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Our Guest Dave Roberson

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Sid: We want everywhere to have such a passion for Jesus but the truth of the matter is because of the flesh, because of the devil, because what’s being pounded through communication airways most believers are in various degrees of a rut. And enough is enough there’s a job for you to do there’s a destiny on your life. There’s a purpose for your life and I’ve asked my friend Dave Roberson who’s the pastor of Prayer Center Family Tulsa, Oklahoma. And he has a teaching that is called “Removing the Ceiling” and I believe that this is an answer to prayer because most of you know about the rut you’re in I want us to teach you about that to know about the ceilings in your life but you don’t really know about how to bust through.  And I don’t know anyone better than Dave to teach you on this. Dave I was fascinated because at all of the times we’ve known each other and I’ve interviewed you I never knew much about your family background and your mother and father and grandfather. Tell me a bit about that.

Dave: Sid my mother was a periodic alcoholic and she would drink an awful lot. And during those years when oh growing up that I first begin to remember I remember that in the spells when she’d be drunk from say months at a time that sometimes she would bring different men home with her.  And I remember many fathers along the way.

Sid: Is it true I know it is but is it true that most of us evaluate God the Father by our earthly father?

Dave: I’m absolutely sure that’s true Sid because the marks those things put on me I really wasn’t able to unseal them until I found out the difference between real worship and the mortification that went. The will worship even after I was born again “I wish I was different.” And when I finally found out how to remove the feeling it was through mortification.  In other words I found out how to turn to the Holy Ghost loose on the inside and He’s the one that destroyed the hold that the intimidation and the grief and the hopelessness that I feel at times.  Because that not only that father image that I didn’t have but when we moved in with grandpa he took us in and thank God for it but grandpa he didn’t like my father because of what he did to my mother. And so when I would do something that would remind him on my father sometimes he would get so mad that he would scream at me and sometimes he’d kick me so hard that not to hurt you or anything but just to get moving.  That he could tell me to get me the hammer off of the table he’d be on a ladder and I would panic and get so afraid I couldn’t see the hammer even if it was the only tool on the table. He’d yell at me until finally he’d just storm down off the ladder to get a move on kind of kick me and say “What’s the matter with you?  You’re just like old man Roberson you’re no good and you never will be.” And when I go back now I cry a little bit tears of joy I can assure you now and before I get too far in getting the ceiling off in the last years of my mother’s life. One day I was over on the coast I was in Oregon and I was in Oregon Coast within 200 miles of where I live with a friend evangelist Dudley.  Early in the morning God spoke to me “Get back home.” And I ran home drove all the way home that night just in time for my mother to come knocking on the door. She wanted to know everything that I was doing and she was so moved that I was beginning to teach the gospel and that was the last time that I saw her. So I believe that God through our prayers moved on her and saved her in her last days.

Sid: But what was it like when you were told “You’re no good you’re just like your father.” Did you believe that or you just kind of shrugged it off?

Dave: You know what? That even though I didn’t want to believe it it became part of me.  See I became so intimidated afraid I guess especially with authority figures.

Sid: Well you had so many different men living with your mother.

Dave: Yes. I’ve spent some of my time with them when they’d come in and drank a lot and I’d beg them to take me fishing you know to do something you know like a father would do.  But I didn’t have much luck (Laughing) in that area.  But no it and when we moved in with grandpa about the 4th or 5th grade then then when I would do things like that then he’d yell at me “You’re no good, you’re just like old man Roberson.”  And by the way he was a PK.

Sid: Hm.

Dave: A preacher’s kid and my grandfather Roberson as I understand a tent evangelist somewhere around Texas. And so he was running PK, preacher’s kid. And so he’d tell me your just like him your no good you’ll never amount to anything. And it carried over with me and Sid the first years I was born again it was in ultra-holiness.  And I thank God for the holiness that’s taught from the inner man that takes the outer man over and causes the person to live in such a holiness that the kind that you do look appealing or modestly. But mostly you tend to do …and kindness in the love walk He has for all of us. Now I believe in modes apparel but I believe in that holiness of that inner-man.

Sid: But what affect did the externally holiness have on you?

Dave: Well this is what I thought to myself. Well here I was raised with one fatherhood and a bunch of fathers who didn’t want me and now I’m afraid not to go to church I’m afraid to dress wrong.  I’m afraid of everything that if I anger this father that he’s going to do something to me put me in a car wreck or bring a disease or do something.  I was literally afraid of Him. So I get born again and thinking well I lost my one father like that and now I get saved and I get another one.  But I can still remember I can still remember when I started to pray in tongues and somehow that praying in tongues which He’s very clear about would edify us and build us up on our most holy faith in God above essential walk and through a walk of faith and power with our Father. Little did I know that building me up above a sense dominated real that that would be part of what He would build me up over in my edification.  If I can remember praying Sid in my whole life is beginning to change and literally praying those mysteries the mysteries of Christ that is you and to you and through you the hope of glory up before the Father. And Him answering those mysteries and having the mystery of Christ in you to begin to come alive it’s trading my mind for His.   In other words I began to take on His mind and began to displace everything that they told me that I was and replace it with a renewed mind in everything that He said that I was. And I could remember that beginning to take place when I went out and begin a revival when I first moved to Tulsa and was preaching with men who I would have paid a $100 just to hold their sweaty old coat in the back room and listen to him talk about God.  And now I was sharing the platform with them. And even at that point with my intimidation I could have preached and raised the dead in that service. And Sid I would go into the backroom where those men were and I would fish. You know I would fish for a compliment because to me they were a father figure. And all I would have to do is to get them to say one thing good message “Brother Roberson that was really some miracles out there.” And if I could get them to say one thing like that then I would be okay the intimidation would leave because I knew that I’d done okay.  But now Sid now since I’ve found a level of love and that peace and every time I make another level of peace I keep thinking that this is as good as it can get.

Sid: The fact that you were born again, the fact that you were born again, the fact that you were Spirit filled did not get rid of those bondages, those chains.

Dave: No.

Sid: And you’re saying that praying in tongues got rid of that?

Dave: Yes it edified and built me up above it by revealing Christ in me.  Now if the freedom was automatically there by merit of the baptism of the Holy Spirit alone then every Christian would be free because He’s no respecter of person. Sid so there must be something that we can do that will activate that process of mortification begin to cause the word that we know to come alive in us and bring us from what we were into what He said that we are. And I found that to be the edification that supernatural language of praying in tongues.

Sid: But I have to ask you this I know of a real seeker sensitive church that’s bursting at the seams near where I live.

Dave: Yes.

Sid: And one of the things that they’ve done is the pastors even Spirit Filled but they’ve agreed that we’re not going to have tongues in our church it’s too controversial.  What would you say to that pastor?

