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Sid Roth welcomes Kerry Kirkwood

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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest is naturally supernatural. His name is Kerry Kirkwood and he has such a precise gift of prophecy. He literally even knows people’s names. Give me an example, Kerry.

KERRY: Well there’s a lady that was asking the Lord for a particular direction in her life; and she wanted to know whether she was going to be remarried or not. And she wanted to be, but didn’t know if it was the will of God. She said, “Lord, if you want me to be remarried then have them tell me my name.” And so we called her out of the audience and spoke over her. And to me, it was just like I was giving a verse of Scripture. I heard the Lord says, “She’s a pearl of great price.” Didn’t mean that much to me, but I knew what was “a word” to her. I said, “You’re a pearl of great price.” She got so excited because her last name was Pearl. Her name was Annie Pearl.

SID: Did you…When you said it, you were just like a secretary just saying, you didn’t know the significance.

KERRY: Right. Yeah, I didn’t know anything of what she was asking. And then secondly, the Word was to her, “And the Lord wants you to you to know that you’re married to him.” And so she got so excited that I had answered the questions; that it was like a code language to her, because I didn’t know anything about it. I was just giving the Scripture at that point. But it spoke things to her. So sometimes prophecy is interpreted by the Holy Spirit, to that person, as to what they’re hearing.

SID: Now when you were six years of age, you had a very significant experience. Just briefly tell me about that.

KERRY: Well one of the first encounters I had I was out in the backyard, under a cottonwood tree playing. And all of a sudden, nature seemed to stop. The birds quit singing, and I can hear just nothing. It became so still. And so I became very scared, and I didn’t want to look up. But I finally ran in to the house; to see if my mother was there, because if she had been taken away. I thought maybe I was the only one left.

SID: Left behind.

KERRY: Exactly. And I looked at her and I said, “I thought you were gone.” So I told her what had happened. And she said, “You had an experience with the Holy Spirit. It’s like an overshadowing, and the hand of God is upon you.” And I knew at that moment there was something that God wanted me to do.

SID: So that was almost your call. But then a few years later, you were dragged to a church where they prophesy; and someone prophesied that event that happened when you were six! Tell me about that.

KERRY: Exactly. A friend of mine, we were going to play on a tennis team together in high school, and he invited me to go to church. I thought it was pretty strange. He never asked me before. We had known each other for a number of years. And so he asked me. Then I called him back and declined; because I heard about them prophesying to people. And I told him, that’s not God because that’s fortune telling, and so God wouldn’t do that. He forced me to go with him anyway. And I was seeing people there rejoicing. They were very happy. And I thought, if I could get out of here alive, then I’m just going to be happy. I was very nervous.

SID: About how old were you?

KERRY: I was a senior in high school; eighteen.

SID:  Okay.

KERRY:  And at the end of the meeting, someone came up behind me, and lay their hands on me; and began to prophesy the very thing, the experience that I had underneath that cottonwood tree. And I was so moved by it. I was on my face just sobbing before God, because I knew at that very moment, that ‘You are the God that You say You are; and that You are my God.’ You’re not just a religious thing and figment. You are literally the God who calls me. And I knew at that moment that He became more personal than just a theological thing.

SID: And you saw these prophets operate. And one day, you breathed a prayer to God. What was that?

KERRY: Yes. I made a vow inside. The prophets were coming and they were calling people out, and just speaking over the direction of their lives. And I saw the joy that it brought these people, and the change it brought in their lives. And I said to myself, you know internally, I said, “One of these days I want to do that.” And I heard the Lord say back to me that, “Whatsoever you desire when you pray, believe you have it.” And I said, “Yes, Lord, I will.”

SID: And that was your destiny. But then, Kerry received a revelation. Let me ask you a question. Do you feel sometimes that your prayers aren’t getting beyond the ceiling? Do you feel sometimes that your prayers are on instant pause; and wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could put it on fast-forward? I mean, just like that. Boom! It’s on fast-forward. It happens. It’s done. Kerry has a revelation that will allow that to happen. Your prayers are going to go on fast-forward. Kerry, tell me the circumstances of how you got this revelation.

KERRY: Well, I was driving on Interstate 30 in Dallas, Texas. Traffic was just horrendous, bumper-to-bumper. Had a young man pull in front of me and ‘bout caused a wreck. And to my surprise, I just blurted out, “Idiot!”

SID: How does someone in the ministry say, “Idiot”?  Now I didn’t say that to you (points at the camera).

