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Our Guest Eddie Rogers

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Sid: ...Where we are just so filled with the Spirit of God it’s as if we we’re walking in an open heaven 24-7.  And that’s the book that I’m featuring this week by Eddie Rogers, I have him on the telephone from his home in Bremen, Georgia.  The name of the book is “Supernatural” subtitle is “Living under an Open Heaven.”  And for those that feel stuck, feel like they’re not going backwards, but they’re really not going forwards. And that’s deception by the way, if you you’re not going forwards the kingdom of God is always advancing.  If you are not going forwards you’re going backwards, you’re just deceived, you don’t know.  And if you want to stop going backwards…Now Eddie, I just talked to you yesterday about after revival hit and God began dealing with you, you began going to foreign countries and seeing miracles, everything you read in the Bible you saw in these foreign countries.  Then you started being, getting involved with the food bank in Western Georgia and you began seeing those same miracles occur.  For instance on yesterday’s broadcast we talked about someone that was deaf getting their hearing back, but how about the person with the missing ear drum?

Eddie:  Yeah, that was an exciting one, I’m glad that you reminded me of that.  This was on an afternoon session in which lead from one miracle even to even a greater miracle I would say.  We always like to close our meeting, my portion of it by praying for people that the Lord would highlight or through a word of knowledge or something along that line to prove to them that you know Jesus really genuinely loves them and He will minister to them.  And I think what is so exciting to me about this Sid is that you know we’re not, we’re not doing crusades in third world while we do that this is not where the miracles are happening.  It’s happening every day, there happening in Wal-Mart, they are happening in food banks and this is the Kingdom of God which you were just relating to a while ago, this is what the Kingdom of God is about, living under an open heaven.  And that afternoon session, I called a lady up and I said, “Let’s pray for somebody that is deaf in one ear.”  And I said, “And you’re deaf in your left ear, come forward.”  And this lady come forward, and I said “Are you deaf in your left ear?”  She said, “Yeah, I don’t even have an eardrum it was removed when I was a child.”  And so I turned to the rest of the crowd and I said, “Okay, if God heals her ear than this is proof that Jesus can heal, and if He will heal her, He will heal you and He will meet your needs.  All he is looking for is an opportunity, this is not something that I can fake, I can’t talk her into hearing, we can’t make it happen on our own it would have to be a demonstration of power.”  So as we prayed for the lady it popped, she said, “Something popped in her ear.”  She plugged up her other ear and was able to hear out of it, she testified, she said, “I can hear, I’m hearing out of that ear, I know that’s impossible, but I’m hearing.”  And it caused quite a stir, and do you want me to go into the story after this?

Sid:  I do!  Anytime a dead person comes back to life I want you to go into that story.

Eddie:  Yeah, I hadn’t noticed but right on the very front row, now I’m a former EMT, I was a Fire Fighter and Emergency Medical Technician for sixteen years so I do know a little bit about emergency services and things that are related to that.  There was also a nurse that was in the meeting that afternoon as well and the nurse was actually the person that got my attention.  As soon as the lady that had been healed of the hearing sat down, she went running over to a lady that was right in front of me and she said, “Are you okay, are you okay?”  And I knelt down in front of her to look at her and she was passing out.  Well, I’m not going to be stupid and I just told the people I said “Call 911 and get the emergency services on their way,” because that’s what we have to do, we have to follow a protocol.  But in the course of that we were looking for her pulse, we were looking for her breathing, and the woman died.  I had no pulse, we had no respiration, just what we call a cystoly that the nurse and I both looked at each other and we knew that this woman had just died.  And we again, I was calling for some people to come forward and remove her from the auditorium and take her to the front where when the emergency personal could arrive she could be right there.  And again it is probably two minutes had transpired, there had been no breath, a still feeling of her chlorated artery there was no heart rate and no breathing.  Before the guys picked up her chair and carried her out, I put my hand on her chest and I just said, “In the name of Jesus,” and when I said that, she took a deep breath and she came back.  And her eyes, rolled out of her head, you know into a visible view and the nurse looked at me and said very confidently, “She just came back from somewhere.”  And I said, “Yeah, I know that she did,”  Well she was carried to the hospital, two days later I went to the hospital to visit her in her room, she had her children with her.  She wanted to talk with me, but she didn’t want to talk in front of the children.  So two weeks after that, I met with her and I said, “You tell me what transpired that day, what happened to you?”  And she was very emotional and very choked up with tears as you could imagine, but she said, “I died,” and I said, “You know you died, and she said, “I just know, I died, I left my body, I died.”  And I said, “What happened then?”  And she said, “You put your hand on me and you said, Jesus and when you said, Jesus I came back into my body.”  So you know I know from a medical standpoint, legally they have to be pronounced dead by a doctor, and I know for many people that would not qualify somebody being raised from a dead.  But when you have woman yourself saying that she was standing out of the side of her body watching this transpire, I’m going to go with her testimony, that she was dead and brought back to life.  So that was pretty cool.

