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Our Guest Guillermo Maldonado

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Sid: We want everyone everywhere to be activated in the supernatural, that’s why I can’t wait to get his brand new book “The Kingdom of Power” and the 3 DVD’s in which he demonstrates after teaching and miracles break loose.  And I just want you activated in all of the power that God has for you; but Apostle Maldonado I want you to teach a little and then if God opens up the door for words of knowledge continue in that just as you did on yesterday’s broadcast.  But teach us a little bit.

Guillermo:  Okay, thank you Sid. It is important if you listen to me now that you understand for the next two or three minutes what I’m going to tell you.  1st Timothy Chapter 1 verse 6 says and Paul talking to Timothy he said “I want you to stir up the gift that is within you.  So that means activation.  If He said “Stir up, the gift that is in you that means the gift was dead or was dormant.”  Many people that are listening to me now your gift is dormant or dead for any reason because of the atmosphere; because of knowledge; because of something you’re gift is dormant so I will activate you.  Number 2 so activation is something that when activation comes to you and I will do it right now with you is because I want you to be activated in the supernatural.  And somebody said, “And why in the supernatural?” because the moment you were born again you were born from Heaven and every believer that is born again the moment he’s born again in the Kingdom of God in that moment is activated in the supernatural.  And then why are not doing miracles then if you are a believer and you’ve been born again?  Because religion put away, push you away from the supernatural and that caused you to the supernatural to be dormant and that’s why you don’t dare to pray for people.  You don’t dare to believe in the Kingdom of Power because the religion told you no, that’s for the past Jesus doesn’t do that anymore so now I will activate you.  So activation is something that I will do for you; I will pray for you to be activated again in the supernatural. Number 2 impartation that’s another term for you in a very simple way I will explain to you.  Impartation is receiving a share; the word impartation means to impart a virtue; virtue to impart or to give virtue. So can we do that?  Can we share impartation; can we give virtue to the people?  Well, I don’t have it in my own; what I got I give unto you.  And where did I get it from?  I get it from God, in other words I don’t have anything in my human nature that I can say “Well, I can share with you virtue, I can share with you the power.”  I can impart to you something that I receive from God; so impartation is receiving something that you didn’t have.  Activation is receiving something that you already had but you lost it for some reason. So I’m going to pray for you because I want to release you into the miracles, signs and wonders for you to move in the power of God; for you to move in the power of Kingdom. So if you listening to me now I want you to stretch your hand toward the radio and where ever you are and let me pray for you to do two things.  If you need a healing, if you need deliverance; if you need a miracle I’m going to pray for you to receive it.  After you receive it you do an act, you do an action you correspond an action to your faith.  Second once I do that I will release that activation and impartation; in other words but yes you’re not close to me; you don’t lay hands on me.  That’s the problem you know the anointing sometimes is in the hands, sometimes it’s in my mouth; in your mouth.  So I will the anointing right now is upon my mouth I will release it to you so you be activated and we see that impartation for you to do what I do. And any believer can do it. Father in the Name of Jesus I give you praise and I give you honor; those people that are listening to me now they’re hungry and they’re desperate in a situation where the doctor said “You’re going to die or some of the people said “Well, I need supernatural provisions; some others said “Well, pastor I’m afflicted I’m addicted to alcohol.”  And some of them said “Well pastor I’m addicted to pills and some other people said “I’m full of fear so I don’t know what is your condition I can tell you “I’m going to bring Heaven on Earth right now.” Father in the Name of Jesus let Your Kingdom come, let Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven. And I take authority over every spirit of sickness and disease right now “Go in Jesus Name, cancer die, blindness go in Jesus Name.  Deafness go in Jesus Name; back condition go in Jesus Name.”  There’s people with plates and screws, metal screws in your body God is changing screws and metals.  As a matter of fact there’s man a truck driver and you got metals in your body because you had an accident.  And God is changing metals into bones and into flesh right now.  There you go; there you go in Jesus Name.  There’s people that ears are being opened right now; afflicted people are afflicted to addictions to pornography; addiction to drugs and nicotine right now be delivered now in Jesus Name! Right now receive miracle where ever you are.  Father supernatural provision, money provision; if you need a job receive now supernatural provision receive it now. Creative miracles if you need a creative miracle it your missing an organ in your body right now receive organ.  If you need flesh, bones right now receive creative miracles in Jesus Name.  Somebody’s being… my God; God is doing powerful creative miracles right now; we will hear from this program people saying now I was missing bones and bones appear and flesh appear.  Hair, something is happening right now in Jesus Name.  And now Lord I activate and I impart upon those people that want to move in the power of the Kingdom and demonstrate it right now in Jesus Name receive be activated, be imparted now and receive virtue from Heaven.  Let Your Kingdom come Lord, let Your will be done on earth as it is in Heaven; do it now receive it in Jesus Name.  Now you respond to power in Jesus Name amen and amen.

