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Our Guests Tom Horn & Cris Putnam

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Sid: I don’t know if you’ve read that best seller “Petrus Romanus the Final Pope is Here,” but I have one of the authors of the book Cris Putnam on the telephone.  If you haven’t heard about the Malachi prophecy just briefly Cris I want you to explain it but for those that aren’t familiar with you, you are a theologian and in particular in grad school.  You studied the history of Catholic and Protestant reformers and this is all been amazing foundation for you because yes your taking prophecies but you’ve also having such a such strong foundation in the word that it gives the perspective that everyone needs. Tell us a bit about the Malachi prophecy.

Cris: Sid it’s great to be on the show with you what we have on this St. Malachi of the Popes is an allegedly a 900 year old prophecy by an Irish Saint.  The way that the account goes St. Malachi had made a pilgrimage to Rome to have an audience with the Pope.  Now on Genicom Hill one of the hills outside of Rome he had a vision from his day 112 Popes into the future with the final Pope reigning during the tribulation.  So the way this vision came across the way he recorded it is a series or Latin phrases of mottoes which seem to predict something about each Pope perhaps a description of his Coat of Arms, or something about his name, or perhaps events that happened during his papacy. So we have this sequence of 112 mottoes.  Now the thing that makes this all very intriguing is that Pope Benedict was 111 out of one 112 meaning that this very next Pope…the prediction for him seems to really strongly infer the end-times.  It says in the extreme persecution of the Holy Roman Church there will sit Peter the Roman who will nourish the sheep in tribulation; when they’re finished the city of Seven Hills will be destroyed and the dreadful judgment will judge his people, the end.  So that is what this 900 year old prophecy predicts to happen during the reign of the next Pope.

Sid: Now how did you know because he didn’t say this, or did, he St. Malachi, how did you know that the Pope would resign so that there would be room for this last Pope?

Cris: Well Sid you know one of the things I learned you know in seminary that you know when you’re digging into a subject like this you know you go out and you read everything that you can find about it.  And you know I’m a Protestant I’m not necessarily predisposed to believing extra Biblical Catholic prophecies, but you know I wanted to give this thing a fair shake.  And one of the books that I read about it and had to translate from French was by a Belgium Jesuit named Renee Tebow, now actually he published this book in 1951. He did all sorts of mystical calculations from the Latin text of this prophecy and he came up with April 2012 as the date of the arrival of the final Pope. Now he didn’t just do that in a trivial way he actually did it from 5 or 6 different calculations.  One of the simplest ones was that he calculated the average reign where a Pope would be in office for 11 years.  That’s what he determined was the average and he just kind of extrapolated that forward from when he was writing in 1950 and he came up with the year 2012. Now of course that was very sensational with all the apocalyptic speculation about the year 2012. You know we put it in out book and there was also some rumors circulating around about Benedict’s health. So we kind of went out on a limb based on his writing and these rumors, and you know we put on pages 57 – 58 of our book that thought that he would step down for health reason.  Well 2012 came and went we were a little bit disappointed and you know figured that just wasn’t going to happen the way Father Tebow said.  But it turns out when I was reading the New York Times on February 11th this year about Benedict’s stepping down it actually says that the decision was made in end of March after his trip to South America and “Kept with a reserve that no one could violate” so quite literally he made the decision to step down right when this was predicted and then kept it a secret all year.

Sid: Okay from looking at your book you are very honest and you’ve done good journalism in that a few of the prophecies the Pope’s might have been tampered with but just a few.  However the majority, of recent years of course, it was from the original prophecy how accurate was it in your opinion as a Biblical scholar?

Cris:  You know one of the things that I looked at you know is that this thing was published and widely spread across the continent of Europe about 1595 in a book called “Lignum Vitae” so no matter what people might say about it being a forgery or written after the face you really can’t argue about the prophecies after 1595 because no one disputes that it was in print at that time.  Now when you’re testing something like this the way you test the hypothesis in science is you try to falsify it you look for a risky prediction.  And one of the ones that really jumped out at me was Religio-Depopulata. Now in the sequence of the Malachi prophecy that was the prophecy that matched Pope Benedict 15th. Now he was Pope from 1914 to 1922 and that prophecy actually in England was to be Religion-Depopulated.  Now that is a very risky prediction now all things being equal you would expect the church to kind of remain the same.  But what happened from 1914 to 1922?  This was a time of World War I this was devastating to Europe; devastating to the Catholic Church.  To add insult to injury this is the time of the Bolshevik Revolution to Russia up to 200 million people left the church to join the Communist Party and the ones that didn’t Lennon specifically targeted religious leaders.  So right when this prophecy that we can prove was published hundreds of years before said that religion was depopulated we see probably the greatest depopulation of religion in history.