Sid:  That is, but there’s another gift that you operate under that really, really intrigues me it’s called the gift of discerning of spirits.  Briefly what is the gift of the discerning of spirits?

Eddie:  Well let’s start by what it’s not, it’s not a suspicion and it’s not discernment.  We can have a discernment.  The discerning of spirits is the ability by the Holy Spirit to recognize what spirit is actually operating in a person or if no spirit.  I mean whether it would be the Holy Spirit, whether it be another entity demonic or it be the flesh.  It is a gift of the Spirit that tells us what is operating in somebody else or what we’re up against.

Sid:  And when did this gift come up you?  When did it start?

Eddie:  They all started in greater revelatory capacity at the time that we were prayed for there at Jekyll Island and the angel appeared to us over our head and poured that holy oil or honey or whatever it was on our head.

Sid:  So give me an example of a real experience where the gift was activated and what occurred.

Eddie:  I was in a meeting in Memphis, Tennessee and the pastor of a church told us that there was a Satanist, a warlock that had come to the meeting that night to disrupt the service.  As I went into the meeting a friend of mine was doing the speaking that night we were alternating speaking.  And this young man came to the front of the church, he was dressed in black, he had on black eyeliner, his hair was died black, he had all of the makeup of looking as though that he were a Satanist.  He told the people that he was a Satanist, everybody believed him, I stood in front of him and when I prayed for him the power of God hit him and he fell to the ground, when I knelt over to minister to him thinking we’re going to eject some demons here, the Spirit of God spoke to me and said, he’s clean, he’s just needing attention.  And so that was a discerning of spirit that this was somebody in great need looking for attention rather than truly being possessed.  Now that doesn’t mean that he could not have become possessed because he certainly was setting himself up for that, but had we just went by what we’d seen in the natural we would have been running after something that was not even there.  But as a result of the Spirit of God telling us that he just needs attention we were able to lead into a prayer of salvation and he was saved and his countenance changed.  And that is a good example of knowing when and how the Holy Spirit works when it’s of the Spirit, when it’s of the flesh or when it’s truly demonic.

Sid:  Another thing that intrigues me immensely when you were obedient to God and you moved and you went to the place where God wanted you to move, tell me about the time that you were at the piano, what happened?

Eddie:  It was on a Sunday afternoon, some friends were gathered in our house, maybe ten or twelve people and we were just getting, we’d been here about maybe a month, three or four weeks, maybe up to a month.  And we were just going to do some worship with some friends and just enjoy just the presence of the Lord.  As I was getting ready to play, one of the people in the room that was with us said, she yelled out, she said “There’s a huge angel standing next to the keyboard.”  And about that time the power of God swept into the room and people were just laid out under the power incoherently inebriated, intoxicated in the presence of the Holy Spirit.  Some were weeping, some had joy, but it was just a manifestation of the Spirit of God, we were literally living under an open heaven.  That the very day after that we moved in, we moved in on a hot July day and next morning I was the first one up out of the house, I fixed me a coffee, I stepped out on the porch, while others were still asleep, climbing over boxes.  And I sat down on the porch and all I said was I said, “Let the heavens be open,” because I knew I had obeyed God explicitly; and when I said that “There was a whooshing sound that came through the trees, every hair on my head stood up, even as it is now as I’m recalling that moment on the porch; and the heavens became opened that very moment because we had explicitly obeyed Him in every instance.  And it was verified audibly, we heard, we saw, we heard the wind and we felt the tangible presence of God.  And Sid literally we have angels that live with us that not only that I see, but that my wife sees from time to time but even my daughter and even my grandson.

Sid:  And even as you take pictures, they show up as light, do you have many photographs like that?

Eddie:  We have many photo graphs of what we call orbs.  And orb is just a…

Sid Roth:  Ops, our time is just escaping.

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Our Guest Steve Solomon

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Sid:  My guest is red hot for the Messiah; I’m speaking to him at his home in Fort Worth, Texas; Steve Solomon.  Steve is another Jewish man that can’t keep quiet about Yeshua.  Steve, you’re a Pastor of a church and an amazing phenomenon started happening in the year 2005 in your church.  Oil in the sanctuary, as a matter of fact CBS came out to do an excerpt this.  Tell the circumstances.

