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Our Guest David Martin

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SID: Hello. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest received an impartation from God and keys from God so that he could do the same works that Jesus did and even greater. But what’s even greater than that, when he speaks, this impartation goes to those who are listening. You interested? Sid Roth here with David Martin. I’ll tell you David, as someone who studies the supernatural for 14 years, thinks they really know something and then in 1993, you had a vision. Tell me about it.

DAVID: I did. Sid, it was one of the two most significant visions in my life. And literally, I saw a picture of a man going through the barrier, and it was a thin barrier, almost like paper. But as the man went through the barrier, I knew it wasn’t me, but it represents all believers. God said to me, you’re on the threshold of a spiritual breakthrough coming into a move of my spirit unlike anything the world has ever seen, more signs, more wonders, more miracles than you can even imagine. I got a big imagination. But, wow, God, that’s awesome. And I said, “That’s great.” God said, “But I can’t use you yet.”

SID: How would you like God to tell you that, “I can’t use you yet.” And then two weeks later, God spoke to you again.

DAVID: He did. I was sharing the vision about spiritual breakthrough with the congregation, and as soon as I said to the congregation, I said, “The spiritual barrier is about to be broken,” God said, “That’s not what I said.” He said, “The barrier is not spiritual. He said, “You’re on the threshold of a spiritual breakthrough, but a spiritual barrier is already broken. The veil is rent. You got free access to my throne.” He said, “The spiritual barrier, the spiritual breakthrough, the barrier is intellectual.” He said, “The problem is you’re thinking too much like people, not enough like me.”

SID: And that’s where the Bible talks about renewing your mind. But these keys that God revealed to you, let’s take the first one, sensitivity.

DAVID: Well sensitivity, there are so many stories. But one that kind of leads up to that is the story of literally two weeks after God gave me the vision about the spiritual breakthrough, I was in this church and He said to me, “You’re thinking too much like people.” And as I thought about that, I realized that there’s a higher dimension and a higher realm. And then in 1998, literally God gave me, as I got up to minister in church, keys to the operating in the supernatural. Then I really discovered how it works. A few months later, I was in Rwanda doing a pastors conference with 250 pastors, all of which were involved from a negative side. They had loved ones that were massacred in the genocide in Rwanda in 1994, and God said, “Go there for a week. Minister to them,” and very emphatically, “Do not cover the gifts of the spirit, the operation of the Holy Spirit” because all these guys were not spirit-filled. But the very last meeting God said to me right in the middle of a sentence after a whole week of speaking about love and the things of God, right in the middle of a sentence, God said, “Stop.” Sid, it had to the longest moment of my life. It probably wasn’t more than a minute. But when you have 500 eyeballs looking at you and interpreter comes up and says, “What’s the problem here?” that minute is a long time. But right in the middle of that moment the Holy Spirit fell onto these 250 pastors. They all got baptized with the Holy Ghost. They started speaking in tongues.

SID: Were you talking about that?

DAVID: Not at all.

SID: So it was almost like a Pentecost experience.

DAVID: Absolutely, I mean, we didn’t go there at all, because that’s what God said to do. But it was the sensitivity to the leading of the Spirit to stop. And of course, in the keys that God has given me, key number one is sensitivity. Number two would be obedience to do whatever He says. And when you study miracles, I think it’s really important to realize that the law of first occurrence or first appearance of something. The first miracle that Jesus did was turning the water to wine. And Mary said to the servants, “Whatever he says, do it.” So sensitivity is being sensitive to the voice of God.

SID: And from that trip, you went immediately to the birthplace of the Shining One Revival. What was that revival?

DAVID: Well in the ’30s, a great revival hit on northern Rwanda, and that’s where God sent me to, and this outpouring of the Spirit, these pastors, they literally glorified God for three hours. And of course, when they started speaking in tongues I didn’t know it was tongues because it was [unintelligible].

SID: Of course [unintelligible].

DAVID: And my interpreter says, “This is not tongues.” But anyway, in that three-hour timeframe, God said, “Go to his birthplace” [with me] never knowing it was the birthplace of the Shining One Revival that started in the ’30s.

