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Our Guest Franklin Walden

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Sid:  There’s such a move of God’s Spirit on Jewish people, and someone’s head is being healed right now and anything you need in the head area. And if you have back pains you’re being healed in the back, I mean God is healing people because one of the reasons is I’m interviewing Franklin Walden, and we found out that Franklin comes from quite a Godly heritage, his Father mentored him in the miraculous.  But somehow he bought a lie that he could make enough money to bless his parents, he accepted that and didn’t move in the gifts that God had given him. And he went into the army, he miraculously got out, he made vows to God he did not honor them and then he was given a death sentence, six months to live because of heart trouble.  He took all of his energy; he managed to get to a little church and what happened in this church Franklin?

Franklin:  We got there just about time that they was coming out of Sunday School classes and everybody was still standing up and the heart was just going, you could hear it beating.  I thought I was going to bust and the preacher that carried me he said, “Pastor Sander’s I think we need to pray for Franklin.”  And so they just stopped everything, and they brought me down to the altar, I was standing there and the Pastor opened up my shirt put his hand over my heart and began to pray.  But nothing happened, the piano was playing softly, Sister Kelly was her name, and then suddenly she quit; she made her way through the crowd of the people and touched me on my right shoulder and the moment she did the heart was completely normal.  And the pastor thought I had died because he couldn’t feel the heart it just quit all of a sudden and that’s when it really got my attention and I went into the ministry from there.

Sid:  I can imagine that, now tell me about the time literally a cloud came to you and God spoke to you.

Franklin:  That happened later after I had just started into evangelistic work, and this Brother Bob Cole that I mentioned, he knew some people up in Kentucky by the name of Sizemore’s and he wanted me to go up there and…

Sid:  I’ll tell you what, before you even tell me about that, tell me a bit about Bob Cole.

Franklin:  Well, they called him the man that it wouldn’t rain on.

Sid:  Why wouldn’t it rain on him?

Franklin:  Well, he walked for five years; he was a wealthy man and gave it all up to be in the ministry to be a Southern Baptist Preacher.  Got filled with the Spirit and this day going into Thomaston, Georgia and he had a revival scheduled in an old Cotton Mill Warehouse.  And as he coming down the road a storm came up, five miles out or ten miles out and it was a real bad cloud and that rain ten foot behind him or fifteen and he never got wet until he got into the city and it followed him.  And then again things happened so miraculously in his life that he was craving some pecans, and he asked the Lord of give him some pecans so I just craved them and this old paper shell. No pecans trees around and he kept walking and there was a pile of pecans on the side of the road just piled up waiting for him.

Sid:  Did he ever find out who put them there?

Franklin:  He knew who put them there, God put them there.

Sid:  Huh.

Franklin:  He’ll give you his heart’s desire.

Sid:  Now you were at a meeting that he was at and he began to prophecy about you, tell me about that.

Franklin:  And he said, “Franklin”, he said, “God wants to use you to build the Kingdom and not to build houses like you have done.”  And he began to prophesy with me and tell me that I was going to be a minister to take the gospel to the people and even said this statement.  And he said, “What you preach and he even in time the Jews will accept it.”  Why he made that statement…

Sid:  I can tell you why, because the Jew requires a sign and you move in sign and wonders.  He also prophesied that you would begin to know things about people, tell me about that.

Franklin:  Now, that was in another meeting.

Sid:  Well tell me about that one.

Franklin:  Alright, he, sometimes he’d set with hands over his face like that and he said, “There’s a young minster on the platform and he’s going to receive a gift from God tonight to be stirred in him.  He’ll be able to look right into your heart and tell you the very secrets of your heart.”

Sid:  And we just found that out this week that you were able to do that.

Franklin:  And I thought that, it was about twenty minutes to seven and I was the youngest one, I looked around to see who it was going to be and I stood up and it felt like something got me by the belt and picked me up and I began to prophesy.  The man run to the altar and later became a Pentecostal preacher, another lady run down and I pointed her out, and she got healed and set free from demon powers and that’s the way it started.

Sid:  Well I could tell you the presence of God is on just you telling that story the presence of God is just exploding in the studio right now.  Is God speaking to you about anything right now?

Franklin:  Someone has just got healed of the left side of their neck going down behind there down into the cavity of the chest, they’ve just been healed and that’s sayeth the Lord.

Sid:  I love it, now so you find that when you’re speaking and the Spirit of God comes over you you can just look in the audience and just know things about people?

Franklin:  Oh yes, when the Lord, I can’t do it on my own, I have to wait for that upon anointing that you might not, let me explain.  We are filled with the Holy Ghost, but Acts 1:8 he says when that anointing comes upon you shall be my witnesses.  This is something that I teach on sometimes and what it is, you know you have the baptism, you know that He’s within you, but then when that anointing comes and makes connection with that within you have 100% faith, only God is speaking, no outside interference and that’s when you speak.

Sid:  Tell me about that young girl that had no pupils.

Franklin:  Oh, that was outstanding. That happened in Malta, Georgia she was from Albany, Georgia, had her mother brought her and we prayed for her and no pupil and right there before the congregation God put in eyes, there was nothing but matter in now.  Nothing but matter in it, light blue in there and when I took my hands off of her, she could see perfectly.

Sid:  And what color eyes did she have?

Franklin:  Blue eyes.