Steve:  It was just before July 4th we had some extended meetings started Sid, you know Liberty meetings, Freedom in the Spirit meetings that kind of thing and with Independence Day.  And a few days before July 4th my secretary called me at the house.  On Tuesdays we have feed the multitudes where we give away free groceries to the hundreds of families in the area every Tuesday.  So intercessors would pray in the sanctuary before that food ministry.  Well, they were praying in the sanctuary and they wanted to pray for me the Pastor so they were looking for some oil.  So one lady said to other lady, “Find some oil.”  So they were looking for like a bottle of oil in the church that we have.  And the other lady yelled out, “I found some oil.”  And on the columns of the church the decorative columns in the pillars there was oil starting to seep out of the columns.  And the more they looked the more oil they found, it was like on the banisters, it was like on the balcony, it was a Plexiglas eighteen inch like decorative piece on the top of the …

Sid:  “Is there any natural explanation?”

Steve:  No, no.  They called me and they said, “Pastor Steve there is oil in the sanctuary.”  And my first thought was that something had broke and was linking oil, and I thought “Oh great something else to fix.”  And then they said, “No, no, no it’s supernaturally appearing, it’s sweet, it’s clear and it’s appearing all over the church.”  So we went to the church and Sid, it was everywhere in the sanctuary, on my pulpit, just on the base of Star of David, the Israeli flag, it was there.  I mean it was just like appearing, and so we started these meetings we had this extended meetings.  And then what happened is then we prayed for people people would get oil on their hands or else oil on their feet.  And oil would drip on them from out of nowhere miracles took place.  We always had a healing ministry and miracle ministry, but it was acceleration.  A guy walked in one night blind in one eye and could hardly walk and he was instantly healed and his knees were instantly healed.  Another kid jumped off a roof trying to jump into a swimming pool and broke both of his feet and the Lord healed his feet and there was oil on his feet and he got healed.  People healed from cancer, people started taking pictures of the oil, this is how CBS’s the local affiliate got involved and it got broadcast to different stations across the country.  People stated taking pictures of the oil and when we took pictures of it Sid you would see these white balls of light in the pictures.

Sid:  We call them orbs.

Steve:  Yeah, orbs.

Sid:  Which are to me are angels.

Steve:  And the most phenomenal thing happened.  On July 17, 2005; it was a Sunday morning service; just after praise and worship.  And I’ll tell you the Lord comes down when we worship Him, He inhabits the praises of His people and it’s phenomenal what happens and still happens.  And this was when the song that came about in a minute I’ll tell you about.  But on Sunday morning July 17th just after praise and worship we blew a power transformer outside the Church and the power went out.  For the next two hours the Church stayed cool like a refrigerator, we only had one light that they brought in with an extension cord.  But a man had a video camera taping the service.  And the little video camera, as I’m praying for people you can see these orbs of light start moving like a strobe light show all throughout the Church, it’s phenomenal.

Sid:  On the video itself?

Steve:  On the video, they’re moving.

Sid:  Well, you know it’s kind of all these normal things assuming you regard the New Testament as normal.  All these normal things are going on in your Church tell me, because I’m fascinated by this CD that a member of your congregation sent me, Riverwalk DNA.  We’re going to play an excerpt called, “Say Yes.”  Tell me about that song.

Steve:  This song was written by one of the members of the church during this time, this summer when the oil was being poured out.  And it says “Father, Son and Holy Spirit send Your angels, pour Your oil.”  In other words, when God sends something, when God shows up and He showed up in a tremendous way I believe He was consecrating us separating us anointing us for a specific task as a Church Body for the future.  And the inspiration came for this song and when people hear it, “Father, Son and Holy Spirit send Your angel, pour Your oil upon us.”  It has phenomenal results and countless people Sid had been touched by worshipping Him during this song.

Sid:  Okay, why don’t you consider yourself challenged?  Why don’t you pull off to the side of the road, if you’re driving or take what Steve said seriously?  What would happen if everyone listening to us right now Steve were to take the time, just this next minute or so to worship God?  Do it right now, “Say Yes” excerpt from “Riverwalk.”

“Say Yes” excerpt from “Riverwalk.”

Sid:  That’s one of my favorite songs, now I can’t say that, there are so many of my favorite songs on this Riverwalk DNA.  Steve there is a, just a happiness is the best way I can describe it a supernatural joy on some of this music, some of it so outrageous.    I had a prayer meeting and no one was participating so I said, “Okay, I’m going to get you in the mood” and I prayed an excerpt from the song that we played on the first day and that really; everyone was tapping their feet.  How do you get such joy in this music?