Sid: You know I believe that people received amazing impartations but people need to be taught step by step in a methodical fashion and that’s why I’m so excited finally the most significant book that Apostle Maldonado has ever written he told me. It’s called “The Kingdom of Power” it’s just been released; it’s a how to book and the 3 DVDs in which he teaches and then demonstrates and releases the impartation.  I believe that as you understand this some of the gifts that have been stirred up within you right now they’re going to be fully released… tell me briefly about you were speaking in a bullfighting ring and it was pouring down rain; what happened?

Guillermo:  You know Sid when we talk about the supernatural we’re talking about above and beyond.  Beyond what?  Beyond and above what, the laws of nature and when I get into this place it was pouring, it was raining and as matter of fact we lost …our equipment, very expensive equipment.

Sid: This was in Argentina.

Guillermo:  In Argentina; it was in Argentina people were… I mean in the rain; I mean people and the pastor in that church said to me “Pastor you need to pray fast because it’s raining and people they just want a miracle; they came from far.”  And the moment I stood up on the stage I heard the Rhema word of God and He said to me “I want you to speak to the rain.”  And I actually said this prayer saying “Lord I know you open the natural Heaven and that’s where it’s raining but now I command the spiritual raining to open and close the natural rain.”  And I said “And now I command the rain to stop” in those kind of words and Sid in that moment the rain when it was pouring in that moment the rain stopped and I heard thousands of people do this “Wow!”  And it was so normal to me because it was under the anointing; it was the gift of faith in that moment operating and actually Sid and I say “Well, stop now!”  And the moment and all the miracles started happening because people saw Jesus was alive; Jesus is alive.  So that moment I can tell you hundreds and hundreds of miracles happened because of the miracle of the rain.

Sid: And they saw that miracle and it continued raining in the invisible world and the rain was the rain was the reign of the Holy Spirit and hundreds of people all over the auditorium were instantly healed.  That’s what’s going to happen to you right now as I pray for you it’s a supernatural prayer. “The Lord is blessing you right now; the Lord is keeping you right now; Lord is smiling upon you right now; the Lord is gifting you right now; the Lord is surrounding you with His favor right now; the Lord is giving you His Shalom, His completeness in your spirit, in your soul and in your body right now in the Name that is above every problem Yeshua haMashiach tsidkanu; Jesus the Messiah our Righteousness.

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Our Guest Bill Prankard

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Bill Prankard

Sid: Now you know me Mishpochah I’m a Jewish man that I’ve been a believer in the Messiah over 30 years and I don’t know what it is to be lukewarm. I can’t relate to someone lukewarm.  And besides that my Bible says that  Jesus will vomit me out of His mouth if I’m lukewarm. But I mean I’ve been red hot since I’ve known Jesus; I don’t understand I can’t relate to anyone that isn’t.  I know what’s on the over side why would anyone want to take a chance of having one foot in the world and one foot in the Lord.  I have on the telephone a gentleman I’ve heard of for many years and admired.  He was a nice pastor who obliged a friend and went to a Kathryn Kuhlman meeting and his whole life was turned upside down. Kathryn Kuhlman was a friend of mine; I had several private meetings with her; I did a couple of television shows with her.  And to be quite candid with you I am still even though she’s in Heaven I am still in awe of the wonderful miracles that I saw take place under her ministry.  I’ve got questions on healing you’ve got questions on healing. Now Bill Prankard has probably seen as many if not more miracles than anyone on planet earth right now.  And he’s just the person I want to talk to I have him on the telephone at his office in Ottawa, Ontario Canada.  Bill, for those and we’re mostly in the United States by way of radio, that are not that familiar with your ministry. I’ll say it you don’t have to say it; he has a ministry similar to Katherine Kuhlman.  Similar to Benny Hinn but many of you have not heard of him because his ministry has been predominately throughout Canada.  But Bill I want you to take me back to that very very wonderful bus ride you took from Canada to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  What was the purpose and how did that come about?

Bill: Well, you know Sid first of all it is delightful to be with you on the program today and I’ve been looking forward to this.  We love you’re television program comes up here in Canada and we watch it.  And we love the supernatural so we are knitted together. Well, you know going back it’s like 33 years this coming Spring and yet it’s as real to me now as it was as if it happened yesterday I mean my life got totally radically messed up forever.  And we didn’t know much about Kathryn Kuhlman all of my life growing up in church I felt if God is God we should be seeing something happen; we should be seeing miracles happen.  Never saw them, I got saved I came to Jesus when I was 18: I  got filled with the Spirit of God and got called to the ministry went to an Assembly Bible School up here ordained in the Assembly Pastor here in Canada.  And really felt you know that I knew it all had it all; if you said to me at that time Sid there’s more I would have been offended. I mean after all I mean I speak in tongues and you know I’ve got the diploma and I was pastoring.  You know I pray for the sick and hardly ever saw anybody healed; I preach for people to come to Christ and very seldom anybody comes.  I thought that that’s just the way it is.