Sid:  And you saw it with just no color or anything?

Franklin:  No color whatsoever, no pupil nothing,

Sid:  And so she was 100% blind, could she see then?

Franklin:  No, she was born that way.

Sid:  I know but could she see?

Franklin:  Oh yeah, yeah.

Sid:  How old was she?

Franklin:  Six years old.

Sid:  My goodness, he almost missed that by going into business.

Franklin:  Yeah; God was merciful to me.

Sid:  Tell me what kind of feedback you’re getting from the two books that we’re offering this week.  The first book is called “The Unmistakable Invisible Anointing.”  Did God ever tell you anything about what would happen from this book before it was distributed?

Franklin:  I know that God told me what to do, the man that helped with the book said that, “It’s going to be powerful.”  I said, “I believe it will help people to understand that this anointing is still for us today.  And especially the young ministers that’s never heard and have never seen it on this fashion.”

Sid:  We have a whole generation that hasn’t seen these things; a whole generation has come up and that’s why this book is going to mentor them, but then I love the little booklet that you have with this book called, “Take these Steps to be Healed.”  Are you getting reports of people being healed from this?

Franklin:  Oh man, people are getting healed by just reading it, they told me, I’ll get it telephone calls, emails, letters they read it and they’ve been healed just reading it.

Sid:  Tell me about the person that had a metal rod that God healed.

Franklin:  That was in Baryon, Ontario it was strange the way that it happened. I was under my big tent and I called this lady out of the audience and I told her what wrong with her.  She was Catholic and I found out later.  She said, “There ain’t nothing wrong with me.”  I said, “Oh yes there are, everything I said is wrong with you.”  She said, “No,” I said then, “What about those pills you just got the prescription filled in your pocketbook.  I told her the color of them, what they were for and she almost panicked.  She got healed; she pulled it out and showed it to the people.  Well she had a nephew back in Toronto and she went back and told him.  And he had been crippled for nine years I believe it was, I think I’m correct on that, and so he came that next night, I prayed for him and God took the metal out of his back.  Went back to the doctors…

Sid:  I’ll tell you what we’re out of time.

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Our Guest L.A Marzulli

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Sid:  You know the Bible talks about strange things in the skies in the last days.  It talks about fear from the things coming on the earth.  It talks about a great deception in the last days; now here’s my question if a Christian doesn’t even know the authentic there going to be a setup for the supernatural of the devil. They’ve got to know the supernatural of God or they’ll stand no chance when what the Bible says will happen in the last days happens.  That’s why I have L.A. Marzulli on the telephone right now.  He has produced three of the most unusual documentary DVD’s proving that there are things going on in the world that the secular press is not talking about.  I find it utterly amazing that they’re not talking about it.  In your heart of hearts L.A. why did you produce these three DVD’s called “The Watchers?”

L.A:  Briefly it is impossible, we did it to get people talking and open their eyes to what is happening right under their noises concerning prophecies and all this stuff that’s happening on this planet was written about thousands of years ago and now it’s beginning to manifest.  It’s beginning to openly, you can see it turn on the 6:00 news, the earthquake, the famines, the pestilence, the wars and the rumors of wars, the troublesome times, all of this was prophesied  thousands of years ago by Yeshua.  And now I believe we are in the time which is known as the birth pains which will lead into the tribulation.  So we produced it as a wakeup call for Christians, but to gather their non-Christian friends around. Put the DVD’s in and watch them.  It’s not you know Bible thumping or hitting…

Sid:  You know what I’m more concerned about?  I guess maybe because I lived so long in the south in the United States.  Very few Christians are even, it’s even on the radar that Jesus is getting ready to return, most Christians are what the Bible refers to as lukewarm.  Your DVD’s should be in every Bible study in America and because it’s facts, it’s not just opinion, it’s not just hearsay, you have scientist, you have doctors, you have things in the news that no one is willing to put out there.  I think that it was give a husband and wife conversation for now until the time Jesus gets here, fascinating things to talk about.  But I want you to briefly explain to me your understanding of the mark of the beast; I’ve never heard this before.

L.A:  Well, let’s do the back story; Yeshua tells us that “It will be like the days of Noah when the Son of Man returns.”  What differentiates the days of Noah the presence of the fallen angels?  The fallen angels, believe it or not, had sex with the woman of earth, read Genesis 6.  They produced what is known as the Nephilim; the Nephilim were here for four hundred years.  It contaminated the bloodline.  It was almost checkmate, if you please, it resulted in the flood.  That’s what differentiates the days of Noah.  Now skip into Revelation, we know first of all that anyone who takes this mark will not be able to buy, sell or trade.  The Mark comes on the back of the hand or on the forehead.  What is this mark?  And there is a lot of speculation about that, we read a little further, the buy, selling or trading is the easy one, but then we find out that anyone who takes the mark grievous sores will appear over their body.  And then we read a little later in it we found out that anyone who takes the mark is immediately judged and thrown into the lake of fire, gee that sounds harsh, where’s the grace and mercy of that, where is the loving God that we all know?  Something is at play here that’s hidden from us that we don’t really see, go back to the days of Noah, what’s going on, the Nephilim.  Go to the fourth criteria found in the Book of Revelation, although it doesn’t say directly the mark of the beast but it tells us that “In those days men and women will seek death and not find it”, so here’s the scenario, and I held the chip in my hand.  It will change your DNA, it will elongate your life span because one of the criteria of the days of Noah was that life spans that were 500 – 900 and older years of age.  So what if you have a chip which is going to correct your DNA, you will be told that it would correct your DNA?  It will extend your life span disease free five or six hundred years and by the way, you’ll be able to buy, sell and trade with it this is your stamp into the New World Order.  Just saying, but it fulfills all the criteria that we see in Revelation and when Yeshua points to in Matthew 24.

