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Our Guest Theresa Griffith Hurlbert

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Theresa Hurlbert

Sid: Can you prophesy over a musical instrument?  Can you get physically healed as a result of listening to anointed music?  Can you get emotionally healed as a result of listening to anointed music?  That’s what’s going on and I want to find out the artist behind the music and I have the artist behind the music. I have on the telephone Theresa Griffith Hurlbert.  I’m speaking to her at her home in Northern California.  Theresa I don’t why but it seems as though when we humans are broken, broken vessels, God uses us more.  I’m wondering why He can’t use us if we’re not broken; it’d be a lot easier wouldn’t it?

Theresa:  It sure seems like it but you know He says “That He uses the weak things to confound the wise, and His strength is made perfect in the weakness.” You know when we are weak He is more glorified because then He gets to show-off as the God that He is you know.  And it seems so many times in our Christian lives that we want to have an effort to show that we’re okay or you know that were good enough.  So I’ve found in my life as I just let go, admit that I’m weak in fact the biggest thing I learned out of all of my suffering that I am nothing, and I can do nothing and that is perfect material for Him to do the impossible.

Sid: And yet I read reviews for instance a representative of Flute Association once said “You possessed techniques that are the best in the world.” So how do you deal with that type of compliments?

Theresa:  Well, because of the fact that I was Chair Flute in every band that I was ever in, and I entered some contests with the Gospel Music Association for a vocal and they said that “We don’t think that you will ever do anything outside of your own local area.”  So what I did is in my nothingness I came before the Lord and offered Him myself as a living sacrifice and said “Okay, I’m not a good flutist, I’m not a good vocalist but will You make me that because I have this desire in my heart that You gave me so, will You show me how.” I did take lessons to show myself approved as well. But you know I had some struggles where I just couldn’t seem to figure out how to accomplish the beauty that I was looking for.  So the Lord said “Yes.”  He gave me dreams to tell me how to play the flute; He downloaded to me because He’s the best expert flute player in the entire world.  He’s the best vocalist and He’s the expert in everything, every field in the earth; So we can actually go to Him in our weakness and say “Will you download to me the expertise in this area?”  And He did He spoke to me one day in the area of flute and said “Do it this way.”  And I tried and then I played before this lady with the National Flute Association and I was practicing a tonguing technique and she said “Do you realize that’s one of the fastest double tonguing techniques in the world, that’s faster than Jean-Pierre Louis Rampal and James Galway and I said “It is?”  Because Jesus had taught me how to do it.

Sid: For those that don’t know what I have in my notes to me you had 25 years of some of the worst abuse a human can have through your marriage.  Within that time you had 10 years of chronic illness; you were bed ridden many times; I still see this pattern of this brokenness of a…there’s a word people don’t like to hear it’s called surrender it’s not part of 21st century American Christianity. I guess when you come from a background like that you don’t have anything to hold on to.

Theresa: Right.

Sid: Tell me the results of people listening to your music. I know healing rooms are using it; I know hospitals are using it; why are they using it?

Theresa: When I was ill I was bedridden for 5 months at a time I lay there I prayed and say “Lord, when I get well I want to go into the studio and produce music that brings relief to people’s pain body, soul and spirit.”  Because myself I needed soothing music and being a music major I loved music, but in my weakness I was so fragile that noise bothered me, music bothered me but yet I needed something…

Sid: Look how the devil attacks what God wants to use; isn’t that amazing.  Here God’s so anointed your music you could not even listen to music it would disrupt your physical system.

Theresa: Right I just couldn’t find anything soothing enough so I said “Lord when I get well and I know You’re coming for me I want to go in the studio and produce music that brings relief to people’s pain body, soul and spirit.  And so that’s what happened He came in 1998 and healed me and I immediately went into the studio and began to play without music prophetically saying “Jesus will you just come and blow through me.” He did and it was such a goose bumpy experience it’s terrifying at the same time because you have to jump off the cliff not knowing what your first note is, not knowing where the first notes going to go. So I’m in the studio with the pianist and myself.  We at least know the key because I have twelve different instruments and they all have a different key so we know the key but that’s it.  So we begin and He comes in like a rushing mighty wind through my mouth and I can feel it; like a stream of water flowing through me and I get to partake of it as it’s coming through.  And it’s just the highest high I’ve ever had.

