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Our Guest Hank Kunneman

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SID: Hank Kunneman, one of the first times we got together when we started ministering, you gave me a personal prophecy. And I have to tell you, I, you know, I’ve been around a long time, and so I hear the prophecies and I know the ones that miss it and the ones that get it, and unfortunately too many miss it. But Hank said to me, “You know, Sid,” it was right after we did, I believe, a radio show. He said, “You know, Sid, I see you not being,” he didn’t use this word, I will, “a wandering Jew going from one studio to another to do your television show. You’re going to have your own studio. You’re going to have your own, the Lord is telling me you’re going to have your own equipment.” And do your remember telling me, prophesying that?

HANK: Yes I do. I remember that.

SID: You even went a step further though. He told me the name of the person that was going to sell me this studio, the studio you see today, he prophesied before I even knew about it. But you know, there’s so, thank you. You know, there are so many prophecies I’d like to talk to you about, but one in particular. For Oral Roberts to talk about you being the most accurate prophet he knows, you actually, if I understand right according to notes, you prophesied his death.

HANK: Yes, his going home actually.

SID: Tell me about that.

HANK: Yes. His wife had gone home to be with the Lord and I said to myself, he really wanted to go be with his wife.

SID: I know.

HANK: And I said, “What are you going to do?” He was 89. I said, “What are you going to do when you’re 91? And there shall be the sounds of Christmas bells, and just before Christmas, there shall be a gathering of angels and there shall be a welcoming home of you as one of God’s great generals that have walked this earth.” And he actually, December 15th on my dad’s birthday, at 91.

SID: Now I was told.

HANK: [unintelligible].

SID: Yes, that’s what I was told. He got upset with Hank because he was ready to see his wife and go to Heaven.

HANK: That’s right. He was ready to go then, but the Lord told him what age.

SID: Well there’s so many other things we can talk about. Just to kind of establish the authenticity of your words, you had some prophecies over former President Bill Clinton. Tell me about that.

HANK: You know, I was doing a series of meetings in the southern part of the United States and I was praying for one particular meeting. And all of a sudden I went into a vision, and this was back, I think around the 1995ish, right around when Bill Clinton, and I saw him actually open a door and walk into what looked like a hallway or a closet and a young woman with dark hair met him. And the Word of the Lord said, “What shall be done and is being done in the higher office of the land should release the spirit of perversion upon the nation.” And we’ve seen how that has been the case and, you know, obviously there is the Lord’s forgiveness for such a thing. But it did release a lot on the nation, you know, that we’re still dealing with today. So yeah, that was one prophecy that did happen.

SID: Did you see that he would win two times?

HANK: Yeah I did, yeah.

SID: I’ll tell you one of the biggest questions I have is there are so many prophets prophesying destruction. I’ve had them on my show. I love them. They’re wonderful men and women of God. And here’s you saying things are, this is the best time we’ve ever had on Planet Earth. How could so many are seeing gloom and doom?

HANK: Let me tell you about an experience of the Lord. This was just recently. I went before the Lord and he was grieved for two days. And I kept pressing God saying, God, “I want an answer. What are you grieved about?” And the Lord began to deal with me, and he said, “Hank,” he said, “too many are prophesying the obvious.” If I say to you, Sid, that there are going to be more droughts. There’s going to be more school shootings, unfortunately, you know, you would say, well wow. Well that’s obvious. We are in a season that’s evil, but God is invading it with his good. And so the Lord said, “There’s many that are prophesying according to the spirit of fear.” You know, fear is a very powerful spirit. It’s a spirit and it’s what the enemy is using to push back the Glory. You see, many are prophesying—

SID: Excuse me. That was too good to slip over so fast.

HANK: Yes.

SID: You’re saying to me that the enemy is using a lot of this. They don’t even need prophets. You just watch the news.

HANK: Right.

SID: To push back the Glory. Why does this negativity push back the Glory?

HANK: Well let me give you an example. Because in Y2K, you remember Y2K.

SID: Of course. We all do.