KERRY: It just blurted out. And my wife who’s with me says, “Pardon me?” And I said, “Well, I think he is.” And so the Lord spoke to me in my heart and said, “Why did you call me an idiot?”

SID: You weren’t calling Him an idiot. You were calling the other driver an idiot.

KERRY: Yes. But the Lord began to speak to me. He says, “How can you curse man, whom you cannot see and – excuse me, how you curse man whom you can see and bless God who you cannot see? Because, as you’ve done it to the least of these, you’ve done it to me; and I created this young man.” And then He said to me, “Now bless him.” So I kind of flippantly said, “Oh okay, I bless him.” And He said, “No, bless him the way that you would want me to bless you.”

SID: Wow.

KERRY: And so I thought for a moment, wow. So I said, “I release him to fulfill all the purposes of God. I declare over this young man that he would come into the knowledge of the Son of God; that he would be a joy for his family, and that he would fulfill the calling and essence of his own life as well.” And when I did that, it was like the endorphins; I hear about runners, they get a runner high. I felt the pleasure of God just coursing through me physically, emotionally, spiritually; and I thought, this is what it means to delight yourself in the Lord; and I was pleasing God by doing it.

SID: How would you like to feel the pleasure of God? Kerry has found a key that when you call things that are not as if they are, according to God’s Word and not as they are; but what you see with your eyes; you release blessings in your family, you get rid of curses, the devil can’t touch you, sickness goes. Your finances increase. Your job gets better. I mean, it is amazing as he’s teaching this principle, and people grab hold of it; you start acting like the son and daughter of God you were called to be. Don’t go away. We’ll be back right after this word.

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Our Guest Chuck Pierce

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SID: Hello, Sid Roth here. Welcome to my world where it’s naturally supernatural. My guest, I met about 15 years ago for the first time. I was at a leaders meeting in Israel and I was so struck with the accuracy of a prophet, and he is a prophet, and he knew nothing about me. He didn’t know that I was struggling. He did not know that God had given me a new revelation, and I was proclaiming it everywhere, and I was being hit with the worst resistance. And I went into the meeting where he was speaking, in Israel. I sat down, and your first words to me, do you remember your first words, Chuck Pierce?

CHUCK: I do remember.

SID: What was it?

CHUCK: I remember how I saw what you were struggling with, and how God had such a plan for you to move the body of Christ into a whole new dimension of thinking.

SID: He said the word, “one new man”.

CHUCK: Absolutely.

SID: …I was so encouraged…when you said something to the affect, “You’re going to bring the one new man.” The first time I met you, I knew you had a genuine, true, prophetic gift. I want to find out about how this gift developed in you. But the thing that’s so amazing to me is in 2005, you heard a word about the President of the United States. What did you hear? And by the way, this was documented. This isn’t just he said it after the fact. In 2005, what did you hear?

CHUCK: Well we were traveling across every state in America, Doug Sheets and I, and we had gone across Alabama from Birmingham to Montgomery. In Montgomery, we were in a large church, Kyle Searcy’s church, and while we were there the Spirit of God came down and said, “You prophecy that the next president will be a black man; and an Afro-American would become the next President in America.”

SID: Now that took, we Jewish people have a word. It’s called “chutzpah”, nerve. That took chutzpah, Chuck.

CHUCK: It did. It really did to be that specific because I knew, that by 2008, that would be able to be tracked.


SID: And the thing that’s interesting to me is that he realized, when an African-American would become President of the United States; but he knew it way back then, that the curse from slavery would be neutralized; but as you put it, the roots would not be dealt with. Now, if a curse is neutralized, and let’s not get into it yet, but the basic root of the curse is not dealt with; what’s the repercussion?

CHUCK: Well if the basic root isn’t dealt with, Sid, it’s going to rise up, and it’s going to produce a different type of fruit; not the fruit that we were normally used to seeing, but the root will come alive again. Now the root of all slavery is anti-Semitism, linked with the concept of Mammon. And so, one of the things that I was seeing was, God was going to deal with the slavery issue that had divided America. But the root issue of anti-Semitism would then arise, and I believe the Lord showed me within three years…

SID: You know, the most amazing thing is, what he showed you on that. We’ll get to that in a minute. But I want to find out about the making of a prophet. You ended up, through sheer exhaustion, in a hospital; and there was a Pentecostal minister in the next bed. Talk about a set-up. So take me to that.