Sid: I have listed here various physical conditions that hospitals and healing rooms have found that people have been healed of; they’re blood pressure has lowered; their pain has disappeared and people with insomnia are able to sleep.  As a matter of fact the producer of our radio show started listening to your music at night and she told me a couple of observations.  She can’t fall asleep listening to something, but she fell asleep when she listened to your music; not only did she fall asleep but she had thoughts in areas she hadn’t thought of that were very helpful. Why did this happen?

Theresa:  Well, like I said it’s the Spirit who is playing through me and His anointing is there and so the Spirit speaks to people while they listen to instrumental music and they’re healed. I mean even to the point of a lady got up out of her wheelchair, another lady walked with a walker she could barely walk she started running after she listened. People have…I’ve had several people I think three now have had deafness in an ear and that’s been healed.

Sid: Actually public schools that are playing this for children that have ADD or autism.

Theresa:  Yes, what happens is they’ll be a special education teacher who attends one of my concerts or get’s my music and she decides to use it in her classroom and since there…she uses the instrumentals there are no lyrics to cause the school system to say “Well you can’t play that.”  So the Holy Spirit gets in there and speaks to children and love on them because my instrumentals are like lullabies from Jesus.

Sid: Let’s take a listen to we’re offering too, let’s listen to from the instrumental called “Bliss.”

Instrumental Selection called “Bliss.”  

Sid: Theresa you play 8 different flutes. Is it a little scary going into a studio and not having anything and just play what God shows you?

Theresa:  It was for a long time but I’ve gotten so used to it. The rush of the breath of the Lord blowing through me is so fabulous it’s such a high that I no longer am afraid, but for a long time it was a scary thing.  But in our concerts we do the same thing we do like two – half to three hour concerts and we have done what we call the seat of honor where we invite people to come up and sit in the seat of honor. We show them the twelve instruments and say “Which instrument do you wish to be blessed with?”  They pick the instrument of their blessing; we play them alive prophetic song tailor made for them and then I sing the interpretation by kneeling at their seat holding their hand and an impartation of the Father’s love comes through the eyes and in my voice. And people say “Their lives have been changed and transformed.” In fact it’s so exciting when you watch the person come to sit in the seat you can see what they’ve been through, you can see the crushing.

Sid: By the way did you get what she said?  She plays an instrument and just as someone speaks in tongues she then gives the English interpretation of what she’s played.



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Our Guest Jane Hamon

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Jane Hamon

Sid: As a matter of fact I can’t understand how someone can even exist in this thing called life if you’re just a lukewarm Christian, I mean you’re mashugah, that’s a Hebrew word for you’re crazy.  I mean there is no other position once you’ve tasted the good things of God go all the way, go for the gold.  And according to the prophet Joel in the second chapter, you’re very familiar with it because that’s also quoted in the New Covenant in the second chapter of Joel 2:28 says “In the last days God’s going to pour out His spirit on all flesh.”  If you haven’t checked lately the thermometer we’re in the last days. He said that “Were going to have dreams and visions.”  And that’s why my guest is Jane Hamon, she is co-Pastor with her husband of Christian International Family Church in Santa Rosa Beach, Florida.  Many of you are familiar with her father-in-law Bill Hamon, a father of prophets if you will.  On yesterday’s broadcast I posed a question, and my question is, yes I do get dreams, and as a matter of fact I have had a couple of dreams that were not symbolic and I have said to God many times…and the ones that were not symbolic I mean they were literal dreams and they were wonderful dreams and it affected my entire future as a result as following it was almost like God told me to do something.  And He did not want me to make any mistakes so He literally showed it to me.  And I thought that was wonderful and I have prayed to God and I’ve said “God, just give me literal dreams and I will do them.”  But most of my dreams Jane are symbolic and I’m just so pragmatic and practical and I question my understanding of these dream. Have you ever felt that way and said “Lord why don’t You just tell me straight on and what is this symbolism business?”