Dave: Having a very large church and very successful church isn’t very hard Sid.  And to me all you have to do is find the level of flesh that people do not want to go beyond and begin to compromise right at that level.  Now I know what I’m talking about Tim my associate he managed Rex Humbard and Rex Humbard was at the top. I don’t mean I should say before Rex Humbard retired and is doing what he’s doing now when he was the biggest ministry in the world it was my associate that managed it.

Sid: Hm.

Dave: And when he came aboard with me we started praying and fasting together and we died together, and we died to the world together to the misuse of money together. Not that we was doing it we were just doing what everybody else said almost.  But we died to things together.  He’s one of the best government gifts in the world and I can be anything I want to be I found out how to do that.

Sid: Boy with all of the handicaps and all of the strikes against you Mishpochah did you hear what Dave Roberson said I want you to be able to say that you have a ceiling over where you are. God wants you to get those rewards at academy rewards night in heaven.

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Our Guest Warren Marcus

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SID: To me, it’s absolutely unbelievable. A large auditorium, Jerusalem, Israel, not filled with Christians, but filled with Jewish people that do not know Jesus. I mean, 550 unsaved Jewish people showed up for a lecture on the supernatural. And we had Ladonna Taylor, who when she plays the violin the atmosphere of Heaven invaded that auditorium. What did you feel there Warren?

WARREN: Oh it was incredible. I mean, it was just the, like you said the atmosphere of Heaven and healing was in the wings. You could feel the healing spirit of God moving.

SID: In fact, right after she played the mini concert, I had immediate words of knowledge and unsaved Jewish all over the auditorium stand up and say, I’ve been healed. In fact, God just told me someone’s back was just healed. Let’s go to the first segment of Ladonna playing.

[begin video]

[violin music, people singing]

[end video]

SID: You know, just before the show started, I got an email. A woman was in this group, Jewish, unsaved, and I had a word of knowledge, as I just had, someone’s back was healed. And she didn’t have a problem. But her son had such a bad back condition he had been in bed for a month. And she said, “Yeshua, if you’re real, I want my son to be healed.” She gets home and she can’t believe her eyes. Her son is standing, cooking a meal, and she said, “What happened?” And he said, “I don’t know, but at such and such time,” the exact time she prayed, the exact moment she prayed, “all the pain left me.” I mean, we are serving such an amazing God, Warren. But the altar call, I’ve given altar calls for years, but something happened on this altar call with Jewish people in Jerusalem I personally have never witnessed in my life. You explain it, Warren.

WARREN: Oh it was incredible. I mean, in a church if you see a few people go forward you’re like, wow, isn’t this wonderful.

SID: We got letters at the last time I said how many Jewish people were saved in Jerusalem, we got letters of people accusing us of fudging the figures. And what did you tell them, see it in the video

WARREN: We said, we shot it with seven cameras. You can count them for yourself. But here’s what happened, Sid. It’s like they were just swept up. The whole group of them, just, boom, were swept up. It’s like I didn’t see hardly any seats that were remaining where people were sitting in them. It was the most amazing altar call I had ever seen. And I had to keep pinching myself. We were in Jerusalem. These were Jews coming to Messiah.

SID: Look, I don’t want those watching us right now to pinch themselves. So let’s go with the rolling.

[begin video]

SID: The Lord has already given you his shalom, his completeness in your spirit, in your soul and in your body. In the name of the Sar Shalom, the Prince of Peace, Yeshua [Hebrew], Yeshua, the Messiah of Israel.

[end video]

SID: When I returned to my hotel from Jerusalem, there was a taxi driver, and he’s Russian and he didn’t speak any English. But I was so high in the spirit that I had to keep talking about Jesus. I couldn’t keep quiet. But he didn’t understand anything I was saying. So I took myself out, I called Warren and another friend, Ryan, from the ministry, and I said, “We’ll be in the hotel in a few minutes. Get me a translator.” They must have thought, again, meshuga, a little crazy. But they got me a translator. The translator they get is the bellhop and he speaks Russian. There’s only one problem. He’s an atheist. He wants nothing to do with God. So I force him to translate and he’s sharing the Gospel to the taxi driver who accepts the Lord. This atheist who hates that I believe in Jesus is leading this Russian to the Lord. I mean, God must have such a sense of humor. But Warren, in all seriousness, we are at what the Bible calls the fullness of the Gentile age. There’s two scriptures that’s talked about in the New Testament. The first scripture is found in Luke 21:24, in which Jesus said that, “The fullness of the Gentiles will occur when Jerusalem is in Jewish possession.” Well Jerusalem is in Jewish possession. The second time it’s mentioned is Romans 11:25, which says, “Partial blindness has happened to Israel until the fullness of the gentiles.” I’m telling you, the scales are coming down. I’m telling you this is the set time to favor Zion. I’m telling you Jesus is coming back soon.

WARREN: Sid, you know, I am reminded, in Romans 11, it talks about how great it was, really that the Jewish people didn’t receive Yeshua, because it opened up the covenant promises to the Gentile, to the nations of the world. And it says, that was great, but how much greater when they begin to come in, and they are coming in right now. What it means is resurrection life, life from the dead, we’re ready for the greatest revival about to happen as more and more Jewish people come in to know their Messiah.

SID: When it says “life from the dead,” I take that literally. I believe that people are going to into hospitals and clear out, they’re going to go into morgues and clear out the dead people. They’re going to clear the dead people out of hospitals. When Jewish people come back, you mark God’s word, it will cause life from the dead. Well, so I’m on the air playing, I am basking in the Glory of God. God you’re so good. I mean, I can’t perform any miracles. I’m just like you. If God didn’t show up and demonstrate his power with miracles, that wouldn’t have happened. But this is the set time to favor Zion. And so I finally get to sleep on the plane going back to the United States. Two in the morning, it starts bumping a little, and they get on the P.A. and they say, “Put your seatbelts on.” And my seatbelt is stuck under the seat. And I’m pulling, I’m pulling hard for all that I’m worth, and I can’t get it out. So I go to the flight attendant. I say, “I have a problem” and I’m saying, oh that devil, he really got me. Oh no, no, no, no. My God, your God, our God is bigger than any devil. God had a plan. So I’m awake already. I let him struggle with the seatbelt. I don’t know how it could get so stuck. And I see a woman and she doesn’t look Jewish. She doesn’t look Israeli. She’s a flight attendant. And I say to her, “Are you Israeli?” And she said, yes. I said, “How come you don’t have an accent?” She said, “Well I lived in the United States for a while.” And then I started talking to her about the Messiah. I wish I had had one of those reality show cameras on me at the time. Because I said, “You know I happen to be a Jew and I believe a little different than some Jews.” “Oh, what do you believe in?” I said, “Well I believe in one God. He has a name, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. And I don’t believe there’s a Messiah for the Jews, a Messiah for the Christians, a Messiah for the Muslims. I believe in one Messiah, the Jew, Yeshua.” And the reason I do is because the Jewish prophet Jeremiah, in the 31st chapter, said, “Behold the days come and I will make a [Hebrew], a new covenant,” meaning that the Mosaic Covenant, it goes on to say, we didn’t even follow it anyway, we couldn’t follow it. So God is going to make this [Hebrew] and it’s going to have three things that the Mosaic Covenant did not have and we cannot follow the Mosaic Covenant anymore because you need a temple, you need animal sacrifices, and the Temple was destroyed in 70 A.D. So you have two choices. You can either follow Jeremiah, the Jewish prophet, or follow the rabbis. I like Jeremiah. Jeremiah says these three things: “First the Torah will not be so much outside to fill in the seeds”, that’s fringes. It’s not an external. It says, the Torah will be inside of you. The second thing it says, your sins won’t just be covered as they are at Yom Kippur. But God says, I’ll remember your sins no more.” I mean, you could have been the worst prostitute in town and God says, if you repent of your sins, tell God you’re sorry, and He will wipe it away as if they’ve never existed. But the third is the best. That would have been enough, as we say at Passover. But the third part of the New Covenant that Jeremiah 31 says is, “You will know God.” It’s the same “know” that Adam knew Eve. It’s intimacy with God. And I’m going to tell you something. If God is for you, who can be against you? The times we’re living in right now are the times you must know God. You must know. So they finally fix my seat. I go back to my seat. I give her my web page for Jewish people that don’t know the Messiah, She’s going to go there. She said, “Everything you said excites me.” We’re in a new day, new day for you, too. You come unto this new covenant. Whether you’re Jewish or Gentile, we all come in the same way. There’s no other name given unto man in which we must be saved, but the name of Yeshua, Jesus the Messiah. Tell God you’re sorry for your sins. Believe the blood of Jesus washed them all away and invite Jesus inside now.

