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Our Guests Marc & Shirley

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Sid: I have on the telephone my sister Shirley and my brother-in-law Marc who have made Aliyah. They have immigrated to Israel and there’s no reason they should have gone short of what you’re going to hear especially with the life they had in America.  Especially with what is going on in Israel right now.  They were successful she retired as a school teacher at Montgomery County Maryland and one of the wealthiest counties in the United States.  Good retirement program, my brother-in-in-law Marc retired from the government Customs Service.  Good retirement program; they have savings, they have 3 children 2 are married; they have grandchildren; they have wonderful children; they have wonderful family and their financially independent these are the wonderful, most wonderful years of their life to look forward to be with their children and grandchildren.  And all of a sudden my sister who never remembers dreams had such a vivid dream.  Out of curiosity Shirley were you thinking about going to Israel when you had that dream?  Were you planning on it?

Shirley:  No, we had no plans at all to move to Israel; we did love Israel; we had been there a few times in fact our youngest son was bar-mitzvah’ed in Israel, but we never thought in a millions years we’d move to Israel until we had this dream.

Sid: Tell me the dream again.

Shirley:  Okay, well when I said we had this dream my husband agreed with the dream.    The dream was Marc turns to me in the dream and says “Shirley we have to go to Israel now.”  And I said “Okay, that’s fine, however we’ll go in a year from now; we’ll sell our house, we’ll cash in on our assets our stocks, bonds, all our annuities and we’ll go to Israel.”  He turns to me and says “Shirley, we have to go now!”  And I started getting a little anxious in the dream and I said “Well, how about 6 months from now? We can sell our house at least and go with some of our money.”

Sid: By the way my sister has a very very practical side; go ahead. (Laughing)

Shirley:  (Laughing) You know I was saying this in the dream, “We’ve saved all our lives for our retirement and how can we just leave it here we have to cash some of it in.  And Marc turns to me again and says “No, we have to go now!”  And I really got anxious and again I went through the scenario; “Let’s wait just two months, you know cash in something.”  And then Marc says to me “Shirley you are putting your trust in your money, and not in God.”  And something in the Spirit just clicked in the dream and I said “You’re right I was trusting our money rather than God.”  And at that point we each picked up just one suitcase; we held hands and we went running to the plane for Israel.  I looked behind me and I saw fires; I saw rioting going on, I knew my life was in danger.  I felt somebody was chasing us and I was running with all my might to that plane to get out of the United States and we just made the last plane to Israel.  And that’s when I woke up and I woke up I was actually huffing and puffing like I had actually ran in that dream.  So and then afterword’s when I discussed this dream with Marc we felt God was telling us we should start preparing to go to Israel.  And we were both in agreement with it and you know the dream also made us think of Jeremiah 16:16 where it says “God says I will first send fisherman and then I will send the hunters.”  And I felt the hunters were after us and we were running with everything we had to get away from them.  So that’s when we started making plans and we started going to Israel looking for a place to maybe invest some money there at first. And then God showed us we should start our citizenship while we were there.

Sid: Do you remember a brother-in-law when he heard that dream he said, “You got to go, you have to go yesterday.”  Every time I would walk up to you I would say that because God knows we’re all made different.  Here’s the way I operate “I have a dream, I will do what that dream says the second I get it.  My sister on the other hand is the more conservative, practical person, planning things out.  But all of your conservatism every one of your friends was shocked when you told them you were moving to Israel.

Shirley: Especially our sons they couldn’t believe it.

Sid: Yeah, and by the way one son is an engineer an attorney; he has a top very high government job.  Another son, is a dentist and another son has a wonderful job with the federal government.  They’re all successful.

Shirley: Sid you don’t know this but he’s just enrolled in an MBA program; he’s getting his Master’s now.

Sid: And with your grandchildren I mean I don’t think anything short of God could have caused you to leave your family Shirley.

Shirley: In the natural why would we want to leave we love them so much; we’re a very close family.  God just gave us both my husband and myself such a desire.

