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Our Guests Tony Kemp

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TONY:  It’s gone? Show me what you can do with this? That’s as far as you can go? Do you believe God’s gonna do something now?

MAN #3:  Yes, sir.

TONY:  What’s happening with you?

MAN #2:  Still easing.

TONY:  What percentage of pain’s gone? What percentage is gone already? On a scale of 10 being the highest, zero being the lowest where you at?

Man #2:  5.

TONY:  Oh, you’re halfway there. You ready?

MAN #3:  Yes, sir.

TONY:  Hmmm. Does this hurt at all?

MAN #3:  Yes. It’s all connected.

TONY:  Does this hurt now?

MAN #3:  A little.

TONY:  Okay. Just tell me when the pain disappears. In the name of Jesus I call for a rotator cuff to be created in this man’s shoulder now. I command the pain and the reason for the pain go now. Umm. Ummm. First tell me when all pain’s gone.

MAN #3:  It’s gone.

TONY:  You ready to lift it now?

MAN #3:  Yes.

TONY:  Lift it.

AUDIENCE:  Whoooo! Whoooo! (CLAPPING)

TONY:  Do it again. Keep moving. Keep moving it. Keep moving it. Move it around. It’s getting looser. Somebody ought to give God a praise up in here. Somebody.


TONY:  What has happened?

MAN #3:  I can move it.

TONY:  You couldn’t do that before?

MAN #3:  Yes. They told me I had lost 49% of my arm use.

TONY:  When was the last time you were able to do that?

MAN #3:  Ummm, it’s been a while.

TONY:  Some years?

MAN #3:  Yes, it’s been some years.

TONY:  5, 10, 15?

MAN #3:  15 years.

TONY:  Somebody oughta give God a praise!


TONY:  Do it! No pain. And you had pain about 10 years?

Man #3:  24 hours a day.

TONY:  24 hours a day for the last 10 years?

MAN #3:  Yes, sir.

TONY:  And now it’s all gone?

MAN #3:  Yes, sir.

TONY:  Somebody oughta give God a praise. Where you at? Honest report. Where you at?

MAN #2:  About 75% better.

TONY:  I want you to just stand up here with me, okay. You can go praise Him. Stay with me. Now here this is gonna be interesting. I want everybody who stood for supernatural weight loss to stand again. Check yourself. And if you’re either lower, uh, looser up here or down there come up to the front. Everybody that stood up before, check yourself.  And whoever’s looser come forward. Don’t be a-scared.  Whoever’s looser come up. C’mon, c’mon up, come up here and stand beside me if you’re looser. I’m telling you God’s already— I’m telling you it’s happening right now. And some of you all don’t want to admit that you need to come. I’ve got two people up here. Anybody else? Looser?  Yeah I knew there was more than one person. Get up here, sister girl. Anybody else? Now here’s what’s crazy. Here’s what’s crazy. While they’re talking some of you gonna get looser. Oh, you, you’re up here? Anybody else? You’re looser? Uh, I want you to put, uh, uh, if you can put your shirt tail in. God’s doing something over there but— come close, come close, yeah, please— Put your shirt tail in. If you can put your shirt tail in. I’m standing in front, you know. Put your shirt— Yeah, yeah. Umm, you get to go first and stand sideways. Stand sideways and show them how it was before. How tight, and I want you to tell the truth.

WOMAN #8:  Well I’ll tell you what. It was tighter. It still has a ways more to go so I’m still trusting the Lord but I’m praising Him because it’s looser.

TONY:  It is looser?

WOMAN #8:  It is looser.

TONY:  How much looser?

WOMAN #8:  Do I know how much? Well you can see that I have some room in my pants.

TONY:  That you didn’t have before.

WOMAN #8:  That I didn’t have before. I mean I need some more room.  A little—

TONY:  Oh, no, no. We’re gonna pray for you girl—

WOMAN #8:  Yeah, but I’m saying I’m trusting Him—

TONY:  Oh, no, no, no, no. I want a man to stand behind her.

WOMAN #8:  That’s why, that’s why I—

TONY:  No, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, no, no— It’s a good start.

WOMAN #8:  Okay—

TONY:  Close your eyes. Say “Jesus.”

WOMAN #8:  Jesus.

TONY:  “I receive more.”

WOMAN #8:  I receive more.

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April 27th, 2020 at 3:55 am

Our Guests John Veal

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JOHN: So the next day, it was a Sunday, I was in my church. I felt led to really, really minister deliverance at the end of my message and as I did this, everyone in the church started manifesting even the elders and leaders that were going to assist the other people. They started dropping on the floor. It was unbelievable. I never seen anything like that in my life.

SID: Are you special or can every believer walk in that kind of authority?

JOHN: Well, Jesus said in scripture that one of the signs of them that believe, one of the first things he said was, cast out devils. They shall cast out devils. Any believer can cast out devils. You don’t have to be a deliverance minister, a prophet, apostle. If you’re a believer, you can cast out devils. That’s one of the signs. It shows you are believer in the messiah.

SID: Just between the two of us, most Christians seem to be afraid of the devil. It should be the other way around.

