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Sid Roth welcomes David Martin

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Sid:  We will walk in the same miracles that Jesus walked in; and as He promised, even greater.  One of the keys is coming to you this week, it’s an important key.  And my guest, David Martin is a prophet and he has lived a prophetic life.  He was called to go to Africa to commemorate when twenty-three of the elders of a move of God in Africa called the “Shining Light Anointing.” It was such a move of holiness that the people, they lived thirty – forty years more than anyone else.  They, they shined.  I mean, literally like at the transfiguration that Jesus shined with so much light.  They had so much light in them, can you picture, how would you like to have that amount of light in you?  You may not die until Jesus returns with that amount of light.  No sickness could penetrate you, no poverty, no fear, nothing, nothing could hurt you.  And so there was a prophecy by these men that:  #1. There would be war; and then #2. They would go to Heaven in flames.  And of course there was the plane crash and they went to Heaven in flames; and then #3. There would be war again and what was the 4th word, David Martin?

David:  Great revival, Sid.

Sid:  Worldwide, a great revival and so David goes to the Congo to commemorate these twentythree people that went to Heaven in flames.  He was the keynote speaker, how many people were there?

David:  They estimate, it’s kind of interesting how they do this; but they estimated that thirty thousand people.  They estimate by passing out beans to everyone that comes and then collecting the beans later.

Sid:  But the third day, something happened to you.  Explain that.

David:  Well, it was wild Sid, kind of hard to do justice, of course the CDs that gives the little story.  But of course, when God said to me, go there.  I’m sending you there to receive a resurrection anointing.  I really didn’t know what that was but my sense was it was at the gravesite because of the vision that God gave me that on those bones that were there there was resurrection anointing.  So I went to the grave site where all twenty-three people are buried on the common grave that all went to Heaven in flames, but there was nothing there.  I mean, there was nothing.  So, I went from there, did the meetings and again, as you said, I was the speaker and all these people were there.  First day, nothing significant, second day nothing significant.  Now I say nothing significant you got to image the awesomeness of being surrounded by 35,000 spirit filled believers in Africa that are glorifying God.  I mean it was awesome in itself.  On the third day everything went wrong, I mean the jeep that was pulling us up the mountain to the mountain top broke; and the sound system wasn’t working and everything went wrong.  So I get there late and right about noon and as I’m on the mountaintop in the midst of these, oh probably twenty-five thirty people that were leading worship on the mound and I’m in the center of them.  And I heard that these people did spiritual writing and I was really concerned about that; because I mean, you know, I’ve seen different things in Africa and I didn’t understand this.  So when I saw people starting to write in the spirit, I freak out Sid and I went into…

Sid:  What is writing in the Spirit? I don’t understand.

David:  Well, it’s like we speak in tongues, they will sometime write in tongues.

Sid:  Huh, that interesting.

David:  Yea, I had real reservations on it and when I saw these people starting to do this right in front of me, I went into the most high level intercession you could image because my spirit man was so wide open.  And I mean the worship with 35,000 people was awesome and now I’m in this high point of worship and glorifying God.  And now I’m watching this and I don’t know if it is a demon doing this or I don’t know what it is and I screamed out to God.  I literally screamed out to God for His mercy or something and all of a sudden, this resurrection anointing that He promised me hit me and it went through me almost like electricity, but it wasn’t like I was shaking or something like that.

Sid:  Do you know, as you are sharing it I can feel the presence of God’s peace.  I feel His peace but go ahead.

David:  Oh, glory.  Well any way it went through me and the second when it hit me, I’m crying, I mean the tears are flooding down my face because I’m so concerned about what’s going on in front of me and my tears are flooding down my face and then out when this anointing hit me, my tears literally just shot out like squirt guns straight out in front of me.  It was kind of wild, but when that happened, God said to me, “It’s Me and receive.”  And I received this anointing and I said God, “What is it? I don’t understand, what’s going on? What is this?”  And He said to me, “Its peace, this is the Resurrection Anointing.”  And I said, “God, help me; I need to understand what You mean by this.”  And He gave me the scripture from the Bible where the Shulamite woman that couldn’t have any children.  Elijah prayed for her, she had a child, the child was about twelve years old, has some kind of accident on the farm.  Dad brings the child home.  The child dies in the Mom’s arms and when she goes out to her husband, she like, “I need to see the man of God.” “Well how about the boy, the last thing he knew, the boy was very sick and the boy is dead.  But she says to her husband, “Shalom” in Hebrew there.  When translated in English, “All is well.”   She says the same thing to the man of God, “All is well, shalom. And what God said to me, it was that peace in her heart, it’s that peace that we need in these times we’re coming into.  But it was that peace that was in her heart that set the stage for the resurrection so when the man of God came, he came there and the boy was raised from the dead. 

