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Our Guest Keith Miller

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Sid:  We’re just learning about the fullness of this and the authority that we’ve been given on planet earth.  And I’m so excited about my guest Keith Miller literally went to heaven and had a revelation of the Seven Spirits of God.  And he explains on each of the Spirits and dimensions of the Spirit of God, as he explains there’s really a transferable anointing that occurs and it will occur as your listening.  Now Keith on yesterday’s broadcast you talk about hearing heavenly music, explain.

Keith:  I was recently this was just recently I was woken up early in the morning about 3:00 in the morning and heard literally the majestic splendor or the choir of God if you would.  I could hear the sound of worship that in heaven and it was like I was right there. It just undid me and what brought a revelation that was brought in the encounter was the majestic splendor of Him the awe of God.  Not just what He’s going to do with us and what He’s going to release through us, but just the awe of God, just being awed with Him and His majestic splendor, His glory and how awesome He is.  And it was an incredible thing, it was a humbling thing.

Sid:  Tell me about the rain; actually this occurred in your home?

Keith:  Yes, the next day after the encounter we were setting there my wife and I and all of a sudden a golden rain began to pour on me and I went “What in the world.”  And my wife looked at me and I said, “I’m being rained on.”  And instantly I asked the Lord and He said, “It’s Ezekiel rain.”  I said, “Ezekiel rain?”  And He told me, “That it’s Ezekiel 34 where around the mountain of the Lord He will release the golden showers of blessing and His people will have a harvest.”  Actually I like what it says in one translation it actually says “A plump abundant harvest because He gives rain at the proper time.”  And that’s what the Lord told me “That’s what He’s doing right now was releasing rain that was watering words that we’ve been carrying for years in our hearts.”

Sid:  Prophecies of perhaps that we’ve heard twenty years ago?

Keith:  Yes and even things that we’ve only saw the 30 unfolding of He says, “I’m putting fresh.”  Remember in Job it says in 14 “The stump of the tree, the olive tree just smells the fragrance of rain and it begins to bud.”

Sid:  I almost feel that it’s beginning to rain in here. Out of curiosity you saw this golden rain, did your wife see it also?

Keith:  She didn’t see it but she felt it. She felt it and what happened was we were both instantly like in the Spirit in the sense that we were like in a place where we were just seeing visions and different things like that.  It was just an incredible encounter and we began to see these little buds blossoming and blossoms turning into fruit and we knew that the word was to God’s people to encourage them, which is really 1 Corinthians 15:57 and 58 “That the Lord was giving us the victory therefore my brethren stand firm without wavering without moving knowing that your work in the Lord is not in vain.”

Sid:  Well, that was a prophetic word for many of you, grab it it’s yours.  Tell me what happened in Texas when you were frozen.

Keith:  Well, the Lord began to teach me on the sevenfold flow.  I said, “Lord I don’t want to just know about the sevenfold flow, I want to function in it.”  And in a meeting I was right in the middle of the preaching and my wife was there, several of my staff was there, my friends were there and as I was preaching all of sudden I’m preaching and I was just frozen.  My hand was actually kind of out and I froze right then and as I froze.  And I’d been asking “Lord I want to function and operate out of what Jesus ministered in, I want to function out of the sevenfold flow of the Holy Spirit without measure break off measures anything’s possible with You, if I’m surrendered I want to function and see the unlimited flow of the Holy Spirit, however you want to flow I want to let you flow.  I don’t want to come short in no gift in thinking that I can only minister in this realm but as a surrendered vessel that You can do whatever You want.”  And all of a sudden in that moment I was literally frozen and I saw I had been praying this prayer “Let it be on to me according to the things that you’ve written for me.”  “Let it be on to me according to the things that you’ve written for me.”  David prayed that payer in Psalms 139 and so I said that and all of a sudden I saw a word just go into me and I said, “What in the world?”  And all of a sudden I saw a sentence go into me and then a paragraph and then I saw seeing books going into me and it was a Spirit of impartation of the Spirit of Wisdom and we see that Jesus, they said about Jesus in Mark 6:2.  Well let me finish this part when I come out of the encounter the one thing the Lord’s always told me to do the first person I always pray for impartation, not for just prayer, but for impartation after an encounter with the Lord is my wife because we walk equally in this together.

Sid:  How long were you frozen?

Keith:  Awe for a good five to six minutes, didn’t move.  I come up out of there out of the encounter and everybody was just kind of looking at me.

Sid:  Okay you pray for your wife and then what?

Keith:  She was standing right in front of me because all of a sudden she’s seen it happened and she moved right up there and when I come out of the encounter she was standing right there with her hands up saying, I’ll take that too, because she knew that something had just taken place for me.

Sid:  Well right now there are people listening to us and they’re saying, “I’ll take that too,” would you pray?

