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Sid Roth welcomes Bruce Allen

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Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. I had an experience that was so amazing to me. You see, I just sit in my easy chair and I listen to music, it’s called soaking, and I get kind of lost in the spirit. It’s wonderful. Well I went into Mobile, Alabama, went into a hotel, and when I was checking in the woman said to me, “You were here before, weren’t you?” And I said, “No, ma’am. I’ve never been to Mobile, Alabama.” She said, “Yes you were. What is your name?” I said, “Sid Roth.” She said, “Yes, and you were wearing the same outfit you have now and I know you were here because you were saying the same thing you just said to me.” And then she said, “I’m getting freaked out. Are you sure you’ve never been here.” Well she was getting freaked out. Let me tell you, I was getting freaked out. I have Bruce Allen here who has been commissioned by God to teach you about what the Bible refers to as translation. What is translation, Bruce?

Bruce: Sid, translation has a number of nuances to the meaning. But as far as a Christian is concerned it could speak of being caught away in the spirit into that realm of Heaven where we understand God to be, and then it also speaks of a transportation, a geographic shift from one location to another, supernaturally.

Sid: For instance, example of the first one, let’s say. You’re driving a car and it takes X number of hours to get to a place and you get there shorter where time is literally compressed. Give me an example that’s how that’s happened in your life.

Bruce: I grew up in a little town outside of Seattle called Edmonds, Washington, right on the beach. And from Edmonds, Washington to Spokane, Washington is about a five-and-a-half-hour drive on a good day, if you’re really pressing, four and a half and there’s no traffic for that because you’re going over mountain passes. And the Lord had been challenging me about whether an individual could be translated by faith. And so when I finally came to the conclusion this is the Word of the Lord, I said, “Yes sir, I believe so and I’m ready for my first lesson.” So I prayed over the car that morning with my friend and we began to drive from Edmonds to Spokane, and I remember every turn in the road, every exit, we stopped for lunch as we normally do, and we did that trip in less than two hours.

Sid: Less than two hours. And how long should it have taken?

Bruce: Five and a half hours.

Sid: Five and a half hours. Now that’s my kind of transportation. But you said the Lord challenged you about translation by faith. Tell me about that.

Bruce: It was early in 2000, that one morning I woke up and the Holy Spirit asked me, “Can a man be translated by faith?” And I had no concept of that at that point, was not even wired that way, if you will. And so knowing that when God challenges me it’s for the benefit of myself as well as others, I said, “Yes sir, I believe so.” He said, “Good. Prepare.” And I said, “Lord, how do I prepare for that?” He said, “I just told you, by faith.” And that began an adventure that I have been walking with the Lord ever since, and it’s been progressive as far as understanding in revelation of how this is doable and how it operates, as well as experiential in seeing these things take place.

Sid: Tell me about Richard from Kenya.

Bruce: I have a friend named Joe. He’s also from Kenya. And I had heard a story about a gentleman named Richard who had had an experience of geographic location or transportation. And so I asked Joe, I said, “Is this true?” He said, “I know this, Richard. He’s my friend.” And this is the story. Richard one day was told by God, He said, “I want you to go to another country.” He said, “I have something I want you to do there.” And this man in his excitement and zeal packed his suitcase, went to the airport, and when he got to the airport he set his suitcase down and he said, “Now what do I do, Lord? Because I have no money and I have no passport.” The Lord said, “Go into the men’s room. Go into the third stall on your left.” And he did that, and he said, “Now what Lord?” And he said, “Worship me.” So this man Richard lifted his hands to Heaven and began to worship the Lord. And after a few minutes of time, the Lord said, “Okay now pick up your suitcase and go.” And when he walked out of that men’s room he was in the airport in Paris.

Sid: Just out of curiosity, do you know how he got back?

Bruce: No, I never did ask, as a matter of fact.

Sid: Did you hear that? He had no passport. He had no money and he goes into the restroom and he walks, again, that’s my way to travel. Now you literally received a commission from God in a mantle to teach on transportation. Tell me about that.

Bruce: When I first had that first experience I sat down for about six months because I was chewing on that and studying the Bible, and how this could be, and I finally said, “Lord, why are you teaching me? Why are you telling me this?” He said, “I’ve called you to be a forerunner to teach my people at the end of the age how to do this by faith because it will be necessary.”