SID: And again, that’s the sensitivity.

DAVID: Exactly, and the obedience that followed with it. But in going there, the next day we went to the chapel where this revival broke out that literally spread all through east central Africa. As a matter of fact, if you look it up on the internet it’s called the East African Revival. But people that were touched by the Shining One Movement, they lived a long time, they had a year to God, very prophetic. As a matter of fact, many of the people live well over a hundred years of age.

SID: You know, when David received impartation of the Shining One Impartation, he told me that he just wept for over a half hour and was totally transformed. And now when he teaches about these supernatural keys there’s an impartation of the Shining One anointing. We’ll talk about it when we come back.

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Our Guest Robert Heidler

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Sid: I got ahold of an unpublished manuscript and it’s called “The Messianic Church” and it’s by Pastor Robert Heidler. He’s pastor of Glory of Zion Outreach Center in Denton, Texas. He holds a Master’s in theology from Dallas Theological Seminary; he is a man of the Spirit. I have to ask you, Robert how in the world did you get from a graduate of Dallas Theological Seminary, and writing a book called “The Messianic Church,” what did God do?

Robert: Well Sid it was a very interesting… I don’t know exactly what to call it. I’ve always been involved in the Messianic movement; I’ve been related to it in a number of ways. In 1997 I was asked to teach a course at the Messianic Jewish Bible Institute in Odessa, Ukraine. It was to teach a course on church history from the Messianic perspective. I’ve always liked church history; I’ve always honored the messianic movement, and seen that it was a great work of God. So I was excited to be able to teach this, and I began, but I never looked at church history before from a Messianic perspective. Like a lot of people I always assumed that the church began under the wing of Judaism, but the apostles very quickly separated it from Judaism, and established it as a Gentile organization. So to teach on the subject of church history from the Messianic perspective the first thing I wanted to know was, exactly when did that break take place. So I started in the books of Acts and really assumed by Acts 15 I would see a clear break where this is no longer a Jewish thing, it is now a Gentile thing. As I studied through the books of Acts what I found is that never happened. The apostles never tried to make or break from Judaism.  Even though I’d read the book of Acts many times, I had never really studied it on this before. I saw in Acts 15:5 there were members of the church that were still actively involved in the party of the Pharisees. In Acts 20:21 James boasts of tens of thousands of Jews in the church that believed in Jesus, but were still zealous for Torah. You see Jews and including the Apostle Paul still taking Nazarite vows, still observing Sabbaths and feasts. Paul planned the itinerary of his missionary journey around where he wanted to celebrate the feasts. It surprised me in Acts 23 when Paul was before the Sanhedrin, members of the Pharisee party stood up to speak in his defense. I got to the end of the book of Acts and realized they never made a break from Judaism.

Sid: Now is that where you got the title for the manuscript “The Messianic Church”?

Robert: Well what I saw was this, as far as the title that the early church… Paul and Peter and the other founders of the church were not Catholics, they were not Protestants, they were not charismatics, they were all Messianic Jews. They never tried to make a split from that that was there identity.  That was the flavor of Christianity that they planted, wherever they planted it.

Sid: So those first followers of Jesus would they have called themselves Christians, or Jews?

Robert: Well it’s interesting the word Christian that we have today is the Greek translation really of the word “A follower of the Messiah.” A Christian is the follower of Christ; Christ is the Greek word for Mashiach, for Messiah. So they would have called themselves Messianics.

Sid: So in effect it wasn’t Jews and Christians with a divide between the two, it was Jews that believed Jesus was the Jewish Messiah, and Jews that believed Jesus was not the Jewish Messiah, that was the issue. Sort of like today, we have a sect up in New York City that believe their messiah came a number of years ago and died and will come back, Rabbi Schneerson. They’re still called Jews, a little mashuga, but they’re still called Jews.

Robert: When the Gentile Christians came in, you know Ephesians, and Romans it talks about that they are engrafted into something that was already there, they were engrafted into this Messianic church.

Sid: You know a famous theologian by the name of Francis Schaeffer, his wife Edith Schaeffer wrote a book, and the title was “Christianity is Jewish.”