Sid:  Now I can see this going very very well I mean who would say no except someone that knows the Bible and has discernment and knows the times that we’re living in.  Otherwise, how could anyone say no to what you just described?

L.A:  Well, this is what amazes me, it’s like we sort of dumbed down the supernatural, specifically the churches in America…

Sid:  Well, seeker sensitive is afraid of supernatural because maybe the seeker might not come into the service and then end up being saved.  But what good would it be if someone is genuinely saved and has lack of knowledge of the supernatural end time events, and then the mark of the beast that you described comes along, they wouldn’t even feel that they’d be betraying Jesus.

L.A:  And they would take it willingly, they would take it, and that’s what terrifies me, that they would take it willingly.

Sid:  Okay let’s go to another area, why I’m hearing reports of birds’ mysteriously dying, cattle be mutilated, why is this going on?  Who is doing this, what’s the purpose?

L.A:  Well, the interesting part with the cattle mutilations, that’s been going on for decades, yet law enforcements have never brought anyone, anyone to trial.  And you know, you have a prize bull that’s worth 1000’s of dollars and you come in the next morning and night before and the bull was standing in the field and was fine and the next morning you come in and the bull is laying there, there’s absolutely no blood in the animal at all, we see that his tongue has been completely cored out, his sex organs are cored out, with laser light procession, there’s no footprints around this thing and it’s like you just sit there and go oh my gosh what just happened?

Sid:  Now, so it’s impossible to be kids that are just doing a prank?

L.A:  No, it’s not there is one interesting case Sid where there was four inches of freshly fallen snow around the animal, no footprints, it was literally dropped from above.

Sid:  Well, what do you believe this is?

L.A:  Well, I believe its part of what I call the coming great deception, it’s a good cop, bad cop of the UFO phenomena.  And again to make it really clear because I know time is short, when we talk about extraterrestrials, these are inner-dimensional beings as extraterrestrials.  They are highly multivalent fallen angels in my opinion.  And this is what they’re doing. It’s as days of Noah essentially.

Sid:  Now the surgery as you say it’s not something could do, it’s high precision.

L.A:  Well, the cuts are done literally with a laser like procession to them, there are magnetic anomaly sound around the animal, although sometimes there are chips that are found later on embedded in the animal.  People will call it high strangeness; people also report seeing lights in the sky.  Again, if it were only one or two of these things we wouldn’t be talking about it, this phenomenon has been going on worldwide literally for decades.  And most of the time the news media never reports it.

Sid:  Okay the Bible talks about changes in the sky that’s terrifying, you’ve documented changes in the sun and the moon.  Tell me about that.

L.A:  In one of “The Watchers,” Signs of the Heavens and the Earth; we talk about we believe the anomalous activity are the excintritity of a lunar surface. We plant an Italian scientist by the name of Lorenzo Loreo who wrote a paper about the excintritity of a lunar surface.  It seems to be like it’s wobbling, we’re not sure what we’re looking at.  My good friend and co-producer Richard Shaw and I, we’ve looked at this thing, we’ve investigated as far as we can go with it, there are YouTube videos posting from people all over the globe saying gee the moon looks funny.  How did it rotate, I understand that it rotates, I get that, but it rotates at certain times.  And it appears that the lunar surface wasn’t doing that, so we found this paper by Dr. Aurreo, who said that something is going on with the gravitational forces in the moon.  Meanwhile with the sun we see these coronal mass injections that are happening more and more frequently.  We see objects that are redacted, in other words brushed away by NASA hours after they are seen and put up by the Soho twin satellites looking at the sun.

Sid:  You have pictures of an object next to the sun, what is that object?  It’s never been there before?

L.A:  We don’t know what that object is and that opens it up to speculation, but when NASA begins to redact those pictures only hours after we’ve been able to get them, what do they have to hide, why are they doing this?  We sat down with Stan Dao and we showed him that clip and this image was given to us by Debra Sontag a researcher and this thing travels around the sun, moves behind the sun at a very fast rate of speed, what is it?  We don’t know, is it a craft, is it; it’s not a meteor, it seems to be under some sort of intelligent control.

Sid:  All right why is NASA hiding these things and they are, why?

L.A:  Well, here’s what I think, you know and what we’ve and there was studies in the 50’s and if the populous in the United States we told that we were not alone in the universe and extraterrestrials, remember Orson Wells, where the worlds deal that he did, it completely panicked.  Some people actually committed suicide with that.  It would change the very fabric of religion in this country; it would probably change most people’s paradigm and world views.  However, with the propaganda that we’ve had for the last thirty forty years like, movies like Star Trek and others of those …. I think the populous will be ready to embrace ET as a possible savor, I don’t think that we would cringe in fear, but that’s the reason why this whole thing has been kept under wraps.

Sid: You know the information that you have here and maybe on tomorrows broadcast I’d like to talk about the Bible codes that are that tell what’s going to happen this year, tell what’s happened in previous years.

