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Our Guest Gary Kah

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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Gary Kah. And I am so fascinated with the information that Gary has put together. He has spent a lifetime putting this together, because if you don’t understand the forerunner of the Antichrist system, then for sure you won’t understand the Antichrist. And Gary, I find it very interesting that Tony Blair, President Barak Obama and the Pope had the same talking points within days of each other. Explain that.

GARY: Yes. A couple of summers ago, all three of those individuals began applying a lot of pressure on Israel. And there is an agenda behind this. Ultimately where it is going is toward the internationalization of Jerusalem, and also I believe making Jerusalem the interfaith capitol of the world.

SID: Why is that important?

GARY: Again, if you’re going to have global government, you’ve got be able to bring the religions together somehow and they see in their minds that Jerusalem is the place to do this because it’s where Christianity and Judaism have their roots. Islam also has a stronghold there and so trying to make this happen in Jerusalem is important to them. Tony Blair has gone so far as to establish the Tony Blair Faith Foundation, which is actually an interfaith foundation. In his own words he has come out and stated that he is devoting the rest of his life to unifying the world’s religions.

SID: Okay. You exposed the names of prominent Christians that are deeply involved in this. I don’t understand how a real Christian could ever be deeply involved in this.

GARY: I don’t either. I believe that they rationalize and justify it in the name of world peace. But I am aware of the fact that on Tony Blair’s board of directors there is a very prominent evangelical Christian whose name everyone would recognize, and also an Islamic cleric and people of other religions. And again, if it simply has to do with reaching out to people of other faiths with the truth of Jesus, that’s one thing. But to cooperate in building something that will eventually unify the world’s religions, to me, that is a huge deception and we should not be promoting that.

SID: Okay. According to reading the Bible on a literal basis, which I do, a temple is going to be rebuilt. Gary, you have some fascinating information about this. Tell me.

GARY: Well again, in order to rebuild that temple, people have wondered over the years, how in the world is this every going to happen, considering on the contention on the Temple Mount. And we don’t know for sure how it’s going to happen, but there are some signs of how it could happen. The leading Muslim writer in the world right now, a man who has over 65 million copies of his books in print, his name is Adnan Oktar, he writes under the pen name Harun Yahya, is himself calling for the rebuilding of the temple. But he calls it majid or mosque, or a palace. And he believes this would be a great thing where people from around the world of different religions could come together and worship there.

SID: But Jewish people would never accept something like that.

GARY: Well you would think so. But there’s three leaders from the newly reestablished Jewish Sanhedrin have actually met with Adnan Oktar in Turkey. And after doing so, they posted the following statement on their website, and this is an excerpt of that statement. They say, “Out of the sense of collective responsibility for world peace and for all humanity, we have found it timely to call to the world and exclaim that there is a way out for all peoples. It is etched in a call to all humanity. We are all the sons of one Father, the descendants of Adam, and all humanity is but a single family. Peace among nations will be achieved through building the House of God where all peoples will serve as foreseen by King Solomon in his prayers at the dedication of the first Holy Temple.” Now get this. “Together each according to his or her ability, we shall work towards the building of the House of Prayer for all nations on the Temple Mount in peace and mutual understanding.” So these are some of the top Jewish people in the Sanhedrin endorsing the same idea that Adnan Oktar is putting forth, after having met with him.

SID: And you talk about the excavations under, in Jerusalem, the Shrine of Omar. Tell me about that.

GARY: Well very quickly, some Israeli journalists were secretly filming underneath the Shrine of Omar, and the tunnel that they were in, they discovered in an area off to the side some early documents from Jewish priests from the first century, apparently that were put there to safeguard them and protect them from the Roman invasion in 70 A.D. And these documents talk about the early church, what the church believed, how it functioned, it’s practices. And it makes it very clear that the early church did not adhere to replacement theology. In other words, they believed that God was still going to work mightily through the Jewish people and Israel in the years to come, especially in the last days.