Robert: Yes, and that’s something we lost and it was not God’s will for us to lose it. We really didn’t lose the Jewish elements, Hebraic elements, until basically the 4th century with the pagan Roman emperor coming in to offer the church a deal that it should have refused. The church that the apostles established was a Messianic church.

Sid: Now how does the church today relate to this actually authentic history that you’re speaking of. How does this play out for the church today?

Robert: Well I see in the church today the spirit of God is stirring for the church to reconnect with some things that it’s lost. You know since the protestant reformation, and there have been wave after wave of the Holy Spirit restoring to the church much that it has lost. In the 20th century we saw the gifts of the Spirit restored into the church. As we come into the 21st century there is just a ground swell all over the world everywhere I go of believers saying “We feel like we have lost something that we’re supposed to have.  There are some things that God wanted us to have to benefit from that the church has lost.” God is in the process of stirring a hunger for that.

Sid:  Well let me ask you this, how was the timing of losing our… you know rather than calling it Jewish roots I’d rather call it Biblical roots. What was the connection between the loss of the Biblical roots and the loss of the power of God?

Robert: Oh I think it was a very close connection because the loss of the Biblical roots came with the edicts of Constantine when the church submitted to that. That was tracing it historically; that’s when the church began to die; that’s when miracles began to end. Some teach that miracles ended at the end of the first century, but historically you can trace them continuing as a standard part of church life into the 3rd and 4th centuries. When the church began to cut itself off from the root, you know when you take a tree and you cut it off from the root the leaves begin to shrivel and die, and it can’t produce fruit anymore. Romans says “We feed on the rich sap of the root” which was the revelation, the Biblical revelation, that God gave beginning with Moses and onward. There was a lot of that the church just chose to reject and cut itself from, and the result was we lost the power; we lost the presence of God.

Sid: What do you think Paul meant in Romans 11 where he says “If it was a blessing the Jewish people rejected their Messiah,” of course the blessing was the Gentiles to be grafted in. “How much greater blessing when they receive their Messiah,” then he says something that I’d like to hear your spin on, “It’s going to cause life from the dead.” What did he mean?

Robert: Well I think it means it going to awaken something in the church that has not been seen for 1500 years. “Life from,” if you just want to sum that phrase up in one word it’s the word “Revival.” I believe he’s saying there, at that time when the Jews return and begin to come back to their Messiah, it is going to release and draw the church into the greatest revival in history. It will be the great end time revival. I believe that we are just at the place where that is beginning to be released.

Sid: Well I have tell you for those, of course, that are just tuning in for the first time I have a copy of an unpublished manuscript, and we have made copies of this. It’s called “The Messianic Church” by Pastor Robert Heidler. Trust me it fills in missing ingredients to cause light bulbs to go off. Here’s the reason I appreciate your work, I see many people that come into the information that you’ve come into Robert, then walk in such lack of love, and such a religious spirit that they literally fight what the heritage is that has evolved in Christianity.  Then I see Gentile Christians that have such a religious spirit they literally fight the Biblical Jewish roots, and both of them have the same religious spirit. Somewhere in this equation, especially with the New Covenant understanding, there is a freedom; it’s a Hebrew word it’s called “chofesh.” That’s what I read in your manuscript, freedom.

Robert: So many people want to get enamored with their Jewish roots and they really reject the New Covenant. They try to go back under legalism, and that’s not what God is calling us to do. God wants us to enjoy the freedom of the New Covenant and the joy that He has for us. There are some things that He wants us to benefit from that He intended to be a part of our heritage that we’ve lost. So we don’t go into it as a legalistic thing. You know in our church we celebrate the Biblical feasts, we also celebrate traditional Christian festivals.

Sid: You know Robert, I believe there’s a whole new paradigm coming to the church, and we’re just grasping it right now, but some of the missing ingredients are in your manuscript.