Keith:  “Father God we thank you right now that we see all through Your word that You’ve filled Your people with the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding.  That wisdom is not analytical ability but it’s ability from you to us to function in what we’re created to do. So I thank you right now for a fresh release, not a touch, but a river of perpetual continuous flow of the Spirit of Wisdom to be released for every person listening right now.  I thank you for Wisdom to function in the things you’ve purposed for us; we thank you for Wisdom to call forth the unseen to be seen.  We call forth for Wisdom to be a wise master builder building according to the blueprints of heaven and bringing forth the unseen to the seen in the Name of the Lord Jesus.  I thank you for creative ideas right now to be released for your people.  I pray for business people that are listening right now for creative ideas in the business realm.  I thank you for creative ideas in the areas of arts, gifts, songs, music all kinds of different creative arts, I thank you for that.  I thank you that we’re coming into a whole new season of prophetic declaration in the arts by the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding. I thank you for filling up your people right now and let the river of Wisdom and Understanding flow.  But we’re not asking for a touch we’re asking for a river perpetual continuous flow and we thank You Lord that it’s not just ankle deep, it’s not just knee deep, not just waist deep but we’re asking for the fullness to flow right now.  I’m praying in such a way for every person now, right this minute like they said of Jesus, “Where did this man get such wisdom that these mighty works are done by His hands?”  I pray that for every person now in the Name of Jesus out of your belly shall flow rivers of living water. Amen.”

Sid:  Very briefly, when you got the Spirit of Wisdom what changed occurred in your life, what did you see in the business world?

Keith:  It was amazing because I started having dreams of how to put together things and make things in the electrical business that I shouldn’t have knew how because I never went to college, never went to school for but I was engineering things that were keeping our business constantly in demand because of these things that I was getting in dreams and different things like that, and we’d make them so and we’d be in constant demand.  I never new a slow time in business because it always seemed like something of a download would come right at the right time in the area of thought from the Lord or a dream and I’d put those together and they’d be in demand.  In the same way like the writing of the book, I believe that by the Spirit of Wisdom the book was put together because I don’t have the educated background, but the Lord’s really put together a book that there using in seminaries that they are using that’s going all through the world.  Pastor’s are reading it doctors are reading it, leaders are reading it and it’s not my ability but it’s the ability of the Spirit of Wisdom and Understanding functioning and flowing out of my life, and He can do that for every person listening.

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Our Guest Keith Miller

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Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah. Imagine three encounters with a gigantic angel that started in August of 2002, and one of these encounters, my guest Keith Miller was given a scroll and ate it and it’s come out in the new book that we’re offering, “Surrender to the Spirit.”   But tell me about that third encounter you had with the same angel.

Keith:  Yeah, it happened it was pretty awesome because the first one in August and the second was September each month for three months there was a fresh encounter unexpected. Something I didn’t want to sense, but it was after the second encounter I began to dive into the Word on the strength and the stature of the Lord, as I shared yesterday.  But the third encounter I had actually for my first time back out to minister since the August encounter was in a church in Hobbs, New Mexico and they had previously booked me months before the encounters ever took place they had booked me for a set of meetings called Seven Days of Glory.  And it was awesome because at the time we booked it we had no idea that this was going to take place. So I went over to the church, and one of the things the Lord had promised me and what I had been asking for was where ever we went that we would minister out of His counsel.  And so when I got to the church there in Hobbs I was going to start Sunday morning and go all the way through Saturday. That Sunday morning I told the pastor I said, “Hey this is October 2002 I said I just need to have a little bit of time with the Lord if I could.”  And he said, “Okay just take my office” and so I went into his office and I just lay down on the floor and I sat there in his office.  And I just began to ask the Lord I said, “Lord I want Your heart, Your counsel what do you want to do in this set of meetings, what do You want to accomplish, what’s going to be longevity something that’s not a visitation but something that You are going to establish here in the realm of the Kingdom.”  And then all of a sudden as I’m praying, now back and lifted up into another encounter very similar as the first one. It’s like boom and I’m in the encounter.  And as I was in the encounter I was instantly in the throne room before the throne of the Lord.  And how I can best describe it was that in Matthew Jesus describes in Matthew 24 “He says I go to the right hand side of the power today and that’s what it was.”  I’m telling you, that’s what it was and it was like a real heavy incredible high power, holy incredible power like every fiber of my being was just just whew, it was just like this incredible holiness and purity and I was just undone again.  And I was just like this huge white incredible white glory power and I was just standing there and I was just looking and I was beholding the scene and then all of a sudden that same angel was on the right hand side of the throne.  As he was standing there and I’m trying and I’m literally going what is going on?  And all of a sudden the angel that I could see the hand of the Lord, I could literally make out his hand and inside his hand was an envelope and he handed the envelope to the angel and the angel walks over to me, hands me the envelope and I am so undone I’m shaking, I drop the envelope and the angel of the Lord picks it back up and hands it to me. I open up the envelope and there was no paper in the envelope, it wasn’t like there was anything in the envelope but the message was the envelope if you would.  I really don’t understand the fullness of that, but it was just like it was in the envelope, I didn’t pull out a piece of paper, but the message was in the envelope and there was two scriptures and the two scriptures were Revelation 4:5 and Isaiah 11:2 and then I was out of the encounter.