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Our Guest Rabbi Jonathan Bernis

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Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to recognize that we are living in a new day, in a new time.  We are living at the fullness of the Gentile Age at the time in which God is removing the spiritual scales of the eyes of Jewish people.  And that’s why I’m so excited to introduce my good friend, Rabbi Jonathan Bernis, and in particular his brand new book, literally just off the press called, “A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days.”  Jonathan, the world doesn’t need another book on the last days.  Why did you write a book with such a title “A Rabbi Looks at the Last Days?”

Jonathan:  Sid I wrote this book because after twenty-eight years of being immersed in Bible prophecy I’m convinced that what most Bible teachers or end-time teachers are teaching is just wrong.  And that’s like why the title of chapter one is, “What if everything you’ve heard about the last days is wrong?”  The problem is that there are prophecies being fulfilled before our very eyes and most Christians don’t see them because they haven’t been taught to look for them, or they’ve been taught that these things are irrelevant.  And yet they’re black and white prophecy being fulfilled concerning the last days.  And the reason it’s so important for Christians to know about these is because we’ve been told to participate in God’s plan for the Jewish people in the last days.  And that’s why I wrote the book I want everyone that’s listening to fulfill their destiny, God’s given each one a destiny and I want everyone that’s listening to be able to stand in front of Jesus and hear Him say “Good and faithful servant, well done, come and enter my rest.”  But opportunities are being missed daily and the clock is ticking.

Sid:  Now, one of the tricks of the enemy is to get some genuine believers in the Messiah to be involved in Replacement Theology, by that I mean the Church replaces everything we read about natural Israel and the Bible.  Why is that so horrible and why is it wrong?

Jonathan:  It’s horrible because it’s totally against scripture and the Jewish people are the key to understanding last days prophecy, they were the key to the first coming of Messiah, they’re the key to second coming of Messiah; they’re the key to the redemption of the world.  Is that enough Sid, I can go on?

Sid:  And why is Replacement Theology so anti-Bible?

Jonathan:  It’s anti-Bible because the Bible says that when the Jewish people come back it will bring life from the dead when they come back to God and they come back to God through believers, through followers of the Messiah, through Christians.  And if Christians don’t understand there God given destiny and mandate they don’t fulfill this at all and Jewish people don’t come back in the numbers God has ordained them to come back in and release life from the dead upon the world.  Sid, one of the things I talk about in the very beginning of the book is that one of the keys to the whole thing is understanding how important the very existence of anti-Semitism is; why anti-Semitism exists, and what Christians should understand about this.  That’s absolutely key and to do that you have to go all the way back to Genesis 3:15 which is the fall of man in the garden and the first, the first declaration of redemption, the first Gospel message or Gospel promise in all of scripture which is “I will put enmity between you and the woman and between your seed and her seed and you shall bruise his heal, but he shall crush your head.”  That is absolutely foundational in understanding the last-days believe it or not?

Sid:  Briefly explain why.

Jonathan:  Okay, simply this.  That I believe that anti-Semitism, the root of anti-Semitism is Satan’s commitment to self preservation; in other words his death sentence that’s been pronounced over him by the Lord Himself come through the seed of the woman, and the seed of the woman which is talking about the Redeemer, talking about the Messiah, talking about Christ, or Messiah, is the person of Jesus and Jesus comes through the seed of Abraham.  So the whole plan of the enemy is keep the Redeemer from coming and by doing that you just have to destroy the seed of Abraham.  And so the seed of Abraham is the backbone to understanding God’s plan for the redemption of the world, and the last days are about the final plans of redemption of the world.  So you have to understand that the role that the seed of Abraham plays, in not only the first coming, but in the second coming of Christ and therefore Satan’s primary goal has been destroy the Jewish people and keep the Messiah from coming and now from returning.  And that’s why we have things like replacement Theology which have a demonic origin.

Sid:  Now if you could have a couple minutes with a Christian that believed that the Church replaced Israel what are some of the strongest things that you would say?

Jonathan:  Well I would take them to Roman’s 11 where Paul warns, “Boast not against the natural branches for it God could cut off Israel He could surely cut off you.”  At what point did the Church reach that level of sin that where God said, “Enough with you already, I’ve had it.”  If we can’t look to a God of faithfulness who has been faithful to the Jewish people, how can we trust them for our own salvation, if He has a point where He says “Enough already.”  I would have passed that point years ago Sid, but I looked to a God whose continued to be faithful to Israel and I can trust Him to be faithful to me and to all believers.  And of course Romans 11 says at the end that they’re enemies of the gospel yes, but for the sake of the Father’s they’re beloved.  But the gifts and calling of God are irrevocable, they’re irrevocable.   There are so many other scriptures that we could go into that clearly Replacement Theology is dangerous Sid, it’s dangerous for the Church because it keeps the Church from fulfilling their God given mandate to provoke the Jews to jealousy.

Sid:  And what I see is kind a flip side of what the devil is doing; on one side he’s trying to get Christians to believe that God is finished with the Jew in Israel and on the other side, he’s taking some good and using it for bad.  By that I mean he’s having many Christians to develop a tremendous supernatural love for the Jew in Israel which is good, but this love entails a mantra that says “I’m not going to share Jesus with my Jewish friend; I’m just going to do some humanitarian good deeds for Israel.”  Why is that so bad?