SID ROTH: It’s very sad that we don’t know what the first Christians knew. For starters, they were all Jews. Now you know they weren’t involved in replacement theology, which basically, half the Christians in the world say that the Christian has replaced God’s plan for the Jew in Israel. And of course, God says, I change not. Boy, imagine the bombshell when this information is revealed. You can see things are really speeding up rapidly. The Bible says, “I’d rather you be hot or cold. If you’re lukewarm, I will spit you out of my mouth.” That’s what Jesus says. Are you lukewarm or are you hot? If you’re neutral, you’re deceived. If you’re just a seeker-sensitive Christian, you’re deceived. You must be hot or cold. Either serve him with all of your heart or don’t stand up as a Christian. The good news is you don’t have to look back. You can have a new beginning right now, repent of your sins and tell Jesus, say it out loud. I want to be red hot for you, Lord Jesus. I want you to be my Lord. I ask for forgiveness of sin. I repent. Live inside of me, Jesus.

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Our Guest Hank Kunneman

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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here with Hank Kunneman. And Hank, you’re pretty happy and chipper now. But in the early ’90s, things weren’t going too well for you, were they?

HANK: No. I was a lot younger then. I had just tried to start my ministry and I was recently married. I have been married 22 years to a wonderful wife. I was praying, Sid, and I felt like God wasn’t answering my prayers. All of a sudden, something amazing happened, I’d like to tell you. I was praying and I thought I saw something out of the right side of my shoulder move.

SID: That’s happened to me. I’ll bet that’s happened to you sometime. You’re in a room alone and all of a sudden…nah, I didn’t see it. But what was it?

HANK: Well I’ll tell you. I thought I saw it and I looked over, and I thought, boy, there’s something there. So I looked again and I couldn’t believe what I saw. And I didn’t have pizza, so I knew it wasn’t a pizza dream. I looked over on the right side of my shoulder and there was an angel standing right next to me. And I looked and he looked at me. I looked at him. And of course, I was afraid. So I thought, well I better pray, because I didn’t know what else to do. So I went over by my prayer chair.

SID: When all else fails, pray.

HANK: And I stood in front of my prayer chair. I couldn’t believe that this angel stood right next to me. And I thought, I should do the spiritual thing, you know, fold my hands. And so I folded my hands. I looked to my right. The angel was folding his hands. I thought, okay, this is interesting. So I began to pray. And he had the same form that I had. I knelt down. I thought, well the spiritual thing then, is not just to fold your hands, but to kneel. So I knelt down, too. The angel knelt down next to me on my right. I looked over at him, he looked over at me. I could hardly believe it. I said, Lord, this is so crazy. I started praying and worshiping the Lord. He started worshiping the Lord. But here’s what’s amazing. All of a sudden, I began to pray about the nations and about my ministry, and as soon as I did that, Sid, something happened. All of a sudden, this angel shot out of my room! I mean, just with such force and such power right when I was praying for the nations. You know 20-some years later…

SID: So you could see…

HANK:  Yeah.

SID: …and you could see that when you’re praying, whether you can see that angel next to you or not, when you’re praying I want you to capture this vision, the angel shoots out to cause your words to come to pass. That’s what you learned from that. That’s what I’ve learned.

HANK: Angels are waiting for us. But you know what’s amazing? After this happened, two weeks later, my wife Brenda and I are in this auditorium and Benny Hinn is conducting a service. And he points out, you know how Benny does, “You right back in the back.”

SID: Were there a lot of people?

HANK: Yeah, it was a pretty good size. It wasn’t as big as the huge auditoriums. But this was back in 1990. It was a pretty good size room. Probably not as big as obviously as the main convention centers, but big enough to be lost in the crowd; called me out and my wife, and began to prophecy to us the very things now, listen to this, that I was speaking in my room that nobody was listening to but God. Benny began to prophecy to my wife and I about the things, Sid, that we are walking in today. Now here’s the thing. Right after he prophesied, the angel shot out of my room, the opposite happened in my life.

SID: What happened to your job?

HANK: Well, I got fired.

SID: You got fired!

HANK: And it looked like I was never going to amount to anything. It looked like I wasn’t going to even be in the ministry.

SID: By the way, tell everyone why you got fired. I think this is important.

