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Our Guest Dave Hayes

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SID: Now many of you are familiar with the Praying Medic, Dave Hayes. But for those that are not, let me give you a quick recap. Dave was a fervent atheist until he was 38, paramedic. In 2000, he became a believer in the Messiah and then strange things started happening. He started hearing God’s voice. And then he had a prophetic dream, and what did God tell you to do with your patients in the ambulance?


DAVE: He said, “I want you to pray for your patients. I’m going to show you what’s wrong with them. And if you pray for them I’ll heal them.”


SID: Now when he said this to you, I mean, you’re a new believer. You had no paradigm. Did you think like you’d be a healing evangelist, heal in the name of Jesus? What did you think?


DAVE: I was confused. I had no idea. I didn’t even believe in healing at the time. I didn’t believe in miracles. I had never seen anyone healed. In fact, my wife and I had just had an argument, disagreement a couple of weeks earlier about healing. She believed in miracles, I didn’t. And then I had the dream and God said, “I’m going to do miracles for you.” So I didn’t have a degree for it.


SID: All right. So but you did have that Jewish thing called chutzpah, nerve, except he’s not Jewish. But somehow he got some chutzpah. Let me tell you what this guy did. You never have done this. He told me he prayed for 400 people in the ambulance. How many got healed?


DAVE: None.


SID: Did you hear that? None. How many were healed, going to 401? I mean, this is in the ambulance. This is your job. You could lose your job. I’m sure all this is going on inside of you. But then tell me one of the first people that was healed and what happened.


DAVE: Well I was on the ambulance. It was a very hot day and my partner and I went into the store to get something to drink, got my Gaterade. I went to the checkout counter, and I was standing in line behind a woman. And for some reason, I looked and I closed my eyes. In my mind, I saw what I now know is a vision. I didn’t know what it was at that time. I saw a picture of this woman and I saw the word “migraines” underneath her.


SID: This written out over this picture. Had you ever seen this woman before?


DAVE: No, never saw her before.


SID: Okay.


DAVE: Never had any experience like that.


SID: Okay.


DAVE: So I just thought, okay well God must be telling me she has migraine headaches because he wants me to pray for her. So all of a sudden, I got this boost of confidence, of faith and I said, “Hey, I’m Dave, I’m a paramedic. Do you have migraine headaches?” And she starts crying. And I said, “What’s wrong?” She goes, “Yes, I have migraines and how did you know that?” I said, “God told me and I think he wants me to pray for you so you can be healed.” So I prayed for her. Headache was completely gone, she’s crying, and she said, “You don’t understand what happened. I have had migraines for years. This morning I woke up with another headache and I asked God, when are you going to heal me, and then you showed up at the store.” And she got healed. And I got a testimony from her, I contacted her months later, she had never had any more migraines.


SID: This is just the beginning. He gets so many people healed. He’s a paramedic in an ambulance. He gets so many people healed after that. But you begged a question with me. So why weren’t the first 400 healed? You had a dream from God?


DAVE: Right.


SID: Why?


DAVE: Because I didn’t know how to release power and how to exercise authority. I just thought I could beg God to heal somebody and they would be healed. That’s what I did for the first two or three months. I would very quietly have a patient on the gurney, oh Lord, if it’s your will, please heal them, in a quiet voice so no one could hear me. Did that for a few months, no one got healed. And I started learning about, reading through the scriptures, reading through the New Testament, seeing how Jesus healed people and the disciples healed people. Then I realized it’s about authority, the authority that God has given us and releasing the power, the power of the Holy Spirit that lives in us. Once I understood it was about releasing power and exercising authority, I started seeing people healed all the time.


SID: Tell me one of the most recent healings you’ve had. I’d like to hear.


DAVE: Are you talking about the one at the conference?

SID: Right.