Sid:  And, what happened to you when that anointing came on you?

David:  Well, it wasn’t at all what I was expecting.  I was expecting, because this was at the time of, you know the Argentine revival.  A lot of things were happening down there and people were getting hair and people were losing weight and I’m expecting something even greater than that but nothing like that happened.  Just this overwhelming peace, but I’d rather have this than anything because this peace is what guards the heart and guards the mind from the negative reports.  It’s what we need in the day that we’re living, that we’re unmoved by anything going on around us.  We just walk in the spirit, and just like when they tried to kill Jesus by pushing him off the hill when he announced the anointing in Him.  He walked right through the midst of them.  And for me, this peace has allowed me to walk right through every circumstance, every trial, every adversity that has come my way.

Sid:  Would you say that this peace gives you the power to walk in holiness?  The ability to walk in holiness?

David:  I believe it helps, but I believe from what God showed me is like two different anointings and God gave me that anointing first with Enoch.  And I believe that that really set the stage the holiness, I think in my opinion that really set the stage.

Sid:  But you can’t walk in holiness unless you have the grace to do it.

David:  Absolutely.

Sid:  And what you’re saying is that first anointing gave you the grace to walk in holiness which opened you up totally to the supernatural peace of God.  I would image walking in that kind of peace no matter what happens in the world, you would have no fear.

David:  Absolutely, and every Child of God should have it. 

Sid:  And you know how few, have it.  Tell me about, people that have gone through your course on “Spiritual preparation for the End Times.” What is the feedback you’re getting from the people that have sit through it?

David:  Well, what people tell me is that it gives them a confidence.  It draws them closer to God and that when bad things happen, one of the things I teach in the course is about the instantaneous automatic response.  That when something bad happens, whether it’s losing your car keys to a car wreck.  The time from something bad happening to when you’re trusting God, that’s where the peace is, is the distance and time when the devil comes to steal, kill and destroy.  And what people tell me over and over and over again by the teaching, by the revelation, by the anointing that the devil is taking from them less and they’re walking in greater victory.

Sid:  Are you finding people are hearing God’s voice clearly for the first time?

David:  Without a doubt, people clearly hear or more clearly hear the voice of God, I’d say yes and amen to that.

Sid:  Well, what about you?  Do you want to hear God’s voice clearly?  Do you want to walk in such peace that the devil can’t penetrate?  These two anointings that David Martin received, he prays a prayer of impartation for both of those anointings to come upon you.  This is what, you know, I asked someone, “How would you like the anointing to walk in holiness?”  And they were kidding a little bit but it’s to have your spirit overcome your flesh.  Now that’s a little scary thing for most people, David Martin.

David:  It is, but it’s something God gives us, as you said, the grace to do.  And I believe that we are in a time frame when it’s going to be critically important.

Sid:  And real quickly, that second vision you saw, very quickly.

David:  Well, that second vision God gave me was where I saw a picture of a man going through a barrier and as he was going through the barrier God said to me, “You’re coming into a move of the Spirit of God unlike anything the world has ever see. More signs, more wonders, more miracles than you could ever imagine possible.”  I said, “Wow God, this is awesome, I’ve been waiting for this.  And He said to me, “Yes, but unfortunately your flesh isn’t ready.”  And I said, “Well God how do I get it ready?” And He said “The same way Jesus did, prayer, fasting and self denial.”

Sid:  And having the anointing to do these things makes the difference, it all comes from God.  And the anointing is transferable and it’s on these nine CDs.  This course on “Spiritual Preparation for End times” and the bonus “Five Keys to the Supernatural.”

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Our Guest Sandra Kennedy

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Sid:  We’re going to see the promises that Jesus promised us.  He said that you will do the same works that I have done and even greater.  I happen to believe that that greater, now we know the same works that He’s done but that greater is about ready to happen.  My guest is Dr. Sandra Kennedy and she is the head of Whole Life Ministries in Augusta, Georgia; which includes church of which she is Pastor; of a teaching center; a deliverance center that she calls a freedom  center; a café.  And she had three visitations from God in which each one God said the same thing.  Tell me what God was trying to get across to you in those early years, Sandra.