Sid: We’ll get back to that in a little while. But you teach on these subjects of transportation at churches and entire churches are having these—Tell me the most people that have participated as you’ve been teaching on this at one congregation and what happened.

Bruce: This was a large home meeting in a home in Singapore and we had 85 people there. And after we taught on this I was told by the pastors that had invited us that 85 of those people, which was all of them, including the children had an experience where they were caught up into the third Heaven, the realm of God, and had experiences that changed their lives drastically.

SID: And this is going to be mandatory for the last days.

Bruce: I’m convinced of the fact that if we don’t grab hold of the Word of God in the full extent of what God is speaking now we’re going to be in dire straits. It’s going to be more difficult to travel, which is specifically what the Lord told me, that at the end of the age it’s going to be extremely difficult to move geographically to do what He’s told us to do. There’s going to be great persecution and oppression, and we’re going to need to understand the mandate of the Word so that we can accomplish what He said to do, and it will be done supernaturally.

Sid: Wait until you find out how Bruce went to another country, supernaturally. Don’t go away we’ll be right back.

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Our Guest Jim Hockaday

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Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here with Jim Hockaday and we are just inhaling the rarified air of Heaven. But I learned something from studying what Jim taught on, and I just explained to me. It’s sort of an outrageous supernatural boldness. But you had to share some of these stories. Tell me about the woman with the tumor.

Jim: It was an interesting story. It was in a classroom where Kenneth Hagan would speak and he asked me to do his class. And on purpose just to kind of stir some things up I called this woman forward and she had, I didn’t know it, but she had a tumor in her chest the size of a grapefruit. So without laying hands on her at all, I just said, “Go right now to the restroom. Take another lady with you.” I said, “Put some water on it and watch it disappear.”

Sid: Stop. I have to ask the question for myself and for you, too. When you said that to her, did you hear in your spirit you were supposed to say that to her? What was going on inside of you?

Jim: You know, there have been times when I have heard a direct word from the Lord, say this. But in this case, no not at all.

Sid: That’s what I thought when I heard that story.

Jim: Not at all. I just challenged to go beyond myself. Put myself out there on God.

Sid: Okay. What did you say to her?

Jim: I told her to go to the restroom, take someone with her, and just sprinkle some water on that area and watch it disappear.

Sid: So she did that.

Jim: No. We didn’t even have to ask her the question. She came running through the doors, shouting and screaming and running all the way up to the front the whole way up. You didn’t have to ask her what happened. But we did of course, and it disappeared right there in front of her.

Sid: Okay. I have to ask the question. You do this, I assume, often. Have you done it where someone has come back and they said, “Nothing happened.”

Jim: We had one lady, it was very, very interesting, one lady that I sent out and I told her, I said, “Now go up to the restroom and come back.” She came back. She said, “It’s half the size.” I said, “Alright.” I said, “You won’t go out two more times without it being gone.” And this particular lady came back. Now each time she came back, and I told her when to go, it had become very hot a second time. And the third time she came back, but instead of coming up to the front to be excited about telling me she stood in the back and I knew that she was gonna tell me it hadn’t disappeared. So I made a big to-do. I said, “Oh there’s our miracle lady right in the back. Come on up and give us our testimony” And she said, “Well it’s still hot, but it’s still there.” And I was teaching on the boldness of faith. So I walked right off the platform, walked right up to her nose and said, “I’m sorry, but I don’t believe you. I said it would leave.” She said, “Well what am I gonna say? It’s still there.” I said, “But I said it would leave.” She said, “It’s still there.” And I said real loud, “But I said it would leave!” And she looked at me kind of frustrated and she said, “Well then okay” and left. And it disappeared.

Sid: Come on now, between you and me, don’t you ever thing to yourself, what if I said, I said it doesn’t disappear. Don’t you ever think about that?

Jim: Well again, absolutely you do. And your statement about the mind and the mind boggling that you go through. But again, I’m talking about letting the Lord begin to teach me and train me. The first time it was the Spirit of God that just so loudly in my heart said, “Say this,” and I did. So I’m letting Him teach me to the point where now I’m starting to think like Him.

Sid: You’re even hearing things in dreams about your family. Give me one example.