Jane:  (Laughing) I absolutely have felt that way. You know Sid what I realized was that when Jesus came and began to teach the crowds even he taught through symbols because He communicated to the crowds thought things that we’ve come to call parables.  And really the parables are stories that what the scripture has to say many people in the crowd had no idea what He was talking about because they had symbolic messages.  And the truth is that whether we’re reading the Old Covenant or whether we’re reading the New Covenant we have to understand that God has always used symbols to communicate some of the truth that He wants to get across to us.  In the book of Isaiah when it says that we’re going to mount up with wings as eagles as we wait upon the Lord I don’t think that means that were going to sprout feathers and go jumping off of cliffs. (Laughing) I think that God is intending for us to understand that when He speaks to us in a picture that there’s a depth and a wealth of meaning that comes to us whenever we are communicated to in picture form.  A picture is worth a thousand words.

Sid: Listen I have a copy of your book “Dreams and Visions” here it’s a very simplistic, practical Biblical book that answers a lot of questions that I’ll pose to you this week and I’m sure a lot of other people have.  How did you happen to write this book?

Jane:   I felt the challenge really as I have been pastoring a church of very prophetic people that I found that many people were receiving dreams from the Lord but they really had no idea what to do with the dreams they had received.  On the other hand many people were telling me “Well, this one and that one get dreams but I don’t ever get a dream.”  And I believe that scientifically it’s proven that we all dream, I don’t believe that every dream is from God. I believe that there are dreams that are just fleshly or carnal dreams. I believe that there’s demonic dreams I believe that there are dreams that are very much spiritual dreams.  I wanted to write in a simple as form as I could a little bit of guide to help believers prophetic believers that are hearing from God be able to respond to what God is saying in a very proper, a very balanced and a very practical way to be able to aid in their Christian growth, and to be able to really prophetically discern the signs of the times.

Sid: But Jane this is not a book that you just sat down one day and researched, this is almost like a life book message because you not only teach based on the Bible, but you then give experiences and then explain them from the Bible.

Jane:  That’s right you know I had to go back; you know when I started having the experiences of dreams and visions I honestly to be just really honest I never heard one person ever tell me God speaks in dreams.  So I went back and started studying the scriptures, I started looking for dreams, for visions, and for prophecy.  Of course we got the prophets and the major-prophets and the minor-prophets and those are fairly obvious but what I found is that there is actually over 50 references to dreams and visions in the Bible.  And actually the entire foundation of the Jewish race actually came in Genesis chapter 15 when God dealt with a man named Abram who had a vision and then who had a dream.  And God actually cut covenant with Abraham in a dream. So I felt like this was very important to look at as part of our Christian foundation. That if Abraham was communicated within a dream, Jacob and Joseph and Solomon and Daniel and so many others both in the Old Covenant as well as in the New Covenant we find that God has always communicated to His people words of direction, words of comfort, words of insight, words of promise through dreams and through visions.

Sid: You know you quote proverbs 29 verse 18 and then give the Hebrew understanding of it.  Proverbs 29:18 says “Where there is no vision the people perish” but in the Hebrew it means “Where there is no vision or communication from the Lord the people perish.”  That’s strong!

Jane:  That’s a very strong word and I believe that being prophetic is not a sideline issue with God whatsoever.  I mean I believer that being prophetic is very much a mainstream part of our Christian walk, it’s really no optional.  I believe that we need to hear the voice of God, we need to live by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God.  Obviously the written word, but also that that those things that God is uttering forth to us today.  You know in the Old Testament and Numbers chapter 12 verse 6 it says “If there be a prophet among you I will make myself known to him in a vision and I’ll speak to him in a dream.”  But that was during a time when God was really only speaking to a prophet here, or a prophet there to be able to be His mouth piece to His people; to be able to speak His mind and His purposes.  But we’re living in a day where God hasn’t just singled out just a prophet here or a prophet there, but He has an entire prophetic generation that He’s pouring His Spirit out upon.  As He’s pouring His Spirit out upon us we’re receiving power, we’re receiving revelation, and we’re receiving that unction of the Spirit to go out and change the world.