Sid: If I wasn’t a believer based on a radical experience with God on what I see in the average good Christian church in America I would begin to doubt.

Bill: Well, you know what but when you live inside that little world you think it’s everybody else that has a problem and I used to preach regularly from our little Assembly Church about those out there who had a form of godliness and deny the power thereof.  And I would point my finger right out across the street to a large mainline church and I would feel so good that we had it all; we knew it all we were doing it all.  And the others so called Christian Church were missing it and you know I’ve found out that there were people going down to Kathryn Kuhlman Service from our area. We moved into this little church in Ottawa Valley in Ontario which is the eastern part of Canada in a little rural community. Every week at least one bus load full of people would travel 12 hours down to Pittsburgh to a Kathryn Kuhlman service.  That’s amazing story in itself a Presbyterian man up here was healed of cancer in Pittsburgh came back took a car load of people down; they were healed.  It just mushroomed and that became his ministry taking people and they invited me to go; they said “We always like to take a pastor with us would you come?”  And I said “I’d love to come” I’d heard a little bit about Kathryn I’d heard miracles were happening that intrigued me. But the problem I had was between the time I said I would go and the time that I actually went I talked to ministers; I talked to my superiors; I talked to other pastors and I said “Why do people have to go so far to see the power of God?”  I mean I could not understand this; there was something wrong with this picture.  And they quickly shut me down and said “They don’t, that these people have a problem they are just running after Kathryn Kuhlman and you need to be careful; you just stay away from these people and you need to be careful of Kathryn because you know they said there is a lot of things in her past that are questionable and we don’t know who she’s connected with.”  And what they did Sid they put seeds into my heart that I didn’t even realize but those seeds grew and with that growing came an attitude an attitude of critical spirit just you know critical of her even though I didn’t know her.  Or had never been in a meeting so I made up my mind I didn’t ever want to go. One night I got a  phone call from the organizer and they said “We really need you to come tomorrow” and I said “Well, I need more time than that.”  And the fact was I had nothing else to do; but you know I said “I need more time than that.”  And they said “Well, the pastor that was supposed to go was sick and we really need you and you committed to come” and I said “Well you must have other people you can call.”  And they said “We’ve called everybody else on the list and nobody can go.”  So in other words I was their last choice and I didn’t want to go and they didn’t want me to go.

Sid:  It sounds like with the most important thing to happen short of your salvation you got pushed into.

Bill: (Laughing) I was forced into this because you know I made up my mind okay I have to go I’ve made a commitment I’ll go I won’t like it; I’ll criticize it and I’ll come back and say “I’ve been there and I’ve done that.”  I went down on the bus 12 hours with these problem people; get down there and you know we’re tired and now they want to have a prayer meeting the night before the service.  And so we prayed and we had a little girl on our bus with her mother Greek Orthodox who had come from Ottawa, Canada and she’d never walked four years old.  The doctor said “She couldn’t ever walk the nerves muscles in her legs had never developed.  And so we prayed “God if you don’t do anything else in that service heal the little girl.”  And so we finished the prayer meeting and we’re off to bed and they said “Will be leaving for the service about 5:30 tomorrow morning.” And I said “How far is it?”  And they said “Two blocks.”  And I said “Why are we going so early and they said because if you don’t you won’t get in.” And at 6:00 in the morning; so there we are Sid in a cold March wet morning 6:00 waiting for the doors of the 1st Presbyterian Church to open. 

Sid:  And you must have been saying “What am I doing here?

Bill:  You got that; you know anybody in their right mind is home in bed I don’t want to be here I’m with these troubled people; I’m tired I’m cold. So this wasn’t a faith mission at all.  And then they said… and the people seemed so happy to be there; they were singing you know and time went on and they said “When the doors open don’t be polite.”  And I said “What do you mean?”  They said “You won’t get in.”  Well when the doors opened I think about 8:00 in the morning you were pushed in.  I ended up sitting beside a lady that I’d never seen in my life and I thought “You know God I don’t want to be here and I don’t want to talk to anybody.”  And she started talking to me and here she is a Catholic lady from Canada who’d come all on her own; and I’m thinking you know “I was pressured to be here why would you come, I said “Why are you here?”  She said “Because I need a miracle.”  And I discovered since as you know that miracles draw the unbeliever; miracles draw the believer; miracles attract people.  And when people hear things are happening they come; they don’t care..