HANK: I had a visitation from the Lord and there was a scroll given to me by an angel in the vision, and it said, “Tell my people that this is not going to be as they say. And tell the people that fear, the spirit, is trying to push back the Glory and the spirit of fear is trying to cross the new millennial line ahead of my church and is using the church.” Because see, Jesus said, “When two or more agree as touching any one thing upon this earth, it will be established.” When we got into agreement with the spirit of fear, watch this, we got into agreement with the spirit of fear, it unleashed the spirit of fear and a year later, our towers fell in New York City. And we still are battling that spirit that was allowed to come when we were storing up and looking at things by way of fear rather than does God have a plan for the new millennium. And so the Lord was saying, even with the prophets, you know, and he said we have to be wise because prophecy, and tapping into the prophetic, is like a radio. It’s frequencies. And Moses had to go above the dark cloud where God was to get a different perspective or a higher perspective. There is a realm, if we’re not careful, we as prophets can here the secrets of God. We can also hear the plans of the enemy and if we’re not careful we can prophesy the plans of the enemy as if it’s the Spirit of God. And that’s why sometimes there’s a confusion. So God is saying we need to come up higher.

SID: We have to tap into the right frequency.

HANK: Right.

SID: And I can see that because if you agree with the spirit, oh someone’s neck was just healed. If you agree with the Spirit of God, if two or more agree touching any one thing that will happen, what if you agree with the spirit of the god with a small “g” of this age? You see, I believe the media and unfortunately many prophets are tapping into the second heaven rather than higher up, the third heaven where God is. When we come back I want Hank to answer that question because he’s heard from God on this. We’ll be right back.

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Our Guest Anita Hill

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Sid: My guest on the telephone is Pastor Anita Hill. Anita is Pastor at Pleasant Valley Church in Thomaston, Georgia. Last week I sure hope you were listening because we had Pastor Henry Wright from the same church. And he was talking about how God is showing him that there are doorways and they are very specific for each specific disease. And when you can close this doorway you can stop that disease from its very roots. And as you know I have been searching, and I’m not going to be satisfied until I see what Jesus said in the New Testament He said “You’ll do the same works I’ve done and even greater.” Well, that is our minimum and I’m not satisfied until we hit that and as a matter of fact Jesus didn’t turn anyone down and Jesus healed everyone that came to Him. And I want nothing short of that and so I’ve been looking for the keys. And I believe that we’re on to a key that I’m so excited about. And I have a woman on the phone Anita Hill who is also a Pastor at Pleasant Valley Church in Thomaston, Georgia. She is a nurse and a teacher and her job there is identified the roots of diseases. Anita you’ve identified the roots of something like 500 diseases.

Anita: Well, collectively we have led by the basic teaching from the word that Pastor Henry Wright has set the stage for the roots of many diseases and then we have extrapolated from that and recognized other illnesses that have a commonality with some of the diseases that he already recognized.

Sid: Now let’s just kind of recap, for the Mishpochah, because you’re testimony is in the book we’re offering this week called “The More Excellent Way.” The book identifies at least 17 diseases that you had. You were a nice atheist stuck in a body, the New Age couldn’t help you, nothing could help you. You had environmental illnesses to the point where all of your hair fell out and you couldn’t wear clothing. You could only, for a time, eat beets, you were on oxygen for 11 years, you had a rare kidney disease, hypothyroidism, you had organic brain syndrome, you had multiple chemical sensitivity, just cervical and lumbar osteoarthritis. You had kidney problems, you had psychiatric diseases, you had tendonitis, bursitis, bladder infection, it goes on and on. You were legally blind in both eyes, your mental problems were so bad that you spent many years in a mental institution, you were catatonic at times. You had such a horrible background being raised and so you’re in one of these let’s call it a safe house because of the environmental problems that you had. You’re with a nice Jewish girlfriend roommate and she’s in law school graduate from Harvard University but she has this bad disease it’s environmental. And all of a sudden she’s a believer in Jesus and she get’s healed. What affect did this have on you because you tried New Age and it didn’t help?