Sid: Now when you decided to go when you finally made up your mind you put your house on the market; how long did it take to sell?

Shirley:  (Laughing) Well, let me preface this first before I tell you.  Our Real Estate Agent told us one price what we should sell out house for and we prayed about it and felt we should ask for like 40,000 more, it was ridiculous.

Sid: $40,000 more!

Shirley: We said “Put it on the market for this amount.”  She said “It will never sell.”  We said “We’ll try it for a week and if it doesn’t sell we’ll change it.”  You know our house sold in 1 day!

Sid: Tell, me what you recall, you cut all your ties; said all your goodbye’s no one believes that you’re going that you’ll turn around and come back.  Number 1 how long ago was that?

Shirley:  Three years ago.

Sid: Number 2 “When it’s final you’re on the El Al jet and your flying to Israel; you have cut all your ties.

Shirley:  Sid, can I go back just one little thing I need to tell you; when we made Aliyah it was at the peak of the Intifada, there was suicide bombings there every single day; sometimes more than one a day.

Sid: Wait a second; remember that girl 30 years earlier with that demon of fear do you remember that?  You should have been fearful!

Shirley:  I turned to Marc like a week before we were to go and I said “Maybe this isn’t the right time to go; you know common sense says you don’t go into a war zone.”  And that’s how the news was presenting it; it’s like a war zone over there and fear started coming on me.  I was thinking “Maybe we should wait until it dies down a little bit and not so many suicide bombings over there.”  And so Marc and I prayed about it and we went to bed and we woke up the next morning and you know “All fear left me.”  And I looked at Marc and said “No, this is when we’re supposed to go; I just no it.”  And I felt God was saying “There are other believers over in the land who are fearful too because of the suicide bombings and because God took away all that fear from me that was trying to come on me we should lay hands on other believers who are fearful who are in the land and they also would be relieved of that fear if wouldn’t bother them anymore.”

Sid: Okay, you’re on that El Al jet

Shirley: Hm hm.  

Sid:  You’ve cut all your ties you’re walking into what appears to be a war-zone.  What’s going on inside of you?

Shirley:  We are as excited as can be this is our biggest adventure with God that we’ve ever had.  We feel like God has sent us there; we’re not even 100% sure now why we’re there but we know…

Sid: Oops we’re out of time… I want to pick up right here on tomorrow’s broadcast.

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Sid Roth

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Sid:  If you’ve been listening to me all this week you know why I’m red hot for the Messiah.  I cannot relate to a backslider; if you only knew what was back there you  would run and get so tight with Jesus that nothing would separate you from the love of God but you can certainly separate yourself because God is a holy God.  That’s why He says “Be ye holy for I am holy saith the Lord God.”  And I was one unholy mess.

A Jewish man that had left his wife; separated from my wife; left my daughter separated from my job.  Went searching for happiness; found myself in the New Age in a pit that I could not get out of and no one else could help me get out of it.  When there was nowhere else to go I cried out to God “Jesus help.”  And I didn’t have a vision; I had all sorts of stuff like that in the New Age.  Jesus didn’t come visit me; I had all types of manifestations in the New Age.  I had something that was never offered me in the New Age.  I experienced the peace and the glory of the Spirit of God.  I experienced being cleansed by the Spirit of God. And I knew that I knew that I knew that Jesus rescued me.  That I knew; that I knew; that I knew; that Jesus was my Messiah.  Don’t even ask me how I knew it; I can just tell you that I knew it.  And then I heard for the first time in my life the audible voice of God.  What He said was “Return to your wife and daughter.”  I had been separated for a year and I didn’t want to do it because our marriage wasn’t good.  But I was so grateful to God; He saved my life; He rescued me.  I’d be dead, or in an institution, or in prison today if it wasn’t for Jesus.  And to whom much is given much is required.  And I returned go my wife and daughter and God restored my marriage.