Sid: Now on yesterday’s broadcast, and we didn’t have enough time to pick up on it. You said that some people tell you they don’t dream and yet you said from a physiological viewpoint everyone dreams.  But if someone doesn’t remember their dreams it’s just like not dreaming what should they do?

Jane: Well, some of it is that sometimes we have not because we ask not and if you don’t actually realize that God wants to speak to you in a dream then you would have the approach that I said on yesterday’s program “Oh, it’s just a dream, it’s just an imagination, it’s really has no value for my life.”  But if you recognize that there’s value even when you sleeping that God can be communicating to you and speaking to you about things then you can pray.  What I recognize to people is to pray and ask God to give you a dream, and number two and be able to alert, and I know that that’s hard when you’re sleeping.  But believe it or not you can actually train yourself to sleep in a state of alertness ready to the voice of God.  Now one….

Sid: Now let me ask you a question you talk about having a piece of paper and writing your dream down.  But I don’t like to do that because I’m afraid that will wake me up and I won’t be able to go back to sleep.

Jane:  Well, there is a level of commitment when you are getting used to the concept of remembering your dream and that’s really the problem   Because I remember one time I pray I said “God I really need an answer about a certain situation” and I prayed and asked the Lord about it, and in the middle of the night I woke up and I had the most phenomenal dream.  It answered every question in life I ever asked for and I thought there’s no way…

Sid: I want that dream.

Jane:  (Laughing) I thought there’s no way I’ll ever forget that dream and I rolled over and I went back to sleep and in the morning I knew I had a dream but I couldn’t remember it.

Sid: That would motivate me to want to write it down.

Jane:  You know there is and if you don’t like writing things down I recommend to people maybe keep a little tape recorder that you can just pull off your bedside table, just click it on, just give the details of the dream. In Daniel chapter 7 it says “That Daniel just wrote down the main details of the dream,” you don’t have to go into…

Sid: Okay, you wake up in the morning you remember your dream you don’t have a clue at what God’s saying because it’s one of the symbolic dreams what do you do?

Jane:  Well, what I do is I found a really good pattern in the scripture for kind of breaking a dream down when Jesus gave the parable of the sower of the wheat and the tares. What He did He kind of…He gave them the whole story first, and then He went back and He kind of started breaking it down into bite size pieces.  So what I recommend is write the entire dream, or I want to say, or vision and basically the difference between the two is that the dream happens when your asleep and the vision happens when you’re awake okay. So write it down in its entirety and include the main details, and include the way it made you feel.  Did you feel alarmed? Did you feel at peace? Did you feel like you needed to pray? What did it make you feel? Because sometimes that’s part of God’s alerting spirit.  Then we like to take it and break it down into little symbols, each symbol and I like to make a list down one side of the page.  And then as I write by each symbol maybe the first two or three words that come to my mind.  Now some people say “Well, that’s leaning to the mind” but we have to remember we have the mind of Christ and the thing about symbols that I think is very important for the Body of Christ to understand is that is that there is no book of symbols, I wished that there was.

Sid: Yet, you do list a number of symbols in your book.

Jane:  And I do I list a number of symbols and what I do is I give an understanding of how I arrived at what that symbol meant to me okay. Now…

Sid: You know and this is awful I hate to stop but we’re out of time.

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Our Guests Michael and Cyndi Hinson

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Michael and Cyndi Hinson

Sid: I’m going to make you a promise there’s going to be such a flow of God’s Spirit, that all things are possible.  My guests in the studio Michael and Cyndi Hinson I’m interviewing them on their brand new book I have copies in my hand.  Our office has plenty of them for you called “To Heal the Heart,” subtitled “To Life to the Fullest.”  Michael had a four day visitation from God.”  Tell me a little bit about that visitation Michael.