Anita: Right and I would like to mention that I was legally blind without my glasses and now I can pass the Georgia test without my glasses and my doctor says “That that is a real miracle,” the eye doctor. But when she called she wanted to get some things out of storage at my house and immediately hearing her voice I knew something was different. And she wasn’t going to tell me because so many people had given her a bad time time about maybe even being a Christian let alone being a healed by God. So she was holding back but she finally told me and immediately when she told me her story about her healing and that she had accepted Jesus Christ as her Savior I knew I wanted to know this Living God. And I wasn’t as sure about getting healed of all of my diseases, but I had known this God earlier in my life and I wanted to reconnect out of that. And I immediately called a friend of mine who was my astrologer and I did pendulum readings for her.

Sid: Oi vey!

Anita: And she began weeping and I said “Why are you weeping you’re not a Christian because I’m going to have to give up my guru.” Immediately it was like she knew.

Sid: You know it reminds me almost of my Jewish mother and that is that even before she was a believer she was going around witnessing to people. It’s…anyway you get this Henry Wright on the telephone what does he say to you?

Anita: Well, I get in touch with his ministry and one of his ministers started teaching me the word over the phone because I was in no position to go all of the way from ministry was in Florida at the time and I was in San Francisco on oxygen for 11 years in a foil-lined room. And barely able to wear any clothing, I finally could wear some silk and linen and it’s a bit of a stretch when you’re paying $200 for your sheets but I…

Sid: Because any other type of sheet you would be allergic to.

Anita: I could only do linen and silk. And I did not have a bed to sleep in for 11 years I slept on a metal frame that was only about 24 inches wide.

Sid: Why didn’t you sleep on a bed?

Anita: Because I couldn’t tolerate mattresses and all of the chemicals that would be in mattresses.

Sid: Anita you must really know what it really is to suffer you must have tremendous compassion for people that are suffering.

Anita: I do. One of the ways that I am effective in ministry is that people say “I know you know the kind of thing I’ve gone through.” And I always tell them “I can’t know exactly how they feel but I know what it’s like to suffer.” But I also know what it’s like to be victorious in Christ because God heals me.

Sid: And for those that are just tuning in for the first time this is nothing compared to all she’s been healed of but she’s 68 years young and most people when they see her they think she’s in her 40’s. And you’re almost a sign and a wonder just by your appearance.

Anita: Right when I first came to the ministry I had to have people hold me up on both sides because I was so allergic to grass and trees or if I smelled car exhaust on the street I would fall. I would fall several times a day and even in my home let alone in the streets and they would try to take me out for a walk when I came to the ministry and would assist me like this. Within a week I was jogging down that same street. And since I’ve been healed even though I’ve previously had osteoarthritis in my spine I was able to go to Switzerland and climb mountain trails and that was a real victory.

Sid: What about your kidneys?

Anita: Well I had been on artificial kidney machine because I took 60 sleeping pills and was in a coma for a month and my kidneys shut down. And from being on the artificial kidney machine I developed a rare kidney disorder and could not hold on to calcium or potassium. And had to carry bottles of it around with me because I’d start having heart attack symptoms and this went on for 11 years and God also healed that.

Sid: Now when you went into the ministry could you eat normal food?

Anita: No, I came to the ministry and I told them that they would have to get some organic beets for me. I had a…

Sid: I mean that’s quite an appetite I mean beets that’s the only thing that you could eat?

Anita: Without severe reactions at one point I…

Sid: Weren’t you sick of beets?

Anita: Yes I was, but at least they didn’t make me critically ill. I would get heart attack systems if I ate some foods like beef and so forth. So I had to take an injection for every food that I ate, they neutralized me at the hospital in Texas for even lettuce would put me out for days with pain in my joints and depression and whatever. So after while I could no longer afford to take the shots and I also started reacting to them it was becoming more sensitive. So it was like playing Russian roulette to eat anything. I did eat some foods even though they made me very sick because I wanted to stay alive. But at the point where I got that phone call from my friend I had really decided to turn my face to wall and die and let myself starve and not take water anymore. I couldn’t even drink water without severe reaction and had to have a glass distiller in order to process my water.

Sid: So you’re saying if God hadn’t interceded in your life you would have probably taken you like if you hadn’t died naturally at that point.