Steve:  You know, “In the presence of the Lord there’s fullness of joy and pleasures forevermore.”  And God wants us, I remember when starting the Church, the Lord said, “Get the music in their face.”  I said, “Lord we’re not going to do without great music, just anointed music.”  People come in Sid, and I’m sensing right now, since playing this song, “Say Yes” and us talking about it, everybody has problems, everybody has situations.  And the Bible says in Isaiah 61 “The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me because the Lord has anointed me to preach good tidings, good news unto the meek.”  And going down to verse 3 “To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning; the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness.”  Sid, when people come into the church one of the biggest testimonies I love to have them say, “Oh Pastor Steve, your teaching, your preaching, you ministry set me free is you’re so wonderful.”  But most of the people say, “When I walked in, something hit me.”  And I believe that same thing which is the Spirit of God.  Because listen, if we worship Him, listen “If we lift Him up He’ll draw all men unto Himself.”  And I believe Sid as you and I are talking, I sense a tangible anointing for the oil of joy to set people free.  David said, “I shall be anointed with fresh oil.”  And I just want to pray right now in Jesus name, there are people that are bound with heaviness, you’ve just gone through a divorce, you’ve buried a love one, you’ve lost a job, you didn’t get what you thought you were going to get when you prayed for it, something thing, it didn’t turn out your way.  But “We know that all things work together for good to them that love God who are the called the elect according to His purpose,” God’s purpose and His pleasure.  “Father, we pray right now in the name of Jesus the oil of joy, that deliverance, I sense people being healed right now, people being encouraged right now, people who wanted to take their own life.”  In the name of the Lord Jesus, “You shall live and not die.”  And “I thank you Father for healing cancers, for setting people free from all manner of incurable situations, right now in Jesus name as Sid and I are worshipping You.”  Brother, Jesus is so wonderful and when we lift Him up and that’s the testimony that we hear all the time, that when people walk in the Church during Praise and Worship, first time visitors, it hits them in the face.  And all I want is Jesus, all I really want is Him and to say yes to Him Sid and that’s all we need, the Son of God.  Either He’s sufficient for us or He’s not, either He is my portion or inheritance or He’s not.  Either He’s all that I need, the Messiah and Son of God or He isn’t Sid, and that’s where I believe God is bringing His precious chosen people, Jew and Gentile.  He’s taken everything, removing every earthly crutch so that He alone is sufficient for everything in our life.

Sid:  Why do you call your CD “Riverwalk DNA?”

Steve:  Well, DNA is the code of life to every human being, and we are praying about a name and this artist, you see the cover of this CD?

Sid Roth:  Yeah, it’s beautiful.

Steve:  This guy who’s a prophetic artist he just happened to be in town and heard about our church, and he wanted to come by.  And he drew this prophetically during the worship service during the Praise and Worship, he drew this ladder, one of the songs is “Jacobs Ladder” I’m in Jacob’s dream scene seeing heaven’s gate, let me climb all night on my ladder of faith.  Alright, he draw’s this ladder and it looks like DNA and it looks like DNA to me.  And he said it was DNA and I knew right away when the code of our spiritual life is the Son of God; the ladder, Jacob’s ladder, the Messiah.

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Our Guest Grace Williams

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Sid:  We want everyone everywhere to be breathing in the oxygen of heaven.  And you know how you breathe in the oxygen of heaven?  By worshiping God, I’m reminded of a businessman that I knew many years ago.  He had five mega million dollar businesses and he would get up every morning and he would worship God.  He would tell God how much he loved him, how grateful he was that he knew Him.  He would just worship every aspect of God, and the more he worshipped the more he could breathe in the oxygen of heaven and the more that he could breathe in the oxygen of heaven the more Godly ideas he had to be a successful business man to acquire wealth for the Kingdom’s sake.  Now my guest Grace Williams has been a guest several times on the Messianic Vision and I usually don’t interview someone again, but she did it again.  She came out with CD’s and you know Grace it talks in scripture that we’re to go from glory to glory and that’s what’s going on.

Grace:  Yes.

Sid:  Your not I believe if people are standing still they’re going backwards and they don’t even know it.