DAVE: So I was at a conference in Tacoma, last year, and this woman tracked me down and said, “Praying Medic, can you pray for me. I need to be healed.” And I said, “Yes, I’ll be happy to pray for you.” She knew me. She was a friend of mine. We emailed each other. I had prayed for her to be healed of emotional trauma from sexual abuse as a child and she had already been healed of that. She had emphysema, she had circulatory problems, her feet were purple. She had heart problems, thyroid problems. She had a long list of problems. So I prayed for her for about ten minutes and I knew I wasn’t going to have enough time to get everything healed. So as I was praying I felt like the Lord told me, “Tell her you’re going to send angels to follow her around at home when she leaves the conference.” So I did that. I said, “Look, I believe the Lord wants me to tell you that we’re going to have angels follow you around for the rest of the week, after you leave the conference.”


SID: Now that’s a pretty wild statement for someone to make.


DAVE: Yes. Look, I try to be obedient and it just requires sometimes taking a leap of faith. So I had never heard the Lord say that before. So I told her that and then I went back to the conference. She emailed me a couple of weeks later and said, “You’re not going to believe what happened. First of all, the next day the purple skin on my feet turned normal color.” Everybody noticed that my circulation cleared up. She went to an appointment that week and they noticed that her breathing was normal. She wasn’t huffing and puffing, and wheezing like she had been. And she said, “But the most amazing thing was the Wednesday after I went home, I was going to sleep that night, I laid down in bed, and as I was laying in bed, I saw an angel standing next to my bed and it was dumping oil over me.” And she said, “My breathing is better, all my health conditions are going away. She has continued to heal over the last few months. She’s continuing to, the healing is continuing and she’s giving me updates on each condition as it’s being healed. I believe those angels are still releasing healing on her.


SID: You know, many years ago, as a new believer, I saw Dr. Kenneth Hagin who is now in Heaven, minister great miracles. Then I heard him teach on how we could do it, and I said to myself, you can’t teach a gift. A gift is a gift. You hear from God. You can’t teach others to hear from God, or can you?


DAVE: Yes, you can and yes, I do. I do not believe what a lot people believe about prophecy, about hearing from God, seeing visions, all those angelic experiences. Those are experiences anyone can have. If an atheist like me can do those things, I’m not special, I don’t have a special anointing, God has specifically told me, “I want you to teach my people how to operate in the supernatural, how to hear my voice, how to see visions, how to release healing.” And that’s what my books are about. That’s what I do.


SID: Every believer can operate in all these arenas you operate in.


DAVE: Everyone who wants to and who is willing to practice can do it. One of the most frequent comments I get from people who have read my book on hearing God’s voice is, wow, I read your book and I realized I was hearing God. He was speaking to me the whole time. I just never recognized it was him speaking.


SID: When you come back, Dave says if you do two things consistently you will hear God’s voice. You will hear God’s voice all the time. Be right back.

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Our Guest Julie Meyer

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SID: Julie, why do you get so excited, and you do, about singing the Word of God?


JULIE: I get excited because I love seeing people free. I love seeing people excited about reading and singing, and retaining the Word of God. It’s life-changing and they can literally stir themselves up, just like David did, by singing the Bible.


SID: You told me that you’ve identified three ways of singing the Bible. Explain.


JULIE: Well this is how I’ve always sang the Word. Since 1983, this has been a part of my life. And I just take one or two scriptures. It’s easiest if you use Psalms. They’re already songs and prayers. So I just, the first way is I just sing it straight through, word for word. And then I sing it through again, but I turn it into my own prayer, and I pray it as if it’s my prayer. And this is powerful because what happens is you’re not just reading about David’s encounter with God, but suddenly when you pray it as if it’s your prayer, it’s your prayer. It’s your encounter, not just David’s. And the third way I sing it is I sing the other side of it like God was singing over me and I literally put my name in it. I’ve healed you, Julie. You’re free now, Julie. And I sing the Word because it is the truth of what God says. It’s his word.


SID: And not only that, Julie has been healed. It’s wonderful that others are healed through singing the scriptures. It’s wonderful that when she sings over people they get healed. But Julie finds she’s been emotionally healed, physically healed just by singing the scriptures. Tell me one thing.