Anita: Right at that point I couldn’t take it any more I had had 56 years of suffering from the time I was born. My first suicide attempt was at the age of 8. And throughout my life I made many attempts on my life because I felt I just didn’t belong in this world.

Sid: After a few weeks what was your eating like when you went to Henry Wrights.

Anita: Guess what, I went to after one week I went to a Jewish deli that had a gas leak and had a pastrami sandwich and I also had cheesecake.

Sid: If you hadn’t been healed what affect would that had had on you?

Anita: Well one I wouldn’t have gotten in the door with the gas leak I would have collapsed at the door probably started having heart attack symptoms. If I drank the milk I probably would have become suicidal you know with the cheesecake with the milk in it. And with the beef I would have become very disoriented. I guess that’s what pastramis from. And the bread with wheat I would have been totally out of my mind with reaction.

Sid: Listen, we’re out of time. The reason we’re interviewing her Mishpochah and I’m saying there’s nothing going on in your life to compare like this. If God could heal Anita He can heal you if God wanted to heal Anita He wants to heal you.

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Sid Roth

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Sid: Now several weeks ago I gave you a very fast update on what happened in Israel. But there was so much that happened that, it’s so significant prophetically that I felt I’d take this whole week and tell you a bit about my adventure in the land of Israel. It started out with my sister and brother-in-law emailing me and saying “Sid I feel it’s time for you to come to the land and we can set up some evangelistic meetings for you.” I felt “Well, that sounds good.” We had them set up and there were some special things they were doing to get a lot of unsaved people there. See my sister and brother-in-law made Aliyah about a year and a half ago. And they’re in their 60’s. And God gave my sister a dream and they had it made; their retired their family is doing well they have a wonderful congregation, and everything was going wonderful for them. And they had no desire to go Israel in the midst of the intifada, the war but my sister had a dream in which God made it very clear that they were called the land of Israel. And so they cut their ties and they went and imagine over 60 their learning Hebrew. You know what even more unbelievable they love it, they absolutely love it. You know when you’re in the center of God’s will it doesn’t matter that an intifada’s going on, it doesn’t matter what happens, all that counts is to be in the center of God’s will. And He says “I’ll keep you in perfect peace if you’ll keep your eyes on Me.”

I talked to my sister and brother-in-law “Do you have any fear, do you have any concerns about walking down the center of the street there’s suicide bombers and all of these things going on.” And you know when you’re in the land of Israel it’s not like the United States you see people all over with guns at their side. I mean it’s just… when you go into a restaurant and they frisk you; most Americans have never lived under this type of atmosphere and I can tell you that they’re in such peace.

So anyway they invited me to come to Israel and then I had a childhood disease which caused a deteriorated hipbone and the prognosis was “Someday you’ll need surgery.” We didn’t know when the someday was but of course I was believing God for a new hip from the parts room in heaven. I really believe that God does these things and will do these things after all He says “Is anything impossible for Me.” But the pain got unbearable and I decided it hasn’t manifested yet I’m going to have the surgery. So I didn’t go to Israel. And then I decided that I would go again the dates worked out for me to be there about a week before Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year the Feast of Trumpets. And I talked to a friend of mine that’s a prophet his name is Bob Jones and I told him I was going to Israel I’d appreciate prayer for me while I’m there. And he said “Will you be there over Rosh Hashanah?” And I said “No, I’m leaving the land about a week before.” And he said “Oh, too bad God is showing me He’s going to pour out His Spirit on Israel in a very sovereign way starting in Rosh Hashanah.” And he said “I’m not prophesying you’re supposed to be there but it’s just too bad that you’re not going to.” I mean that’s like waving a red flag in front of a bull. (Laughing) I mean “If You’re going to pour out Your Spirit God I want to be where you pour It out.” So I decided I’d do a fleece I wrote am email to Pat Robertson and I’m going to be in Israel and I could extend my trip a few days if you would like to do a live update from Jerusalem on Rosh Hashanah. And low and behold got a call back almost immediately and they said “Yes.” So I had to be in Israel an extra week, that’s 2 weeks.

