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Sid Roth welcomes Delores Winder

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Sid: My guest is red hot for the Messiah; you must be on the edge of your seat wanting to find out the rest of this story, you see Delores Winder was a strong strong Bible believing Christian but she believe miracles had ceased.  But she had her youngest son who was, she didn’t want to die until she knew that he’d be taken care of, you see she had a disease in which all of her bones were deteriorating and she was in such unbearable pain.  And they only do this for people that are terminal; they gave her two operations in which they burned out the nerve centers in her brain so that she would not experience pain.  It’s not a reversible operation; they only do it if they know that you’re going to die.  And her body organs started closing down and she reached a point where they sent her home to die.  But there was a woman that she was told about and of course she had heard of this woman, and she thought that she was a big fake, Kathryn Kulman because she would see these miracles and she would see people falling over in the Spirit and she just couldn’t stand it.  But she had the distinct impression that if she went to this meeting, not to be healed, but she would find out what to do with her youngest son, Chris and how he’d be taken care of.  She literally said to God, she had the chutzpa; she had the nerve to say to God, “I’m not leaving this earth until I know my son is going to be taken care of.”  So she went to the Kathryn Kulman meeting.  They carried her out of the car, took her in, she couldn’t stand what she was seeing, so she literally closed her eyes, but the Holy Spirit started talking to her and explaining, in fact you had a vision Delores Winder of what would happen to your son.  Because the Holy Spirit would be with him where he would go, after you had that vision did that bring you comfort?

Delores: Oh, the peace was so great and I knew I could go home and it wasn’t only for Chris, but for Bill also and that they would be at peace.

Sid: Even though you had that peace you were wrestling with a headache too.

Delores: Oh, I had a horrible headache, yes.  But that didn’t bother me because I knew I had my answer for Chris.

Sid: But all of a sudden your legs start there like on fire.

Delores: Yes, and as Dale prepared me to get me out of there my legs were burning and I also knew somebody else existed that night, satan the devil spoke to me and said, “Aren’t you glad you only wear your cast one hour a day now?”  Because I only needed it on when I was up and I would sit up for an hour a day with Bill and Chris and I agreed with that voice.  And I thought “Oh, I can’t wait to get the cast off.”  Because that voice said, “That bone that is sticking out, see he makes it very logical, the bone that is sticking out is putting pressure and that cast is putting pressure on that bone and it’s making your legs burn and it was almost unbearable.”  And just as I was ready for Dale to pick me a man was down by my chair and he said to me, “Something’s happening to you.”  And I said “My legs are on fire.”  And he said, “Would you walk with me, and I said “Get me out of here.”  And he helped me up and realized I couldn’t walk and he said, “How can I help you?”  And I said, “Put one arm around me and take my other arm and with my cane I can shuffle.”  And we started out and he said to me “Have you ever had any surgery?”  Well, anyone in my condition you would almost know they had surgery and I said to him, “I have had four spinal fusions and two percutaneous cordotomies.”  Now, nobody knew what percutaneous cordotomies were and so they wouldn’t ask any more questions, they would say, “Oh.”

Sid: That’s your way of dismissing this man.

Delores: Yes, and this man turned me to face him and he said, “You’ve had two percutaneous cordotomies and your legs are burning, isn’t that rather strange?”

Sid: Well that’s right you have no feeling in your legs, how could they burn?