Sid: Tell me your sanctified speculation of what the last Pope’s reign will be like.

Cris:  Well, based on the text of this prophecy we see that it’s talking about the City of Seven Hills being destroyed.  It’s talking about judgment; now the City of Seven Hills is a really transparent reference to the city of Rome. You know this is what captured my imagination because like I said I’m not necessarily predisposed of this sort of Catholic prophecies but I look at the book or Revelation and it talks about the great harlot and the mystery Babylon, I mean it really strongly connects that to the city of Rome. In Revelation 17:9 it’s talking about the seven headed beast and it has two aspects to the heads.  And the first aspect it says that “The heads are seven mountains to which the woman siteth.” Now at the end of Revelation 17 it says “That woman that you saw is that great city that has domination over the kings of the earth.”  Now interpreting the Bible a good general rule is you always start with the author’s intention. Now when John was writing the Book of Revelation around AD 90 it was at the peak of the Roman Empire and so a city that has a dominion over the kings of the earth and the Apostles mind would be an arguing Rome.

Sid: Absolutely, but what is your sanctified speculation what will happen when this Pope rules?

Cris: Well because I see this connection to Biblical prophecy I think that it’s a very good possibility and this is what we argue is that this final Pope is the Biblical false prophet. In Revelation chapter 13. The anti-Christ usually gets most of the press, but around verse 11 or so it describes the second beast and it says he has horns like a lamb yet speaks like a dragon.  Now I think that everyone will agree that like a lamb is an inference to Jesus as the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.  But generally you know horns and apocalyptic literature are a sign of power so now I think that this description of the false prophet is saying that he’s going to be seen as a powerful Christian leader and yet he’s going to speak like a dragon and leading the world to worship the anti-Christ.  So for those reasons I think worldwide you know people when they think of a powerful Christian leader instantly they would probably answer the Pope; so I see him in that role.

Sid: Okay, your brand new book “Exo-Vaticana” what does that mean?

Cris: Well, this prefix Exo, you know generally implies something other worldly.  We have you know Exo planets where they’re looking at planets outside of our solar system. There’s actually an area of theology now called exo-theology that handles how would theologians handle an extraterrestrial reality.  Catholics have really laid a lot of ground work in that realm of thought and this is what our book is about we think that a very likely component of the end-time scenario will involve a claimed extraterrestrial presence.

Sid: Okay you will not understand end-times without these two books that documents secret files in the Vatican Library and belief in aliens.  Petrus Romonas the last Pope hidden in the Vatican libraries over 900 years ago a vision of the next 112 Popes. Stunning accuracy of the first 111; now this last Pope will take office for the final judgment. The second book “Exo-Vaticana” documents the Vatican’s plan for a rival of an alien god with a small “g.” Secret files in the Vatican library on the reality of alien presence, Vatican’s position on extraterrestrials, Vatican’s project Lucifer. Why 2013 is the year top astronomers say the aliens will be revealed. The breeding and the hybrid program for humans and aliens…

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Our Guest Ricardo Sanchez

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Sid: We want everyone everywhere to have no limits; it’s time to take the limits off of God.  It’s time to proclaim that “It’s Not Over.” I have Ricardo Sanchez on the telephone and we’re talking about his amazing CD “It’s Not Over.”  But from a life experience he’s literally, God has giving him a ministry because everyone is dealing with one or more serious problems in their life.  And some feel they’re hopeless, but when people go to his concerts or hear his teaching supernatural hope is infused and things turn around.  Well how would you like a report your 9 year old son was in a diving accident in the swimming pool, and he has less than 1% to recover, his prognosis is to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair; maybe a breathing tube, a breathing machine, the tube coming out of his neck.  So you get this report, you worship God, your oblivious to the people, did you feel a breakthrough at that time or you don’t know what you felt?