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Our Guest Ryan Wyatt

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Sid:  We want every where to breathe the rarefied air of heaven, we want everyone to be normal.  My guest is normal his name is Ryan Wyatt, and I’m making available his four CD teaching series “How to Bring Heaven to Earth in Your Life.” When he speaks there is a supernatural impartation of hunger for you to have greater intimacy with God.  And Ryan this is the moment to have that greater intimacy with God, but on yesterday’s broadcast we were talking about this and I said “I want you to get a little practical.”  You talked about hungering for God, and then when you’re by yourself perhaps soaking, listening to music. What do you do when your mind starts wandering, what do you focus your mind on when you’re going after intimacy with God?

Ryan:  There’s a number of things you can do, I pray in tongues a lot, I pray in the Spirit a lot because it activates my spirit man and causes my mind to be overridden.  And another thing I do is I begin to give my imagination, give my vision center over to the Lord, you know my mind’s eye, I give it over the Lord.  He gave us an imagination for Him to fill, not for the enemy to fill. So I will go through stories in the Bible of supernatural encounters all throughout the Bible.  Ezekiel experiencing the four living creatures and you know the whirlwind of fire and things like that. I’ll fill my mind with those kinds of things and just worship the Lord.  I praise, I sow into the heavens with praise and with worship and as I begin to fill my mind with heavenly things God begins to then activate my senses from the heavenly realm, and I began to experience the realities of His kingdom right in that moment.

Sid:  Tell me about the man that was paralyzed for thirty-seven years in his right leg.

Ryan:  Thirty-seven years, what an incredible miracle Sid this happened just two weeks ago when I was ministering.  I had done a miracle service and had been taking testimonies for about forty-five minutes; people were coming off their oxygen tanks, crippling arthritis being healed.  I suddenly felt something move into the atmosphere, I felt the angel of the Lord come into the atmosphere of the glory of God; I went to a whole other level, and I stopped and turned to the crowd and I said, “The glory of God just came in another level.”  And I tell you Sid I feel even right now as we’re talking about it the glory of God coming for creative miracles and that’s what I felt come into the room.  And I said, “Some of you can be healed right where you’re sitting.”  And suddenly a woman began to scream, and the crowd just went nuts, they were throwing their hands up into the air and clapping and shouting and I said, “What’s going on, bring that lady up here.”  And she was screaming Sid because her husband thirty-seven years ago the doctors did a surgery on his back and they completely severed the nerves to his right leg.  Now his right leg had been completely dead for thirty-seven years, no feeling whatsoever completely paralyzed and it had turned into what they would call a twig leg, it was only two or three inches around hardly any muscle on it whatsoever and in the atmosphere of the glory of God he tapped his wife on the shoulder, his wife looked over and brand new muscle was exploding in his leg.  His leg instantly thickened and grew to about the same thickness of his good leg; feeling came back into his leg for the first time in thirty-seven years.  He stood up and walked as if nothing had ever happened before.

Sid:  Now the title of your four CD series that we’re making available “How to Bring Heaven to Earth in Your Life.” Do you believe everyone listening can walk in that type of miracle anointing, can walk in that type of intimacy with God; can walk in seeing the invisible world as if it’s more real than the world we’re in, which is a true statement?

Ryan:  In fact it is the destiny, the purpose and the mandate of every single believer to live in this realm.  It was never meant for just the fivefold ministry to do, it was meant for every single believer to live an intimate lifestyle with God and to move in this kind of power.  You know there’s an army rising up Sid kind of like Peter and John.  When Peter and John healed the man that was lame at the gate, you know the Sanhedrin was furious with them and they were brought before the Sanhedrin, and the Sanhedrin looked at them and they made one statement that always has touched me.  They were furious they wanted to kill them, they wanted to take them to jail but they looked at them and they said, “One thing we can tell you have been with Jesus.”  And there is an army of people right now God wants every believer to be able to say “I have been with Jesus.”

Sid:  But you know the whole system works against what you’re talking about.  We have a super star system.  You go to the paid professional if you want someone healed, you go the paid professional if you want to be taught, you go to the paid professional if you want to worship.  Are those days over?

Ryan:  They are so over Sid, in fact God is going to tear that system down.  For those that are ministers that are listening, God called the fivefold ministry not to lord over the saints, but to undergird the saint.  In Ephesians 4 it talks about leadership in the church undergirding the saints and raising them up and equipping them for ministry.  The only way the kingdom is going to touch the world is when people in every highway and byway, and the marketplace, and the stores, and the banks, and the lawyer’s office, and the schools are moving in miracles, signs and wonders, it’s for every believer.

Sid:  You know I’m reminded of the Ten Commandments have been taken out of the school, but they can’t take the students out of the school that are so filled with the Holy Spirit.  Tell me about the time you were prayed for nothing happened and you went into a restaurant.

Ryan:  Yeah, went into a restaurant in Florida nothing had happened I had just been prayed for I was so hungry for God. I was sitting there talking and the tangible glory of God invaded the restaurant.  Literally came over my body, my speech began to slur, I couldn’t even see straight, my eyelids began to close, I’m talking about the weighty glory of God.  You know there was a time in the Bible where the priests said “The glory was so thick the priests could not even stand to minister,” and that was the kind of glory that came.