Jim: Well one example was about my girls. Two days in a row I had a dream about my oldest girl. She’s a great girl, wonderful. And when the Lord gives me a dream about my family so far what it’s been is something out in the future. In other words, let’s stop this now or make some corrections so this doesn’t happen. And so the Lord just shared with me that just begin to study her and watch her. And I began to see certain patterns and I thought, you know, I want to begin to teach her how can we do it. And out of that time we now have about 15 to 20 youth that come to our house and we teach them in a Bible study, and my girls are just doing great. It’s wonderful. So dreams are starting to become a regularity.

Sid: Well you know what’s so wonderful, it’s not just for healing. It’s for all life. God is concerned about every aspect of your life. Now when you were a young man and you didn’t understand what you understand today you developed a disease that you should have died from.

Jim: Yes sir.

Sid: Tell me about that.

Jim: Well the disease is called Crohn’s disease, which 30 years ago wasn’t as prominent as people have accepted it today. And it’s in the intestine. There’s quite a battle with your body fighting against itself, autoimmune disease. At any rate, yeah, I had some serious problems, a big abscess in my belly and it was even during those days not understanding healing the Lord caused that tumor supernaturally to begin to come out of my body. So I had some surgery and was doing really well. But six years ago I had a major attack on my life.

Sid: What affect does it have? Someone that is not just teaching healing, but bold. I mean, you are in the category of bold for healing and you have, this comes back, you have to have the memories of what happened when you were younger. You’re now in ministry. What do you do? Do you keep quiet about it? Do you not let anyone know this is going on? Do you drop out of ministry? What do you do when this happens?

Jim: Well first of all, it was pretty obvious what was going on, because as my weight is about consistent, as it was then 170 pounds, I went down to close to 125 pounds.

Sid: So did you drop out of ministry?

Jim: Well I cancelled a few meetings initially, but then no. In fact, one of the greatest experiences I had in healing came with a six-day meeting, two days where I actually went at 125 pounds. Showed up and the pastor just kind of looked at me and asked what happened, and I told him I’m here to preach. He said, “I’ll take the services for you.” I said, “Not unless you want to send me home in a six-foot pine box.” I said, “You let me preach.”

Jim : And the Word of God, he will heal you. Eat what you want. Go to sleep.”

Jim: And I did, and as I did the stronger and stronger I became, and my body became completely well. I gained over 38 pounds in that one week.

Sid: When you come back I’m gonna have a man that is as bold as anyone I’ve ever met in believing God’s Word out of intimacy with God and revelation of God’s Word, from this intimacy, pray for you. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back.

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Sid Roth welcomes Earthquake Kelley

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Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to walk in the supernatural.  It should be natural as breathing to walk in the supernatural.  And that’s why after thirty-five years of investigating the supernatural I picked out the ten best testimonies with prayers of impartation.  You know when the first apostles walked with Jesus they caught something.  I believe when you read these stories, you are going to catch something.  We were doing the interview with Earthquake Kelley and Earthquake at age four got into drugs, his father beat him daily.  He was groomed to be a Voodoo priest for the top president of Haiti, Poppa Doc.  And he died, he went to Hell, his life was transformed, he died again, he went to Heaven, his life was even more transformed and boy is your life going to be transformed when you read his story.  Let’s go to that excerpt.

Sid:  When I interviewed Earthquake Kelley I mean, this man should have been dead multiple times he comes from generations of Voodoo priests.  He was groomed to be a Voodoo priest under the President of Haiti, he was involved in crime, he was involved in drugs, he was involved in prostitution, at a young age he was carrying a gun, he tapped into the spirit world and they had him all set up to kill as many young people as possible.  But he had an encounter with Jesus.  He said, Jesus if you can use me, I’ll make a deal with you, use me more for your kingdom than the devil used me for his kingdom.  And he is doing that with a vengeance and the devil was pretty upset with him.  Tell me about the day before the accident, your son Scott.  You were horsing around in the kitchen.  Tell me about that.

Earthquake:  Yes, me being a professional fighter and had three sons and they always try to take shots at me to see if they can hit me.  And they had a hard time and he had a hard time hitting me and I would tap them a little bit.

Sid:  Well were doing this by phone but I’ve seen you and I wouldn’t want to be fighting you at all Earthquake and no why you got your name, but go ahead.