Ricardo:  Sid I wish I could say that on the airplane when I got the texts from my wife and the phone call that I believed in faith the whole time and that the plane got saved.  That just wasn’t my ending, that wasn’t, or my beginning I should say.  To be quite honest with you I responded quite naturally I was intimidated, I don’t like using the word fear because I have God “Whom shall I fear.”  So the word intimidated comes to mind, I felt like I was about to enter into this battle and I was very nervous and I was in the airplane and I just remember tapping into those old hymns “Amazing Grace,” “Oh the Blood of Jesus,” “Something About that Name.”  And that seemed to be the sliver of hope that I needed to allow the anointing of God, the Balm of Gilead to begin to flow and to begin to heal those areas.  Not just in my life but of my sons, my blood line, those that are carrying on my name and it was through that worship experience that the presence of God began to flow through.  And the song “It’s Not Over” again began to bubble up in my spirit and that’s where I felt it was in that moment of falling on my face in the terminal and crying out to God that the presence of God began to saturate my situation, begin to saturate.  I believe even though I was in Jacksonville I believe that at that very time God began to move in Atlanta, Georgia in my sons body, in the doctors hands, in the ex-rays in the prognosis.  I begin I believe Spirit of God begin to flow in our entire circumstance.

Sid: Now tell me what the firefighter said that loaded your son in the helicopter.

Ricardo: Hmm, Sid this firefighter who had been a firefighter for over 9 years he said “In my 9 years of experience I’ve never seen anybody whether it’s an adult or a young person sustain this kind of injury and ever survive.  So prepare your heart for the worse.

Sid: So although you couldn’t see anything with your eyes I believe that there was a major breakthrough that occurred when you were not ashamed of God, you didn’t care what man thought and you, right in the middle of the airport, you start worshiping your God with every fiber of your being.

Ricardo: Yeah.

Sid: I believe things started changing.

Ricardo: Sid, that’s a great way to describe it because that’s exactly what it was every fiber of my being; I was unashamed of the gospel of Jesus Christ I needed God to move.  In those moments I heard it said “Adversity doesn’t build character but it reveals it.”  And Jesus said “What’s in a man comes out of man,” what they’re made of your character will be speak in those moments of desperation. For me when we heard that paramedic say that, Jeanette had told me this I had nothing left Sid it had emptied the tank, but in the midst of that I hit the floor and begin to worship God and just begin to cry out to Him and begin to ask for His Healing power to touch my son.

Sid: Tell me about the song we’re going to play right now “I’m Not Ashamed?”

Ricardo:  Well, it was kind of one of those moments, I has in Phoenix, Arizona at a concert my record label at the time had gotten us phenomenal seats to sit in about the tenth row.  As the artist is playing and singing there’s a young woman probably 23-24 years old dancing lifting her hands in the air and as a Pentecostal Worship Leader who believes in the Full Gospel I could obviously see she was speaking in tongues, lifting her hands praying in the Spirit.  Well there was a couple behind her that were mocking her, making fun of the way that she worshiped laughing mimicking her, mimicking her in mockery.  And what grabbed my heart as a Worship Leader is I saw this daughter of the woman that was worshiping just so enamored it was almost like her mother was teaching her how to worship.  And I thought “What an attack upon this young girl and her mother in a beautiful moment.”  And right when I was about to say something to this group of people who are making fun of that…you know my father’s a Retired Command Sargent Major in the United States Army and so right when my father’s voice was about to out of me to correct these people my wife nudged me, and the Spirit of God nudged my spirit at the exact same time God spoke to me.  And sometimes my wife and the Spirit of God are the exact same person to be quite honest.  But it was in that moment that God said “These people have no idea of what’s like to be fully dependent upon me for rent, for food, for sustaining life.  This woman is unashamed and could careless who’s watching her worship me.  And I remember going home that evening picking up my guitar and writing “I gonna Dance for You like nobody’s watching me.”

Sid: “I Am Not Ashamed” by Ricardo Sanchez.

Worship excerpt “I Am Not Ashamed”

Sid: Because Ricardo Sanchez was not ashamed God began to move from a 1% chance of survival his son.  I mean he had these pictures of his son being in a wheelchair his whole life, his son having a breathing tube coming out of his neck, a breathing machine.  But he had a breakthrough and I believe that the breakthrough that God has for you is…did you feel the anointing, the presence as Ricardo preaches and teaches about this.  And the presence of God on his music, that’s an anointing and that anointing will remove the limits God has.  I don’t care what problem you have, but as you listen to his CD “It’s Not Over,” and this book, and his teaching CD the anointing is going to cause the same breakthrough that occurred for Ricardo’s son that you’re about ready to hear in your life.  I don’t care whether it’s marriage, I don’t care whether it’s finances, I don’t care whether it’s health, I don’t care whether it’s a flat spirit of depression; I tell you it’s not over.”