HANK: Well I got fired because I was working for a particular corporation and they wanted to go out and get drunk, and they wanted to go to a strip club, and I said, no I’m not going to do this. They said, well you don’t have to go in, you’re just the designated driver. I said, “No, I will not do this.” So the boss fired me for insubordination. I don’t know what is insubordinate about moral standard. But the powerful thing is, after I got fired, that night I prayed over all of their beds, and they came back drunk and everything. And here’s the funny thing, Sid. Sometimes we don’t think our prayers are working. I tell you, the power of God went into those beds. They couldn’t even sleep in their beds. They had to lay out on the floor and they were so miserable, and they kept saying, “What did you do to my bed?” And I thought, oh boy, because I kept my heart right, I forgave them and I kept praying. See, that’s the thing about breakthrough.

SID: That’s the key to breakthrough.

HANK: You have to be determined to stay with it. Even the lineage that led up to the Messiah was determined spirit that you see in people, you know, Jacob wrestling for the blessing. There’s that determined spirit.

SID: Okay, but here’s the thing that you don’t know. Here he has an angel next to him. The angel darts off to answer this prayer. Then he and his wife are in a meeting and Benny Hinn doesn’t even know them, he calls them out, he prophesies what’s been going on in his bedroom. I mean, everything wonderful is going to happen. And then he loses his job. The bottom falls out. And so much…How much time went by until you had your breakthrough?

HANK: Well it was probably, the Lord spoke a phrase to me. He said, “For the next seven years,” He said, “you’ll be like Joseph,” He said, “because I want to teach you character to handle the anointing and the responsibility of what I’m going to give you.” But you know one of the things that happened, Sid, I got to tell you this story. When I got fired, my wife and I, the only thing we knew to do was just go back to the Lord and pray. So we were praying one day and my wife’s sister was living with us at the time. We began to pray, worship the Lord. My little boy, who is now 17, was two years old. We were worshiping the Lord and we started smelling this smell of fire. And we thought, what is this? We’re worshiping the Lord and…

SID: All you need is a fire. You’re praying, you’re trying,

HANK:  We were already in the fire!

SID: …you’re doing everything you know to do, and all of a sudden, smoke! Where there’s smoke…

HANK: Yes. And so we thought, what is this. We rushed outside. I couldn’t believe my eyes. We looked up above my house. There was a cloud of smoke. It wasn’t a natural smoke because there was no fire. But it was visible in the natural realm that we were in. And even the neighbor, who was a sheriff, came out, couldn’t believe it either. Didn’t know what it was. But it was the Glory of God. And it was right after that time that a businessman called me out of the blue, after I got fired this happens. And he says, “Hank and Brenda,” he said, “you are called to the nations to preach my word and God has his Word in your mouth.” And the Lord to me, “For the next year, year and a half, I am to support you…full medical benefits, and I am to support you a full salary…”

SID: What did you have to do for this?

HANK: Just pray and read the scriptures.

SID: You didn’t have to go Heaven. He had Heaven on Earth. But it took seven years for his breakthrough.

HANK: Before the breakthrough.

SID ROTH: Here’s what I believe and this is what Hank believes. We are in the decade of the breakthrough right now. What that means is, it’s not going to take seven years. But there are certain keys and there is an anointing that I believe God has personally called Hank to release upon you so that you can have your breakthrough. Don’t go away. We’ll be right back after this word.

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Our Guests Phillip & Darlena Fields

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Sid:  My guests Phillip & Darlena Fields from Get Real Ministries, I have been talking to them all week because they have put together based on their personal experiences, based on many many years of studying the Word of God the most dynamic course.  It’s called, “Transformation, Assessing God’s Promises,” every Christian in the world must take this course because there’s one or more areas’ where the devil had a stronghold and once you get rid.  It’s a forty day course, you should do this for yourself, you should do this right with your whole family, our staff is talking about doing this.  You should do it in Bible studies, you should do it in your church, it should be mandatory for every Christian, imagine Phillip imagine what churches would be like if everyone went through this course as part of their basic training.

Phillip:  Well, it would be fabulous and they would be transformed.