Jonathan:  Well you have two gutters. On one side of the road you have Replacement Theology which is off the road, on the other side of the road you have this Dual Covenant Theology which says that we can affirm the Jewish people because they have their own path to God and we don’t need to share the Messiah with them.  That’s the other gutter because it keeps us from fulfilling the mandate to provoke the Jewish people to jealousy and it undercuts the gospel imperative which is there’s one Name under heaven by which we must be saved and it’s Jesus or Yeshua the Messiah, He is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and no one can come to the Father except through Him.  Paul says not only is the gospel for the Jewish people as well, the gospel is to the Jew first.

Sid:  You have some fascinating information in your book with the chapter titled “The World’s Debt to the Jews.”  Tell me some of these great accomplishments the Jewish people have been involved in throughout history.

Jonathan:  Well Sid let me just go back and say first of all that God said that through Abraham, through His seed that all the world would be blessed, it’s not that the Jewish people are any greater, but that God ordained them to be a blessing to the world.  Now keep in mind that the Jewish people are one quarter of one percent of the world’s population.  Yet I just recently looked at a list of Nobel prize winners and 20%, keep in mind that ¼ of 1% of the world’s population, and yet 20% of Nobel prize winners over the years since it started I think in around 1905 have been Jewish.  You have in literature people like Boris Pasternak a great author, Isaac Bashevis, singer; you have eleven Nobel literature winners that are Jewish.  World peace, you have ten leaders that have won the Nobel Peace prize, like L.A. Weasel, Menachem Begin, Perez, Yitzhak Rabin.  In chemistry you have over twenty Jewish scientists who have won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry.  You have in economics over twenty that have won since they began giving the Nobel Prize for economics.  In medicine you have over thirty, some of the greatest minds of course have been Jewish, again because God declared that he would use the Jewish people as a blessing to the world and indeed He has fulfilled that promise.

Sid:  And you know what I’m reminded as you’re sharing this, of in Hollywood and they showed me a picture when Barbara Streisand gets saved, what an impact there going to have in the media, Larry King, picture him coming on and saying “Last night Jesus came into my bedroom!”

Jonathan:  Sid, some of the greatest minds have been Jewish, like Albert Einstein, but yet the Jewish people away from God have also created some of the bigger big problems also and so they’ve been a blessing to the world.  You have Carl Marx for example and so on; the Jewish people were designed by God to be a blessing to the world and to be in relationship with Him.  And so you look at the patriarchs, you look at Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Moses, Elijah; and so on they’re in incredible contributions to the world as well.

Sid:  I’m reminded of the scripture that if it was a blessing that the Jewish people rejected their Messiah and obviously so Gentiles could be grafted in how much greater blessing when they receive their Messiah, it’s going to cause life from the dead.  And I believe that there is going to be a jolt of the Holy Spirit when large numbers of Jewish people come into the Kingdom in the body like has never happened in history, and literally the average Christian will be walking in life from the dead resurrection power.

Jonathan:  And Sid you asked about the dangers of Replacement Theology, there you have it.  With Replacement Theology you fail to understand the significance of the Jewish people coming back to their God, “It will be bring life from the dead.”  I want life from the dead, I don’t know about others listening but I want to see life from the dead and that can’t happen with Christians believing in Replacement Theology.

Sid:  Okay, consider yourself challenged, if you really want to be on the right side of the fence, in the last days, if you really want to understand your call in the last days.

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Our Guest Mark Virkler

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Sid:  My guest Mark Virkler, I’m so excited to be releasing to you his three CD set and workbook on “How to Hear God through Your Dreams.”  Trust me; this is different than any course you’ve ever heard about before.  The biggest difference, it works.  Mark, earlier in the week, you told me something that excited me immensely.  You said that it’s Biblically possible and it’s experientially possible for us to receive gifts in dreams; explain what you mean.

Mark:  Alright, Solomon received a gift in his dream, he had just been put in as King and he was scared, he was young and he was afraid and if you go to 1st Kings Chapter 3 verses, well it’s just the first ten verses or so.  It says that “In Gibeon the Lord appeared to Solomon in a dream by night and the Lord said, “Ask what I shall give to thee.” And then what he asked back for was, “Give therefore thy servant and understanding heart and in the Hebrew it’s a hearing heart and in the New American Standard it says, “Hearing heart, so I can judge thy people that I may discern between good and bad for who is able to judge such a great people?”  And God says back to him, “I have done according to your words, I have given you a wise and understanding or a hearing heart so that theirs none like thee before thee nor shall any arise after thee.”  And it goes on to say, “In addition I am going to give you a couple other things too.  All right I’m going to give you riches and honor, things that you did not ask for in additions to a hearing heart.”  And then in verse fifteen it says Solomon awoke and behold it was a dream.  And he went to Jerusalem; stood before the Ark of the Covenant and offered burnt offerings and he worshipped.   And he said, “God just encountered me, I just received something from God and I’m going to worship Him for what He gave to me in this dream.”

Sid:  Now, do you know any people that have received gifts from dreams?