Sid: You don’t need a high powered advertising machine.

Bill:  No. 

Sid: All you need is a miracle

Bill: Exactly, they don’t care who’s leading the service, they don’t care where it’s at.  And so she’s said to me “I feel so good sitting beside you a Pentecostal Minister, because you know all about this.” Well…

Sid: If she only knew, Bill we’re just about out of time I want to talk a little bit about your book because I just read this myself; it’s called “Six Keys to Breakthrough in Healing.”  In your heart of hearts why did the Holy Spirit direct you to write this book?

Bill:  My wife and I started teaching these keys earlier this past year; last year actually. We saw such a breakthrough in people’s lives that we felt that we’ve got to get this out to people. They are keys that most people haven’t thought about connected with healing and in fact one of the keys about honor; honoring father and mother, is a key that changed my wife’s life. She got healed and several situations in her body because of that; so we printed this…

Sid: Let me tell you I got under such conviction when I read about running off with the mouth

Bill:  Yeah. (Laughing)

Sid: I don’t know whether you meant that or not but you nailed me big time

Bill: That’s a good one how to think about others in the body including other ministries and other ministers.  And so we published this last September and I couldn’t believe the response; we’re on our second printing now

Sid: I believe that there are reasons that people aren’t having the manifestation of their healing and I believe you have so nailed it after 30 years of walking in miracles as much if not more any person on earth.  These are the keys to the breakthrough in healing.

Bill:  That’s exactly why we did it because a lot of people are praying for people and they are not getting healed.  A lot of people are believing for healing and they’re not getting healed and these keys can help them breakthrough.



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Our Guest Don Gossett

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Sid:  I have a man that’s been in ministry 50 years and has been mentored by the people that I’ve read about and there was only one that I personally knew, Katherine Kuhlman.  Don Gossett there’s a generation that’s been raised up that all of these secrets there ministries of healing they’re just mysteries.  But you’ve out lined in your book called “The Power of Your Words.”  The most important things you’ve learned about healing in over 50 years in the healing ministry.  Being mentored but we’re talking a couple of days ago about a man that intrigues me greatly his name is William Branham.  Will you take me into a service and tell me the types of things that you saw with your very eyes in a William Branham service.

Don:  In March 1960 in Tulsa at the Municipal Auditorium William Branham ministered there for some days and weeks.  And back in those days the crusades always lasted extended period of time not just 2 or 3 days or continued on for a time.  William Branham as I was invited to be on his platform with him every night for the meeting every day.  It was a wonderful occasion and I could just close my eyes and remember vividly the great experiences that happened.  For instance one night he said on the seventh row in the fifth seat there’s a man and I want you to stand please.  And the man stood up and he said “I see you’re a minister.”  And he acknowledged he was and he said “Well, you’re an Assemblies of God pastor.”  And he said “Yes I am.”  He said “I see the whole scene my bother you were driving down a highway and you came to a 4 way stop.  You stopped your car and then you proceeded to move on but a car coming from the other direction did not stop at the 4 way stop crashed into your car.  Is that correct brother?”  And the man, the pastor began to break into emotion tears and joy and realizing that his life what happened 15 years before was suddenly being revealed very distinctly and accurately.  And then he explained further he said “The car after it crashed into you you were thrown out onto the highway” and he said “Is that correct brother?”  And he said “Yes it was.”  “And you were hospitalized and yet for the last 15 years you’ve suffered continual pain from where the cars crashed into you.”  And the man began to break up and began to weep profusely and William Branham spoke the healing word and said in Jesus Name your healed now by the Lord’s power, the pain leaves and you’re made whole.”  Well, the man tested to that fact and came back to give witness that a miracle had taken place. And this was the type of meeting that William Branham conducted service after service as the scriptures says that “God reveals to those Spirit Filled believer’s the secrets of men’s heart.  And William Branham was so humble and so very filled with love in my observation. I’ve frankly never seen a man that exude the love of Jesus Christ as this man did.  Now I say that with all due respect to my wonderful friends TL Osborn, and William Freeman, and Jack Coy, and Kathryn Kuhlman, but as I often said “He was a man that didn’t belong to this world.  He was a man that somehow been touched by God from a non-worldly standpoint that enabled him to be used by God profound utterances.  And…

Sid: Now to me that is a New Testament prophet and I wouldn’t want to settle for anything short of that. Let’s talk about someone I did see minister and I did get to know, Kathryn Kuhlman.