 Sid:  And speaking about being transformed they’d enter their destiny rather than walking in that big circle.  Like take Darlena, Darlena, if you had not gone through that, I mean God forbid if you had not been set free by the Lord.  Because of the family curses, because of the way you were raised you literally could be one of these woman that had killed your children and ended up in prison the rest of your life or even committed suicide yourself, but today you’re walking in your gifting.  You’ve even been translated multiple times; tell me a couple of times you’ve been translated.

Darlena:   Well, there’s three really outstanding times that do relate directly to our ministry.  My role in our ministry is to intercede for Phillip when he’s out on the road and when the first time that he went overseas to teach, he was in Amsterdam and when I was interceding for him, for a particular meeting in his office.  And when I say intercede I mean deeply in prayer and I had been praying for several minutes and then all of a sudden I felt like I just went in another place in my spirit although I was physically aware of my surrounding I was still pacing his office praying, but I felt like I was at the meeting in Amsterdam with Phillip.  And I could see him ministering to people at the altar and I could see them being touch by God by the way that they were manifesting and they’re crying and bent over.  And then I saw the focus was the people at the altar Phillip had called them forward and when he got home I was able, he began to talk about this particular meeting I was like “Yes, I know, I saw those people, I was there,” I began to describe the people what they were wearing.  And at the time I felt like the moment that my spirit was present was when he was praying for this one particular young man that looked like he was of Muslim decent and Phillip said that he was and that this young man got saved in his jail cell.  Jesus appeared to him in his cell and he accepted Christ and so when that’s when I was laying hands and praying for him.

Sid:  Phillip, when Darlena who wasn’t there described the man, described his testimony, described what was going on with the other people, what did you think?

Phillip:  Well, the only thing I could think was that that had to be the Lord because her observations and the details of what she was saying was as if she were in the room with me.

Sid:  You can’t get better intercession than that, Darlena tell me another story, because I’m fascinated by this.  See I believe the closer we get to the return of the Messiah more and more this will become normal.  But you would have never moved into this realm if you didn’t take care of all the strongholds in your life.

Darlena:  Yes, the more that I get free in Christ the more intimate I get with Him the more my gifts get profound.

 Sid:  Tell me one more story; I’m fascinated by being translated.

Darlena:  Another story that would probably be really exciting was when something I haven’t told many people, I was in deep intercession just in my home with worship playing in the background and all of a sudden I began to be deeply burdened for an African man whose name I didn’t know.  And I just began to intercede in the Spirit and then just in a moment, in seconds I felt like I was in Africa in my spirit it must have been a desert region because I saw red dirt and there was an African man, tall thin, dressed standing blindfolded with his hands tied behind his back.  And then there was three gunmen with their heads wrapped in black, all you could see was their eyes and they raised their guns and did what they do before the gun shoot, whatever that’s called, and I felt like; this is went so deep into prayer it was like my soul was being pulled on behalf of this man.  And as I was praying for his life to be spare a whirlwind of dirt came in between the gunman and the man and the gunmen appeared to be distraught at this whirlwind of dirt in between them.  And they put their guns down and all of a sudden it was just over and I felt like that it was done, what I was praying for was done, finished and the man life was spared.

Sid:  Well, I imagine when you got such confirmation of that first translation you began to really believe that you were in these places.

Darlena:  Yes, after the first couple experiences and Phillip would come back from ministering on the road and confirm what I had seen, you know when I had this experience, I felt like that it was the same thing, that it was someone that I didn’t know.

Sid:  Now, Darlena briefly tell me, you had a vision of the last days.  Tell me briefly what God showed you would happen.

Darlene:  Well, it came in three parts and I felt like what the Lord was showing me was the release of the first white horse after the first seal was opened and that is a conqueror on a conquest.

 Sid:  That’s from the book of Revelation of the last days.