CHUCK: It was a sovereign time. First of all, our family had great potential. And my dad, who was a wonderful man; who had the ability to prosper, had fallen into corruption and died a premature death. That left me with being the first child over a 400-acre piece of land, ranch, and various aspects of it. And in the midst of it, we were not in good shape. Exhaustion came to me because I was working, I was going to school. I was partying, in ways I shouldn’t have been partying. And my grandmother, who was a godly woman, came to me, on my mother’s side, and said, “God has a different plan for you. Not the same plan that your dad, not the same direction your dad went.” And of course, when you’re 18, you don’t want to hear all that. Three months later, I ended up exhausted, with double pneumonia, in the hospital; and of course, my grandmother was a nurse in the hospital, came into my room and said, “I told you this was going to happen to you.” I was under oxygen. But God – in His sovereign grace, put me in a room with a Pentecostal preacher, who introduced me to someone I didn’t know, the Holy Spirit.

SID: And the Spirit of God came on you, literally.

CHUCK: He got out of the hospital and the Spirit of God visited me for three days.

SID: And there were two main things that were accomplished during these three days. The first thing that happened was Israel.

CHUCK: The first thing that happened was he told me, “Read the Bible.” Well there was something, the Spirit of God was there. He drew me to the Word of God. I started reading. In Genesis, you can’t read Genesis without coming into a question and an understanding of covenant. Now remember, the Spirit of God was visiting me. Therefore, it was as if the Word of God was redoing me from inside out; using the Word of God, and producing an understanding of covenant. The God of Israel, I believe, visited me. I believe the Spirit of God, who is represented through the Son, revealed to me the God of Israel. And in the midst of that, I began to see Israel. Something else happened, Sid. During the time I was there, it was the Munich Olympics, and I saw the hatred. Now I’m reading the Word, and God is revealing to me Israel. And how did He do that? My dad had acquired all the 12 sections of land of his inheritance. And there, I’m reading the Bible, and it’s about 12 tribes. And all of a sudden, it was as if I knew that if God could promise this group; who had a lot of mess about them, what He was promising them, He could do a work with the same family, bloodline that I had.

SID: I believe that he had such an encounter with the Holy Spirit that, number one; someone’s neck was just healed. That’s not number one. But that’s what God just told me. But number one, he got a revelation on Israel, and he has hung with that revelation. Number two, God spoke to him, and said he would restore everything that had been taken; and he could teach others how to restore everything that has been stolen from them; because of this revelation in Israel. And number three, he was so saturated with the Spirit of God, he began to prophecy the most astounding things. Wait ’til you hear what he heard about President Barak Obama. Be back right after this word.

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Sid Roth welcomes Matt Sorger

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Sid: I was interviewing Matt Sorger and we started talking about his mother and I said, “Could you put her on the phone?”  “Because Veronica, I believe that you have to share is going to help so many people right now.  When Matt was about twelve years of age, you became sick, and not just sick very sick you went to doctors, they couldn’t help you.  You went to alternative health people, they couldn’t help you, then you resorted to things like Hinduism and Buddhism and New Age, but instead of getting better, what happened to you?”

Veronica: Well, I actually grew worse and worse and it was like I was on a journey looking for a way that God would not only heal me, but it actually originated with a desire in my heart to find out how God would heal people here on earth.  That’s when my journey began and during that journey I became very ill.

Sid: And of course, you got to the point where your bed ridden and towards the end of 1986 your mother invited you to a church service and you tried everything else so you go to this church; you’re in the back of the church and what happened?

Veronica: Well, I was extremely broken there was no pride, I was as broken as any person could be and I was calling out for the mercy of God and He would heal me because there was no man, there was no medicine, there was not even any religious forms that was able to help me so I just totally threw myself on His mercy.

Sid: And what happened to you?

Veronica: Well, the Priest asked everyone to come up who needed prayer for healing so I actually had never heard of the power of God coming on anyone, I had never seen it or experienced it myself so my mind understanding was just that the Priest would pray for me and that would be it and I was actually in a place of more hope.  The scripture I went there on is “Come to me, although weary and burdened and I will rest for your soul.”  I didn’t really have an awareness of any healing scriptures at that point.  And when the Priest went to anoint me with oil, he never really was able to get the oil on me because I was overshadowed by this incredible power that literally threw me back through the air.  And I hit the floor and while I was on the floor, there was charges and volts of electricity flowing through every part of my body.  And the amazing thing was that I was in place of euphoria, I always tell people that it was very difficult to describe it but it was totally euphoric, bliss, peace and first I knew that I had found God.  And secondly the place was such an incredible experience that it’s difficult to put it in words that I have often wondered if the Lord had said to me, “Would you like to be here if I wouldn’t have said yes, because there is just nothing on the face of this earth to compare to the place that I was experiencing while I was laying there on the floor with all these volts of electricity flowing through me.