Delores: Yeah, and I just looked at him and I thought, “He knows what I’m talking about and nobody ever did” but I wouldn’t respond to him and then he started me walking back out again.  We got to the doors to go out the lobby, and he said, “You don’t know what’s happening to you, but you can take your cast off if you want to.” And my instant reaction was, “Dear God, these people are dangerous, this man telling me I could take my cast off who knew nothing about me.”  And I looked at him, but I saw something in him that I knew that he knew something I didn’t know and he said to me again, “Would you want to take it off?”  And you know Sid, I found out a lot of people don’t want to come out of the illness, but I said to him, “I have been in one of these things for over fifteen years and I’m dying.”  And he shook his head and I knew he knew and I said, “Of course I want to take it off.”  The next thing I knew he had me in the woman’s restroom and I’m leaning against the wall and Dale’s there and she says, “Get her cast off of her and get her out to me.”  But when he walked out that restroom anything that I sensed with him in the present was gone and I’m trying to take my cast off and Dale said, “Delores, this isn’t like you, is something different?”  And I said, “No.”  She said, “This isn’t like you,” and I started fastening the cast back up and that man came back in.  And as soon as he walked through that door I knew, “Get me to him, get me out of this and get me to him.”  And he was a doctor from Johns Hopkins Hospital that the Lord sent in there that day, and he came off platform because he had the word of knowledge of my healing.

Sid: So, he picked you out of how many people were in the audience?

Delores: Three thousand.

Sid: And he walks right up to you?

Delores: Yes.

Sid: Because God sent him off the platform with a Word of Knowledge to walk right up to you.  Okay, so you got this cast off, what happened next?

Delores: Then an usher carried me in and Kathryn was waiting for him and turned and said, “What do you have their doctor?”  And as she said, that was the first I knew that he was a doctor and he said, a spine. She said, “Bring her here immediately.”  And they took me up on platform.  And Sid, I was so in my traditional way, and I thought, “Oh, I’m being put in that side show, and all I could think was, “Well at least nobody here knows me but Dale.”  Kathryn made me give my name and where I lived before I left the platform and later she said to me, “You know why I did that don’t you, pride.”  And they got me up on platform and she said to the doctor, Richard O’Ellen, “Tell the people what’s wrong.”  And he said, “All I know is that she has had four spinal fusions and percutaneous cordotomies and her legs are on fire and that’s not possible.”  And he had two other men on stage hold me up while he went to the mike and they had me in an awkward position and I thought if they let go of me I’m going to fall and I’ll fall flat on my face.  And so I had to push my one foot out to kind of get a balance and she I did it came up off the floor and when it came down I thought, “I feel the floor, no, you can’t feel the floor.”  But again I had to get the other foot out because the right leg went out too far, and I pulled my left leg up and it came off the floor and I felt the floor.  And I said, “I can’t feel the floor.”  But all of a sudden the feeling came in my finger tips, my right side, my arm and hands was also free of any feeling.  And feeling started in my finger tips in my right hand and started coming up and when it got up to my waist, they said I started screaming, “I can feel, I can feel.”  And that didn’t mean anything to her because she had no idea what he was talking about.  And she said to me, “Walk.”  And I told her, I can’t.  And she said again, “Walk.”  And as I started walking they said, “I ran, came back and she said…

Sid: You had to be carried into the meeting, and you ran?

Delores: Yes, yes, and when I got back to where she was she said, “Bend over.”  And all the further the doctors bend me was a very short ways and they couldn’t bend me anymore.  And I started bending over realizing I had no pain, I had feeling and I bent over and she said, “Do it again, and the second time I did it, I touched the floor with my hands and from then on it was very difficult for me because I didn’t really, I was in such a fog by that time.

Sid: Did she pray for you?

Delores: No, no and then she said to me, “Just turn around.”  And I turned around and when I did one of the doctors who were sitting on platform, who did not like any of this at all and thought it was a plant and this was a show, and he said, “He happened to look because just a real hush fell.”  And when it fell, he said, “He looked up and he said he saw my body straightening.”  And he introduced me the next year at the Methodist conference and said, “You know, I saw it happen, no one can say it doesn’t.”  But anyway, she touched me and I went down and when they got me up she said…

Sid: But wait a second, you didn’t believe, you thought that was all fake when people were falling down when she touched them.

Delores: In my world this is what I believed.