Mark:  Well, you know the gift that God gave to Solomon was a hearing heart.  The ability to hear the Holy Spirit in his heart, give him wisdom so he can make wise decisions and of course you can make wise decisions you have favor amongst men and you also have the blessing of God in prosperity.  And I think anyone and everyone who begins to hear God through their dream including you know, including you Sid.  You know you shared your dream with me a couple days ago, you know that things before you.  And you can make a dream with counseling you to approach people in a wise manner and by you saying yes to that and approaching them in a wise manner you have favor with that people; and so I really believe this kind of thing happens all the time to all of us.  We receive hearing heart, we receive revelation and the result of that is blessing and prosperity in our lives.

Sid:  So in affect your also saying to me that dreams can release creativity.

Mark:   Absolutely, absolutely and so much creativity comes from dreams.  The scientist that was looking through a telescope trying to figure what a Benzene molecule looked like, he couldn’t figure it out.  So he had a dream that night of a dog in a circle chasing one another, he had the tail of a dog in front of them in their mouth and he woke up in the morning saying I wonder if the Benzene molecule is circular?  And he was able to prove and through his microscope that it was.  The guy who developed the sewing machine couldn’t figure out where the, how to thread the hook of the sewing machine; and in a dream that night God gave him a  picture of how the thread should go into the needle of the sewing machine.  So I just think probably almost all creativity comes through this kind of a means.

Sid:  Mark, give me a life situation of someone that had clues to their own health as the result of a dream.

Mark:  A lady who worked with me as my personal assistant and she had a dream at night that she entered into her house and she could smell smoke and she went looking for the fire.  And finally found the fire down in the kitchen in the lower cupboard and she didn’t really respond to that dream because you really didn’t know exactly what that dream meant but, a couple of months later she went to the doctor and the doctor said, “You’ve got a fire inside of you, you’ve got an inflammation in your intestines caused by stress and I’m going to give you some medication and you need to relax.  And so she took the medication, she relaxed and it went away but that dream was telling her that two months earlier that in your home the place that you live, your body there is a fire, it’s in the kitchen area which is where we eat food which symbolizes the digestive track, it’s not in the upper cupboard, which would be my esophagus it’s in the lower cupboard with is my is my intestines; and in my intestines there is a fire.  So she was warned two months before pain warned her of a sickness and she could have averted it by relaxing.  And a year later when the dream came back she knew that she was being warned a second time, okay.  Your under stress again, if you don’t relax your going back to the doctor and she relaxed immediately and did not need to go back to the doctor, did not need medication so in that case she heard the counsel of her dream, acted on it and averted a sickness as a result of it.

Sid:  Mark, in the times we’re living in can you imagine if God gave someone an idea for a business, or how to make money that they could end up being part of that great wealth transfer.  Give me a real life example of someone that had a dream that released creativity.

Mark:  Alright I’ll tell you about a young man named Eric Rose; when he was in college he was training to be an artist, but he quit because a performance orientation just wrecked it for him so he left that and he went into a totally left brain kind of a job.  I believe it was an accountant, I kind of forget right now, but when he became a live to dreams God gave him several dreams reigniting his passion to draw and to paint and to create the vision that God was giving to him.  And God took him a step beyond what he’d done in the past.  Because God called him into sculpturing and making six foot sculpture out of bronze you know; of beautiful, beautiful action kind of figure, people worshipping in the presence of God; totally alive and you could just…  And he showed me some of these pictures and they were just totally alive and this thing sold for just thousands of dollars.  And so God restored a crushed part within him, brought him back and enlarged the gift that God had initially given to him and made it into something where he could actually produce an income while he blessed the world and the Body of Christ.

Sid:  Well, you know you’ve actually been corrected in your attitude towards people through dreams; tell me about the time God showed you people are far more important than projects.

Mark:   Well, we were in India and we were going to tape for two weeks straight, six days a week ten hours a day; we were going to tape six of our key courses.  We taped a hundred sessions, I never talked ten hours a day for six days a week, I wasn’t sure I could do that.  And I was pretty nervous because we were going to be on TV and I had a dream that first couple days that I was there.  I had a couple two or three dreams, the first dream somebody came and asked for me to pray for them in the dream and I just pushed them off, brushed them off I was too busy, you know and I felt terrible, I thought Mark, how could you do that?  And the second dream I had my computer got stolen from me and then it got destroyed.  And when I got up and journaled about those dreams and asked the Lord, he said, “Mark, the people that are working the camera’s here are more important than what you’re producing and I want you to teach them how to…

Sid:  By the way, in the natural that doesn’t make sense, what you’re producing should be more important than the people doing the cameras, but from God’s, from a spiritual perspective that’s not true; from a natural perspective that’s true.

Mark:  That’s exactly right and God the Wonderful Counselor is rebalancing me and saying, Mark, put people first.  And so I asked him, the guy that was running the production, “Could we have morning devotions and I’ll teach these guys how to hear God’s voice and how to interpret dreams?  And the team said, “Sure,” and so in the morning we journaled and learned how to hear God’s voice.  We shared journaling and over lunch time we shared dreams for two weeks straight and those guys became proficient in hearing God’s voice and interpreting dreams and we tapped over a hundred sessions over that two week period.

Sid:  But had you not listened to God you would have tapped, but I believe the anointing wouldn’t have even been there like it was.

Mark:  Well, that’s exactly right and the friendships that developed there amongst us still remain to this day.  You know we brought life to everyone that we were touching there, not just those that watch us on DVD but everyone received the life of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Sid:  I’m going to talk about a man that was in ministry for his first fifteen years that thought all dreams were pizza and then you got the revelation through a man that lived ninety-three years that studied dreams and now today; you look forward to your dreams.  How would your life be different if you had never gotten this understanding?