Grace:  Yes, yes, yes amen.  Sid we’re called to go from glory to glory you know in heaven’s realm that’s, that’s where we should be living and just in that constant flow of acceleration in God’s glory where there’s just incredible movement and momentum in the Spirit.  And I really feel like that’s the season that we are in right now in that just as this new CD is even called “Overflow.”  We are just entering into a season of the overflow of His presence, of His glory, of His abundance and that just beautiful place, that beautiful place of overflow where it’s just overflowing with God’s goodness and joy.  And everything that He has we are entering into that season where we are going to be able to access that.

Sid:  Now you, one of your songs which I love, I have a problem Mishpochah normally there are five great songs and then the others are okay.  But my problem is we love all of the songs on this CD.  Now one that we are not going to play it’s called “River” and you talk about the need for the river, the need for the water because we are literally dehydrated and we don’t know it.  You know when you, if you don’t drink enough water by the time you’re thirsty you’re already dehydrated it’s too late.

Grace:  That’s right, that’s right that’s why it’s so important that we keep hydrated like you said Sid, we keep hydrated in the Spirit and in that presence of worship.  And the Lord actually spoke to me about that song, “The River” and said “That it would be like spiritual CPR to people.  It would literally bring people back to life; it would bring the hopeless back to life; it would just bring people out of desert places.  You know when you think of the desert and it’s a dry, just really, really dry and desolate place that this song was just going to bring water to the desert places and people would receive the refreshing of His Spirit and be hydrated by the living waters.  Because one of my favorite scriptures it says, “When we drink from that fountain that we will never thirst again,” when Jesus said that.  And that is just so incredible that these waters have sustaining life in them, you know it’s His sustained, it’s His presence that sustains us.  And just exactly like you said, you know our physical body when we get to that point of dehydration it’s already too late and we can’t even go for more than three days without water in our physical body.  That’s not very long, so how much more, you know do we need the refreshing, renewing presence of the Holy Spirit to just wash over us and refresh us, to fill us to overflowing.

Sid:  And speaking of overflow, that’s the name of one of two CD’s we’re featuring this week.  One is called “Overflow,” the other is called “Heaven’s Rain.  And I have to tell you about the first song that I heard on your CD that caused me to realize that this is better than what she did before.  We’ve got to get her back it was called, “Open up the Gates.”  Because I’ve had prophetic words about ancient doors in Israel that are about ready to open up.  But what did God show you and it’s from a scripture for you to write, “Open up the Gates?”

Grace:  Well, kind of taken from Psalms 24 you know it talks about “Oh lift up your heads oh ye gates be lifted up you everlasting doors, let the King of Glory come in.”  And I really felt like the song was just a prophetic declaration that was releasing the glory flood gates to open us and to say. “Yes come on in King of Glory, cover the earth.”  You know that scripture that says, “May His Glory cover the earth like the waters cover the sea.”  And you know those gates are a powerful, powerful visual image that I really, I really see and there were times when I was working on this song and I would be in prayer and intercession and the Lord showed me these ancient, ancient gates and it was almost like through our prayers and our intercession and our worship we were standing at these gates and we contending and almost like praying and sometimes there’s a warfare to breakthrough to open up these gates.  But through God’s power and glory and through our worshipping and our decreeing, open up, open, open up gates that these gates are opening up and King of Glory is coming in.  And there’s such a mighty, mighty flow, a mighty, mighty flow.  I’m just feeling even right now, right now that the Lord’s just saying that these places that have been locked, these places that have been locked up that God said that He’s given us keys.  Just as the key of David is through worshipping, He’s given us keys to open up these gates and let the King of Glory come in and release everything that God’s promised to us.  Everything, every promise, every promise God says is going to be given to us in the name of Jesus.

Sid:  Now you had a supernatural sign when you were doing, when you were ministering this song.  First of all, a woman who had a lump in her breast, she got healed.  But then as you were leaving the church you saw something on the double doors as they opened, explain.

Grace:  Yes it was, it was an amazing evening, actually it’s where this song was first birth like prophetically birthed in the Spirit.  And I basically just kept seeing that one part, open up, open up, open up the gates and that’s how this song, the first part of it came.  And I was ministering that and that lady got healed and then we were leaving the building and we went out the doors and there was like this white smoke, it’s like this glory cloud that was swishing around at the doors and it was like everybody stopped and looked.  And it was like oh my goodness that was like the glory of the Lord and nobody could move and we just kind of started just like praying and worshipping again and thanking God.  It was like everybody knew there was like something like really, really powerful that was happening you know.  It was like it was a visible sign of like yes this conformation of the gates opening up and the glory of the Lord filling filling the Temple.

Sid Roth:  I’m going to believe that the gates are going to open up for those that are listening right now, Grace minister “Open up the Gates.”

Grace worship excerpt: “Open up the Gates.”

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