Don:   Again I want to emphasize the fact that I never on the staff of either William Branham or Kathryn Kuhlman. My association with them was other connections.  I was actually on the full-time staff with these other four people traveling with them, working with them and one way involved but in the world conference of the Holy Spirit in Jerusalem in the years 1974 and 75 I was the Canadian Coordinator for the World Conference of the Holy Spirit.  It simply means that I occasion to be in contact with leaders and those who ministered and Kathryn was the key speaker.  If anyone ever had an occasion to be close to Kathryn in those events before she would go into a service she would passionately pray “Holy Spirit can You trust me just one more time. Oh Holy Spirit can you trust me just one more time?” You could hear the desperate cry of her heart and think she hadn’t been used by the Holy Spirit.  But of course she had but Kathryn was also known at a time when she grieved and quenched the Holy Spirit.  In the book “Daughter of Destiny” by Jamie Buckingham he relates how Kathryn for a period of years had grieved the Holy Spirit and unfortunately while she certainly repented and changed that simple direction for her life by simply she knew what it was to not be led by the Holy Spirit by trusting the Holy Spirit.  But I think as one of the most fervent prayers I ever heard her pray effectively “Holy Spirit can you trust me just one more time.”  And I believe that any of us that want to be used by God if the Holy Spirit can trust us and we can lay aside or arrogance or self-seeking or whatever ambitions might be in our hearts to really be trusted by the Holy Spirit that He can use us as He used Kathryn.  And I thank God for the mighty manner which He flowed through her.  I can share so many events of my personal encounters briefly at a very brief time in my life where Kathryn Kuhlman and her ministry but the time would not permit on this program I’m sure.

Sid:  I’ll tell you what would be even more beneficial to our listeners you have learned keys to manifesting God’s healing you don’t need a super Kathryn Kuhlman miracle anointing you just need to understand the promises of God’s word and how to appropriate them. Would you teach a little?

Don:  Yes, well I have written a book with Dr. E.W. Kenyan called “The Power of Your Words.” Now I hold this book in my hands here in my office in Blaine, Washington because it’s like divine dynamite because I know how this truth put in the hearts and the mouths of the believers had been revolutionary.  The results have been just overwhelming.

Sid: And it’s not just physical healing although it is physical healing it’s any need that someone has.

Don:  That’s right when we agree to agree with God and disagree with the adversary we learn the speaking forth principal of how God works through the power of our words.  You know back here just a moment to alluding to William Branham; when he was with us in Tulsa he came off into the Osborn offices where I was Associate to PL Osborn.  And he was with us one day when he said “Mark 11:23” is the most unfulfilled and unused scripture in the Bible.  Jesus said ‘Whoever should say to this mountain be yea removed and be cast in the sea and shall not doubt in his heart that those things that you sayeth shall come to past he shall have whatsoever he saith.’”  I mean William Branham en-parted that to us with fire and conviction.  Well, that’s what “The Power of Your Words” is all about the fact that you speak to your mountains; you don’t pray to your mountains but you speak to them in Jesus Name He said “And to be removed.”  And thank God He said “They shall be done, for what you say is what you get.”  That’s a great truth, and that was my same relationship I had with TL Osborn; I became connected with this man that has been used of God all over the world in such awesome ways.  We discussed together this principal by the power of your words.  And he said “Don Gossett, understanding this principal marks you as a man 1 in a million.”  Well, I don’t know about that but any way he said “I want you to be my associate, I want you to preach my afternoon services, I want you to become a part of my staff and I did and it was a great experience.  Well this principal “The Power of Your Words” is what affected each of these people in a way in one way or in another.  Now I have it in this book form to be able to put it in the hands of your listeners Sid and I’m very persuaded that God will use it mightily to praise the God.

Sid: I want to get specific I’m one of these type of people Don. Let’s suppose there’s someone listening to us right now that’s got arthritis in their knees; what would you tell them to start doing.

Don:  Well, I would encourage them to speak the word only.  Jesus said in Matthew chapter 8 that when that Centurion said “Speak the word only and my servant will be healed.”  Jesus said “This is the greatest faith I’ve found I’ve found in all Israel.”  What was so great about it was the fact that he said “Speak the word.”  That speak the word only was the principal that Jesus honored and He exalted He said “This is the greatest faith of all that I’ve found in all Israel.”  And I would say speak the word not the negative problem speak the word not the defeat circumstances; speak the word not their sickness and their oppressions but let the word prevail.  I believe that the word that said He’d watch over his word to perform it; that no word that goes out of my mouth will return to me void will make that word good. That’s why I’m quite persuaded with all my heart that this principal that you’re offering with book will revolutionize and change people for the glory of God not just some little magic formulas but just speak the word amen.  That’s the power of that word itself.

Sid: Don tell us your never again list.