Sid: Now I understand the power was so strong that when it first hit you, it threw you back, how far would you say?

Veronica: I would say easily it threw me back perhaps ten feet.

Sid: Did you hurt yourself?

Veronica: Well, actually not at that time, I was at such a place of where it was actually beautiful I didn’t feel any hurt or anything at all.

Sid: I mean what a jolt of power!

Veronica: Yeah, but the very next day I actually had trouble turning my neck and when I asked the Lord, I was so innocent in my faith and so childlike that I just simply said to my Father in heaven, “You hurt me when you did that to me, could you please take it away?”  And instantly, instantly as the words came out of my mouth it totally left and I was healed.

Sid: Well, this made such an impression on Matt, that as a result of you being healed it transformed his life.  Just out of curiosity, what kind of kid was he before he became a believer in the Messiah?

Veronica: Well, Matt was always a very good child, actually an exceptionally good child, very bright and even as a young boy when we would go to church at times, as a Catholic I didn’t go faithfully, but he loved it.  He would actually was eager to go, there was something in Matt at a very young age that he was just drawn very very easily to the Lord.

Sid: Hi Matt, now when your mother was healed it had an effect on you, tell me what effect did it have?

Matt: Yeah when, the night that my Mom got healed and she came home from that Catholic Healing Mass, she walked into the front door and she looked like a totally different person.  She was bright, she was happy, she was smiling for the first time in two years and instantly I knew that something dramatic had happened and I asked her and I said, “What happened to you?”  She said, “Jesus healed me tonight.”  And began just to tell me about God and the reality of Jesus and how He stepped into her life that night and within a day I was giving my heart to Jesus.  And it was strange what happened to me as she was talking to me about Jesus all of sudden inside of my spirit or inside of myself I received an awareness of sin which I did not have up until that point; all of a sudden I could feel the sin that was there.

Sid: And yet your Mom just said you are a pretty good kid before you were saved.

Matt: Ha-ha, you know I guess I was a good kid, but even if you’re a good person there’s still sin in the heart.  Even if you are a really good person, everyone needs to be forgiven because no one is perfect.  So, but I became aware of the sin nature, I became aware of the element of sin that was there and I knew I needed forgiveness and that’s what led me, that day to salvation in Christ.  I saw what happened with my Mom, but then the Holy Spirit personally touched my heart.

Sid: Okay, so that was about age fourteen, but then here’s the thing I don’t understand, help me out Matt; at fifteen you would go into, I was involved, when I first became a believer I would go to what was called the Catholic Charismatic Movement because that was the only Charismatic that was available at that time and I would feel the presence of God, but then when I would worship by myself I wouldn’t feel that same degree of anointing.  Did you find that was also true with you?

Matt: That, that’s exactly what happened to me, when we started to go to church well at that point we encountered God, my parents found a good Spirit filled Bible teaching church we started attending.  During the corporate meetings at church I would feel this amazing presence of God during the worship time, then I would come home and I would go into my room and have my own private time where I would talk to God and I wouldn’t feel His presence at all, it was very different for me something on the inside of me started to rise up where I said, “Lord or God I want to experience Your presence one on one not just when I’m at church.”  And I wanted more of God, then one day a week in a Sunday morning church service yep.

Sid: And but here’s the thing I don’t get, you knew nothing, like me when I got saved, I came from a traditional Jewish background, you came from a Catholic background, we both knew nothing.  But you would take about an hour a day and worship the Lord whether you felt anything or not.

Matt: Yeah.

Sid: What caused you to do that?  That’s what I don’t get?

Matt: It’s true, you know I think I just got so hungry for God, it wasn’t something that came from somebody telling me to do it, it just came out of my Spirit, I think God was calling me, He was drawing me and there was a hunger in me for Him that I wanted…

Sid: What would you do?  What would you do?  Would you play music?

Matt: I would go into my room and I would, well back then we had cassette tapes.

Sid: In the olden days. Okay ha-ha.

Matt: I would put my little tape recorder on and I had this one Hosanna worship CD and I would play it and I would let the music play in my room and I would sing just like we would sing at church.  And I would spend about an hour doing this; I would just let the whole tape play through both sides.