Sid:  But what is going to happen in some high school in America when this glory invades the classroom?

Ryan:  Oh, it’s going to happen; miracles are going to pop.  You know that the Lord told me Sid?  He told me that before He comes; everyone in the church has this rapture mentality that we’re just supposed to hang on until Jesus comes and takes us out.  But the Lord Jesus spoke to me and He said, “Before I come for my bride I’m first going to come to them and through them to impact the world, He told me that He’s going to take the church from the corner of the world field and place us in the center of the world stage before He sets foot on this earth again.”  And He’s going to invade the schools, he’s going to invade the workplaces, there is going to be such incredible miracles that nobody will be able to deny.  There’s a creative realm of miracles where limbs are going to grow out, new eyeballs are going to form, and it’s happening on a smaller scale now, but it’s going to be happening so widely through so many everyday people.  No one will be able to deny, people will begin coming to the church the same way that they go to doctors.

Sid:  You know a lot of people are kind of, they’ve just kind of given up on healing, they’ve been prayed for so many times and they haven’t been healed. They’re moving more towards the seeker sensitive life because it just hasn’t worked in the charismatic churches.

Ryan:  Well, you know many in the charismatic church have even put the Holy Spirit even in the charismatic church they’ve put the Holy Spirit into a model and into a system.  And you know there’s no system, there’s no model to the Holy Spirit every single day it’s a fresh encounter, every single day He’s going to move.

Sid:  Listen with this new anointing that’s on planet earth I have never seen so many miracles in my life it’s a new season in God.

Ryan:  Absolutely, absolutely. It’s a new day and something is being birth in the earth that will never end.  There’s a birthing that’s taking place and you know it says in Romans 8 “That even the earth itself is groaning for the sons of God to be revealed.”  And they are beginning to be revealed, the supernatural army in the earth.  Just like Israel when Israel would come up alongside another nation this other nation might not have loved Israel, might not have like Israel, but they had a healthy respect and a fear of the Lord because they said, “Aren’t you the nation that where God dwells in your midst?”  And they are beginning to say that again about a remnant on the earth that are carrying His glory.

Sid:  You know Ryan I look at what’s going on in the political process in America the high percentage of American’s that have literally unbiblical views.  I look at terrorism, I look at natural disasters, I look at the price of oil, I look at the food shortages going on in the world.  If there isn’t a move of God’s Spirit we’re in big trouble!

Ryan:  Absolutely, it’s the only answer; the substance of heaven is the only answer.

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Our Guest Dennis Jernigan

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Sid: My guest, Dennis Jernigan is red hot for the Messiah, as a young Christian man he had a war going on inside of him.  He loved the Lord, he knew the Bible, he was active in church but he had a secret life as a homosexual and he did not know how to resolve this.  He even got suicidal but God through His mercy revealed His love and set him free.  And when you hear his music, the operative word on His music is freedom.  He is not a song writer, as he’ll gladly volunteer, he’s a son receiver.  You see this music of his didn’t come from him and he knows that, it came from heaven.  And I believe that, I’ve never heard such a pure anointing on music and worship as I’ve heard on his and literally chains fall off of people.  Is it your experience that when you do a concert many people in the audience are suicidal, Dennis?

Dennis: It’s very common for them to come because especially concerning things like homosexuality a lot of people believe that’s a hopeless thing.  So I get a lot of people who are in despair and hopeless situations coming in anyway just wanting, it’s almost like they are touching the hem of the garment, that’s the attitude they come with.  So yeah, more often than not they’ll come up to me and talk with me afterwards so I know for a fact that’s taking place.  And one of the things I try to do after, when you lead people to freedom, they are going to worship, so after those times of worship are done and I stay to the stay until the last person leaves normally just hearing the stories because I want people to know, you know what?  Even if I don’t have the strength to say anything to you, I am going to at least acknowledge the fact that you’re worth my time because you’re worth Jesus time so you’re worth my time.  And by in large people just need to know somebody else cares they exist.  Most of the people I minister to Sid will never darken the door of the church, they just won’t, that’s why I have such a massive online ministry because people feel like they are going to be ostracised or rejected if they confess anything like that.   I’ve even had, believe it or not just of late the last couple of years, we’ve probably had ten or fifteen people come out of satanic covens who say that they can’t do this anymore, Jernigan’s telling me the truth, I’m going to follow after the Lord.  So we are seeing even that become a manifestation of what God is doing in our lives here.

Sid: Okay, there are people listening to us right now that are suicidal.  There are people listening to us right now that are homosexuals or lesbians; there are people listening to us right now that have been abused and that have addictions of different types; do you really believe that just the way that you were set free they could get set free that anyone could?

Dennis: If I can be set free anyone can be set free, and here’s the deal with suicidal thoughts, this is what the Holy Spirit’s revealed to me and it has really helped me overcome those things; is the fact that the right to determine life or death does not rest with me, that belongs with the one who made me.  So that means if I’m wanting to take my own life, and I’m free.  This was me, I can’t speak for anyone else but I was looking only at me.  I was so self focused I was making all the decisions of my life.  I was even telling God, “You can’t love me because of my sin.”  Well, that’s me sitting on the throne of my heart, that’s the suicidal thoughts for me ended the moment I said, “I’m stepping down, I can’t make a decision that’s meant for God.  He is the one that’s made me so He can love me as much as He wants, in fact we don’t get to decide if God loves us, that is not our place.  His very nature is love and it’s perfect holy love, we only have two choices in any moment and this is for those that are struggling with addiction or suicide or homosexuality or whatever.  Jesus loves you right where you are so you either accept it or embrace His love or you reject it.  And the good news is that not only does He love you right where you are but he loves you enough to not leave you there, that’s why it’s called relationship.  My viewing, most asked question in my life was your healing instant or has it been a process?  And the answer is yes, to both of those because in an instant I understood, I am who my Father says I am by the grace of God, nothing else, I can’t conform my way to that place, it’s just a free gift so I better embrace it.  So I did and the journey, the process of my healing has looked like this, when Lazarus was called forth from the grave he came out fully alive but he was not fully free because Jesus said to those around Lazarus, “Lose from him the grave clothes, so for about thirty years now, I’ve just been walking towards Jesus.  I want to be able to lift my hands in any area, so He says, “Well Jernigan, My son you don’t look good clothed in that pride, let’s rip that away, that the old grave clothes, that’s the things that define you in your deaden state, that’s not who you are.  See that spirit of humility that’s planted in you, that’s who you are, be that, be who I say you are.  So the process is just a journey of relationship and we have a God who wants, longs for relationship with us.  So to all your listeners, I say to you just cry out to God, He’s just waiting for you to just call to Him and He will meet you right where you are.