Don:  Never again will I confess I can’t for I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.  Never again shall I confess lack for my God shall supply all my need in riches in Glory by Christ Jesus.  Never again will I confess fear that for God has not given me the spirit of fear but a power and love and a sound mind.  Never again will I confess doubt and a lack of faith for God has given to every man the measure of faith.  Never again shall I confess weakness for the Lord is the strength of my life. And the people that know their God shall be strong and do exploits.  Never again will I confess the supremacy of Satan over my life for greater is He who’s in me than he who’s in the world.  Never again will I confess defeat because God always causes me to triumph in Christ Jesus.  Never again will I confess lack of wisdom for Christ Jesus has made unto me wisdom from God. Never again will I confess the domination of sickness over my life for with His stripes I am healed, and Jesus Himself took my infirmities and bared my sicknesses.


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Our Guest Dr. Francis Myles

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Sid: You have got a new identity; you have got a new spiritual DNA and if you can just grasp it and by faith walk into it you will achieve your destiny.  All of the old stuff is going to fall off of you and you can fulfill everything that God has in store for you.  Well my guest Dr. Francis Myles had revelation on how people can break these curses all the way back to Adam in your family.  And how you can open yourself up to his revelation teaching on the blessings of Abraham and he actually prays these curses away.  And he actually prays you to walk into the blessings.  Well, his name is Dr. Francis Myles and I asked him that well, he had such an experience… I wish I had had an experience… I had an experience but I tell you Francis you have provoked me to jealousy just that one encounter you had where you saw the authority of the Word over the demons; you saw the real you your spirit.  That alone catapulted you into another class; so miracles started happening, you rented a 1000 seat tent; you went all over Africa.  Tell, me the first major miracle, the most exciting one you saw.

Francis: Yes, one of the most exciting miracles I saw was I was doing a crusade in south Africa where they brought a woman who was known by everybody in the township because she lived in the gutter and she would eat from trash cans.

Sid: And so she really lived in the gutter, okay go ahead…

Francis:  Yes, and they brought her to the crusade and she would stink, I mean she was smelling man people didn’t want to sit next to her.  But there were two men really were with her one of the left side and one on the other side because she really couldn’t sit. She was always all over the place, finally at… and it was interesting at the meeting where we had a witch doctor; a woman witch doctor came into the crusade.  And when I was preaching she was saying… she was pointing and saying in Zulu she’d say “There are no miracles are going to happen today that she’s binding the crusade.”  And I told my interpreter “Just let her and hang on Jesus is not afraid of her and neither am I and there will be miracles today.”  So when the time to pray for the miracles came and they brought this woman that had been insane for over 20 years and was known by everybody being held by people.  And when I got close to her as soon as I looked at her the smell disappeared Sid and the liquid love that I experienced before came upon me and I loved this woman who had been so bound.  As I looked at her the Lord instantly gave me a vision and when I looked at her I saw a spirit surround, I looked into her body and I saw a spirit and I saw a spirit encased in what looked like a beehive of demons.  A beehive for many many demons around her like her spirit was squished in. And when I looked at that spirit that spirit actually spoke to me and said “Help me Francis.”  And I said “Woe!”  And then God said to me “Command demons to unwind!”  So before I knew it I screamed and I said “You unclean spirit unwind!”  And when I said “Unwind” it was like the angel of the Lord leaped into her spirit Sid and pulled one of the spirits and all of a sudden it was like a rope had been untied. The spirits had been connected one to another.  And I did a big pull like a rope unwinding and unwinding and like one strong rope of spirit and they came out.  When they came out the woman sunk back and instantly she was saying “What happened to me?”  And all of a sudden she realized that she wasn’t dressed properly and she was smelling and I mean the woman in the meeting began to give her proper, I mean it was incredible.  The witchdoctor ran out of the crusade; she was afraid and she ran out.

Sid: I mean in addition to miracles that are happening can you imagine an insane person being totally transformed.  She’s living in the gutters, she’s smells and she came to her senses and she realized what shape she was in.  But in addition to miracles that occur because you’re fulfilling your destiny.  It’s my prayer that everyone listening to us will fulfill their destiny that God has for them. But you hear some amazing prophesies; for instance in 2007 there was a young Senator by the name of Barack Obama and God gave you a prophetic dream. What did He show you?