So I really felt that God had something special for me there and I’ll tell you if nothing else, if nothing else to see what God is doing in that land the way it builds your faith to see all of these ancient promises that have come true. “As long as there’s a sun and moon and stars they’ll be a physical Jew on the face of this earth.” That from the 4 corners of the earth God will suddenly cause Israel to become a nation in a day.” That’s what it says in Isaiah “A nation will be formed in a day and the Jewish people will be preserved, will be restored to that land.” And to just go there and see that is I mean such a boost in ones faith. And so one of the things that happened while I was there is I called a friend of mine that’s a close friend of Derrick Prince. Now Derrick Prince wrote… I interviewed him a number of times, he wrote a forward in one of my books. And as far as I’m concerned he’s one of the greatest Bible scholars. So I talked to this friend and this friend said… the friend’s name was Lance Lambert, and Lance said “Well, Derrick’s in the hospital and he’s not doing very well.” And then he hung up and the next day he was promoted; he went on to be with the Father in heaven. I got a hold of a newsletter, this was the last newsletter that Derrick Prince sent out just before he was promoted. And I’ve got to read this to you this is what he says:

Over the past 3 years God has been telling me again and again that He has planted me here in Israel; He has promised me that I will abide where He has planed me the result will be abundant fruit.

And I have to interject that’s what I saw on this trip abundant fruit. Then let me read another part of this newsletter. These were like his last words before he died:

Over the past several years I’ve been exercised in my mind over Romans 1:16. And Romans 1:16 says “I’m not ashamed of the gospel of Messiah for it is the power of God to salvation to everyone who believes. To the Jew first, and also for the Greek

Then he goes on to say:

Some Christians offer only an historical interpretation of these words. Suggesting that they mean that the gospel was first presented to the Jews then later to the Gentiles, but that is not what Paul actually says. He says that the gospel still is for the Jews first, then for the Greek. It describes not merely a fact of history, but also a permanent order which God has ordained for the dissemination of the gospel. It is significant that Paul himself, who was the apostle of the uncircumcision, that is the Gentiles, regularly began his ministry in any city by approaching the Jewish community. I believe that we should still follow the same order in the presentation of the gospel today. I feel that we please God by reserving a special place for the ministry of the gospel to the Jewish people especially in their land.

Wow! This is what I’d been proclaiming for years. It’s almost like from heaven because he’s in heaven right now and I get this newsletter and he’s saying what the Spirit of God has been showing me for years. That, when we go to the Jew first it opens up because when you’re doing what God says to do you can’t miss. When you go to the Jew first it is God’s eternal law of evangelism. It opens up a supernatural door to reach all people. When you go to all people you don’t take advantage of that supernatural door. It’s like in Genesis 12:3 God says “I God will bless those who bless the Jewish people, and I will curse those who curse them.” So when you reach out to the Jew first with evangelism it’s like planting a seed. When you plant that seed it opens the door to reach all people, it’s so simple you need help to get confused.

So when I read that it got me so excited, then something else, I was actually at his funeral in Jerusalem. When I was there they mentioned his last prophetic word to the church. He was asked the question “What do you see as far as where we are right now?” This is what he said just days before he was promoted to heaven. He said 2 things, he didn’t have to think it just came right out of his mouth.

  1. Restoring Israel – this is what God is doing. Number 1 restoring Israel.
  2. Judging the nations – that’s so articulate and so correct.

You know the Feast of Trumpets, and that’s what I was in Israel for, or Rosh Hashanah, you blow the shofar. The shofar represents many things: Announcing royalty – when you hear that shofar blast the king is ready to come. I believe that what is about ready to happen in Israel today. It is not an accident that they have had an unusually high rain fall this year, almost record amounts of rain. Well rain is symbolic of the Holy Spirit. I believe it’s showing us there’s an outpouring of God’s Spirit, and that prophecy I heard by Bob Jones I believe that started on Rosh Hashanah, the King is about ready to come.