Sid: I’ll tell you what, I just hate to do it, but we have to stop right now, but wait until you read the full story…

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Sid Roth welcomes David Herzog

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Sid: My guest David Herzog, I’m speaking to him at his home in Sedona Arizona and David I understand over the last few months a tremendous sign has been occurring.  People with metal plates it’s been disappearing from them body, tell me about that

David: Yeah, it’s amazing I’ll be in the glory in the meeting and God will give me words of knowledge and I’ll see metal turning back to bone or just disappearing and people will come up and we’ve seen this for ten years but it’s like every week now it’s happening.  Metals just disappear, the screws are gone, the plates are gone  We were in London, England last week it happened there, it happened in LA this weekend, it’s just happening non-stop.  I remember Sid, one time…

Sid: By the way, do you know what I’m looking forward to someone has the metal removed and they flew to one of your meetings and when they go back to the metal detector at the airport, it doesn’t go off any more.

David: Wonderful, you know I’m sure it happens I just need to keep up with these guys that get these miracles, but yeah, they are just amazed.  One lady had a straight metal rod; she couldn’t bend her leg because it was a straight rod down her leg.  And at the meeting I just said “Someone can’t bend your legs bend your legs.”  The lady started bending her leg and starts screaming and I’m thinking, oh that’s not a big deal until I found out that there was suppose to be a metal rod in there.

Sid: Tell me, because this the question a lot of people are asking, someone that’s not use to walking this heavy manifest presence of God, this glory of God.  I want you to mentor them right now.  Tell them what they should be doing because there meant to walk in this glory of God.

David: It starts in your personal time with God, it’s intimacy with God, so one of the best ways, when you get up in the morning to pray.  Instead of just going through your list of things to pray, I would just put the list away for now and just start to praise and worship God just for who He is, not for what He can do for you, just because you love Him, until He comes.  And so I always talk about praise as the more faster breakthrough songs, you do maybe even dancing in your room and shouting to God and warfare songs and then you start worshiping which is the slow intimate songs and you do that until the heavy presence comes.  It will just get stronger and stronger and stronger.  And so you enter His courts with praise and thanksgiving and worship and then once you’re in that heavy praise, you’ll know when you are in that presence.  The atmosphere will change and then that’s when I start speaking to God but by that time you’ll see pictures, which I call visions of yourself doing this or doing that.  Start then to just declare what you see “Well, I declare this is going to happen or that is going to happen or maybe God told you that maybe you’re a preacher or you are going to speak somewhere and you see a city.”  One time I saw New York, so I said, New York open up Wall Street area, open up and within a couple of hours I was invited to speak in the Wall street area.  So a lot of time even your whole prayer life will change the way doors open will change, it’s a whole different realm when you pray in the glory you are like creating what you are speaking as opposed to begging God to do it.

Sid: Now I remember you talking to me at least a year ago maybe longer that you felt God told you that you were going to have an impact on people in Hollywood.  It’s starting to happen now from which you’re telling me.

David: Oh man, it’s amazing, just this last weekend, I mean I went to the Burbank, North Ridge area which is a lot of Hollywood actors were there but I found out that it is also the porn industry headquarters.  So I’m going to the airplane thinking about this, I get on the airplane and a drunk lady walks in, she’s kind of drunk, she misses her seat, comes back and she is sitting next to me, this was last Friday.  And anyway making a long story short, she’s kind of drunk, she asks me, what I do for a living, I tell her, ask her what she does and she tells me she’s a porn star.  And I didn’t tell you this story, but by the end of the flight, I was praying for her and she’s weeping and I found out she was from the Assembly of God, she’s a preacher’s daughter, Spirit filled, led a youth group, use to preach on holiness, against sin, against lust, preached at her prom, was a full blown evangelist outreach.  She use to see the blind healed and everything and she got raped on an Easter Sunday and it changed her whole life, she though God didn’t love her anymore.  So I told her, “God still wants you back and blah, blah blah.”  So that’s how the trip started could you imagine?  Then we get into the church and half of the people there are in the Hollywood industry, actors, producers, directors, writers and of course a lot of Jewish people in the industry so they were there.  And every night people were getting saved; people in the entertainment industry; Hollywood and Jewish people receiving the Lord, signs, wonders, miracles, the glory.  So it’s starting to come to pass, it is happening just supernaturally, I’m not doing anything to make it happen.