JULIE: Well I used to hate me. I used to hate my voice, my nose. I wanted to sing like Olivia Newton-John. And I went to the House of Prayer. This was in 2000. So I love Jesus, but in 2000, my friend said, “For the next two hours you are going to sing one thing: ‘Song of Solomon 1:5, I am dark but lovely,'” which means, in my weakness he says I’m beautiful. In my brokenness he still pursues me. And somewhere in the midst of that two hours and went in not liking me. But suddenly, because I had that helmet on and my lobes weren’t letting all the negativity get in, my thoughts were replaced totally by God’s thoughts about me. In a two-hour session I changed and I love me!


SID: I have here the brand new Supernatural Bible and I’ve asked her to sing Isaiah 53 and I proclaim that you will be healed as she sings this over you. But I have two commentaries in the Supernatural Bible. First is by Dr. Michael Brown, proving why Isaiah 53 could only be talking about Jesus as the Messiah, and then I have a commentary here on the same chapter by Sandra Kennedy, proving that Jesus died for all of our sins and all of our sicknesses and diseases. Julie.


JULIE: I’m going to take that. I love to people to sing, sing the Bible. So can I get you to stand.

Julie Meyer [playing background piano music]: And I’m going to sing this like a prayer and I’m going to sing a line, and then I’m going to have you sing after me because what’s key about singing the scriptures is your ears need to hear the sound of you, and this helps you be able to do it at home. [singing] You have born my sickness.

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Our Guest Jonathan Bernis

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SID: So the question that a lot of you were asking, Jonathan, why should believers care about Israel? Why? I mean, it’s just another nation. That’s what many say.


JONATHAN: Right, but that’s not what the Bible says. So two reasons: One, the debt of responsibility when we realize that the salvation of the nations, the salvation of everyone watching is the result of the obedience of the first Jewish believers that took the Gospel around the world, including the Apostle Paul who was a Jewish rabbi. But the other is the future forward, Sid, life from the dead. Paul says, “If their rejection brought you salvation, what’s going to happen when they come back?” And by the way, he talks about the responsibility of every Christian to provoke the Jewish people to jealousy. Because of the rejection, salvation has come through to them with the responsibility to provoke them to jealousy.” So the greatest blessing that you can give a Jewish person, of course, is the Gospel, to pray for them, to proclaim, to share your faith with them and to bring them into the Kingdom of God. And then Paul says, “Life from the dead, the result of their return will bring life from the dead.” So if you want your family saved, if you want your city saved, if you want your nation saved, if you want to see the world saved, it’s the Jewish people coming back, it’s the catalyst to release that revival.


SID: And that’s the word that I’m hearing also, “catalyst”. There is a catalyst in the last days. There was a spark at the first coming of the Messiah and it was salvation and was through the Jew. And I believe that just before Messiah returns there will be a great revival in Israel, there will be Jewish people that will be ablaze with the fire of God.


JONATHAN: Absolutely.


SID: In fact, what does Joel say about that?


JONATHAN: Well Joel talks about this final day. And Sid, I don’t believe it’s far in the future. It started already and I have lots of stories about Jewish people in the Land of Israel, ultra-Orthodox rabbis being saved. I have great stories about Jews that have been scattered to other nations. We’ve seen an incredible revival in Russia. That’s part of the last days’ revival that’s grown. There’s going to be this crescendo and every believer is called to be part of it. That’s what Joel is talking about. The outpouring of the Spirit in the last days, it’s going to overshadow every other revival in history including Pentecost. And we get to be part of it, Sid.


SID: There is such a presence of God on what we’re talking about because this is so close to God’s heart at this moment that you understand this. This is why we have Project 77. This is why we are mailing books to Jewish people throughout North America, the former Soviet, close to three million, Jonathan we have mailed now. And now we’re mailing, under Project 77, to millennials because for the first time there’s a segment of the Jewish society that is so open to the Gospel. The latest Barna Poll said 21 percent of Jewish millennials already believe in the deity of Jesus. You know, Jonathan, this travail opened up one of the greatest ministries I know of to reach Jewish people. This travail opened up. I preached thousands of Jewish people over the last few years. When we come back, could you pray a prayer of impartation because I know when he prays people start moving into this travail. It’s going to change your life. We’ll be right back.

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