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Our Guest Sharon Allen

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Sid: My guest is another Jewish woman that is red hot for the Messiah. She’s been red for God most of her life. She was raised in an observant Jewish home in New York City. Sharon Allen does that mean you followed the festivals, you kept Shabbat, you kept kosher, what was your family life like?

Sharon: Well we kept the commandments from the Torah, Biblical commandments, but we also kept the rabbinical commandments. Those were the commandments that the rabbis added to the original 613 positive and negative commandments, to try and protect the original commandments. So they added rabbinical commandments that we followed.

Sid: Now what did Judaism mean to you growing up?

Sharon: Well for me it meant following God’s ways, and by following God’s ways we were showing our love and devotion to God. So we followed His commandments and for me Judaism was the truth. It was the only way to relate to the one true God.

Sid: Okay, you did what a nice Jewish girl should do; you married a nice Jewish man; you had a child and it did not work out too well. What happened?

Sharon: That’s right, we were married in the Orthodox tradition. Then a few years later we did get a divorce, we had to get a Jewish divorce which is called a Get. Then this Get, this Jewish divorce then enables the couple to remarry other Orthodox Jewish people, once again in an Orthodox ceremony.

Sid: So tell me you get your divorce, you decide to change locations, and you went as far west as you could go. You went to California; you got involved in the real estate business; I mean real estate is booming today, how was it back then?

Sharon: Well it was wonderful. It was in the 1970’s and everybody seemed to be getting their real estate license because there was this huge real estate boom happening. So I got my real estate license and we had moved to the Orange County area. I had brought my parents out to be with me. At the time my real estate license was in a company that was owned by a gentleman by the name of Ron Allen, who would later become my husband. When I first met Ron we got to know each other. Of course, everybody who meets me knows that I’m Jewish. Of course at the time everyone knew my Jewish ways, and my daughter and I were involved in a synagogue because when you’re an Orthodox Jewish person your life revolves around the synagogue. The only thing that my husband, he wasn’t my husband at the time, but when I first met Ron, the only thing Ron had ever told me was that he was a protestant. He never mentioned church; he never mentioned Christianity; he never mentioned the name Jesus if had I would have run in the other direction. All he ever said was that he was a protestant. Actually business was his religion at the time. He was a very successful businessman. So we started dating, and he became more and more involved in our Jewish ways. In fact, every time he would see my parents my mother would say, “Oh he’s so haymishe,” which means “He’s so comfortable to be with.” Little by little Ron became involved with our family, and with the synagogue.

Sid: So you eventually got married and you became, as you just said with the synagogue. What kind of synagogue was it?

Sharon: We were involved with Chabad of Irvine Jewish Center, Lubavitch; Orthodox.

Sid: For those that don’t know about the Lubavitch, or Chabad, tell us a little about it.

Sharon: Chabad Synagogues observe the Torah very strictly, and rabbinical law very strictly. Even those who are not raised in such a strict manner somehow or other, many of the families who maybe are not so familiar with Orthodox ways they want to join a Chabad Synagogue because it’s a way that they feel comfortable. Maybe they’re not observing all the Yiddish kite, which are Jewish lies, but by being in an Orthodox Synagogue they feel like they’re linking up to the One true God. That is why in the Chabad of today we have a modern Chabad attitude. Where we’re very open to all Jewish families in the community.

Sid: So Ron, your husband, is haymishe, but he’s not Jewish. So obviously you make plans for his conversion. How did that go?