Earthquake:  My wife told me, she always tell me to take it easy on our sons you know because a couple of times there I would box with them and stuff like that, and I think I might have tapped them a little bit too hard.  She says, oh you are hitting them too hard baby.  You are hitting them too hard.  Well, I’m just trying to make them tough baby a little bit, you know.  But this particular time we were boxing around.  My older son Scott and I and having a good time at it and he said, I’m going to get you Pops; I’m going to get you.  I said, no you are still smooth, your still smooth, oh yea, oh yea but he stopped laughing and playing then he grabbed me and he grabbed me real tight and started squeezing me real tight and I said, what’s the matter, what’s the matter?  He said, Dad I want you to make me a promise, I said what’s the matter something happening at work or something?  Boss say something to you or something?  He said no, he said I want you to promise me that you would never stop preaching deliverance, never stop helping people.  You and Mom have helped people for years and you help people get on their feet, you take people in and Dad I just love you and Mom for what you are doing.  He said but promise me that you won’t stop.  Now this is difficult for me Sid, to tell it so bear with me you know, but.

Sid:  I understand.

Earthquake:  He held me and he said Dad, don’t you stop helping people, don’t you stop preaching deliverance.  He said Dad you are having an effect on people.  You are making lives better, he said don’t let nothing stop you and he was squeezing and said you promise me, I’m not going to turn you loose until you do.  Now he was pretty big size too and he had a big grip on me.  And I said, okay Son I’m not, I’m not I promise you that nothing’s going to stop me.  He let me go and he ran out the room crying.  And for him to cry something really has to bother him you know and to cry like that.  And when I was trying to catch my breath I was so emotionally drained myself from him squeezing me so tight I tried to go behind him but he went out the door.  My wife said, what’s the matter what’s wrong?  What’s wrong with him?  I said I don’t know, I don’t know he…I asked him if it was something wrong at work and he told me no.  He told me to never stop preaching.  I told him I wouldn’t.  Well the next day I was called to go down, which was the 7th of December 1998 I was called to go into Vegas to preach down there.  And while there I got the worse call Sid that anybody would ever want.  My wife called me and she was just hysterical.  She told me that some of the people that we usually help down the street car jacked him and shot him in the chest at point blank.  And killed him and it’s the hardest thing man.  To go through that and…

Sid:  It’s almost as if he had a premonition something was going to happen.

Earthquake: Excuse me, yea excuse me.  But yea, that’s exactly right Sid, exactly right.  He, as if him loving Jesus and that the Lord spoke to him, I really believe that God spoke to him to speak to me.

Sid:  Okay, so time goes by and you develop a headache, your wife insists you go to the hospital but it turns out to be brain aneurism, tell what you remember.

Earthquake:  I remember when I got to the hospital; they put me in the examination room.  They start working on me, but I still wasn’t out of the danger with the brain aneurism.  They put me in intensive care right by the nurses’ station.  They put me on fifteen minute bed watch.  Every fifteen minutes around the clock they would come in and check my blood pressure.  But I’m not a doctor or anything like that but I do know this after being in the hospital that your blood pressure should not be 200 over 200.  And my blood pressure went up that high and they said I was going to die again and one day I slipped away.  I did die and this time I found myself in the most beautiful place.  Oh, it was so awesome I found myself in paradise standing next to an angel and I’m six five and the angel is at least a foot taller than me.  It was so beautiful, I saw the blades of grass, each blade of grass had a jewel or a diamond or emblem in it and it was swaying back and forth.  I heard a choir singing.  The choir was better than any choir I’ve ever heard and I’ve heard some great choirs.  I saw the crystal river it looked like liquid diamonds, Sid as it moved it looked like it was simmering and dancing to the music that was coming from the choir and the praises of the Lord.  I saw these giant trees.  It looked like big giant weeping willow trees they just swayed like they were praising God.   Hallelujah, oh man I still remember it.  It is awesome and oh God forgive me. Oh…

Sid:  I feel such a presence of God as you’re sharing this and it’s almost like the angels that have been in my office for the last few weeks are bringing that same presence in the studio.  Is Heaven what you expected or more?