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Our Guest Kirt Schneider

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Kirt Schneider

Sid: My guest Rabbi Kirt Schneider, what a background he come from a Jewish background, bar mitzvah in a conservative synagogue but like most Jewish people he didn’t know his scriptures and his god was wrestling.  He wanted to be a champion and he almost made it but he didn’t make it what a letdown. So then his god became money and he really didn’t make that and then he got a little into New Age he’s reading books on Yogis and Swamis and he goes to bed one night and no Christian witnessed to him. He’s 20 years in 1978 and he goes to bed and guess who appears, Jesus. Jesus appears and no one could talk him out of that; his parents very upset so they  hired one of the most famous programmers this is an individual that gets paid money to talk people out of their faith because they believe that perhaps these people are in cults or occult groups. Well he made no headway with Kirt. So he took him to what was called a rehab house and he didn’t make any headway there.  Two weeks later Kirt goes home and his parents hire a nice Jewish physicist and he ends up in a psych ward and what happened next Kirt?

Kirt:  Well that was a very very difficult time, I felt pretty good before going to the psych ward but I mean I felt like God was rebuilding my life; I was starting to build a new foundation for who I was in Yeshua and I was regaining my strength as I indicated earlier after wrestling I really was thrown for a loop but my life was being rebuilt in the Lord but I tell you what when I went in that psych ward it was very difficult because I would wake up every day with all this energy as a young man, but I couldn’t leave this little hallway. And by the time I got out of there in two months it was like my energy had been turned inward and it took me several months to be able to recuperate from that experience but praise God things have been an upward journey and you know I get along very well with my parents today it’s such a blessing. I get along as good today as I ever have and they’ve come a long way in fact they recently came to the Messianic Synagogue that I lead in Toledo and really enjoy the services. They are not believers, yet but it’s a long way from those days when they paid thousands of dollars to have me reprogramed and to have me probated to a mental hospital because of my faith in Yeshua.

Sid: Now the reason that I’m interviewing you is because you have taught such an easy to understand seminar on prophecy dreams and visions in your own life that’s how you came to know the Messiah. So obviously it’s important to you; tell me examples of some of how God has communicated with His people, not necessarily the scripture though the scripture is loaded, but through people you know or yourself.

Kirt:  Well, I’ll tell you one of the most significant encounters I’ve had with the Lord was this summer in August. I had a dream; I had been praying to the Lord consistently that He would give me a greater sense of His peace Sid.  And one night in August I went to sleep it was the very end of August and in my sleep I encountered the Lord, it was the most emotionally gratifying encounter I’ve ever had with Him in my life.  God has shown me many things in my dreams in terms of revelation; there have been times I’ve known what was going to happen before it came to happen etcetera.  But in this particular night in August I found myself in my dream I forest it was a beautiful lush forest there was green, lush green everywhere and this forest was surrounded on the perimeter with these huge rock boulders and one the rock boulders was this gorgeous green ivy this lush ivy growing on the boulders. Now the boulders serve to make this beautiful lush forest an enclosed spot so that it was a secret enclosed lush place.  And in the center of this forest there was a simple wooden picnic table; now while I’m seeing this in my dream the Spirit of God Sid is just bathing me with a supernatural peace; I’ve never experienced anything like it in my life.  It was the most beautiful awesome peace I’ve ever experienced in my life. As I’m seeing the lush scenery I feel God Spirit drawing me deeper into the forest closer to the picnic table that was in the center of the forest which I believe represented His presence and I’m feeling His peace just bath me drawing me deeper in. And then suddenly as this happens in the dream I smell pizza, and it was the most crisp smell of pizza I mean it was like the pizza was being baked three feet from me.  And instantly when I smelled the pizza in the pit of my stomach in my dream I got hungry and all of a sudden now I’m distracted now. On the one hand I’m wanting to be drawn deeper into God’s presence and deeper into His peace and then on the other hand I smell this pizza and I got hungry, and I remember thinking “What should I do?”  And I vaguely remember that maybe I could have a piece of this pizza and then I’ll be drawn deeper into the forest and as soon as I thought that Sid the dream ended and immediately I got out of bed and I was so upset with myself because I thought here was the most emotionally satisfying encounter I’ve had with the Lord in my life and I traded it in for a lousy piece of pizza. I mean I was just beating myself up mentally what in the world I was begging God to give me another chance apologizing to him that I did this.  I went back to sleep and the next morning I got up, I sat on my couch I started recording the dream and I said “Oh Lord please forgive me, please give me another chance” and I began to think about the dream, and I said “Oh Lord, what was the pizza?” I said now it could have been the devil but I said even if it was the devil I still believe that your intelligent design was in the dream and that there is a meaning and a reason that that happened with the pizza.  And what I believe God spoke to me about Sid was fasting, and I believe He revealed to me “You want a greater sense of my peace, I want you to deny yourself the natural for the sake of receiving more of the supernatural. And as a result of that dream I was able to fast for six weeks and previous to that I had never been able to fast successfully in my entire life.