We started one of the first Messianic Jewish congregations in the United States.  A group of young Jewish people that were believers in Jesus.  We didn’t know anything.  We hadn’t even read the whole New Testament but we started this and it’s still going on today.  And in this Messianic congregation we hired our first Rabbi his name was Manny Brotman.  And he began presenting Jesus from the Old Testament. Although my wife was Southern Baptist she rejected all of that and became an agnostic in college with all the atheistic professors.  And then she converted… when we got married I insisted she convert to Judaism and she converted to Orthodox Judaism.  But she didn’t know Jesus; well I dragged her literally to this Messianic congregation and week after week Manny would say “Look at the scriptures written thousands of years before the events actually transpired. Look at the Jewish people; here God’s says that we would lose our country because of sin, we’d be scattered to the four corners of the earth.  Wherever we would go people would persecute us for being Jewish. And yet we would not assimilate there would still be a distinct people group called the Jewish people.  In the latter days Isaiah asked a rhetorical question “Could a nation be formed in a day?”  And from the 4 corners of the earth the Jewish people which God miraculously preserved would return to their homeland.  And all this has happened before our very eyes.  I mean 100’s of predictions about the Jewish people all came true.  And then 100’s of predictions about the Messiah of Israel and it could only be Jesus.

When Isaiah 53 was read; written 800 years before Jesus came to earth.  Anyone with a fair mind reads that; that’s why it’s not read in the synagogues but it’s certainly in the Jewish scriptures; Isaiah 52.  It’s really interesting Isaiah 52 is read in the traditional synagogue and Isaiah 54 is read in the traditional synagogue but no Isaiah 53. It nails Jesus as the Messiah.  My wife said “I must believe.  It’s overwhelming that Jesus is the Messiah,” and she had her own encounter.  And so God restored my marriage.  I mean the devil was out to kill and steal and destroy everything decent within me. And he almost succeeded. He wanted to destroy my mind; he almost did it.  He wanted to destroy my marriage.  He almost did it; he wanted to destroy my daughter.  He almost did it; well ha, ha the two word prayer “Jesus Help.”  Let me tell you what happened.  Joy and I got back together; we have been married 42 years.  My daughter is a strong believer in the Messiah; married to a godly man and has given us 3 beautiful granddaughters.  I got my mind back; I got peace; I walk in the presence of God all the time.

I’m doing the most wonderful thing a human can do; I’m telling everyone everywhere that Jesus is real; He’s bigger than the Jesus that you know about through religion.  It’s not a head knowledge; it’s a heart knowledge.  It’s not a tradition learned by rote; that’s what I had in Judaism; traditional Judaism.  It’s intimacy with God where I hear His voice.  He said “My sheep hear my voice” and I heard just a few minutes ago about some of you.  I heard that God had healed some of you.  I heard that there was someone with a severe pain in their neck.  And by the way this happened before today.  This happened while you were listening to the broadcast this week.  And you got healed and didn’t even know that it was God.  Well, I’m telling you it was God it’s not me; look at me as a good Jewish secretary.  And I take good dictation from my Heavenly Father.  And so you were healed earlier this week. But I tell you there is a presence of God that is going out over the airwaves right now that is so strong that no pain can stand in its presence.  Spirit of pain get off that back right now.  Get off that hip in Jesus Name; get off those fingers in Jesus Name; get off that shoulder, in Jesus Name. Get off that head spirit of migraine be gone now instantly in Jesus Name. And pour your love; You’re healing virtue just; pour it into Your people right now.  And cause them to repent of known sin.  That means tell God you’re sorry and ask Him for the power in Jesus Name to overcome that compulsion in your life.  In Jesus Name I break every curse up to 4 generations.

I tell you it’s so strong in back and heads right now. If you have tumors in the brain I say they’re gone.  I say if you have tumors anywhere in your body. Cancer anywhere in your body it is gone in Jesus Name.  Oh God you are so good.  There is nothing I would rather be doing than telling people about God and how good He is.