Mark:  Well, I would have missed so much wonderful counsel from God and I would be out doing things in an imbalanced way and much more calm.

Sid:  You’d be doing things in the flesh rather than doing things by the Spirit.

Mark:  Yeah, but I’m a must more caustic individual and I wouldn’t be softened by the power of the Holy Spirit to change me and say “Keep people first, love people, don’t get consumed with projects.  So, so much of my personality and life has changed as a result of that and success I believe also.

Sid:  I want you to speak to someone that’s listening right now and has just said, “That’s him, he has a gift, he can understand dreams; I’ll never be able to.”

Mark:  Ha-ha.  Alright I’ll just simply say that that is a lie from the enemy that is not true because I did not start out with a gift on interpreting dreams; I’m a left brain thinker, theologian, Baptist background and dreams and visions and intuition was impossible for me.  And God taught me how to do it and I can lay it out lineally with a clear lineal set of rules that you can follow so that you can reproduce in your life what God has produced in my life.  I promise and guarantee that can happen.

Sid:  Okay, now I want you to give, even though they don’t totally understand yet, because they haven’t gotten your course; I want them to start dreaming.  Give them instructions on what they should do tonight very quickly.

Mark:   Alright just as you go to sleep just say, “God, give me a dream, I believe in dreams, I’m asking you to speak to me.”  Put your bed, and say, “Heart, when you wake me up, I will record what you give me.  And then get yourself eight hours of sleep if at all possible you want to aim for eight hours because it’s going to give you the best opportunity for dream time and when you awaken if a dream is there begin to jot it down the summary of it and if you don’t remember all of it, don’t yank on it, just gently tug and say, Holy Spirit remind me the rest, attune the flow and let it just bubble on up to you.

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Our Guest John Kilpatrick

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Sid:  I am so excited about the teaching that’s coming forth this week.  My guest is Pastor John Kilpatrick, Senior Pastor of Church of His Presence in Daphne, Alabama.  And many of you are familiar with Pastor John as a result of the Pensacola revival and Brownsville Assembly of God during a five year period beginning Father’s Day, June 1995 over 4,000,000 people throughout the world came through the doors of his church because the presence of God was so awesome.   Hundreds of thousands of decisions for Jesus as Messiah; but what I’m finding out is that he was handpicked by God; mentored as a young man in prayer.  Had tasted of this as a young man and now at the great Father’s Day revival it just multiplied and he says that it’s about ready to hit planet earth again.  But what I was most interested in John is the first day of this year, you were given a prophetic insight into the future.  Tell me about that.

John:  Yeah, the Lord gave me a word, “He said, I’m going to give you a word with twelve letters in it and he said those twelve letters is a prophetic message that I’m going to give you.”  And I believe it’s for the next three years.  I didn’t believe that it’s for ’09, but I believe it’s for the next three years is what I felt in my spirit.  And as soon as He gave me the word resurrection He said, “The word is resurrection.”  And I counted it off on my fingers you know and sure enough it was twelve letters just like he said.  And it was like a download, almost like a computer download in my spirit the way the Lord gave it to me and it came very quickly.  And each one of those letters that the Lord gave me of the word resurrection has something to do I believe with the next three years.

Sid:  Well, let’s take because we’re offering the CD of which you extensively teach on what’s going to happen prophetically within the next three years.  Let’s just take a few as an example; the word resurrection begins with the letter r.  What does r stand for and what did God show you?

John:  Well, the first thing Holy Spirit said to me was, and this is right and you got to remember this is the first day of this year and the debacle, the financial debacle took place last year in the fall.  And so the first word of resurrection was the word r and here’s what the Holy Spirit said, “He said, tell my people,” He said, “Ask them did they really believe with the government coming in to bail out brokerage houses, banks, corporations, General Motors, Chrysler, and people like, ask My people did they really think that I would let the government come in and bail out the secular without me bailing out my people.”  He said, “I’m coming in 2009 to rescue my people financially.”  And the next word that He gave me was e and He said, “I’m going to use extreme measures,” He said, “Extreme measure, extreme times, calls for extreme measures.”  And He said, “Because the times are extreme and the times are dire,” He said, “I’m coming to rescue my people, I will not let them go under.”  And it reminded me of the Apostle Peter whenever he walked to the Lord on the water and the storm came up and the wind and the waves were boisterous and Peter began to sink.  And the Bible said that Jesus had to actually take him and rescue him, He had to take him and lift him and life him up out of the wind and the waves back up on the water where Jesus was standing because he began to sink.  And I think that many of God’s people have begun to feel like because of job loss or because of economy or whatever they began to feel like they were sinking.  But the Lord said, “Tell my people, I’m coming to rescue them and I’ll use extreme measures to do it.  And one of the illustrations He gave me was the three Hebrew children as the three Hebrew children refused to worship the image that was put before them they heated the furnace up seven times hotter and even the men that threw the three Hebrew children in the fiery furnace they were consumed, they were burned and consumed just burned to ashes.  But those three Hebrew children went into the fire seven times hotter and they came out without not one hair singed and not even the smell of smoke on their cloths.  God used extreme measures to deliver them in extreme situations.