Francis:  Yes, well during the democratic primaries when then Senator of New York Hillary Clinton was leading Barack Obama by 20 points in all the national polls it looked Hillary really was going to be the democratic choice for presidency I had a dream.   I had a dream and in the dream I dreamt was at the Democratic National Convention in Denver which was interesting because you know in my voting records I normally vote republican, but in the prophetic dream I’m at the Democratic National  Convention.  I’m invited in the dream I’m invited there as a guest of the Senator Barack Obama.  And in this prophetic dream Barack Obama is the one being nominated.  And he comes up on stage and in the dream I saw Oprah and other well-known Democrats on the platform.  Suddenly in the prophetic dream Presidential meeting Barack Obama walked to the podium to deliver an acceptance speech.  But then I noticed that he was speaking in a slur like a drunken man.  I said to myself “My goodness look can’t these people see that they have nominated a man who’s got a drinking problem?”  And that’s what it looked like to me in the dream and why is he coming as he’s drunk?  And suddenly in the middle of his speech he sobered up and he started speaking in tongues and I said “My goodness, my goodness he’s now speaking in tongues.”  And then I saw Oprah stand up very angry against him for speaking in tongues in public and she walked off the platform.  So when the convention was finally over I stood in line to greet the presidential nominee with his wife Michelle was passing by.  When the President got to me he hugged me and said “Man of God thank you for your book you autographed for me and so moved on.”  I woke up immediately and I said to the Lord “What is the meaning of this dream?”  And he said Barack Obama will beat Kerry and become President of the United States.  The reason you saw Oprah on the stage is because she is one of the faces, one of the most recognized faces of liberalism in America.  Obama is speaking and looking like he was drunk because he is going to rule as a man drunk on liberalism and bring the nation into great transition.

Sid: So in effect God told you before that he would win then what did God tell you?

Francis:  Then He said that the fact that you saw him begin to speak in tongues in the middle of that acceptance speech means that in the second term, in his second term I desire to fill him with My Spirit instead of the liberalism that has been intoxicated with.  And then He said “Listen to me this change will come at a great political cost for Obama because those that really embraced him for his liberal stand who reject him when he begins to turn to the faith.

Sid: So what you’re telling me is you knew Number 1 That he would defeat Hillary Clinton and win the first term.  Number 2 You were told he would win a second term.  Number 3 You were told he would accomplish a very liberal agenda in his first term.  And 4 You were told that… now is this going to happen or do we need to pray it to happen that he become sold out to the Lord in his second term?

Francis: We need to pray because the Lord told me there was a seed for viable faith in Christ that has never been nurtured.  He said if nurtured his seed of faith in his heart could become his deliverance replacing the drunkenness of liberalism.

Sid: I’ll tell you what the Spirit of God is coming all over me as you’re saying this I need you to pray a one minute prayer and I want everyone listening to us right now to agree that the seed of faith that is in President Obama would mature and mature quickly. Pray that please.

Francis: Yeah, Heavenly Father we pray in Messiah’s Name that who is the Lord of Lords and the King of kings that Father that he’s the one that taught me that our President would become president way before anyone could have become a president or even a nominee.  And now we pray Father that as he’s in his second term that God we pray that as the Body of Christ the reign of the Holy Spirit will nurture the seed of Christ that’s in him that’s never been nurtured to come alive and he’ll find himself having a more authentic radical faith in Christ Jesus and he will not be afraid to pay the price for in Yeshua’s Name we pray amen.

Sid: Amen.  Well, I’ll tell you what God has also shown you what the Muslim agenda is for Europe, what the Islamic agenda is for the United States.  Perhaps we can speak about that on tomorrow’s broadcast.  Your vision for what you call the golden years of Melchizedek and the Jewish revival.  But tell me in just two sentences what someone that reads your book “Breaking Generational Curses” gets the two CD’s “The Blessings of Abraham.”  Where you actually pray to break the curses, what will happen in their life?”

Francis:  Miracles, every time this happens there are creative miracles, most of the miracles the Lord told me will happen within 24 hours.  And that’s what we have seen the miraculous normally within 24 hours there is visible evidences that there has been a supernatural turnaround.

Sid: And you know what I love I love your terminology every born again Christian needs genetic salvation.  What does that mean?

Francis:  Genetic salvation is when the finished work of the cross is applied to the healing of our genetics so that we’re delivered from the first Adam and transferred to the genetics of the last Adam.

Sid: So what would happen to someone that a doctor has said “Well, based on your parents and based on your siblings you’re going to have heart problems, you’re going to have diabetes.  What would you say to that person that the doctors just told them that?

Francis:  Well, based on those who were told something that before that have not been healed that…

Sid: Whoops we’re out of time.

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Our Guest Nick Griemsmann

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SID: Welcome, welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My next guest had incurable “schizophrenia.” He was touched by the power of God, set free and then became an administrator in the institution he was hospitalized in, 50 employees under him. Now I asked my personal doctor, Dr. Dietry [sp], last night a question on the phone. “He went off all medicine, all medication, Doctor. To your knowledge, what happens to a schizophrenic that takes no medicine?”