Sandra:  Well, Sid I believe He was trying to say would you please listen? But my background was physiology and it just so shocked me because again I was in a car coming outside of Dallas and I was taken up in the Spirit in which I now recognize to be a complete vision from the Lord.  But at the same time I was Baptist now  I wasn’t even Spirit Filled. I mean I didn’t even believe in vision and I was taken up and I was put in front of a building with Jesus standing by my side looking at it and it said “Whole Life Ministries” and He used “1 Thessalonians’ 5th chapter twenty-three” or whatever it says about being whole and spirit, soul and body.  Make you whole, spirit soul and body and He talked to me about taking a city; about transforming a city, about bringing all groups of people that no one else wants together.  About teaching truth and holiness and about letting God be God and it just took me a long time to deal with it because again because of my background, everybody I knew told me I couldn’t do it.  And I didn’t even believe in woman preachers, I mean I didn’t believe in them.  So it took me a long time.

Sid:  So that’s one reason God had to give it to you three times;  if I’m understanding you right you were going to take the whole city for God; the city of Augusta, Georgia. And when you say take the whole city, what do you mean by that?  What do you believe God means by that?

Sandra: Well, at first I thought it meant, I know what it means pretty well now, but at first I thought we’ve got to have some kind of big kinda meeting and get everybody born again or something of that nature.  What you call some kind of big kind a revival or something.  But I now understand it means like we are a gatekeepers of the city.  I understand that it means that the Lord wants us to live such lives and be such ambassadors for the Lord Jesus Christ and to show forth His glory in our life.  He says, you know that he would transform a city by the glory of God.  Meaning that our life would be so full of His glory; we would be so pure in heart; we would walk in such holiness that God would be God; we would be the church, not play church but we would be the church and live out such a life that people would be drawn to God.  And of course I understand with this café that we just built and other things; we have one of the largest Christian book stores in the city and through all the outreaches that we do, and as I say so many people come to our healing center from all over the world and the nation that it really means that we live such a life that they are drawn to God and that the authority of a city will be in a church.  That’s what the Old Testament was all about the gatekeepers.  You know ruling at the gate that the authority of the church would be integrity with honesty would be there, clarity.  Being able to have spiritual understandings and spiritual revelation to understand the word of God and to proclaim it with your life so that you would not only taught about God but walk God in such a way that you could be down at down at Dillard’s or some department store, at the grocery store and the presence of God would follow you and lead you and it would draw people to God and wherever you might be people would be healed or delivered or would want what you have.

Sid: Well, the thought I have as your sharing this is someone like Finney that would go into a room, without even opening his mouth people would be on the floor repenting having walking in such tangible glory that the conviction of sin and judgment of righteousness by the Spirit of the Living God would just saturate wherever you went.

Sandra:  Oh, I believe it.  I believe it.  I believe there’s a place there.  I believe that’s where God is calling the church right now.  I believe that that’s where we are, I think that it’s the churches finest moment.  But I think that there is such a, the church has played church so long and has been like a wimp.  I just believe that it is time for the church to stand up and be who God has called.

Sid:  You know well they have this whole false teaching called separation of church and state.  What do you think God’s going to do about that?

Sandra:  Aw, well I’m believing that God’s going to invade, well the remnant.  Every church has a remnant in it.  Those people who really want God and there’s people caught up with the lack of a better word defeative Christianity and those two words should never even go together.  But there’s a hunger for God and I believe God’s going to make His-Self known.  I really do believe it is going to be so clear that God’s going to make His-Self known and we’re praying, we have these prayer and praise rallies and we go into the city and we have almost 8,000 people attend.  Five hundred and eighty churches were represented at it and were praying to take our city back.  We’re praying to take our education system back, our streets back to get gangs converted.  We are going after it..

Sid:  Aren’t you worried that when that starts everyone in the United States is going to want to run to Augusta Georgia and live there?

Sandra:  Oh, come on.

Sid:  Tell me about what you consider your foundational book before anyone does anything with your teaching you require them to read this book “Preparations for a Move of God.” in your opinion?