Sharon: Well you know it was interesting because when I married Ron he actually adopted Alisa, my daughter Alisa. In the adoption papers it actually stated that he would raise Alisa Jewish. So we are living Jewish life, and it did become very obvious to everyone including Ron, that he’s ready what is called to have a Kosher conversion, which is considered an Orthodox conversion. So at this particular time it was this particular morning, and I just in a very nonchalant voice said “Well you know Ron there are basically 3 ceremonies that you’ll be doing to actually have this Kosher conversion, Orthodox conversion.” We wanted and Orthodox conversion as opposed to Reformed or Conservative conversion because when it’s an Orthodox conversion it’s excepted in all the countries and it’s especially accepted in Israel. So at the time we felt that the Kosher conversion, the Orthodox conversion, is the only way to go. So the first ceremony when a person wants to be converted to Judaism is a mikvah. They are water immersed into a mikvah, which is similar to a baptism, but the water immersion into a mikvah is for purification and identification with the Jewish people, and of course Ron was fine with that. Then the second ceremony, this is for a man who wants to be converted to Judaism. The second ceremony would be circumcision. In the case of my husband was already circumcised as a baby, and for all men who want to have an Orthodox conversion who have already been circumcised, like my husband when they were babies. What the rabbis do is they just draw a little bit of blood, and it’s symbolic. Ron was fine with that because it’s Biblical. Then the next ceremony that I explained to Ron would be that he would appear before a Bet Din, a council of rabbis, a rabbinical court. He would appear before this Bet Din, and he would renounce whatever he believed in before. Now I am not sure if this is necessary for a Reformed conversion, or a Conservative conversion, but it is very important to do this for an Orthodox conversion. In a very matter of fact way I said to my husband “Well I guess because you know you said you were Protestant I guess you’ll renounce That Man.” Because Orthodox people, we don’t say the name of Jesus, we say “That Man.” So I said to Ron, “I guess you’ll renounce That Man.” He looked at me and he said “I don’t think I can do that.” I was shocked! I said “What do you mean you can’t do that?!” I mean it was a horror for me because here we are we’re living a Jewish life, our daughter is going to Hebrew Academy. I mean there are Jewish fathers who don’t send their children to Yeshiva. Our daughter is going to Yeshiva; our home is used for Jewish outreach. In other words, when the synagogue wanted to bring in the Jewish families from the community who may not be involved in a synagogue, we would open our home. We would have different activities. One was like a flower arranging show, and we had it for the ladies. I was driving the…

Sid: Sharon, if he is not going to renounce as you say “That Man,” as I’ll say “Jesus,” so what’s going to happen with this conversion he can’t convert?

Sharon: Well I was in shock! I ran into Alisa’s room; I said “You’re not going to believe this your father says he can’t renounce ‘That Man.’” Then in a moment I had a thought I’ll just go and read my Jewish Bible. I figured it wouldn’t take long, I’d begin to read page 1, I’d read a couple…

Sid: I’ll tell you what hold that thought.

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Our Guest David Brennan

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Sid: My guest Dave Brennan and he has revelation from the Book of Zechariah that I’ve never heard people talk about. Zechariah talks about a quartet of four nations that work in tremendous unity. He wrote two books on this subject “The Israel Omen” and “The Israel Omen II.” And in his first book you sound like a fairly cautious guy Dave but you took a leap of faith and you made some predictions based on what you’ve seen happen in the past if reference to coming against Israel.  And you know it’s amazing what you said there that came true; tell us another one.

David: Yeah what is that we look for a major policy shift against Israel and that seems to trigger some type of historical calamity. We actually receive that, that’s what was indicated in the middle part of 2009 as Obama’s administration was just getting going.  And it was pointed out that if this happens then this is what we need to look for.  And it happened on May 19th 2011.  The President came out in a speech that was described as being very strongly Pro-Palestinian to the point where he was asking Israel to go back to the pre-1967 borders which by previous presidents viewed as something you would never ask Israel to do.  He also indicated that he didn’t want the Palestinian state, that would be created to be severed in two he wanted it to be one continuous land mass. Well the problem with that is that Israel gets in the way.  So it means that Israel would have to be bisected. It was such a strong shift against Israel and US policy that the Washington Post indicated it as such, Democratic Senate leader Harry Reed did, Alan Dershowitz a Harvard Law Professor did as well.

Sid: These are the closest Obama team you can speak of all came against Obama saying that.

David: Yes, so it qualified as what we would be looking for Sid that should produce the historically significant calamity associated with it. So let’s see what happened here.  We know the speech came out on May 19th, however we know that that isn’t the day that he came up with the policy.  Some weeks earlier the administration obviously came up with the policy and the May 19th speech was the result of it.  So we can actually track down when he came up with that policy be looking at the actions of his Middle East point man George Mitchell.  Mitchell tendered his resignation letter which was announced about one week before the President’s big speech. It was highly unusual because to have your point man for the Middle East resign just prior to you giving a big speech is not something the administration could have been too happy about.  But Mitchell resigned just the same before the President’s big speech indicating in strong diplomatic terms “I disagree strongly with this policy.” But the New York Times reported that his letter was written on April 6th. Well since we know how strongly he felt against the policy we can infer that once the policy was decided upon it was probably not more than a day or two that he tendered his letter of resignation.  That brings us to April 4th or 5th and what happened would be began happening on April 4th 2011 is what is described as the worst tornado rampage in world history, not just U.S., but world history as well as flooding only comparable to 1927.  So tragically it included the monster tornado that struck Joplin, Missouri; I was in that area of the country back in July and it just incredible what that tornado produced there.  In addition it was now the record was broken by hundreds of tornadoes; I believe it was 892 tornadoes were accounted for over a period of about one month.  And it all began on April 4th which coincidentally appears to mark the best date we can narrow down to when the new policy was started.  You can also look back and see in the state of Alabama that they were just ravaged by tornadoes.  I know in Louisiana the flooding that we experienced caused what we call the spillway to be open which caused people to have to move out of the spillway to let the water go in there.  It just impacted a lot of people.