Sid: Out of curiosity what type of fast were you on for six weeks?

Kirt:  I started out the fat with just one meal a day and then the last ten days well the last seven of the ten days I went to no food at all, and then the last three days I went to no food or water and that ended on Yom Kippur.

Sid: What are the results of that fast?

Kirt:   Well, I would say that there have been many results of the fast, I would say that my whole lifestyle now is more disciplined.  I believe that through that God gave me the ability to subdue my flesh and rule over myself in a greater way than I had previous to that.  Am I walking in undisturbed peace? No, but I’m walking in a greater sense of peace. That’s only one example of how God spoke to me supernaturally in a dream directing me in my life.  And I was amazed Sid as I began to teach on this; as we looked up the dream or dreams in concordance how often in scripture God has spoken to his people through dreams and yet most believers today Sid are paying no attention to their dreams at all.  To disregard our dreams to to disregard the voice of God.  In mystical Judaism there’s a teaching that says that you know that when we’re awake we’re sometimes so attached to the material environment in other word somebody’s at work they’re working on the computer you know they’re trying to get a job done for the boss. It’s difficult to be able to be conscious of things of God when you’re functioning in that environment. But when we sleep our soul is loose to some degree from its attachment of the material world and in that state of being loose the Lord will often times speak to us because we’re more receptive.  The Bible says that “Is there a prophet among you the Lord will speak to him in a vision or a dream.”  And of course in Joel chapter 2 verses 28 and 29 and the fulfillment of that in Acts 2 Peter says “Now that God’s Spirit has been poured out the result is that we’re going to be able to receive dreams from the Lord.”  Dreams should not be decreasing, they should be increasing, this is an experience for all of God’s people. One of my favorite scriptures in the Hebrew Bible was from the book of Job chapter 33.  Elihu speaks this; Elihu was one of Job’s counselors that God does not chastise at the end of the book of Job because we remember the other counselors gave Job bad advice but not Elihu.  And in chapter 33 of Job Elihu says this in verse 14 “Indeed God speaks once or twice yet no one notices it in a dream, a vision of the night when sound sleep falls on men while they slumber in their beds then He opens the ears of men and seals their instruction.”  Notice what He said there “That God speaks once twice and people who aren’t listening,” when is He doing it?  When they are sleeping in their bed; and I have found that through having a dream journal which I have been keeping since 1994 that I have made it a practice when I wake up in the morning one of the first things I do is ask myself now “What did I dream last night?”  And I found Sid as I begin to think and recall what will happen is as I’m writing it down God will begin then to bring back to me the things that I dreamed.  I mean I had dreams that of people that were in my congregation that were going to rise up and cause trouble; I’ve had dreams of them doing this months before it ever happened.

Sid: Now was it symbolic or was it literal as far as the person, could you recognize the person in the dream?