Sid: Every day?

Matt: Every day.

Sid: Okay, you finally reached what you call a saturation point, what do you mean by that?

Matt: Yeah, I remember the moment it happened; I’m standing in my room, fifteen years old about fourteen fifteen and I’m lifting my hands up singing a song I probably sung hundreds of times before and then all of a sudden to me it felt like heaven opened up over me and this anointing, this presence this tangible presence of God’s glory filled me and then filled the whole room.  And I believe as I reflect on what happened was, you know my spirit was sealed with the Holy Spirit when I got saved; but then as I kept pressing in worship, no matter what my soul felt or my body felt, because the Holy Spirit was still in my spirit man, but as I kept pressing in and worshipping a well was being dug out of my spirit in my spirit that eventually overflowed into my soul, overflowed into my body.  I call that the saturation point which means you just spend so much time in God’s presence that he just overflows out of your spirit into your soul which is your emotion, your body and then that is when your senses begin to feel His presence.

Sid: How long did it take for that to happen in your life?

Matt: Oh, for me it was about I would say about four months that I just worshipped.

Sid: And then, after it happened every time you would worship you would feel that abundance of the Spirit?

Matt: Yeah, it was like once that breakthrough happened it was there. 

Sid: You know what I believe the people that are listening to us right now are about ready to have a breakthrough in their life because you’ve got a brand new book and it’s called “Power for Life.”  And when you were writing this book I understand you had a visitation for three nights of angels.  Did you actually see them, did you feel them?

Matt: I felt them very strongly, as I was sitting at the table writing, reviewing you know the last words of the manuscript; the manuscript was due that week and I pulled a whole week where I was writing, writing, writing.  And the last three nights as I was there an angel came behind me and I could feel his presence behind me and his hand on my shoulder.  And as I was writing and reviewing the manuscript that angel stayed with me for three nights as I finished the manuscript.

Sid: Well, Mishpochah I understand why, when you read this book you’re going to learn how to plug into the power of God, how to pull your future into the now.  There will be no more waiting for answers; I know that’s what you want…pull your future into the now; that’s what you need.

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Sid Roth welcomes Don & Sue Heist

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Sid: The separation between Jew and Gentile, it’s finally come down and someone’s back was just healed in Yeshua’s name.  Getting ready Mishpochah to blow the grandest shofar and you’re going to hear the grandest shofar blowing on this show, the grandest trumpet in Zion, we want everyone everywhere to hear the good news.  We want everywhere to be Red Hot for the Messiah, my guests Don and Sue Heist. Don has an amazing gift of blowing the shofar, it’s not because it sounds better than any I have ever heard before and it does, it’s because of the anointing, the anointing destroys the yoke.  Don Heist, you were telling me on yesterday’s broadcast as we were going off the air that God showed you something about Gideon, tell me.

Don: Yes, it was that the use of the shofar that when Gideon took his army into the Amalekites camp they were expecting that they were going to be fighting with them.  And so they broke their clay pots, held up there torches so they could see and sound of the shofar.  What happened was when they sounded the shofar the Amalekites got so confused that they actually turned on each other and were fighting and killing each other.  So I understand the story Gideon any his army were pretty much just standing there watching the enemy kill itself and they won the battle God gave them the victory and they didn’t have to do anything.  And I believe just as in Jericho the shofar is instrumental tool of worship and warfare and God’s voice being emitted from it as what really does all the power of healing or warfare.

Sid: Now, what you do which is very interesting on you CD “Take Me In” it is fully orchestrated but one of the instruments is the shofar.  And you also do the traditional that Messianic Jews and Orthodox Jew have been doing for thousands of years that literally, how did we get these originally get these original melodies that you do on this CD?  Where did they originally come from?

Don: Well, these have been passed down through generations and generations of Jewish Rabbis and Jewish followers of the Church or the Synagogue because no where have we ever found that them being written down.  So we don’t know for a fact how accurate we are when we are playing them, but we do know that by word of mouth they have been passed down through the generations for the use in the Jewish Synagogue and now we use them in the Messianic Circles as the same meanings to do the same things that they’ve always been used for but we’re exposing them and using them in more public manner that believers and nonbelievers alike can hear.

Sid: Sue, I have a question for you, who is Don’s wife.  You hear of all of these amazing reports of people being healed, and as a matter of fact, let me just interject something.  You had a prophetic word Don in 2007 and now people may or may not have been healed before but after that prophetic word, and explosions of healing occurred.  Who was that that prophesied over you and what even happened at that meeting.