Sid:  And very briefly tell me what these two scriptures say.

Keith:  Revelation 4:5 is an incredible passage where it describes the seven fold flow, but it says “and from the throne proceedings lightning, thunders and voices and seven lamps of fire were burning before the throne which are the Seven Spirits of God.”  And then Isaiah 11:2, and you know at that time I’ll tell you I didn’t even know what seven Spirits of God were. I said, “Seven Spirits, I don’t understand that.”  And then Isaiah 11:2 “The Spirit of the Lord shall rest upon Him, the Spirit of Wisdom, the Spirit of Understanding, the Spirit of Counsel and Might, the Spirit of knowledge and the Fear of the Lord.”  And that was the two scriptures that were in the message that the Angel of Lord handed me.

Sid:  And what did this mean to you after you reflected on it?

Keith:  At first I really didn’t understand it and in fact that seven days of meetings were incredible meetings because it was like He had given me a foretaste of what this anointing was going to release. I’d begin to minister out of the realm of God in those seven days that I would look at people and I would hear the Lord tell me what was wrong with them, and I would tell them and then I’d tell them things about their mother or their daughter and steel bars disappeared out people’s back and people were healed.

Sid:  And you mean that someone that had a steel bar because a doctor put it in there disappeared.

Keith:  Yeah, they couldn’t…

Sid:  That’s what I thought you said.

Keith:  Yes, they could not bend over, there was no way they could bend over because of a bad back and had a bar, a steel rod and we hit a… after that Sunday morning service from that point on those seven days was seven days of glory and we saw more than one time steel disappear names, addresses, diseases, people that weren’t even in the meetings.  Somebody’s daughter with a rare blood disease and just an incredible, and I really felt like it was the Lord saying, and at that time I didn’t know what was going on I just had the encounter, the two passages. I would spend all day looking up what does that mean, I don’t understand this Lord and I was just during the day studying and at night we would have the revival meetings and it was just incredible, just incredible demonstration of the power of the Holy Spirit in a way that I’ve never seen before.  I dreamed about those things, I mean some of the days like A.A. Allen some of these guys, and there’s a promise that we all know that what He did formerly will always be greater in the latter.  And so I began to touch something in the Spirit and I said, “Oh my gosh,” and then after that seven day meeting I went home and I tried to find everything  I could on it, but there wasn’t much out there.  I couldn’t find anything, what is the seven Spirits of God? I thought I better be careful here because there’s only one Holy Spirit but seven Spirits I don’t understand this. So it began a journey for me that moment that I began to search out those deep things of God and begin to pray and dive into the Word, and He began to teach me on what are the seven fold flow?  Who are the Seven anointing, seven functions, seven different rivers if you would of the precious Holy Spirit of a believers life because Jesus himself said, in John 7 that out of your belly shall flow rivers, not just a river but rivers that’s multiple flow.  Job 29:6 says that the rock poured out rivers of oil for me.  I believe that it ties right in with that lampstand, and also with the wells that Isaac re-dug; the seven wells or the wells that he and he renamed that last well the well of the seven and the fullness of the Holy Spirit.

Sid:  What excites me is not just that you’re teaching on this but this teaching is so pregnant with the Spirit of God that people receive impartations on these seven Spirits of God.

Keith:  That’s right, in the beginning of Azusa Street the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, it wasn’t just a good teaching, it became something that the Lord was bringing forth for the Body of Christ to see revival. Then we know that He began to bring forth the understanding of the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

Sid:  And speaking of gifts of the Holy Spirit you had quite a move of God’s Spirit in Pennsylvania briefly tell me about that.

Keith:  Yeah, it was awesome we went for a four day weekend and it ended up exploding for ten weeks.  So it’s twelve states, thirty different denominations came during the meetings and also touched the college, we saw incredible we saw warlocks get born again.  People that were actually worshipping the devil came into the meeting with the intent of messing with the meetings, pentagram on and everything. The power of God touched them and they got born again and to this day they are still serving the Lord.  So we just saw an incredible breakout on revival there in Pennsylvania.

Sid:  Well, on tomorrow’s broadcast, speaking of a breakout of God’s Spirit, I would like you to talk about what God showed you about the Spirit of Wisdom and when that came upon you. How your life was changed, and do you know what I believe I believe that when you teach on the Spirit of Wisdom that’s what’s going to be transferred as you’re teaching on that.  Have you had any other encounters where you’ve been taken to heaven?

