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Our Guest David Martin

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.  Is it a working of miracles, is it a gift of healing, was that a gift of faith and was that a word of wisdom, a word of knowledge?  That really is not significant.  What’s really significant, is that you know that all of those gifts, God made available to you so you can walk in the supernatural.  So we’re going to go through, as best as we can, the Bible doesn’t give us a lot of insight in this realm in terms of turning to a passage where it describes or defines per se each of the gifts of the Spirit.  We’ll look at what we do have, but most importantly here, learning how to walk in the supernatural so that the gifts of the Spirit happen naturally for you.  So, we are going to go through some practical application.  We’re going to show you how to apply the gifts to your life from the moment you wake up in the morning.  Just in your drive from home to the office is an operation or opportunity for you to believe and expect the operation of the supernatural.  When you get to school, when you get to work, when you get to the market, everywhere you go, these gifts are waiting to be not just activated, we’re going to go through that too, activating them in you, but they’re there to use, to benefit the kingdom of God.  And we’re going to be looking at the very will of God in how to bring these gifts into fulfillment in your life.  Amen.  We’re going to be developing our faith to increase the use of the gifts, I believe I’ve covered that already, and then we’re going to get into the two fold work of the Spirit.  So, typically when I teach a course like this I start at the beginning with a person getting born again.  And then once they get born again, they get filled with the Holy Spirit and then we look at the two fold work of the Holy Spirit.  And then one of the things I love to look at and is one of the most valuable lessons and that is hearing the voice of God.  Amazing, in Acts 26, Paul is recounting his occurrence when Jesus visited him and he said that, Jesus said for this reason if I called you Paul to take the gospel to the gentiles, to deliver them out of darkness, to bring them into light, give them the forgiveness of sins and their inheritance.  Now, I like to teach that in the beginning but we’re going to work that into the end.  But I’ll tell you what, the most valuable lesson you will ever hear is understanding what your inheritance is.  And I can pretty well guess because I have asked people all over the world if they have ever heard it taught or if they have any idea what it is and I have yet to have anybody that hasn’t heard me teach this, understand the inheritance.

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Our Guests Dr. Michael Brown & Dr. Sandra Kennedy

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SID: Hello. I’m here with my guest, Dr. Sandra Kennedy. And Sandra, you see thousands of people healed. What’s your secret? How do you get so many healed?


SANDRA: You know, just in all honesty it has to do with simplicity of the Word, teaching the Word so simple and holding on to one of my favorite scriptures, which is, “Let God be true and let man be a liar.” Trusting the Word of the Lord, falling in love with Jesus, making up my mind that if he said it he will do it and I can trust him, and taking that Word, and breaking it down, and teaching it to you, so that you end up believing and loving the Lord, and you just take it.


SID: You know what’s so wonderful, what she teaches not only works for thousands of other people, it works for her.


SANDRA: Yes it does.


SID: Tell me about the time your nice little dog bit off part of your lip.


SANDRA: Yes, it bit off from right here to right here, about a quarter, a nickel-size of my lip. And the doctor told me the upper lip could not regrow itself and the bottom lip would. But anyway, I go to the hospital, they do surgery, they tell me I’ve got to have all these surgeries again and I said, no, I’m never going to have another surgery, and I said, because God is going to heal it. Then of course, they wanted me to look at this book showing all these cleft lips and how I would never be able to speak and never be able to say anything.


SID: I bet you drove the plastic surgeon nuts.


SANDRA: I absolutely did.


SID: For saying you did not want this plastic surgery.

SANDRA: I did. I drove him absolutely nuts. And when I’d go in, he’d go to show me a book. I wouldn’t look at it. I said, “No, I’m going to get pictures of me looking really good with a big smile.” Because he said I’d never have a smile again.


SID: And instead of mirrors, you wouldn’t look in a mirror while God was doing his miracle.


SANDRA: Yes. I put a picture of me looking really good and a big smile, you know. And then I’d look in the mirror and I’d talk to it. I’d say, “You hear me. I command you in the name of Jesus, you straighten yourself out,” just like that.


SID: Now after God healed you.




SID: You saw the plastic surgeon. What did he say to you?


SANDRA: Listen, I saw him back then, but I just recently, Sid, saw him. After about 14 years, I saw him and he said to me, “What have you done to your lip?” And I said, “Nothing. I’ve never had another thing done to it except what you did 14 years ago on the operating table, and all you did was slice, cut out some of the bad spots and pull it together, and tie together with cat gut. But I’ve never had anything else done. My God did this.” And he said, “He did a really good job.”