Sid: But you know what?  There are people listening to us that are exactly who you are speaking to and there are people listening to us that somehow they are not free, there not free to bask in the glory of God.  They are not free to have intimacy with God and I believe the anointing that sets people free of sin and addictions, that same anointing will set people free from self and the world.  And as a matter of fact, just briefly tell me about the song “Consume Me.”

Dennis: “Consume Me,” was written for, it’s a cool story.  I have a friend and when our sons and daughters became of age of thirteen we had not bar mitzvah or bat mitzvah but we had a calling them into adulthood, a calling them into manhood, or calling them into womanhood ceremony.  And we just spoke truth into their lives and just invited them into that realm and for my son, my friends son he asked me to seek the Lord and give him a son that would minister to his son his identity in Christ.  And as I thought about his son and I just realized he’s young, he’s passionate and I know his desire, his heart of hearts even as a boy was to be so consumed with the Lord that it’s hard to tell where the Lord begins and he ends.  And so that’s where the song came out, it was written for a young man of thirteen that if my heart cry and I believe it, it’s honest it’s the hearts cry of every believer who want to be known passionately by their Lord.

Sid: I believe that as you ask in the presence of God on this morning, consume me, that you will start not being able to know, it’s the beginning not being able to know where God ends and you begin.  “Consume me Lord.”

Dennis Jernigan’s excerpt. “Consume Me.”

Sid: That was “Consume me,” Dennis Jernigan who is just a receiver from God.  Now Dennis I know what is happening to me when I sit under your music, I know what’s happening to my staff when they sit under your music.  Tell me in concerts what happens to people.

Dennis: Well, we’ve had everything from people not only leaving the bondage of homosexuality and lesbianism but we’ve seen marriage after marriage after marriage, after marriage restored.  We’ve seen children reunited with parents, parents reconciled with children.  We’ve even seen manifestations of people receiving physical healings, you name it.  In God’s presence there’s fullness of joy so when we remind ourselves of God is here let’s deal with it like we do when we come to worship, our entire being is focused in that realm.  So the enemy has no place and if the enemy has no place than we are free to listen to what the Lord has for us and to receive what the Lord has for us.  So really we see more emotional healing than anything, just to be honest with you.  If people did not know that they were loved or lovable comes to place of realization it’s like seeing 100 light bulbs or a thousand light bulbs come on.

Sid: But you know what people that do know that they are loved do understand that still have chains by being in this world.  And I believe that those chains fall off of anyone that sits under this anointing.

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Sid Roth welcomes A.J. Jones

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Sid: God is putting a burden in the heart of Jewish people to want to know God, and that’s why God is putting a burden in the heart of Christians to want to witness the love of God to Jewish people.  And we’re watching this unfold right before our very eyes and we have someone that was raised up by God that went through things that no human should have to go through, but had a revelation of the love of Father God and wants everyone to experience the love of Father God.  And you see how we experience the love of Father God determines how we receive everything that God has available for us in this life.  And I have to tell you I understand what David said, in reference to “Please don’t take your Holy Spirit from me.”  He understood the love of God the Father and you could take anything away from Paul, anything away from David, but don’t take God’s love away.  And with God’s love, no matter what happens on this earth, you will be in perfect peace, that’s what God has available to his children.  Now AJ had an alcoholic father, an abusive father, especially while he was drinking; a mother that was an alcoholic; she had just very severe asthma; she was anorexic; she was suicidal; she didn’t get along with her siblings.  And she was pulled out of school one day by her mother and found out her father was dying, he was in the hospital, he had fallen down ninety-two stairs, all sorts of internal bleeding, he was not going to survive.  And of all the children the father says “I want to see AJ.”  AJ doesn’t want to see him she was pulled out of school, literally by the hair on her head to go see him because he was dying.  And he wanted to make amends with his daughter and so she goes in, she didn’t realize the reason he was dying is he tried to get off of alcohol and as a result he went into convulsions and seizures and fell down ninety-two stairs.  But his reason for wanting to get off of alcohol was to have a restoration with his daughter AJ.  So AJ is in there, the doctor overhears the conversation and what was the conversation like AJ between you and your Dad?

AJ: Well, when I went around the curtain my Dad just looked over at me and he opened up his hand and he said, “One more chance,” and I said, “No.”  And my Dad started crying and I don’t ever remembering seeing my Dad cry before that, and so it was kind of shocking.  And he said it again, “One more chance and I said, “I can’t do that.”  And I walked away, I just walked back to walk out of the little curtain area and the doctor stopped me and he said, “You know your Father isn’t going to live through the night, so why don’t let him die thinking he has one more chance.”  So I thought about that for a second and thought okay that’s okay if he is going to die, that’s fine.  Then went around and I looked at my Dad and I remember just putting up you know one finger and saying “You have one more chance,” and I wish I had said it with kindness, or anything, but I didn’t I was just, it was almost, I was so angry you know.  And anyway, I ran away, literally I ran out of the hospital and disappeared for several hours.  But what happened was, the bleeding just stopped overnight, I mean the next morning the doctors were like, we can’t explain it you know, but the bleeding has stopped overnight.  And you know, he’s going to be okay, and I just knew that God had kind of set me up.  So I kind of freaked out about that, but my Dad was in the hospital for about a week, a little over a week and then he came out.  So yeah, he ended up checking himself into a drug and alcohol rehab center for, I can’t remember if it was about six or nine months at this point actually, but it was ages and he let all his clients know.  He was an architect and he let them all know that he was an alcoholic and he was getting his family back.  And that sort of started the road for us towards having a relationship.  When he got out he wanted his one more chance that I had promised him and so that was a scary moment for me.  So, I remember sitting down with my Dad and my sister because I didn’t want to be with my Dad on my own and just sort of saying “Okay if you want your one more chance, then here’s the ground rules; if you ever yell at me again I will charge you for everything that you’ve ever done, if you ever touch me again, I’ll charge you for everything that that you’ve ever done.”  I just went through this horrible list with him, and he said, “Yeah, that sounds fair.”  And what that really started for me was probably four or five of the best years of my life where God completely restored our relationship.  I mean, more than restored, because we didn’t really have one before.  And my Dad became like my best friend, we both were swimming competitively and we and we would go to each other’s meets and we would go on vacation, just the two of us.  And we just; he was amazing when he wasn’t drinking; and I remember in high school, my best friend in high school use to call me Dad my other best friend because she knew if I was cancelling with her it was because I was going out with Dad.

Sid: You know that was wonderful, but then you got hit again; I mean how much can one person take; your Dad then after you developed this wonderful relationship with him, he killed himself.

AJ: Yeah.

Sid: Why did he do that?

AJ: I don’t know, I don’t suppose you ever know why, I was about nineteen and we knew that he hadn’t been sleeping and stuff like that.  He had insomnia but just got a call one day and all of a sudden my whole world fell apart again.  And I had been saved about four year years by this time; but if I’m honest I didn’t know.  God was so speaking, but I didn’t know how to hear His voice so I didn’t know where look in the Bible to make me feel any better.  And I hadn’t dealt with any of my issues; I just better shove them all down you know so they all came up real fast.  And life became…

Sid: I noticed that if believers don’t deal with these things the devil sets them up knowing that they have all this stuff inside of them ready to explode.