Sandra:  It’s a small little book, but as you say, its fundamental it makes you deal with yourself and it, you know in order to even get healed or marriage to be checked because it applies to every area of life.  Business can be changed, marriages can be changed whatever is happening with you there’s some basic principles that you have to understand.  You won’t even come for healing or even seek God for something if you don’t have hope, but you can dine hope.  You got to get from hope into faith and that’s really what we teach.  We teach you how to get from hope into faith.

Sid:  Now most Christians don’t know it but their dealing in hope and not in real faith.

Sandra: You’re absolutely correct and that’s why a lot of people are saying, their saying they believe the Word of God and their saying they’re standing on it, but all you have to do is listen to them for a few minutes.  If I can be in somebody’s presence for five minutes or less and listen to them I can tell you in a second whether they’re in hope or their in faith.  Because faith is so fundamental, faith is a now thing.  Hope is a future thing and this little book is so simple like, it starts off with asking you the simple question, “Is Jesus the Son of God?” and then right behind it “If He is, then how has it affected you?”  I mean, “Are you living a different kind of life because of it or are you still just the same?”  “Is knowing Jesus changed you?”  “ Where is your allegiance?”   It’s fundamental that, you know there is so many people, you ask somebody “Well are you born again?” “Are you going to Heaven? Well, I hope so.”  Well, my answer right back is “Well, I doubt that you are.”

Sid:  Ha Ha, Tell me about me about the three CDs “Can God be Trusted?”

Sandra:  Well, again they are so fundamental and one of them…

Sid:  Your teaching is so plain that I think that when people hear your teaching for the first time they’re going to recognize that they’re really in just what is called mental ascent rather than really believing God with all of their heart.

Sandra: And that’s what that book does, it helps you know because again if they’re in hope and saying all the right things but in all honesty if they have not renewed their minds so that they got a knowing and I call it a knowing inside of them.  If they don’t know it they are not going to conquer.  They are not going to walk in victory, they are not going to move in to the things of God.  Again I would rather have somebody, does everybody get healed who comes?  No.  Can everybody?  Yes, I believe they can but I would much rather still, we prepare people to meet God.  You know we help you..I want to meet God in faith don’t you?  You know, I want to know that I’m there believing God and so many people don’t understand that that simple my teachings are so simple.  Their so simplistic they’re how to; how to make this happen; how to do this; how to look at yourself.

 Sid:  Now you talk in your three CD teaching, which I absolutely love, “Do you have faith or do you Have Faith in Reverse?”  What do you mean by that?

Sandra:  Well,  I mean, you’re going to have faith anyway that you look at it.  You either have faith in what the doctor saying or you either got faith in what the word of God is saying.  You’ve got faith in what the TV says or you got faith in what the preacher says. You’ve got faith in be it negative or be it positive.  You’ve got faith in something.  I mean you put your faith somewhere.  Most people, I’ve seen so many people, you pray for them and they will say well the doctor said, I understand that, I thank God for the doctors and we believe and we work with doctors.  Doctors refer people to us and and we are so faithful for that.  We work hand and glove with the medical professions but somewhere you’ve got to make up your mind.  Thank you for a good great doctor, you certainly want to believe in doctor.  You want somebody to stand with you and pray with you but the doctor is not the final word.  The word of God is the final word.

Sid:  So what do you do when you get your test results back from a doctor and a doctor says, well you are not going to be around six years from today?  What do you do?

Sandra:  Well, when the doctor gives me an evil report and says something to me I just smile at him and I say I’m going to live and not die and give God the glory…

Sid:  Awe, we’re out of time.  You will love her teaching, “Can God be Trusted?”  three CDs in preparations for a move of God in your life in every arena.

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Sid Roth welcomes John Paul Jackson

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SID: Hello. Sid Roth here with John Paul Jackson. And I wish I had been there, John Paul. 1997, South Hampton, England, 400 people and you’re speaking on my favorite subject, naturally supernatural. And by the way, I’ve heard that teaching. That was fabulous teaching.

JOHN PAUL: Thank you.

SID: But someone must have been impressed besides the audience because someone else showed up. Tell me what happened.

JOHN PAUL: Well as I was talking about being naturally supernaturally and living a lifestyle that allows that to happen in your life, it’s not reserved for just property people or apostolic people, or anything like that. It’s reserved for everybody. You that are watching right now can live a naturally supernatural life having God intervene on your behalf. And I was talking about how to do that. One of the things I was talking about was light, and how God is light, He is the father of light. And that we find out that in that process, I mean, the children of Israel were led by this huge flaming fire that led them through the wilderness, and so he proved His light nature there. Well when I’m talking about all of this these lights enter into the room. I don’t see them at first. They’re behind me. And the people see them and they begin to point and they begin to, the noise as you hear, begins to grow louder and louder.