Keith:  Yes, I have I’ve had several encounters prophetic encounters where I’ve seen different aspects like the Lord in counsel showed me different things of even establishing the wells of the old in the areas of those that have gone before us.  And how we honor those establishing what they released upon the earth by the power of the Holy Ghost.  But one of the recent things that we’ve had encountered was we were, Janet and I my precious wife, were just sitting in the front room and we’d just got through with a series of meetings and all of a sudden… the night before I had been woken up and I literally heard the majestic sounds of heaven.  And when I say majestic I literally could hear the deep worship and the majestic splendor of God…

Sid:  Ooops, were out of time we’ll pickup here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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Our Guest John McTernan

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Sid:  My guest, John McTernan has updated his book the title “As America has Done to Israel.” He documents that within most times 24 hours of the United States trying to divide the land of Israel or doing something anti-Jewish or anti-Israel, there have been in modern times the five worst economic disasters to hit America all connected with our relationship of Israel.  You would think that everyone would read this book and understand it and understand the supernatural connection of blessing or curses based on our attitude towards Israel.  And I know that this one of John’s biggest frustrations, but I had asked you and I said, “John do you know if Congressman, Senators, the President, the Vice President, the Supreme Court Justices I mean the influences makers and the world have read this book?” You started to answer that.

John:  Well, Sid there have been two copies that I know of that have been of my book that have been given to President Bush.  I was contacted by a congressman from Indiana awhile back and this was what happened, his wife somehow got a copy of my book.  And it would be interesting I never asked her how she got a copy of my book and anyway she read it. As she was reading the things like we’ve been discussing of the show Sid she was telling her husband, he’s a Congressman from Indiana and he’s a Republican Congressman and they got so, he didn’t read the book his book was related to him what I had written in the book the connection about dividing the land of Israel and all these awesome things that were happening to America.  And Sid they immediately went to the Whitehouse without making an appointment, they wanted to see the President to give him a copy of the book; they went to the Whitehouse and he was not in.  They spoke to one of the President’s advisors who assured them that the President would be given the book and he received a letter about a week later from President Bush saying that he had received the book and he thanked him.  Now whether the President read it or not I don’t know.

Sid:  I know, I can’t image any man or woman of God reading this book and wanting to be on the flipside on God’s judgment.

John:  But God did get the book to him, it was literally put on his desk in the Whitehouse.

Sid:  But let’s switch gears for just a second, okay you pointed out that within 24 hours of the United States latest orchestration of dividing up Jerusalem to make it Palestinian one part, and making it Jewish the other part, and also forming a Palestinian State.  Within 24 hours the most recent attempt under the Bush Administration we had Hurricane Ike, we had the rumblings of something of, if you or I had even prophesied this a year ago people would think that we were nuts, that some of the largest financial institutions in America.  The rocks if you will are shaking.

John:  Yes Sid.

Sid:  Continue.

John:  Sid as I had mentioned on the previous show about the revelation that America is working to divide Jerusalem.  We had the beginning of this, it’s not sort of the beginning, but it’s a major unraveling of our economy, and actually as the revelation came out Lehman Brothers bank had failed and actually did fail $639 billion.  And Sid from that day on back at that period of time, the stock market, the banks, the whole economy of the United States started to come to a grinding halt.  Sid when the President gave his speech about the need to get $700 billion, almost a trillion dollars coming from government money, to keep the banks and Wall Street a float. Right in the midst of that he met with Mahmoud Abbas from the Palestinians to divide Jerusalem.  I have this here right in front of me, it’s dated September 25th, this is what comes from the Washington Times, “The US financial crisis is at center stage at the Whitehouse on Thursday, that’s September 25th when the two presidential candidates Barack Obama and John McCain and Congressional leaders meet the discuss rescue plans, the United State financial markets.

Sid:  How could the United States gasping for air economically speaking, he could even have an appointment with the head of the Palestinians?

John:  Well Sid, I don’t know you would think he would cancel it.  Now listen to this, “Mideast Peace was the topic of Bushes talks with Abbas. Peace talks were re-launched at the U.S. hosted Summit last November with prodding from the U.S. Israel and Palestinians set a yearend target for reaching a final peace accord that would end the six decades of the hostilities.”  Now I’m not going to read any more Sid, but Abbas met with Bush before Bush gave his you know the final speech there about the 700 billion dollars going into the stock market, into the banks.  On that very day he met with Abbas in the Whitehouse to divide Jerusalem Sid.

Sid:  Now the reason I have you on the air this week is that you have received a prophetic word about America from the Lord, and I would like you to share the circumstances and share that word now.

John:  Sid, there is a certain way that I hear from the Lord, and quite a bit of my book is written as I’ve heard from the Lord I put the concepts and all in my book.  So I know Sid when this, when I’m hearing from the Lord this certain way.  The Lord wakes me up about 3:00 in the morning and it’s always dark instantly I’m wide awake, then I hear His voice.  And yeah, I never ever talk back, I just listen and it’s things to put in the book, things I go research, things like that, scriptures, He’ll give me scriptures.

Sid:  So this is the first time that you’ve had such a prophetic warning in your life.

John:  Like this, yeah.

Sid:  Have you had a prophetic warning previously that has come to pass?

John:  I was warned at 9/11, but I didn’t know it was just a general, it was just…This is the first time Sid that it was specific like this.  The Lord spoke to me, in fact I called you urgently didn’t I Sid as a result in hearing this from the Lord.  The Lord spoke to me and said, “I have broken the back of America.” It was crystal clear Sid, it was, in fact I heard it, it was several times I’ve broken the back of America, I have broken the back of America.”  It was repeated several times and I said…and Sid, in all the years that I’ve heard from the Lord, it’s the first time if you want to, if I could use the expression, I talked back, normally I just listen.  I said, “Why Lord?”  And I heard clear as a bell, homosexuality and Jerusalem.  And then I heard the next judgment will be for abortion.