AJ: Sure it will eat you alive.

Sid: Okay, so you planned to get out of this life the way your Dad did; you planned on committing suicide; you were going to over medicate; what stopped you?

AJ: I heard the voice of God, I was at my Dad’s apartment and my family, my family was kind of a wreck; everybody was a wreck.  And my sister had just gotten out of the physic ward struggling with depression and my mother was struggling with depression so it was just they voted and I was voted in as the strongest member of the family to clean up the mess because we couldn’t pay anyone to clean up the mess of his suicide.  So I was sitting in this room trying to get the blood off of the floor and I just thought, “You know what he had a right and I’m going to do this and I’m going to make sure it works this time.” because I had tried before.  And I got a whole bunch of pills and I got enough that it would have done it and I was just sort of getting ready to swollen them and I heard a voice; like audibly heard a voice in the room very loudly saying, “No, I love you!”  And it shocked me, because I knew nobody was in the house with me and so I dropped all the pills.  And when I finally got my head together and I looked down and the pills were all sitting in his blood and I couldn’t pick them up so I just sat there and I cried until about a half hour later my Mom came back and found me in the same position.  So yeah, God stopped me.

Sid: And not only did He stop you, but a friend then invites you to a church that’s not your style, its John Arnott’s.  At that time it was a Vineyard Church and you’re seated in the congregation against your will; you were coerced to go; and tell me about the first song you heard.

AJ: The first song I heard was an old vineyard song called “Father I Want You to Hold Me” and I had never been in a church like this and I was sitting you know two rows from the back under protest.  And I remember when that first song started playing I heard this horrible sound; this sort of horrible wailing kind of sound and it probably took me literally about thirty seconds to figure out that I was making that sound.  I couldn’t contain the pain any more you know and so as I guess the Holy Spirit was just moving through that room and I uncapped in a very big way.  And so I actually cried all the way through worship, I don’t think a person near me could hear anything.

Sid: And then John Arnott had a word of knowledge, what was it?

AJ: Well, he was at the end of speaking he was standing at the front and he said, “You know there’s somebody here that Daddy loves them.”

Sid: Stop, were out of time, oh, will pick up right here.

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Our Guest Ruth Fazal

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SID: I’m with Ruth Fazal here. And Jesus himself gave her a bow of a violin. And when she plays over people, they get physically healed. I mean, she can tell you stories of people with cancer that were physically healed. But the greatest healing is emotional healing. She especially has a burden for Jewish people. I have to believe it has to do with that vision you had. Tell me about it.

RUTH: Since writing the oratorio, everything, it’s constantly growing, God’s heart. I always pray for God’s heart because it expands us. It’s one evening I was in my home with a group of friends and we were just quietly waiting on God. And I’m standing at my keyboard and sort of playing, nothing in particular. And then I start to see, I see this group of people camped in the desert. And it’s nighttime. And then I hear the sound of a trumpet and it’s a distant trumpet, and it comes closer and closer, and closer. And then I look and I see that it’s the Lord Himself and He’s on this huge horse. And He comes to the camp where these people are and He’s saying, “You have to come away. You can’t stay here any longer. You have to wake up. You have to come.” But then it’s also, “Come away with me, my beloved.” It’s so tender. And they come into this realm of glory. I don’t really know how to describe it. It was like bright light, timeless. And there they are and they’re drawn into the center of this place, which is worship, because there’s worship going on and they’re drawn into it. And they’re like, “Oh, I’m so glad I came. This is what I was made for.” And it’s the Lord who was saying, “Comfort my people. Speak tenderly to Jerusalem. Comfort my people. Speak tenderly to Jerusalem.” And one by one, they realize that’s why God woke them up.

SID: Ruth, would you prophesy over me and play what God wants you to play on that violin now.

RUTH: Yes. I’d love to do that. You know, I feel that there’s one word and it’s the word “faithful”. And God is saying to you Sid, you have been so faithful and His heart and His tenderness of His heart towards you is huge. So I just want you to know that.

SID: You’d better watch what you say. Now she’s going to play. She’s going to get me crying.

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Sid Roth welcomes Rick Joyner

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Sid:  Rick, I understand why before we started this series this week the people in my office that move in deep discernment said, “What are these angels doing in the office?”  Obviously, after what we’ve been talking about, you can understand why they have been accompanying us and I’ve been featuring all this week, a dream that Rick Joyner just had.  Rick says that this is the most serious and the most alarming dream he has ever had.  The most specific, the most graphic, the most real and we’re having that full dream and the interpretation and then this orthodox Jewish rabbi that came to the Lord just shortly after he had a dream, it was different and yet it was the same.  It was like confirmation to Rick.  By the way, how did this orthodox Jewish come to know the Lord?

Rick:  Well, he’s known the Lord for a long time, he was, I don’t talk too much about him because you know, I don’t want to blow his cover for him.  But, he’s been a strong believer.  He was a believer in Jesus as the Messiah when he was ordained an orthodox rabbi.  He was ordained by one of the top rabbi’s in the world in Jerusalem.  But there’s quite a move of God going on among the Jewish people.  Thank the Lord and the Palestinians and the Muslims.   

Sid:  So many dreams and visions.  It’s almost like the prophecy in Joel that prophecies in the last days there will be dreams and visions.  That’s really coming to pass now. 

Rick:  That’s what, you know that’s one of the great signs of the last days is when He pours out His Spirit there is prophetic revelation, dreams visions and prophecy.

Sid:  Speaking of prophetic revelation, I love what God is showing you from Matthew 17 about the transfiguration.  Would you teach on that a little bit?

Rick:  Well, you know He showed me this is, you know He took James and John and Peter up on the mountain and He was transfigured before them from being just a man; or I say just a man, they knew he was the Messiah but he was a man.  They saw His glory and I believe that’s what the Lord want to do with us today is.  Where he’s not just Jesus of Nazareth anymore.  Where we really see Him as the King who’s on the throne above all rule and authority and power and…

Sid:  Now if you don’t have a vision of Him and are not walking in this I don’t see how you can survive with just what we talked about this week Rick.