SID: I’ve heard the audio CD of this and it is amazing. I mean, the whole, it was like a hum. Woo, woo. You must have been watching that.

JOHN PAUL: And it went over my head.

SID: Were you wondering what was happening?

JOHN PAUL: I was at first. I thought, what is going on here. And then I saw them. There was like a, they just moved through the air and then they began to swirl. The more I talked about the Lord the more they began to swirl from side to side through the auditorium. People were watching. People were up in the balcony. They came down from the balcony. People fell out of their chairs or slid out of their chairs.

SID: But wait a second. How do you know that wasn’t just psychosomatic and someone had these laser lights and it was one of these shows? How do you know it wasn’t?

JOHN PAUL: Because God in His great wisdom allowed a handful of people, about six or eight people, to not see anything. And they came up to me afterwards and said, “We didn’t see any lights. What was going on here? You were talking about lights, but we didn’t see any.” And so I said, “God bless you. You prove God will make this up to you because you prove this was not man-made. This was God-made. This wasn’t strobe lights. This wasn’t some laser lights. This was God doing something and he will make this up to you, because again, he is a God of justice. You never miss out on one thing without God giving you something greater. And so the people were looking at these lights. I was. Sid, there was yellow ones and blue ones, and red ones. There was multi-colored ones. There was one bar that was like 20-some feet wide, maybe six inches, four to six inches thick that moved across the whole auditorium that everybody saw as lights were racing around. And the more I talked about the Lord and who He was the faster they began to move.

SID: The next morning you had an even larger meeting at that same conference. Did the lights show up?

JOHN PAUL: They did. They showed up again the next morning.

SID: Now what are these lights?

JOHN PAUL: They’re either angels or heavenly hosts. You know, I kind of hesitate to define them because what I don’t know I hate to define. But I know this. They were from Heaven. They were excited by the move of God and power was there with them.

SID: Describe to me what was happening to people as a result of these, I’ll call them, I believe they were angels, as a result of these angels showing up? What was happening?

JOHN PAUL: People were weeping, people were crying. I saw husbands and wives hugging each other. There was an incredible love and holy hush that hit. But I say a holy hush on one hand, and yet on the other hand there was this incredible noise as people saw them moving. And you’ll hear it on the CD. People tell me, “You need to put a disclaimer. Do not play this while driving your car,” because the anointing of the Lord is really there, the presence of the Lord.

SID: Okay. We have to change the subject for a minute. I want to find out about that experience you had at God’s throne. This was in ’95, I believe.

JOHN PAUL: It was. May 12, 1995. I am praying and I hear a harp, and this harp, next thing I know I’m standing in this incredible light that’s encased me, and I realize I’ve been in some of the light before and not totally surrounded by it. And now all of a sudden I’m surrounded by it. I’m breathing it. And as I’m breathing it, it’s living in me, Sid. It enters into me and every cell of my body comes alive. And I literally felt like I was taken apart at the cellular level and put back together again as I’m standing there. I’m turning trying to find out where I am. And I turned, and as I turned I come face to face with whatever part of the Lord He wanted to see. I’m not saying I saw all of Him. But I saw the throne and I saw Him sitting on the throne. I did not see Him face, but incredible light was coming from Him. I was like eight feet away. And my first instinct was not like, “Hey God, how are you doing.” I didn’t think about giving God a hi-five. I was filled with the terror of the Lord. I was filled with it.

SID: Now he gave you, and remember his mother, an angel visited that he would have an 11th hour ministry, which means he’d be alive at the wrap-up and he’d be having a prophetic influence. In order to have this influence you have to move in an awesome power. But the Lord told you something about the power he wants you to move in. What did He tell you?

JOHN PAUL: He did. Well I was kind of complaining because I wasn’t creating enough power. He came to me. Actually He didn’t come to me. He spoke to me in what I perceive to be an audible voice and He said, “Son, I long to give gifts to men more than those men long for those gifts themselves. But I love you too much to give you a gift. I would later have to judge you for it because you’re not ready for the adulation that would come with that level of giving.” He said, “But if you do keep on the same track that you’re on right now one day I will be able to grant your request.”