Sid:  And God says the next judgment will be for abortion, I don’t want you to add or subtract from God’s words, but based on history what does that mean to you?

John:  Sid, I say this with, I don’t even know how I can say it Sid, this is one of the hardest things I think I’ve ever said in our interviews, but Sid it’s crystal clear from the Book of Numbers that if you shed innocent blood it takes the blood of those of those that shed it to pay for it.  And Sid we’ve killed 50 million babies in America Sid, legally, 50 million.  And I believe Sid and there was no date given to me, there was nothing that I think I could say “Well, it’s final it must happen, but if there isn’t a rise in America Sid of the church, and if I say playing religious games, that’s my terminology for not facing reality on what’s going on with the Lord. Not facing this continual slaughter of children in the womb, not facing the dividing Jerusalem, not facing the homosexual agenda that we’re marrying homosexuals now legally in our nation.

Sid:  Now what they say is they call it same sex union, they don’t call it marriage and they are justifying it that way by playing with semantics and words.

John:  Well, the effect with the Lord is that it’s the same you know.  Sid I feel that there is horrific judgment coming to America and untold numbers of Americans can perish Sid.  And what you said Sid on a previous show about the economic changes in America, if me and you had discussed that let’s say in 2007 that Bear Stearns was going to be gone, that Leman Brothers had failed and that Merrill Lynch was going to fail that in effect, how do you explain what the Federal Government if doing?  Aren’t we like socializing the economy?

Sid:  We’re putting a band aids on is what I see it because trying to avoid the inevitable unless as you said and I’m going to repeat, “Unless there is a major repentance and a turning towards God it looks like we’re on borrowed time.

John:  Yes Sid, that’s what it takes; it takes the Church to cry out and stop playing religious games Sid.  Listen to Numbers 35:33 “So you should not pollute the land wherein you are for blood it defiles the land and the land cannot be cleansed of the blood that is shed there in but by the blood of Him that shed it.

Sid:  Sobering thoughts, sobering words…

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Our Guest Dr. Jim Richards

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Sid:  I have a guest that I should not be talking to right now; he should have been dead many times.  And I find that when there’s such a diabolical plot to destroy someone it’s almost as if the devil has some inside knowledge that there’s something powerful that this person is going to bring forth in the Kingdom.  I mean Dr. Jim Richards your stepfather tried to murder you, your natural Father tried to murder you, they shipped you off to your grandmother, I guess to save your life and she was crazy too.  You got involved in drugs and alcohol, you were a rock musician. How in the world did you reverse that lifestyle?  And in addition to all of that you had kidney disease and you had a number of diseases from that horrible lifestyle and everything else!  How did you survive?

Jim:  You know I can look back and I can only assume that somehow God protected me from so many horrible opportunities to die you know.  I went through a lot of pain, a lot of physical pain, and I went through a lot of emotional pain. You know deep inside me there was this hunger to know God.  And as long as I can remember even though I lived this horrible lifestyle, even though you know as a teenager …

Sid:  But where did this come from?  How in the world with the lifestyle you were living did you have this hunger to know God?

Jim:  You know my personal belief is that God calls to every heart that maybe every heart doesn’t listen or every heart doesn’t respond, but I believe God calls to every heart.  You know I’ve looked back over my life and the only time that I can remember having any involvement with church was when I was a child. At Christmas one year my mother, something happened and I don’t remember if my Dad beat her up, I really don’t remember, but she ended up in the hospital at Christmas and the church brought us some food.  So when my Mom got out of the hospital we went to church for just a few weeks.  I remember actually then maybe, at four years old or five years old, one night as a service was ending and the pastor walked outside to go to his car I remember chasing him down the sidewalk, grabbing him by his coat and trying to stop him and tell him that I wanted to know God.  And he turned to me and said, “Well, you are too young.” So that kind of shot down any you know, all of my hopes at that moment, but I always wanted to know God.  Even when I was using drugs, dealing drugs, I think that every night every single night when I went to sleep if I was sober enough to do so I would just pray, and I would say, “God don’t let me die like this, I want to know you and I don’t want to die like this.”

Sid:  Just out of curiosity as a Rock Musician I can just image long hair.

Jim:  Oh yeah.

Sid:  And the way you looked when you walked into church were you accepted at all?

Jim:  No, not really and this was in the late ‘60s and early ‘70s. Actually by this time about 1969 I think it was I actually started going to churches and would go to their office during the week and knock on the door and ask to see the Pastor, sometimes they wouldn’t allow me to.  Sometimes I would get in to see the Pastor, and I would go in and say listen “My name is Jim Richards, I live here in Hinesville, I’m a drug dealer, I’m messed up, I’m on drugs, I think I’m dying,” because by this time my kidney disease with substance abuse had just really taken its toll on my body.  I woke up every morning with pretty much with blood on my pillow you know, my skin had this disease, my hair was falling out, I would just tell these guys “Look I’m trying to find God, I’m going to Hell, I know it and I want to find God.”  And the amazing thing was nobody told me how to get saved!  I had people tell me your right you are going to Hell and then on the other end of the spectrum I had people tell me “Don’t worry nobody’s going to Hell.”  And of course I thought they were all crazy, I just wanted to know God because I knew that I needed to get delivered from me!