Darlena:  In Revelation 6, “After the first seal was opened a white horse was released; it was a conqueror on a conquest.”  And the first words that I heard the Lord speak to me when I had been taken up with Him in this open vision was that “I’m in serious pursuit of my people.”  And I felt like I was getting a panoramic view of this horse and this glorious rider on the horse.  And I saw three rows of people; the first row represented people that had eyes to see and ears to hear the truth.  The second row of people were blind too religious possibly, the third row had their back to the horse and rider, they were unbelievers.  And when the horse and rider went by the first row of people that could see truth were thrown into the back of the horse and there was a fire coming out of the horse’s feet.  The second row of people were just swayed by the wind of the horse and left marred with like soot from the fire.  And then the third row of people a hole opened up in the ground and the people were sucked into it.  And for several months I wondered what the fire was.  And then the second vision came, showed me what happened to the people after they were thrown in the fire and I had assumed it was the fire of revival.  But the Lord corrected me and said, “There was refiners fire and once the people went through the refiners fire they were just shot up and then went into place in the army of the Lord.”  And I saw this great army and they were all walking in unison and in one accord and there was worshippers and dancers going before the army.  And so some people were thrown in front of the army as a worshiper or a dancer that make way to clear the spirit realm for the Lord’s presence to come.  And others were holding guns, others were on white horses on horseback holding swords and flags and banners.  And then my third vision was the horses stopped, the army stopped and the riders got off the horses and they began to charge and the Lord says “It’s time to take back your land.”  So I really feel like the three different visions line up with our motto for the transformation, possession God’s promises.

Sid:  I’m convinced that so many Christians 80 to 90% the pollsters tell us that are walking in a gigantic circle rather than walking into their destiny is because they were crippled either from curses, from generational curses or the way that they were raised.  And even though they’ve been fine believers and serve God as best they could, they are still the walking wounded.

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Our Guest Linda Josef

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Sid: …brand new book “Supernatural Healing” over thirty years of investigative reporting or the greatest miracles and the greatest ways of accessing God’s power that I’ve been able to analyze and investigate.  And I’ve been blessed to meet these people; I mean it is outrageous some of these miracles, but that is normal; I want you to be normal.  And one chapter has to do with the Lord’s Supper and I have the man that God gave the revelation, you may have heard Perry Stone teach on it.  He’s the one that got the revelation that started telling Perry about it.  His name is Dr. John Miller; he’s a chiropractor and a Bible teacher.  And so many people have been healed through understanding the teaching of communion.  John how did you originally get interested in the Lord’s Supper as medicine?

Dr. John Miller:  Well, I was raised in a Christian home all of my grandfather’s were preachers on my mother’s side.  And I went right from High School into Chiropractic College, so I’d spent my entire adult life learning how to get sick people well.  And so then I started studying the Bible to see what the Bible had to say about getting sick people well and ran into the seven ways in the New Testament to be healed.  And for some reason I was drawn specifically to communion and it’s a deep subject, it’s never ending, God keeps showing me more and more about it.

Sid:  One the things I find fascinating is that you did research of the Jewish roots of Passover and research on the Messiah concept with in Judaism within the scriptures.  You found some amazing things in Isaiah 53, tell me about them.

Dr. John Miller:  Well, the first thing we find in Isaiah 53 is that Jesus did a threefold atonement for a three part man.  Paul said, “I pray that your spirit, soul and body be preserved blameless until the coming of the Lord.  We know what the body is; theologians say that the soul is the mind, will and the emotion; that’s your mental.  And your spirit is what gives life to the body and can communicate with God and goes back to God that gave it.  So at Calvary Jesus was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquities, that’s your sin, that’s your spiritual salvation.  The chastisement of our peace was upon Him, that’s your mental healing; and with His strips we are healed.  He took the beating for our healing so, actually the typology of communion goes all the way back to Genesis as you find any major principal in the Bible, you can find it all the way back to Genesis.  Where, when man sinned he became aware of his nudity, not that nudity per say is a sin, but it was the sign that he had sinned and God had to shed blood and sacrifice flesh to bring him animal clothes to make a covering for the fact that he had sinned.  And that was the first typology we have looking forward to the cross where Jesus was nude on the cross and covered with His blood making atonement for our sin.  Also in the garden, there was the tree of life that if you ate of it after you sinned you would live forever, in other words it would reverse the sin that eating of the tree of the knowledge of good and evil instituted.  So God had to drive them out of the garden so they could not eat of the tree of life; and all theologians say that the tree of life represent Jesus.  So that’s another picture of how when we eat him it undoes the sin curse of death.  Then in Egypt when God sent Moses to get the Israelites out of Egypt, they tried ten miracles and that didn’t work; that represents the Ten Commandments the law, the law didn’t save anybody, it only condemned them because they couldn’t keep it.  So they had to turn to the blood of the lamb over the door posts, which is another type of Jesus shedding his blood at Calvary.  And when they ate the flesh of that lamb they were healed, David says in Psalms they came out with silver and gold and not one infirmed one among them.  So after that for fifteen hundred years, God mandated that they keep the Passover that was to remind the Israelites and teach their children how God delivered them from Egypt.  So that’s looking forward to the cross again.  In the wilderness God sent manna down, which was a type of the body of Christ, Jesus said three times in John 6 “Your father’s did eat manna in the wilderness and are dead, but I tell you I’m the real bread that came down from heaven and unless you eat my flesh you have no life in you.”  So the bread of communion are the bread, the manna was a type of eating Jesus, the bread of communion.