The second thing the shofar does is a warning. It tells you that there’s danger on the horizon. I have to tell when I was in Israel, and it was very early in the morning and I was just waking up, I had as close to an audible voice as I’ve ever heard in my life and the voice said “Economic judgment.” Now that’s all this voice said and I believe it was God. My interpretation was economic judgment on the United States for coming against Israel.

Do you remember John McTernan who I interviewed on Messianic Vision? He said that every time the United States of America has come against Israel they’ve had a warning judgment of some natural disaster or catastrophe.

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Our Guest Dr. Mark Gabriel

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Dr Mark Gabriel (1303) 2002







Sid: I have a friend on the telephone Dr. Mark Gabriel. I’m speaking to him somewhere in Florida. That is not his real name because previously he was a professor of Islamic history at the most prestigious Islamic university in the world. We found out on yesterday’s broadcast he began to question the contradictions that he saw in the Quran. The Secret Police got ahold of him, he wasn’t a believer in Jesus he just questioned all of these contradictions that were there. They put him in a prison for 3 days without food and water, they whipped him, he was supernaturally protected. He cried out to God he didn’t even know who God was but he said “God help me.” They put a vicious dog in the same cell with him that was very hungry and the dog started licking him rather than killing him. They put in water with rats swimming up to his head and these rats were hungry and they didn’t harm him either. He was wondering “Who’s this God that’s protecting me?” So time went on… you went to a pharmacy because you had… what did you have a bad headache?

Mark: I had one… I lived for 1 year without faith because I’m already I lost my faith in Islam. I spent a whole year questioning myself searching for the true God who can be. I ask myself its can be the God of Hinduism?” I said “No no no God can’t be a cow. He must be more greater than that.”

Sid: So it wasn’t a God of Hinduism, okay.

Mark: So I just come really during that year I had a terrible headache because I never stopped asking myself, searching, and questioning you see about the true God who can be. The One who delivered me from the prison, the One He delivered me from the hand of the persecutors you see. One day I went to the doctor pharmacy, I was always going to this pharmacy to get this type of headache tablet. So when I went to there one day and the doctor pharmacy and she know me, she know my family, and she was really wondering what’s really going on in my life. She was worried I was going to be addicted for these tablets. She told me “What’s going on in your life? Why you keep taking these tablets all the time? I am worried about you.” I told her I don’t know just because I can’t sleep every night I can’t sleep. She asked me “What’s going on?” So I told her “I’m searching for my God. I searched, I don’t know He is the God of Judaism, the God of Christianity, the god of Islam I do know him exactly. I know his story exactly, but the God Judaism, the God of Hinduism I don’t know who is the true God can be.” She just smiled and she told me “Okay I’m going to give you these tablets like always, but I’m going to give you this book this is my Bible. Take and before you take your tablets tonight open it and try to read something and see how you’re going to feel. If you will feel nothing just close it and go ahead and take your tablets.” So I take the Bible from her, I take the tablets also. I went to my home and I sit in my room and I start to read the Bible before I take the tablets and find myself I start to read in Matthew chapter 5 the sermon of the mountain. I was shocked when I start to read and see what the Lord Jesus Christ telling His disciples and the crowd was sitting around Him. My brain automatically start to bring the Quranic teaching about Jesus. During my reading of the sermon of the mountain, I felt that the Lord Himself He did this appointment with me and came tonight to reach out to my heart and to introduce Himself to me and to give me the true picture about Him who is Jesus. So I was shocked by His teaching “Love your enemies.” I love my enemies how come? How come Islam does not teach me in all my life to love my enemy? Islam does teach “Eye by eye, and a tooth by tooth.” Islam does not teach me to love my enemy. So “Bless who curse you.” I find the word afterward in the sermon of the mountain came as a clear message to present to me the true picture about the heavenly God, about the heart of God towards His creation His people. I did discover that yes this is it the true God.

Sid: Now you told people about this and you were kicked out of the university, you were kicked out of the mosque, and as a matter of fact 2 men were sent to kill you. What happened?