That’s why I’ve written my latest book “The Race to Save the World.” In this book I show the last move of God’s Spirit before Jesus returns.  It’s the knitting together of Jewish people and Christians that know the Messiah to form the One New Man.  And when this occurs there will be a release of such glory.  I have found that there’s actually Biblical laws of evangelism that the church has been blind to.  That when the church moves in these Biblical laws of evangelism watch the largest Gentile harvest in history.  When the church starts moving in these Biblical laws of healing; what the greatest healing revival in history. You see the biggest problem we have is the form of our religion because it’s based on a super star system that came right from the Emperor of Rome.  Passed on to the Catholic Church and then infected the Protestant church. Christianity went from a vibrant religion to a spectator sport.  But I tell you each one of us are going to be moving in the power of God.  The least Christian will move in the supernatural and this is God’s time; this is your time.  Repent of your sins; make Jesus your Lord; walk in holiness, and read your Bible.

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Our Guest Jose Santana

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Jose Santana

Sid: I had a divine appointment a friend of mine who is a pastor contacted our office and said “Sid, I have a Prophet that’s in my church that’s the real thing, I want you to come and hear him speak.”  I went to his church and I met Jose Santana and he prophesied a few things over me and it remains to be seen whether they come to pass, and time will tell. However, Jose you did something that I’ve never seen before you took a look… I happened to have a picture of one of my 3 granddaughters. This is the middle one and she’s one of these children that knows what she wants and will not change her mind, she instantly knows. I mean I’ve never seen a little one even when she’s two years old she was like this.  And you looked at her picture and you said that exactly.  And then you also said that she will be given a gift of music.  Now when you said to me what you did and I know that was accurate. Now I’m told that this happens many times when you look at pictures of people you know things about what will happen in the future and about them currently.  How do you know this, do you hear it, do you see it; take this case.  We were having lunch and I pulled a picture out and you tell me this; explain to me what’s going on inside of the man.

Jose: I’m glad you asked usually what do is I inquire of the Holy Spirit of God and I look at the picture as a place of contact.  Just like the Apostle Paul will have handkerchief and would give them to the people and they will get healed.  But in this particular application I look at the picture and I look at the face and I look at the eyes and I asked the Holy Spirit to begin to give me the inside, the makeup likes and the dislikes of the person.  Right away the Word of the Lord just begins to come out of my belly and that’s how.

Sid: Now did you have the whole thought and then speak it out; or did you just speak it out as sort of like a good secretary word for word; as you hear one word you speak one word?

Jose:  I’m glad you asked; usually there’s two ways of process.  It comes from the belly to your mouth and out, that’s in the spirit.  And the carnal mind goes from the belly to the mind to the lips.  So it’s starts by human and I don’t like that I said “Lord just allow the word of God to come from my belly whatever information You’re giving me and be released.  I know that it’s not of mind because I don’t know the people that I see through pictures or in meetings.

Sid: I want to learn more about this gift it really intrigues me and it says in the Bible that we should all prophesy.

Jose:  Yes.

Sid:  So that means that we all should be intrigued by this particular gift.  But I said one other thing at lunch that was troubling me.  You’re one of the first prophets that I’ve said this to that I believe that doesn’t mean that we’re both right.  But you did say what I believe.  I have many prophets that say “You have to believe the prophetic word or it to come to pass.  And if it didn’t come to pass that’s because you didn’t believe it.” And you said to me “If God says it it’s going to happen.”

Jose:  Absolutely.

Sid: Jose I see that as a cop-out an excuse when things don’t happen.

Jose:  I believe that too, I fear the Lord so much that I only speak what He allows me to speak and those things that He’s shown me in the Spirit that is the only thing I share with people.  And I always tell people “I’m not that bright like people with masters and all of these degrees but by the Spirit when He revealed and He speaks to me it is so clear.” It’s so profound that I could not help but to share what the Word of the Lord.

Sid: Now I want to see a little bit, I see the man I want to see what God has done with you.  There was a point and you were not a believer in the Messiah and it seemed as though everything was going wrong in your life.  You had the dishonorable profession of being a drug dealer.

Jose: Yes.

Sid: Using drugs.