Kirt:  Sometimes yes, sometimes no. Many dreams are symbolic for example we think of Joseph and how he has the dreams of his father, and mother, and sisters, brothers bowing down to him.  But he doesn’t see his brothers bowing down to them he sees the sheaves bowing down to them.  Right and the sun and moon and stars bowing down to him and we ask ourselves the question “Why didn’t God just show Joseph you know his brother bowing down rather showing Joseph sheaves and sun and moon and stars?  But you know we look at other places in scripture we see a similar phenomenon so for example Kefa, Peter, in Acts chapter 10 going on top of the house while they’re making lunch and he falls into a trance and sees these un-kosher animals. And the voice says “Take and eat” and he says “I’ve never eaten those things.”  When we found out that as he was pondering the meaning of the vision then suddenly you know Cornelius comes to the door, his servant and he realizes that the meaning of the vision is to bring the gospels to the Gentles and not to consider them unclean.  So the question is why did God not just show Peter you know that he was supposed to bring the gospel to Cornelius and to the Gentles and why show him un-kosher animals. It’s very similar to Yeshua speaking in parables, the Bible says Yeshua says the Yeshua spoke to them in parables and without speaking to them in a parable he did not speak to them about anything.  Then his disciples came and asked Him “What’s the meaning of the parable?”  And Yeshua said “To you it’s been granted to know the mysteries of Kingdom of God.”  Now the same thing happened with Kefa, with Peter, it says “As Peter was pondering the meaning of the trans.”  You see I believe God speaks in symbols because he wants to involve us in discovery he doesn’t want us to make it so easy that we’re just living like robots.

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Our Guests David and Anita Duggan

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David and Anita Duggan (2006)

Sid: My guests Anita and David Duggan, we’ve been talking to them all this week how God, the mercy of God, set Anita free from drug addiction, set David free from alcohol addiction. The thing that’s so amazing is that they work with a friend of mine by the name of Gary Oates who published a book called “Open My Eyes Lord.” So many people have been reading this book because for the first time it’s a step by step book of how to have your eyes opened to the spirit realm, but not just your eyes all of your senses open to the spirit realm. Anita you almost from the beginning when you got saved you started seeing angels. Tell me one of your first experiences with an angel.

Anita: One of my first experiences, Dave and I were married a very short period of time, and we had started going to Gary and Kathi Oates’ church in Gatlinburg. We had a guest speaker and David and I had walked in the back of the church and I noticed an angel leaning over where the book table was.

Sid: Now when you see an angel describe to me what you see with your eyes.

Anita: The angel that I saw with my eyes that day literally had a form; big he was fat, he had a funny look on his face and he was leaning his elbow, his elbow was leaning on the book table, and he was leaning over it just watching what was going on. I saw him.

Sid: Not in this case, but in general what are angels doing? Someone that has the discernment that you have what are they doing when they show up?

Anita: Well what I do when I see an angel is I ask them what they’re there for because sometimes I see angels in different ways, and different places at different times. I have seen angels standing behind people that are in a prayer line, and they are holding something in their hands which represents what that person’s destiny is. I’ve seen angels flying around the room; I’ve seen warring angels; I’ve seen angels come through walls that are marching that are fully armed. Really it depends on the place we’re at, the situation in a person’s life, or what the church represents.

Sid: Okay, let me take you a few years ago you were in Columbia at a youth meeting, tell me about that.

Anita: That was an amazing experience, it blew me away. This one church had a lot of youth in… there was a huge amount of youth in this church, like over a thousand kids, it amazed me. They all came up for ministry. When I started to… looked up to pray with them with my interpreter I started seeing angels behind every single one of these young people, and the angels were carrying something in either one or two of their hands. I’ll give you an example, this one angel came up behind this young man and he had a harp in one hand, and he had some kind of cymbal in another hand. I had no idea that this young man played in the youth ministry band of their church, and he was a drum player. He had been crying out to God to make his gift more versatile. He wanted to be able to play more instruments, but he also wanted to be able to be used more in ministry than just in music. When I saw this angel I just spoke it out and he collapsed; he just fell over.

Sid: Anita what was the first time you saw a manifestation of a physical healing?

Anita: It was our first trip to Peru with Gary and Kathi Oates, and there was a woman who came up and she had a tumor on her knee, it was the size of a grapefruit. When you put your hand on it, not only could you see it but you could feel it, it was really hard. I had an interpreter with me, and really to be quite honest with you I was scared because it was the first time I was stepping out in faith. It amazed me to see the miracle. I put my hand on her tumor and I raised my other hand up to God, and I just said “Lord I curse the life of this tumor in the name of Jesus. Lord I ask you to shrink it.” It was like letting air out of a balloon.

Sid: You could… your hand was touching it actually. Could you feel it going down?