Rick:  Yea yea, I mean He and when we see that, we have total peace, you know.  Even like my Rabbi friend had when his vision, when he was about to devoured by this bear in the vision.  All of the sudden he felt this incredible peace since he knows that Jesus was standing right next to him.  And we have, the Lord is with us.  Why should we fear anything on earth?  And we won’t if we’re looking to Him.  You know when Peter looked to Him he could walk on the waves; he could walk on the stormy waters.  But we take our eyes off and look at the storm, you sink.  So we need to know what’s going on, that’s why we have the Biblical Prophecies of what’s unfolding , what’s happening, that’s why He’s given dreams and visions today.  But, we don’t focus on those we keep our attention on the Lord.  And you know the end result of that transfiguration; you know after the cloud overshadowed them and the Father spoke “This is My Beloved Son, listen to Him.”  That’s the main thing we need to do, listen to Jesus and then it said lifting up their eyes, they saw no one except Jesus himself alone.  And I think that’s when we really lift up our eyes the way that we should, the eyes of our heart.  We’re not going to see anybody but Jesus; you know he is the summation of all things.  And He’s in total control.  You know Heaven is not up there wringing their hands over all this stuff happening here on the earth.  The Lord sitting in the Heaven and laughing it says.  And if we behold Him we can go through the most intense times the earth has ever known and enjoy it.  We can count it all joy when you encounter various trials.  And it doesn’t mean that we are going to laugh at peoples’ suffering or things like that.  But, this is our time, we’ve been chosen to live in these times and we’re here for a reason and we’ve got one who’s in us who is much greater than anyone in the world.

Sid:  Now, you literally say the most significant person; there’s someone listening to us right now and would say, “That’s me I volunteer, I’m the most insignificant person.”  But when they get this revelation, capture it.  They can literally spark revival.

Rick:  Absolutely, when we see the Lion of Judah we become lions.  There’s a courage and a boldness of the righteous in any situation.  And that courage and boldness it’s not because of who we are but because of who He is.  The strongest are going to whither if they don’t have Jesus.  The weak can become strong if they see Jesus and they abide in him.  And these are the greatest, I think when the greatest heroes of the faith always arise are in the most difficult times.  So let’s seizes these opportunities, let’s don’t waste these trials, let’s seize them.  And we win, we know we win.  Even if we die today, I mean if they come and they take everything we have, so what we got far…our treasures in Heaven.  It’s not here.  You know, if they take our life, so what we’ve got eternal life.  We just enter into glory.

Sid:  So what would you say to the person that has been listening to us all this week and is extremely fearful?

Rick:  Get your Bible out and look to Jesus.  Read about Jesus, seek to know Jesus, you know to see Him where he is; true faith is simply seeing Jesus, who He is and where He sits.  You know it talks about it, Peter said; humble yourself under the mighty hand of God casting all of your anxiety upon Him.  You know, fear or anxiety is pride?  It is the ultimate pride where were saying this problem is too big for God; I’ve got to deal with myself.  And that’s why we humble ourselves by casting our anxiety upon Him.

Sid:  Now one of the things you teach and you just pack all this experience in the DVD and the CDs that we’re offering.  Is the importance at this moment in History to have believers part of small groups and developing relationships.  Why is this so important?

Rick:  Well, you know it is interesting, if anybody’s read Glad Wells tipping points or some of these other research books on the movements that changed the course of history or change civilizations.  They came up with a mathematical formula for radical profound change in a civilization and they said the number of people required to bring about such a profound change was 1% of the square root of the population.  Which means 100 people should be able to radically profoundly change a city of a million.  And of course Jesus did better than that, he said give me twelve good people; watch what I do with them.  You know so; the greatest most powerful strategy for impacting the world is finding twelve good people.  He proved it and now you know I think that we think we have got to have these massive movements.  The Lord’s about heart.  Sometimes, he told me you got too many people.  He kept cutting them down like he did Gideon to a few.

Sid:  So you mean, so he gets all the credit?

Rick:  Yea, we think that we have to have so much money, so much stuff, and everything to do it and He doesn’t get the glory when we have the money.  How much glory would He have gotten if He had had five truck loads of bread and fish to feed the 5,000 with and only needed a little more?  The greater we want to see miracles we just don’t want to be put in a place where we got to have one.  So He got glory

Sid:  I want the Emmaus, I want the truth.  What, you having had these dreams from God, you having known the intelligence information you shared on the air and a lot you can’t share on the air.  Are you excited about the times we are living in or are you real nervous?

Rick:  I’m not claiming to be perfect in faith; I wouldn’t claim to be perfect in anything.  I have to admit, that dream I had shook me up; it really shook me up.  But it wasn’t but a few minutes then I said the Lord gave us the answer.  Okay, were going to go through the biggest jeopardy, maybe the biggest crisis in our history really quick, really soon but we can do this because God would not have shown me the answer if we couldn’t do it.  And it’s not dependant on us.  It is dependent on God.  So there are times when I start looking at the waves and start sinking.  I confess that but every time you look back to Jesus, you can get back up and keep on walking.  And that’s the whole answer and we’ve got to grow in faith.   As long as we keep our eyes on Jesus we can walk above any storm.  We can sit with Him in the Heavens on His throne, far above everything that’s going on the earth and we have access to unlimited resources in Heaven.  That’s what He demonstrated over and over when He walked the earth.  He wasn’t showing us how He lived; He’s showing us how we’re supposed to live.  Look to Jesus and we’re going to do the works that He did and even greater works as we draw closer to Him.  I mean I can look at the Health Care Bill and say this is going to kill our Health Care in America.  Well, we got a better health care system then the government could ever give us anyway.  His name is Jesus.

Sid:  Our time has slipping away, I want you to get this CD called “Preparation for Transfiguration.”   It will literally help you and America prevail in the times we are coming into and the revelation that Rick had.  He has a special DVD called “Will America Survive 2011” his revelation and the rabbi that believes in Jesus revelation and also the amazing statistics from Retired Lieutenant General Jerry Boykin, about Marxism and Socialism and where America is right now. 

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Sid Roth welcomes Michael Hinson

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Sid:  My guest Michael Hinson is one of ten people over the years I’ve put together the best teachers of moving in the Supernatural.  The book is called “Stories of Supernatural Healing.”  It’s designed to mentor you so that you can fulfill your destiny on planet earth.  Let’s go to that excerpt because Michael has a revelation of the heart that everyone should have. 

Michael Hinson Except:

Sid:  What is your definition of the heart and what do you mean by healed heart?

Michael:  Well, the heart in this case we’re talking about the three parts that make up the heart.  Some people refer to it as the soul.  That being your mind, your will, and your emotions.  That part of you goes to heaven.  It has a marriage with the spirit in a regenerated man and they really look like…They go to Heaven as one, but there are separate parts.  And it is realigning our thinking up with the Word of God.  It is conforming our will to the purposes of plans that God had for our life when He made us and put us in our Mom’s womb.  And then it’s understanding the positive effects of our emotions and not just trying to squelch them or make them line up.  We’ve been taught that we have to put our emotions under check and that means not to sin in them but their actually an asset to us when we understand the purpose God had for them in making us complete.

Sid:  You know when I originally met you and determined I wanted to interview you Michael, the thing that intrigued me about you was about you getting so many people physically healed.  But, then I found the secret if you will, when the heart is healed, of course the physical body will be healed. 