Sid:  I am reminded of the scripture that there was none feeble among them. 

Dr. John Miller:  Yes, and that word feeble in the Hebrew means infirmed and particularly in the legs.  And the people eating the manna got tired of it and they said “Our soul does loath the light bread, the manna.  So God sent fiery serpents and bite them and they began to die and they said, oh, Moses we’ve sinned against you and God.  Pray that He would stop this, so God said, “Moses take a pole and put a brass serpent on it,” representing Jesus on the cross at Calvary, he was made to be sin with our sin.  And everybody that looked on it was healed.  So we have typology after typology in the Old Testament all looking forward to Jesus on the cross.  And then after the cross, it looks back, Peter said “The sprinkling of the blood a fresh,”  We are to eat the bread and drink the cup to remember Jesus is a very interesting thing in Luke the 22 chapter verse fifteen, Jesus is going to have communion with the disciples and he said unto them, “With desire, I have desires to eat this Passover with you before I suffer, for I say unto you, I will not any more eat thereof until it be fulfilled in the Kingdom of God, take this and divide it among yourselves for I say unto you, I will not drink of the fruit of the vine until the kingdom of God.  And then He took the bread and gave thanks and break it” and you see, He said, “I have desired with desire.” And I ask my friend Hal Lindsay, he’s not only a prophecy teacher but he’s a Greek scholar, he looked that word up for me, he said that’s the strongest word in the Greek language for wanting to do something with desire, I have desired.  What’s the Passover Seder meal made of?  It’s made up of the Lamb and the bitter herbs and all these.  Jesus said, “With desire, I have desired to eat this with you before I suffer,” this was the night He was arrested.  And he skipped right over the Passover meal and went right to the bread and the wine and said “This is my body which is broken for you.”  So when we come to the communion table it’s interesting to note that Jesus is more desirous to meet us at the communion table than we have been to meet him there.

Sid:  You know in your teaching in the book it’s so overwhelming, you’re the first person to bring to my attention that communion can be progressive, you progressively are healed.  It’s like your medicine, you’re progressively healed.  Where’s a lot of people think that well, I guess I wasn’t healed.  But so many people are getting healed through taking communion that I would love you to lead us in communion right now.

Dr. John Miller:  Okay, well take the bread.   Father in the mighty Name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth, we ask that you sanctify this unleavened bread, as the body of the Lord Jesus Christ that took our infirmities and bore our sicknesses according to your word.  And the body that was beaten with 39 stripes for our healing and as we partake of this bread that represents the body of Christ we receive healing in every organ, every cell and every function in our bodies and we give you the praise the glory, now eat.  Now Father we come to you with the wine that represents the blood of Jesus, as we hold it up and ask you to sanctify it as the blood of Jesus we recognize we are holding the most powerful substance in the world.  For all other power substances like, nuclear bombs and all can only destroy life, but the life that is in the blood of Jesus gives life and gives it eternally.  And right now we receive the blood of Jesus and we receive forgiveness for all of our sins in Jesus Name.  Hallelujah.

Sid:  Your know what I’m thinking that a lot of people are putting food together and water because they just don’t know what’s going to be happening on planet earth.  I think the number one thing they should put together is some wine and bread and they’ve got it all.