Sid:  But, “Well Jim, give me a bottom line what crossed you over to the point where you can say now I know that I know God?”

Jim:  You know during this period of time I was driving to another city to try out a new drummer. I was putting together a new band, and the guy that was with me was my bass player and his cousin used to help us get drugs in from Atlanta so that we could sell and use drugs here.  And his cousin had gotten saved and of course we didn’t know the terms save, we just said, “He got religion.”  His name was Ernie, and so I asked my friend about getting some drugs from Ernie and he said, “Man,” and he said “Ernie he’s got blank, blank religion and he is blank and telling me about Jesus and he’s blank and telling me about for God and you’re blank against God.”  And he’s just cussing and ranting and raving, but in the process of his ranting and raving I heard enough of the gospel that for the first time in my life I knew that I had to believe on Jesus, that He died for me and that God raised Him from the dead.  I didn’t understand what that meant really in any great degree. So I let him out of the car when we finished out little road trip and I’m driving down the road and I just said, “God I don’t get this, I don’t understand this but if I got to believe on this thing about Jesus dying for me I’m willing to believe that and I’ll give You my life if You want my life.”  My salvation prayer was one of these prayers where I said, “And here’s the deal, I’m not going to play church and I’m not going to believe anything about you that I don’t read in the Bible for myself so if You’ll get a Bible in my hands and if you will take my life I will give you my life.”  And all I can say is that in that moment I had a revelation of the love of God where it seemed like I left my body for an eternity and experienced something that was completely beyond words.  And what was interesting I was crossing a set of railroad tracks there were about six or eight railroad tracks there and by the time I reached the other side of the railroad tracks I had come back from what seemed like an eternity.  And all I knew was at that moment that God loved me and that I was a new man.

Sid:  Where did the passion come for understanding healing?  You know this, I can go to almost any good church in America, I mean that believes in healing, that preaching healing and say “Everyone that is sick if you’ll stand up you’ll get healed.”  And 90% of the people will stand up.  You have a passion to understand why they’re not healed.

Jim:  Right.

Sid:  Why do you have such a passion?

Jim:  Well you know first of all I was born with a congenital kidney disease which I really should not have even survived the first year of my life.  And because of that I had a lot of immune disorders that made me very vulnerable to different diseases. So throughout my young life you know I had spinal meningitis, I had swine flu.  I had you just almost name it; plus I had life threatening kidney infections on a fairly regular basis so first of all the experience of living through that kid of physical pain you know drove me to great compassion for people.  I have been involved in all kinds of ministry you know, I have conducted meetings all over the world, I seen every miracle in the New Testament most of them I’ve seen hundreds of times.  But I still have great compassion for those people that are trapped somewhere that they don’t get healed in a meeting and so many times we just right that off to okay, they just don’t have enough faith or whatever, but God loves those people, Jesus died for those people and the Bible gives us some very serious…

Sid:  You know my heart goes out to someone that says “I believe that God heals, I’ve seen lots of people healed, but why doesn’t God heal me?”  And that is the silent prayer of so many Christians today and I believe you have answers.

Jim:  Well, you know that’s what I set out to find, you know I still lay hands on people, I still believe for the miraculous, I still experience the miraculous, but for that person that is standing there saying “Why am I not getting healed?”  I want to be able to go to some very real Biblical answers, and I want to be able to help that person walk through a Bible process so that they can put off. You know the Bible says to put off anything related to our old man.  And that’s not just the old man in sense of all the wicked things we have done, it’s our sense of identity, any aspect of believing about ourselves that is not based on who we are in Jesus. The Bible tells us to put that off and to put on this new identity that we have in Christ, put on Jesus really.  I have discovered that you can’t help a person put on what we have in Jesus if there’s something from their past, maybe a hurt, maybe a pain, maybe a shame, if they are holding on to that they cannot put on healing or even happiness sometimes because they’re holding on to something that they need to let go of.

Sid:  Well, you go pretty deep in your teaching, you talk about trapped feelings, trapped emotions, trapped wrong thinking, and you teach people how to identify it and get rid of it in an amazing simplistic fashion, and I do say simplistic!

Jim:  It is very simplistic!

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Our Guest LaDonna Taylor

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with LaDonna Taylor. And during the break we were talking about ears. I wish you had ears to hear what she was telling me. But you’ve actually prayed for people that the bones weren’t there.

LaDONNA: That’s right.

SID: And God has given them hearing. Tell me what goes on with people.

LaDONNA: Well most of the time they’re just so surprised. I’ve gotten to the point where I just think God can do anything.