Michael:  It’s a byproduct of it and it happens all the time.  It isn’t we center or go after the physical healing; when we minister to the things of the heart people get physically healed. 

Sid:  I would like you to explain your Biblical understanding of sin and forgiveness.

Michael:  Oh, that’s easy.  Sin is just a symptom of the problem, it’s not the problem.  The problem is unfaithfulness to God or either you’re living your life in something that is contrary to the nature of how God intended you to live it.  And when you do that, you sin.  When you go to Him and repent of those sins, then God will separate those sins from you.  He will separate them in the Old Testament it says as far as the east is from the west so that they are no longer a part of you when you repent of those sins.  And in the New Testament it says that Jesus bore the sins of many.  The sins actually go to the cross of Jesus Christ so there no longer a part of who you are your totally separated so that when God see you He sees you free of those sins, of those things that were unfaithful towards Him or either out of character to what He made you for.

Sid:  How do we forgive someone?

Michael:  We do it the same way that God forgave us.  The Bible tells us that God will forgive us with the same measure that we forgive others.  Well, if there’s anyone in your heart, anyone in your life that you have unforgiveness towards; if there’s anyone in your past or your present they were to come sit down beside you right now and make you feel really uncomfortable my question is why?  If it is because of unforgiveness of a debt that they owe you or something they did to you that you are waiting for them to make it right.  Well, God forgave you all of your sins.  There isn’t any that you can’t bring to him that He won’t release you of, if you repent of those sins; and He tells us that with the measure we use that He will forgive us.  Well, were not given any leeway to have any unforgiveness in our heart.  As we said yesterday, unforgiveness is a poison you drink hoping the other person will get sick.  To get free we don’t forgive the sin.  We forgive the person.  The person has to deal with their own sin before the Father.  We forgive the person for what they did to us.  We release them of that debt.

Sid:  What about t he woman that’s listening to us right now and she has tried and tried and tried to communicate with her husband but he can’t hear her and as far as she’s concerned she’s committed to the marriage but it is totally hopeless, it’ll never change.  What would you say to her?

Michael:  That it won’t change unless the circumstances change and there’s a lot of circumstances that can change but let me recommend one and that is changing your heart.  When you take on a different heart and you’ll see things with different eyes when you take on a different heart.  And you know when you see things with different eyes, everything you see will be different and your world can literally change.

Sid:  And not only that as you point out with some of this marvelous teaching once you change everyone around you changes.

Michael:  That is one…that is just a nature of the principals of God.  Once you start applying and showing and becoming the characteristic and the nature of God, God works in your life in ways that are miraculous.

Sid:  Tell me about a situation with a marriage that perhaps was hopeless and by applying the principals in your book, things changed.

Michael:  We get a lot of people wherever we travel that are telling us about their marriage problems, generally people who’ve lost intimacy in their relationship.  They’re committed to live with each other but they’ve lost the intimacy that was once the cornerstone of their marriage.  They’re going through the motions sometimes in survival mode.  Many of them agreeing not to talk about particular subjects, one or the other simply because it brings out the bad feelings or arguments or is hurtful so they just avoid them all together.  They’re avoiding part of their life.  One of the things that we can do is lead people back into that place of intimacy.  Most people are searching for it everywhere they can.  They look in books, they go to novel, they to the physiatrists, they go to counselors; they go everywhere trying to regain intimacy.  But that’s not how you got intimacy to start with. The reason you got intimacy to start with was by simply by turning your heart one hundred percent over to your spouse.  You gave them all of your heart.  That’s how intimacy came to begin with.  Over a period of time your heat started to callous towards your spouse.  Probably not because of one specific incident they did.  Probably over a period of time, because of expectations you had that they didn’t meet or things that you expected or that they normally did that they didn’t do.  Things that caused small pains or those words that were said that were either said in anger or frustration or were just said without thinking that caused pain and caused some of the separation between people.  And then they tried to communicate and I know that even my wife and I have to sit down face to face because I’ll be saying one thing and she’ll be hearing another and she’ll be saying one thing and I’ll be hearing another and we have to get on the same wave length; when you can get to a place of intimacy then your whole life changes.

Sid:  Tell me one person.

Michael:  A couple that I prayed for not long ago, a woman was having a hard time.  She wanted intimacy in her life but it was missing.  She loved her husband, she doesn’t remember exactly when the intimacy went but she knew over a period of time that it left her, so we lead her in a simple prayer.  I said what did your husband have to do to win your heart back; to gain all of your heart back.  And she started giving me a list of things that she would like to see her husband do to essentially win her heart back when he did once before.  And then when I was through, I said well now if he did everything on your list would you instantly give him your heart back or would you like to wait a little period of time to prove that what he is doing for you is going to stick?  And of course she said well, I would like to give it a little bit of time.  And so my next question was simple.  When you first met your husband and gave him your heart, did you have a list for things that he needed to do and did you wait a certain period of time or did you just give him your heart?  And of course she just gave him her heart.  When we callous our heart toward someone were in covenant with we act contrary to the nature of God; and when we act contrary to the nature of God we can’t expect, we can’t expect the things of God to move in our life.  It just won’t work.  What we simply did was lead her in a prayer where she ended up releasing the debt for her husband and gave 100% of her heart back.  Her countenance changed so dramatically; she was a different person; she said she felt the joy for her husband she hadn’t felt in years.  We heard reports back from her of when she got home of how much her husband had changed.  And since that time he’s a completely different person.

Sid:  That was Michael Hinson and he is one of ten people in my brand new book, Stories of Supernatural Healing.”  I just wanted to introduce a few of them to you.  There’s so many others, for instance.  Anna Mendez Farrell, she literally moves in such a degree of the supernatural that she was a translator for Morris Cerrillo when he was in Latin America and she didn’t speak any English and God gave her the language of English.  Then Dr. Paul Hegstrom, this man has studied the brain and has found that many people have short circuited their brain because of traumas in childhood and when they get rid of that they open up to the Spirit of God.  I really want to mentor you in all of these areas and the only way that you’re going to mentored is for you to do what the first followers of Jesus did.  They walked along with Jesus and what they saw Him do they started to do.  And when you take a look at some of the people in this book, like Pastor Don Dickerman.  Don Dickerman has prayed for over 25,000 people that have had deliverance.  Craig Hill, Craig understands the Jewish roots of our faith and he shows us how to walk in a culture of blessing in our family which results in physical and emotional and relationship healings.  Another person in this book is Pastor Ron Philips.  Ron Philips literally was on a snowy road and his car was ready to go off of a cliff and he was certain death.  Angels literally, literally held him up till he could get out of that car.  And he has walked with angels ever since and he teaches you how to activate angels in your life.  We’ve also added a CD of the highest impact teaching of each one of the people in the book on a CD that the anointing is literally going to jump off of you and you’re going to be able to do those works you’ve been dreaming of. 

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