JOHN: Absolutely. Absolutely. He’s a defeated foe. Luke 10 and 19 says, behold, I give unto you power to tread on serpents and scorpions and over all the power of the enemy. One version says he gives you authority to destroy Satan’s power, so we have to walk in that authority and believe it. Speak it. Declare it. Decree it. The devil is under our feet. He’s a defeated foe. We give them too much power, too much access in our lives, but he is defeated already by the wonderful work of Jesus Christ on the cross.

SID: And you know this is so important for you to understand this whole area of deliverance. It’s not an emphasis, but it’s part of the package because shortly millions of young people are going to come to the Lord. We’re going to have the greatest move of God’s plan. And when they come to the Lord…I was messed up big time when I came to the Lord, but they’re even messed up more, if that’s possible. They’re into more stuff than I even imagined it was possible to be into and they’re going to need to be set free and they’re not going to have to go to a deliverance specialist. That’s part of the package.

SID: So that same presence of God on you, that drives the devil nuts. It’s on what you teach. It’s on your books. You are going to have to understand that you can’t go running to some pastor somewhere and knock on his door at midnight. “I need help”. You’re the one that God….. the Jesus in you is as strong is the Jesus in me and the Jesus in John. Now one of the things you’ve said that I thought was pretty interesting, you said when we identify the strongest demon…into something you describe it like a heavy ball and chain. What happens? That was fascinating.

JOHN: Mark 3 and 27 talks about binding the strong man and then being able to plunder his goods in his house. So I believe that with effective deliverance we need to go for the strong man. Jesus went in for Legion and he got rid of all those demons and so a lot of times we waste a lot of time going for minorly demons and I mean say someone has a thousand demons in them, it’s going to take more than a lifetime, a couple of lifetimes to get them totally delivered. But if we can get that head demon, that chief demon, we can get him out. It’s just like a ball and chain analogy. If I take a ball and chain, I throw it off a bridge and anything that’s attached to it that’s lighter than it, it’s going to go over. So when we get this big, chief demon, this heavy demon to get out of a person, all the other demons that are connected to them are going to go too. And then that way you have a effective, full deliverance.

SID: What he has been taught step by step by God. He’s put in his teaching and in his books and you told me you had such resistance when you did this book. You know why he had such resistance? Because the devil knew that you were going to read this and listen to this teaching and you were going to be just like Jesus in front of someone with a demon. John will pray for the spirit of fear, sickness and failure to leave when we return. Be right back.

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April 17th, 2020 at 3:01 am

Our Guest Donna Rigney

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SID: I’m here with Donna Rigney, and Donna has been taken many times to heaven and to hell. Just a little bit more. The room in hell with instruments of torture. What was that like?

DONNA: That was really graphic and gruesome to see. Whenever the Lord brought me to hell, it was a just an awful sight to see. And he told me, he said, “It’s necessary,” he said, “I know you don’t want to come here, but it’s necessary for you to see this because I want my people to know all about hell, that it is a reality, that there is such a place as hell. I want you to understand the tactics of the enemy to hurt my people so that you can tell my children. So my children will be warned.”

DONNA: And so one of the days he brought me to this place and it was a room full of instruments of torture. There were braces to put around people’s heads and tighten them up. There were spikes to drive down people’s spines. There are all kinds of saws and pickaxes, different things like that, hanging all over the room. And then I saw a demon come in. Demons, more than one, come in, grab some of these things and rush out of the room. And so then in an instant, like you snapped your finger, I was from that room down to a city street. I was overlooking a city street in the United States. And I saw these demons riding on people’s shoulders. I saw them driving spikes down people’s backs and people, the look on their face, they were in so much pain. And the Lord said to me—

SID: Well, what good is a pain pill if it could be caused by a demon? The pain pill doesn’t get rid of the deal.

DONNA: No, no, no. And the Lord said to me, “What you’re seeing, you’re seeing with your spiritual eyes, you cannot see this with your natural eyes.” He said, “but I’m showing you this with your spiritual eyes. This is true.” And then I saw some people that had braces around their heads, and the demons were tightening them and tightening them, and the people’s faces were grimacing with pain. They were having terrible headaches. And it was… And the demons were laughing. This was just the greatest thrill, the more pain they were causing. Then I saw chains coming down off of people, and some had balls hanging on the chain, they were walking along, ball and chain.

DONNA: And then I saw little children and the little children were walking beside their parents. Most of the children did not have any chains on them, they were free. But some of the children, the chains were coming down off the parents and getting on the children’s shoulder. A couple of children had smaller chains and small ball and they were walking along. And what the Lord told me was that what was happening was that the parents were word cursing their children. The parents saying, “You are a… Everybody in our family has cancer. You are going to have cancer too.” Or, “You never listen, you never behave, you’re never going to become anything.” These were then coming off the parents and getting on the children and the children are getting in chains. And the Lord told me, he said, “What’s causing my children to get into bondage is sin and their words.” Sin is a trap of the enemy and their words are the device the enemy uses to attack my children.

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April 7th, 2020 at 4:57 am