Sid: Now what does it mean to you that for the first time in actually when I first became a believer in the early 1970s there was a move of God’s Spirit on Jewish people but then it kind of, it stopped and now God’s started again dealing with Israel, dealing with Jewish people.  What does this mean to you David?

David: Well, it means that well it says that when the fullness of Gentiles come in then all Israel shall be saved.  So were seeing a lot of nations and I travel around the world, Sir Lanka and a lot of places, they are coming in.  So the fullness of the gentiles are coming in.  And when that reaches a completion the Jews start coming in and the Jews are coming in now.  LA has one of the largest populations maybe next to New York, these heavy Jewish population areas are suddenly completely ripe for the gospel which means that the return of the Lord isn’t very far.

Sid: Now it says that we don’t know the day or the hour but we certainly know the season and that’s what I hear you saying.

David: Yeah the signs of it, I would say, work like he’s not coming for 100 years but live in holiness and live right with God as if He’s coming today.  But yeah, He’s a, something is up I’ve never seen such an opening and my own Father it took eight years to pray for him to receive the Lord, and He’s Jewish and now I’m seeing people, his own relatives coming to Lord just very very very fast.  Not even putting up a mental argument about it, which is amazing, a Jewish Lawyer came the other night and when he got there he told my Jewish Aunt, you need to join this ministry.  This is before he received the Lord; he already liked it because the presence and the glory of God was in that room.

Sid: Now, another thing that happens when people enter into the glory where the presence of God is that they have Heavenly visitations, tell me about some.

David: Yeah, Heavenly visitations can be anything when they enter the glory sometimes they get prophetic dreams, sometimes they get angelic visitations, sometimes they see the Messiah himself, Yeshua will come in the room or visit them, so it is just anything of Heaven coming down and visiting you.  Some people get a dream and then they wake up and say wow I went to Africa and later find out it wasn’t a dream, they go to Africa and people say “Oh, your back.”  So, yeah it’s a whole new realm, it’s a whole new world, it’s not like our world here.

Sid: Tell me about the experience in French Guiana.

David: Oh yeah we were there preaching and it’s heavy witchcraft area, the tribal people there worship this tree which they use to channel demons, this tree looks like an antenna.  It’s pretty weird, it’s like a weird dream and I went over there and the Lord told me these people worship these other gods and demons.  He told me have them give an offering to Jesus.  So I took up an offering, imagine the poorest of the poor area, but it was to change their worship, to what ever they give they worship.  So he said, “Were going to worship Jesus through the altar call and what happened was before I give the altar call all this gold dust of different colors fell.  People were covered in rainbow colors like dust, like all the different gems.  All these witches got saved, Heavens were cracked wide open and then when I went back to my little cabin…

Sid: And by the way, you just made a profound statement, all these witches got saved, because there are people saying “Gold dust, that’s not from God” well guess what, the devil is not going to throw gold dust that will cause witches to get radically saved!

David: Demons are coming out them too.

Sid: Ha ha.

David: They were screaming out, the glory came, the signs and wonders came and then salvations and deliverances came and then me and the apostle in the cabin were in were visited by angelic visitation until 4:00 AM I had never had an experience like that un until that time.

Sid: Tell me about Bethel.

David: Okay, I took people there where they think was the spot, it is kind of in the middle of nowhere in a settlement area, we lay down, played some music and told people just close your eyes and just see what God show you.  And people were, some were crying, you could hear people being touched.  And once everybody got back up and I said, “What happened?”  One lady said “That I went to Heaven and she was there with me and Jesus told us this,” and I said hold on.  And she was pointing to the lady, but the lady was far away and the lady didn’t hear the conversation.  So we went to the other lady and we said, “What happened to you?”  “I was taken to Heaven; I was with that lady over there.”  And I said, “What did you talk about?”  It was the exact same visitation, same conversation; Jesus had told them the same thing.  So, they were both taken to Heaven, Heavenly realm with the same place, same time together.  So it was just amazing.  That was Genesis 28; it says “This is the gate to Heaven.”  So there are geographical portals on the earth that are still open since bible days.