Michael:  This came out of sometime of calling out to the Lord and asking Him to show me my heart.  I had no idea that what I was asking; I was thinking that He would come and give me a pat on the back and tweak this and correct that and take some blinders off in this area.  When He came He came in His full glory and manifestation and when He did it was so overpowering; it wasn’t that He showed me individual things that I’ve done wrong in my life; He didn’t pull out some record book and say “Here’s what happened on this day.”  His glory started filling the very presence of where I was everywhere around me and it so lit up the room that when I was in it I was cowering simply because of the strength of His glory and the power.  Everything that was dark in me; anything that was self serving; anything that had a motive other than God’s purpose and plan it was like a dark spot in my heart.  It was like dark clouds showing up on a clear cloudy day they didn’t belong there. I could see every detail of them not because He had some record book with every wrong in it.  He did not want them there in me; what He wanted was that His glory to displace them, the light dispels the darkness, but the darkness what there because I had not repented of these things.  I had no idea that I was walking in this; I didn’t know that many of the things that I thought I was doing for God was serving myself.  There was many things that I thought I’d just done casually that I could see the truth of God’s hand in it in the very beginning.  He showed me my heart that I had never seen before; all the trials and the things I had gone through showing me those individual things the truth of the glory in them took place in me. I was overwhelmed because His glory was so strong that anything dark inside of me it made it almost impossible to be in His presence.  I repented for them as quickly as I could and went on to the next. More of His glory would shine and it would be harder for me to be in His presence more things inside of me that again I had a pure heart I believed.  I never thought for a moment that with every bit of my ability my hands were up in church, my heart was singing out to the Lord and there didn’t seem to be anything encumbering my relationship with Him.  I just wanted to be closer to Him so I asked Him to show me my heart; I had no idea what He was going to show me and I had no idea that kind of darkness could be in any person.  The people I pray for much less than my own heart; when God came and showed me the presence, when His presence filled me and surround me it was very difficult for me to breathe in His glory.  It wasn’t that I was taken up to Heaven; He came here and when He did again it was such a bright light it was such a fullness but it had no end to it, there wasn’t a starting point or an end to it it’s just all encompassing.  Everything about me, every motive, every intent it was as if there was a light shining on every single one.  And the ones that were pure just naturally fit in the scheme of things but those things they were like big banners that said this needs to change.  So God doesn’t come with some finger pointing at you for all the things, He wants to embrace you but anything inside of you that is contrary to His nature He’s going to keep you from being embraced.  Not because you don’t want it but it’s going to be there between you and Him until something is dealt with.

Sid: Many of you are saying “Oh, I know it will be difficult but I wish God would give me that type of a visitation.”  That’s why God did it for Michael because out of that visitation came this pure teaching of “Healing the Heart” so you can Live to the fullest. I’ve been making this book available for the last two weeks it’s a brand new book called “To Heal the Heart.” Michael I have been sensing the presence of God for healing, I don’t know what He wants to heal.  I do know one thing because I heard it as I started to say this, I do know that He wants to heal backs, he wants to heal backs right now in Yeshua, in Jesus Name.  Michael I know if you’ll pray God will flow.

Michael: Well Father, we come before you now in the Name of Jesus Christ and right now everyone that’s carrying burdens they know that they should not carry.  You’ve been carrying those waiting for God to move and change your heart, or change your situation or do something to make your life different.  Right now you need to do something, you need to release those cares, those burdens that you have been carrying.  You need to let go of those things that you have been trying to change and fix and for some of you need to line up with you know the Lord told you to do but you keep waiting for Him to somehow change His mind.  And His silence is not His approval; you need to release it even now.  In the Name of Jesus I speak on their behalf releasing things at Your altar, the weight of them we let go of now in Jesus Name.  We turn to You and we ask you to move on behalf even now we thank You Father, in Jesus Name we thank You, we thank You.  There’s some others you know who you are, sleeplessness at night the anxieties, you can’t find contentment in anything you do but you’ve been trying ever so.  You’ve been searching everywhere you can; you’ve lost intimacy in the things that were important to you.  Others very similar what you’ve done you’ve replaced it with busyness now, work is your focus, the hobbies are your focus; you’ve made something else more important, and you’ve lost that closeness and that intimacy with God and you want it back so badly.

Sid: And you know what, there are even people with ministry has become their focus rather than God.

Michael: Now they’re living off of the approval of the people and no longer asking God to be their one and only source of gratification in what they do.  Now they’re looking for that place very well.  I know that place very well, I was there not knowing before He came and showed up it was a completely different picture altogether.  This is so easy to do also, if that is you then just do this Father I repent and I return to my first love. 