Earthquake:  It’s more, as a Christian and I know this sounds a little funny but, a little corny but in the back of some Bibles’ they try their best to draw Heaven, you know what I mean and you can get those pictures and you get so excited about it.  But the artist didn’t even; his paint brush couldn’t even touch what I saw.  Glory to God, they did the best they could but I’m telling you unless you have been there and actually seen it for yourself, the awesome radiance the power and the presence.  The presence of God, you think that it’s strong in the church service when we really go forth in praising God, all with one accord.  You ought to feel it there.  Oh, thank you Jesus humph it is so awesome it goes beyond words how to explain the presence of God there.  It’s like its fresh, uncut, just straight right off the assembly room floor so to speak.  Right there you are right with it and it’s with you and you’re face to face with the blessings of God with the angels.  Oh my, oh my God.

Sid:  Did you see any people there?

Earthquake:  Yes, I did there was an angel there and he said walk around and as I started to walk around I saw that river.  And I was there next to the river and I looked to the other side and I saw some of the saints of God that I went to there home going services their memorials and they were there and I was so happy to see one in particular was a former pastor of mine in 2002.  He went to be with the Lord and I was there in the home going service and I saw him on the other side.  And I saw some to other saints that I knew that went on and I saw my son over there and he saw me. 

Sid:  You’re talking about the son that was shot point blank and during the carjacking?

Earthquake:  Yes, I saw him.

Sid:  I can imagine what went on inside of you when you realized that it was your son. 

Earthquake:  Thank you Jesus, you know why I was so happy Sid, because I did for my children what my mother did for me.  I taught them the word.  I told them, their others were real stressful but ours upbringing to the word, paid off because to here my son was, had not been shot and killed like so many people have but here my son was with the Lord.  Oh that blessed me, so I guess I wanted to get over on the side of the river and hug him and squeeze him and have him show me around the section around the other side of the river which I could not see all of but he said you have to go back Dad.  You have to go back and finish the things that you and I talked about.  And I was like; no I want to stay here with you.  He said, no Dad you remember you gave me your word.  You promised me that you would go back and finish teaching deliverance and ministering and helping the people to get here Dad.  And that’s what he told me.  Oh, thank you Jesus.

Sid:  That was just a little bit from Earthquake Kelly story and Earthquake has become a friend of mine.  And he has so changed from that man that was going to be the top Voodoo priest for Poppa Doc of Haiti.  Do you know when Haiti had the earthquake he called me on the phone and he said, Sid I have got to go there.  I must help those people.  He walks in such love today.  I want him and so many of the others to mentor you.  How about Todd White?  He’s one of the ten in the book.  What compassion that Todd White has.  This is what he says.  I love it; my faith trumps your unbelief.  How would you like to be able to say this?  I want to get this book “Supernatural Experiences” in your hand.

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Sid Roth welcomes Glenn Arekion

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Man: Praying in the Holy Ghost, praying in the Spirit makes a difference. You will more clearly hear God’s voice. You will know what to do and He will show up with His glory.

SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with Glenn Arekion. And Glenn, when you shared the Greek translation of one particular verse for me, I then understood the power of the first church and I then understood how it was highjacked. Explain that.

GLENN: Well in Acts, Chapter 6, when the church was growing and it was murmuring, and they wanted the apostles to do all kinds of different works, the apostles said this: “We will give ourselves continually to prayer and to the ministry of the Word.” But the Greek text says it this way: “We will give ourselves to THE prayer.” The word “the” implies definite article known to those who were saying it. So the THE prayer that was prayed in the New Testament referred to praying in supernatural language. And see how the apostles said praying in the supernatural was so important that they would give themselves to THE prayer. And today, the church has moved away from THE prayer. We pray all kinds of prayer except THE prayer.

SID: Well you know, the word that speaks to me just as loud in that verse where Paul the Apostle said, “I pray in tongues in supernatural languages more than anyone.” But what they said is they were you going to pray continually. If that word means what it means in English I don’t think there’s any way you can pray continually unless you pray THE prayer.

GLENN: Supernatural language.

SID: I mean, when I listen to you teach it causes me to not be convicted, but causes me to desire to pray THE prayer.

GLENN: Yeah. Well if we go back to Paul, like you mentioned, Paul says, “I pray in tongues or supernatural language more than you all.” Then the Scripture says in the Book of Acts 19 that how God brought special miracles through the hands of Paul. How? Because he prayed in supernatural language. Supernatural language is the release of God’s power. There were miracles there. God did unusual miracles. The Greek text says “wonder works” and that’s what we want in the church. We want to see unusual miracles, wonder works, extraordinary miracles, outstanding miracles that even sinners cannot deny. Well how do we do that? We’ve got to be tapping into the supernatural. How do you tap in the supernatural? By praying the language of God, supernatural language.