SID: And I believe that, you know, Christmas, Chanukah, we think about gifts. How would you like gifts from God? If you will work on repenting and getting your character to reflect the character of the Messiah He will entrust you with the greatest Chanukah-Christmas gifts you have ever had. The greatest gift is the Light of the world, Yeshuah, Jesus, the King of the Jews. He’s the greatest.

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Sid Roth welcomes Bill Wiese

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Sid:   I wish every pastor listening to my voice would get this course, “Whatever Happened to Hell” and preach it.  Do you realize how your church would change?  I wish that every mother or father listening to me would teach this to every member of their family.  I wish everyone would take part of the course it’s a DVD.   Bill Wiese was just a normal good Christian and God chose him because there was nothing, you could throw a stone at him.  He had a good marriage, he had a good job, he’s never been an alcoholic or drug addict or had mental problems.  He’s a stable human,  I mean I’ve got impeccable  references on this particular man, but after he had this experience he has such a passion for God.  Some of you are saying God I want to be hungry for you.  This course will make you hungry for God.  It’s three books and a DVD, one of the books is a hard back and one of the books has 352 pages.  It’ll tell you things that people need to know about Hell, that you need to know about Hell.  And the most important thing, when you finish this course you’re going to have a passion for people,  such a love for people, such a passion for God, such a love for God because Bill Wiese experienced Hell.  He was chosen by God to experience Hell even though He was a believer,  God block that from his head and when you hear his experience you will be so grateful you won’t take your salvation for granted.  Bill, on yesterdays broadcast you were talking about that comes up often.  What about someone in a deep area a distant  of Africa they have no TV,  they have no radio,  they have no Christians, they know nothing about God, certainly a loving God would not send them to Hell.  What would you say?

Bill:  Well, they are accountable and God gives five ways where He, at least five ways where He tries to reach that person.   1) He does hold man accountable.  It says in Romans Chapter one because of creation.  The evidence of design is all around us.  That points to a designer so if people look up to the heavens and they see there’s a God.  Lord reveal yourself to me.  I want to know you.  He will get through to that person somehow if they just call out.  And secondly He gives man a conscience to know right from wrong.  Roman’s 2:15 and John 8:9 says we have a conscience and in our conscience we know that there’s a God, He put it in us to know that there’s a God and right from wrong.  3) He gives us the Bible the written word.  4) He gives us TV, radios, CDs and missionaries being sent all over the world.  But  #5, He gives Job 33 says He gives man dreams and visions to keep back his soul from the pit so if that would just say, I want to know the real true and living God he will give that man a vision.  So that man will not go to Hell unjustly.  There is no one in Hell unjustly.

Sid:  I’m reminded of the scripture in Jeremiah, in the day that you seek God with all of your heart, and even if you knew nothing about Him, as you said Bill, you see and if you’re in Africa and you nothing about God, you see creation which shouts there’s a creator.

Bill:  That’s right.

Sid:  You will have a problem and when you seek God with all of your heart, in that day He will be found.  Now, take me back to when Jesus came to you and you realized you were a believer and He’s taking you out of Hell and you had an experience with His love and with His passion.  Tell me about that.

Bill:  Well, we went above the earth’s surface and came out of this whirlwind tunnel, I was going into Hell and I looked back and we saw people falling, one after another, after another down this tunnel that we’d just came out of and the Lord wept when he saw people falling into Hell.  You know, Ezekiel 33:11 says “There’s no pleasure in the death of the wicked.”  and He allowed me to feel a piece of His heart and Sid I couldn’t stand to feel even a piece of what He feels.  And it says in Ephesians 3:19 “Love passes knowledge.”  It was so for pass the ability for us to understand how much He loves people and He wept seeing people fall into this place of torment.  He’s desperately trying to keep them out.  And quickly, He gave me a scripture that he opened up to me in Psalms 139:17 & 18.  “David said, Your thoughts towards me are all precious and I suppose if I should count them they are more than the sands.  And He showed me if you were to pick up a handful of sand there would be thousands of granules.  If each granule represented a thought, a good thought, you know and I said “Boy, I love  how my wife loves me; I love how she prays for me; I love how beautiful she is.”  And you came back after three or four hours and I’m still trying to exhaust the amount in my hand you’d say Bill’s really gone over his wife.  Well, God said his thoughts are all precious and more than the sands of  the whole earth.  So to give an idea of how much God loves everybody, His love is more than every granule of sand on the entire earth and every thought is precious towards people.  That’s how much He loves people, that’s how much He wants to keep people out.  When people say How can He send people to Hell?  He is not sending anyone to Hell, see all of us automatically are on the road to Hell above the age of accountability.  Every person is automatically on that road to Hell.  John 3:17 explains, were all condemned because of sin, that’s why Jesus came to get us off that road so he’s not sending you are already going there.  He’s trying to get you off the road because He loves you so much.  That’s the love that God we serve is the God that suffered a horrible death to keep us out of this place and that’s the love I want to get across to people.