SID: Well in addition to plastic surgery, tell me about someone that you taught this person that had an incurable disease. It was Crohn’s disease.


SANDRA: Crohn’s disease, yes.


SID: What I want to know is it’s wonderful that this woman was healed of an incurable disease. But explain to me what happened with the diagnostic x-rays that proved she had Crohn’s disease.


SANDRA: Well she took them and went to another state to a specialist to try to get some, took her old x-rays with her and went to another state to get some input from them, I think to have surgery done or something. Anyway, when she delivered her x-rays, in the meantime, she took a Bible, turned the Bible upside down on top of her x-rays and kept believing the Word of God to go into those, you know, it matters what you believe. It truly matters what you believe. It matters what you think. And she put that Bible on top of those x-rays and by the time she got to a specialist and he picked up the old x-rays, they were perfect. Nothing, he could find nothing.


SID: That’s impossible. You’re telling me the x-rays changed?


SANDRA: I’m telling you.


SID: That the original diagnostic x-ray, I mean, I understand she was healed, but you’re stretching me.


SANDRA: I know. I said the x-rays are healed.

SID: Well I’m going to tell you, I don’t think any of us have comprehended how important the Word of God is. It’s living. It’s alive. It’s like taking Jesus into you. And we have a brand new Bible. It’s The Supernatural Bible. I have Dr. Sandra Kennedy’s notes in here on healing. I have a section on tongues that when you read that you will, if you’re praying an hour a day, you’ll be praying two hours. If you’re not praying, you’ll be praying in tongues. It motivates you to pray in tongues. I have the hidden meaning that the devil has hidden from us about the blood of Jesus. And what I so love is your notes. I had Sandra pick out her favorite scriptures, they’re highlighted in the Bible with a gray [highlighting] and then she explains these notes. And I have to tell you, all I know about healing, my faith went zoom as I read it. Any time I’m struggling with something, I want to read your notes. You told me when you wrote the notes, what happened.


SANDRA: I mean, faith just arose in the room. It was unbelievable. Sid, it was fun, it was exciting, it was like Jesus was right there in the room with us. I mean, it was probably one of the most exciting things I’ve ever done. It just poured out of me as I would begin to do it. It would just pour out stories. It was thrilling.


SID: Well we’ll have Sandra back. But in the next segment, I’m going to have my friend Dr. Michael Brown. And Dr. Brown was a rock musician, into drugs. He finds Jesus. He immediately goes to rabbis and starts telling them how wonderful our Messiah is, and did he get the shock of his life. It totally changed his destiny. Be right back.

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Our Guest David Herzog

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WOMAN: He spoke to me. My body, the doctors haven’t been able to understand what’s going on in my body. The tests say I’m fine but my digestion is nothing’s right. And when he touched me it was like I felt tingling and burning in my feet and it went up my legs and that my body was out of balance. Then when he touched me and spoke it my body I just felt it just align. And even when He prayed I’ve been attacked in my breathing and every time I go into prayer it’s like I can’t breathe. And when he was praying for other people for breathe I felt the warmth go down in my ear. And I haven’t had any allergy medicine or anything today.


DAVID: Allergies you feel got healed?




DAVID: Wow! Awesome!


WOMAN: Thank you.




DAVID: Wow! Did anyone get raised from the dead raise your hand. Did anyone have a heart attack during the service and you just came back? Just want to know because Sid might want to interview what did you see when you died? What specifically in heaven did you see? Anyone else got a healing miracle? Raise your hand. I know there are a bunch that did. What’d you get? Your shoulder got healed? Was that you the rotator cuff or the tendonitis, whatever, right shoulder. Oh, that’s you. That was her. That’s her right there. Whooo! Praise God! Awesome. Feels good.




DAVID: Anybody else? We gotta go fast. We don’t know what we’re doing, remember, but He does. Who else? I’m just following orders. Who else? All right. A lot of you got healed. Who else on TV got healed? Let me see. You did? What? Move, move the arm. Wow! You could do that with your disc before? And do see someone with a lower disc has just gotten… There’s a bunch of stuff going on. Man, it’s awesome here, isn’t it? Do you feel the presence here? How many got gold dust raise your hand. Look at all the hands. How many out in the audience got it. That’s a sign and a wonder. How many got oil? Supernatural oil. Okay. You might get diamonds or gems He’s had that happen too as well. Whooo, there’s so much here. So much is going on. How many… Wow. And Joshua if you get a word of knowledge please just if you have something just flow, we want you to be free also. We just… flow. They told me to be the moderator. That’s why they told me to jump back up. But we’re all just… we don’t know what we’re doing but we do. He does.

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