Sid: Father I repent

Michael: And I return to my first love.   

Sid: And I return to my first love.

Michael:  You once had all of my heart.   

Sid: You once had all of my heart.

Michael:   And led every step I took.

Sid: And led every step I took.

Michael:   I repent even now.

Sid: I repent even now.

Michael:   And I choose to come home.

Sid: And I choose to come home.

Michael: And follow Your path.

Sid: And follow Your path.

Michael: In Jesus Name.

Sid: In Jesus Name.

Michael: There are others that you know that your heart has become callused and even as your listening to it now it doesn’t seem to mean anything like it used to.  You know your destination, you know the path that you’re on.  And you also know this there’s been no contentment in your life ever since then.  You’ve become busy and your head’s full of noise, and your hearts heavy, but there’s no contentment.  This is not the life that Jesus promised.  The life that Jesus promised is full of contentment and joy and even through your trials there is a peace, loneness is not there, and the drive is not there.  There is contentment beyond words; for those people I say this to you.  “Release it and let it go, run again to your First Love.”  Let things go that you are now think that you are mastering because they’ve mastered you, they’ve captured you and now you’re trying to find fulfillment in them and it’s just not there.  And just say this prayer. Father, I release these things.

Sid: Father, I release these things.

Michael: There is not fulfillment in them.

Sid: There is not fulfillment in them.

Michael: There is only fulfillment in You.

Sid: There is only fulfillment in You.

Michael: In Jesus Name.

Sid: In Jesus Name.

Michael: There are others that are dealing with loneliness and depression.  Some here have broken hearts, grief, there are still other’s here with anxieties and fears that are just eating at them.  These are easy things to take care of when you know the path to go on, but you can’t continue to do the same things you’re doing now and expect the outcome to be different.  What you need to do is make changes; changes in your own heart.  Some of you are actually thinking that as soon as some else changes things will be better.  The truth is that’s a lie. You can have the situation that you’re in right now as ugly as it may seem you can find joy by simply releasing these things and giving your heart to the Lord.  You may need to go back into the same things, but let’s lead you in a prayer that is simple to do this.  Father.

Sid: Father.

Michael: I lay my cares down at your altar.

Sid: I lay these cares down at your altar.

Michael: I give You my family.

Sid: I give You my family.

Michael: I give You my health.

Sid: I give You my health.

Michael: My marriage.

Sid: My marriage.

Michael: My finances.

Sid: My finances.

Michael: Even my job.

Sid: Even my job.

Michael: All of them came from You.

Sid: All of them came from You.

Michael: Their all Yours.

Sid: Their all Yours.

Michael: And I give them back to You.

Sid: And I give them back to You.

Michael: I cannot change my circumstance.

Sid: I cannot change my circumstance.

Michael: But I can change the way I serve You.

Sid: But I can change the way I serve You.

Michael:  I release them.

Sid:  I release them.

Michael: And I choose.

Sid: And I choose.

Michael: To follow You as You direct me.

Sid: To follow You as You direct me.

Michael:  In Jesus Name.

Sid: In Jesus Name.

Michael: And one last thing, there are some people that are flat out deceived and do you know how you know you’re deceived?  You don’t your deceived.  So let me give you the answer. Look at the fruit of your life, if you have joy and contentment in your heart? Are you sleeping through the night without effort?  Are you free, content, do you have the fullness of God, when you read the word does it come alive in you?  These things are symptoms of a life that is free and that is what God promised you. But if you don’t have it or if you have heaviness, if you have anxieties; now don’t misunderstand me all of us go through trials at some time or another, but the freedom God promises is different than this.  If you have the heaviness, the weight, the frustration, the sufferings, the anxieties, take a look because there is a reason for it and be willing to change your heart.  At least be willing to change your thinking God will change your heart.

Sid: Well, Mishpochah what Michael’s talking about this is the type of thing that he has the most anointed teaching from the Word of God that will set you free in all of these different arenas and he’s been teaching this for years and seen such fruit.