Sid:  Now, one of the letters in resurrection actually three of them is the letter r which in one case you said, stood for Russia.

John:  Yes.

Sid:  What did God show you about Russia over the next few years?

John:  I had just got through preaching a series about Russia and I dealt with the Bible names that was going to come against Israel in the latter days and I had just got through preaching on it and so my congregation as I gave them this word; they understood it a little bit.  The Holy Spirit is showing me that Russia is going to come against Israel for sure a long with a coalition of other nations.  And one of the things I believe the Holy Spirit showed me Sid was if Netanyahu got elected it was going to be an Israeli issue, and Israel issue.  If Zippy Levine got elected it was going to be a Jerusalem issue.  And you know that Netanyahu is now the Prime Minister of Israel and it’s going to be an Israeli situation because he is not going to give up, he’s not going to give up any more land.  I don’t believe and I love our president, I love President Bush.  As a matter of fact I talked to President Bush on the telephone before he was elected along with a group of other preachers and I got to ask the last question.  And I asked him, I said, “President Bush if you become President what is your stance on Israel?”  And he says that my stance if the Bible stance, He says that when everybody else has turned tail and run he says I’ll still stand by Israel.  But yet at the same time he really used Condalisa Rice and others to get Israel to give up land for peace to divide the land, and God said that He was against those that would divide His land.  And so one of the things that Holy Spirit has shown me is that Israel is going to be defended by God whenever a coalition of nations comes down with Russia to invade Israel.  And another issue is going to be Jerusalem and Sid I believe that in the end it’s not going to be the economies of the world, it’s not going to be viruses, it’s not going to be flue epidemics, it’s not going to be whatever.  The main thing is going to be in these last days how nations take a stand on the city of Jerusalem; it’s not the city of Atlanta, it’s not Johannesburg, it’s not Venice, it’s Jerusalem.  And all those the Bible says in Zachariah 12 that do not deal justly and they do not deal rightly with Jerusalem he said that he will cut them in pieces.  And the Holy Spirit has shown me that this what the crux is going to come down to in these last days; it’s going to be Israel, but especially Jerusalem.  Israel has been an issue now for quite some time really since 1948, but in our time the issue is going to be Jerusalem and Jerusalem cup of trembling in the hand of the Lord.  And I would really caution politicians, prime, ministers, kings, and presidents; you be careful how you deal with Jerusalem!

Sid:  How about pastors that are involved with replacement theology as if the church replaces natural Israel?

John:  My God, I’m so troubled; as I said a while ago in many cases, and I love pastors, I am a pastor, but in many cases congregations are at a different level than many pastors are.  There’s congregations that love Israel and love Jerusalem and many pastors are preaching today that the church has replaced Israel which is, I don’t believe that for a moment; I’ve never believed it.  I thank God that I was raised by a pastor that showed me the truth of the Word of God concerning Israel and concerning Jerusalem in these last days.  He inbred that into me; and I’ll believe it until the day that I die; the church has never replaced Israel.

Sid:  What is going to happen to the United States of America in your opinion or perhaps God has shown you if the United States of America presses Israel to divide the land?

John:  I believe it will be our destruction, I believe that all through these years the blessings of God has been on America because of Israel.  And if you look at the word its Jerusalem, USA is right in the middle of Jerusalem.  And that maybe just a coincidence, but I don’t believe so.  We’ve always been there to fortify Israel; we’ve always been there to defend them; we’ve always been there to uphold them every way we can to honor them and to protect them.  But this new thinking that’s come into Washington now; that come into politics, Democrat and Republican; this new thinking that’s come about to divide up the land and to give Jerusalem, part of Jerusalem to the Palestinians; that very issue I believe will be the down fall of America and other nations of the world.  Because the Bible says that He’ll make Jerusalem a cup of trembling for all nations, all nations; so Israel has been an issue since ’48, we’ve all known that. But now just in our time we’ve lived to see the day that Zachariah 12 is coming to pass where He’s making Jerusalem a cup of trembling.  And one of the things the Holy Spirit showed me in this prophetic word was that Russia was going to play a major role in coming against the nation of Israel; I believe shortly.  There’s a lot of preachers that believe this will be a tribulation event, I’m not so sure about that, I’m not so sure about it.  There’s things that leads me to believe in Ezekiel 38 and 39 those two chapters, there’s issues that leads me to believe that this is going to happen maybe right after the rapture or right before the rapture.

Sid:  So how far off in your opinion might the rapture be?

John:  You know what, I can’t set dates, but I preached a message recently and the title of my message was “Five Reasons I believe the Coming of Christ is at hand.”  All during my ministry as I’ve been preaching since 1970, I’ve been pasturing since 1970 I’ve been preaching on different issues and they’ve all been an issue, but never before has all five of these been in play at one time.  All five of these major signs are in play right now; and there’s five reasons, major reasons why I believe the coming of Christ is at hand.  So I don’t believe that His coming is going to tarry and with all five of these major things being in play right at the moment.  There’s not three in play; there’s not two in play; there all five in play right now.  It leads me to believe that this thing’s are about to come to acumination and I can’t say when but I would say we have a very brief window of time left as a church on the earth.

Sid:  John you time is slipping away…On tomorrows broadcast you had a prophetic word about a coming financial storm and I’d like to hear about that on tomorrows broadcast.

John:  Sure will.

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