Jose:  Right, right

Sid: But everything was coming apart; tell me about it.

Jose:  Oh my, about 25 years ago I left Puerto Rico and moved to New York City and I was poor with a neighborhood and I met some people that was the time of the hippy era and I starting to do a little marijuana and then some other things escalated to heavy drugs.  And then I met other people and we started selling drugs and so forth and I made a mess of my life.  I hit bottom and I almost killed myself in a car accident and I went in the wrong direction, and my family was praying for me.  And one of them said “Can you come to church with us?”  And I said “I tried everything else and it didn’t work.” So I said “Let’s go to church and see what happens.”  And a regular guy sitting there in the 2nd service gave me a Word of Knowledge.”  I didn’t know what a Word or Knowledge was all about and he said “Jesus Loves you.”  And I go “This guy is wrong, all the wicked things that I have done, all the sinful things that I have done in my life; and how could Jesus love me.”  So I got out of the chair and I took 2 steps and out of my belly rivers of living waters and the peace of God that passes all understanding hit me.  And I said “Lord, who shall I share this experience?”  He said “Call your wife.”  So I called my wife, she said “Calm down, calm down you’re too excited.”  And I go “Honey, I tried drugs, I tried alcohol and I did the things that are wrong and that didn’t get me excited now this thing about Jesus.”  So she kept an eye on me and 3 months later she says, “I don’t know what you have but I want what you got.”  And she got born again and sanctified by the blood of the Lamb.  And 3 years later God began to give me visions in the church.

Sid:  Wait a second Jose, they prayed for you you had this wonderful feeling.  Did you speak in unknown tongues at that time?

Jose:  No, no.

Sid: Okay but you had this, you had all sorts of feelings with drugs and you were a dealer but this was something far better than anything than you’ve ever had.

Jose:  The love of God, the joy drew me to His presence.  I was a person who didn’t like to read any book. So 3 or 4 months later He gave me the desire to read the Bible.  And it would be 8 or 10 hours a day that I would be crying on the floor reading the Bible.

Sid: Now I have a question.  Your wife must have thought we Jewish people have a word called mashuga.

Jose:  Yes. 

Sid: Your wife must have thought that you had gone mashuga, crazy. (Laughing)

Jose: Absolutely but the craziness that she saw in me was good because I became home-bound and respectful to all things my work area, my relationship with my wife; relationship with my pastor.  My relationship with all of the people around it changed, it was a process. 

Sid: Can you picture what had happened to you if you had not had that encounter with Jesus the way you were headed.  You’d probably would be dead now or in prison.

Jose:  The Lord showed me a dream that some people were looking to kill me and gave me the name the automobile that they drove.  But I did not know nothing about the gift; to me it was just a regular dream and I was going crazy.  And I was going “What can I do with this thing?”  And that was my turn around I believe to come out of Egypt into the things of God.  But everything that I know about the Lord it is a process; it is not overnight. As you yield to God and begin to fellowship with Him and read His word and obey His word, then your inside begins to change.

Sid: Now how many years ago did this happen?

Jose: Over 25 years ago.

Sid: I have a question, you’re still very tender over this.  I see tears welling up in your eyes, this happened so long ago; why are you still tender over this Jose.

Jose:  The Bible declared “To whom much has been forgiven much love.”  And I know that I was destitute to go to hell because of my lifestyle. I am so grateful every day that He saved my soul.  Not the gift, the gift is something that He gives to whoever He wants to that’s what the Bible says.  But just the relationship that He has with me.

Sid: You know Jose a number of years ago I had a dream from God.  My kind of dream is one that is literal and in this dream God told me to do something and He knows me.  I did it the moment He told me.

Jose:  Yes.

Sid: And He told me to do a book it made no sense.

Jose:  Hm.

Sid: But He knows better.

Jose:  Yes.