Dr. John Miller:  The Christians and the Jewish population is going to have to turn to the blood and the body of Christ to get through these days as the governments collapse and the health care systems collapse.  And no matter what medicine it is or what nutrition that you’re taking…

Sid:  Oh I’m sorry we’re out of time…

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Sid Roth welcomes Joan Hunter

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Sid:  My guest, Joan Hunter is red hot for the Messiah.  As a young child she was taught by two of the best that understood the healing and miracle ministry; Francis and Charles Hunter known as the Happy Hunters who are now in heaven and she is building upon that foundation.  And the thing that you teach that I feel is so important is to be human is to have trauma, somewhere along your way.  Most of us have had traumas in childhood that we’ve totally forgotten, but we have physical diseases that are result of that trauma.  Even you talk in your book about the ph balance; you go from the natural to the supernatural; explain what your understanding of what trauma does to a body Joan Hunter.

Joan:  Well, it is amazing what it will do to a body, when my Mother passed away a couple of years ago, I remember you know I was like I told her body good bye and we had done all of that kind of stuff.  And it was like I’m getting ready to do television across the state of Illinois and I was just really, and I was like man this heaviness was coming on me, this trauma was coming on me, my voice was going.  Because a lot of time trauma will show up, it will affect the voice and I’m like, I can pray for the sick with no voice but I can’t do television or radio without a voice.  And I’m like God help me here and you know and I made it across the state, I got to my motel room, got in the shower and I’m like, “Father, right now in the name of Jesus I’m like (laryngitis voice) Father right now, I could hardly even talk.  I curse the spirit of trauma, I curse a spirit of grief that is trying to come and overtake me.  And I said, “I’m serving you an eviction notice you are trespassing on God’s property, you cannot come into this body in Jesus name.  And I command every bit of that to go and I said in the name of Jesus I command my voice to be restored in Jesus name and I went Hallelujah!”  And I looked around the room for my Mom, I’m like oh, my Mom said that you know because it sounds so much like my Mom.  But the heaviness the grief, the trauma left instantly.  Now I still miss my Mom, I still miss my Mom and Dad and you know, but the heaviness is gone, it’s just gone.  And there’s no grief, there’s no trauma you know and I don’t want to make light of the fact that there gone, but you know what the heaviness of their departure isn’t there.  And God took that away and one thing that we need to be real careful of is not letting any of that trauma and any of the memories to try to come back.  Because they’re going to come knocking at the door sometimes and you need to be prepared for that and to go, “Oh I know I deserve to be sorrowful, I deserve to you know wallow, I deserve to hang on to this stuff,” you know and it’s like I don’t want to hang on to any of that grief.  If I had not gotten rid of the grief and the trauma I would have not been able to even be on this radio program today because the enemy would have come in destroyed me with fibromyalgia and pain and sleeplessness and cancer.  It would have just eaten me up and like you say that is just really eating at me.  Well you know what, whatever is eating at you get rid of it and the manual teaches you how to get rid of all of this.  And then recently with what had happened in my past and the divorce of years ago, the betrayal of an unfaithful husband who is homosexual and you know recently there was a big you know news things about betrayal in this family and you know and how he had lied to her and I’m like, “Oh I can relate to that” and it was like I started reading the article a little bit and I’m like, “Oh, I rebuke this in the name of Jesus,” I shut the magazine and I said, “You know I am not going to allow the enemy to come in and remind me of the pain of my past and remind me of the betrayal that had happened almost twelve years ago.” I refuse to let the enemy do that so it’s very very important that we keep…

Sid:   You know what I believe; if you had not made that decision at that moment you would have given the enemy access to put cancer on you again.

Joan:  Absolutely, and the manual talks about where have we opened the door for sickness to come in.  We need to do a self examination, not self condemnation, but self examination and look at ourselves and say “Where, if I have opened up the door anywhere show me.”

Sid:  Now let’s suppose a doctor has just done a blood test and they say “You’re a good candidate for leukemia, we better keep an eye on you,” what would you do if you got a report like that, what advice would you give someone?”