Sid: There are people that have been listening to us this week and their kind of a miss bag.  They love God but they love sin, but they’ve said a prayer and they repent and they go back to this sin and now their kind of concerned.  Am I really going to go to Heaven?  How can I have assurance that I’m going to Heaven?  What would you say to them? 

Bill:  Well, like Hebrew 5:9 says eternal salvation to all that obey Him.  So if you want to be sure of your salvation He says to obey Him.  In first John 2:17 says that He that doth the will of God abides forever first  John 2:3 says that we know Him if we keep His commandments.  So if you want to have assurance you have to walk in the ways of God.  Jesus said my mother and brethren are those that hear the Word of God and obey it.  So if you are living a lifestyle of sin Mark 9:47 “Jesus said if your eye offends thee,” the word offend means to cause you to sin.  He said to pluck it out, it is better for you to enter into life maimed then to Hell fire.  So if you are living a life style of sin, you’re in danger of Hell fire and that should not be the case.  So as Christians we need to walk in God’s ways and be upright and walk in holiness.

Sid:  One of the questions that you deal with, you deal with so many questions in your book that believer’s are going to be asked that they need answers.  But one of your questions has to do with , “Why did a loving God even allow evil to exist? 

Bill:  That’s a good question.  Well, first of all evil exists in the world for five reasons that I have seen at least.  II Corinthians  4,  says that Satan is the God of this world so the evil that comes, remember John 10:10 Jesus said, I have come that you might have life and have it more abundantly, but Satan has come to steal, kill, and destroy.  So the destruction of evil comes from the demonic realm but the other point is that man has a free will to choose.  God said all through His word that to choice life and follow Him and you’ll be blessed.  If you don’t, you’ll be cursed so it is man’s own free will and man causes evil to his own fellow man.  Man does that and there’s a law of sowing and reaping.  We will reap what we sown.  If you put out evil, you are going reap back evil.  Then there’s a law of sin and death, Roman’s 8:2 says.  And in Proverbs 13:21 “Evil pursued sinners,” in other words it hunt’s them down like a violent man, it says in Psalm 140:11 “Evil will hunt the violent man down” just like metal is attracted to a magnet.  If you live a lifestyle of sin evil will be attracted to you and will destroy you.  So that’s a law just like the law of gravity works.  You know, if you step off a roof it’s not God socking you to the ground.  It’s the law of gravity, well there’s a law of sin and death that works, evil will go after you and hunt you down if you live in sin.  5. Says that the earth its self rebels it’s self against sin.  I Chronicles 16:30 says “Fear the Lord all the earth so that the world shall be stable that it be not moved. “ So there is a reason for earthquakes.  The whole earth does not fear the Lord the earth trembles and shakes.  Psalm 68:6 says that the rebellious dwell in a dry land.  That’s why there is not water in some of these countries.

 Psalm 67:5 says to praise the Lord so that the earth will yield her increase.  Well nations don’t praise the Lord so they don’t have food.  And Leviticus 18:25 says “Because of sin the land will vomit you out of it.”  So the earth itself can rebel against sin and that’s why there is evil and destruction happening in the earth.  That is some of the reasons.

Sid:  I urge you who have been listening to us all this week to get this course “Whatever Happened to Hell,” it will explain the afterlife, it will explain the tough questions.  But here’s the affect its going to have on you, you will realize how much power God has entrusted to you.  You will fall madly in love with God, more than you ever had before.  You’ll have such a hunger, a God hunger will be developed within you and the most important thing is you will become a soul winner.  You will pray for those that are blind and ending up in Hell.  You won’t just say Que sera, sera.  The course is called “Whatever Happened to Hell” one book is a hardback, one book 352 pages, a DVD that has an invitation to come to the Lord.  You will want to play this for every member of your family.

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