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Sid Roth welcomes John Waller

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Sid: Hello. Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. Speaking of supernatural, I heard music the other day in my car and it, I believe that when you hear this in a little while that you are going to experience healing deliverance like you’ve never heard before. There’s something so supernatural about it. Then I found out the artist, I’d actually never heard of him, but I had heard of the movie “Fireproof”, and it was the theme music from “Fireproof”. And the song, “While I’m Waiting,” you’re probably familiar with that song, John Waller writes music that breaks curses and releases blessings. It’s so wonderful, it’s so supernatural. But I’d like you to experience “While I’m Waiting.”

John: I’m waiting, I’m waiting on you Lord. I am peaceful. I’m waiting on you Lord. Though it’s not easy, no, but faithfully I will wait. Yes, I will wait. And I will move ahead bold and confident taking every step in obedience. While I’m waiting, I will serve you. While I’m waiting, I will worship. While I’m waiting, I will not face reverting the race even while I’m waiting.

Sid: You know, the song, “While I’m Waiting”, it was from the number one independent movie called “Fireproof”. Many of you have seen that movie. And the song, “While I’m Waiting”, it’s really amazing. It’s got a totally different meaning to John Waller. But John, it’s hard to believe, but you got really upset over a girlfriend. You’re just, what, 12 years of age.

John: Twelve years old.

Sid: You get upset. You get so upset that your mother takes you to a doctor. Why?

John: Well you know, there’s history and depression in my family. My grandmother always suffered from depression, my mother. You know, all my life my mother suffered from that. And so when she saw me get upset about losing this first girlfriend that lasted three weeks long, she just turned to my dad and she said, “I can tell he’s got it. He’s got it.” She just thought, hey, you know, he’s showing signs of depression.

Sid: So they take you to the doctor.

John: Take me to the doctor. He spends about 30 or 40 minutes with me and interviews me, a 12-year-old kid, and within a half an hour he diagnoses me as, back then, we called it manic depression. It’s called bipolar disorder today.

Sid: So as young kid, you were on medicine. What was your life like?

John: Well that day he wrote me a prescription and for the next 20 years of my life, I was on every kind of medication that pharmaceutical companies put out, just to try to get it under control.

Sid: Did you ever believe that you would be free?

John: You know, for most of that 20 years I did not believe it. I had learned to accept it. In fact, you know, it’s become such a way of the world. You know, so many people suffer from depression. And so I just figured it was something I was going to have to live with, a crutch, something God would use in my life as a testimony.

Sid: But you know, what you have described is a classic definition of a curse.

John: Absolutely.

Sid: I believe when his mother said, “He’s got it,” that’s when that happened. And for 20 years, he went through this suffering of depression not feeling or even believing that he’d ever be free. At age 23, John got married. But you still suffered with depression.

John: My poor wife. You know, she put up with so much, you know, me sleeping all the time, me going up and down. You know, when I would be on a medic she never knew what I was going to go out and buy. When I was on a low, she never knew when I was going to come out of it. But the Lord knew what He was doing when he gave me my sweet wife, Josie, because she endured that for so many years of our marriage.

Sid: And then things even got worse. You had a record deal. You finally got it.

John: Well almost. I came close. The record deal was, to me, the pinnacle of success. If I could just achieve that, you know, maybe I would be happy then. So almost got it, but then at the last minute it all fell apart. And that’s when I went to my very lowest point in my life.

Sid: Let’s go to a clip by his wife and find out exactly what he was like.

Josie: Well when John and I got married, with his depression, he was on four different types of medication and the emotional rollercoaster, he was up and down all the time. He slept all the time. He took care of our two children because I went to school full time and was working, as well. And I would come home and, you know, the kids weren’t fed. The diapers weren’t changed. It was just like he was a zombie, almost, walking around. You know, he couldn’t focus on anything. It was very difficult and unpeaceful in our home.

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