SID: Are you telling me they’re not saying, I came here tonight believing I’d get my hearing.

LaDONNA: That’s right. Some of them, one lady that was born deaf didn’t even understand why I was playing the violin, and she just went to church because there wasn’t anything else to do. She was deaf. Her life was extremely limited. And she went, and she almost didn’t come to the altar when the person that was signing said, “Take your hearing aids out and go to the altar.” But she did, and she’s healed today.

SID: Now you’ve had the privilege, and I mean a high privilege of hearing the music of Heaven. What is it like, LaDonna, the music of Heaven? It’s got to be out of this world. I couldn’t resist it.

LaDONNA: How can I tell you with words, with a human voice what that music could sound like? I could say to you, it has many, many, many more notes than we’re used to hearing. The voices sounded like thousands or maybe millions of voices behind it. But it’s unmistakable. You knew you were hearing something supernatural.

SID: You see angels’ wings, Jesus right by someone, healing them as you’re playing.


SID: Tell me what angels’ wings look like. I don’t even know.

LaDONNA: What I saw was clear, transparent, pearlescent and very beautiful, like you see a dove’s white beautiful wings. That’s what I saw.

SID: You proclaim that people are going to be healed before it happens. I do that, too. And I have noticed that God honors it every time. Now sometimes I proclaim it, and I’m not in a friendly environment. And if God doesn’t show up, I’m in big trouble.

LaDONNA: Jesus loves for us to believe his word. And that’s what we’re doing.

SID: If I ask you to play your violin, which is right there, right now, what’s going to happen? I want you to proclaim and then play that violin.

LaDONNA: I know exactly what He’s going to do.

SID: Okay.

LaDONNA: There are people, you need to be healed of a broken heart because there’s something you’ve forgotten. Maybe some of you never knew it, but I’m going to let the notes speak to you.

[violin music]

LaDONNA: He loves you. He loves you. Don’t ever forget it.

SID: LaDonna, people are healed, which is so amazing to me, of not just something they got yesterday, but long term diseases when you play the violin. Tell me about one person.

LaDONNA: I remember a service where a gentleman waited until the end of the service. At the very end we were ready to dismiss and he came up. The presence of God got so strong when he got close, and he started crying, and he said, “I’ve had fibromyalgia for 23 years. I’ve been in constant pain for 23 years.” Instantly, Jesus took it away.

SID: There’s a song that I love, “All Creatures of Our God and King”. Tell me something that happened when you played this song.

LaDONNA: This music, to me, is the closest to the sounds of Heaven that I’ve heard.

SID: I can’t wait to hear that. Would you get to the music set right now. And I want you to hear some of the music of Heaven.

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Our Guests Ron & Glenda Pettey Monday

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Sid:  I am so excited about our guests Ron and Glenda Pettey.  I’m speaking to them by way of telephone at their home just outside of Houston, Texas.  I have just finished reading their book “Heaven is Real.”  And I can tell you this book has the atmosphere of heaven when it’s being read.  Ron and Glenda was it love at first sight on your blind date?

Ron:  Yes, it was.

Glenda:  Actually love at second sight, the first few hours I led him to the Lord, and then after that he looked pretty good.

Sid:  Now, just out of curiosity had you led many people to the Lord before you led your blind date to the Lord?

Glenda:  No, I’m sorry to say I was a cradle Baptist. So I had no excuse for that, but the Lord just put the words in my mouth and it all came out, and Ron was ready to receive, he was so ready.

Sid:  And Ron had a physical condition called Hydrocephalus, what is that exactly Glenda?

Glenda:  Okay that is just weird, spinal fluid was not draining properly through the ventricles in the center of his brain, he had had a blow to the head some years earlier in Vietnam. It was years later that this condition really surfaced.  And they had the doctors had to put in a shunt, I call it the little plumbing to reroute that spinal fluid.

Sid:  And I understand that every once and awhile that shunt would get out of place and what would happen?

Glenda:  Right it would clog, it would malfunction, many emergency runs into surgery a number of times. Then in 1982 the shunt developed into infection and had to be replaced.  Then in the replacement process we found out many many hours later they had inadvertently placed the new tubing right into a massive blood clot that had not shown up on X-ray.

Sid:  So if it was in the blood clot that means that the spinal fluid could not get out the brain so I would imagine his bead would swell up.

Glenda:   It was very swollen, swollen really beyond recognition.  So the doctors were rushed back in on a Sunday morning to find him in this condition because the blood clot would not be known for many hours yet.  So they were doing emergency surgery to go back in on a Sunday morning.  I called friends from across the state, realizing that they would be up on Sunday getting ready to go to church so that many could be praying for Ron.

Sid:  And he literally had this emergency surgery and he died on the operating table. He had an experience of going to heaven.  But it wasn’t quite what most people would think because when he got to heaven they said his name was not on the scroll.  And Ron is going to be sharing a lot about that this week, but Glenda you told me that Ron gets really emotional about it and he can’t even get the words out, explain.

Glenda: He does, he relives this testimony this experience every time we share it, we have shared this hundreds of times over the years.  But still every time he’s just there again, it’s reliving the experience.