Sid:  And so I wrote a book and they called it “They Thought For Themselves

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Our Guest Dr. David Remedious

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Dr. David Remedios

Sid:  Mishpochah and it means family; isn’t that what God’s all about He’s building a family see God has a Father’s heart of love and He wants to be your Father.  He loves you so much; if no one has ever told you this before I tell you right now in God’s eyes you are special.  And you say “Well Sid you don’t know what I did.”  Well, that’s okay you don’t know what I did.  The truth is no one knows what I did where it counts in Heaven.  Why, because I’ve truly repented of my sins. And I truly believe the blood of Jesus washed it away.  And I truly believe the word that says “I am the righteousness of God in Messiah Jesus.”  And it’s as if I’ve never sinned.  That’s why it’s so wonderful, you see as a traditional Jew coming from a traditional Jewish background, I would pray and fast for my sins to be atoned, covered on Yom Kippur.  But that just meant that they were covered, they were not washed away like they never existed.  And then I read in my own Jewish scriptures in Jeremiah chapter 31 verse 31 that a New Covenant would come to our Jewish people in which there would be 2 things that would occur.  Number 1 God says “Rather than cover your sins; I will remember your sins no more.”  That means God literally has no remembrance of my past.  That means when He sees me He sees His Son Jesus inside of me.  And I am the righteousness of God in Messiah Jesus, but the 2nd thing was even more exciting.  He said under this New Covenant in Jeremiah 31:31 there were 2 things that He would remember our sins no more; but number 2 we would know Him.  We would have intimacy with Him.  We would hear His voice; we would have a purpose we couldn’t complete our destiny and when we die we’ll just slip out of this earth suit and be with Him forever.  That happens to be good news.  I have a man on the telephone that is living actually a normal life; but abnormal when you compare him to 21st century American Christianity.  But this is just normal; I mean he is a Vascular Surgeon; he prays for his patients before he operates and many times he’ll have a vision from God on what to do.  David, I happen to believe that that’s better than any x-ray you possibly could get.

David:  Oh absolutely.

Sid:  I have David Remedious on and Dr. Remedious is a Vascular Surgeon. We’ll have at least one of his former patients on the air that actually had a creative miracle because not only does he do surgery as God directs but God actually creates organs that aren’t supposed to be there.  And there is no other explanation but it’s a miracle.  On yesterday’s broadcast we found out that you came from a real tough background and you’re on the streets at age 13 in Bronx New York fending for yourself.  And if you didn’t learn to heart the voice of God I probably wouldn’t be speaking to you right now. I mean New York is a rough place today; but I imagine that it was pretty rough when you were in the streets of the Bronx.

David: I believe it was rougher back then. (Laughing) But yes Sir it was just a testimony to the keeping and the saving power of God.

Sid: Now what are your credentials by the way medically?

David: Oh I’ve graduated from New York University School of Medicine. But of course before that I went to undergraduate to Hobart College in Geneva, New York, then did my post graduate degree at Baylor College of Medicine in Houston, Texas. Then at the University of South Florida and Tampa.

Sid: Now you speak at National Medical Conferences; what do you usually speak on?

David:  I speak on wound healing; I speak on nutrition and I speak on of course vascular surgery also.

Sid: Well David on yesterday’s broadcast we pretty much told everyone about your background.  Do you remember the first time as a surgeon you had a vision of what to do; the very first time?

David:   There was a man that came into my office and he came in because there was something; a headache. So clear the Holy Spirit told me “No, he also has a hernia in his belly button.”  And I’m blank and I’m going like… I’m trying to think and I’m looking at the man.  And I said “Sir would you please lift up your shirt I need to look at your belly button.” (Snickering) That’s kind of odd.

Sid: Excuse me he hadn’t mentioned that he had a hernia.

David:  Oh, absolutely not.

Sid: But if someone has a hernia they know that they have a hernia.

David:  (Laughing) Yeah.

Sid: (Laughing) So he did mention that he had a headache and you said “Let’s look at your belly button.”  Do you all ways act this way?  (Laughing) I’m just teasing; go ahead.

