a report that you were recently at a meeting and a friend of mine was at the same meeting, and he literally saw someone with gray hair, their hair changed color on the spot.  But you even are involved in more outrageous things than that; you have people without hair that when the glory invades hair starts growing; in fact your own father that happened to.

David:  Yeah, it did; that was in Denver revival we had in ’08, but even last week the one that you’re mentioning there was another man also in that meeting that had bald hair and his hair began to grow also up there in Moravian a week ago.

Sid:  Okay, I’m going to go back to my question I have not forgotten it about that experience David had, but I want your opinion on something.  When the glory hits, because I’ve been at your meetings and I’ve seen this; when the glory hits and you proclaim what the Spirit God is telling you these things happen.  Why does it happen for some people and not for all?  What is your explanation?

David:  Why does some people receive miracles or why does some…

Sid:  Yeah, why when the glory is there and you proclaim that word and they all look like they’re believing to me as I look around; why is it that some get their miracles but the majority don’t get their gray hair turned brown, their bald head their hair growing?  What is the common denominator or is there a common denominator; I don’t know?

David:  That’s an interesting question; well I notice two patterns.  There is either the people when they testify will say, like when the lose thirty pounds in a meeting; we’ve seen weight lose and they said, “I was expecting all week long, I brought my smaller jeans from school and I got my miracle.”  So you have those that are very, very desperate full of faith.  Then I see the others that like the guy who had the white hair he didn’t believe it; he wasn’t even there to get a miracle.

Sid:  Well, that’s outrageously unfair, the guy didn’t have any faith, (laughing.)

David:  I think I noticed a difference, to some of these signs and wonders God will put for the unbeliever; I’ve seen atheist get gold teeth in France that complete don’t believe God exists.  And so I’ve noticed that God will use signs and wonders to win the lost that don’t know him or for believers, I’ve noticed when they are really full of faith and desperate, more of those kind of Christians are getting the miracles and the ones that have almost no faith at all because this man that got his, he’s a doctor so his mind is trained to not believe, and he’s also an ambassador to another country.  So he kept saying “Are you sure this is happening, is this really happening?  And the whole crowd was screaming , “Look at your hair!”

Sid:  You know what amazes me and it’s right in line with what you’re saying David?  The people that have a major miracle happen I hear many of them say “I knew when I would come to this meeting, I’d be healed.”  I don’t hear them say, “I was really believing for it,” they say “I knew I was going to be,” that’s faith.

David:  Yeah, that’s what I’ve noticed in the ‘50’s revivals people would come from across the country to go to these tent meetings and just knew that they were going to get healed, the ones that got healed.  And then you’ve got the unbelievers or the Christians that never really had faith for miracles and God will use the signs…

Sid:  Or the Christians that have been in the way for thirty years, and I do mean in the way, for thirty years and not seen anything, they believe, they know God heals, they’ve seen enough miracles, but they’re in unbelief and they don’t even realize they’re in unbelief.

David:  Sometimes they’ve been vaccinated against it because they’ve seen so much of it.  I was in London, it was a 1500 people and an atheist man got out of his wheelchair paralyzed and started running.  And at the end of meeting a Christian came to me and said, “Oh, when are you going to pray for my goiter?”  It was like midnight at about that time, I said, “I called that out, why didn’t you come up with God was moving?  Oh, I don’t know I decided to wait to after I’d meet you at the door when you leave the room.”  And I said, “I can pray for you now but you should have came when the glory was at the peak when everybody was getting healed.”

Sid:  Yeah, people don’t understand but one of the things, one thing that David does, and I’m sure the Holy Spirit showed him to do it is when the glory invades, and he starts hearing what God wants to do in the midst of the glory he speaks it out.  And then he tells people to run around the auditorium, I mean you don’t have to run like a track star, but you kind of run and what you’re doing it’s obvious to me David is your getting an action behind the faith.

David:  Exactly just some kind of action, most of time Jesus, Yeshua would say “Oh, do this, do that, go wash your eyes, pick up your bed and walk,” most of the time there was an action.  Now you don’t have to do that but I noticed the percentage of miracles go up to like 100% or 80% when I get everybody doing something than just everybody just sitting there waiting for me to make it happen on them.

Sid:  Alright David, on tomorrow’s broadcast I want to start out what happened when you were thirteen years of age, you spoke in tongues, but something way beyond that happened.  You went up to the throne room, but tell me about your book “Glory Invasion” this is the revised version which has this marvelous forty day devotional in it.  But tell me what feedback you’re getting from your book “Glory Invasion.”

David:  Oh, people are reading the book, first of all they’re not just reading it and learning, they’re getting Heavenly encounters they tell me.  I have people reading the book and getting taken to Heaven, getting signs and wonders.  I have ministers reading the book and suddenly when they go minister they understand how to move in creative miracles; how to work with the angels; just people reading, one lady read the book, she was on your show actually before she was in full time ministry.  She read the book, came to my meeting in Phoenix, didn’t know how to pray for her mom in a wheelchair and then when she read the book, she goes “Awe now I know how to pray; I get in the glory the body parts can obey my word, they hear me, spoke to her mom and she jumped out of the wheelchair.”  I think it was Katy Soza that was in our meeting and then later I hear about her traveling and ministering.  But she came to that meeting.  Years ago she took a Greyhound bus and came all the way to Phoenix.

Sid:  She was hungry!  You know David, you know what I love about it is that you teach about how the financial miracles increase in the glory.  How the healing miracles increase in the glory, how creative miracles increase in the glory; how to be a carrier of the glory; how to remove the limits in your life to operate in the glory; how to pray from your heavenly seat, which is an amazing revelation.  And so many people are moving in the glory after reading this book and we have a special bonus of two CD’s in which you speak the blessings of the glory over people.

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