Sid: You know with the current anti-Israel administration in, I can understand why the majority of the Jewish people voted for President Obama the first election, but it defies reason why the majority of the Jewish people in the United States of America voted for him a second time when he is so anti-Israel and the administration is so anti-Israel.  It kind of reminds me to a parallel of Adolf Hitler when the Jewish people were blinded to even him until he started doing things.  Do you see that?                                               

David: I think it’s a state of disbelief; there’s a lack of the ability to wrap one’s mind around certain concepts because they’re too unpleasant.  And I think in this case you know I’m not sure that Jewish people realize just how dangerous the situation is growing for Israel by the day in the Middle East.  You know you’ve got regimes being toppled for example the Muslim Brotherhood took over in Egypt good-gosh really I mean how dangerous is that.

Sid: But they keep having visits to the White House, they are friends of the Administration.

David: It blows you away because they will never be a friend of the United States or Israel.

Sid: For those that don’t really know the Muslim Brotherhood tell me what their objective is.

David: Their objective is the destruction of Israel, complete eradication of the Jews from the land and to take back Al-Quds they call it, which is Jerusalem.  The leader of the Muslim Brotherhood who is so cozied up with Obama Administration was in the United States worshiping and they were able to read his lips as he came in agreement with the cleric who was speaking about desiring the annihilation of the Jews in Israel.  So there’s no doubt that they’re not a friend of the United States, there not a friend of Israel and we shouldn’t be cozying up to them but for some strange reason the United States is under President Obama.

Sid: Well, tell me about some of the next things you see happening based on having reported what would happen in your first book and it did happen. What are some of the new things you see happening.                           

David: You know I talk about the, what I call three common denominators to all of these historically significant disasters, when we look at each one of them they do in fact have three common denominators.  If you look at the first effort which was the Madrid Peace Process in 1991 the whole concept behind that was if we can just get Israel to give away land it’s going to result in peace.  So the word “peace” is established in that.  The round 6 of Madrid produced a move toward that ultimately lead to the Oslo Peace Accord the whole concept was peace.  Every single effort is in the name of peace and it’s important here to distinguish between real peace and the facade of peace.  So we have that one denominator that’s common to every one of these 13 calamities that we’ve looked at the word peace.  The other most obvious word associated with all of them is “destruction.”  You know the destruction of what we’re looking at is historical in each and every one.  We’re not looking at any run of the mill type of calamities but we’re looking at historical, we’re looking at the Perfect Storm. Wow was that an odd storm when you study about it once in a hundred years.  Hurricane Andrew good gosh I was in Florida at the time they asked anyone going south to bring water to the poor people.  The great flood in 19…

Sid: All of these occurred within hours of coming against Israel and these are some of the worst calamities to ever hit in the history of America!

David: And you just hit the nail on the head for the third one, not only do we have the word peace associated with all of these but also the word destruction which we just looked at, but you just said the third one, it was “sudden destruction.”  It happened immediately and usually it happened to the day that the effort was being launched at worst, it began the week of it. I don’t know if anyone’s ever calculated the odds of this but it would have to be astronomical.  Now this is the thing, if the Lord wants believer’s to see a sign that will be missed by the world; in other words those of us who are being watchful and sober concerning the times that we live in, then we seem to have three recurring themes since 1991 playing like a broken record.   Peace, then sudden destruction, peace then sudden destruction, playing over and over again.  So perhaps we need to take a look and step back and say “Hey there must be a message here,” and in fact when you consider that particular phrase there is.  If you go to 1st Thessalonians chapter 5 we told “When they say peace and safety then sudden destruction comes upon them and they shall not escape.”  Well, it’s a pretty dire warning but it’s exactly representative of what we’ve been seeing.

Sid: So in affect that scripture that most Christians are familiar with is we’re getting previews of it and we’re being shown exactly what ingredients that are necessary for it to happen.  We’re out of time but I’m going to tell you this is fascinating this is new revelation from scripture.

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