Sid:  So you jump in because he’s reliving it he gets so emotional.  Well Ron, when you died tell me the first thing you remember seeing.

Ron:  I remember I knew where I was and I walked up to this table and I’m going to call it a table because I have no better words where I walked up to it and on this table was a book.  I walked up and I said, “I’m ready to go in.”  And this person looked at the book and my name is not there. I became just really frustrated because I’d accepted the Lord Jesus as my Lord and Savior and my name was suppose to be in that book.  Why isn’t my name in that book?  Well, by this time a person had come out of heaven, now I’m not in heaven and I in sort of a foyer area.  A man comes out of heaven, walks over to the person at the table and as I explained to him and he says “I’ll go in and check.”  Now he goes in to heaven, actual heaven I’m sort of in the foyer area and he goes into heaven and comes out a little bit later…

Glenda: He comes over to Ron and he says, he actually has a report from there.

Ron:  He says, it’s not your time you’re being sent back and I’m going with you.  Now this turned out to be my guardian angel.  See I met my guardian angel face to face in fact he came back with me, stayed in the hospital room for several days, a week.  I tried to introduce him to everybody that came to visit me in the hospital.  And they all dismissed it as well maybe he’s had brain surgery and so…

Sid:  Well, Glenda what did you think when he said, “I want to introduce you to this gentleman in my room?”

Glenda:  Right we horrified, we felt like he was hallucinating he had finally recovered from the surgery and then was trying to introduce us.  And of course this is in intensive care so every four hours we had ten minutes that he’s trying to introduce us again.  And finally we would go back out and pray that “Please Lord, let his brain clear,” and finally we’d walk in and he was not doing that anymore.

Sid:  But actually you had quite a report from the doctor that although it was a miracle he came back to life for ten years he had amnesia except for one thing; what was the one that he didn’t have amnesia over?

Glenda:  Of course, all his heaven experience, all of heaven and all of scripture and all of who Jesus is, was in his heart.  And we call that really his heavenly memory rather than his physical memory; so he had memory of all of heaven.

Sid:  Okay, Ron when they said your name wasn’t on the list what did you say?

Ron:  I thought they were bottom line I thought that they were crazy. Because I knew I had done everything necessary to get into heaven. When they finally convinced me that my name wasn’t there I raised such a ruckus that another gentleman came out of heaven walked over to the table to explain to him what is happening and he says “I’ll go in heaven and check.”  Now, I’m not in heaven at this point.

Glenda:   Right. At the very end when the second fellow came back he came over to Ron and he said, “It’s not yet your time, your mission’s not yet complete and you’re being sent back.”  At that point Ron had the most unusual response, he said, “I want to see my wife.”

Ron:  I didn’t even know that I was married because I had no memory.

Glenda:  He wanted to give him a request, but he felt like they couldn’t fulfill and they would have to say “Okay you’ve got us there come on into heaven.”  But instead the angel just nodded and said, “Okay that can be arranged.”

Ron:  The first person I remember seeing after regaining consciousness is Glenda, and my guardian angel was right there with me he pointed here she is.  And I thought wow, thank you Lord you picked out a good one for me.

Sid:  Okay, your ploy did not work. So there still not letting you into heaven, but they also said Glenda that it was because people were praying, explain.

Glenda:  Oh yes, that Sunday morning that I got the call from the doctor at 6:00 AM. The Lord had prepared for this so it was very calm to me.  I rushed down to the hospital and very soon after that I found phones I could call long distance with. So I called several people around the state who I knew would be getting up to go to church that morning.  So I knew that there would be people praying, then we just waited.  We waited for many, many hours until in the afternoon hours before we had a report, but I knew people were praying.  So then as soon as Ron recovered from this, then he told me how he had heard noise in heaven and asked, “What is all this noise?”

Ron:  At this point the angel said, “This is not noise, these are all intercessory prayers coming up on your behalf.  I said in disbelief, “You got to be kidding me.”  He said, “No, would you like to hear one?”  I said, “Yeah, I want to hear one,” you know because I wanted to get in heaven, I didn’t what these prayers interfering with me getting into heaven.” So one of the prayers was drawn out, above all the rest, he’s a dear friend of ours in Port Lavaca, Texas.  I heard every word he prayed, he was praying at the pulpit, he was a deacon of the week, or something like that and I quoted his prayer word for word.

Sid:  Here’s the deal, when he got back they had taped that prayer and you quoted it word for word before you heard the tape.  I mean this is the most phenomenal evidence of the authenticity of this experience.

Ron:  That’s exactly what I did. I tell you when I heard the tape, you know soon after getting out of the hospital we drove to Port Lavaca and they had just started recording their messages on tape.  And he found a tape and when we came back to report to Glenda and the rest of the family we had chill bumps on our arms both times the signs of God falls because it was just unbelievable.

Sid:  I’ll tell you what’s unbelievable to me, oh no it’s actually believable is that same presence you sense on this interview right now, it’s the atmosphere of heaven.

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