SID: People get ideas and inventions from God.


SID: Tell me about someone.

GLENN: Well George Washington Carver. He was a man who knew the voice of God, who knew the voice of the Holy Spirit. See, when you’re praying in supernatural language you are tapping into the mind of God, tapping into the creativity of God. And in a place where he was not supposed to prosper God gave him inventions. He invented so many things out of peanuts. And who would have thought that you can get 300 stuff out of peanuts? But by him simply knowing the voice of the Holy Spirit, speaking in supernatural language, believing in God, talking to God, God gave him ideas to bring in inventions about peanuts. It is all about walking in the power of God. Paul says, “When I came to you I didn’t come with impassable words of man’s wisdom, but I came in the demonstration of the spirit and of power.” And there is a connection between the supernatural extraordinary miracles and praying in supernatural language. You cannot separate the healing ministry from supernatural language. The moment you begin to pray in supernatural language it opens you up to the nine gifts of the spirit. It opens you up.

SID: You know what I notice? When I’m around you I can feel the presence of God. Is it because you spend so much time developing your spirit praying in supernatural language?

GLENN: Yes. When you spend time praying in the Spirit you carry the Anointing. You become a vessel that carries that anointing of God.

SID: But you know anyone can do that.

GLENN: Anybody.

SID: Anyone can do that. I believe the difference between these great men and women of God that Glenn was talking about was their prayer life, praying continually in THE prayer, supernatural languages. I believe that of all the people you just mentioned and many others never would have had the ministry they had if they didn’t pray in tongues.

GLENN: Because if you don’t pray in supernatural language you don’t have a supernatural edge. Praying in unknown tongues or supernatural language gives you an edge over the natural because it makes you supernatural. So that’s the reason why we must pray in supernatural language.

SID: You know what I believe? I believe that if you will pray in your supernatural language God is going to speak through you to some people right now. Would you do that?

GLENN: Yes. Halleluiah. [supernatural language] Halleluiah. Right now there’s somebody watching me and you’re blind in one eye. And God is saying to right now it’s open. It’s open. There’s somebody right now that’s got lung cancer and the doctor has given up on you and told you you’ve only got weeks to live. You don’t have long and you’ve made preparation for your funeral. And God is saying you are healed right now. Supernatural healing power of God is going through your body right now and healing you from that lung cancer.

SID: You know what’s so wonderful, Glenn, not that you were able to be used by God right now, but that everyone that is watching us right now can be used by God as much as Glenn is used by God, as much as I am used by God. But Glenn, the flesh doesn’t like praying supernatural languages.


SID: But what happens when you pray for hours, which you do, and you eventually get into the spirit realm? What is that like? Explain that.

GLENN: Everything becomes easy. There’s nothing impossible. The moment you begin to get into the realm of the Spirit where God is you begin to think like God and you understand that God is omnipotent, that God is all powerful. And once you begin to be in the same room and same realm with Him there’s nothing that you can’t do. Whatever dream, whatever vision God has given you becomes easy. You don’t know how you’re going to do it, but you know it’s going to happen. Why? Because you have access to the power of God and everything which is complicated becomes easy, is no longer a complicated issue because you have the mind of Christ.

SID: If you would like to be filled with God’s Holy Spirit right now and speak in supernatural languages you are a candidate because God’s not irrespective of persons as long as your sins are forgiven, you’ve repented of your sins and you have asked Jesus to live inside of you and be your Lord. If you have done that and meant that then you could just lift your holy, because they’re under the blood of Jesus, you could lift your holy hands to God right now and you could say, “Jesus, fill me with your Holy Spirit. Fill me, Lord.” And then by faith you could start speaking your language right this second. You say, “I don’t know what to say.” Perfect. It’s not from your mind. It’s from your spirit. But you cannot speak in English without making sounds. If you by faith will begin to tell God how much you love Him, that’s what happens when you pray in supernatural languages, you’re telling God how much you love Him. Remember, you’ve always prayed in the name of Jesus to be filled with the Holy Spirit. And Jesus is going to give you the words if you will just speak it out. Do that right now. [supernatural language]. If you don’t move your mouth no one else will do it. If you don’t speak right now, speak in your supernatural language. [supernatural language].

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