David:  (Laughing) Well, I believe that God as we yield to God that He will just use us in whatever field we’re doing in our normal everyday lives that God has done.  Not so limited to the realm of church but that in churches that we go to celebrate Him; but church is what we literally happens in our daily lives with our families and our jobs.  He said “We are led; we are called to be both natural and supernatural at the same time.  And that there shouldn’t be any blurring or any line that divides it we’re both.  And so when we invite God into our lives He just works anywhere and anywhere.  So that man had a need and He revealed to me what was going on and so I just obeyed.  That’s just the end of that; that’s just the way God is; God is awesome, He’s extraordinary.

Sid: So you look at his belly button and then what?

David:  And sure enough there was a hernia.  He was looking at me and said “How did you know I had that?  I said, “Well, I just knew.” (Laughing)

Sid: (Laughing)

David:  (Laughing) how do you explain.  Or of the case of a lady that came in and the moment she came in and she came in for something in her arm and the Holy Spirit showed me a vision of a tumor in her right breast.  And I said “Mam I feel that we need to check…” a lot of time when the Holy Spirit shows me I say “Well, when was your last breast examination?” And of course let’s get a mammogram and sure enough that’s what it was.

Sid: Wait a second, was that like news to her when you said.

David:  Yeah, oh yeah.

Sid: So did you have a vision of this or did you hear it?  What.

David:   Yeah, I saw it; I had a vision of it.  I saw the tumor literally.  And so I just told her…

Sid: Well, listen I understand this mammogram is a painful procedure.  I think that every doctor in the world ought to work in gifts in the Spirit.

David:  (Laughing) Praise God. I confirmed obviously with a mammogram because we need to always be particularly that we make sure that we’ve done everything correctly and for the right reasons.  You know that’s the thing about the gifts of the Spirit; someone that moves in the gifts of the Spirit is not afraid of the scrutiny of science.  God is not afraid to be scrutinized God confirms what He does and that’s the beauty of this whole thing.

Sid: Okay, so David there’s a couple that sued you over a piece of Real Estate so you might say you were not in the best relationship.  They did happen to be Christians and you get a phone call from the husband.  I’m talking about the Saps; what happened?

David:  Oh yes sir I do remember that (Laughing) yes I do.  My first inclination was “Well, I thought to myself how could he call me” I was going to say thanks but no thanks but I was going to be kind as I could be. But when I was going to say that the Holy Spirit said “Don’t you dare say no, you will treat her and you’re going to see my hand.”  I just looked up and I was in my car and I’m going “Okay Lord if that’s what you want me to do I’ll do it.”  Again obedience, we must live lifestyles of obedience.  And obviously she was having abdominal pain.  I said “Well, have her meet me in the emergency.”

Sid: Obviously, why did they select you?  Logic says they should have selected someone else; someone that weren’t involved in a legal matter.

David:    Well, they knew that I loved the Lord and they felt that that was the direction I was the man they were supposed to call.  And reluctantly agreed because I heard from the Holy Spirit that that’s what I was supposed to do.  So I meet them at the emergency room.  She had an acute abdominal surgery and you know she was hurting; she was really quite ill.  We made a decision; they actually were given her cathartic, to try to move her bowels; when in deed what was wrong with her she had a tumor in the transverse colon that totally obstructed her colon. So that because of the cathartic she was taking the colon   was getting bigger and bigger it was on the verge of exploding.  Not only that but her gall bladder was gangrenous at the same time.  So this was really a doozy; that was incredible.  This was an incredible case.

Sid: Was this very risky on her part.

David:  Oh, of course of course; we had to go in.  Her husband and I prayed and at that point she was out of it and she was going into shock.  Her husband and I prayed Lord “Send your angels ministering spirits to be in the operating room.”  And you know sometimes we pray but obviously expect but when He shows up sometimes we’re not really ready to handle it.  And that’s exactly what happened to…

Sid: David hold that thought we’ll be right at this place on tomorrow’s broadcast. Mishpochah I have a book that I believe actually supernaturally came into my hands.  It’s called “God’s Medicine Cabinet.”

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