Don: Well, we were at a conference in South Florida and Bob Griffin was there and as he was passing across the front of the platform where Paul Wilbur Worship Band and I were standing, he was prophesying and he just stopped and turned his head and looked at me and when our eyes met, I have to be honest and say it, it frightened me because it because I knew that he was about to say something to me.  And so he looked at me, pointed his finger towards me and said, “I have a word for you from God.”  And I’m standing there in awe wondering what’s coming and he says, “God just told me tell you that whenever you blow the cancer must go.”  And from that moment on we were getting reports of the most amazing things happening with healings.  There was a man at the conference that night that I sounded the shofar into his chest and a few weeks later he sends me an email that says that he was completely healed, that the testing when he went back to the hospital, all these golf ball size lumps in his chest were totally gone.

Sid: Okay, let’s go back to Sue right now, Sue, your hearing all these reports, you’re witnessing with your eyes, I know that when you had your husband on we had so many healings from him just blowing the shofar.  But you were rear ended in an auto accident and you had a horrible condition that went on for eighteen years, you’re seeing all these other people healed, didn’t you wonder why you weren’t being healed?

Sue: I waited a long time, yes I did and this preparing Don to leave for another conference that I had this righteous anger that just kind of arose.

Sid: Let’s go back a little bit; what were you diagnosed and describe your worse situation with this diagnosis.

Sue: The diagnosis was Arnold Chiari malformation which is a brain malformation where the tonsil of the brain lies low in the skull or outside the skull.  It’s degenerative and the only choice to make any changes was some very serious surgery with high complications because it being the brain and the vertebrae.  And we prayed and prayed.

Sid: What were the symptoms of this?

Sue: It prevented me from bending over when I would bend over forward to pick anything up I would have a severe knife stabbing pain on top of my head, sometimes it would last for minutes, sometimes it would last for days.  I could not do anything with movement as to riding as a passenger in the car, I had to drive rather than ride, I could not do elevators or escalators, it got to the point where they put prisms on my reading glasses so that it would pull my eyes back in because I need vision therapy because the eyes could not track properly.  Depth perception is a problem, anything with movement; I couldn’t watch any movement on TV whether it be football or ice skating or anything like that.

Sid: So you could not even be a passenger in a car?

Sue: No.

Sid: I mean you really were isolated by this, Don it must have been very hard for you to live with your wife’s condition, seeing all these other people healed and seeing your wife suffer for these eighteen years.

Don: Yes, it was and that’s the saving grace of the whole thing is that God just kept encouraging both of us to hang on by prayer and calling out on him.  We knew the day would come at some day the total healing.  We prayed together every day for her complete restoration and healing no matter what the doctor said.

Sid: Okay Sue, even though it was incurable short of very dangerous surgery that could have result in something even worse, one day you reached you point and you and Don agreed in prayer and he blew the shofar over you, do remember that day?

Sue: I do.

Sid: Tell me about it.

Sue: He was getting ready to leave for a conference and I just believed very strongly that healing needs to start at home, if our home is healed and healthy our churches would be healed and healthy and one last time I asked him to pray for me before he left and I wanted him to blow the shofar right into the back of my head where the brain malformation was.  He was a little resistant because of the sound being so loud and I demanded it and just cried on him one more time, please pray before you leave.  And he did, he left for the conference, he was gone three days and I just gave it to the Lord and said, “Okay, it’s in your hands, I was obedient to get the prayer and now it’s up to you God.”  And over those three days he was gone I started seeing healing being manifested in my body that the first day he was gone I dropped something on the floor, which normally I could not bend over and pick up with not severe pain and I bent over without even thinking and I picked it up and I just stopped myself and was shocked, it was like, wait a minute I don’t have any pain.  But over the three days he was gone, things just started changing until he came home that Sunday evening at the airport I actually rode the moving walkway with our son and we rode and escalator and our son was just astonished, no I can’t let you do this Mom, you are going to be so sick.  I said, No, I’m not sick any more.  And every symptom…

Sid: How long have you been symptom free?

Sue: Two and a half years a little over two and half years, October it will be three years.

Sid: Okay, time is slipping away, people listen to me right now Mishpochah, I believe the anointing is going to destroy the yoke on your life.  Let’s hear a selection “Holy Worship”

Don Heist’s selection “Holy Worship” 9.31 -11.20

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December 7th, 2011 at 10:42 am

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