Joan:  “I would say no, I would first of all say, “No I’m not, and I’d say,” you know like when I walk out of the doctor’s office, I mean because he told me he says you know, “You’re going to get diabetes, you’re going to get macular degeneration because you’re mother had it; you’re going to get this, you are going to get cancer, you are going to get blah, blah, blah.  I mean he went through the whole list you know because your fifty-eight years old now you’re going to get bam, bam, bam.  I’m like, “No I’m not you have a good day doctor, I’m not getting these things, I refuse them in Jesus name.”  And I walked out of the door and I said, “I cut those words off in Jesus name,” and then I went, I said “Father right now I thank you that you’re restoring my eyes like the eagles, you’re giving me a new pancreas in Jesus name.”  And I started going through everything that he said negative about me.

Sid:  Well, the good thing is it tells you what you’re to pay for.

Joan:  That’s right, I’m not opposed to going to doctors, you know I’ve got a doctor who’s a doctor.  I say, “Let’s go and let us figure out what’s wrong and then what’s wrong let’s pray specifically, very specifically for that to be turned around.”  Everything that he’s spoke over me that was a possibility is no longer a possibility because it’s gone.  In the “Healing Starts Now Manual” there is a chapter called nurture the natural man; that is a chapter written by my daughter who is a doctor.  I have incorporated in the book things that we need to do in the natural; for example, you get healed of diabetes, all right let’s go get donuts, ice cream, no!  Don’t do that, that’s abusing your body.  We live in a natural body, we need to do that.  Like I have somebody that says, I just want to worship God all night long and never sleep again.  Well, she almost killed herself because our bodies in the natural need sleep.

Sid:  Joan, there is a river of healing that is being released right now, I don’t think this, I know if you pray for people right now they’re going to have miracles!

Joan:  Where ever you hurt in your body, whatever is wrong, cancer, whatever, placed your hand on it and we’re going to in the name of Jesus speak it gone in Jesus name.  Father right now in the name of Jesus I send the word of healing through these radio waves right now in Jesus name, first of all I curse the spirit of trauma, rejection, abandonment, betrayal, any form of hopelessness I command it to be gone.  I curse any form of oppression, depression, I curse the fibromyalgia.  Command that spirit of pain to go spirit of fibromyalgia, spirit of chronic fatigue syndrome and the heaviness of depression that comes with it I command every bit of that to go.  I curse any spirit of cancer, I curse any prion in everybody command that to go, I curse MS in Jesus name.  I command all of the labels to be removed, ADD, COPD, post traumatic stress disorder, all these labels;  those labels are removed now in Jesus name.  I speak life, health, wholeness in Jesus name; I command new rotator cuffs, I speak two new knees in Jesus name.  New elbows, new vertebrae’s, new discs, I command the bodies to literally grow in height, I curse scoliosis in Jesus name, I command the proper curves to be restored to backs in Jesus name, and I curse any form of migraines in particular that have been brought on through trauma and trauma of even in the birth canal and the forceps, all the trauma to be gone, the stress to be completely relieved, any residual effect of stress on bodies right now in Jesus name  I command that to be gone.  I speak health and wholeness to the entire digestive system in Jesus name, I curse any form of constipation, IBS, irritable bowel syndrome, crones disease in Jesus name, I speak a brand new set of intestines, any form of endometriosis, female problems I command that to be gone.  Anybody that has had sexual abuse right now put your hands on your upper thighs, those are where your limp nodes are and that holds on to a lot of the sexual trauma right there.  Father right now in the name of Jesus I command that trauma from any form of sexual abuse to go in Jesus name, I command those limp nodes to be completely released of any storage of trauma in Jesus name.  And I curse any form of fear in any of these bodies in Jesus name and Father right now, everybody that listening put your hand on your head.  Father, in the name of Jesus I just speak like a Holy Ghost etch- a- sketch for their memories, the bad memories to be completely erased in Jesus name.  Every bit of pain that is associated with any form of betrayal, rejection, abuse, sexual included, verbal I command every bit of that to be completely completely wiped out in Jesus name, in Jesus name Hallelujah.

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February 1st, 2012 at 3:41 pm

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