Mark: One day I was just walking back to my home and 2 guys they came and because they wasn’t understanding and they was believed I was kicked from the mosque, and I was kicked from the university. They was thinking I am converted from Islam… particularly with Muslims they see some person leave Islam, or they are thinking that he became a Christian. So this is why they came and they tried to end my life. Why? Because they want to please God because the Islamic law says “The judgment of the apostasy, the person who’s going to leave Islam the judgment is for him must be killed.” The person who’s going to kill me he’s going to honor Allah for killing me. Let’s say you’re going to see in my book when my father he came and discovered my conversion and he came to kill me himself, my father, my own father, I am his blood and flesh, but he want to honor Allah in his life. The desire of Allah for him is more than his son.

Sid: How did you survive with these 2 men they stabbed you why weren’t you killed?

Mark: They stabbed me when they saw the blood comes from everywhere in my body I fainted and I fell on the floor and they think I was finished. There was lots of cowards and they ran away quickly, they do not want to wait more so they can catch by the police or something like that. They ran away and the police they came and they take me from the ground and they called the hospital car and they take me to the hospital.

Sid: When your father came to kill you with a gun what happened?

Mark: I was standing outside my house, my father he was talking to me and he find out that there is a chain around my neck. This chain carries the cross but the cross it was covered by my t-shirt. I received that cross from a Christian guy and I meet with him in South Africa when my father sent me to South Africa for a business trip for his business. My father came and asked me “You are the Imam, you are… How come you put a chain around your neck?” According to the Islamic and Arabic culture if a man puts a chain around his neck this is very bad.

Sid: The chain with the cross?

Mark: But he didn’t see the cross.

Sid: Oh, just the chain was upsetting.

Mark: Yeah I don’t know who moved my time to tell him “No my father this is not a chain, this is a cross.” I took the cross and I showed him “Now I believe in Jesus Christ He is my Lord and my Savior.” When I told him this he just fainted on the floor, he’s on the ground. When he fainted on the ground I discovered, I understand that my father that he will end my life. He will not leave me to go away, so I ran away from him to my sister’s house; I ran from him. My brother’s and some people from our neighborhood they came and helped him and when he stand up he take his handgun and he just looked for me and he find me just far away from him and he starts shooting towards me. The Lord just delivered me from his bullets. I ran to my sister’s house and from there I start to commit my situation to the Lord in my prayer and ask the Lord to show me where I’m going to that evening, and how I’m going to live in this country.

Sid: We’ll let them read the full story in the book, but Mark I want to now fast forward this is now 10 years later. I must understand what is the goal of Islam in reference to the United States of America?

Mark: The goal of Islam before September 11 maybe 20 or 50 years ago was perpetrated by the Islamic Mission Activity to reach out to America and to convert the American to Islam. Ultimately they will see America will become an Islamic country. The same way they did in England.

Sid: You know… well tell me how did they do it in England that might interesting?

Mark: In England they did also they did that through the Muslim Mission Activity. Building mosques, building Muslim schools, Muslim cemeteries…

Sid: I see all over America there are mosques coming up.

Mark: It is more than 200 mosques in the city of London itself.

Sid: Hmm.

Mark: Yes.

Sid: In your book you talk about there is 3 stages of Jihad, or a holy war. So what are those 3 stages?

Mark: The 3 stages it was presented by the life of Mohammed himself. This is the example for the Muslims and the Muslim movement around the world today. The first stage is the Weaker Time or the Weaker Stage. Weaker stage means the time when Mohammed was living in Mecca for 12 years. He has no power, he has not many people living around him, he has no ability to fight his enemies or the people that stand against him. So this is the Weaker Stage, and the Muslim he must require by the Quran and the Hadith he must have patience and must prepare himself for the second stage.

Sid: Now in that weakened stage would Muslims obey the law in the land if they’re just a small minority?

Mark: Yes they can do that yes.

Sid: The goal then is to increase their numbers I would assume.

Mark: To increase their numbers and start to prepare themselves for establishing a power.

Sid: Okay what is the second…

Mark: The second stage.

Sid: Tell me… explain the second stage.

Mark: The second stage is when Muslims they going to settle somewhere and they’re going to increase their number and they’re going to use their mission activity reaching out to people…

Sid: I’m sorry we’re out of time.

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