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Our Guest Gary Whetstone

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Sid: There are things that are stopping you and I believe one of the greatest spirits of the age that is trying to stop you from fulfilling your destiny, from having your happiness in your marriage and with your family.  From having your health be perfect from having your…from  being able to absolutely walk into your destiny from even hearing God’s voice clearer than you’ve ever heard it before is the spirit of the age, the spirit of fear.  And one of the things that Gary Whetstone that many people are suffering from is an absolute terror and fear of finances.  But before we talk about this, this book that you wrote, the research that you did; you didn’t just do it because there was a need you really felt God’s hand on this; explain.

Gary:  God gave me a mandate to research every cause and effect in the word of God that deals with fear.  How it affected everyone Biblical from the Old Testament patriarchs to our current day apostles that we read in the New Testament. It unveiled the major causes of fear and the how to see them clearly in there operation. And you know the word fear, and I found that there is an anachronism that kind of brings it clear to understanding it is F: false E: evidence A: appearing R: real; FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real.  Whenever a person trusts in their history in their flesh they only have something that they know that they’ve done before, and therefore there is evidence that’s there and to step out into something or something that God initiates they feel the restriction.  I’m going to give you a scripture in just a moment.  There’s another cause that fear is here and these are the four major factors that I discovered in the word of God that will change everyone’s life.  A it is trusting the flesh, believe it is.  B, 2) is believing information as it naturally appears.  Reports, a doctor’s report, a financial report, any report that comes.  3) Is the sensory reactions that occur, when my senses are affected and fear is a reaction. 4) It is entertaining evil imagery.  Pictures that are in our mind, pictures of falling off a cliff, falling off a bridge, pictures or dying of suffocation, of having injury in life.

Sid: And by the way, these pictures are easy to come by if you just watch television or go to movies, or get on the internet, what about the addiction that’s going on now with pornography they say that’s the worse addiction than heroin.

Gary:  It is more profitable for those that are producing pornography than any of the major corporations out there because of the additive nature of that imagery of the mind.  Listen to this scripture in Roman’s Chapter 8 verse 15 it says “For you have not received the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you have received the spirit of adoption whereby we cry ‘Abba Father, or Daddy God.’”  Whenever a person identifies limitation that’s where fear is the results.  If I wake up in the morning and I perceive I’m only going to make so much money today because this is my payroll I will then have fear to step out in new decisions.  I’m going to give you an example, I worked, I own my own corporations we were bringing in about 10 million dollars a year. One day I’m in a board meeting and God speaks to me “Go in a resign.”  This company made up 1/4th of all of my income and I heard God put in my heart “Resign.”  I thought, “But that’s going to being to be 25% of I’ve got 40 employees, I’ve got trucks, we’ve got retail stores all over, manufactures wrapping business, I’ve got five corporations under me and this represents 25% of our business.  And I said “God, what do I do next?”  And I heard the voice of God say “Give them the representation of their product from the Mississippi all the way to Maine.” I never did that before Sid I had no idea how to do that, but I walked into the board meeting and I said “Gentleman I’d like to let you know today I appreciate being here, but I resigning as your wholesale distributor in this 4 state region.  Which was Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Maryland.  They just about past out because I was about 20% of their sales, and they said “You can’t, but what?”  I said “What I’m going to offer you is the entire Mississippi to Main territory and all I want is 15% commission. I said “But you don’t have to answer me right now, I’ll stay in my hotel for another hour or two before I fly back you can call me, and send me the contract; I appreciate our time together.”  And I walked out, no fear, no fear of losing 25%.  I get a phone call back in my hotel room, they agreed to it that one agreement created over $250,000 in profit the next year.  Instantaneous manifestation of revenue without any expense no warehousing, no wholesaling, no employees.

Sid: But fear would have stopped you from doing that but why did God want you to do it, I’m curious?