Anita: Absolutely. It went down half way. I looked up at my interpreter and I said “Ask her if she felt that.” She was shaking her head yes before he even asked her. I said “Well let’s just continue.” We prayed more, and the tumor literally shrunk down; I could feel it disappear under my hand.

Sid: David, I understand that God has opened your eyesight to see the tangible presence of God’s glory. Tell me about it.

David: As a matter of fact Sid yesterday morning I was in prayer with some other people. We were just worshipping the Lord and praying scripture. We created a place, a dwelling place for God. I was lying on the floor and just soaking in His presence, which is one of the things that Gary’s book teaches so beautifully. We literally saw, there was at least a couple of us that saw the manifestation of the glory of God in the form of a cloud come into the room and settle over us. It was literally, I was touching it with my fingertips as I laid on the floor facing heaven.

Sid: David when you see this cloud, or experience the cloud, do other people see the cloud even nonbelievers?

David: Sid we had an experience we were in Medellín, Colombia. We were on one of the ministry trips with Gary and Kathi Oates and others. I had gotten up that morning and I was shaving in the bathroom and I was listening to worship music. There had been a spirit of intercession resting on me from the day before and I was continuing to intercede as I listened to this worship music for the people in the city of Medellín and throughout that country. When I came out of the bathroom into our hotel room, the room was full of smoke. The thing about the smoke was…

Sid: Now that was not on fire, right?

David: There was no fire.

Sid: Okay [Laughing] go ahead.

David: There was no fire, there was no smell of smoke. This was not natural smoke.

Anita: I mean we weren’t choking either.

David: The reason that I knew that it wasn’t natural smoke is it was more dense down near the floor than it was up high next to the ceiling. I told Anita I said “Anita look the room is full of smoke.” She knows that I like to take long hot showers, and her first reaction was well you just steamed up the room. I said “No!” I said “This is the… the room is full of smoke.” I went over to the window and opened the window; the climate in Colombia in Medellín is just wonderful and I wanted to enjoy the morning air. There was so much smoke from the manifest glory of God that it began to billow out the window, coming up off the floor and billowing out the window. I was concerned that someone would think that the room was on fire and looked out in the parking lot to see if there was anybody would be looking to see if…

Sid: I have literally heard of churches where this glory is as strong as you’re describing and fire trucks have come to these churches.

David: Well we were… well I was concerned about that. As I was looking out the window the phone rings, I go over and I answer the phone and it’s the front desk and they’re telling me that my smoke alarm has been activated by the smoke that is in my room. There are asking me “Is there a fire in your room?” I said “No, there is no fire.” “Are you smoking in your room?” I said “No we are not smoking.” They said “This smoke detector has been activated.” I said “Well my room is full of smoke, but there’s no fire here.” The joy of the Lord just came on me and I began to laugh in the presence of this glory of God. They said “We’re going to send a building engineer up to check it out.” So in just a couple of minutes a young man he comes bursting into the room, he sees the smoke; his eyes get as big as saucers Sid, an he’s looking around, he did what I did I looked at the air conditioner vent to see if there was any smoke being introduced through the air conditioning vent and there wasn’t. He went over he checked the smoke alarm, and then he went and looked out the window to see if there was any fire outside that would be introducing smoke into the room, and of course there wasn’t. When he turned around Anita was coming out of the bathroom and she just spoke to him and said “This smoke is the manifestation of the glory of God.” She just explained that to him, and he immediately said “Well I have to go check some other places I’ll be back” and he ran out of the room.

Sid: Now on these ministry trips is it true that you see every miracle that’s written in the New Testament.

David: Anita and myself have personally seen every miracle except someone being raised from the dead. That’s the only one we have not seen year to date. We’ve seen blind eyes opened; we’ve seen deaf ears opened; we have seen people who are lame from strokes absolutely healed in a matter of seconds so that they walk off completely normal.

Sid: You know what, as you’re talking about the glory of God, the glory of God is coming. I can’t see it, but I can sure feel the glory of God coming in this studio. I believe that on tomorrow’s broadcast there are going to be a release of the gift of miracles.


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