DOCTOR: That’s a good question. It’s an unbelievable phenomenon, schizophrenia. When you come off medication, provided the medication was helping in the first place, you get an extra [unintelligible] a spike of hallucinations, ideations and delusions. It’s not a very pretty sight.

SID: Have you ever heard of someone that’s diagnosed with schizophrenia? Oh, I forgot one more thing. In a few years, he was supposed to be catatonic. That was the diagnosis. A thousand pages of diagnosis, Doctor. Have you ever heard of such a thing?

DOCTOR: Personally, I have never seen anybody come off of medication and be normal.

SID: Well but I have to tell you, Doctor, he is not normal according to the world. He is normal according to the Word of God. So Nick Griemsmann was raised in a secular home. His father left at age, when he was age eight. He got addicted to pornography at 10. At 21, he was a full-blown alcoholic and he was a bartender. But at age 23, you know, we take a lot of things for granted, at age 23, he’s an alcoholic, he’s a drug addict, he’s a mess. I’m just saying it, Nick. And he gets a little tract about the Messiah, and he calls the person on the phone, because there was a phone number on this tract. And what happened?

NICK: The woman on the phone, she was really nice, and she asked me a question, she said something about, “Are you, have you received Jesus?” And I asked her, “What does that actually mean because so many people tell me different things about Christianity and I was studying different religions like Islam and Judaism, different sects in Christianity, and things like that. And so, “What does it really mean to receive Jesus?” And she said, “It’s easy. The Bible says you can confess Jesus as Lord and he will come into your life.” And so I said this simple prayer and he came into my heart, and totally changed me.

SID: What happened to your drug addiction, your alcoholism

NICK: When I said this prayer, it was so incredible. I still remember it like it was yesterday. I was on the phone with her and I prayed this simple prayer of faith. I had just faith in God at the time. I said the name of Jesus. And the moment I said the name of Jesus this liquid love came upon me, and for the first time, I knew I was completely free from all my sin, alcoholism, drugs. I had a sexuality immorality I was into, you know the lifestyle of a bartender, and God completely set me free from that.

SID: You know, only God could do something like that. But then right behind the devil came up to him when that seed was planted, immediately, he came up to him because Nick now wants to live for God. And he goes on the Internet and he finds out there’s a place where the guy says he’s one of the End Time prophets and they’ll give him food, they’ll give him shelter, they’ll train him. It sounded pretty good.

NICK: Absolutely. I was trying to find a good church and I found this online. And I thought, wow, I can leave all my old friends and leave my family, and all the troubles I used to have, and I can serve Jesus with my whole heart, because I really loved God.

SID: But it turned out to be a cult. The first crack that you saw in this cult was two of the senior members having a disagreement.

NICK: Yeah. One thing that the cult would preach, that they were sinless. They would say that they never sin or anything like that. And I was there and the men, one night they started arguing over something and they were like almost like throwing blows at each other and swearing. And I thought, they’re preaching that they’re sinless, but it doesn’t look like they are sinless. And my heart started going, well maybe this really, maybe what they’re telling me isn’t all the truth.

SID: But you were so scared because they had this, was it a cassette, that you would have to listen to? And what was the warning it gave you?

NICK: In the cassettes, the prophet, the false prophet, he would say that if we left the church, because they said that they are the one true church, if we left the church it meant that we lost our salvation, blaspheming the Holy Spirit. So as you know, if you’re a young person in God and you don’t really know anything, I believed it and I was very afraid that if I left or talked to my family, they said my family was of the devil, I couldn’t talk to them. And they said that I would go to Hell if I did anything wrong or if I left the church, or said anything about the person in charge there.

SID: But he had such a heart for God. He was crying out and crying out. And one day, he takes off. He ends up in the Nashville Airport. What happened, Nick?

NICK: Well I entered the Nashville Airport and at this time, I started hearing voices in my mind. Before I left the cult, I actually started getting voices in my mind and I thought they were angels, and I thought God was speaking directly to my mind. And so I would listen to these voices. And I was, they would say things and they’d say bad things. And when I was in the Nashville Airport I was going to go to a phone to call my family to pick me up. And the voices came to me and said, “You need to go and you need to make a scene and yell, and scream, and praise God in the middle of the baggage claim area in Nashville Airport.” But I really loved God and I thought God—

SID: So you were willing to do anything for God. I wish, even though it was the wrong voice, I wish more Christians would be willing to do whatever God said. So they picked him up obviously. He’s diagnosed schizophrenic. He’s told in a few years he’ll be in a catatonic state. He goes home to be with his family and his mother insists he go to a little Assembly of God Church— and we’ll be right back.

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