Gary:  Well, I was always supporting the gospel of Jesus Christ, I was always taking not just a tenth of our income, but we were selling heating equipment and I was going into the homeless, the people that had needs, we were providing hearing systems for them and I just wanted to see money flood the kingdom of God.  It had to go for the Kingdom of God I wasn’t in ministry yet, I was still working in the working world. Everything I knew I lived for was to see the Kingdom of God advance.  And that’s what He said, “If you seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness all these things will be added unto you.”  I believe people get created thoughts constantly from God but because of fear they don’t take action on them. They are so familiar with the limitations that they live in that the false evidence appearing real is the standard they live by; fear becomes their faith and they are resistant to the voice of God.

Sid: Can I tell you something. I was so fearful in a lot of the things that I’ve done in the ministry I’m in but I so trusted God that it trumped my fear. I know as a fact, if I hadn’t trusted God I would have never have had this ministry that God’s entrusted to me today, never.

Gary: Absolutely not, if we ever allow or history to dictate our next steps we we’ll never take the steps God’s ordained because bondage is what we’re familiar with.  It’s what we’re comfortable with.  So many people think faith is about getting free from conflict, faith isn’t about getting free from conflict faith is about conquering your next opposition.  It’s about ceasing new territory, it’s about taking what God has given to you as inheritance and crippling everything that has defeated and demeaned you.  People are held by fear in their relationships; they’re afraid to speak a word to their teenagers because they’re afraid of the repercussions of it.  People are afraid to exude love because they’re afraid to be hurt, people are afraid of taking out and stepping out financially even trusting God in giving because they think “What happens when the money’s gone, how’s God going to get it to me.”  Fear has had such an overwhelming crippling affect if has clipped people at the knees and reduced them to bow to that power.

Sid: Give me an example in your life, for instance you’re a pastor, you’ve got to get a new church, it’s going to cost 4½ million dollars and you know it might….that was an impossibility in the natural; what did you do so that you didn’t bow to fear?

Gary: I’m in early morning prayer and I need 1 million dollars in cash within in just like in a month or two I mean this thing was very close in time and I had no money.  And God spoke to me “Go out in the parking lot, face the church,” I looked at this building 4½ million dollar building it is screaming at me.”  God then spoke to my heart.  He then said “Go downtown Wilmington.”  I drive down Wilmington and I look at these high rise buildings and they weren’t saying anything to me. God spoke to my spirit he said “Make that building speak like those building, the other buildings were $52,000,000 buildings.”  So I went back to the building and I command you to bow in the name of Jesus I commanded that fear to come out and loose it’s hold from my life.”  And I got the voice of the building to silence, the next thing that happened was an overwhelming thought of inviting 20 families into my living room.   One of them we were just paying their electric bill the month before, another one I helped bail out of prison because she had been arrested for prostitution.  Another one they had just been in a car accident and had no possibility of getting their food together, we’d been feeding them.  And I went through this 20 people…

Sid: And so this is the group you gathered to get your 4½ million? (Laughing) that’s cuckoo.

Gary:  I mean really you think you’d think you’d invite the people that have the money that had the influence and God said “You select the people I tell you bring them to your living room.”  We all got together in the living room, we started praying, worshiping God and I said “Now I want to tell you why you’re here, God spoke to me that every one of you is going to give $20,000 each into this building project, we’re going to stand up on Sunday make a decree before the church and they’re going to give the other half a million dollars we’re going to make this million dollars manifest in the next 30 days.  They looked at me and the one lady that I help bail out of jail she said “You know what if he didn’t come up with that extra money I wouldn’t have been sitting here today, I’m just going to believe God with him.”  They all agreed just to believe God with me, do you know that within that time all the money manifested.  One of the families that were there gave $80,000 within the 90 days

Sid: How could they do that?

Gary:  They had money by pouring in from all kinds of dimensions I mean out of nowhere.  One person the one that got in the car accident it was just a little fender bender they had hurt their leg, they ended up having a quick insurance settlement for $60,000 because of the bump on the leg, didn’t even get any surgery.

Sid: Hmm.

Gary:   Another person ended up, I don’t know how they got the money they just ended up with $100,000 it was just a floodgate of money poured into people.

Sid: Okay and here’s the thing that you must understand God is not a respecter of person’s He’s a respecter of truth, spiritual truth and it’s time whatever area in your life that you’re not able to get a victory in it’s time to make fear bow.

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